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tv   101 East Kashmir Skiing in A Conflict Zone  Al Jazeera  May 6, 2022 1:30am-2:01am AST

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choose a group agreeing to let cocaine be transported through the islands and on to the u . s. so i, i swear i take the u. s. is announced to the next white house. it's extreme breast secretary and carrine. jean pierre will be partner in the 1st black woman and openly l. g b t q person to hold the post shop here will replace jen saki who's stepping down on may. the 13th her own provider, ah, top stories on al jazeera, at least 3 people have been killed in central israel. it happened in the central city of a land near tel aviv, as people celebrated the day israel was established as a country. but he say they suspect the attackers fled in a vehicle for others were wounded. 2 of them are in a serious condition. stephanie decker has moved from west to recent. the attack took place in various parts of the city of a ladder,
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ladders in central israel. it is close to the occupied west bank. it is a ultra orthodox neighbourhood as well. so this happened around 9 o'clock at night . and as the country was celebrating are what they call independence, day, 74 years of establishment of the state of israel. so certainly it also brought a lot of residents onto the streets there, protesting and anger that this was able to take place adding to the tension. israel supreme court has upheld an expulsion order against 8 palestinian villages in the occupied west bank, around $1500.00 villages. face being made homeless. have been fighting to stay in their homes and they must suffer yet. a region for more than 20 years is really army designated, the area and military training zone. in the 1980s, ukraine's president vladimir zalinski says the evacuation of civilians from the besieged city of mar you, paul, has continued. but he says heavy fighting and shelling,
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as also continued at the besieged facility, despite russia insisting its abiding by a cease fire at the sight to allow civilians out of to $200.00 of them are still trapped there. as well as around 2000 ukrainian fighters. officials in the eastern city of chromatography 25 people were injured in early morning. rush and shelling houses a school and other civilian infrastructure, also damaged. the city is near the front line of fighting in ukraine's donates province who had health organizations. as coven 19 led to many more deaths than previously thought, it estimates nearly 15000000 people died directly or indirectly from the virus in the past 2 years, as almost triple a number recorded by bodies such as johns hopkins university. there is a top stories on out there. one 0, one east is up. next. more news for you after that. thanks watching outside of the conflict in the ukraine. how concerned should we be about this on to build up. we
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bring new the stories and development that are rapidly changing the world we're living because they want to come roches, new dollar, or is it becoming rushes new dawn, counting the coast on al jazeera. it's a ski resort like no other planted english mission. the 4th line between 2 nuclear rivals, india and pakistan. we need peace. we don't want flight. we want to get close trouble with any country. i just want people snowboards on shoulder. just walk on the mountain right there. feel free and cautionary women are among those feeling. the freedom of the mountains. skiing of the name, do really holding their beaca hill back. let's go back. look, look, good. sydney comfy means them. keeping these hermoline slope safe is a team of local patrollers trained to operate at high altitude. i jump in shallow
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but elijah, with the issue to reach out to him. the explorer lydia yackel alozia of they took the one 0, one east meets the customary men and women who are transforming the slopes of commerce pro conflicts own into the ultimate sky destination. ah it's a bright sunny morning in good merck and that means there's only one thing to do. hit the slopes to date we're going up with one of the legends of these mountains. raja was seen kind known to his many friends as the other man 1st tired of the baby for anybody the young man when was this, she doesn't feel legally slow the name same she does take advantage of marijuana
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could even man by somebody get her so i so hopefully that will mark is one of the highest ski resorts in the world. views of spectacular mountain peaks like long upper, but in neighboring pakistan. it's challenging beautiful to her input, but the other knows it better than almost anyone else. what is this is not more than this full like old family. we don't use the thing sleggs nor would our ski please find any is going banga. usa ready? ready for drop? oh okay. copy with a feel of it, but told me that at that deal demand me any of that from
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a j army or which better air filter. but details with that i grew up on the slopes, only a few miles from the line of control that divides bitter rivals, india and pakistan. the nations of for 3 major was over kush me and separatist have long reached unarmed 1000000000 against indian administer due today it remains one of the most militarized zones in the world. despite gomez, you mean location, it's spectacular. backcountry ski routes are transforming it from a sleepy village to global sky destination. to date that there is a sought after snowboarding instructor here by facebook essay spelling is k s. as i near those snowball games, i agony heger ticket. philip, that they start the a little shallow with little witness that we barley on a given, alyssa,
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kyle, her, a decades wilma drew people from across the world who couldn't get enough of its fabled fresh powder trails. but the pandemic was a turning point with india's borders. closed the resort, found a new clientele. domestic tourists. ah, you could signin via by far the better you're suddenly old. okay. take your heels up here though tony. i say those bit huh. good. good. press. straight up. stay straight, shift to much is cool. upside down. this season the resort has attracted record numbers. ready with nearly 200000 visitors and its youngest mealies quite bracing this tourism boom. 2000. 19 severely for nancy
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forwardness, snowboarding, but, and getting. fortunately. k, i'm luminous ether scheme, foreigners lydia lincoln, w, yankee lucas, new scheme, snowboarding, start deep into shops, clear adventure gloves. clearly above that, dick will get her jacked up. alco cushion. meat is a millionaire jalee to get a job cushion. we've got some elderly good because somehow i don't know if i'll get with me when they're arguing. again, my son does, one of was the gong award. does one the other could even bisman no. going to going w tradition till bodega toby is my mother. and as more kush me res master the slopes, they're also joining in winter sports competitions. the 1st generation of professional excuse is busy training. the champions of tomorrow actually already may national. jumpin round, reach out all gibbon to korea national me, but weird blog, but i'm actually that is ne jordan asia listen. yarbrough j order will be satirical
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just as your gobby luggage gear be argued. selenium 24 year old, severe knobby, who lives in a nearby village is one of customers most promising skiers. ah, you started me a residence ladder when again cautious gave their romanella sho above on it cuz she gave me gave birth to was gibson at ballet. rentmoola that was miss alvin miller. and then oh skip bother he 2013 marbella national water montebello national killer was mid double gold medal. i at all was there while she's them would have bought anchorage q, but bought boost up kia door was a semantic of it will be to morgan navy. ringback but the journey hasn't been easy for supper. as one of the few female athletes and kush me, she faces many battles. male dominated, sport, harold golden model, the middle dominated of love. where did the need be us stuck?
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like yeah, i hear on chord dick navia has seriously kill, kill the so say d. b mcglenn bought the haughty hagi. not here he get there. hacky. but our me guess a good cynically, hair guessing only in boys as at the, at the is she school? our game or no, my guess is upload. got with i am so chunky, ma'am. give up. he got a donkey sport, miss gimble hotels. other hurdles i like in immediate family, an image of the support get on. oh, good cheese, mate. the monks and the color guy help you make the beast cheese for i've chosen for sylvia. learning to ski has given her independence and freedom blue
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blue scheme diverting whole week. we saw me with the feel of the like, mary, who all glee haney with cheese a good, a legal diskin of in the human to maybe hoping maybe going back to let her back go . cynical, think of would you please had time? will lord me looking to lick but keeping the slope safe? rescues is serious. work with other members of the gold marks keep which will start the day early assessing the mountain for potential risks. dimas, i'm 50 when we go for df. around to run again to boston. now i just love john bay. i will, i just got with godaddy hope escort bowl. maybe a good analogy in the room mighty humpty member to say. to mckenna, hanky,
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spoke out in the job, the i like you can be bought more than 200 scared us and it is lee, you smoke and becoming it in a hot hot act. he's been as that my uncle, he extra neurologically elijah wood. i don't triggering avalanches that exclusive is one way to keep this rope safe. but given customers long history of conflict, acquiring ammunition here is no simple task. it took the ski patrol many years to convince authorities to supply them with explosives. the man entrusted, deploying them is made argentine done. my job in shallow, but elijah mitigation galicia from the expos killers. liquor yeah. closer. yeah. victor or you actually get home or virginia between like a home people are lunch clear to why doors go to strike. fear in both school started daughter edna's home gossip, cookie door guest, wiggily hm,
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you opened a team head off to one of the highest points on the mountain. mm hm. i decided monday. um i decided monday full is avalanche. b, i took it in as i shot the button e m w i come with rules. i was like of could i be ugly that i could my be our leader, that job beach for the or do you for you, elijah, when he got caught up with i do to work hardy or i was part is a, you know, your by to be out everybody was toby dole, bahati machine bought homage. i thank you help. it could be d for eddie fighter. we are at the top of mount a forward more than 4000 meters above sea level. the team has identified a potential be clear in this area.
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so good with either 42 days is concrete. i'm not gonna come earlier. people hot buds out article here to look at how realistic manage critical down the chic, i guess a garcia hung the ex model brokering garbage or the or you guarantee any good. hm. excellent. talk okay, by jang. it can be just fortunately explosion did not trigger a massive avalanche. this key patrol has now confirmed that the snow in this area is stable and safe to abi hm. the will and ultimately get out behind the guest. rudely open company we, catherine, me, wade, elderly, elijah,
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though bugging him in by the hyperlink of a favorite destination for skiers in stone quarters in bloomberg is roger had a small iconic lodge operated by data in his family since 1985. mm. daughter's father pervade up to con looms large local march. when he opened the lodge he was among the 1st to recognize the area's potential despite the violent armed rebellion that was growing in crush me at the time. of other days i would hold out after i'm longer time. i met daphne lake and talked if you go to that location because you go but they, you guys mimic out that because we had no one me maybe one that i said they had me know excitedly internet me only tell day was case as they will know
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that their hopes of cush mute is changing. we need we don't want fall into new generation one. be late. good with everything. not with for the edition night, they're fighting with other soldiers. so we have to follow the thing. your fiance shoulder knocked again. a lot on my dad to day. the other is visiting his father who lives a short driveway. yeah, i might have put in there. you that if you can. um julia. is it an envelope? is it on amplewood a i'm in boca raton, middleton yona, 3. i'm that i got you guys. yeah, she got there. that gamble. jour doug who she lives with the limit lorenzo pervades, suffers from poor health and can't travel to goldberg as often as he'd like. but
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others still relies on his help in running their business together with the mission to name and get a bidding process. you completely shoot me what it was you lose engaging with one machine. i saw that you guys might want to look at your video loo. i've been cleans rule cousin. there's my have i guess at work i said i don't bother to plug it back but it is, you know, those father was part of cush muse. arms struggle for independence is, wasn't one got his younger brother was killed in the fighting. and pieris was arrested and imprisoned upon. got. so when you were married, got to me. i will not get, i am a little town mo, data, cherokee or i might have sat down, walked little fools. she's out of shape here. honey, was newman was holy i got i'm melissa neil details, man thor made up. would i come down? go, monitor to on is solomon. it nom at la milton president della might have got
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to go, but normally again, for jackie you must laugh. yellow. would you be moderating? how many i say, but i'll get the am will marg margaret, will magic save your letter? the easier is kim, i just say may will among may millennia. mary. goodbye 20 wilma. megan, i'm leah. good ma'am at love. but don't go control me. got that, that. what's it that you'd be gale like as young? mm. key. just a couple of streets away. sylvia is preparing for another training trip up tomorrow, but she still has to check in with her father. mm. solemnly go i think was around. yeah,
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i think i think, but afterwards your tea your millison was going to my cousin. oh, what a guy. he said, you got me other ascii could comes from a school more than what? oh no, no, she in there got no sky in a job or do i get that into an aside steer dampen to myself. i stay damn been to them or do you know if we get on our period a just a good luck
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with me on my hello. there normally. no problem with the phone. give it to me so many. do you moment sure deal with or is coleman coleman leo or a board or you are but they can adjust with me and leave the 0. starkey ahead of actually get it back and give me a a good
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a see support. good luck. thank you. load can calculate ah, back on the mountain, the ski patrol is still monitoring the stoops i line a with myself and double hodge where right at the bottom of the shot, 6, army ridge visibility is still good to the top of the charlotte. we will go and investigate misinger with rescues time is of the essence, especially for skiers who have viewed off the main track. mm.
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with a no. i don't think i don't really. ok. that might be an indication you find a leg and then your knee direct. it's a serious injury and the team will need back up of the gully and then just come straight down the fall line and then i'll be home these secret assistance order. how many do mikey member to skip it? remember to say, you just your audio. he guessed good lucky hum, the squad you how good movie, golly, becky niches g on package idea. one sounds like an envelope and hospitals. so. 6 1 was no longer with one of his ability and i see i'm glad i got become of it was not the locations for piano harper's game. in the
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past, the ski patrol's rescue efforts were hampered by lack of proper training and equipment . but multiple casualties on the mountain have convinced the government here to invest in both gear and training for their stuff. a greg when blood what, what of the outcome can get a police officer can i think we simply must eat dimension me with that he gets up here or both. i in duties of the order i'm it was a hot muscular that arguable. i'm back country medicine, them gasoline, colicky baker and amy, jana would wait. black leave with ha ha ha camille does have we ambulance cup does on the cool hum. widia, they get hung chicken, did it get a scoop on the gas? it got it. taken with
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rescuing it. high altitude still has its challenges. the ski patrol has reduced the time required for each rescue to around 30 minutes with this is a is law may have body, but on me to them and sick with arms or humble. each other i put on the dial tone is up, which means again. so as i said, well, thank you. high school and i say, jonathan lincoln, i'm you. somebody says it up humble. dick, look at it with his king. these mountains can be exhilarating, but for sophia, the past 2 years have been tough on our olympic dreams. the pandemic meant that
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most competitions were cancelled, and training has been along the pursuit. hate you know, gorging parent training, which been a, had job ethylene derby skill pulled up, need next integrated eval called training the goal. yeah. geez, via solo skiff, monica, you a said when did take into sub we saw with a boy by alcohol in blue. got to live on h o e t z me problem up today, she's on her way to meet a young kashmiri icon, who she hopes can give us some advice. mama could only door and so let's see. it's been made other than a luxury 22 year old. our have con, was the 1st kashmiri in 3 decades to qualify for the winter olympics. he
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represented india, the beijing games in 2022. it's kind of 10 inspiring moment for me in for all of them, they're saying they're guy from their community room to be representing them at the world's highest level of support, to the good thing. ah amazing and fertile home one for the ha ha ha ha ha ha, bonnie shy, the go because like i said, we're the. ringback late in all night and just say man, that key on good leg on that. now go that you get hung up in buffalo, kind of get a hot saudi inspiration when they bought a equity. it's scaly. so a southern go for look ok. now pool into little to half with keller. with proper, mainly the guy medical. you have to have your shoulders down the slope
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toby off moment, right left. can all get there. be a pressure. don't look, go get our skis fit here. otherwise i get off hard. what their shoulders mother be ward off characters on our base to go pressure music for severe are if is both a role model and so on. she hopes will become a mentor. not just for her, but frugal marks. future was very important. so home game, you can see around the mom been some all around the really about the amish. her time they strove say, basic facilities her or the way we should take it as a home game of keke on a me a specialty doll. this is called a gear hm or be, or double to prepay in a sports manner. if we can be a medical contender say, or on the world to see this resort, thriving it slopes, filled with skiers from neighboring valleys, is already the realization of dream. oh, it's happier mirage, dada and countless others as custodians of its destiny will merck's future could be
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as spectacular as excuse ah may, on al jazeera frontline reporting an in depth analysis. we bring you the latest on the ukraine war on the unfolding humanitarian crisis documentary. but in spite whitney springs world issues into focus through compelling human stories. the philippines votes in one of ages, biggest elections. over 35 years since the country emerged from his father's dictatorship could frontrunner ferdinand. mom was junior to take the top spot al jazeera investigative program full blind for times, with a special theories on abuse in the boy scouts of america. lebanon goes to the polls, but will political change help the country find its way out of its crippling economic crisis may on al jazeera, from oh,
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ah, anyway, i'll jesse around with it. ah, another deadly attack ne, a televi, 3 people killed and several injured. ah . ally, money inside this is out. is there a lie from day also coming up? i've been fighting rages on at the besieged steel plant in modern poll despite russia announcing a ceasefire to allow more ukrainian civilians to evacuate the world health organization.


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