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women, challenging the world around them. al jazeera select. ah, another dudley attack near televi tv's free, people a killed and several injured. ah . and i why money inside this is al serra lie from dive hall was coming up. heavy fighting rages on out the besieged seal plants. and modern poll this despite russia announcing a ceasefire to allow mo ukrainian civilians to evacuate a shocking announcement from the world health organization. $15000000.00 people
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have died of coven, that's more than twice the official global death toll and cut the rising b on the wall for british rule. in northern ireland. we report from belfast as voting ends in historic lex. ah. at least 3 people have been killed in a stabbing attack in israel for others have been wounded. it happened in the central city of land near tel aviv as people celebrated the day. israel were fast, who was independence day? stephanie deca reports. uh huh. the attack happened as israel celebrated 74 years of independence. this time in a lad and ultra orthodox city in the center of the country. a lad is very close to the occupied west bank. we do not talk her full indication. oh, if it's a one tourist or more, we are conducting a trace after him. now we have
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a helicopter with us and we are stuck in roadblocks in order to catch him. residents came out to protest in the off to moth. it's the latest in the series of attacks carried out by individuals across israel, which is left at least 14 brady's dead. a spokesperson for hamas reacted by saying these attacks were the result of israel's occupation. the palestinians. u. n. middle east envoy tor venice. lun tweeted saying he was pulled by the attack and that it was deplorable that hamas and others continue to glorify and encourage such acts. without warning with opening the la houghton, mostly the lobster is ready me to replayed a clip from acid leader and gaza. yes, in war who in a fiery speech last week called on palestine was to protect the alexa most compound . referring to the recent escalations at the site by the entry of jewish religious ultra nationalists and encouraging individual attacks. defense minister benny guns met with the military chief of staff and these ready prime minister naturally
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bennett, was being updated on the situation. the border crossings from gaza and the occupied west bank had been closed since tuesday afternoon, due to memorial day and independence day in what a standard procedure doing events like these in israel. the west bank closure has now been extended until sunday. as a result of this attack, stephanie decker al jazeera was true slim to ukraine. now where heavy fighting has continued out the besieged steel plants and motto as the spy, russia announcing a cease fire, aside to allow civilians to get out of some, 200 people are still trapped there. many of them women and children together with about 2000 ukrainian fighters. the u. n. has been working with both sides to get people out safely. katya lopez hold on reports. ah, it's considered the last pocket of ukrainian resistance in the shattered city of
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mario pool. and the scene of heavy fighting for weeks ukrainian forces. the russians are attacking the assholes. saul steel factory were civilians and soldiers or sheltering an underground bunkers. i know you been better . some of the estimate of 2000 besieged fighters including women, sing in the dark and wait for josie, there's not enough food or ammunition. even if out numbered, they say they have no intention of surrendering was the threat of the boy. watson has the bloody fighting his going on for $71.00 days. the defenders of the city have been fighting thing single handedly with overpowering enemy forces. a 3 day seas fire was promised by russia to allow civilians to scheme. ukraine says the promise has been broken. some women's children and elderly managed to make it out
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earlier this week, but others remain tramp alongside ukrainian soldiers. what you watch for the venue already won my family to get out, but not the way we did. it was a miracle we managed to live on the verge of life and death. ukraine's president is appealing for help to get the others to safety. today i spoke to you in secretary general, antonio gutierrez, and we discussed what we have already achieved and what is still necessary to do to save maria pole. and the defenders of merrier poll city. there is not a single day that i and my team wouldn't do this and i'm grateful to everybody who helps. the kremlin, says accusations of broken promises or propaganda way in the training side. and especially those who are hiding in the as of style planned a well 9 producing an enormous number of laws and folks every day. so we should carefully feel all the information we get from them. ukraine says russia is trying to destroy the strategically important city in the south. a ukrainian counter
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offensive is unlikely before the middle of the next month, when it hopes more weapons from allies will have arrived. castillo, this was a young al jazeera, un secretary general. antonia good terrorist says he hopes coordination between moscow and he will allow the evacuations to continue. so fighting total, nearly $500.00 civilian song found a long way to awaited relief after leaving and the relentless shelling and sketch availability of water, food and sanitation. the factories of shared moving tales with un stuff, mother's children and thrill, good parents spoke of that trauma. somewhat urgent need that medical attention. i hope that's going to coordination with most squint key will lead to more military pauses to civilian safe passage from the fighting. and 8 to reach those in critical needs. we must continue to do all we can to get people out of these l scapes.
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official than the eastern city of crime at off say at least 25 people live an injured in russian shelling several homes. a school and other civilian infrastructure were damaged. the cities near the front line of fighting in ukraine's june. yes, province. russian armies pushing towards coming towards a move ukrainian forces help them struggling to block. charles drops and reports the. the explosion left the crater around 3 meters, deep flags and the surrounding residential apartment blocks were destroyed. the blast shredded trees in the park. what children usually play? this was one of a number of attacks across criminals. in what was the largest symbols have years barrels of rockets in the city since russia invaded ukraine. welcome. 2 months ago we were sleeping, wakened by
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a series of explosions before there was one mass of bluff. thank god, no one was killed. a couple of kilometers away this parade of shops and small businesses was also hit. the city men says that 25 people were injured in the attacks. it's miraculous that nobody was killed. the soldiers have collected shrapnel to try and identified a weapon that was used until i heard it was a rocket attack. there was a siren and then huge explosion. my apartment is about 100 meters from clinic and all the windows are below. now, the scale of the destruction here shows you just how powerful the explosion was. there are tens of flaps that have been pretty much completely destroyed in the bloss. ukrainian police say that they believe that this was a russian as strike, and it comes at a time when the ukraine in all me say that russian forces are trying to push it towards cremmit sauce. and they bring savanski from the north. we drove north
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towards the russian controlled city of discarded blood soaked bandages, and a stretcher, wounded. ukrainian soldier had been transferred to an ambulance only minutes before stealing so much in a pre a be show. when all calls go along the road, they start shelling, shoot any vague with ambulances. vehicles, as you say, it doesn't matter. ukrainian soldiers hide in the forest from russian drones above . artillery shell casings, litter the ground. the soldiers won't, that is filming. but they claim they have repelled 3 waves of russian attacks in the last week. they gave us this video. they claim shows the retreating from russian artillery se se on now holding the defensive position. but what they currently can't do is stop cities like criminals from coming honda,
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russian attacks, child stuff, al jazeera, criminal ask. let's get more on the story from our correspond. honda adel, hamid who's been following developments near the castle region in southern ukraine . what about 2 kilometers from the front? lie north of this region, that's an area that has been occupied by russia. we met some people this morning who had just arrived here on the ukrainian side. and they told us that they had to actually walk up to 20 kilometers under cover of darkness, simply because the russians wouldn't allow them to come to the ukraine in the side . they told them if you want to go to a safe area, then you should head south to the crimea, will insula the defense minister in kiva saying that russia is preparing for a big push on the southern front in 2 directions to the west,
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to the city. of nikolai of, and to the north, to the city of creevy. re susan, the people here say they have been more shelling. there was this morning as some of please don't. the mayor tells us that cluster bombs were found. he showed us some pictures. we cannot confirm that independently, but certainly when you walk around again, this scene, a village is completely abandoned. people left people do it. this bush will come sooner rather than later. those coming out of her. so i say when they're coming out as quick as possible because life there has become unbearable, they lack everything, food medicine, water in many areas. and also the occurrence is about to change from the thing and even to the russian rubel when you asked them. what about talk about a minute. i think sation of the region when man told us he didn't know exactly what
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were the plans, but certainly if you thought that those were happening. but he did say that the russians will find no one there because most of the people are trying to leave as quick as possible. still ahead on al jazeera turkeys, cost of living rises nearly 70 percent hissing, achieve decade high facing justice, or which hunts guineas. former president is back in the country and on the house arrest. ah, the journey has begun. the fee for world cup is on its way to catherine group. your travel package to day. hello, we got some lovely spring sunshine for a good part of japan over the next couple of days. a say good part when i could catch a little bit of wet weather over the next day or 2. now we have 2 other systems
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across east asia. this one here, this trailing by the system. i shouldn't cause too many problems. a few showers there in to taiwan. it's going to be this one just making its way out of the northeast of china, running down across north career. and that will continue to sink its way for the south and east, which as we go on through, sat down, a charter, some showers. they're coming into a condo. at that time, loss he drives you could see across a good part of the paddler. western areas will turn increasingly cloudy as we go on through the weekend with somewhat a weather grassy nudging through. that's her 1st system we were talking about still some showers. they're just lurking around taiwan, southern parts. the china also seeing some heavy showers, receipts of very heavy sales, recently into southern parts of indo. china could see this little clutch of storms . kosa murray. just 20 millimeters short of its may average rainfall in the space of just 24 hours more heavy showers coming in across the gulf of thailand. over the next couple of days, we'll see that wet weather extending across into the bare been gold. gotta keep
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close on this little area cloud. here, we could see a probable system like this week. cats are air weight, issue airline of the journey. natural capital is capital, which nature created morris when nature is transformed into a commodity big business, takes a new interest by landscape protecting landscapes. it's a phenomenal opportunity to be able to use a business model to achieve sustainability of nature. but at what risks? banks, of course, don't do that because they have at the heart protection of nature. they do that because to see a business in pricing the planets on al jazeera. ah oh,
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watching out as a reminder, thought top stories us out. at least 3 people have been killed in a stabbing attack in the israeli city of la natal aviv. lee say they suspect the attack is fled in a vehicle full of as were wounded. 2 of them on serious condition. ukraine says rochester, still attacking the besieged steel plants and muddy poles, find declaring a ceasefire to let civilians leave moscow denies. it's broken. the agreement around $200.00 civilians are trapped inside the facility. the un has been trying to get them out in the east, in ukrainian city of crime, a tourist, at least 25 people have been injured in russian shalayna homes, a school and civil infrastructure and damaged. he says it's trying to fend off russian troops. pushing twists with city the world health organization says that the cove at 19 pandemic lead to many more deaths than previously thought
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. it's estimated almost 15000000 people died directly or indirectly from the virus . in the last 2 years, auntie j caster has the story. the world health organizations estimate of close to 15000000 global deaths due to coven 19 is nearly 3 times the official death count of just under 5 and a half 1000000. as reported by governments. the w h o says it used statistical modeling to arrive at the expanded number, which includes death directly from cove it and from other medical conditions that went untreated due to the pandemic strain on health systems. this is extremely important information for any one to have, especially policy makers and the public. we need to know the true goal of the pandemic. we have to remember that behind these numbers are people. according to the w, h o's report, covered related deaths in india were nearly 10 times higher than the official count
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. indian health officials pushed back against the report thursday, attacking the w h chose use of statistical modeling. please be sure that these guy, no presumptions to reuse for national pos heiss. norfolk argument size i am to pull doesn't, would like this, not design. other countries with large discrepancies, include pakistan, where, according to the w, h o, excess deaths were 8 times higher than the official covey death count. in egypt, it was 12 times higher. and in mexico it was double. i think on the experts all along i were very aware of the, i let say shortcomings or tools that were not available right from the beginning. so, the amount of testing and cetera would mean that there were many debts that went on on, accounted for the w h o says most of the excess deaths were concentrated in southeast asia, europe, and the americas,
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and were in middle income countries. they also confirmed the global death toll was higher for men who accounted for 57 percent of deaths. the w h o is the 1st to caution that it's report on global code related deaths is an estimate in thus imperfect, but the agency says it is nevertheless important to get an accurate accounting of those head demick told to better prepare for future threats. heidi jo, castro al jazeera washington halls of closed, a northern ireland, where a posse that wants to leave the united kingdom is predicted to come out on top in elections for the regional assembly. sion fain was once the political wing of an armed movement, which opposed british rule the stream of the united on and is still a long way off. janet hall reports from belfast. a win for the nationalists shin, feign as opinion polls predict, would make history in northern ireland. it up ends
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a century of dominance by parties dedicated to the union with great britain putting on top a republican party that exists to forge a united ireland. that is going to happen imminently, and many voters were swayed instead by more immediate concerns. all united allens on the cards, new database. on up to important to me. what do you think the chief thing capable of boss for to get the rates will get better and better hospitals? so just to be open again. she frame was once the political face of the irish republican army that waged a decades long conflict with the british army and pro british loyalist paramilitaries. its electoral success with struck fear into the hearts of many unionists who already feel marginalized by westminster as handling of breakfast negotiations with the you and
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a new trade boarder in the i received that they say undermines northern islands place within the united kingdom that need to get a wake up call my. nobody wants to shouldn't be a minister when the union, people don't want him to be a minister coach for 1st, 1st and foremost. if we have a day and you're going to call for a border poll, i don't know if there's even a question mark over whether the democratic unionist party leader will take up his position as deputy 1st minister behind. shin feigns michel o niel. jeffrey donaldson says he wants to see border protocol removed 1st. in northern ireland symbolism matters hugely. so while power sharing enshrined in the good friday peace agreement ensures that the positions of 1st minister and deputy 1st minister shared between the largest unionist nationalists parties have exactly equal powers. the changing of places in the storms assembly in this election carries enormous symbolic way. unionism isn't
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a very place. northern ireland had its and teen re last year, the celebrations of rather muted. and there was a sense of the future of the union, very much being at stake. and partly because breaks it and what that means. the northern ireland change relationship between overland in the u. k. with the dall agreements in the protocol. and that also what's going on with in unionism itself. it's very fragmented. and with that fragmentation comes the uncertainty over political stability in the short term and longer term questions about the future of northern ireland itself. joe al jazeera belfast inflation is on the rise and tacky. one of the worst affected countries in the world consumer price, as they increase nearly 70 percent last month, compared to a year earlier, said em, kasai reports from miss dumble on the rising cost of living. fergus citizens have been overwhelmed with rising prices,
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especially in energy and food. in the last one year, the annual inflation has reached nearly 7 to percent is expected to continue this way a but for the regular turkish citizens. the rising prices, especially in food, is making their lives more difficult. the reason the of the, the price hikes and turkey is one, the regional problems like the war in ukraine, a between here and moscow. and also turkey is domestic monetary policy. turkish central bank cut interest rates from 19 percent to 15 percent last september, which calls a currency crash and because of that turkish near our lost valley. and it is this meant for the turkeys citizens that they can buy less with the same amount of money . the government has tried to improve the living conditions of the regular turkey citizens by increasing the minimum wage and the pensions. however,
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people we have spoken to tell us that it, despite the increase in their wages, it is difficult for them to deal with the prices that are changing nearly every day . sure, you're cutting an all cash from buying cheaper, otherwise it's impossible to survive. i checked around today and all prices have risen, but i guess we will get used to us. i believe prices will eventually come back down . partially. turkish policymakers will believe that this high inflation is a temporary problem for the turkish people and the turkish economy. by keeping the interest rates low and a turkish me raw, weak against us dollars, turkey will boost its exports and production and will create a budget surplus by the end of the year. this is what the turkish economy administration things. however, despite the ministry of finance, believes that this problem will be overcome by the need here. many experts warned
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that the impacts of this high inflation will be felt among the residents up to 3 years. some of the residents believe that the government is going to overcome this crisis as there is an election coming up in 2023. but experts ward, this may not be possible. you stop markets of slum today, off to the federal reserve announced its biggest interest rate increase in more than 2 decades. all 3 major american indices were down with the dow jones, dropping about 3 percent. tech stokes lead the sell off. the decline wine top gains made on wednesdays is invest his face the most aggressive tightening us monetary policy since the year 2000 kristin salumi has more. this comes one day after the federal reserve decided to raise interest rates a half a percentage point that increased was widely anticipated,
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and the market actually rallied after the announcement. it seemed to take comfort in the fact that the federal reserve chairman jerome powell said that there were not planning to raise interest rates more than 5 percent going forward. and in a bigger chunk that they would keep this kind of pace going forward. and the markets were reassured by that it rally, but today we're seeing all of those games are raced and investors seem to be having 2nd thoughts about where the economy is going and renewed fears that a recession could be looming. one key indicator that came out today is productivity . u. s. productivity declined 7 and a half percent in the 1st quarter. that's the most. it's declined in many, many years since 1947. so that's a big concern at a time when labor costs are up and that's a combination that is going to weigh on profits for companies. and so investors are concerned and pulling back. so today's declines have completely erased the games
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that were made yesterday, indicating a very volatile market and very concerned group of investors and toys cocaine toss. how boss and columbia has been expedited to the united states to face trial, or tony l, as he's known, was arrested in october to 7 years on the run a hunting reports. he was the most wanted man in columbia until his arrest in october. now wearing protective military gear. dido antonio saga, also known as o. tanelle has been flown to the united states, charged with drug trafficking, murder, extortion, and kidnapping. gas c o. h. that i thought i'd like to inform you that di, euro antonio will sugar yes. or, or torn, yell was extradited, is this criminal is comparable only to pablo escobar, killer of social leaders, abuser of children, boys, girls, and teenagers alike,
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the killer of police officers. and one of the most dangerous criminals in the world are tonia is widely considered to be the boss of the clan. del goal for a powerful drug cartel that controls cocaine routes into mexico. in the united states. is there one view this bond? it was extradited to serve drug trafficking sentences in the us. by that i want to be clear, you know, that once he serves those and he will return to columbia to pay for the crimes he committed in our country. her toenails lawyer argued against his expedition, saying he should be allowed to confess his role in columbia as nearly 6 decades of internal conflict. but that request was denied with the $5000000.00 bounty on his head or tonia is now at the mercy of us courts to decide his feet. leah harding al jazeera, the former president of guineas back on the house arrest as police, investigate him, fell edge crimes while in office. all the cold day was al,
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sent from power and detained in the military. k last september. is supposed to say it's a political witch hunt, nicholas hack reports. the deposed president of guinea no longer a free man, but under house arrest the once feared leader, seen as untouchable and above the law is facing justice. in his attorney general ordered legal proceedings against alpha con, day and 26 former members of his government, they're accused of murder, torture, sexual violence, and the destruction of public property called his party member. say, it's a political witch hunt exit medical as it be. rp, janet allies demand the respect of the principle of presumption of innocence and the de politicization of the carn procedure. consider suspending its participation in the national meetings recalled the need to appoint an international mediator in the again, on crisis. it was only after county was deposed in the coolest september that the investigation was opened for crimes committed during his time. and office security
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forces fired bullets at protest. years in the run up to con days contested reelection in 2020. the 84 year old changed the constitution, allowing him to run for a 3rd term rights group say at least 40 protests were killed and around $200.00 injured in the months leading up to the election guineas military leader general momma. d. dubois fired all 40 generals accused of involvement in the killings. he promises a corruption clean up saying the powerful will face justice. but in a tv address on sunday, he pointed out that the free and fair elections won't happen for another 3 years while visiting west africa. this week, the un secretary general, called on guineas, leader to hand overpowered to aid civilian administration. immediately he was the regional body echo os has imposed sanctions because of the election delay to boys
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rule is seen by his critics as a step back for democracy. but condos arrest is being seen as a step forward for justice in a country where. impunity for the powerful has long been the rule. nicholas hawk al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera, these, the top stories. at least 3 people have been killed in a stabbing, attacking the israeli city of a lot near tel aviv lay say they suspect the attack as fled in a vehicle for others were winded turf. them are in serious condition. stephanie dec as mo, from west jerusalem 3 killed 4 wounded, 2 of them critically. and the attack took place in various parts of the city of atlanta, aladdin in central israel. it is close to the occupied west bank. it is.


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