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tv   Witness The Daughter Tree  Al Jazeera  May 6, 2022 5:00am-5:56am AST

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teen mental health on al jazeera. what happens in new york has implications all around the world. it's international perspective with the human touch, zooming way in, and then pulling back out again. ah . i lean side endo hall here tom stories on al jazeera. at least 3 people have been killed in a stabbing attack and israel for others have been wounded. it happened in the central city of a lot near to levine, as people celebrated the day. israel refers to as independence day. stephanie dec reports from west jerusalem. oh ha ha ha ha. the attack happened as israel celebrated 74 years of independence. this time in a lad and ultra orthodox city in the center of the country. a lad is very close to
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the occupied west bank. we do not draw her full indication. oh, if it's a one tourist or more, we are conducting ah, trace after him. now we have a helicopter with ours, and we are sucking roadblocks. in order to ketchum residents came out to protest in the aftermath. it's the latest in the series of attacks carried out by individuals across israel, which is left at least 14 israelis dead. a spokesperson for hamas reacted by saying these attacks were the result of israel's occupation. the palestinians. u. n. middle east envoy tor venis lunch tweeted saying he was pulled by the attack and that it was deplorable that hamas and others continue to glorify and encourage such acts. with a warning woolfolk manila bahati, most of the ups is ready me to replayed a clip from acid leader in gaza. yes, in war who in a fiery speech last week called on palestine was to protect the luxembourg compound . referring to the recent escalations at the site by the entry of jewish religious
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ultra nationalists and encouraging individual attacks. defense minister, many guns met with the military chief of staff and these weighty prime minister naturally bennett, was being updated on the situation. the border crossings from garza and the occupied west bank had been closed since tuesday afternoon, due to memorial day and independence day. in what a standard procedure doing events like these in israel, the west bank closure has now been extended until sunday. as a result of this attack, stephanie decker al jazeera was drew slim. ukraine says russia is still attacking the besieged steel plants and not a pole, despite declaring a ceasefire to let civilians leave moscow denies. it's broken. the agreement around $200.00 civilians are trapped inside the facility. the you and husband working with both sides to get people out safely. so, flooding total, nearly $500.00 civilian strong, formed long way away did relief. after leaving on the relentless, showing and sketched availability of water, food and sanitation,
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the factories of shared moving terms will run stuff, marvelous children and frail grove, barons spoke of their trauma. some were, you know, didn't need of medical attention. i hope that the continuous coordination with more squint keep the lead to more humanitarian balls as to what all civilians safe passage from the fighting and 8 to reach those in critical needs. we must continue to do all we come to get people. all of these l scapes. officials in the eastern city of cram talk, say, at least 25 people have been injured in russian shelling homes, a school and infrastructure were damaged. keith says is trying to fend off russian troops pushing towards the city. the world health organization says nearly 15000000 people have died from code 19 in the past 2 years, many more than originally thought a new numbers include deaths linked the pandemic strain on health care systems,
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holes of clothes in local elections, across the united kingdom. there the fast major task for boris johnson's government . following the pandemic, the when ukraine and the so called party gays scandals in northern ireland, they voted for representatives to the regional assembly. former president of guineas back under house arrest as police investigate him alleged crimes. while in office of a con day was ousted from power and detained in a manner she qu last. timber is supposed to say it's a political witch hunt. u. s. president has named corinne jean pierre as the next most house press secretary shown pairs. the 1st black woman and open the l g b t pass him to whole the role she will replace gen sack he was filled in for her throughout j biden's administration. her over. okay. coming up next is witness. stay with us. ah
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oh with with was although the material about another as it la la la la la la
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la la la la, la, la, la la hey, look a little bit allen in a minute. then i bought a took, i'm going to have them in dinner for lilian. they didn't some put him in lemon. a nanometer alana for summit, although no one than the other development on ah
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damage while busy not and will affect format as possible. a got a minimum of the joint ones. i've only got a middle school. no, it wasn't done. the only guy who could go with it was called the hospital a little while ago was a gentleman. why, why a good. that was catherine dog. and i believe over there called another a mess, a busy, so he does him are to remain for a similar law, the whole one, but tell the b a dog. but when we will do a lot, then we'll meet them or tell them a time
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just to learn a bit. i'm glad you got a hobbit via the t go, based on what you talk to you with . doesn't even the seminal again, get your dad at noon, but i will go through well, then go to the hospital doctor and get that moved in. but he was out on but it may go there or not. they never taking the trip out of cuba to albany, but our cars down the line in the middle of the call i'll follow up with you about them is good to go. you had a funny little joke. you'll probably have you get totally dudley nom up here. again, well, because then the school that on but in the back and then back to what company got
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got on the who didn't, didn't then i don't know w. so when you feel better about the whole school or not, give out a kid up on school up, it will do a check up because it done the kind of been a go to go see a sound when you go there got a ticket, but it kind of been, i'm down the can i had a new me that was a check up there and a door will allow me. mother jenna. a tell if did he say that they did he go to leona? is cost them the company yaga? ya bother you about the gown or do you let it go down to easy a i'm a no letter got got i got that. i am in a letter a g min and i'm telling a while ago in the i haven't even opened it up. you can leave it also by another. another wasn't going to do the bowls and add them. yeoman. i'm glad i can get them . and then the sympathetic medical taken. let it got me. your goal. we don't, we didn't want to look a lot of your day wasn't able to want them to. yeah,
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i wouldn't ha, committee that committee but a middle gave it. don't think at the main level give, but don't wonder whether if you didn't want to keep it on the a t t j the medical field to take out the will, did you get via it's all numbers new you got to the, the with up to do you want to do it on the mike, even the let's hold on a we're a with
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like hold on knows that in the she was just sort of jogan the sooner the better than michigan. i didn't a william as good. it's got the martinez. i was at the lord gave me a letter. yeah, i don't think i'm the mother of the salary as well. any idea when that some of the longer going to i'm going to look, look, linda darnell will say let it go to the those go going to part about it. there is
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no good. i mean, i get, though, is in the, on the other day as michelle. well, in the, into the, i want to quote the, we are unable recently when they are, i mean, you will the data every month. so i did it again. it was muslims get are you but you are going to. i'm a little, there's about that but we're going to have legal but he wasn't me that i will. but he was at some of the
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me the all ah ah ah ah. well now a typical yeah, already been that will yeah, yeah, boy the t m a lower just that i got to go there, but i don't want to have to get
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a hold of anybody who's here to help hold on. just thought of the a quarterly of new medical dental and blessed we'll go out there. got even got, it's got all of them and they haven't bought a fellow late on the pass. i'd love to follow the name of brittany with you and i'm go audi on the top one is a our video accordion. darden, i deal with delta dental. it's open that clean and do i favor? let them a letter. and as i me, she'll got it. let me know, but i know. could you elaborate as i went on there? like one of the down what ed napoleon? yeah. american b. i got another whole article a little, you know, any of them tend to go there will now, julio been in the army. well, does have
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a limit in mother heavy image sister the door if the deputy da, maybe a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a is going to get off the binding the dog and not gotten up at the automated. and when i want to be on the, on the look and feel him down there until today, which can leon the mar never does it. okay. i go inside and i need to go somewhere on the market. there may still hold on. no, i live on the button and a little bit in there with good those doesn't look bonds and those those him as
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a dog is had to do all the bucket. didn't log in on donna dos, nuggets are doing a tele we to law. i've in them, but i got my those don't get, have deal with them. i really do a good to me a my little miss either, but they don't get cut to do that. then come on the plane or our can now the other way and direct any found on them up are now going to look up there to what and i was more thought i was going to let their on what you say want to be life go. but it does have a good lebron was with a woman, i've had enough move on to a are
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there any dog? hello guys want to go to my was maybe not good at all. no need to we pick out the day on need a day. know. yeah, and he can do it now under the binding at all because we are not j done by us and all this out there 9 oclock to where ordained to go out. these got given in on monday to pay only $70.00 to go in only 2 are normally 2, and then i called the other to linda, cut off, and i don't think of it in a token, but he can, he can, i say i'm at the dividend up out of their gay, i see, but even other than me, he kept her team not given what he has done pigeon up either to can the who are patients here, but to get around the quizzes due to being a patient in out equally up to again, i retired that day, but any number down and unless you thought then deliberate and with
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the no one got a new man on a john got to be a longer middle. knew that you are the one, but i got to be one moment here i'm while it's in the home, i'm back. i'm gonna go to my i'm an adult document. i won't be able to go now. some go on doesn't go one. got to remember. yeah. unless i have one, we don't have them, there's a lower one. got to say, got it. you know how to holly? i'm will as although it may be a symbol barely have more real 100 was already said, well i'll give it up but out, but there it is. it and balance can be lee. you're going to learn a government name down my number to low mag line. melbourne was the capital
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w mat madison look here. so domino that won't go down and i'm not really at again, i've gotten the callback number on the call that i've made many bellville numbers. the nicole that i was i got younger guesser galia. i'm less middle based under the mom her name. why was needed so long about oh, i still haven't that all glee. oh them pushing to come? no. jim lee who shannon's under. i'm douglas dimly who submitted a more pushy dialogue. his even delivery. got the animal
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bought them. a lot of them are going to jello is quite a some well get a class but english because of a one of the bands. i love it because it will be a bit though the other day in the beginning of when you come and move it as you take a tear down the can up and down to kind of coit than gilligan. gloating of his on the go. but on then on a match though. well, i will look on that. it was from the, in a more be a to megan they. what am i but lucky aren't able to my most
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hi. on is that with her live goose the food geraldine. there are lou sheridan in jaw, a shed in a, a a a may have been, i'm a good, a gentleman by days holiday enough. it's been a v, a 0. bella bell, america and i tell that i have but that as i was wanted that's what i got again,
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mental valid. todd wenzel was pregnancy? yeah. pregnancy med another accidental. yeah. what's the what's the word doctor and job that. that could be, that was clear and we're not able to tell any money. fair was causing holly holly. i was able to get that done today. my kids are the marker and the magazine, the said that will probably do about got an upper level with the bus on out one of the deborah or when i forgot about the amount, but i got an idea. adobe tv holger. lucky. and he got been a spect. what do you have? you know, as you look at a year, been admitted he has of booking a
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mother that was handling to visit her. do he to you jim rose door a tuesday. so sad. i got a guy gone good. i see the little girl got. com. we want olivia you for? no good. i feel yogurt. we knew we'll pull the gusher. the canadian the guardian didn't push the government litigate. but the only one the one that got and i got another community you bought so little upcoming took on the only 14 though community of the name that a lot. i didn't leave him in the admin in go over there with the linear was the union got the name, the name. yeah. the was are not whenever
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we litigation and even again here. good article young. but in good one, on the, on the moon you got the only thing that was on like that there over there. can they looked there when you got the number, let give it down to me like gosh on was well there are plenty left. i what we'll do is we'll do eager you day to get a little neat resources here. don't going to be me pull are i go get there and there you go. they will a
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midwife, columbia in elizabeth, blackberry. then glass that were near cord in gilbert labor. bye bye. hello with did i don't know what this had the own entity. i was either new york or the one that guy that a lot of those either. jason, may i belong to? toyota was give admins as you murder my wife or the kids hide the law. but mom i get those made modular there. when it is, how do we the liberty, a report of it?
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it's just a way the got the men avenue or bo more well to get a while. i go for behave or to deny it on the well, they were medical bill. there may or may tomorrow you can buy a new nazi. i'm donors. hard to new day them been killed mary lug. let's go to the other day. they yuki i'd which 80 so a check want to get rid of risk and he's never, they're committed. yes. via usually have it there when they give rod rod go like that because i didn't have to colorado my so road a while it will have a bus and either yes. well they're not only i don't know one day they have a vehicle. so of course all the time with their for someone system where someone system
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can that it. yeah. but i am on a little bit and one it is with the diesel engine does have a good summer one it i don't think it was sort, it's a month i would as out of the name on those. how did that lead that some odd though? more likely it's up. i'm going to throw your leg what are going to get the would make any of the water june up and with a so i knew it was just, i'm going is dounia been a big but why don't i will do it done up i'm, i really am was arguing that it collagen was i reported that good dounia said that
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i am body sunday gotten coming on sunday with me. god and body sunday going to be i'm gonna go to was highly clarified. they were known about them. i now get out of the woods, gonna be as ard saladas about these ads ahmad, as, as a big so i wanted to know that it was a big t gonna to go to lab it, sir. ah, how social social media platforms, if many young uses feel isolated, anxious, and depressed? currently there is a grand national experiment that is taking place upon our kids. why take companies not sufficiently regulated? they don't want people to know what's happening on their platform. and when will
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society catch up? 10 people that i knew in high school that may suicide. full lines investigates toxic feed, social media and teen mental health on al jazeera, with the sage, a set, and it's time for a different approach. one that is going to challenge the way you think was wor, inevitable. i just want to started to please don't it. they're not doing the right thing. let's leave simplicity to the headlines. join me as i take on the lars dismantled misconceptions and debate. the contradictions, do we have
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a real democracy here in the united states? it's not a political party. that's a radical insurgency. are mark lamarr hill, and it's hard to get up front right here on out 0. ah, ah, a
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whole ah, a ah june. mm hm. all right, i got your name and you got can. yeah,
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i'm not parallel about that. i get a little bit of a board and a leg. gibbet. he got general. i bought a hat with. i'm got colin lackey cali, jamming and i'm not loud at that. be business casias. c j coming back. be decorated here. no. go on. are going up by a dan starting metal. got boston met barebones, a bare bones out pass element. that'll pump balaban dia to compass out. die it. go to bed out. okay. i gotta wait for the yoga up on does on that? i thought would be so long. yeah, those got humid went up. it up it would. well yeah, but i forgot to reach out to point out about your group that came up with a minimum maximum given all the power back to you. so don't say the
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appellate any like you the want got a saddle now with the hill safe. got back on the safe. got they got they don't get by your savvy back. india. wasn't anybody back with that kind of linda kill over there on. i got it. well, me a minute will end with him. and now will my leather keller enduring, but i didn't think it will pull, need them, but don't worry about it. be a new kind of been done. but john, about a good call, get to you as well to locate are going to be been but again, operations even number anything on. but i will talk about that. but bob graham, a bunch of other that it took me
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a lot of only america. i was a school this teacher, li, and teeth are not even gonna last we go. so why don't you ask the owner is either going to do not about the bus. had the hag logo don't got to say regularly with da gas for gas when the laid out on a sandy came that and even to live a 2 year old versus because i was i will go to pay out of us no later than their medical ag on has one without a feeder or i or they will do, it will get the now good. ok. liam's a. we had to come. this one is about
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a one, a double one up today, but i mean i be excel with what is happening in the little one give me and the i said though, or the or be going to be going to be there because of give us we order to you, to me or the money to get the near the minimum attending the medical and get a minimum until you get even a new welcoming of all i'm up. i'm going to do a, with the getting here early head or mind for the hell will break on the, on the was e gama bus, but there, but i thought, but in any machine i who that a member normally that i'm gonna do that you have to pick up anybody on the night better than yeah. but it might go out of it to with one of his slim because they to load up it with the wellness. okay. um, muddy up is out the door. i hope i was locked a to that as well. as i was about an opportunity to maybe to visit with people that
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are going to a couple of a 100, these are up, you want to come up with the up the bit. i don't see what the you have the decimal only on them in the about paragon. give up a lot. please press one to hang up. no, i don't know. maybe a nissan don't have to wait til i don't like to give you take to whoever the endless will mark up on that i'm going give are only given sorry. dylan. blanca lee going to put me at arm, la eagle or to bear with
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a little bit of delay done for the year. but i it is a holiday and i got i got another bill about the dela, good. yeah. do you mean that i got a bottle comalla going over there on the let it go? go on the property, go. how can i help you read the money? i have to say. i love the mar. yeah. you know, a r, a, d a and then he does have a,
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a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a g. yeah. i love to talk to me again with a lawyer, a, a, a, a, a, a for a c. jason. thank you. again. melina, with the, with the medical in, not given a, a good,
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the near the money when the new blood to got to get the new data diploma and on the medical medication. a. 3 been done this, i'm not going to give me a walk in there. does that a little? can they? yes, i know you got a lady, but the level of the little done the way mother locally with mann middle leveling guns on little hay medical peddler humidity must want a blame on luckily with us. telling me that he would less less. did he go? good luck on the amendment. the going in nevada,
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going to the element in the head and doing that there you there was that i'm not too many don't sure who he made a go. he needed the me. i mean you could, you could to reside in mid than will you you're gone them, luna? david g we are they, we are going to get down at the unit somebody to go to get down.
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lot of them are going to some of the going to london a lot of the sunday dinner on sunday. and then we want to give you what, you know, those, you know, the, some love and live with the one of those are pretty good because i'm going to and i was wondering when there's any from the over there from her but of the early. but if i'm going to leave you or just to have another and they will it done? it done a good going if hello, like a dick. now the name, but i don't mean i'm going into the new the you are going to have your the learn a lot going on a lot of now there's another one we're does a little bit new. good, and we knew we live on to take so long that you could get lucky
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a a for some people under my bed with a, a, a, a, a document, a bill doesn't matter. i feel could be
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a month and i get there a, a, [000:00:00;00] a, a, a, a, a, or if may point me a boy or me a bit,
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then it was a lot of a. 2 a oh give a bit. i was not going to do. i would get the yet somebody
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with mind caucuses made if he is doing the steadily faces in the another near the peace can the only that he was from the journey but change the letter eagle. december, the total allowable continued guitar lesson for the day with am aaliyah's added element of the other committee under the opening b. so again, linda, they had it and give it a money buddy, a year gin together we do,
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both of us did the club and i bought this for the dell been then taught by the number and a 1000 dollars. that's other than that. but the little key get somebody mother, noah mitchell, ethan, that he just, i'm a lover casual. the only one he knows has to be on monday. the monday. if i am here within the delegate, we want to give it an telling me, but it would tend to ethylene nealon mythology, the just them are a washer and i brought it to cologne that it was damages that does he, because the think it'll do again, does he know, mabel, it didn't do, do, does about up on the electrical on it. they will admit that i am one of the i just, i guess you didn't get a hold get a bundle deal. you want to do that to that i otherwise my belly, the other than that, i think of it then meg as her tested walker. i was to go test a lot because our guys,
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he hadn't nominal austin was to guess he to miller washington until you mcnally that was him. but all millimeter, i think as he managed in these imminently, good supple, could they go ocean camels to one that? no but to ship is hello to manage the ocean current board. the middle of managing the they, we did a mad the supplement of public into the ocean partners interview japan is when he's up there with libya limit and ball below. yeah. american, the way that i'm in love with the globe monday. go only look it up in the mail, telling me something in the middle of email, but i'm going to handle it in the minute or within the message with one to 2 minutes laguna. not even really that toby, a payment. i mean the whole together, the and then in the navy complete opened, it wasn't gonna the ball didn't,
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i'll leave it on a on a monday. then monday, monday looking on couple money was i mean a less all didn't put it in there, man i will shoot for now said she the horn and complain that if i wasn't going to the manager of the car could be just a baby, ola, middle, and then the middle of a need, a, a dinner gilbert to live by the way. you see like a, a delegated cool, human move. holy medical did you live in the car like that? the good did. you haven't gotten that
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a good number to get it. but the more than what i would argue with so not a problem, a bother or the book. see, is there a magic supper? so did it got a mirror, a mirror, a dish? ah, i mean, i mean in the meniscus to hold them to the medicals. and they can give the mitty delivery i've got the condition is would be the best medical methods, but i haven't got a long dr. young doctor. they gave the doctor that it would be useful. yeah. but i
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do me to go over data and medical. yeah. since i went in with them and them because i want a little a little incentives, i would a a with a one of them a someone
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with a . 2 with a let me take a yes a
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a good a time ah, a lot of the learned so when i know with a lot of the line with it takes a lot of the lead a deal with little
5:53 am
a a a, a even a, i don't know what i mean, the local shannon federal went along. look, it is filled with your minimum to this. i'll go into a plan. come with the can it come when didn't come in with
5:54 am
a good fit. it can be a little over a year, left it on there, you mila miti lane mentioned on a family friend who didn't know they need to pass that my dental card, whether it be tiffany in honor of the to lose a little bit for a logo maneuver could get
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a note to that in a put together a blue hebron boys breathe and fly pigeons. but in this occupied palestinian city boys are also close to watched by railey forces at times shot up and often arrested. a delicately told tale filmed over 5 years of a coming of age in a place where even a child's imagination is heavily restricted. the skies above had brought


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