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tv   Al Jazeera World Songs of the Gulf  Al Jazeera  May 6, 2022 9:00am-10:01am AST

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i said, i'm going on with the way that you tell the story isn't what can make a difference. ah hello, i'm darn john and do all the quick reminder the top stories here and al jazeera ukraine says russia is still attacking the besieged steel plant and matter you poll, despite declaring a ceasefire to let civilians leave. moscow denies its broken agreement around $200.00 civilians are trapped inside. the u. n. has been working with both sides to get people out safely. so far in total, nearly $500.00 civilians, strong found the long wait the awaited relief. after leaving and the relentless shelling and scraps availability of water, food and sanitation,
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the evacuees of shared moving tales with un stuff. mother's children and frail go parents spoke of that trauma. some were, you know, didn't need the medical attention. i hope that the continuous coordination with ma squint, keep the lead to more humanitarian pause as to what all civilian safe passage from the fighting and 8 to reach those in critical needs. we must continue to do all we can to get people out of these l scapes. at least 25 people have been injured in russian shelling in the eastern ukrainian city of crime, a toss homes or school land infrastructure. damaged cave says it's trying to fend off russian troops. pushing towards the city. a manhunt is underway in israel after 3 people were killed in a stabbing attack in the central city of allied. it happened as people celebrated what israel referred to as independence day. stephanie decker reports from western ru slim o. the attack happened as israel celebrated 74 years of independence. this time
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in a lad and ultra orthodox city in the center of the country. a lad is very close to the occupied west bank. we do knocked her hair full indication. oh, if it's a one tourist or more, we are conducting ah, chase after him. now we have a helicopter with us and we are sucking roadblocks in order to catch him. residents came out to protest in the aftermath. it's the latest in a series of attacks carried out by individuals across israel, which is left at least 14 israelis dead. a spokesperson for hamas reacted by saying these attacks were the result of israel's occupation. the palestinians un middle east envoy tor venis lunch tweeted saying he was pulled by the attack and that it was deplorable that hamas and others continue to glorify and encourage such acts. with the one with opening the le bahati mostly the lot is really media replayed, a clip from acid leader in gaza. yes. in war, who in a fiery speech last week called on palestine was to protect the luxembourg compound
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. referring to the recent escalations at the site by the entry of jewish religious ultra nationalists and encouraging individual attacks. defense minister, many guns met with the military chief of staff and these weighty prime minister naturally bennett, was being updated on the situation. the border crossings from garza and the occupied west bank had been closed since tuesday afternoon, due to memorial day and independence day. in what a standard procedure doing events like these in israel, the west bank closure has now been extended until sunday. as a result of this attack, stephanie decker al jazeera west jerusalem. the well health organization says many 15000000 people have died from cobit 19. many more than previously thought this includes deaths linked directly or indirectly to the virus in the past 2 years. some of the worst had countries of question, the new w h o figures. balance is broken out in north eastern columbia are off. they notorious gang leader was expedited to the u. s. to face trial,
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members of his international drug cartel burned more than 30 trucks and buses, their boss known as our tanya pleaded not guilty to drug trafficking and other charges in the u. s. federal court on thursday, you are stuck markets of slumped a day after the federal reserve announces biggest interest rate increase more than 2 decades. all 3 major us indices were down with the dow jones, dropping about 3 percent and 6 months after rocketing up to the international space station be 3rd astronaut team launched by space excess return to earth. a drug on the capsule splash down of the florida coast after 23 hour flight home before us and also conducted hundreds of research projects during your mission g o. they also welcomed the 1st civilian cruise to the international space station. so those were the headlines. the news continues here now to 0 after out they were world stage and thanks watching bye for now. ah
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and mr. ear denisha are later more authentic, because the amana island national law nicolette mad that can you have the shape that like red hill al, via can bye bye, donna lee, an american out. when we have one down either sunday, we may as well, i'm in a child. i learned a lot about you mom, be a boon metronome home. i thought you might have decided how my dilemma was. yeah, i wanted to put them on the m l. i haven't had jonna me don't or do i know i do not, because about it. for judge we had the over the membership. hello fi out of fi, fi fi. the stud. come and haven't been ideal cut. see, how do i do a walk covered of awful kelly much more on why should i believe have been now used to hide your seal? how he'll kill you much. well, but i did bid you mud eliana had done if you will, you will have all your
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i with the one the left korea with all of them silicon and jamal mccormack, you may have left the like, it's my altamira, i love missouri to health but that locked up below veneer bills. towards the my luck the lord of suffer hotel. armand bitter nysha fee. her oh to me is he her b and b mueller. ready let me suffer or hold the camera slash center or but i said, san ellsworth, i should son if he left, she felt if he tilted
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a new lou with secret colonial supervision just meant miss doha. there for 9 minute, her boss either you didn't allow her. go off of a sudden oral fall. i love papa outdoor her that would you like me to play viani and i smile. rude. we're had it difficult to northern for our laptop a higher than what pharmacy that had the she hadn't more of bit daddy hello. hadn't for nick to bother kiddy martin lithia shakoya. allison ordered fall but not of why they were up. ola o tar all door. al periodontal bore elmer head was on the up and dug up in america .
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had nothing to bustle bye again and made a hello and he keeps the thought and doesn't be bertha. ella, couldn't us gun knock? lemme to somehow the door, nick made more eloquently for the hot beserra merkel. you won't gun it. don't know what i can look into cannon. jordan, if he, if you hadn't m i n and door, he has says you'd mind. we swear on us enough about food and didn't have a good enough gunman. he's commercial philippa who shut the door. it moved them out . we have only dunden junk bell has done well. we'll have thought of them yodel, hadn't been not let me a small house for none without going to stop our near small harvey norman yet. and we can't. and i fear that a thought could be of either colin, how are you? oh,
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how much will bundle to the stopper and yet a similar florida a sword. i'm happy at the mercy that ordinary wisdom been kenema. well that was ah ah ah ah.
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mainstream coverage of big stories can sometimes deliver more heat than lights in the baby war. tar. busy scenario, there's always a push to simplify. narrative nuances is always called for, even in the case of an aggressive war, the listening post, delve into the news, narrative, and dissect them. there's not our great deal of subtlety we're talking about. the barber aiken is unfolding as they were somehow unique. it's not unique covering the way the news is covered on al jazeera, natural capital is capital, which nature created no rush when nature is transformed into a commodity. big business takes a new interest by landscapes protecting landscapes. it's a phenomenal opportunity to be able to use a business model to achieve sustainability of nature. but at what risk banks, of course don't do that because they have at the heart, protection of nature. they do that because to see a business in pricing the planets on al jazeera. on may, 9th,
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the philippines was both to elect a new president to replace the rodrigo character in more than 35 years since the country emerged from his father's dictatorship with front runner, worthiness mark this junior at the top fog. as the vin of be thought, join us for a special coverage on all the 0 blue either. i'm nora carlindo these the top stories on al jazeera ukraine says russia is still attacking the besieged steel plant. in mario poll, despite declaring a seas fights and that civilians leave moscow denies, it's broken the agreement around $200.00 civilians. all traps inside the u. n. has been working with both sides to get people out safely. so far in total, nearly $500.00 civilian strong,
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formed long words awaited relief after leaving and the relentless showing and sketch availability of water, food and sanitation. the factories of shared the moving terms with the red stuff, margaret, as children and frail go parents, spoke of their trauma. somewhere in urgent need of medical attention, i hope that the continued coordination with more squint keep the lead to more humanitarian balls as to what all civilians safe presage from the fighting and 8 to reach those in critical needs. we must continue to do all we can to get people out of these l scapes. at least 25 people have been injured and rushing. shelling in the eastern ukrainian city of grammar tours, homes, school, and infrastructure were damaged. he says it's trying to fend off russian troops. pushing towards the 30 police have launched a manhunt in israel after at least 3 people were killed in a stabbing attack in the city of atlanta near tel aviv. they believe the attack has
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fled in a vehicle, for others were wounded. 2 of them are in a serious condition. the world health organization says nearly 15000000 people have died because of coven 19 many more than previously thought. this includes death linked directly or indirectly to the virus in the past 2 years. some of the worst hit countries have questions, the new w h o figures. violence is broken out in northeastern columbia after a notorious gang leader was extradited to the u. s. to face trial, members of an international drug cartel burned more than 30 trucks and buses. there, boston is attorney l pleaded not guilty to drug trafficking and other charges in the u. s. federal court on thursday. you are stuck. markets have slumped a day after the federal reserved announces biggest interest rate increase in more than 2 decades. all 3 major indices were down with dow jones dropping about 3 percent. tech stocks lead the sell off. those are your headlines, are we back with one is after out of there
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a wild say with may analogies, era frontline reporting in depth analysis. we bring you the latest from the ukraine war and the unfolding humanitarian crisis. documentary that is fine with me. things world issues into focus through compelling human stories. the philippines votes in one of asia, biggest election over 35 years since the country emerged from his father's dictatorship could frontrunner ferdinand mark was junior, take the top spot al jazeera investigative program, full blind for time, with a special theories on abuse in the boy scouts of america, lebanon goes to the polls, but will political change help the country find its way out of its crippling economic crisis? may on al jazeera a with
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but so we said they didn't clear yet. and it doesn't ear any mamma, whatever. so we say well, and that's without a plan. for god i can live content with stepped at settlement. most any. i see miss allison then i but the ball ball b, i a got to move. that is, should, would, it will log it has the minister shot out of the, the,
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must your saw while. so i can let me, i'm going to the commissioner and i sure mean i honestly just the announcement the annual give us any was a, a, it will say out in my last man, madame a delicate machine with a kind enough and wish them i fear any valet she, i will get the diamond is a 100 other ones, but i'm lacking a mock and when the less costly any out of atlanta, we can move to mean, i mean on the bottom off and i yeah, i'm not a minor killer. so miller feel. oh that's on the in my home up element sorta who could remember set
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them up too. sure. never do. i saw said telemachus charmingly, who's shown below the somebody who bought a washer bed, that sort of swan shamela. oh so man. some of the mother lou, her side of the room with a lot a good a did. yes. her. when darlene the he showed me xena i'm so minus the on yesterday and fish. i've thought about the letter that low good. you have been jelly to well, java, you better test didn't let us then. and lush was the la swami and left several men and the sure meal menu for their jaw lafayette show me a limit of stephanie limit you for either. joel, i feel relatively, i've been out of hum, they won't do their kenema will. i can her stomach, i leave to lock them beforehand. well,
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let him and theresa an arm and vietnam laura and i so on. but i see her over at the army a here killing with here. well, had a, i believe though we have the lemonade element. i'm here or will you, i mean, i the linear cannon. i will have them not, i am a lessons, are hygiene in them. i'll just see, and i don't me why it's and i had a little then of the 20 of her highly really is a matter i had the mesh house or, or godly. how the shots, unless the wash it really doesn't me. it's a house. i can them on the moon, i will touch whether a nickel or my to well find it a little bow. the last fall. so while the nurse garland nun kept him
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out, john doe was carry, man, you cannot oberlin, if not, a militia is as heavy. well, and i can honor and it has to sod said anna gruff at woodson philosophy. sir, margaret unable howard developmental at ourselves to nail. we'll have to lock it out of the bottle. how doctor? i sort of also tomato been a lot less us citizens sharina in which was sort of hard in the small high north carolina i can de la mullahan, it shin little kilometer sierra show me. lemme simpler. well, oh god, hamilton, one of our huffman hines to sell that a funny little kids iowa, but i like all of my, any of it with the let it had one last bottle crosseyed. and the whole commonly would do on loads to plan with leslie, themes and wire or muscle. on the, on one her,
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i had herb shoe miller shift and turned all miss love with her father in law that i saw on our own. what i do me when i get a boy, i would make a lot of them. the other near to me am altima has tame marshlin will here not i totally. aman was. and he will love a little bit. can be a good them, danny. i will. i'll hand via hardy, better will federally go ahead and i can ask you, i think as,
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as you can pause leah, when to havana can issue finance. jamita will lay will alone let me harvey, for jani available aqua which another diamond. i had a good, a good we i up and a little better check about if he had federal harvey and a bad cause as if i had camilla jenny in a jar. how kind of land the charge, and then it could be if i didn't do well, i need. so i'm like, wait, vermont can it's more and more than in the, in our while look way to highlight on who had to do an attorney and you that no, no, let me hardly follow him via voicemail. uh huh. what i oh
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it's worked on mill over the years. ginger. hardly any. okay, to talk on her thoughts of her common melania toyota. katy wants toyota land, nannie, box of gloves. philadelphia. and are what must matter. lad. at austin, harassed corn underneath mar, foreclosure me, luxan holds her annually though the upper ear ton last but look in here, not only i suggest we're not locked in contact with the hub and not to toss. docilely walked with her to say, he only saw him at seattle akani. i nodded it around him.
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ah ah, with a with a lot of blood,
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but ha, ha, ha ha, it's del avenue. it's up up and shot us about that would be a nasa material model, albany to. so how can the law com, warsaw huddled m other been his belly. i'm the lot but i live in a quarter matter. roger has him are bad in a lonely hardy, and i got us from 7, right. i said have to not but i did. oh,
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[000:00:00;00] with a a gone let me know what a, b a, b. but again, i just, i woke up do you know who the bab being back in my dream was to let him know
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me know what they're still fee. a i hate or oh, no, no. e b o b more i hate. i really got hit with him. got him in the shop. you know because you know the cooper philip alamo,
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a high job tomorrow by and couldn't look like best in the lot. it was large i came in and so i'm glad to get it done or not. i mean over time chime after the job and what i did was tell we must have been cut off for melia. how do you, bill tomorrow? for the when i was again with the wage. dia, dia, falafel, m o m y b
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e y, that's what i was young when emily and i had a marketing with us. we learn him doing no good guess would that be under cameras? so jim african mar. but i always love that roger file and scan data. me to i'm not, i'm not to show you how to log in. i will just another somebody's been noah. see him in the com. i had nuclear new, real dodge. yeah. and you know my while no one to
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hand the me i i me i live here would be a one. let me show you another mighty little another him up on the shadow shadow fear limit. com allow me and he he the model for. no, you're fine. now rochester. i this isn't not all of us value will allow me,
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but my point to marie ha ha . would be oh my. 8 why fi be more dog because no show mom you do you feel all the whole i work out the lo, who. 8 reba been a mess g e o d i lady and i like those who are c r o law. 8 dr lee here be a hug. dtn near were hum. 8 8 5 0 dr. lee behind the, the new more hum made the. 8 0, where are where we're here. oh boy. okay.
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lower the my, my love for the ha, the girl. oh, where i've you can see that them on when you will as what you will as a whole lot of who the i me in the locker with, with them in the last i'm with. all right, i'm the heck of a movie nom was allowed to get my head wants to know. 8 who else to. c learn you more hybrid done i was to law wants to lie our get thought the i li, northly was. c clear all my all. c 8 good to me, a letter, maybe all,
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all the, all the teachers will do the log shop to my not in the show, bob and i want to know how to send it out. i should be good to be honest. yeah. got some of us trying to be the new medina will be the only at the body and doesn't allow me to do who, who who are so this high on you. and if you notice the i a have a lot that was during the coverage or more of us out of sort of will if you, why say, but the,
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what are the best way to add them that sort of be mobile. we will be katasha will re sophia failure, full circle, but there was a lemon, but there was no what i missed call dillman. i mr. well, wait about the remote, i will what i can leave the door no matter. he'd be glad to not of that a now. now that has already now them that i know how to come. i avoided because it has a different dodge joe on the job all the lot. the idea? well i can lee but who knows how to be lamb going? atlanta smiled. messiah i.
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7 0, i come as i shall over, brian wise, if some told him out of that up shall see. i'm sure that i do not reject national reject kind of know half of mohammed artery what our knee is and you can modify. i'm out a little closer to the usage alum and while you got some out of that digital have money. bizarre. td and we got lucky at out a couple of things. joe had a shot over him as of and have him
9:56 am
in life up. i've already know how to shot run dad a have a so i'm a g lisa. how could you to mumbling that day? so how much if you have off id out to cookie? if thomas holler for jamie lera jawad, you are new. but when at arc formula dial out to 50 chavez, a mom jimmy, and will alex ah, ah, ah,
9:57 am
she's in this judy with me. a unique form of protest by a palestinian artist using a symbol of national identity to create postage in passport stamps. but as for some burrows returning your life, clear to me that can fly anywhere, sending a message of resistance about the arab israeli conflict. our son, we come to palestine, palestine son, bad. the stamp of defiance on al jazeera. ah, hello,
9:58 am
we've got bright disguise. now, coming back into afghanistan, the clock is in the process of pulling out of the way that brought the very heavy rain in the cross or northern and central path in particular. but you can see it does a little dry over the next few days. larry, a shower is running up towards the caspian sea, the shows, and the more why spread there across central and eastern parts of turkey over towards armenia, georgia by john, similar pictures we go on through friday and on into saturday. so we are going to see one or 2 showers, just running around the eastern side of the mediterranean. nothing too much to speak of largely dry and fine for the northeast of africa. a lot of cloud, a lot of rains, very, very strong winds damaging winds up towards more than parts of algeria, and also affecting a good part of this year. over the next couple of days. i suspect we will see some localized flooding here. heavy showers, meanwhile, continue across the southern coast of west africa joining up with a heavy shower that we have across the heart of africa. right, the way across the riff valley, all the way to was more than part of tans in their eastern areas of kenya. also
9:59 am
seeing some very heavy showers, east parson, madagascar also seen some very heavy shows that much of southern africa is fine and dry. although we will see some wet weather for the western cape, pushing across south africa. ah. the phone of struggles full of pleasure funds here for when police look at it via the fit in or what if, if today my lowville lot of the going this up for the wrong place about the about me without it. what if an intimate look at life in cuba will work a mom will with the like. i say, i could have been that the gum in that media. my cuba on al jazeera, new generations. this indigenous community has lived off of what the rain forest
10:00 am
provides. but when they discovered that their territory was being invaded by gold mining projects all along their river, the community brought a lawsuit against a po to us government. you've won, you wanna be unprecedented ruling, apply just the state to consult communities over oil and mining projects that impact their land and to seek their consent. the tiny cedar lloyd community has won a huge battle, but it may not necessarily have the last word, since the court ruling does leave room for exceptions in the name of overriding national interests. ah, ukraine says nearly 500 civilians have now been rescued in mary a whole waltz. russia continues at shelling in the east.


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