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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 6, 2022 11:00am-11:30am AST

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mm mm oh a ukraine says any 500 civilians have now been rescued. ann maria, pull. busy whilst russia continues it shelling in the east? ah, madame norah kyle, this is al jazeera alive from dough ha. also coming up. a search is underway and israel after 3 people who sat to death in the city of a lad. a nationwide strike and shrill anchor off 2 weeks of protests against the government handling of the economic crisis and local elections in the u. k. c.
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premier. so boys johnson's party punished for a raft of scandals and potentially a historic shift in northern ireland. near humanitarian corridors are due to open in the coming hours to get more people out of ukraine's besieged says he of maria poll, but ukrainian officials say russia is still attacking as of steel as of salt steel plants in the port city. despite a ceasefire. the report 9500 people have met now made it out of the city, but some 200 civilians. and 2000 ukrainian fights as a trapped in the industrial area. catcher, lopez holl, diane reports. ah, it's considered last pocket of ukrainian resistance in the shattered city of mario pool and the scene of heavy fighting for weeks ukrainian
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forces, the russians are attacking the assal, stall, steel factory, were civilians and soldiers or sheltering an underground bunkers, but no bones better. some of the estimate, a 2000 besieged fighters, including women, sing in the dark and wait for j. b. there's not enough food or ammunition. even if how numbered, they say they have no intention of surrendering. the rent of the boy watson has the bloody fighting his going on for 71 days the defenders of the city have been fighting thank single handedly with overpowering enemy forces. a 3 day seas fire was promised by russia to allow civilians to scheme. ukraine says the promise has been broken. some women, children, and elderly managed to make it out earlier this week, but others remain tramp alongside ukrainian soldiers. what you watch when you were already one my family to get out, but not the way we did. it was a miracle,
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and we managed to live on the verge of life and death. ukraine's president is appealing for help to get the others to safety. today i spoke to you in secretary general antonio gutierrez, and we discussed what we have already achieved. and what is still necessary to do to save maria pole and the defenders of merrier poll city. there is not a single day that i and my team wouldn't do this. and i'm grateful to everybody who helps. the kremlin says accusations of broken promises or propaganda way in the cranium side, and especially those who are hiding in the as of so planned a well 9 producing an enormous number of laws and folks every day. so we should carefully feel all the information we get from them. ukraine says russia is trying to destroy the strategically important city in the south. a ukrainian counter offensive is unlikely before the middle of the next month, when it hopes more weapons from allies will have arrived. castillo, this is
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a young, i'll just hear you. it's actually general says he hopes coordination between moscow and keith will allow the evacuations to continue so far. in total, nearly $500.00 civilian song found a long way to awaited relief. after leaving and the relentless shelling and scarce availability of water, food and sanitation. the factories of cher, moving tales with un stuff, mothers, children, and thrill good parents spoke of that trauma. somewhat urgent need that medical attention. i hope that the continued coordination with more squint key will lead to more military balls and civilians safe passage from the fighting and 8 to reach those in critical needs. we must continue to do all we can to get people out of these l scapes. well, here's how the war is looking on. the map in red, all the areas held by russia and its separatist allies,
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there on the offensive in the east and the south. and these areas show where fighting has been the heaviest. in the past 24 hours, ukraine says moscow wants to an exit southern region of cason. that would create a land corridor between russia and crimea, who had made travel to the villages along the southern front lines. desperate to leave the russian occupation. they cycled and walked for hours under cover of darkness. because they don't last. well, you got to go, i'm going to kill me, says this woman, suspicious as the cleaning police register new arrivals. this was their 4th attempt to feed her son region where life had become unbearable. says vladimir, yet his and i don't you don't know. the air is different here he says a. so what's a dumbly sure person might bring a little shyness, another escalade to stay there was more dangerous. we decided to take the risk when
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there were attempts for humanitarian car doors, and people went to the meeting point with white flags. but the soldiers dispersed us instead of you on a corridor, then go to crimea for when the bluff. that's when people started finding other ways to reach the ukrainian side. what's the level of support the court will the school was the deal all get it sooner shows as the warehouse were bikes, wheelchairs, primes, and even wheelbarrows are held. people used, whatever they had. she says, so the russians about 3 kilometers away from here. those come with region crossed the lines and no, no man's land between the 2 armies and hope to get in the crossfire. it's a treacherous passage, but it's the only escape route, toshiba, love to vermont. thank you guys, we're waiting for you. he says, the armies holding as defensive position, but ukraine claims the russians are preparing for
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a major push here. and this fear that the soldiers could be out gun. while most of the western weapons had to dumb best region in the east of the country was crawl clara to feminine. we need heavy weapons artillery javelins, drones, because they have a lot of weapons. the russians don't care about saving their soldiers lives. and the advance like works with hundreds of them lying the fields work. nobody collects the bodies, but they have a lot of weapons. the villages along the contact line come under shelling the rumble of artillery sounds at regular intervals. but is the fear of an imminent annexation, just like what happened in crimea. and in dumbass, 8 years ago that i pushing people to cross front lines on their own adapted meet algebra in southern ukraine. police in israel, a searching for 2 men suspected of a stopping attack. a m central city of elijah may release pictures of the past. 3
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people were killed and several others injured and thursdays attack stephanie decker reports from west jerusalem. o the attack happen in a lad and ultra orthodox city in the center of the country. a lad is very close to the occupied west bank residents came out to protest in the off to moth. it's the latest in a series of attacks carried out by individuals across israel, which is left at least 14 israelis dead. a spokesperson for hamas reacted by saying these attacks were the result of israel's occupation. the palestinians un middle east envoy tor venice. lun tweeted saying he was pulled by the attack and that it was deplorable that hamas and others continued to glorify and encourage such acts. with a warning most opening, the la houghton, mostly the lot is ready me to replayed a clip from him as his leader in gaza. yes. in war, who in a fiery speech last week called on palestine was to protect the alexa most compound . referring to the recent escalations at the site by the entry of jewish religious
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ultra nationalists and encouraging individual attacks. defense minister benny guns met with the military chief of staff and his ready prime minister. naturally bennett was being updated on the situation. the border crossings from garza and the occupied west bank had been closed since tuesday afternoon, due to memorial day and independence day. and what a standard procedure doing events like these in israel, the west bank closure has now been extended until sunday. as a result of this attack, stephanie decker al jazeera west drew slim. persons governing conservative party looks on track to lose heavily and local elections for us. johnson's party has lost control of several key areas of london, all rivals labor and the liberal democrats of gained ground. the vote is the 1st major test full premise of forest johnson. following the so called hearty gate scandal, a fake now to andrew simmons, he's standing by for us and at westminster, watching these results coming in under these all local council elections. so how important all they mean how much we really be reading into them?
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well, good question. you'd think that says sweeping up the rubbish from the streets and an education and things like that that are done. other dealt with by local councils would not really be big news, but this is a temperature test, an evaluation of the quality of leadership in government in the u. k. and right now the conservative party is doing badly, a devastating results here in london. 3 major councils, switching that to labor control ones with barnett, and it couldn't get much closer than this. westminster city council now in the hands of the labor party, the 1st time since 1964. so that is the situation in london. a big gains for labor elsewhere. it's a little bit more patchy modest gains for labor in the rest of england, and we're hearing from scotland of wells results coming in later on today. so
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crucially, and at the end of the day, how much will this damage the prime in suppress johnson will. that is the big question, because so far is johnson and his whole bevy of problems, particularly with party gates, where he's already had one fine, could get more than the police have now got a stop on on taking action to let this these council elections go through not only that, there are other scandals within his party, one m p choosing to watch openly pornography on his phone inside of parliament, a whole host of other issues. and on top of that, the cost of living crisis, which is really getting to people in the u. k, that coupled with what some regard as an unstable leadership of the conservative party is mounting. but that's not really too much into this early days in terms of results. london may be a major win for labor, but elsewhere, as i say, it's
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a bit patch here. and the liberal democrats, the 3rd party in these, in these results, are making considerable gain. so the conservative party it, it will look at the situation, not just the situation with labor, which will say, well, i've done pretty well. mid term. it's bound to happen, but it's if it's bigger than that, and it's looking as if it could be, if it really is a seismic against the conservatives than boris johnson with all of the bad things that have gone on could face trouble not just with the british public with his own party. we know a lot of conservative m. p 's are unhappy with his leadership and that could be 54, a letters of no confidence in the prime minister that triggers a leadership contest. and that means that forest johnson could well, i be forced to resign or indeed try to get himself in a position where he wins leadership race and maybe loses it. so that is the big
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question right now. could this despite what many regard, what many politicians regard as his good a performance in dealing with the ukraine conflict that they regard his as being quite statesman like. but back home here, it's one big mess. but politically, that's and it will. those results still coming in from around the country he'll be keeping a close eye on them as we'll wait until thanks very much. cilla has hair on al jazeera holes in the philippines suggest, a solid lead for the son of former leader feminine marco in mondays and presidential elections and coming to terms of the true cost of cove. it how the pandemic real tow could be far higher than we thought. ah! the journey has begun. the 34 world camp is on its way to cattle. your travel
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package today? hello, we've got some lovely warm sunshine coming back into spade a portugal at long last the offending area of low pressure, which brought the horrendous rein recently. now swirling away to central parts of the mediterranean, getting pushed further eastward by this area of high pressure the azores high. so that can to quiet and things down across western parts of here have still got somewhere to weather up towards the north west as this system just makes his way through. but that will gradually get killed off as it sinks across northern ireland . scotland pushing into northern areas of england republic, abolishing some patchy right. as we go on through friday, that rain will turn increased patches as sinks further south was through the course of the day. there's that where to weather therefore, central parts of the med central of europe also see some wet weather for a time. a shower is tending to ease a little further east, which as we go one through sat stay still some very wet weather across italy and the balkans. brightest guys further west. you see 25 long last there for madrid.
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that's a little more like it some about whether into the west side of the med, also bring some heavy showers the potential for some flooding it to northern parts of algeria. also affecting parts of she nicea, we have seen some flooding recently into worse, se, and parts of nigeria as the seasonal range continue to make the when north official airline of the journey. join the debate, there is no job back in it. anyone here talks about women that i took was a seem to have been said. note topic is off the table. we were taught to see abortion had a one way ticket street to help all of the companies. they deny any responsibility, even though they have the resources and the power to fix it, where a global audience becomes a global community. the comment section is right here. the part of today's program this stream on al jazeera, ah ah,
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again, you're watching out, is there a his reminder of our top story is this. our new humanitarian corridors are due to open to get more people out of ukraine's besieged city of mario pull. lot ukrainian officials say russia is still attacking the as of south steel plant. despite the cease fire police in israel. a searching for 2 men suspected of stopping attack in the central city of a lot. 3 people were killed and several others injured. attack happens as israel celebrated 74 years of independence. and britons government conservative party looks on track to lose heavily in local elections. the votes as the 1st major test for prime minister boris johnson, following the circle party gave scandal counting is underway and elections for
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northern islands, regional assembly. and that's where a party that wants to leave the u. k. could come out on top. champagne was once the political wing of an armed movement that opposed british rule bosses during a whole reports from belfast. it's dream of a united ireland is still a long way off. a win for the nationalists, shin, feign as opinion polls predict, would make history in northern ireland. it up ends a century of dominance by parties dedicated to the union with great britain putting on top a republican party that exists to forge a united ireland. that is going to happen imminently. and many voters with suede, instead by more immediate concerns. all united allens on the cardinal data on up to important in the form of what you think the other chief chief of of us for to get the rates will get better and better hospitals. so just to open
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game, she and fame was once the political face of the irish republican army that waged a decades long conflict with the british army and pro british loyalist paramilitaries. its electoral success with struck fear into the heart of many unionists who already feel marginalized by westminster, the handling of bricks it negotiations with the you and a new trade border in the i received that they say undermines northern islands place within the united kingdom that need to get a wake up call my. nobody wants to shouldn't be a minister in the union as people don't want to ship a minister coach for 1st, 1st and foremost, if we have a day and you're going to call for a border pull, i don't know if i thought that even a question mark over whether the democratic unionist party leader will take up his position as deputy 1st minister behind shin feigns michel o niel. jeffrey donaldson says he wants to see border protocol removed 1st. in
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northern island, symbolism matters hugely. so while power sharing enshrined in the good friday peace agreement ensures that the positions of 1st minister and deputy 1st minister shared between the largest unionist nationalists parties have exactly equal powers. the changing of places in the store, most assembly in this election carries enormous symbolic way. unionism isn't a very place. northern ireland had its antique re last year, the celebrations of rather muted. and there was a sense of the future of the union, very much being at stake and partly because breaks it and what that means. the northern ireland change relationship between overland and the u. k. with all agreements in the protocol. and that also what's going on with in unionism itself, it's very fragmented. and with that fragmentation comes the uncertainty over political stability in the short term and longer term questions about the future of
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northern ireland itself. joe al jazeera, belfast and actions in the philippines will be held on monday with a poll that's being described as the most important in the country's history. the talk to contend to the front runner, 5 then marcos junior and vice president then he wrote braden marcos is the son of former president non marcos who is i'll sit in people's uprising in 1986 from manila from st. louis has more on what the stake it's been described as a battle for the soul of the nation, a make or break moment for this country. now, during the last 6 years under president rodrigo detect a philippines are seen as having back slighted in democracy. rodriguez has carried out a war on drugs which saw an estimated 6000 people killed. and that's just according to government figures, rights groups estimate that the real number could be 5 times higher. now, his was just as being investigated by the united nations in the international
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criminal court for human rights abuses. not only that president today was accused of targeting critics and opponents using a combination of jammed up criminal charges, threats, and intimidation. his political party has endorsed marco's junior, so there are concerns that marco's junior, becoming president could mean more of the same thing. now, not only that, there is also the mark or the family name. now, granted markers junior is not the same person as his dictator. father put it in mar course, but there are no signals or small indications that his rule could mean could, could really be quite similar. not only as he sidestepped issues of his father's corrupt and authoritarian rule, but he's attempted to portray that period as a period of prosperity for filipinos. and he also has an apologized for rights abuses committed during that time instead praising his father for his genius and leadership. so the question, i think for the philippines and the final outcome of this election is, well,
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it could put philippines on the part towards more authoritarian rule. hundreds of people have been protesting in us trailers biggest city to send a message to political leaders on climate change. i mostly student demonstrated the demanding more action ahead of the national election and just have a 2 weeks time gathered outside the city. headquarters of prime minister got more liberal party. climate change is a big issue in australia, which is a major producer of coal and gas. people are gathering for another nationwide strike in sri lanka, the latest protest demanding the government's resignation, millions of workers. they'll staying off the job on friday as i'm out against the worst economic crisis in 70 years. i've been months of power from sources of food fuel and medicine. mel fernandez has more from columbus. the trade unions that are
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behind the organizing of the strike say that it is very successful. i'm standing here in the heart of a, one of columbus mean commercial districts. it's a wholesale and retail capitol. and if you can just see over my shoulder, it's almost sort of our deserted all the shops pretty much are shuttered and bear in mind this is very much an area that does millions of repairs or dollars worth of business a day. and everyone has extended support to the strike or hartsville, as it's called a locally where it means a complete shut down, in addition to people staying away from their jobs. now, on our way here, we saw a number of processions of government workers. workers of banks basically going in procession. some of them are joining those already outside the president's office in the gold face to add their support to that campaign for president roger boxer, or his brother, my and the roger parks and the government to go home. i still calling for the
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resignation of the governments of the strike in itself of from what we're seeing in certain capitals, in certain town centers, black flags, poster slogans are being sort of put up a little pockets of demonstrators coming together shouting slogans. and it's believe to continue for the rest of the day. the was top oil producing countries have agreed to slightly increase the output as the you plans to ban imports of russian oil by the end of the year. opec nations are to raise production by more than $430000.00 barrels a day from next month. but some analysts say it won't be enough to meet demand. i say it could further increase prices leading to even higher inflation. where you stop markets of some to day off to the federal reserve announces biggest increase interest rate increase in more than 2 decades. all 3 major american entities. we're down with the dow jones dropping around 3 percent textbooks, let the sell off the decline wiped out gains from wednesday of investors prepare
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themselves for the most aggressive tightening of us monetary policy for 2 decades. kristen salumi of more from new york. this comes one day after the federal reserve decided to raise interest rates a half a percentage point that increase was widely anticipated, and the market actually rallied after the announcement. it seemed to take comfort in the fact that the federal reserve chairman jerome powell said that there were not planning to raise interest rates more than 5 percent going forward. and in a bigger chunk that they would keep this kind of pace going forward. and the markets were reassured by that it rally, but today we're seeing all of those gains are raced and investors seem to be having 2nd thoughts about where the economy is going and renewed fears that a recession could be looming. one key indicator that came out today is productivity . u. s. productivity declined 7 and a half percent in the 1st quarter. that's the most. it's declined in many,
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many years since 1947. so that's a big concern at a time when labor costs are up and that's a combination that is going to weigh on profits for companies. and so investors are concerned and pulling back. so today's declines have completely erase the games that were made yesterday, indicating a very volatile market and very concerned group of investors. they've been reprisal attacks and columbia. after a drug cartel boss was expedited to the us to face trial, members of the class to go full, burned, more than 30 trucks and buses across the northeast in columbia. security forces have been deployed the head of the gang known as auto nel pleaded not guilty to drug trafficking and other charges in the us federal court on thursday. what else organization says we may only just now be realizing the true toll of the coven 19 pandemic? it's sharply revised up the number of deaths globally, with
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a wanting to governments, but it's not over yet. how did your castro reports the world health organizations estimate of close to 15000000 global deaths due to coven 19? is nearly 3 times the official death count of just under 5 and a half 1000000 as reported by governments. the w h o says it used statistical modeling to arrive at the expanded number, which includes deaths directly from cove it and from other medical conditions that went untreated due to the pandemic strain on health systems. this is extremely important information for any one to have, especially policy makers and the public. we need to know the true goal of the pandemic. we have to remember that behind these numbers are people, according to the w h o 's report, code related deaths in india were nearly 10 times higher than the official count. indian health officials pushed back against their report thursday,
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attacking the w h o's, use of statistical modeling. please be sure that these kind of assumptions to reuse for national policies. norfolk didn't size. i'm to pull doesn't board like this, not desirable. other countries with large discrepancies include pakistan, where, according to the w, h o, excess deaths were 8 times higher than the official cove at death count. in egypt, it was 12 times higher. and in mexico it was double. i think on the experts all along were very aware of the, i let say shortcomings or tools that were not available right from the beginning. so, the amount of testing and cetera would mean that there were many deaths that went on, accounted for the w h o says most of the says deaths were concentrated in southeast asia, europe, and the americas, and were in middle income countries. they also confirmed the global death toll was
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high year for men who accounted for 57 percent of deaths. the w h o is the 1st to caution that it's report on global covered related deaths is an estimate in thus imperfect, but the agency says it is nevertheless important to get an accurate accounting of those hair damage to better prepare for future threats. heidi joe castro al jazeera washington u. s. senate majority leader chuck schumer says the senate will vote next week on whether a woman's right to an abortion should be protected by federal law. i've been more demonstrations after a leak draft opinion suggested supreme court justices are poised to reverse a landmark abortion raleigh ruling. roe vs wade has stood since $973.00 and guarantees national access to the procedure. about half of all us dates are expected to ban or limit abortion if the ruling is overturned. yes, president joe biden has named corinne john pierre as his next press secretary.
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she's the 1st black woman and openly gay person to take the role. she'll replace jen saki who's stepping down to take up a new position at a u. s. television networks room known her marvel tornadoes have left thousands of people without electricity in the us state of oklahoma. homes and businesses were damaged and wednesday nights. storms which cause flooding and parts of the state and in arkansas or officials or using drones to assess the damage. ah, without his era, these are our top stories. new humanitarian corridors are due to open to get more people out of ukraine's besieged city of merrier pole. but ukrainian official, so russia is still attacking the as of salt steel plant, despite a ceasefire. police in israel and searching for 2 men suspected of a stabbing attack in the central city of l. add 3.


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