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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 6, 2022 4:00pm-5:01pm AST

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vishal airlines, the journey on may, 9th, the philippines will vote to elect a new president to replace the rodrigo character and more than 35 years since the country emerged from his father's dictatorship with front runner burden at martha's junior. take the box as the philippines thought. join us for a special coverage on now 0. ah, this is al jazeera. ah, i'm carry johnston. this is denise our life from day we're coming up in the next 60 minutes. ukraine. it says nearly 500 civilians have now been rescued in maria po. oh, russia continues. it's shelly in the east. but also on the southern front lines where russia appears to be fighting, to carve out a new land corridor to crimea. also ahead, a search is underway in israel after 3 people are starved to death in the city of
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atlanta, local elections and the u. k. c prime minister boys johnston's party, punished for a raft of scandals and potentially an historic shift in northern ireland. and i'm lia harding with sports the asian games have been postponed until next year. as house china struggle with another coven, 19 outbreak, and scenes of joy in frankfort as their football to make it to their 1st european final in 42 years, west. new him on a terran corridors are due to open to ensure more people can escape ukraine's besieged city of marechal. but ukrainian officials say russia is still attacking the as all style still there. despite a ceasefire, a report, you know, the 500 people have made it out of the port city, about 200 civilians and 2000 ukrainian fighters are trapped in the industrial area . in a video called to the chatham house,
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international affairs think tank ukraine's president says, moscow is making no effort to find a diplomatic way out of the war. we can see no n o beds yet, and we cannot feel any willingness of the russians to ended. we are already prepared and the big plan on vom reconstruction for your grand because so we are absolutely certain that we will defend our independence and or a game that territory. and we believe in all the world, but more broadly has how the war is looking on. the match in red are the areas held by russia and it's separatist allies on the offensive. and east and south crimea was annexed by russia in 2014. and these are the places where fighting has been the heaviest. in the past 24 hours on ukraine says moscow wants to annex it's southern regional hassan that would create
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a land corridor between russia and crimea. or the outdoor honeyed travel to the villages along the southern front lines. desperate to leave the russian occupation they cycle then walked for hours under cover of darkness. with the last we had gotten put in a going to kill me says this women suspicious as the ukrainian police register new arrivals. this was their 4th attempt to feed their her son region where life had become unbearable, says vladimir. yet his night when you're done with no, the air is different here. he says, there was a thumb below sure. but bring any referrals from other discovered to stay there was more dangerous. we decided to take the risk, but there were attempts for humanitarian corridors and people went to the meeting point with white flags. but the soldiers dispersed us instead of you on a corridor, then go to crimea for what the would love. that's when people started finding other
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ways to reach the ukrainian side. what's the level of the paddock when will the school with the bill all get it sooner shows as the warehouse where bikes, wheelchairs, primes, and even wheelbarrows are held. people used, whatever they had. she says, so the russians about 3 kilometers away from here. those come with region crossed the lines and no, no man's land between the 2 armies and hope to get in the crossfire. it's a treacherous passage, but it's the only escape route to see look, love to vermont. thank you guys. we're waiting for you. he says, the armies holding as defensive position, but ukraine claims the russians are preparing for a major push here. and this fear that the soldiers could be out gun, while most of the western weapons had to de dum best region in the east of the country. and was congress clare to feminine. we need heavy weapons artillery
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javelins, drones, because they have a lot of weapons. the russians don't care about saving their soldiers lives and the advance like works. we who hundreds of them line the fields work. nobody collects the bodies, but they have a lot of weapons. the villages along the contact lines come under shelling the rumble of artillery sounds at regular intervals, but is the fear of an imminent annexation. just like what happened in crimea, and in dumbass, 8 years ago that i pushing people to cross front lines on their own head up that meet algebra in southern ukraine. officials in the eastern city of the crime tours cosette. these 25 people have been injured in russian, shedding several homes, a school and other civil and infrastructure were damaged. cities near the front line of fighting in ukraine's don yeske province, shall stratford reports the explosion. let the crater around 3 meters deep, flat in the surrounding residential apartment blocks were destroyed. the blast shredded
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trees in the park were children usually clay. this was one of a number of attacks across grammar tossed in what was the largest simile, famous barrels of rockefeller city. since russia invaded ukraine more than 2 months ago, but the more we were sleeping and were wakened by a series of explosions before there was one massive blast. but thank god, no one was killed. a couple of kilometers away this parade of shops and small businesses was also hit the city men and says that 25 people were injured in the attacks. it's miraculous that nobody was killed. the soldiers have collect shrapnel to try and identify the weapon that was used until i heard it was a rocket attack. there was a siren and then a huge explosion. my apartment is about 100 meters from and all the windows are blown out. the scale of the destruction here shows you just how powerful the
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explosion was. there are tens of flaps that have been pretty much completely destroyed in the bloss. ukrainian police say that they believe that this was a russian as strike and it comes at a time when the crate in all me say that russian forces are trying to pushing towards cremmit source and neighboring savanski. from the north. we drove north towards the russian controlled city of discarded blood soaked bandages, and a stretcher, wounded. ukrainian soldier had been transferred to an ambulance only minutes before st. it's a pretty big show. when all calls go along the road, they stopped shutting. it show any v ambulances vehicles you said, doesn't matter. ukrainian soldiers hiding the forest from russian drones above. artillery shell casings, litter the ground, the soldiers that is filming, but they claim they have repelled 3 waves of russian attacks in the last week. they
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gave us this video, they claim shows the retreating from russian artillery se se on now holding the defensive position for what they currently can't do is stop cities like criminals from coming honda, russian attacks stuff, al jazeera, cremmit source. well, let's get more now from step boston over in berlin, where the german government is preparing to help the war effort by sending more weapons to ukraine. this is a major shift after being accused of dragging its feet for reacting to slow. germany has now again today announced that it will send have you weapons, these are howitzer, it's artillery system that's a germany has the most powerful a tailoring system is basically one of the heaviest weapons that germany now is sending to ukraine last week. the defense minister has amount its 1st shipment of
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weapons, which are g parked anti aircraft systems, basically cheap guys. they also called in english. it took a while for germany to make this decision. as i said, there was a lot of pressure, not only from within nato, also from the united states, but also from we did the own government, especially the chancellor. all of shows was accused for not doing enough to help you crane. and you have to understand, of course, the history germany has been reluctant, basically not sending any military equipment to any other country, any war because of what happened during world war 2. it's basically something that they have maintained for so many years. but now, because of the war and ukraine and all the images that also have reached the german public here, that seems to be quite a turn around. we have to say also that there will be 20 ukranian soldiers coming to germany next week to get training to operate the howitzer hillary system. thank
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you. morehead on the news, including northern on and looks, that's a big change in political leadership. we look at what that means for the future. growing anger, another big day of action should banker against the government humbling economic crisis. i met magic how the new york i told us that biggest combatants with the action lays in schools. ah. now police in israel are searching for 2 men, suspected of a stabbing attack in the central city of lag. they've released pictures of the pair . 3 people were killed and several others injured. and thursday's attack funeral for one of the victims has been taking place. the attack happened as people
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celebrated what israel referred to as independence day while the stephanie decker joins us live now in that west jerusalem. and, well, what's the latest on the search? you can tell us well, it's still law ongoing. you mentioned there are these ready police issuing pictures of the to one of the 19 years old. the other 120, from the village of amana close to jeanine in the occupied west bank. the city of a lad in central israel is very close to the occupied west bank from what we understand. both these men were working in a land illegally. and this is something that does happen. you have tens of thousands of palestinians who cross into israel looking for work without any official permits. so this is the situation at the moment. these radio security forces searching for both these men, which is why that issued these pictures. they've had roadblocks. security has
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increased in a lad or using helicopters, but certainly this happened as israel was celebrating at 74th year of existence. and again, you know, it's causing tensions. and things had been relatively more peaceful here and the last or end of the last 2 weeks or so. we've seen other attacks of this nature of the last 2 months until i've even basheba killing now around 18 israelis civilians. so there's been condemnation from all sides. also president mahmoud abbas, but have mass in garza praising the attack. so the so, you know, just gives you a sense of the complications on the ground. but certainly at the moment the man hunt continues for these 2 men, or for now stephanie decker. thank you for that. update. counting is underway in elections for northern honors. regional assembly were a party that wants to leave the u. k. could come out on top trim phone was once the
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political wing of an armed move and sort of posed british rule. a win for the nationalist shin, feign as opinion polls predict, would make history in northern ireland. it up ends a century of dominance by parties dedicated to the union with great britain putting on top a republican party that exists to forge a united ireland. that isn't going to happen imminently. and many voters with suede, instead by more immediate concerns, all united allens on the cardinal data, on up to important in the form of what you think the other chief chief of of us for to get the rates will get better and better hospitals. so just to open game sheet frame was once the political face of the irish republican army that waged a decades long conflict with the british army and pro british loyalist paramilitaries
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. its electoral success with struck fear into the heart of many unionists who already feel marginalized by westminster as handling of breakfast negotiations with the you and a new trade border in the i receive that they say undermines northern islands place within the united kingdom that need to get a wake up call my. nobody wants to ship fare minister. the union. people don't want to ship a minister coach for 1st, 1st and foremost. if we have it, then you're going to call for a border pull. and there's no died if there's even a question mark over whether the democratic unionist party leader will take up his position as deputy 1st minister behind. shin feigns michel o niel. jeffrey donaldson says he wants to see border protocol removed 1st. in northern ireland, symbolism matters hugely. so while power sharing enshrined in the good friday peace agreement ensures that the positions of 1st minister and deputy 1st minister shared
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between the largest unionist nationalists parties have exactly equal powers. the changing of places in the store months assembly in this election carries enormous symbolic way. unionism isn't a very unfair place. northern ireland had its antique re last year, the celebrations of rather muted. and there was a sense of the future of the union, very much being at stake and partly because breaks it and what that means. the northern ireland change relationship between overland and the u. k. with all agreements in the protocol. and that also what's going on with in unionism itself, it's very fragmented. and with that fragmentation comes the fun certainty over political stability in the short term and longer term questions about the future of northern ireland itself. joe al, jazeera belfast, or under the 998 good friday peace agreement. not not as main republicans in the
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unionist rivals have to share power. the government must have representatives from republican parties who want a single and an unionists who believe north not and should remain part of the u. k . a unionists and the republicans take the 2 top jobs in parliament. the storms with equal powers. one cannot be in position without the other since not in creation in 1921. it unionists have dominated the storms. meaning that so far the 1st minister has always been a unionist. duncan maro is a professor of politics at also university. he says there are 3 issues to consider on one side and a very narrow group. the union is that population, some of it, it's very exercise by the consequence of the protocol and by the whole break debates still and how that was worked out in northern ireland. but there are minority. there's another group probably within the nation group who quite came to get the symbolic way of seeing champagne at the top of the pile. and even though it
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doesn't actually change the arrangement very much, but it is a big symbolic victory and then their ethnic group. and that may be the biggest growing group in the action of people who actually we need to find a compromise here. but in the meantime, there are lots and lots of practical issues under for getting worse, because the economic situation thinks that after the war and ukraine, it may be that if you're looking at numbers rather than them both the biggest winners or the group in the middle the union, as parties have, they know that they may not even go back into government, that they may call the political crisis if in fact the, they don't become the largest party. the good friday agreement is the overarching structure and how the, you know, that there must be this correlation between people. obviously if either they are not prepared to work it anymore. it become very difficult. the difficulty, of course, being that previously when that happened, there were strong relationships between the iris government and the british
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government. which if you like, could referee or at least put things together at the crisis, emerged. one of our definitely brag to the those relations have been strain. so we're in site in new territory here. the future of the good friday agreement, everybody a publicly committed of course, to pay. and we certainly think that the vast majority and people here do not want to go anywhere near violence by the same time. it's always very fragile and very unstable. so every time there are concerns and the good friday agreement itself and the future, the good friday agreement could be at stake, depending on what the systems are taken after the lesson of britain's opposition leader is being investigated for a potential breach of coven 19 lockdown rules. please confirm they're looking into footage of that labor parties, care star merchant in alcohol with colleagues indoors in april last year. stomach has led calls for prime minister or as johnston and finance minister. she seen act to resign or to being fine for downing street birthday celebration. and in the wake
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of what's become known as the party gate scandal, they have been key losses and local elections for voice. johnson's conservatives, they've lost control of several areas of london, while labor and a liberal democrats have gained ground. vote is the 1st major test for johnson since party 8, and the war in ukraine. under simmons is in that westminster at forest. andrew, something of a tough night, the conservatives, but boys johnson has come out to speak hasn't what's even say what he said precisely that it was a tough night in places. it was a colossally bad night here in london because there were losses in westminster for the very 1st time. 1964 was when westminster city council was formed. margaret thatcher described it as the later as the her, the pride of her, of her councils, along with another one ones with now both of those barriers. a city councils have
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been taken by labor. that is a major developments, a barn. it's also a went to labor elsewhere in the country. there have been modest gains and there is a acceptance by the conservatives that it was a bad night. it wasn't good and it was disappointing. but the word disastrous isn't used at all. and the suggestion is that if there was a general election again, they would win for as johnston has been a negative factor, there's no doubt about that on the doorsteps. a good with campaigners from all parties fighting. that's the case party gates, along with a whole other areas of controversy, but party game. now it is a major issue. and also we're hearing bit from the durham police that kiss darma is to be re investigated about an incident last year in which he was drinking beer with colleagues or an m p. 's office inside a building. and i was originally put by the side by the, by the police,
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but now they're re investigating it based on new evidence apparently. so that has been thrown into the mix after the vote. it would have influenced it, but certainly that is an area of concern for some people. and in general, in the northern, the red wall, as it's known, the area that was devastated by the conservatives in 2019 labor hasn't done too well. let's talk now to someone who's common states a lot on labor, a general, the political commentator, an analysts, jonathan liz, thank you for joining us on the new south. what's your assessment briefly of what's happened here? i think it's been a really bad night for the concert. it's not just in london or where as you say, labor is. may, tamara gains are in a 3 council so far, but also across the country? the fact that labor hasn't actually made a lot of gains, for example, in the north, in the so called red wool are which labor took, which was labor loss, sorry,
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in 2019. the conservatives isn't actually that bad for labor because these counts the results are being compared to 2018 when labor actually worse, the party that represented those seats. so through the situation is the same between now and 2018 is suggest that labor could actually be on cause to take back some of those seats that had lost the consensus in the general election 3 years ago with a lot of fir labor m. p. 's and indeed gear storm himself aren't necessarily referring to 2018 the last lecture referring to the general election in 2090. and they're saying that they would win, or if it was to happen now that there they are in much better place. but the conservatives are rightly pointing out this would not necessarily based on what we've heard so far, mean a labor victory. obviously, local elections there sometimes quite difficult to analyze and to extrapolate nationwide are projections from because they deal with local issues in many ways.
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but i think his up see if that say the labor is building ground, the conservatives are stalling or they're losing a lot of councils these. i think mr. very credible base on which to build belabor. it's not going to be a landslide election victory at the next election of labor. storm is not tony blair . that doesn't mean however, the labor can't win. let's cut to borrows johnson. now party gate is here, liability. does it seem that way? absolutely. and that is why a lot of concerns were actually our branding themselves as local conservatives to distance themselves from the westminster party because they know the miss johnson. i doesn't have any idea the cost of living crisis or which is going to plunge a lot of people in britain into poverty and oversee this part, gate route is going on and on. and both boys dorsey could be about to receive more fines from the metropolitan police. yes, the, the jury is out on that wall. and what about this development on kiss darma that durham police? now we investigate, obviously the hard news, the case darma i, he wanted to put very clear water between himself and the conservative party on
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this. or there was immense pressure from the daily mail i principally, and also some lunch there to them. he's to reopen this investigation is over to little little labels, concert cons conserves is supporting papers and also concerted appeased to reopen. are this investigation that's not going to happen? of the none of us knows what will happen. stormers are offered a credible explanation of what happened if, if he does, if he has bounces broken the law that soci very damaging for him. i'm not sure it means we'll have to resign, but it will mean that a staying is taken as part of the boys. johnson and boys johnson were probably had a better chance of getting away with it. but is this is your overall assessment that britain should think that, that labor party is fit to government and kissed armor as a credible enough figure out to be prime minister? does that, does that sort of ring with you from these results? absolutely. are labor is making gains in london is making gains the south as well. south hampton, i was a labor gained from london. we talk a lot about the red wool. not as much about the blue wool. and the seas in the south and west are which the concert is upheld for
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a long time. i. labor hasn't made big losses or in its red rule like you did in 2019, i think is a very credible basis and foundation on which to build labor is not guaranteed to win anything, but they sounded very good chance. and if i guessed armor, i be very reassured by these results. ok, thank you very much, jonathan liz. and just to add to that, that server smaller part is the liberal democrats of may very significant gains, and also the green party that they're not to be forgotten. they've done very well so far more results to come in scotland and from wales, especially. okay, for now, andrew simmons in westminster. thank you. now there's been another nationwide strike in sri lanka, the latest protest among the governments resignation. millions of workers stayed away from work on friday. his anger mounts against the worst economic crisis in 70 years. i've been months of power cuts and shortages of food. few medicines, no fernandez, has more not from columbia housings of government workers like these trade union
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members of the shall, uncommon, port have joined in the works to operate on the heart of tal as it is locally called, effectively crippling all government services as well as public life obviously can see the security watching carefully as the sort of demonstration by these workers happen. and it is across the boards, whether it is the health services, where they the transport services, as well as the general, you know, shops and day to day, which have put out black flags and shut down for the day. and these are the cards that keep the heart of sher lancoste, trade capital moving. but as you can see, all of them parked as all business ers have lent their support to the strike or the hospital. now it's millions of rupees worth of business that these people are foregoing, but they say that they have to take a stand to lend support to the campaign,
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to send the roger boxes and their government home was time for the weapon now as it hello, it seems a rather nasty dust and sandstorms making the way across iraq recently associated with this band of cloud now pulling across iran. but it does cause usual problems with visibility, breathing difficulties as well. those showers long spells afraid they are notching the way into iran. now always the possibility of some localized flooding with a system which runs up between the caspian and the black sea further south. it is generally dry, clear and sunny, hazy, sunshine, grassy making its way back here in doha could touch 37 on the sunday. the winds picking up lifted dust and sand could be something of an issue lifted. dustin st, certainly an issue into a good part of libya, pushing over towards her aged. but for the other side of her northern africa, we are looking at some wet weather there just leaking out of that western side of the med, northern parts of algeria, northern parts offered to nita also sings in very heavy showers. the possibility,
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the likelihood of some localized flooding receipts and localized fighting recently into where nigeria heavy shares run right across west africa. the seasonal res, really quite live in. now, those sundry downpours extending from calmer route all the way across the riff valley, which was at east side of africa. we've also got some wet weather for south africa . was still ahead on al jazeera riding a wave of support. the son of an hour to the former leader of the philippines is heading the race for the presidency, trying to stay cool in a crisis. a heat wave exposes india's dependence on colon ports and the rising star and tenants goes head to head with a sponge. ace, that's coming up with ah, fueling the debate, there is no, he job bad political unit. i am. and if anyone here talks about women that i took
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ah, we watching al jazeera, remind, and our top stories is how you humanity and corridors are you to open to get more people out of ukraine's at besieged city of my uncle. but ukrainian officials say russia is still attacking the all star steel. despite the ceasefire, freesin israel are searching for 2 men, suspected of a stabbing attack in the central city, and that 3 people were killed and several others injured. the attack happened as israel celebrated 74 years of independence. counting his underway in elections for northern ireland regional assembly for a party that wants to leave the u. k. could come out on top of the frames once the political wing of an armed movement oppose british amnesty international
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says it's gathered evidence of war crimes by russian forces in ukraine. the criminal denies committing any atrocities. but amnesty is chief, says there are clear signs that cross to munitions have been used as well as the abuse of civilians and extra judicial killings. we know they are popped other back to him that as characterized rush. yes, conduct of the or steely tease from the outset. a repeated pattern large in scale, and they by stating in impact. well on a tele rivera is a senior crisis response advisor at amherst international. she joins us live not from here. thanks for being with us here. today or what kind of 1st hand reports have been uncovered. so i spend the past 4 weeks hearing ukraine investigating gross human rights abuses,
4:32 pm
violation of international humanitarian law, some which constitute work crimes. in the areas north of the capital and our findings as we presenting them today, concern the air bombardment of several residential buildings in bought a car where more than for disability and were killed. these were strikes that also left hundreds and hundreds of families, thousands of individuals, homeless, munitions that were used by russian forces attach a large payload that they course enormous destruction beyond the point of impact. these attacks were both disproportionate and indiscriminate, and such may constitute war crimes. i also investigated exteriors of extra judicial execution in a number of villages to the noise of the capital in the town of boot child that
4:33 pm
many will have heard, but also in towns and villages all around the area where i found the same patterns or banks or judicial executions, all men who were either shot dead on the spot or who were detained and subsequently exist traditionally executed in one area in boucher. i also found that that are very particular because they can only be fired by certain vice balls. and we know that does rights bold, i or you are if you to certain in the or seems of the russian horses in the same area. we also came across military documents that indicate the presence of some of the unique russian food says are using these particular type of rifles.
4:34 pm
so there is clear evidence stream of evidence of war crimes. and in certain cases, when it comes to extra to the shall aid situation in some bases linking to specific to parts of the rational ok. so all this material that you mentioned has been collated, but what actually happens next? well, what happened next and what needs to continue to happen as the conflict unfolds because unfortunately, we see no signs of the end big. it is crucially important that all available evidence is collected as soon as possible before before the area changes before the buildings are demolished, before all of the remain munitions and so on their career. and the evidence is properly preserved. so that's eastern when at some dates in the future,
4:35 pm
because i'm fortunate, maybe she's not going to happen today or tomorrow. but when the possibility arises for prosecuting the perpetrator holding the traces to account, the evidence will have been connect to them present to the reply. it's time to stand up in a court of law realistically, though. is there much chance of holding anyone to account for what's being alleged in the future? yes, there is. as i said, this case, the stake a long time being best against them themselves. take time because they need to be rigorous and detailed. and also this situation factor today means that, you know, i'm not very likely. sure. but we've seen in other conflicts more that have been brought to justice to the rates by the international criminal court or in
4:36 pm
the individual countries having rich voice, international jurisdiction. you know, that k do more or to decade after the event. busy so this is certainly not something that is going to happen immediately. and for that reason he's very important that the expectations of him so obviously wish to see the perpetrates is being brought to justice. very swiftly. that does expectation be managed because this is his work that needs to be done in the long term. ok. on a tenant, senior crisis response. advice at amnesty international. thank you for joining us from keith. thank you. now authorities in fiji has seized a super yard owned by a sanctioned russian businessman of a request or the united states. $300000000.00 vessel is believed to belong to
4:37 pm
cement, can be muff who made billions of dollars in fossil fuels. whitehouse says it will use every 30 it has to go off the russians suspected of corruption. well, moscow is preparing a military parade to march the 70 cent anniversary of victory day. the end of the soviet union's war against nazi germany. ahead of the commemoration veterans of all have a meeting the public has been reported that the russian president vladimir putin once a major victory in ukraine in time for the parade on monday. but ruth has sentenced the girlfriends of an activist to 6 years in jail after both were arrested when government authorities diverted the flight. 24 year old russian citizens to fierce a pagan and had been roosted boyfriend, amman was a savage on a ryan f flights of forced to london batteries in may last year. they've been flying from athens to vilnius. so pagan has been found guilty of inciting social hatred. the son of an ousted philippines leader is
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a favorite to become the country's next president. ferdinand marcos junior is riding a wave of public support despite the notoriety of his late father. so in st. louis reports from manila. these are replicas of some of the jewelry belonging to imelda marcos, part of a stash. she tried to smuggle out of the philippines after her husband, precedent, sudden, and marcus was ousted in people's uprising in 1986. the artist, po, about was partly inspired by his parents who are anti marcos activists. the marcus is vast collection of valuable paintings are also on display, reproduced on postcards, visitors. i encouraged to take some home away to reclaim what the artist says belongs to filipinos. it helps us to remember what the marcia long period was about and how the marcus's use art and culture. oh,
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how they acquired and ostentatious collection of objects that supported their idea of what their life should be. the manila film center is seen as another testament to marco's excess, just 2 months before its grand opening. in 1982, there was an accident at the construction site. emergency workers were barred from entering the area for 9 hours, and then michaels administration ordered a media blackout. it's estimated at least a $160.00 workers were killed, buried in concrete in law one. what our lease is an example of how the americas family do not care for people's lives, especially the workers. one of the most sorrowful things is they did that even spare time to retrieve the bodies. they just ordered construction to continue. despite the tainted legacy, ferdinand marco's junior,
4:40 pm
is the front runner to follow in his father's footsteps. the kind of politics that we are, it's not much of a system to begin with. it's just the, you know, a choice between different political families and personalities. so while mark was, may be an elite himself, he is not seen to belong to the same group of leads that has ruled the philippines in the past 30 years. other analysts say, junior's rise can mostly be attributed to a disinformation campaign, which aims to recast the rule of marco senior as a golden age for filipinos. if marcus junior succeeds, it would give him wide part of a government agencies task to recover as much as $10000000000.00 stolen by his father during his 20 year rule, florence louis al jazeera manila, hong kong zone leadership, canada to john lee has held a campaign rally format security official will be chosen to lead the global financial hub on sunday. the cities residents have a limited saying who leads them?
4:41 pm
candidates are selected. one election committee stacked with a pro beijing loyalists. movement has been restricted in china's capital for 3rd day as it tries to contain the spread of cov, 19 subway stations and loss routes have shut down across parts of beijing. thousands of people are cuing for tests each day. city of $22000000.00 is trying to avoid the shanghai star locker, which has lasted more than a month. we judge again, the situation is still grim and complex. we must unswerving late here to the general policy of dynamic case clearing. we must not be careless, must not take any chances or relax our efforts. we must speed up the disposal of local concentrated outbreaks and make sure that all necessary tests are conducted. all infected are isolated. all patients are hospitalized and all necessary treatments are available to the world. health organization says we may only just
4:42 pm
now be realizing the true toll of the cove 19 pandemic. it has sharply revised up the number of deaths globally, with a warning to governments that it's not over yet. audition customer reports. the world health organizations estimate of close to 15000000 global deaths due to coven 19 is nearly 3 times the official death count of just under 5 and a half 1000000. as reported by governments. the w h o says it used statistical modeling to arrive at the expanded number, which includes death directly from cove it and from other medical conditions that went untreated due to the pandemic strain and health systems. this is extremely important information for any one to have, especially policy makers and the public. we need to know to call off the pandemic. they have to remember that behind these numbers are people. according to the w h o
4:43 pm
's report code related deaths in india or nearly 10 times higher than the official count indian health officials pushed back against the report thursday, attacking the w a chose use of statistical modeling. please be sure that these kind of assumptions will be used for the national pop size. norfolk argument size. i am to put us in board like this not desirable. other countries with large discrepancies, include pakistan, where, according to the w, h o, x, as deaths were 8 times higher than the official covey death count. in egypt, it was 12 times higher. and in mexico it was double. i think on the experts all along are, were very aware of the, i let say shortcomings or tools that were not available right from the beginning. so, on the amount of testing and cetera would mean that there were many desks that went on on, accounted for the w h o says most of the excess deaths were concentrated in southeast
4:44 pm
asia, europe, and the americas. and we're in middle income countries. they also confirmed the global death toll was higher for men who accounted for 57 percent of deaths. the w h o is the 1st to caution that it's report on global covered related deaths is an estimate in thus imperfect, but the agency says it is nevertheless important to get an accurate accounting of those hand damaged, told to better prepare for future threats. heidi joe castro al jazeera washington. hundreds of people have been protesting in australia's biggest city to send a message to political leaders on climate change. the mostly student demonstrators are demanding action ahead of the national election. just 2 to 3 weeks gathered outside the student headquarters. so far, mr. scott morrison's center, liberal party record heat wave in india has increased demand for electricity and lead to power cuts across. this is highlighting its dependence on co imports as pow
4:45 pm
stations faced their biggest shortages in 6 years. this with iran, in reports from the tele mahash command was supposed to start preparing his fields for planting rice 3 weeks ago. but this is the 1st day that the water supply has come. after weeks of power cuts resulting in a lack of water. mahash doesn't know how long to day supply would last. damn go kid plan i. we bought a boat, but we have to tell the field ad manure used the tractor. and for all this we need regular water supply from the time it's soon to. it's all this, if there is an irregular supply, either the quality of rice will deteriorate when all the blonde will die, the farmer will suffer if any of this happens, fantine miller, homes and businesses have also been suffering power cuts for weeks. this hospital and author per the has been without, alack tricity for at least 6 hours a day for some staff to use diesel generators when the price of the fuel is at
4:46 pm
a record high also. but it had a girl did really good with other than that, a collaborative. we are spending more than $150.00 every day on diesel. we're not passing the burden on to the patients right now. but if these power outages continue, will be forced to increase patient fees to come. among the carts are due to a severe shortage of coal at power stations. experts blame the huge demand for electricity during a heat wave coupled with bottlenecks in transportation and sky rocketing prices. of imported coal with climate change exacerbating heat waves, environmental as say, the answer to meet rising electricity needs isn't to open more coal mines as india is doing. because that will increase greenhouse gases the trap more heat. 70 percent of india's electricity comes from coal fired power stations. analysts say the late crisis is a reminder to invest more in green energy. when i say renewable energy, the whole ecosystem needs to be dev, loud because renewable energy is intermittent. so, so far, again,
4:47 pm
the rely on imported our modules and sales for, you know, building up solar capacity or wind capacity in there. so we need to build across the value chain. the international atomic energy agency says demand for electricity in india is expected to increase more than anywhere else in the world over the next 20 years. as the country develops, as mahash uses the scarce water to clean himself and cool off. he says his livelihood depends on the supply. continuing to flow, elizabeth per annum al jazeera, new delhi powerful tornadoes have left to thousands of people without electricity. in the u. s. state of oklahoma homes and businesses were damaged in wednesday night storms, which caused flooding and parts of the state and in arkansas. officials are using drones to assess the damage u. s. senate majority leader, chuck schumer says the senate or vote next week where that woman's right to an
4:48 pm
abortion should be protected by federal law. had been more demonstrations after a leaked draft opinion suggested supreme court justices were boys to reverse abortion legislation. road versus wade. the stood since 1973 guarantees the legal rights to the procedure. not half of all us states are expected to ban limit abortion if the landmark ruling is overturned. us present, joe biden has named a korean that jean pierre as his next press secretary. she is a 1st black woman, an openly gay person to hold the rope. she replace it. jennifer sarky who's stepping down to take up a new position. the u. s. television network. there have been reprisal attacks in columbia after the tourist drug cartel boxes extradited to the u. s. to face trial, members of that kind of gopher burned more than 30 trucks and buses across northeastern columbia. security forces happened, deployed the head of the gang,
4:49 pm
known as a canal pleaded not guilty to drug trafficking and other charges in the u. s. federal court on thursday, the 3rd team of astronauts sent into orbit my space. x has landed in the us. their dragon capsule splashed down of the florida coast. after 23. our return journey from the international space station for astronauts conducted hundreds of research projects. 6 month mission back, also welcome to the 1st civilian crew to the space to form additional infections. we're still ahead on al jazeera, the latest from china, where the co, with 19 as 40 percent asian games. ah
4:50 pm
a ah, ah, ah ah,
4:51 pm
ah. was talking with his me. thank you. carrie will this years? asian games have been postponed while host china battle the ongoing outbreak of coven 19. the games were going to happen in september near shanghai, a city under strict lockdown. while local organizers said that they were ready to host thousands of athletes. v olympic council of asia decided that it was best to delay it or corresponded katrina you is in beijing anson to us this report. the asian games were scheduled to be held in the southern city of hong jo in september . now this is a major international sporting events. second only in size to be summer lympics organizers here in china, we're expecting about 11000 athletes representing 44 different states and territories. but they now on friday that this would be indefinitely due to the
4:52 pm
carbon degeneration here in china. now, how joe, the host city is only a few 100 kilometers away from shanghai, china, commercial center, which had been locked down for about a month. now it's currently the mp center. i've tried his worst outbreak seen since the beginning of the pandemic there. and dozens of cities across the country affected currently by heavy restrictions as trying to try to get this outbreak under control of following it 0 tolerance, corporate policy. now the asian game is not the only international sporting event to be cancelled in china this year, just yesterday. the organizers of the world university games which are usually held every 2 years. and now that that, that would also be boned. and that was planned for june and july in the chinese city of china. do. it's been postponed now. the 2nd time i'm glad frankfurt will meet rangers in the euroleague final. neither team has won
4:53 pm
a european trophy in decades. frankfurt beat, west ham, and the 2nd leg of their semi final, the premier league sides spent most of the game with 10 men. after aaron cress well was sent off within 20 minutes. rough l. boring school and the 26 minute helping frankfurt to a 31 aggregate when fans of course, went wild after making their 1st european final in 40 few years. but he's about us can consider the can suddenly the whole pitch was full and simply trying to find out players because i just wanted to congratulate them. and that didn't turn out to be too easy. but after that, when we stood in front of our fans was singing and celebrating, it really brings us and we felt these great emotions. so i enjoyed it. my kids were there with us on the purchase. so that was lovely. so to sum it up, wow. scottish side rangers overcame a 1st leg deficit to b. r b leipzig, 3 to on aggregate to reach their 1st european final. in 14 years, john lunchroom scoring the winter in the 81st minute rangers. last lifted a european intro feet 50 years ago. they were coming in as like so with so much
4:54 pm
speed and so much so much power. so i knew either goal, you know, would be decisive, and as hort 80 to administer the vote for john gave us the not only the belief i think that really was already there, but you know, the energy and power to, to play the less minutes. ah, you know, within a very prov. ready for, for the performance of my, of my team, the interaction with defense today was amazing. it is quarter final day at the madrid open world number one novak jock of edge has just advanced to the semi finals after a straight sets went against colon super perkash hill. now play either rap on adult or colors algebra and it's natal who insist that he is the underdog going into the all spanish encounter. alcaraz has won 3 titles already this year, moving him into the top 10, many predict the 19 year old could be the predecessor to that off the 21 time grand
4:55 pm
slam champ is playing in his 1st turn. since recovering from a rib injury. this one, but if it only if, if you later them and then on, i think the right now he's better than me and has good momentum. he's in a better state of mind and more. fritz, i came here without praying. i'll try to win, of course, but for me, the most important thing is not who's better now, but who's going to be better in a few weeks time at the french open? the 1st ever miami grand prix. all one grand prix gets underway later on friday with the opening practice session. around a quarter of a 1000000 fans are expected to pass through the gates over the next 3 days. but 19 corner 5 and a half kilometer long circuit is expected to be fast and the driver say they can't wait to get out on the track. the facilities here around the track, amazing over with really looking forward to try the, to try the truck on friday and to see how many funds will be going to be for 3 days . so it's going to be cutting. i haven't seen it directly and i've only driven it
4:56 pm
on the simulator, but yeah, it looks right. i mean, i'm just looking for to actually drive it in real life and see how, how it feels like how the grip is like will to major league baseball. now and there was plenty of late drama in the game between the new york mats and the philadelphia phillies the mets turning around a 7 run deficit to secure their biggest come back in 25 years when it gets because of the seller feel. well, they said, oh, i love that to the warnings. oh, yeah. in the n h l. playoffs, the new york rangers have come back to tie there series with the pittsburgh penguins seller plays from are to me, pen, erin, and frank bats. ronald helped the rangers to
4:57 pm
a comfortable fight to win in gall former master's champion. sergio garcia said he wants to leave the pga tour during the wells fargo championship. the spaniards shouted at a rules official saying that he couldn't wait to leave in just a couple of weeks. garcia has asked to be released for the 1st event of a new series that's backed by saudi arabia. but so far in this current tournament garcia is 4 shots back. ricky fowler had the best shot at the day after losing his original ball off the t. he then hold out to limit the damage to just a bogey at the 6th, but it is australia's jason day who leads after a 7 under par round of $63.00 freshmen being named as the new england cricket captain bin stokes has smashed a record century for his country team durham, he started this over on 70, but hit 5 sixes in a row and then of 4 to bring up his 100. it was the fastest ever 1st class entry for durham in just 64 balls are again, i'm, there's another one was like, well that's all your sport for an out more later carry. they
4:58 pm
a thank you very much that sit for me for this news out. i'll be back in a few moments the more the days. stay with us. ah frank assessments, what are the political risks of panic? russian oil, a gas for western leaders, will sanctions on russian energy exports possibly for social informed opinions. france is not abandoning to fight against jedi, still is a media going to be acting from leisure and from shod critical debate. could china actually help in russia's invasion of ukraine in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera, mainstream coverage of big stories can sometimes deliver more heat than lights and maybe water scenario. there's always a place to simplify. narrative nuance is always called for, even in the case of an aggressive war, the listening page, delve into the news,
4:59 pm
narrative and dissect them. there's not a great deal of subtlety we're talking about. the barber reagan is unfolding as though we somehow unique. it's not unique covering the way the news is covered. on al jazeera, the highlands of bonnie have long attracted to it. visitors come here for the cool climate and to see bonnie's famous rice fields. but these fields and found them more than just a tourist attraction. they provided a lifeline for the thousands who lost their jobs when the travellers stopped coming because of coven 19 pandemic restrictions. broad financial hardship to many here valley. now as the island reopens for international travelers, some say they want more than just to return it to the way things work before. community groups have helped form a tourism workers learn how to find good. it used to be a tour guide, now he farms cabbages, head of the,
5:00 pm
i don't want to go back to tourism. i want to continue to be a farmer. as the island prepares to welcome visitors again, many say the pandemic has taught them valuable lessons. never forget, o ukraine says nearly 500 civilians have now been rescued in maria pole while russia continues at shutting in the east. ah, bill again on carry johnston. this is al jazeera, alive from that, also coming up on ukraine's southern front lines where russia appears to be fighting, to carve out a new land court or to crimea. also ahead. house search is underway in israel after 3 people are.


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