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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 6, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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tom's cabbage in atlanta, and i don't want to go back to tourism. i want to continue to be a farmer. as the island prepares to welcome visitors again, many say the pandemic has taught them valuable lessons. never forget, ah, ukraine says nearly 500 civilians have now been rescued in mario pole while russia continues its shutting in the east. ah, go again, i'm carried austin. this is al jazeera, alive from do. also coming up on ukraine's southern front lines where russia appears to be fighting, to carve out a new land court or to crimea also ahead. her search is underway in israel after 3 people are stabbed to death in the city of atlanta,
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local elections and the u. k. c prime minister boris johnson's party punished for a raft of scandals and potentially an historic shift, nodded you him on a terran corridors are due to open to ensure more people can escape ukraine's besieged city of mario. but your training officials say russia is still attacking the ass off star steel thought. now, despite a ceasefire, they report nearly $500.00 people have made it out of the port city. but about 200 civilians in 2000 ukrainian fighters are trapped in the industrial area. well, in the video court, the chatham house, international affairs, i think tank ukraine's the president says moscow is making no effort to find a diplomatic way out of the war. we can see no m of it yet, and we cannot feel any willingness of the russians to ended,
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but we am already prepared. and the big plan on vom reconstruction for your brain because so we are absolutely certain that we will defend our independence and or a game that territory. and we believe in how the world we're in the south. ukraine says russia wants to take over the region of her son. it borders crimea, which russia annexed in 2014. the abdul hamid traveled to the villages along the southern front lines. desperate to leave the russian occupation they cycle then walked for hours under cover of darkness. but it is on us with a going to kill me, says this woman, suspicious as the ukrainian police register new arrivals. this was their 4th attempt to feed their her son region where life had become unbearable, says vladimir yet his and i wanted to move know the
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air is different here. he says there was a tumbler issue, but my bring a little finance another, discovered to stay there was more dangerous. we decided to take the risk, but there were attempts for humanitarian corridors and people went to the meeting point with white flags. but the soldiers dispersed us instead of you on a corridor, then go to crimea for what the would love. that's when people started finding other ways to reach the ukrainian side. what's the level of the padlock? what will the forward to build on get it sooner shows as the warehouse where bikes, wheelchairs, primes, and even wheelbarrows are held. people used, whatever they had. she says. so the russians about 3 kilometers away from here. those coming out with region crossed the lines and no no man's land between the 2 armies and hope to get in the crossfire. it's a treacherous passage, but it's the only escape route to see look, love to vermont. thank you guys,
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we're waiting for you. he says, the armies holding is defensive position, but ukraine claims the russians are preparing for a major push here. and this fear that the soldiers could be out gun. while most of the western weapons had to dumb best region in the east of the country and was commodore clara to feminine. we need heavy weapons artillery javelins, drones, because they have a lot of weapons. the russians don't care about saving their soldiers lives and the advance like works. we who hundreds of them lying the fields work. nobody collects the bodies, but they have a lot of weapons. the villages along the contact line come under shelling the rumble of artillery sounds at regular intervals, but is the fear of an imminent annexation. just like what happened in crimea and in dumbass, 8 years ago that i pushing people to cross front lines on their own. her wm, eat algebra in southern ukraine. the german government is preparing to help
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ukraine's war efforts by sending more weapons step vasa has the details from berlin . this is a major shift after being accused of dragging its feet for reacting to flow. 2 germany has now again today, announced that it will send, have you weapons. these are how it's her. it's artillery system that's a germany has the most powerful artillery system is basically one of the heaviest weapons that germany now is sending to you. craig, last week, the defense minister has amount is 1st ship and i'll have your weapons, which are g parked anti aircraft systems. basically, chief guys, they also called in english and took a while for germany to make this decision. as i said, there was a lot of pressure, not only from within nature, also from the united states, but also from within the own government. especially chancellor all of shows was accused for not doing enough to help you crane. and you have to understand,
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of course, the history germany has been reluctant, basically not sending any military equipment to any other country, any war because of what happened during world war 2. it's basically something that they have maintained for so many years. but now, because of the war and ukraine and all the images that also have reached the german public here, that seems to be quite a turn around. we have to say also that there will be 20 ukrainian soldiers coming to germany next week to get training, to operate the howitzer hillary system. now we're going to bring you to more on ukraine. you're looking at live pictures of the informal meeting of the un security council. russia called it to provide. when it cools, 1st hand information about what's happening in ukraine. moscow continues to deny allegations of atrocities which are being investigated by the international
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criminal court. of course will bring you more on the ukraine war as we get up. and this is chief a says there are clear signs that close to munitions have been used as well as the abuse of civilians and extra judicial killings. we know they are part of the back to him that as characterized rush, he has conduct of the or still it is from the outset or repeated pattern logged in scale and devastating in impact. and moscow is getting ready for a military parade tomorrow. the 77 anniversary of victory day, the end of the soviet union's war against nazi germany. while the heads of the commemoration veterans of the war have been meeting the public is being reported. russian president vladimir putin once a major victory in ukraine when he time for the parade. on monday,
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the criminal denied that police in israel are searching for 2 men, suspected of a stabbing attack in the central city of a lad. they released pictures of the past. 3 people were killed and several others injured in those days attack. the funeral for one of the victims has been taking place. the attack happened as people celebrated what israel referred to as independence day. stephanie deca has more now from west jewish israeli security forces, issuing those pictures, telling the public to be on the lookout. the man, hon continues, and the ages given of the 2 suspects. 19 and 20 years old. there believe to be from the village of an amana in the occupied west bank, close to the city of jeanine. the city of a lad is very close to the occupied west bank. we understand that both these men were working illegally in a lad and according to the police,
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now they're not sure whether the 2 men who seem to have gotten away in a vehicle according to reports, whether they're still in israel or managed to re enter the occupied west bank, now the border of entry into israel from the west bank has been closed since tuesday afternoon because of commemorations and events here with memorial day and independence day. i was supposed to be opened on friday, but that has now been extended. those closes have been extended until sunday because of this man hunt, but certainly these really security forces saying that they've closed road security has been up in allowed, using helicopters to try and find these 2 men or counting is underway in elections for northern islands. regional assembly, where a party that wants to leave the you could come out on top, should feign was once the political wing of an army, the movements that oppose british rule has its own whole reports from belfast. its
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dream of united ireland is still a long way off, a wind for the nationalist shin, fain as opinion polls predict, would make history in northern ireland. it up ends a century of dominance by parties dedicated to the union with great britain. putting on top a republican party that exists to forge a united ireland that is going to happen imminently. and many voters were swayed instead by more immediate concerns. all united allens on the cards knew that to put it on up to important to me. what do you think the other chief chief of us for to get the rates will get better a better hospital? so just to open game, she and fame was once the political face of the irish republican army that waged a decades long conflict with the british army and pro british loyalist
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paramilitaries. its electoral success with struck fear into the hearts of many unionists who already feel marginalized by westminster as handling of breakfast negotiations with the you and a new trade border in the i received that they say undermines northern ireland place within the united kingdom that need to get a wake up call my. nobody wants to shouldn't be a minister. in the union, the people don't want to ship to be a minister coach for 1st, 1st and foremost, if we have a day and you're going to call for a border pole. and there's no guide if there's even a question mark over whether the democratic unionist party leader will take up his position as deputy 1st minister behind. shin feigns michel o'neill. jeffrey donaldson says he wants to see border protocol removed 1st in northern island. symbolism matters hugely. so while power sharing and shrine to the good friday peace agreement ensures that the positions of 1st minister and deputy 1st minister
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shared between the largest unionist and nationalist parties have exactly equal powers. the changing of places in the storm assembly in this election carries enormous symbolic way. unionism is in a very, i'm place northern ireland habits and teen re last year. the celebrations of rather muted. and there was the sense of the future of the union, very much being at stake. and partly because for exit and what that means, the northern ireland change relationship between overland and the rest, the u. k. with all agreements and the protocol. and that also what's going on within unionism itself, it's very fragmented. and with that fragmentation comes deep uncertainty over political stability in the short term and longer term questions about the future of northern ireland itself. joe al jazeera belfast, britain's opposition leader is being investigated for a potential breach of covered 90,
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knocked down rules of confirmed looking into footage of the data parties, care sama drinking alcohol with colleagues in doors. in april, last year. summer has led kohls for prime minister boris johnson and finance minister. she seemed to resign off to being fined for downing street birthday celebration. and in the wake of what's become known as the party gates scandal, they've been key losses in local elections voice. johnson's conservatives, they've lost control of several areas of london, while labor and the liberal democrats have gained ground. votes is the 1st major test for johnson since party gate, and the war in ukraine. in these heads, riding a wave of support, a son of an ousted leader of the philippines is leading the race for the presidency . and trying to stay cool in a crisis. a heat wave expose is india's dependence on colon. ah
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hello, we have got some wet weather in the forecast for japan over the next couple days, but not a lot of it. the big change really is going to be across northern parts of china. this cold front met sinking its way further southwest last few days. we have seen temperatures in bathing carry up into the low thirty's next few days. whenever the low twenty's or even lower still 20 celsius are basing than on sash day. is that where the system just runs its way across the korean peninsula, fitting and break in here, lottie, try and find one or 2 shower into western and northern parts of japan for a time, some longer spells of rain to possible sliding, further east, which as we go through sunday. brightest guys come back in behind freshening up somewhat. 23 celsius. therefore tokyo still around $21.00 is so with a fair bit of clout may go 18 celsius there for bathing bits and pieces to sharon for central and southern parts of china. running down into indo china,
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some very heavy rain lurking around here as well. where to swear the way towards the gulf of thailand and beyond may have got this circulation in the bay. i've been gall now just pulling out to the adam and see that's one to watch. over the next few days, it could well develop into a tropical system. so keeping a close on that one is it pushes further. east was elsewhere, it stays very hot. ah, the feeling the debate there is no job bad. you know, if anyone here talks about women that i took a benzo note, so pick it off the table. we were taught to see abortion one way, tickets try to help all of the companies. they deny any responsibility, even though they have the resources and the power to fix it, where a global audience becomes a global community. the comment section is right here. the part of today's program,
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this stream on al jazeera, ah ah, you're watching out to see it reminds in our top story, is this, how are you? humanitarian corridors are due to open, to get more people out of ukraine's siege city of miracle. but ukrainian officials say russia is still attacking the resort style steel plant despite to cease fire. place in israel are searching for 2 men, suspected of a stabbing attack in the central city of and that 3 people were killed and several others injured. the attack happened as israel celebrated 74 years of independence. britons government, conservative party looks on track to lose heavily in local elections. voting is the
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1st major test for boris johnson, following the so called party gates scandal and the war in ukraine. a son of an asked to the philippines. they, there is a favorite to become the countries next president, ferdinand marcus junior is riding a wave of popular support. despite the notoriety of his late father, florence louis reports from manila. these are replicas of some of the jewelry belonging to imelda marcos, part of a stash. she tried to smuggle out of the philippines after her husband, president ferdinand marcus was ousted in a people's uprising in 1986. the artist, p. o, a bud was partly inspired by his parents who were, and he marco's activists. the marcus, his vast collection of valuable paintings, are also on display, reproduced on post cards. visitors, i encouraged to take some home away to reclaim what the artist says belongs to filipinos. it helps us to remember what the
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marcia long period was about and how the marcus's use art and culture. oh, how they acquired and ostentatious collection of objects that supported their idea of what their life should be. the manila film center is seen as another testament to marco's excess, just 2 months before its grand opening. in 1982, there was an accident at the construction site. emergency workers were barred from entering the area for 9 hours, and then marcus administration ordered a media blackout. it's estimated at least a $160.00 workers were killed, buried in concrete in law. one, what our lease is an example of how the marcus family do not care for people's lives, especially the workers. one of the most sorrowful things is they did that even
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spare time to retrieve the bodies. they just ordered construction to continue. despite the tainted legacy, furden and marcus junior is the frontrunner to follow in his father's footsteps, the kind of politics that we are. it's not much of a system to begin with. it's just the, you know, a choice between different political families and personalities. so while mar, bush may be an elite himself, he is not seen to belong to the same group of elite that has ruled the philippines in the past 30 years. other analysts say, junior's rise can mostly be attributed to a disinformation campaign, which aims to recast the rule of marco senior as a golden age for filipinos. if marcus junior succeeds, it would give him wide past over government agencies task to recover as much as $10000000000.00 stolen by his father during his 20 year rule. florence louis al jazeera manila. there's been another nationwide strike in sri lanka,
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the latest protest demanding the government's resignation. millions of workers stayed away from work on friday as anger mounts against the worst economic crisis in 70 years. have been monks of power cuts, shortages of food, few medicines. now fernandez has more now from columbia thousands of government workers like these. fred union, members of the sri lankan port have joined in the works trowbridge or the heart of tall as it is locally called, effectively crippling all government services as well as public life. obviously, grantee, the security watching carefully as the sort of demonstration by these workers happen. and it is across the woods, whether it is the health services, whether it's the transport services, as well as the general, you know, shops and day to day, which have put out black flags and shut down for the day. and these are the cards that keep the heart of sir lancoste, trade capital moving. but as you can see,
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all of them parked as all business ers have lent their support to the strike or the heart of thought. now it's millions of rupees worth of business that these people are foregoing, but they say that they have to take a stand to lend a board to the campaign, to send the roger boxers and their government home. a woman who ran the bill of bruce in opposition messaging app channel has been sentenced to 6 years in prison. the case of so fierce hager captured the world's attention when the airliner. she and her boyfriend were travelling on was forced to land in minsk the year ago. western governments denounced it as air piracy. so pago, russian citizen was found guilty of inciting social hatred among other charges. fiji has seized a super yacht owned by a sanctioned russian businessman after a request by the us. the $300000000.00 vessel is believed to belong to solomon
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kareem off made billions of dollars in fossil fuels. the white house says it will use every authority. it has to go after russian suspected of corruption movement has been restricted in china's capital for a 3rd day. it tries to contain the spread of cobra 19 subway stations and bus routes have shut down across parts of beijing. thousands of people coming for tests each day. the city of $22000000.00 is trying to avoid a shanghai star lockdown, which has lasted for more than a month. and the outbreaks of forced the postponement of this year's asian games which were to be held near shanghai organizers felt it could still go ahead. but the limpid council of asia decided it was best to delay it. katrina, you tells us more now from beijing the asian games were scheduled to be held in the southern city of hong jo in september. now this is
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a major international sporting events. second only in size to be somewhere olympics organizes here in china. we're expecting about 11000 athletes representing 44 different states and territories, but they now on friday that this is, that would be indefinitely due to the carbon degeneration here in china. now, how joke the host city is only a few 100 kilometers away from shanghai, china, commercial center, which had been locked down for about a month. now it's currently the empty center of tried his worst outbreak scene since the beginning of the pandemic there in dozens of cities across the country affected currently by heavy restrictions as trying to try to get this outbreak under control of following is 0 tolerance, corporate policy. now the agent game is not the only international sporting event to be cancelled in china this year. just yesterday. organizers of the world games which are usually held every 2 years, announced that that,
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that will also be postponed. and that was planned for june and july in the chinese city of child do. it's been postponed now. the 2nd time the world health organization says we may only just now be realizing the true, told the code 900 pandemic. it's shortly revised up the number of deaths globally, with a warning governments that it's not over yet. i think your customer reports the world health organizations estimate of close to 15000000 global deaths due to coven 19 is nearly 3 times the official death count of just under 5 and a half 1000000 as reported by governments. the w h o says it used statistical modeling to arrive at the expanded number, which includes death directly from cove it and from other medical conditions that went untreated due to the pandemic strain on health systems. this is extremely important information for any one to have,
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especially policy makers and the public. we need to know the true goal of the pandemic. we have to remember that behind these numbers are people. according to the w. h o's report covered related deaths in india, or nearly 10 times higher than the official count indian health officials pushed back against the report thursday, attacking the w h chose use of statistical modeling. please be sure that these kind of presumptions to reuse for national pos, heiss, norfolk arguments. i am to put us in board like this not desirable other countries with large discrepancies, include pakistan, where, according to the w, h o, excess deaths were 8 times higher than the official covey death count in egypt, it was 12 times higher. and in mexico it was double, i think, on the experts all along i were very aware of the, i let say shortcomings or tools that were not available right from the beginning.
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so, ah, the amount of testing and cetera would mean that there were many data that went on on, accounted for the w h o says most of the excess deaths were concentrated in southeast asia, europe, and the americas, and were in middle income countries. they also confirmed the global death toll was higher for men who accounted for 57 per cent of deaths. the w h o is the 1st to caution that it's report on global code related deaths is an estimate in thus imperfect, but the agency says it is nevertheless important to get an accurate accounting of those hand damaged, told to better prepare for future threats. heidi joe castro al jazeera washington. there have been a reprisal attacks in the columbia half to a drug cartel boss extradited. the us to face trough, members of the candle golfer burnt more than 30 trucks and buses across
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northeastern columbia. security forces have been deployed the head of the gang known as or tanya pleaded not guilty to drug trafficking and other charges in the u . s. federal court on thursday, hundreds of people having protesting in australia's biggest city the send a climate change message to political leaders ahead of elections be gathered outside the sidney headquarters over i minister scott morris's central right liberal party record heat wave in india is overwhelming electricity grids is highlighting india's dependence on colon ports with how stations facing their most severe shortages in 6 years and so on and reports not from new delhi. my age command was supposed to start preparing his fields for planting rice 3 weeks ago. but this is the 1st day that the water supply has come. after weeks of power cuts resulting in a lack of water, mahash doesn't know how long to day supply will last. damn go kit plan i. we bought
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a buyer, but we have to tell the field ad manure use the tractor, and for all this we need regular war to supply from the time it's song to it's harvest. if there is irregular supply, either the quality of rice will deteriorate when all the blonde will die, the farmer will suffer if any of this happens finding the miller homes and businesses have also been suffering power cuts for weeks. this hospital, an author per the issue has been without, alack, tricity for at least 6 hours a day for some staff to use diesel generators when the price of the fuel is that a record high or so. but it's on a girl did a little bit longer than that of the lava we are spending more than $150.00 every day on diesel. we not passing the burden on to the patients right now, but if these power outages continue will be forced to increase patient's fees. some of the costs are due to severe shortage of coal at power stations. experts blame the huge demand for electricity during
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a heat wave coupled with bottlenecks and transportation and sky rocketing prices of imported coal with climate change exacerbating heat waves, environmental as say, the answer to meet rising electricity needs. isn't to open more coal mines as india's doing, because that will increase greenhouse gases the trap more heat. 70 percent of india's electricity comes from coal fired power stations. analysts say the latest crisis is a reminder to invest more in green energy. when i say renewable energy, the whole ecosystem needs to be dev, loud because renewable energy is intimate dental with a father. again, he rely on and boarded, ah, more deals and sales for unit building of solar capacity or wind capacity in there . so we need to build across the value chain. the international atomic energy agency says demand for electricity in india is expected to increase more than anywhere else in the world over the next 20 years. as the country develops,
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as mahash uses the scarce water to clean himself and cool off, he says his livelihood depends on the supply. continuing to flow, elizabeth moran of al jazeera new daily. now the 3rd, a team of astronauts sent into orbit by space x has landed in the us there. dragon that capsule splashed down off the florida coast. after a 23 hour return journey from the international space station. they conducted hundreds of research projects that during the 6 month mission ah, this is al jazeera and these are the top stories you humanitarian corridors are due to open, to ensure more people can escape ukraine's besieged city of mario paul. but ukrainian officials say russia is still attacking the ass off start steel plant there. despite a ceasefire, they report to nearly $500.00 people have made it out of the port city.


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