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in one of the ages, biggest election over 35 years since the country emerged from his father's dictatorship could frontrunner ferdinand mouth was junior. take the tops of all, al jazeera investigative program, full blinds, were tons, with a special theories on abuse in the boy scouts of america, lebanon goes to the polls, but will political change help the country find its way out of its crippling economic crisis may on al jazeera ah rice, against time to rescue civilians trapped in a steel plants and marty pole, the lost hold out of ukrainian soldiers in the city. ah, and i on money side, this is out, is there a life and also coming up the u. s. believes that north korea is preparing to
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conduct a nuclear test as early as this month. the death toll in the havana hotel explosion rises to 18. the government believes it was a result of a gas leak. and a new state of emergency, and to like a giving security forces palace to crack down on anti government. the un says it's scrambling to rescue more people from marty poles besieged as of stone, steel plant. hundreds of civilians, along with ukrainian fighters are still trapped in the bunk as their 3 buses carrying civilians were evacuated on friday. they have arrived at a camp in the russian control. village of busy men. ukrainian officials have again accused russia violating a cease fire, which is supposed to help people get out. priyanka gupta reports. this
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is russia's destruct the siege of the last remaining ukrainian resistance. in maria poll, under the smouldering ruins of the hours of south steel plant, are $200.00 civilians believe to be trapped on the ground with ukrainian soldiers. officials and keefe say they are making a new attempt to get them out with the help from the un. but as a risk, you off to release full muzzle style, it hardly russian shilling. and the assault on as of style has not stopped, but civilians still need to be taken out. women children, many children who are still there. just imagine this hell more than 2 months of constant shelling or bombing constant del nearby. we expect an affective regime of silence, but we're doing everything to find a solution and to save our military. more stations may be. russian, towns are not far away. they are allied separate as fighters patrol the streets. this fight a things victory. another style is near. you got home from soccer with everything
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is fine, we are working. we are fighting. sometimes we're not far just to the left go step by step in in moscow. soldiers are preparing for mondays parade to mark victory against nasty germany during the 2nd world war. but in the war and ukraine, preston vladimir putin doesn't have much to celebrate. the war has isolated his nation and united it slows. nika, kia, look us, any good q song soon you small, no punishment or sanctions can break the will of our people. of the russian leadership. i aimed at defending the historical truth with the storage of the legitimate interests of the russian federation sources and preventing direct threats to our securities, being created on our borders and threats to our culture. our history, good us, all this is currently at stake. no, she does, of course with russian troops now preparing to take a full control of mario poll,
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it's not clear when or how this war will come to an end brianca up there. i'll to sir. barson forces have also laid siege on the eastern ukrainian city of savannah. daniel ask russian soldiers and fighters the trying to stormy. according to local officials, authorities have been urging residents to leave 15000 people a trump that the city had a population of a 100000 before the war or broadly here's how the war is looking on the map in read all the areas held by russia and it's separatist allies. they are currently on the offensive in the east and south of the country. crimea was, of course annexed by russia back in 2014. and these are the places where fighting has been the heaviest in the past 24 hours. and ukraine says moscow wants to alex, it's southern region of cassandra that would create a land corridor between russia and crimea,
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or the other hemi travel to the villages along the southern front lines. desperate to leave the russian occupation this cycle then walked for hours under cover of darkness with his on us when he got up with, are you going to kill me? says this woman, suspicious as the ukrainian police register new arrivals. this was their 4th attempt to feed her son region where life had become unbearable. says vladimir. yeah, his and i when you're done with no, the air is different here. he says as to what's a thumb delay? sure. but bring a little finish. another escalade to stay there was more dangerous. we decided to take the risk when there were attempts for humanitarian car doors. and people went to the meeting point with white flags. but the soldiers dispersed. austin said, if you want a corridor, then go to crimea for when the bluff. that's when people started finding other ways to reach the ukrainian side. what's the level of the padlock?
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when will the school with the bill all get it sooner shows as the warehouse where bikes, wheelchairs, primes, and even wheelbarrows are held. people used, whatever they had. she says. so the russians about 3 kilometers away from here, don't come with region, crossed the lines and no, no man's land between the 2 armies and hope to get in the crossfire. it's a treacherous passage, but it's the only escape route, toshiba, love to vermont. thank you guys. we're waiting for you, he says, the armies holding as defensive position, but ukraine claims the russians are preparing for a major push here. and this fear that the soldiers could be out gun. while most of the western weapons had to de dum best region in the east of the country, what congress glare to feminine. we need heavy weapons artillery javelins, drones, because they have a lot of weapons. the russians don't care about saving their soldiers lives and the
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advance like works with when hundreds of them line the fields work, nobody collects the bodies, but they have a lot of weapons. the villages along the contact line come under shelling the rumble of artillery sounds at regular intervals, but is the fear of an imminent annexation. just like what happened in crimea, and in dumbass, 8 years ago that i pushing people to cross front lines on their own adapted meet algebra in southern ukraine. meanwhile, moscow is preparing for melissa parade on the 77th anniversary of victory day to mock nazi germany surrendered. to the soviet union in world war 2, veterans of the war have been meeting the public. it's been reported. the russian president vladimir putin once a major victory in ukraine in time for the parade, which takes place on monday. ukraine says it's hit another russian warship which has sunk off to bursting into flames. the mackerel frigate is said to have been
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sailing close to snake island in the black sea. if confirmed there would be russia 2nd major naval loss since the invasion, ukrainian forces sank. the flagship moskva vessel back in april. after the u. s. reportedly shed information about its location or the pentagon spokesman john kirby could not confirm the strike on the ship. nor would he say whether the action was a result of us intelligence. we provide them what we believe to be relevant and timing information about russian units that call them to adjust and executor, their self defense to the best of their ability. the kind of intelligence that we provide them. it's legitimate, it's lawful and it's limited. and i would also add, and this is not an important point. we are not the only sole source of intelligence and information to the ukrainians. they get intelligence from other nations as well
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. we don't get heads up about their day to day operations, nor, nor do we expect to mean that they're, they're not active fight these 18 people have dined in and explained that a 5 star hotel that was being renovated in the center keven, capital, havana, the president miguel diaz canal says the blast at hate house that a target was not caused i bomb. and that a gas leak is the most likely course. john hollinger the sound of the explosion ripped through of am as old town. it blew up a big part, the front of the saratoga hotel, one of the most luxurious and expensive in the cuban capital. preliminary investigations indicate it was caused by ghastly, says the cuban presidents office movie stars and celebrities like madonna had stayed in the southern toga. now rescue workers and locals, a search for people missing under the rubble. it was
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a blast that threw me out there. apparently it could have been worse. no tourist was staying at the hotel because it was undergoing renovation, said the habana governor, president miguel diaz canal arrived at the scene shortly after the blast published i. there's a group of people receiving help in rescue teamed the specialized emergency forces . we have debts. unfortunately. the hospitals are dealing with the injured the explosion damaged other buildings around the hotel to there were worries, especially about a nearby primary school authority. say that thankfully the children and teachers there are okay buildings in heaven as beautiful, but disintegrating old town often suffer fooling masonry, but explosions are rare. this one is shot. the island john homan al jazeera, so long as president has declared a state of emergency for
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a 2nd time in 5 weeks as his government faces escalating protests. millions of people stayed away from work on fridays anc amounts against the worst economic crisis in 70 years. now fernandez reports from columbia police were among the few state employees working in sri lanka on friday. these water cannon anti a guest to disperse hundreds of protesters, gathered at barricades ceiling off the entrance to parliament. inside the building and she java developer opposition representatives marched into the speaker's office, asking him to order the police to stop that operation. they also demanded he set a date for a no confidence motion. they're putting forward against the government. the government is under increasing pressure to resign, facing a 2nd nationwide strike in 8 days, hospitals, railways, postal services, schools and ports were disrupted strictly with government and board. i bet i'd like
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to so responsible for these failures the free lunch. i therefore, we don't believe they can be well up this country her after. therefore, we asking mill goldman mill, new leadership, a new system for sri lanka. that's why all the people i get together for one umbrella, demonstrations and marches like this, have been a common site in the capital, colombo and around the country. in shallow on the northwestern coast, fishermen also took part in the protests. however, they said, gonna be what we have more than $15000.00 fishing families in this area. we're all helpless. so i will protest today, tomorrow, and in the future it, i did hear that the government has admitted its foreign reserves, have fallen to just $50000000.00 us dollars, leaving it unable to buy essential food medicine and fuel cues have stretched for kilometers around most petrol stations. in recent days, after months of insisting it has things under control,
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the government is now approached the international monetary fund for a bailout. and president got up a roger potter has replaced his cabinet as cause increased for him to step down. his new media minister told al jazeera roger boxes making an effort and should be supported to bring stability. he got into some good, good, popular, and people when becoming some of a, some of his own family members of 5 of them out now. so we decided changes he, attorney is making an effort a so i think um we are trying to help him. he has given us a challenge. we are trying to face that challenge and find solution to people, go to heaven says that new team should be given 6 months to a year and a half before elections are held to decide a way forward. trade union say the last work stoppage of this scale was 69 years ago, but our warning they will launch an indefinite strike. if the government does not, he demands for it to resign. men of fernandez,
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ojo 0 colombo sled on al jazeera ah, a tough night. the boys johnson is, britons ruling conservatively hundreds of states and local elections. and there's been bad news for the opposition leader and previewing the pan african heritage museum. the canadian project aimed at showcasing the continents rich history. ah, judy has begun. the, the full world cup is on its way to catch your travel package to the heat wave watch has been re issue for the northwest indian state of rochester. hello, everyone that says those temperatures once again crossing that 40 degrees threshold . and we'll continue to dial them up in the days to come in time for that southern slice of india. we've got some downpours here,
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particularly for careless stay. coaches got a high 33 degrees, but this is really sticking out on our weather map here. this disturbance in the bay of bengal isn't marches further. board the north and the west. i think it could turn into a proper tropical psychotic storm. a potentially make our land fall into otisha entrepeneur dash. so that's something that we're going to watch closely over the next few days. se, asia, it's our usual downpours. we've got across the island of sumatra and particularly heavy rains, its wall for central areas of java. and southern sections of borneo that's on saturday. let me take you to sunday and now we're in china. and i wanted to put a sunday on because we're seeing these brains really fill in across central and southern areas. so just to the north and east of quade, quade lynn will have some heavier down ports for japan. here's the situation. a batch of what weather is in the sea of japan. so it's going to move west to east, so we will see some showers in the forecast in tokyo or the next few days, but you've got a hive eating on saturday,
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i saw an official outline of the journey. natural capital is capital which makes recruited no rush when nature is transformed into a commodity. big business takes a new interest buying landscapes protecting landscapes. it's a phenomenal opportunity to be able to use a business model to achieve sustainability of major. but at what risk banks, of course, don't do that because they have at the heart protection of nature. they do that because to see a business in pricing the planets on al jazeera. ah ah. okay, back to watching out. as a reminder, if our top story is this, our,
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the on says it's scrambling to rescue more people trapped in the besieged as of stalls. steel plot to not a poll. civilians who are evacuated in friday arrived at a camp and the russian control village of bessy many ukraine says it's his a russian warship and the black sea which has burst into flames. if the strike on the mackerel forget is confirmed, it would be a 2nd major naval loss or russia, flagship mosque. the vessel was sank sunk in april. they 18 people have died and an explosion of 5 star hotel that was being renovated in the cuban capital. havana president miguel diaz canal says the bloss at the hotel saratoga was most likely caused i gas leak. now the u. s. as north korea could be preparing to conduct a nuclear test as early as this month, the state department estimates that kill young will use the one year re nuclear
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site will create recently stepped up weapons test resumed the intercontinental ballistic missile launches. for the 1st time since 2017 and last week is late kim john promised to speed up the development of his country's nuclear arsenal. as bring in heiner clink, he's a national security and less than senior associates at the center for strategic and international studies. he joins us from washington, d. c via z. thank you for your time. now north korea said it demolish the pony re nuclear test, sign back in 2018. in light of that. how likely is it that it could be about to conduct a nuclear test? there well thank you very much for having me this evening. i would it says that it is quite likely we found ourselves in yet another provocation. psycho. ready initiated by jim regime john young, we've seen a steady increase in muscle tess escalade recently with an icbm tass.
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and despite the fact that with great fanfare, other north trends supposedly destroyed this site, most observers knew from the very beginning that it could be quickly rebuilt quickly refurbished or its original intent. next week we will see that in the coming weeks, the last nuclear test at the north korea did was in september 2017 where it claimed it, it made it set off a hydrogen bomb. if we see a test this month, what could it look like? i think it, it will obviously be a some sort of nuclear capability. the exact type i would offer is largely irrelevant. i think it will meant as more of
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a political signal to the biden administration, and perhaps more pointedly to the new president of south korea preserve, you will be inaugurated next week. and that we, again, as i mentioned, find ourselves in a, in a cycle provocation from the dpr k. and dpr k really only has one playbook to get the types of concessions that it seeks from the outside world. that's military provocation. and within the last several years, and nothing has worked in essence. so now the only thing remaining is a nuclear test. president biden visit south korea and to pan at the end of the month. how do you expand? expects him to respond to these provocations? what options available to him? i think they'll be doubling down of sanctions. as a matter of fact,
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the bind administration and recent months as introduced additional sanctions, the un security council i. and although the united states government has reiterated its position that it does not seek any preconditions to talks with north korea, i do not believe the biden ministration, just like the predecessor administration, is going to be in essence, black mailed or coerced into negotiations. on a claim to national security analyst and senior associate at the center for speech, teacher and international studies. thank you for your time. thank you. now that you case, conservative party has lost hundreds of local council seats in election as and described as a difficult night for the government. main opposition. labor party made significant gains in london, but was less successful outside the capital under simmons. his more this
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was labeled when the couldn't have been close to the home to the conservatives. the party had controlled local government in westminster since 1964. now for the 1st time, the famous streets of power here all run by labour control, city of westminster council, in london, burrows, bonnet, and wounds with also failed to reload the party. one's worth was taken up to 44 years of conservative rule. but despite the elation of labor's leader, kear, stone hillside, london, labor gains were turning out to be modest and was nevertheless, in good cheer. this is a massive turning point for the labor party, from the depths of 2019. we're back on track now for the general election, showing what the change that we've done, the whole change we've done in the last 2 years. what a difference. it is my. but had this been a general election, the results wouldn't have stacked up to make kiss,
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dharma prime minister. i might go to chorus johnson ratios to visit a school in west london. as results were coming in. the mass weren't good for the prime minister. that's right. it's mid term, and it's certainly a mixed set of results. and we've had a tough night in some parts of the, of the country. but on the other hand, in other parts of the country, you're still seeing a conserved is going forward and, and making quite remarkable gains in places that i would go to conservative for a long time. or if ever part again, the scandal over coded rule breaches in downing street, including by johnson himself loom large in the selection. but the overall damage to the governing conservative party is less than expected. and for labor out of the blue, something to dampen the celebrations. please have announced they've reopened an investigation into claims that storm are also breached kobe regulations when drinking bear with an office with a group of colleagues. in essence,
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the message from london voters doesn't reflect the mood all over the country. however, the conservative party will have to work hard to try to quell midterm descent a so these results aren't really a disaster, but at the very least, they serve as a big warning shot. and the main target has been boris johnson for his wrongdoings and his style. of leadership, many londoners have given the negative burden to the conservative party, and that's going to resonate in the corridors of power here. and re, simmons al jazeera london, the national party sion fane next likely to come out on top in northern ireland selections. vast time in the regions history, the corner state of the parties manifesto is to leave the united kingdom and unites with the island of island. but as jo, how reports from belfast, that still a distant prospect, is an early wind fishing train.
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the count promised many more for the nationalist party committed to a united ireland and predicted by opinion polls to beat their pro british unionist rivals for the 1st time in a 100 years. on a lifelong republican republican party. i do have, you know, law and we also have to show that we deal with people's issues as they goals of these sites are not separate, are inseparable, shouldn't change, campaign focused on bread and butter issues like the cost of living, crisis, health and housing as precursors. to irish re unification the unionist vote on the other hand was split with the largest party, the democratic unionists threatening to boycott the store mont, assembly because of post briggs in border arrangements that they say undermine the very union they exist to defend. the non protocol is the key for us at that time.
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and we need to get resolution about issue because by and within a conflict between grant nolan items we need to move our trade via and get rid of and ensure that the know who to call is doubtless once before, all which raises the possibility of a full blown political crisis after the election paralysis deadlock, arising out of the 2 party power sharing system under the good friday peace agreement. and not for the 1st time. that's why growing numbers of voters have chosen a 3rd way. and then the biggest winners in this election, the cross community center ground alliance party. northern ireland isn't just a place where the national union of northern, under the place that is diverse on this boat for alliance, is showing that there are more people who are satisfied with being a better both. and also being north ash,
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it's further evidence of potentially seismic shift in the political landscape. i think would you put it down to is 1st of all post bracket, tiredness actually with what has happened since it's become very green and orange. had you put into a new younger actress who no longer interested in these things. i think you put it down to the fact that for a number of years we've hardly had any government. and there's a real wish for a large part of the population to get on with actually getting stuff addressed, which isn't just constitutional. all of which sets up a fertile conversation about the future in northern ireland, one far less tethered to the secretarial constraints of the past. joe, the whole al jazeera belfast, a digital version of a new museum of african heritage, has been launched in gone as captain acura gives visitors an online preview of the physical pattern frickin heritage museum, which is g to open next year. not web reports. there's so much william
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coleman. blackmore says he grew tired of racism in america where he was born. last year he and his mother joined this thousands of black africans who moved here to ghana in the last decade or say, he wants to learn about african history and culture sites like this. the most only him of gone as independent leader, kwame and kramer. and he's hoping to learn more here. he's come with his mother to the launch of a new museum b as to a long tradition which is created, they will look like they have got called the pan african heritage museum. and this is a digital version which has been published online in the physical museums to, to open in gone and actually, yeah, mid 6, it will, it'll exhibit art and historical artifacts from laser africa. everything that i do know was, is now i'm ready and i'll see you know, that we have access to it. now a lot of this of the last one was the last,
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you know about gonna has a rich history. some of it violent for hundreds of years in slave africans were imprisoned by europeans here at the cape coast. castle before being shipped to the caribbean in the americas is a history that attracts many visitors, including african americans retracing their ancestor route. this river was the site of a slave market where the captives is said to have faith for the last time before being shipped across the atlantic ocean. it can be painful to think of the suffering and injustice that happened here. and for centuries, historical records of what happened has been dominated by the west. yes, to say it's something the museums founders hope to change a call. they say it'll help people of african origin and, and everyone else to unlearn and learn historical narratives. and discover
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forgotten african heritage. it is supposed to give us a ride to understand that africa flipped great. 4 kingdom from the western saddam most, i'm sorry. i didn't know that it's ready. university william says his ancestors were enslaved in west africa. he plans to take dna test to learn more. and he hopes the new museum. and his new life in ghana will help him to rediscover and celebrate his families route. malcolm web al jazeera ah, has got a recap of your top stories and out as there are. the un says it's scrambling to rescue more people trapped in the besieged as of stole steel plant and merry poll
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civilians evacuated on friday. have arrived at a camp in the russian control village of busy many ukraine says its head a russian war ship and the black sea.


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