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tv   Talk to Al Jazeera Ikrima Sabri  Al Jazeera  May 7, 2022 7:30am-8:00am AST

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a woman in the us state of texas has discovered a sculpture she purchased at a 2nd hand. good store is roughly 2000 years old. laura young bought the bust for $35.00, but experts say it's a roman era sculpture missing since the 2nd world war. experts believe us soldier brought it from germany where it was last thing. ah, hello you. what you know, jesse are, these are the stories we're following, this our a 3 day russian sci fi in ukraine's, mary paul, is entering its final day and the u. n. is scrambling to rescue civilians. hundreds of people, including ukrainian fight is a trap to the besieged as of style steel plant. it's the last remaining hold out of ukrainian forces in marry a poem. 50 people were evacuated from that facility on friday. they arrived at a camp in the russian controlled village of busy men,
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ame ukrainian officials have again accused russia violating a safe fire, which is supposed to help people get to safety. ukraine meanwhile, says it's, he's another russian warship which is sunk up to bursting into flames. if the strike on the macaroni frigate is confirmed, it would be a 2nd major naval loss for russia. it's flagship mosque for vessel was sank back in april. in other world, news is the last day of campaign rallies in the philippines as the country prepared for a presidential election on monday. the top 2 candidates are front runner, ferdinand, macos junior and vice president. lenny raider marcus is the son of former president ferdinand michaels, who was asked it in a people's uprising in 19 and d. c. at least 22 people have been killed in an explosion at a 5 star hotel in the cuban capital. havana. the president says it was most likely caused by a ghastly the us says, north korea could be preparing to conduct
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a nuclear test as early as this month. it believes pyongyang will use the porn ye re underground side. north career recently stepped out weapons tests, sam resumed intercontinental ballistic missile launchers for the 1st time since 2017 and counting so far after northern islands election shows the nationalist party, sion fain is ahead. projections show it would be the biggest party in the assembly, leaving behind the democratic unionist party. shin fein was once the political wing of the i, r a and sure lank as president has declared a state of emergency for a 2nd time in 5 weeks. since cabinet face is escalating process, those are the headlines i am language stretching to talk to al jazeera count to feet, clues, cheap, and sometimes dangerous copies of the real thing of been found all over the world. and in even the most expensive premium products. it's the secretive and deadly
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multi $1000000000.00 business. we found one product, but about one 3rd horse danay and us, which was just an incredible finding. during raids on one of the most notorious mafia gangs in calabria, italian police found consignments of fake olive oil made from industrial lubricants that were being exported to the united states. the main thing that we do when we carry out criminal investigations is to reconstruct the money flow and the flow of goods and connect pieces together. it office frauds does profits that are easy to make and hard to ignore. perhaps it means that all of us should be a little more vigilant about what we put on our plates. with tucson, holy land muslims, christians and jews has seen conflict almost since its bronze age, inception,
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attacked, captured, recapture, received, destroyed, and rebuilt time and again. yet the walls with this iconic place beloved by all abrahamic face remained standing, enclosing in valuable heritage sites. the millions of people worldwide, from the church of the holy sep. okay, to the western wool, to alex a mosque, i'm hurry, force it in jerusalem. the golden dome of the rock is so often seen surrounded by one of the wells most enduring struggles, israeli palestinian conflict. why is alexa mos compound so often the hot spot attentions, and one of the challenges of preserving the sacred side. in the next half hour, we talked to clara once in charge of jerusalem's islamic holy places, a cream, a sub re, former graham of the, of jerusalem, talked to al jazeera, a cream, a sub reformer, grandmother of jerusalem. thank you for talking to al jazeera. if we can start with
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the current situation, it's 2 years now that we've seen the muslim holy month ramadan affected by extremely high tensions by violence and confrontation on the alexa most compound itself. what's your diagnosis? why is this happening again? not me. let my life cobbler, my g that a millennial hailey. how a lot of so thought that might the layer that that i figured it at the idea poor better and miss oh lord fissile person might delay yet the job. why don't freebie lead them. i have a lot of the year labor, the amount due at the idea where lead huffman derek. to vienna, lena. and now mudy dawn and new cheryl island and that they had the air. he a shower or more home it levine, a path, luna,
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and her? well, i will be there like a hell. yeah, so fish al, rama bon. yeah, cool. min al, you phil, smell phil assigned a year when they sent me home for ken and lead f, alberta aid men thought hit that had the air. and now hm, you re dawn and you not fiddle mercury dawn when i left the ham at omen. if hell i'll come, i'll be in the will. nazareth aiden 1st holiday him ah dorna and knocked out of pay that thought about just so solid bill. i mean is a national sub fee. i them at the idea lee there. nick? i lou, fearlessly. chick alarm nanny. well mark this huge. i kill hust. garafallo. i look the hermit camera follow my would look a tell al caribbean waffle,
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a gerad jacobo. he left the lal level a lacquer b. i d him he darted alonzo thelma marcella. philip drama, a thanielle here on the lawn. care know who your me a washy. red in sunny can either they'll motto callian, min a little, what's may is it hillary ramadan said to me at shap, why the diligent ha may as eat and come. it's me a chair. while mom elizabeth caught up, but ross melville better and more better. and the shep alcohol. ha, ha, ha, that you e a d ala taxi shabba beacon best shipped. and a fairy yet daddy? yeah. while ever you're at b ala, that the same as you walk the hammy. cluster mounted as to her feet that here
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while my there nick fioma joomla, a jerry jerry ma, household phil federal, the sub ha lakin warden drama. what the lord j. m a. is it an come seen elf mental could. so when mark, telephone market, the seller, lunmark steady thrill beamer huss. holla for sebastian lid delilah anna at la villas, did you're hey, borden, o'clock one was side then, and you dario and her. i neil oxer, man, i can level of what, what delhi is the matter what have you, he and when our chat physically a m what and now another most, a leon and mostly me in near. how will and yet they careful why shot both of them now on? well i could the but i thought a look at that assad chabad in malaise. im gonna take it for
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a read that then the thought about as children enter the larger one that little bumps at the upside element. magellio rather ment. okay. him, what was a lot, you said they're both about the politics about the violence, about the, the status quo, at the site that i want to pick up on. but before we get into that territory, could you 1st just tell us a bit about why alexa in sight such passion for the muslim community here in east jerusalem and, and more widely? what about its religious history? is it that makes it so significant? among the scene, jekyll huss will and fell asleep jacket. i am your day gone. the annette earlyhood, when i had the n at then jamal in yahoo, dia pommy abil, ucla were don't click on the luxor ben, the whole job, a little bait deville. he can weigh applewood and the luckless sheila. no. what
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i left him at bill share us in wish had the day when will how i led to whom buell diarrhea. darla barbara mal mitch is on the luxor, having the several fat bob reacted had to i kid i la and the yellow tub envelopes. i won't be daddy and mostly wonderful daughter her that they went, jo, we'll have a lot more rejected. wilder the amendment, steven? yup. hello, alex ha, leave mostly me now wash down the colorado min a law in survey said my wife, when i started clara lemon med you said i mean well, i mean hate to let anyone element o'clock when this video was slim in her. oh, i just thought men, i paid that a many, many who had of an up one was simeon lux oxide, one was stimuli alum. either to whom we are in. i didn't was he had them yet. im kalina chattanoog chattanooga, cia and i had mentioned the herat, marketable color. mademoiselle berman men. no, but we really by the element a,
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well, we're a no, alex lot more about this summer. oh, well, to lot of the las around but we're back to so matt yolanda, i love who heavy lucky b as here, a little pitch on whom it mosacco will aqua with his the realm bill oxide. and oh, come up with ha, ha that because i mean a lot come, i wanted to call other katie and gant at the award, had the air had the i'm and fin lake in by the i'm infant bed that, oh, you know, do we and now love huckaby sala, well, bed the whole yet, hello, nat biz b asa w. they put a will head asa it, i know what they do low and i'm like the whole loan can and will generate z, aba, my dad you will, him has her. but i thought will harass her. let that keith. i la and normally,
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donnelly, i la and now mom marked her door. what are my own? will axa minute? yeah, i thought of cases. so we're getting into talking about the status quo issue then access to the mosque for until the most compound, rather for, for people of different religions. what, what are your red lines? what's your understanding of what the situation should be, as opposed to what it is at the moment? um, it's that tickle model, fha. b, and now an aqua lin, whistling in quite done. what a daughter, ucla leda, edit, alo, cough and there be a little overdone, won't acre i will sire. alhashan a year. was i a thought or thought i la mancha visit care. he donna lakin. alexa lee. jen, maria, i let him was to me that community this, that vehicle and now yes, use the allow you to live with them. and yet these,
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that iran say hand, why fi sir? i'd had did the sad biddy level had that heck, he cannot publish about it. well that the somehow city ma hustle a muscular he no ma'am bed that i think jamal i tell yahoo! d animals probably fat to the head by the at the letter cobbler. sit said, oh, at that craven hasanti stigma, fred odon, and dylan medical de la, bare her daughter kiri, can was he had a fatty gee america? what method? yo what kind all fill all dory that had the air when her father, allah lease that equal. what alkaline that i think that the more that the t o ella horner, that data ledger hustler is kayla or has a look there. her man was a little bit shaky. oh yeah. oh lord, that her calamity. steady cool. i can feel happy. are you later than walker now see,
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she levied the when it had door lock. that harder satellite was the it he had the la. yeah. and i know half of our lot, i'm chi, are you other chi nagging reads or their crime? my can that i would say be yost, hibachi thief, not either world and caught him. piano lessons, asti and may colo, unload the rug. alkali will. and when they're hm at got him in shalley. oh, the weather muscle lab rush, ma'am ma'am? no. and, and the whole air chemistry. me had the a or that cry. then we'll they get on. i louder than work. i you? what they yet on that can fit the will, marcia with the city has i will, i'll up not only half of our walk, i love the walk that or is that equal. so if we talk about the recent violence that we've seen in the past few weeks, and there's really message in israel perspective is that the temperature has been
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turned up by palestinian activity on the sites, people collecting stones throwing stones, and fireworks suits israelis. and as really forces, to what extent is the responsibility on, on your side of the argument and, and from you yourself, in terms of increasing the, the level of the temperature in the tensions and arshella had wearable on how dora may, adeline f, don't do my meal some seem very visual, i thought oh yeah. was a lot in frederick sutley muscular larry, i sort of lay latin will so thought in watson and the sort of are you down to luxor them let how yes you will. and john, if but i don't get it done, he jot off a lot so. so fish and should the 100 lee then well then to region the and no unless it will help up and not let, let, and then will help up. and then dramatically out the that the, him low lumber,
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all the ham or gym like java shoaf mit wendy's timeline. and it should be happy to assist. i madonna, love event owns us home to help us be met g m like in as it may. so a bit better and i hope to deaf and to say that the hub and his job offer lotsa highly nothing. li, latin wifi, masha kit, the malaysian get shipped to him because we haven't got our live event. no $100.00 handle, then we will buy it to lumber. i legit a jelly under jot. i'm of judy. when you get a job in may, we have a good will sultani i know be done with that little baldor and come, i'll be it at that the minority to her be at the left, the land wish we had dish about here, letty will be at the in and out i do that. yeah, we, we had the him, it was said villiad. i valued my door and i, i should i walk along haley and halley and had
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a lapse. i had it then a clever meg. your defense had that the pledge will be there. you my house? i when i most villa lima has on what i wish kayla were here. he java. one thing to pick you up on there. i mean, surely you accept that that they were throwing stones both at sir civilians, worshippers out the western wall and also it buses. i mean, it wasn't justice where the security forces that were coming under attack. surely. nevada shabba up. guess i was shower, a boss hot lee and the shabba bono, me de holy lock for the can all heritage rabble us. what fargo and the old st. louis saint la la la, la se, somebody and then i told the will outside for cassandra, it is to get had that on the trail. yeah, i'm famous about marsh m. m one and mostly me. a shout ain't the hovel in the shadow walkable salon for the sl sharea. well then i will ask the log with some of
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the shortly and that the larger than men door been r e k. at the moment. that jab saw it out, the he java, fill aqua michelle court. i don't wish everybody had their jo, he java. i don't, joe. hey, java. a little late. it done a been a while yet. did that? i lena we're at about into an ear. huck had got a shout mark i low in casala each of their beak. they'll accept daddy he yet, gustavo lee casado our was hardly a lot of us hoss, min dahlia, my title in here out of my time, is me a chair with shadow home, brutal, all say your name and also through a special what puzzle which was to be any i had to add them up is put all had the members good. that seems like a good point to pull back a bit from the, the details of what's been happening in the last couple of weeks and talk about occupation. the fact that he's jerusalem is under israeli occupation and so as well as the religious and historical significance of this site, what it,
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what about it's so political significance as a sort of a, an area of some freedom of some autonomy for palestinians living in east jerusalem under occupation. medina, the quotes that pop up be mac animal, kettle m r. will medea? when nora t marge is 80 alyssa, that will manage hardly hear what it is. i mean a la the and that said them how much a loss. hello. in that the continental villa, i love brock min, mca, a little quotes woman in quotes, in a survey, lola. if i can have some quotes here, michael audrey and what a tech has in a hell is a lot. i mean her about arch hello roach. eliza map or the medina editable up. i you love me. a lot of the above i read. and while minion, a lot of the hot pop. estella men, medina,
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silman min. he suffered all your spot, the record room. and in method, this is selma men bathrooms settlement. was that it over there? nobody on my shoulder. a letty thought there her? i mean, well, amanda allen goods to the national center. now i'm in a rural man. ethnic. i came to his ears here in the head the near morning just as her marriage. i am at a loss or not. is he a senior? and i still am there, mineral man, my sent him the amnio with daily emma mar. harder than yahoo! bellville acts, gander, all man i left he left valeo at kinder yeoman noon, and matthew left valued hut at a rural man carlo la collier album hope bob nodded and dr. bill over then about a year later need and use. i can now yo to yet. trashner man i locker
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lima hustle, emilio. he was it tickets and cannot as healthy aaliyah. i am. i will help up. low. what can we night? goodness, leo. la la yama. like a mecca vickers. hi the i that it all. oh ha tele my just so i did a you will be island map patel unless sally really jo paula be not. and your guide to renee lady jack, i'm in a robot yet. yeah. 8 out. alba will actually buy that is asleep. if coffee bill i do, so you're talking more about the, the history of, i mean it's a very bloody and contested history, but there have been periods of some accommodations for the religion, not in charge at that time of the site. do you see a returned to what you saw as an acceptable status quo before 2000 where there is
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access to to both jews and muslims who both venerate this very important holy site . now my cannot cobbler elephant. it can or, or there must that girl who couldn't log in. i know who i could not have there be jamie air in it. janet gets her. yeah. whole that can for my country. 8th or what? well yeah, would be math vamping and will your hood because they're already in that the battle hobbs, eddie, say hey, that ever a yahoo? who will miss a call? look. we love the nose of an id, the unethical aid in san her head and will slim level hut busy allah or cordon and all i have be healed. i can. and then at 8 am, he is who i can. and then a thought, what i am that if couldn't night, if in a fever, when the misery, a hood, glinetta will as addict could there not have been more like and, and then i muscular. and what about the, the ownership?
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because it is a, an open question to some extent of this site. there was the, the, you and vote in 1947 that may jerusalem or a corpus at iraq, separate him a sort of international zone. then there was jordanian controlled and there was 1967 the israeli occupation began. the custodianship of the site was, was given to the jordan, backed walks. so who really has sort of the right as far as you're concerned, to speak on behalf of muslims for their claim on alex. and what role does the palestinian leadership have in office? the am and foot sent me out somehow sit in my saddle, dylan which shut the year. is that car bullshit the yan can was if her madness, leon a rockville slammy. what ganawe early demon lived in the him. he left
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salam may that tory don kleiner know yet, and he have, carla caught him. i lama, hawaii. we're an alice williams. and he, dottie, with the shack cannot delay and slammed me yellow. you would check out the lay and it's debbie and olivia lee dorothy. an old car for that in mahogany? sure. he always showed dea cola. we're daily a sierra there. little mostly been quite a lay and is there me? yeah. cool. and walk for you stem. how will i so thought left the lad. i'm an unfavorable flash and tufted c editor will subtle a whole fear. hannah hunters was out on piano carlo. cala had settled off cause and na filled c i did that. i love was huddled in bo electric 30. yeah. well, wish good wish i could ya and have but the see had the internet. who knows how bas
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. yeah, the chemistry mean the to what fiona ally and it's lem yellow yet. what do i still have that little alkalis every a lot of lovers law. they've already done fantasy id, little al, ala, nan and, and, and my, that lee, my did records what the la m. like in near her, the less the lad, air, lum, your color, lum. l. could sim, gotta be a, shall be alone without a media. had that, and i had to learn when laziness i'm in my uh carol, what in can a racial america caro like in colorado bartlett let as well. my did them cuts off on my tele, none lacked, it is surely dinny elandis declared. he can buy us. well, and kate is still the army and delicious a year in hockey. doretha will hossa worry about it across. so we've been talking about some of the history and the m, the violent history of both jerusalem and the site itself. the luxembourg compound
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which, which jews called the temple mount. there had been many times during that history when jerusalem streets of literally run with blood in muslin blood, christian blood, jewish blood. and that i'm coming to the end of 5 years here. there are times when you walk around and you can almost identify my imagination, you can almost feel it, the sort of the pain and the misery alongside all beauty and the, and the fascination of the place. do you see a future where the contested nature of all this starts to com and that you know, people of all religions who feel an attachment and a belief in, in this site as integral to their faith will be able to have their moments there without this kind of violence from this kind of rhetoric and, and contestation all the time. i let so but let the lead slate and tell it as embittered and alarming with the ideal make it. so let me and the site. when
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the hum alford sat media, the menu, i bang it. oh lemme, they looked as a moira middle karate a woman with that. what does it to sort of when they will be there, the carotid open with that that it was killer? oh why are awful color or shut it down on my side when i was good like an acid darling or a you do her dentist that me that event to read to them in america, sammy vito looked on this all his life or had a busy day so i thought well can, is it there were thought a celebrity case after school, the lamp, the clinic at the end of the year, who is here? libra, be cheaper. i me. yeah, the best ranch, fia fi fi, and then the messy had been a slimy danielle and they had my brain and then in viet nam say,
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but i know when we are answer it, i get my fish was the any of the grass can i even like it know i could, couldn't the low my shadow mahala, i had the extended bottle. ok so that i had the effected by loss of solid was the land of a. how could they yell will ok. so we small measure the offset mattress with nice with is one measure the loss corolla. they're all over the here. let you thompson. hey, allotted to a letty. it to a de la, mr. molecular. no, no, no up at. and that is why and he let the buffer lie laid on agreements every former ground, musty of jerusalem. thank you very much for the the
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scene of the burden. countless babies are aborted in india simply for being girls. but amidst these resistance, even from her own patience, a fearless midwife has adopted the cause of challenging, deeply ingrained tradition and terminating this modern day beat aside. the daughter, 3, witness on al jazeera frank assessments. what are the political risks of batting russian oil? a gas for western leaders, pull sanctions on russian energy exports. us ferocity was informed opinions. france is not abandoning to fight against jedi, still resumed media debt going to be attaching from missouri and from chad critical debate. could china actually help in russia's invasion of ukraine in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera.
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ah, i scrambled to evacuate civilians from bunker's inside and marry a post steal plant as a russian sci fi enters its final day. ah, hello, i am emily angry, this is al jazeera live from dough house are coming up. it's the last day of campaigning in the philippines before mondays. presidential election will be live in manila and you state of emergency in sri lanka, giving.


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