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missouri and from chad critical debate, could china actually help in russia's invasion of ukraine in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera. ah, i scrambled to evacuate civilians from bunker's inside and marry a post still plant as a russian sci fi enters its final day. ah! hello, i am emily angry. this is al jazeera alive from dough house are coming up. it's the last day of campaigning in the philippines before mondays. presidential election will be live in manila and you state of emergency in sri lanka, giving security forces powers to crack down on anti government protest is and
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a powerful explosion ripped apart of 5 star hotel in the heart of the cuban capital . killing 22 people a 3 day russian sci fi in mary, a poll is entering its final day in the u. n. is scrambling to rescue civilians. hundreds of people including ukrainian fighters, a trapped at the besieged as of styles, steel plant. it's the last remaining hold out of ukrainian forces in that mary pom 50 people including women, children and the elderly, were evacuated from the facility on friday. they arrived in the rush and controlled village of busy, many, and were met by un and red cross workers, ukrainian officials, they're accusing russia, violating the ceasefire during previous evacuation attempts. brianca gupta reports . this is russia's destruct,
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a siege of the last remaining ukrainian resistance. in mario poll, under the smouldering ruins of the hours of south steve plant are $200.00 civilians believe to be trapped on the ground with ukrainian soldiers. officials and keefe say they are making a new attempt to get them out with the help from the un. i said risky obstacles full of style. it hardly russian selling and the assault on as of style has not stopped. so civilians still need to be taken out, women and children, many children who are still there. just imagine this hell more than 2 months of constant shelling or bombing constant death nearby. we expect an effective regime of silence, but we are doing everything to find a solution and to save another tree, maybe brush and pans are not far away. they're allied separate as fighters patrol the streets. this slider things victory. another style is near room sucker. why?
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everything is fine, we are working, we are fighting. sometimes we're not far just to the left step by step in moscow soldiers preparing for monday's parade to mark victory against nazi germany during the 2nd world war. but in the war and ukraine pressed in, vladimir putin doesn't have much to celebrate. the war has isolated his nation and united it's you can hear because any and you can use some new small, no punishment or sanctions can break the will of out people use of the russian leadership. i aimed at defending the historical truth with the legitimate interests of the russian federation and preventing direct threats to our security being created on the borders, threats to our culture. our history with all this is currently at stake. nation with russian troops now preparing to take a full control of mario pole. it's not clear when or how this war will come to an
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end. brianca cooper. art is here more broadly. let's take a look at how the war currently looks on a map in the red are the areas held by russia and it separate his allies there on the offensive in the east and south crimea was annexed by rush, rain, 2014. and these are the places where fighting has been the heaviest in the past 24 hours. russian forces, meanwhile, have also laid siege on the east in ukrainian city of severe rhode done. yet russian soldiers are fighting and fighters rather or trying to storm as, according to local officials and local authorities have been urging residents to leave 15000 people trapped in the pot, the city as a population of 100000. before the war. shall stratford has the latest on the eastern offensive from pok ross in the den, yet christian were more heavy fighting overnights and into this morning in various
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locations in the east of ukraine in both the donnette screeching and the lucas screeching. yet again, we're hearing from the ukranian all sorties about heavy fighting in and around the town of papa's. now, now this has been contested for weeks. now we know that sir all evacuation efforts, those evacuation if it's being led by volunteers stopped a couple of days ago. we're also hearing from the regional military authorities of the guns. they're saying that around $50000.00 civilians still trapped in towns like papa's anna and the surrounding villages. and as i say, evacuation efforts pretty much stopped. we know that russian forces had been trying to push down south towards those cities of sla vianza and cremmit tool square. of course, yesterday we saw the city recovering from one of the largest bombardments of rockets to hit the city since the war began. now we were in the forests in that area
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between kramer tools and easy him yesterday speaking to soldiers, off camera, they wouldn't allow us to film. but they said that they had repelled at least 3 ways. all 3 attempts by russian pools used to push through their positions in that area. there was a lot of heavy shelling that we could hear as well, from around is im and post to the west of ism and to the east. so were, as i say at the moment it seems to be a bit of a stalemate, right? the way across this region, the ukrainians so far saying that they are managing to defend their positions. ukraine meanwhile, says he to another russian war ship which is sunk after bursting into flames. the macaroni forget is believed to have been standing close to snake island in the black sea. if confirmed it will be rushes 2nd. major naval lost since the invasion . ukrainian forces sank. the flagship moscow vessel in april, after the u. s. report leave shared information about its location. moscow is
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preparing for a military parade on the 77th anniversary, a victory day to mark and nazi germany surrendered to the soviet union in world war 2 veterans of the war have been making the public. it's been reported. russian president vladimir persian once a major victory ukraine in time, the parade on monday to other world news now and as the final day of campaign rallies in the philippines just days ahead of an election that is being described as the most important in the country's history. the top 2 presidential candidates are front runner, ferdinand, macos junior and vice president. lenny were brader. marcus is the son of former president ferdinand mom cos who was ousted in a pupils uprising in 1986. florence louise covering develops out of manila. hello there florence with such a tainted family legacy. how was marcos junior managed to become the front runner
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in these elections? well, marcus has been able to take advantage of the fact that around half of the registered voters in the philippines are too young to have lived through his father's administration or even remember what that time was like. so it has been relatively easy for his campaign and his supporters to kind of re cast that dark period in philippines. history on when there were correct when that was corruption and human rights abuses as a golden age for the philippines. and has been able to avoid tough questions simply by avoiding the media. it's been quite difficult getting media access to the presidential candidate. he pre select journalists who can attend his press conferences. he's avoided debates and just as an anecdotal story, we weren't able to get accreditation to cover his campaigns. and we weren't even able to get close enough to set up a, a camera position for more than 5 minutes. and that's why we're coming to now about
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2 kilometres from his last, from the last day of his campaign rally on saturday. now a fact tracking group has also said that mark was junior, has benefited the most from her misinformation or disinformation campaign, even whereas in contrast, his closest rival, lenny robledo, has been the biggest victim of a disinformation campaign. now the other reason why he's been able to go streak ahead in opinion polls is because he's pad up with sarah, detect a, the daughter of the incumbent, preston who is himself a very popular and they both have different strongholds in different areas. marco's junior is popular in the north, and the detective family is popular in the south now, but if you speak to marco supporters, they'll say that his message of unity resonates with them. and florence explain, described as the most important election for the philippines wise that
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well, in the last 6 years, the philippines has been ruled by incumbent rodrigo detect day. and during that time, people say that the analysts say that there has been a disregard for the rule of law. he kept his sanctions or even author sanctions, extra judicial killings in his war on drugs. he undermines the rule of law and his even been accused of targeting his critics and political opponents using trumped up charges, using a combination of threats and intimidation. so there's a concern that a mock horse presidency could mean very much of the same thing. a glorification of authoritarian or strong men leadership. now, some of the analysts have also note at some risk consultants, i've also noted that a marco's presidency could mean greater risk of corruption for the philippines and then basil. so the way this campaign, this presidential campaign has been run, if marco's does win, than it would have been on a social media campaign of misinformation,
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that is attempted to re cast the period when philippines was under martial law when there was human rights abuses. as a golden age for the philippines, thank you for breaking down for us florence louis law for us. in that manila chunk, as president has declared a state of emergency for the 2nd time in 5 weeks, is his government faces escalating protests. millions of people staying away from work on friday as anger mounts against the worst economic crisis in 70 years. now fernandez reports from colombo police were among the few state employees working in sri lanka on friday. these water cannon, auntie, a guest to disperse, hundreds of protested, gathered at barricade, sealing off the entrance to parliament. inside the building entree, java than a pura opposition representatives marched into the speaker's office, asking him to ordered the police to stop that operation. the also demanded, he set a date for
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a nor confidence motion. they're putting forward against the government. the government is under increasing pressure to resign, facing a 2nd nationwide strike in 8 days. hospitals, railways, postal services, schools, and poets were disrupted strictly with government and board. i bet are the boxes so dressed, wanted local, displaying the freelance i. therefore, we don't believe they can be well up this country her after. therefore, we are asking mil goldman new uh, new leadership, a new system for sri lanka. that's why all the people i get together for one umbrella, demonstrations and march, as like this have been a common site in the capital colombo and around the country. in shallow on the northwestern coast, fishermen also took part in the protests. i mean, what they said gonna be what we have more than 15000 fishing families in this area . we're all helpless. so i will protest today, tomorrow, and in the future it, i did hear that the government has admitted its foreign reserves,
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have fallen to just $50000000.00 us dollars, leaving it unable to buy essential food medicine and fuel cues have stretched for kilometers around most petrol stations. in recent days, after months of insisting it has things under control, the government is now approached the international monetary fund for a bailout. and president got of a roger potter has replaced his cabinet as cause increased for him to step down. his new media minister told al jazeera roger pox is making an effort and should be supported to bring stability. he got to do some good with very popular people who him because some of a, some of his own family members of 5 of them out now. so we decided the changes he attorney is making an effort. and so i think um, we are trying to help him. he has given us a challenge. we are trying to face that challenge and find solution to people. go to heaven says that new team should be given 6 months to a year and
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a half before elections are held to decide a way forward trade union say the last work stoppage of this scale was 69 years ago . but our warning, they will launch an indefinite strike if the government does not, he demands for it to resign. men of fernandez alger 0, colombo, still ahead on al jazeera for my brazilian president. my son come back claiming he's older and wiser will he and pete being come in. and we have a preview of the pan african heritage museum. the guardian project aimed at showcase the continent rich ships are. ah, let's go with your weather report for the middle east and africa. have one great to
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see right off the bat i wanted to show the scene and fox said more dust storms here . hundreds of people have gone to the hospital. having difficulty breathing. the winds, really a big factor here and i think we'll still see them kick up on saturday. there we go . fox has got a high 34 degrees and we've got a lot of activity around the caspian sea. we'll talk more about that in a 2nd. also speaking about the winds were seen them shift out of the north. so we've got some lower temperatures. our la jet, for example, 32 degrees for you. and the winds will be a factor for the gulf states in particular for doha, on saturday, could see them what up to about 60 kilometers per hour. it's a rising dust and sand will be an issue there. as while some high heat herat said 38 degrees, that's not far off your me temperature records. and speaking of some of these high temperatures is lama bought 36. but give it a bit. we'll look at your extended forecast as we had in toward wednesday and thursday. we're going to lock your temperature into 42, which is well above average for turkey, western side, pretty good eastern. so we've got some showers of cool pool of air here. so all
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right, just step 14 degrees and particularly heavy rains for coastal areas of gap on li brookville, coming in at $28.00 degrees on saturday. ah, african story from african perspective. i'm short documentary from african filmmakers from ivory coast just to last year, from school for the bus, for fun, for a function of listing for home and south africa. tina i would change and it shows me that i am actually tracking and fire with africa direct on al jazeera. ah, ah, ah,
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ah, hello. are you watching out a 0? i'm emily anglin. he is a reminder of our top stories this our, the un says it's scrambling to rescue more people trapped in the besieged as of style. steel plant and mary palm civilians who were evacuated on friday. have arrived at a camp in the russian controlled village of busy men, eng. ukraine says it's he to russian warship in the black sea which has burst into flames. if the strike on them macaroni forget is confirmed, it would be a 2nd major naval loss for russia. it's flagship mosque for vessel was sunk back in april. and it's the last day of campaign rallies before the philippines presidential election on monday. the top 2 candidates or vice president, lenny robledo and front runner, ferdinand macos junior, the son of former president ferdinand macos. the u. s. says
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north korea could be preparing to conduct a nuclear test as early as this month. the state department estimates pyongyang, we'll use the only way yet. nuclear size, north korea has recently stepped out, weapons tests and resumed intercontinental ballistic missile launches. the 1st time since 2017 last week lay the king john own promised to speed up the development of his countries in nuclear arsenal. and news wires is reporting the north gray has just fired another the south and least 22 people have been killed in an explosion and a 5 star hotel that was being renovated in the center of the cuban capital. havana, president miguel diaz canal says the blast at hotel at saratoga was not caused by a bomb and a gas lake is likely most lake is most likely to be plain to rather john holman has
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the story here. the sound of the explosion ripped through have m as old home. it blew up a big part, the front of the saw the toga hotel, one of the most luxurious and expensive in the cuban capital. preliminary investigations indicate it was caused by a gas leak says the cuban presidents office movie stars and celebrities like madonna had stayed in the sutter toga. their rescue workers and locals are searching for people missing under the rubble. it was a blast that threw me out there. apparently it could have been worse. no tourists were staying at the hotel because it was undergoing renovations, said the havana governor, president, mego dears, camille arrived at the scene shortly after the blast. published a. there's a group of people receiving help, the rescue teams,
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the specialized emergency forces. we have debts. unfortunately, the hospitals are dealing with the injured the explosion damaged other buildings around the hotel to there were worries, especially about a nearby primary school authority. say that thankfully the children and teachers there are okay. holdings in have i'm as beautiful with disintegrating otoh often suffer fooling masonry, but explosions are rare. this one was shocked. the island john hohmann. o 0 columbia's government is increasing security in cities and highways in an effort to combat attacks by the country's largest drug cartel. they clam, don't go far, group was retaliating after their later was extradited to the u. s. to face trial on drug trafficking changes the governments of boosted rewards for information leading to the capture of gang members, and also created a specific army unit to lead the search form of
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brazilian president louis in a c o. lua lula del silva will launch his 6 a bid for presidency on saturday. he's been leading opinion polls ahead of the october election, but the incumbent giant both narrow who's seeking another cham claims the electronic voting system is vulnerable to fraud. monica yanna care reports from south palo who lives back at 76, former president with the masula. the silver says he's older, wiser and ready to lead a coalition of center, let parties to victory in october's presidential election. i, i want to tell you that i am willing to cover a brazil 12 years after leaving the presidency. and 12 years we learned a lot who are able to see what we did for the country. what we did not do and what
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we could have done, a former car factory worker lula govern brazil from 2003 to 2010 as president. he was one of the world's most popular leaders. but after leaving office, he was jailed on corruption charges and barred from running again with his political fate change last year when brazil supreme court and mulled his trial. since then, he has emerged as the most formidable challenger to the incumbent. j annabelle sonata. i think that corruption is worked with in the fall because a both on are you make sure that he will use ah, the or the, the corruption scandal i guess rule. but i think that her, after the almost 4 years of most on our and in several cases of corruption, his government, this has not, this has changed. it's not,
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it's not in a weapon that will fire only on one site. maggie finish voted for both sonata, but for years on she's disappointed with your walk, so mad a silly as you come up, not ball sanara was elected, promising to fight corruption, to reduce public spending and to adopt business friendly economic measures. she did the opposite. she is wheeling and dealing to when support in congress, something he said he would never do. there is corruption and the economy is and shreds william wallace trying to appeal to disappointed both. so now to voters by choosing a former adversary and send to right politician jet ald welcoming as his vice president. he's also counting on anger at bull sonata was denial of the coven. 19 pandemic, which killed 660000 brazilians. and his anti environmental policy of political, rapid dog, recent polls show no defeating bull sonata political analysts. sasha bananas,
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sheesh says rejection, more than approval will play a major role in the selection. 60 percent of resilience say they do not approve of bull sonata and would never vote to reelect him. lula fear slightly better with 45 percent of voters rejecting his candidacy. it's still too soon to tell who will win this race. but most analysts agree that brazilians will have to choose the candidate they dislike less. instead of the one they believe represents them or will make their future better. monica not give all just 0. so ball. one person has been killed in protest in democratic republic of congo, lay staging. others were injured off to police 5 t gas to disperse demonstrations in the capital. kinshasa protest is there angrily on the proposed changes to the electoral lou. the national party nationalist
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party sheen fame, looks likely to come out on top in northern islands elections for the 1st time in the regions history. the cornerstone of parties manifesto is to leave the u. k. and you nice with the island of ireland. bad as during a how reports from belfast that still a distance prospect it's early when fame account promised many more for the nationalist party committed to a united ireland and predicted by opinion polls to beat their pro british unionist rivals. for the 1st time in a 100 years lifelong the republican party do have united and we also have to show that we deal with people's issues as they go to the thank are not top rated, are inseparable. she finds campaign focused on bread and butter issues like the cost of living, crisis, health and housing as precursors to irish reunification. the
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union is both, on the other hand, was split with the largest party, the democratic unionists threatening to boycott the store mont, assembly. because of post greg's, it border arrangements that they say undermine the very union they exist to defend . the non protocol is the key to for us at the time, and we need to get resolution abroad because by and within a country between great britain nolan, adams. and we need to move our trade via and get rid of and ensure that the know who to call ac is dealt with. pearl, which raises the possibility of a full blown political crisis after the election paralysis deadlock, arising out of the to part, the power sharing system under the good friday peace agreement. and not for the 1st time. that's why growing numbers of voters have chosen a 3rd way. and then the biggest winners in this election,
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the cross community center ground alliance party. northern ireland isn't just a place where it's national and union of northern. i'm the place that is diverse. on this boat for alliance, assuring that there are more people who aren't satisfied with better both and also being more than irish. it's further evidence of potentially seismic shift in the political landscape. i think would you put it down to is 1st of all post bracket, tiredness actually with what has happened since it's become very green and orange headache. you put into a new younger actress who no longer interested in these things. i think you put it down to the fact that for a number of years we've hardly had any government. and there's a real wish for a large part of this population to get on with actually getting stuff addressed, which isn't just constitutional. all of which sets up a fertile conversation about the future in northern ireland, one far less tethered to the secretarial constraints of the past. joe,
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the whole al jazeera, belfast, and digital version of any museum of pan african heritage has been launched and gone is capital akram. it gives visit is an online preview of the physical side, which is set to open next to you. now can web has the story there so much. william coleman. blackmore says he grew tired of racism in america where he was born. last year he and his mother joined thousands of black africans who moved here to ghana in the last decade. oh said he wants to learn about african history and culture sites like this. the mos only him of gone as independent leader, kwame and groomer. and he's hoping to learn more here. he's come with his mother to the launch of a new museum b as to a long tradition which is created say, will look like they have got called the pan african heritage museum issue. and this
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is a digital version which has been published online in the physical museums to, to open in gone and actually yeah, mid 6, it'll exhibit art and historical artifact from laser africa. everything that i know was is now in front of me and i'll see you know, that we have access to it. now a lot of the last one will say, you know, about connor has a rich history. some of it violent for hundreds of years in slave africans were imprisoned by europeans here at the cape coast. castle before being shipped to the caribbean. in the americas is a history that attracts many visitors, including african americans retracing their ancestral route. this river was the site of a slave market where the captives are said to have faith for the last time before being shipped across the atlantic ocean. it can be painful to think
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of the suffering and injustice that happened here. and for centuries, historical records of what happened has been dominated by the west in something the museums founders hope to change, who they say it'll help people of african origin and everyone else to unlearn. and we learn historical narratives and discover, forgotten african heritage. it is supposed to give us a sense of pride to understand that africa the great. 4 that will keep them from the western saddam most time. so i did that and i read it back to b. william says his ancestors, when slaves in west africa, he plans to take it dna test to learn more. and he hopes in the museum and his new life, and donna will help him to rediscover and celebrate his family's roots. malcolm.


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