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aside to gaze jedi, still resumed media debt going to be attaching from nisha and from chad critical debate. could china actually help in russia's invasion of ukraine in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera ah ukrainians basses by 10 weeks of war eyeing moscow as it prepares for its world war to victory day parades. ah, hello them, nora kyle, this is al jazeera, alive from doha. also coming up the final day of campaigning in the philippines. 67000000 voters get ready to choose the new president, undefined caroline, because president imposes another state of emergency to crack down on anti
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government protests. and people in heavener, a cleaning up after a powerful explosion as a hotel killed nearly 2 dozen people. ah . but 1st we've got some news from north korea, which is believed to us as far as fight was believe to a b, a ballistic missile for the 2nd time this week, japanese and south korean army does say, atlanta just outside the sea of japan's exclusive economic zone. it's the 15th test this year off to pyongyang, resumed missile launches for the 1st time in 5 years. you s as it believes north korea is also preparing for a nuclear missile test, possibly with in weeks. that's bringing robert kelly. he's a professor of political science and diplomacy at pusan national university joins us from lusan. thanks very much for being with us. what do we know about what north
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korea has 5 this time? so in the afternoons routinely fire a mix, a sort of ballistic missiles, right? which one of the ones that we travel all the way to new york america and they're also more sort of short range things. you have to wait to see actually it's actually sort of developing as you speak with the north koreans have a long history searching for testing multiple ranges, right? not only wants of south korean japan, but also one secret 1st pacific ocean europe. it's my guess is from what we've learned is published. rashaw range. thank it's no longer in one's really wrote a major american response to north grand boys should say those things are a big publication. that's probably what is. okay, what, why do you think we're seeing this string of launch is the 15th that we've had in recent month? so why, why we seeing this string now? sure, i think what the north koreans are doing is they're sending a message. the incoming north of south can present more me. so you and becomes present in a couple of days, i believe on may 10th. right. and i think the idea is to sort of signal for the
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south koreans, you know, we're still here seriously. campuses around the north koreans abundance in the past . if i remember correctly on brock obama was inaugurated, there was a test and i can park and hey, was not going to present. so there was a test drive train with a long history of sort of doing this. and it's kind of a mix of signaling and bullying. so what do you think of in the us prediction that that could be a nuclear test by north korea within weeks? i mean, this would be quite extraordinary when it's been many years since north korea laugh tested and nuclear weapons. yeah, i actually think that's likely, i think the north koreans north, for example, nuclear testing, since 2017, you may recall for a short time, donald trump, for president. and they were serving effort to reach out to the north koreans for 2 years. it looked like there might be some kind of a top breakthrough in the north korean sort of hell off, but that really didn't go anywhere the north instantly put much on the table to be fair. the americans didn't really either. and so the whole thing kind of came apart, and if you're north korea, you're really not seeing much move and i'm going to go, she ation table. and 3rd year,
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i presume the thinking is something like we need to keep on escalating rights trans . can't get a decent deal out of south korean, the united states, and they're going to want to really bulk up on the deterrence. and that means a regular testing program. i think the big concern in the last couple weeks had been the north koreans gotten a lot more aggressive and the rhetoric is talking about using these things outside of defense sorrows. and that's got everybody's scared right. that they may be thinking of using them or something. so they're getting the attention back on them . okay, robert kelly, many thanks. indeed for joining us from jerusalem. while rosalind jordan now has more from washington dc on any potential nuclear test. earlier this week to news organizations here in the u. s. reported that according to military and intelligence officials, they were detecting the apparent ramp up at of activity at the site where underground nuclear testing happens inside north korea. if this does happen during
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the month of may be the 1st time in more than 4 years, that of the of young young government would have carried out what is considered under international law and illegal nuclear ro arms test. this is of course, a situation that very much has on the u. s. and south korea concerned, especially because of their just out some 28000 u. s. forces inside of south korea. but there have not been any nuclear weapons stationed on south korean soil since the early ninety's. and that was at the order of the president at the time george h. w bush of the u. s. is also trying, but so far, unsuccessfully to get north korea to return to the bargaining table without pre conditions about efforts to end it's nuclear weapons program. the current leader has yet to respond to those overtures. one thing that is clear of the white house is already said in light of these reports that the u. s. president's plans to visit
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south korea and japan later in the month of may will not do me put off just because of this a possible threat. ukraine is taking precautions as russia rehearse, as for its annual victory day parade. monday marks the 77th anniversary of nazi germany surrendered to the soviet union in the 2nd world war. now be a curfew around the ukrainian port city of odessa. from sunday nights until tuesday . morning, because of worries about russian celebrations. officials in keith believe russia's president could use the occasion to declare formal war with ukraine. 50 people including women, children, and the elderly, have been rescued from the besieged of a cell industrial complex and merrier poll. you and, and red cross workers met them on friday, and the russian controlled village of bessie men. m. a grand in officials accuse russia violating sees fires during previous evacuation attempts. so after nearly 2
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and a half months of war, here's how it looks on the ground. in reds, our areas held by russia and at separatist allies, there on the offensive in the east and the south premier was annexed by russia in 2014. and these, the places where the fighting has been the heaviest. in the past few days, the eastern town of po pastor has been under siege for weeks. that's believed around. 2000 civilians are trapped there. but as charles stratford reports from nearby robbie fca attempts to get them out, have stopped because of the danger to volunteers. for those who knew school with sicily, chemo surgery rush school was a construction worker before russia invited to crane. when the war started, he volunteered as a civilian evacuation driver is now missing food. did. this video shows him after he had rescued civilians from the besieged town of port persona. in
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the east of the country, the liberal eagle was his co driver on that day. he says, saturday, told him, if he could save another 20 people, his life would not be in vain. reality. your partner, yes. i could see the entrance to pal puzzler says eagle, what russian soldiers suddenly jumped out from the left. it happened so fast. they fired a rocket propelled grenade, but it miss risk. they started shooting machine guns and rifles. the windows shattered sergei kept driving, but he was hit and began falling, dragging the steering wheel to the left. we bid off the road, crushing through small trees where i was crouched down, pushing up against the dashboard. i looked at set again so much that he wasn't moving or making any sound here when i reached the door handle jumped out and started running between the trees using the bosses cover was continued shooting at it. when i go to a village, i found a house and got water. i was covered in blood with face my hands and ears. i saw it,
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it was mine, but i had no wounds. i realized then it was said again, not known exactly how many people are either attract inciteful pause nor, or i'm willing to leave a town that is on the near constant russian army attack. this is volunteer evacuation dr. m. a halo protocols having a blindfold taken off on russian states e v. 2 days off the disappeared was also trying to evacuate people trapped. even though only civilians are doing the evacuation details, the man in military uniform interviewing him. his daughter made an emotional play on facebook for his release. oh, i beg you please giving my father back. we miss him so much. please release him. let him go. in a village, neighbouring pause, now the sound of artillery crashes through the air, volunteers, helena and uri,
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inspect the graves where they have been burying civilians killed in the besieged town. long trenches have been dug in which bodies lie covered in soil. attractor will fill in the trench when the shelling dies down. to cover not, i mean your boss there is more danger. the shells can land on you, not here it is over our heads. we bury them here because it's impossible to bury them under the shelley. it's too dangerous to go in and collect the bodies. now. i'm beaten a really deep. i feel great pity for people killed. if they're alive now, they could be doing something good. it's very hard to comprehend when you find a young person lying dead on the ground, you crate it. oh, sorry to say dna testing will be done with a war in this to identify the growing number of 910 to 5, all civilians killed. this is one of 3 and identified graves in this graveyard. all that's written on the cross is that a woman's body is buried here and the place where that body was found. for
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now, the fighting info, pause, no rages on making it too dangerous for rescuing the living or the dead child. stafford al jazeera rubica, eastern ukraine. when ukraine says it's hit another russian warship which has sunk after bursting into flames. a mackerel forget is believed to have been sending close to snake island and the black theme, if confirmed it would be rotten 2nd big naval law since the invasion. ukrainian forces sank, the flagship musk for vessel last month. after the u. s. reportedly shed information on its location. it's a final day of campaign rallies in the philippines ahead of a presidential election described as the most important in its history. the top 2 candidates for monday's vote, frontrunner funded on macos junior and vice president, lenny robledo marcus as the son of former president ferdinand marcus,
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he was ousted and peoples uprising in 1986 to man alan dougen joins, aside from the city of mcafee. that's where lennie robledo is holding her rally. and jamila greater strong track record is vice president, plenty of grass roots support. but how is her campaign furred well, it starts at quite differently. as you know, she may be the leader of the opposition, but she's also one of the most harassed attacks members of the opposition over the last 6 years, nearly 6 years since president rodrigo did that there was worn into office. now when she ran her campaign, which is 2 and she declared for again to this, you basically said that she does not have enough funds, does not have enough facility infrastructure to run a national campaign. but you know, this is turned out to be quite different in a country where traditionally national candid candidates are on the 3 things,
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popularity, money, and family connections. and she didn't have that. but what we're seeing is unprecedented. we're seeing a grassroots sector road campaign. young people, mostly campaigning for our president, are reluctant candidate. in fact, so mean traditionally the surveys are showing that she's trailing behind the sign of the late president and former dictator president for doing marcus bumble market junior. but the reality really is far from the grout. here and mccarthy, which is, you know, we call this the meeting, the r boncey, which is the last round rally before the actual voting day. we're seeing thousands of since, of people really coming in after days and weeks of campaigning for a precedent that they never have done this before. so whether this will actually result, 2 boats remain to be seen, but there is a strong sense of hope they're seeing that basically their campaign, their push for vice president len,
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you read that to become the nest for the next president is more than just an act of defiance against a 5 years of president would be good to start this policy, but a push back, they say primarily against the possible return of a marcus presidency. ok to mother and dugan pregnancy view that from mccarthy. thanks very much jamila. let's go over now to manila where florence louis is following the marcus campaign, and far as what is the attraction of mark cost genie a given, the dictates her history of his family. for the marcus campaign movie has been able to take advantage of the fact that more than half of the registered voters in the philippines are too young to have lived through his father's administration. or even to remember what of his like. it was a period wife with corruption and human rights abuses, but his campaign and his supporters have been able to re paint that as a golden era for the philippines. they talked about the infrastructure that he had built glossing over the fact that he got the country into huge foreign debt. now he
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has been able to do this in part with misleading posts on social media. a fact checking group says that ferdinand ma cause junior has been able to benefit from has was the biggest benefit of misinformation on social media. whereas in contrast, the vice president, lenny robledo, his closest rival, was the biggest victim in the campaign of this information. now, he has been able to do this also and parts because he has a tactic of avoiding hard questions from the media. he pre selects who gets to attend his conferences. he avoids, he's very selective about who he gives interviews to. you know, just as an anecdote we applied for accreditation to cover the markers junior rally, but we were denied the rally. and the other reason is his partnership with sarah detective, who's the daughter of the incumbent president, she herself, is running for vice president. and even though voters vote for these positions separately, he's been able to leverage on the,
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to turn the strong hole in the south and combine that with the mock or strong hole in the north. of course, if you speak to a supporters, they'll say that it is message of unity. even though it's simple and it's ambiguous, resonates with indeed i was going to be a very interesting race. and dave florence, thanks very much. sabrina's the latest from manila. so hes head on out his era, ah, celebrations of what looks like a historic victory for no been on a nationalist policy. that could be problems ahead. the white it straight it male is born out there. and we look at what's being done to change the image of professional ice hockey. ah,
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let's go with your weather report for europe in africa here for one good to see. so we got some rain being slung around, parts of italy, particularly heavy over sardinia and southern sections where there are weather alerts in play. and same goes for those eastern shores of the adriatic sea that rain, pressing as far north into areas of austria. showers can be expected in zurich as fall with a hive. 17 degrees. ok, so western areas of turkey are looking good. it's further toward the east. we got a bit of showers, a cool pool of air here as wall entourages 14 degrees. and we see that what weather pushing into the caucasus is wall cooler here. tbilisi, 13 other side of the mediterranean. things are drying off for spain and we're, we've got some, we've got high temperature, so a pitcher, perfect day in lisbon with a hive. 27 degrees also cloud cover across the islands of ireland and britain may squeak out a few showers there. same goes for the low countries. amsterdam 18 a number for you on saturday. so top end of africa, it's really toward northern parts. so valgy and tunisia where we've got what
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weather, so we go for a closer look. this is all part of that disturbance. some soaking rains for tunis on saturday and will land in south africa were wet and windy conditions pushing to the escape. port elizabeth has a height of 18 degrees that her weather report. ah, the short films of hulu and inspiration, ah, how small stories of 3 young women challenging the world around them. ah, al jazeera, select lou
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. lou kinda again, you're watching on to 0. his reminder of our top stories this, our north korea has flood, wants believe to be a ballistic missile for the 2nd time this week. it was a warning from the us, that's pyongyang, gonna be preparing to test nuclear missiles later this month. russia is we're hosting for its annual victory parade on monday, mocking the anniversary of nazi germany surrender in the 2nd world war a few around the ukrainian port safety of odessa from sunday because of worries about the celebrations and is the final day of campaigning head of monday's presidential election, the philippines, leading kansas office on macos junior and vice president, lenny ra bray. shank,
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as president, has drawn criticism at home and abroad after declaring a state of emergency for the 2nd time in 5 weeks present got a bio roger pack, so has been facing nationwide calls for his resignation. people angry at his failure to control a worsening economic crisis. a decree, gifts the president sweeping, pallas, he can change or suspend laws, seize property and order the tensions. let's talk now to michelle fernandez. she's live 1st in colombo and well, what does this mean? will the antique government protest says that we've seen so much of a lot of i would, as you can see behind me here, outside the presidential secretary in colombo, it's still not made much of a difference. the crowds outside the entrance to the president's office saying they are continuing with their campaign. there is an ending sort of a stream of speakers addressing the crowds, the crowds out,
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a little bit pin. i hear this morning. but as the day goes through, it doesn't build up, no protest of human rights activists noise the own waiting to see this specific regulations that are brought under this state of emergency which was invoked by the president at midnight. so now that you think it does give him a sort of sweeping power to enable the military tourist people to sort of hold people before that produced before a magistrate and a horse have other powers on to the emergency umbrella. but the specific rules of how the president and the government do use this a will come in the details of those regulations that are published. menorah fernandez, bring his places that from colombo, thanks very much. no. that warnings have been issued en parts of the us state of arkansas or after heavy rain caused rivers to overflow. several raids or clays, emergency crews are trying to remove piles of debris on wednesday,
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a storm system triggered several tornadoes in texas and oklahoma, and led to flooding and neighboring arkansas. rescuers have been working through the night in cuba as capital setting for bodies after an explosion as a luxury hotel and is 22 people including a child, were killed in the blast at hotel saratoga in havana, 74 others were injured. john holman reports the sound of the explosion ripped through have m as old home it moore could be part of the front of the southern toga hotel, one of the most luxurious and expensive in the cuban capital preliminary investigations indicate it was caused by a gas leak since the cuban presidents office movie stars and celebrities like madonna had stayed in the southern foger, now rescue workers and locals, a search for people missing under the rubble. it was
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a blast that threw me out there. apparently it could have been worse. no tourist was staying at the hotel because it was undergoing renovations, said the habana governor, president miguel diaz camille arrived at the scene shortly after the blast. published a. there's a group of people receiving help, a rescue teamed the specialized emergency forces. we have debts. unfortunately. the hospitals are dealing with the injured explosion, damaged other buildings around the hotel to their worries, especially about a nearby primary school authority. say that thankfully the children and teachers there are okay. holdings in have i'm as beautiful but disintegrates. an old term often suffer fooling masonry, but explosions are rare. this one was shot. the island john homan, al jazeera, the republican party sion fane at slightly to come out on top in northern irons
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elections for the 1st time and the regions history. a cornerstone of the parties manifesto is to leave the u. k and unite with ireland boss as joan holl reports from belfast. not still a distant prospect. kelly, if i only when fame account promised many more, for the nationalist party committed to a united ireland and predicted by opinion polls to beat their pro british unionist rivals. for the 1st time in a 100 years lifelong the popular republican party do have, you know, and we also have to show that we deal with people issues as a goals and the things are not top rated or inseparable. shouldn't change campaign focused on bread and butter issues like the cost of living, crisis, health and housing as precursors to iris reunification?
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the union is both, on the other hand, was split with the largest party, the democratic unionists threatening to boycott the store mont, assembly because of post briggs, it border arrangements that they say undermine the very union they exist to defend . the non protocol is the key to for us at the time. and we need to get resolution about issue because by and within a country between brooklyn, adams and we need to move our trade via, i'm good, really. and ensure that the know who to call is dealt with was referral, which raises the possibility of a full blown political crisis. after this election paralysis deadlock. arising out the 2 parties, power sharing system under the good friday peace agreement. and not for the 1st time. that's why growing numbers of voters have chosen a 3rd way. and then the biggest winners in this election,
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the cross community center ground alliance party. northern island isn't just a place where the national union of northern i'm the place that is diverse. on this boat for alliance is showing that there are more people who aren't satisfied with the better both and also being more than irish. it's further evidence of potentially seismic shift to the political landscape. i think what you put it down to is, 1st of all, our post brags that tiredness actually with what has happened since it's become very green and orange had it. you put it down to a new young girl actress who no longer interested in these things. i think you put it down to the fact that for a number of years, we've hardly had any government under her real wish for a large part of this population to get on with actually getting stuff addressed, which isn't just constitutional. all of which sets up a fertile conversation about the future in northern ireland, one far less tethered to the sectarian constraints of the past. jo to hold al jazeera belfast. i'm person has died at least 13 have been injured during protests
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and democratic republic of congo. police fire tear gas to disperse, crowns in the capital. kinshasa wrote us as an angry, over proposed changes to electoral law, more than 50 people were arrested, including opposition and peas, president felix tisha. katy is being accused of using the proposed law to stifle opponents. at the next election, i saw he leagues in the us and canada have been accused of having a racism. problem current and former players have formed the hockey diversity alliance. calling for change and to players and fans say they've encountered discrimination as well. how did your castro reports washington? it's not easy being a black hockey player just asked 15 year old daria's nichols who's been training on the ice since he was 5. it's very hard having to deal with her had versity, it's really hard to deal with. most of the other players are white and nickel says,
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while his own teammates in maryland are supportive, he often gets called racial slurs by players from other teams. i've had kids called me and word i've had kids just come at me for no apparent reason. close on was when adobe voice was like, well, sorry. yeah, hockey coach brian king says the same happened to him when he played in college. it was much worse. i'm from name calling to, you know, being punch in the face randomly is also name calling and being races. and there is a clue. difference between the hockey still carries the stigma of being a white man's sport. it was developed by european settlers in canada about 150 years ago in its popularity spread to the united states. but unlike most other pro sports, that diversified during the civil rights era, hockey, didn't i, saki as b widest, straightest mail list sport out there?
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i, rene has, is trying to change that. she's the founder of a group called black girl hockey club, which organizes fan events and scholarships to support diversity in hockey. as a black woman. if i can find a space in a sport like ice hockey, and if a sport like ice hockey can cultivate a space for me, then that can happen anywhere. professional hockey is indeed a sport that under represented minority. currently the n h l has only about 5 dozen minority players, and just 8 out of the 220 coaches are people of color. good above it, good bothered warranty abercrombie hopes to break into that elite group. last fall, he completed a coaching internship with the arizona coyotes part of the n. h. l. effort to nurture diverse talent. i want to be the 1st head coach in the n h l mom of diverse background to have his name on. on this now we go. he says he's unafraid to aim
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high because he demands the same of his players. he tells them progress just requires putting one skate in front of the other. oregon, oregon. heidi jo, castro, al jazeera washington. ah, as is out there, these are all top stories. north korea has fired. what's believe to be a ballistic missile for the 2nd time this week, it was a warning from the u. s. that pyongyang could be preparing to test nuclear missiles later this month. russia is rehearsing for his annual victory parade on monday, marking the anniversary of nazi germany surrender. in the 2nd world war will be a curfew around the cranium. port city of odessa from sunday because of worries about russian celebrations. it's the final day of.


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