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i to gaze jenny, still resumed media, they're going to be acting from asia and from char critical debate. could china actually help in russia's invasion of ukraine in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera? ah, after more than a dozen tests so far this year, north gray is accused of firing another ballistic missile. ah, no, there are nora. kyle: this is out, is there a lie from doha, also coming up as its forces bassi ukraine. russia puts its military mice on show and a dress rehearsal for world war 2 victory day parade. the final day of campaigning in the philippines, where 67000000 voters are getting ready to choose their new president and
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a former prison and president makes a comeback, claiming he's older and wiser. will he unseat the incumbent? ah, north korea has fired. what's believe to be a ballistic missile for the 2nd time this week? japanese and south korean army leaders. so it was launched into the sea of north korea's east coast. south korean military says the missiles flew for 600 kilometers at the altitude of 60 kilometers. as the 15th test this year and comes just days before the inauguration of south when president elect units took yo the u. s. belize. north korea is also preparing for a nuclear missile test. but kelly is a professor of political science and diplomacy at pusan national university. he thinks it's likely pyongyang wants to send a message to south careers,
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a new president. so you will becomes present in a couple of days, i believe on may 10th. right, and i think the idea is to sort of signal for the south koreans, you know, we're still here yet, but seriously, campuses around the north koreans abundance in the past. if i remember correctly when brock obama was inaugurated, there was a test and i think when pumpkin, hey, wasn't going to present south korea. there was a test drive train with a long history of sort of doing this. and it's kind of a mixed signaling and bullying. now i've done a new testament since 2017. you may recall for a short time, donald trump, for president. and there were sort of an effort to reach out to the north koreans for 2 years. it looked like there might be some kind of a taunt breakthrough in the north korean sort of hell off, but that really didn't go anywhere the north instantly put much on the table to be fair. the americans didn't really either. and so the whole thing kind of came apart, and if you're north korea, you're really not seeing much movement on the go station table. and so your, i presume the thinking is something like we need to keep on escalating, right? north trans can't get a decent deal out of south korean united states and they're going to want to really bulk up on the deterrence. and that means
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a regular testing program. i think the big concern in the last couple weeks had been the north trains have gotten a lot more aggressive in the rhetoric they started talking about using these things outside of defense sorrows. and that's got everybody's scared. right. that they may be thinking of using a cramped or something. and out there is at rosalind jordan and washington d. c. has worn out on the us warnings of a potential nuclear test. earlier this week to news organizations here in the us reported that according to military and intelligence officials, they were detecting the apparent ramp up of activity at the site where underground nuclear testing happens inside north korea. if this does happen during the month of may would be the 1st time in more than 4 years. that of the of young young government would have carried out what is considered under international law and a legal nuclear ro, arms test. this is of course, a situation that very much has a you, us and south korea concerned,
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especially because of their just out some 28000 us forces inside of south korea. but there have not been any nuclear weapons stationed on south korean soil since the early ninety's. and that was at the order of the president at the time, george h. w bush of the u. s. is also trying, but so far, unsuccessfully to get north korea to return to the bargaining table without preconditions about efforts to end it's nuclear weapons program. the current leader has yet to respond to those overtures. one thing that is clear of the white house is already said in light of, of these reports that the u. s. president's plans to visit south korea and japan later in the month of may will not do me put off just because of this a possible threat. ukraine is taking precautions as russia rehearse, as for its annual victory day parade. monday marks the 77th anniversary of nazi
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germany surrender to the soviet union. in the 2nd world war, there'll be a curfew around the ukrainian port says you have a dresser from sunday nights until tuesday morning. because of worries about russian celebrations. officials and keith believe russia's president could use the occasion to declare a formal war with ukraine. 50 people, including women, children, and the elderly, have been rescued from the besieged as of sal, industrial complex. and mary poll un and red cross workers met them on friday in the russian controlled village of bessie. many ukrainian officials accused rusher, a violating cease fires during previous evacuation attempts. these and town of proposals has been under siege for weeks. that's believed around 2000 civilians. a traps there was charles stratford reports from nearby rebekah attempts to get them out have stopped because of the danger to volunteers. for those who scold with sicily, chemical surgery rascal was
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a construction worker before russia invaded ukraine. when the war started, he volunteered as a civilian evacuation driver is now missing dead. this video shows him after he had rescued civilians from the besieged town of port persona in the east of the country. the live up on the eagle was his co driver on that day. he says said a gay told him if he could save another 20 people, his life would not be in vain. we should be your partner. yes, i could see the entrance to proposals, says eagle. what russian soldiers suddenly jumped out from the left. it happened so fast. they fired a rocket propelled grenade, but it miss risk and they started shooting machine guns and rifles. it was the windows shattered. sergei kept driving, but he was hit and began falling, dragging the steering wheel to the left. we bid off the road, crushing through small trees. i was crouched down, pushing up against the dashboard i looked at,
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said again so much that he wasn't moving or making any sound from here. when i reached the door handle jumped out and started running between the trees using the bosses. cover was continued shooting at it. when i got to a village, i found a house and got water. i was covered in blood, my face, my hands and ears. i thought it was mine, but i had no wounds. i realized then it was said again, it's not known exactly how many people are either trapped inside paupers, nor, or i'm willing to leave a town that he's on the net constant russian army attack. this is volunteer evacuation dr. mckayla called having a blindfold taken off on russian state cb. 2 days off the disappeared was also trying to evacuate. people track only civilians are doing the evacuation details. the man in military uniform interviewing him. his daughter made an emotional plea on facebook for his release. oh, i beg you,
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please give him my father back. we miss him so much. please release him. let him go . in a village bring propose, now the sound of artillery crashes through the air volunteers, elena and ury inspect the graves where they have been burying civilians killed in the besieged town. long trenches have been dug in which bodies lie covered in soil . a tractor will fill in the trench when the shelling dies down because i'm not, i know many of us. i'm a parson, you know, there is more danger. the shells can land on, you know, here it is over our heads. we bury them here because it's impossible to bury them under the shelley. it's too dangerous to go in and collect the bodies. now. a beating of really deeper come from. i feel great pity that people killed. if they're alive now, they could be doing some one take a straight now to really say palace in france, where my neo micron has just been integrated for
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a 2nd term as lesson. and the gravity of these times return of war to europe. personal buffer goes on security is what is the ecological emergency? if you don't, i don't live okay. aahama at the health, chrysler mold in a copy of it. they got 40 and telecom functional. did it. so our country has been faced with only chrisy knows what buckner, this he did, or hopefully said the buffalo, many people decided maternity to i don't know that a g u p. go back to a nostalgia for the past in phosphor, about to look into themselves. rupert foster, but the french people, i finish what has made a choice or declare it and explicit choice and policy hyperbolic go the opium, to support the republic and europe. dante models, a project on this of independence, and put it to publish not defeat a project for social scientific, an ecological progress seeking the few years necessary. this ritual to stop war to
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an owner do with the migration for to swap this choice since clean on his 12 in italy is inscribed in the history in the prison cc'd, the mid booklet, his sister, and the presence of my 2 predecessors here on best test me to this to show us. huh . this will be the sovereign choice. cassidy or the purple fancy at the french should be dizzy. people have done who decides on their representatives? he mothers see the sonata and invest we that mandate in me a brief on the french people, nap apology, the monarchy session, kumasi, look at the of the, made them in the city to put a new val, what we're deciding on is not to extend the term of the 14 to may 2017, but have a new term, a new mandate, saucer region, actually. so you pull across the board on this is for france, and for europe,
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whoever did to discolored the suit the necklace in which to avoid any escalation of the war requires a novelty. and to bring about you courage, she up in louisville within the european humanity. as ye to act as are not happy in the heart. i think good of our country for our farmers workers, scientists simply fiano idly on of if you buy it for simplifying and investing and he will back saying that they do play not well. we don't use the full full employment california boswell because for me the frog is in the needs discontinued . see, as you to act or felt, you know, could be to make one piece of the canal country, a great ecological power garden on my young to put the, to produce. and the radical means simple. now, as you to actually to know that the kid with the class in tenure of a, from built of work, a click go from our routes for health. look,
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we don't receive full amount of work for them to educating his people. he can training unit couldn't vote, and i could do useful opening up to work. it was an antique culture of sports for the olympic games, the forthcoming and pink eye himself to sort it well. and thus the mon, i mean, you're only going to show the other training, bringing about the necessary work as you to act with me to post. we have to continue to build you a, a legality to work for them. equality as he will to army his you know, after you have an army thought for a strong army and you know, you only don't, can put isn't security. did you quoted you and facing the daily and insecurities environment? us at the new threats as your son, to act together, me to re, you know, let somebody bring together work together, populate the middle and as
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a pull. now cities, towns san overseas territories working together. i think i got so to me that clinician presented model to be more independent, you nation glucose, piano hippo fossa, and to build a french response to the challenges of our century. 5th, examiner, 7th. that is frantically dominant and he does not arrive in a moment in la time of our nations or talk good if like many men and women acting up don't buy administrative fee or she needed a form acting for the country, bringing about reforms. but for our people, let's zoom on, sit down, is you mailed your sombre mall. we need to work together to unite. let him see the us, you the less as this unit to working together as an association for that is why all together in mid are the new they need to invent one of the new methods allocated,
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paul. so but the, our new vocal part in which we can be based. so c, l, a new. so shoot an ecological contracts to q. so because working together means accept didn't approve her to acceptable universal for the that we cannot not do. and the thing or forget our responsibilities on be surely that we need to have more ambition, more responsibility for yasamin working together in his classroom with the government as well, with the ministration system, parliament, the social partner, social and associations on sunday, bringing the country to together so politically, socially economic, the culturally and plenty of young on a formal, on with this you, my reforming ourselves would be working together. so setting ourselves on him this he did guns on be shown as united his side to work together, like in the national way, bringing about making initiatives. so above all,
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hello refund them on de la honey that swim. okay, well, be the foundation of the democratic renee, so it's a lot, you know, do you see as the teacher that is clearly would be institutional as well. next it on a particular schedule in the work or participation of every day of the responsibility . it ends in its ladies and gentlemen, not put bessie on the lot about him when he has a passion is to create the meaning only to defeat you. in the most difficult time, you'll get him in france. it'll make the best of herself deposit to rise arms easy tragedies that we frank rush for people or de la with strength to go beyond. we're ourselves, if that a crate history was on some law. and we are there as a memorial, as it is at school time, it would, oh no gone the leg, lamar planet, there. we see the great awesome, let planetary deregulation damage in war. we need have new challenges. lack of you
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. if my conviction is clear, you look why to have let us have you got courier on facebook to look, go ahead and in order to be specific, we didn't really silly. baptisms washing the ideal not to just let you things that go over levels as loyal to the the city values of really sanity. unfortunately, the said so being of an secular consensus, $1789.00 shilling on block. let us do a jared. now this examples we working to ha gather, said to non good one i big like, well the, the lead universe in this universal language. she really let us continue to apply this. a play me nose, the level don't pitch anyone. this is the general will mahogany sounds do feel addicted is on the recognition is b lanetra respectfully different of law. so seen him and of social policy. let us have those of the yoga fi,
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the be the challenge working together who find the math. he's the peer to peer, i need them on our fans to scan the blend together and some back. hello girl. the so you plug this heartening of this ancient global mold which has offered to leave the world, the greatest dreams humanism, yale and light. the latter. none as human rights left hans, not the thin france will rise up to this challenge. but i confess i got the ball appropriate for this rust given in the french pickle hood of fit. confuse this trust to this confidence checkmark. not with me. don't goes every morning, which is he questioned and we're there in the libya. checks all the monarchies every day of this term. sylvia. i'm here to serve you be to serve our collateral level, or the believe that this will of freedom of if he uncles were you to serve our
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citizens. you did well in this 11 meeting, at least one of the duty. sylvia knows awful to serve our children. i'll you help me bossy, won't i said my thoughts are this time. it is a fee. it goes on to those ag glenette preview of who want a more living in a livable planet. he's awful and a stronger france, like the big long live republican long of france. and we were listening to a manual macro addressing a friendship nation following is an or gratian for a 2nd term in office. i am here to serve you was his main message. this is a new term, not a continuation of the 1st term and is less than 2017. is that we need to make
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france stronger by working together for more on this. let's bring in french journalist and unless pierre ascii, he joins us via skype from paris. we. one of his key messages was one of unity, wasn't it working together? we heard that phrase come up time and time again. how difficult will it be for a manual micron to unify france? well, you could feel from the tone of his speech that this was not a joyful event. it was a very serious and crisis minded speech in which he was taking into account both the international context. he referred several times to the war in ukraine and to the continuation of terrorism and other. ringback problems, but also the disunity that was shown in the french nation during the election campaign and he is there was an something implicit in his speech is that he will
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change. the method of governing is been very much criticized during his 1st mandate for a very solitary exercise for sometimes what is described as arrogance. he promised a new method and i think this was the, the key message to the french people was with the methods of governing will change . and he came to power festival a 5 years ago with a big agenda of reform. the student, he will, we see re enactment of those reforms is really going to push them this time he has been elected with something very controversial in his program, which was the postponement of the retirement age to 65. it's 62 at the moment in france, and this has been opposed very much by the other candidates. so it remains to be seen when he will introduce this reform. and this will certainly lead to a lot of opposition from some of the unions and from of the political party. so
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this is the main reform agenda that he has for the next phase. but the, the other thing he announced in his speech was really changing the democratic environment of france in, in, in a more, in, in, in the less top down a methodology for us is known for a very centralized power and the provinces of frost. so always resent the power of paris is promised to change that he has positioned himself as he is one of the main west and leaders to talk to russian president vladimir putin over the war in ukraine. how does that go down in france with domestic public? it's been appreciated that the french are a very proud nation than they, they like to see their leaders playing a role in international affairs. so on one side, people appreciated the fact that
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a president macro was the main western interlocutor of president putting on the other side. obviously it hasn't produced results. prison put in was very and a, you know, not giving away anything to president mccord. so this dialogue at some stage became too heavy to carry without any results. so in the new phase of this war, in the new presidency, it remains to be seen what, how much involvement prison michael will have in dialogue with moscow. he had president put in on the phone 2 days ago, and this again didn't produce much results. so, and, but he referred a lot to the you quinn war and he said we have to give democracy the means to win. that means a get ukraine on the winning side and that, that was a clear message from his speech. it was in that speech of the manual mac wrong bank
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. no, great. it for a 2nd time here. ascii, thanks very much for joining us now. shall anchor's precedent. has drawn christ's ism at home and abroad after declaring a state of emergency for the 2nd time in 5 weeks. president got a bar roger pack has been facing nationwide calls for his resignation. people are angry at his failure to control a worsening economic crisis. the decree gives the president sweeping powers. he can change or suspend laws, seize property and order. detentions 7 palestinians have been injured in confrontations with israeli forces in the occupied westbank. it happened after a house and the village of so that al her a dia, was demolished early on saturday. the home belong to a man who along with other family, is accused of killing and his re settler in december. the taliban is ordering women in afghanistan to we're head to toe burgers in public. the order has come from the supreme leader who says is traditional and respectful is on the strictest controls
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imposed on women since the group swept to power. last august is the final day of campaign rallies in the philippines ahead of a presidential election described as the most important in its history, a top to kansas for monday's votes. frontrunner ferguson and marcos junior and vice president, lenny robledo marcos as the son of former president, 1st non marcos, he was acid and a people's uprising in 1986 for his li is following the marcus campaign. in manila, the marcus campaign really has been able to take advantage of the fact that more than half of the registered voters in the philippines are too young to have lived through his father's administration. or even to remember what it was like. it was a period wife with corruption and human rights abuses, but his campaign and his supporters have been able to repaint that as a golden euro for the philippines. they talked about the infrastructure that he had built glossing over the fact that he got the country into huge foreign debt. now he
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has been able to do this in part with misleading posts on social media. a fact checking group says that ferdinand marco's junior, has been able to benefit from. mm hm. was the biggest benefit of misinformation on social media. whereas in contrast, the vice president, lenny robledo, his closest rival, was the biggest victim in the campaign of this information. now, he has been able to do this also in part because he has a tactic of avoiding hard questions from the media. he pre selects who gets to attend his conferences. he avoids, he's very selective about will. he gives interviews to and you know, just as an addict, aren't we applied for accreditation to cover the mark was junior rally, but we were denied the rally. and the other reason is his partnership with sarah to target, who's the daughter of the incumbent president. she herself is running for vice president. and even though voters vote for these positions separately, he's been able to leverage on the deterred a strong role in the south and combined that with the mock or strong hole in the
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north. but of course, if you speak to a supporters, they'll say that it is message of unity. even though it's simple and it's ambiguous, resonates with under my own dog and has been following many robledo who's also holding her final pre election rally bursey, thousands of thousands of people really coming in after days and weeks of campaigning for a precedent that they'd never have done this before on so whether this will actually result to votes remain to be seen. but there is a strong sense of hope they're seeing that basically they're campaigned, they're push for vice president len, you read it to become the nest wreck. the next president is more than just an act of defiance. against a 5 years of president would be good at their dis policy, but a push back. they said primarily against the possible return of a marcus presidency. one person has died in protest and democratic republic of congo, at least 13 others were injured after police dispersed demonstrations in the capital
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kinshasa. protestors are angry, over proposed changes to the electoral, nor they say it will be used to stifle dissent. and monahan reports what began as a sit in protest to proven too quickly turned into a violent confrontation with police fire tear gas in the crowd and moved in to break up any resistance. ah, the protest her say present felix to carry out the steel next year's election. oh, and they'll keep up their campaign until he agrees to talk we are fighting for a credible electoral law from the parliament, which will allow us to have a good election next year so that we can kick out president felix tish teddy were suffering in this country. because of his faith governance permit requirement control would wrap up despite we'll continue from now till we have a good election. 23 president. jessica. eddie must go next to peacefully for
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election. october. come back to morrow till we have an agreement around the electoral law. but it wasn't to she cared, he became president in 2019, in the democratic republic of congo, 1st peaceful transition of power. but now he's pushing through reform to electoral laws that opponents fear be used to disqualify his main rivals. the opposition was national consensus on the best way to hold a fair election, who found emerson through because of a sense, if the president is controlling everything as a dictator. the only way to put pressure on him is to call on our population to take action against this regime. as it is tish kitty's reform plan has become a rallying cry for the opposition. if they aren't included in the process, it's likely the protest like these will continue and failure to reach consensus on next year's election could further complicate the nation struggle for democracy
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than to monahan al jazeera vasquez had been working through the night in cuba capital as searching for bodies after an explosion, as a luxury hotel and he's 22 people including a child, were killed in the blast at hotel saratoga and havana. 74 others were injured. explosion was caused by a suspected gas leak. thousands of people in the u. s. state of new mexico, our own alerts and get out of their homes at short notice because of wildfires. strong winds are expected to speed up the spread of the fires and northern parts of the state. i've already been through almost 700 square columns as of lands near the city of santa fe. flood warnings have been issued in parts of the united states face of arkansas or after heavy rain caused rivers to overflow. several roads or close emergency crews are trying to remove piles of debris. on wednesday, a storm system triggered several tornadoes in texas and oklahoma, after lead, and lead to flooding and neighboring arkansas.
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ah, no, with our desert, these are the top stories this our emanuel micron has been sworn in for a 2nd term as french president. he's vowing to build a stronger france and to do better than in his 1st 5 years micron. a centrist was helped by left wing voters who were anxious to keep the far right runner up. marine the pen out of office. north korea has fired. what's believe to be a ballistic missile for the 2nd time this week. and for as a warning from the u. s that pyongyang could be preparing to test nuclear missiles later this month. russia is rehearsing for his annual victory parade on monday, marking the anniversary of nazi germany surrender. in the 2nd world war. they'll be a curfew around the ukrainian port city of odessa from sunday. because it worries over russian celebrations,
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it's the final day of campaigning ahead of monday's presidential election in the philippines. leading candidates, our 1st not markers.


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