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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 7, 2022 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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ah, how and why did who become so obsessed with this law? we were giving them a tool to hold corrupt individuals with human rights abusers accountable. they're going to rip this deal apart if they take the white house, the 2025. what is the world hearing what we're talking about vi american today, your weekly take on us politics and society. that's the bottom line. ah, this is al jazeera ah, for there, i'm terry johnson. this is the news our lot from don't will coming up in the next 60 minutes. french president to manual micron is sworn in for 2nd term. that's likely to be overshadowed by challenge is at home and abroad. after more than
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a dozen tests, so far this year, north korea is accused of firing another ballistic missile. as its forces battle ukraine of russia puts its military might on show the dress rehearsal of well go to it today. parade. and afghanistan's taliban leaders order women to cover their faces in public, some of the groups, toughest rules since the season. and i'm sort of hired with your sports and it's another landmark moment. the rising star of men tennis 19 year old carlos alcaraz beats his idol, raphael, and the dal to reach the madrid monster semi final ah, always stop. this news are in france where a newly reelected present emanuel mac cron has promised to unify the nation after a divisive election campaign. while speaking, after being sworn in for his 2nd to find the time. a con,
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said france was dealing with unprecedented crises including a war in europe. the pandemic and climate change. while he sent his country was at his best despite the difficult times he promised his 2nd term will not be a repeat of his 1st meal of purple fancy said vicky dizzy newfield pleasant. don't hyster french people who choose their representatives and president gra, giving me this mandate to day. the french people have not extended my turn that began 2017. a new france different to the other 5 years ago. have given a new president in human date of remove or france journalist, an unless peer haskin is in paris for us. now, what did you make of his speech then? very much a call for unity. would you say? yes, and i would say it was a humble event that emmanuel mccoy, sometimes known for a grand jose events and, and trying to he's been this quite sometimes as oregon is been trying to portray
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himself as a humble, a new president for a 2nd mandate. who will act to the different crises that you have mentioned, whether insert the war in ukraine, that them, they make the climate change. and also the domestic challenges, social and democratic challenges that is facing and as the recent elections show and on the international front than he made it clear that a strong support for ukraine would continue. yes, this is really he said, though we have to give the means for democracy to win, which means supporting ukraine against russia. but he also mentioned that he was looking forward for a new or alignment of peace in europe and the new security arrangement for europe and autonomy for europe. so these are the, the key words that he's been mentioning since 2017, but which, which take new meanings today in the context of the war and ukraine. and which are
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trying to portray a europe that is not totally aligned on the us, but has it's all in the agenda. and domestically then, what challenges does he face with the coming june parliamentary elections? well, the election, the presidential election showed that france was divided not in 2 blocks, but in 3 blocks. and that's going to be the challenge of the next parliamentary elections in june. because we have the far right with mary le pen who was, is challenger in the 2nd round, but we now have a united left block behind mr. middle show game, 3rd in the presidential election and who is the leader of the radical left. so he will have to face 2 challenges from both right and left. if he wants to get a majority in parliament, which is the key for stability and for governing in this country. so the next 2 months are still going to be very much focused on domestic politics with those
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parliamentary elections at the same time with the european presidency. that fraud still has for another 2 months. so it's it gonna be a busy 2 months for president mccomb. and she mentioned domestic issues that will be the biggest, finished domestic issues coming up for him in the run up to those elections. well, the biggest issue i think is worldwide is the rise of inflation and the discontent of the poorer sections of the population. in the face of rising prices and we, we see that everywhere as a result of the ukraine war of the problems of energy of food. and this is being felt in for us as well. and this is a big challenge for a government that is both trying to support ukraine and be involved in this crisis and at the same time and limit the damage and the consequences of this crisis to
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the french population. but obviously a lot of people are unhappy about rising prices, so that's good, definitely going to be a big, big challenge for the president. ok, french janice, and honest peer, husky. thank you for those insights here today. now north korea has 5. what's believed to be a ballistic missile for the 2nd time this week. japanese and the south korean army leaders sate was launched into the sea of north korea's east coast, south korean military and says in the south flu for 600 kilometers. an altitude of 60 kilometers is the 15th test this year and comes to just days before that migration of the south korean president elect units. so no u. s. these north korea is also preparing for nuclear missile test. but kelly is a professor of political science and diplomacy at p son national university. he thinks it's likely pyongyang wants to send a message to south korea's new president. so you want to becomes president in
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a couple of days, i believe on may 10th. right. and i think the idea is to sort of signal to the south koreans, you know, we're still here. yes. i think a seriously campuses around the north koreans abundance in the past. if i remember correctly when brock obama was inaugurated, there was a test and i think when parking hey was inaugurated present south, there was a test drive train for a long history of sort of doing this and it's kind of a mixed signaling and bullying. now i've been a new testament since 2017. you may recall for a short time, donald trump was president and there was sort of an effort to reach out to the north koreans for 2 years. it looked like there might be some kind of a hot break through in the north korean sort of hell off. but that really didn't go anywhere. the north koreans didn't really put much on the table to be fair. the americans didn't really either. and so the whole thing kind of came apart, and if you're north korea, you're really not seeing much move and i'm going to go station table once or year. i presume the thinking is something like we need to keep on escalating north trans . can't get a decent deal out of south korean, the united states, and they're going to want to really bulk up on the deterrence. and that means
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a regular testing program. i think the big concern in the last couple weeks has been the north trains have gotten a lot more aggressive and the rhetoric is talking about using these things outside of defense sorrows. and that's got everybody's scared. right. that they may be thinking of using a cramped or something. and al jazeera is rosalind jordan in washington, d. c has more on the u. s. warnings of a potential nuclear test. earlier this week to news organizations here in the u. s . reported that according to military and intelligence officials, they were detecting the apparent ramp up at of activity at the site where underground nuclear testing happens inside north korea. if this does happen during the month of may be the 1st time in more than 4 years, that of the of young young government would have carried out what is considered under international law and illegal nuclear ro arms test. this is of course, a situation that very much has on the u. s. and south korea concerned,
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especially because of their just out some 28000 u. s. forces inside of south korea. but there have not been any nuclear weapons stationed on south korean soil since the early ninety's. and that was at the order of the president at the time george h. w bush of the u. s. is also trying, but so far, unsuccessfully to get north korea to return to the bargaining table without pre conditions about efforts to end it's nuclear weapons program. the current leader has yet to respond to those overtures. one thing that is clear of the white house is already said in light of, of these reports that the u. s. president's plans to visit south korea and japan later in the month of may will not be put off just because of this a possible threat.
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ukraine is taking precautions as russia rehearse is for its annual victory day parade monday moxie sent to some of us who wants to germany's surrender. cynthia union. the 2nd will move the become a few around craning port city of the desa from sunday night until tuesday morning . because of worries about russian celebrations, officials and keith leave wash is president, could use the occasion to declare a form of war with ukraine. 50 people including women, children, and the elderly, had been rescued from the besieged of sto, industrial context invariable un and red cross workers met them on friday in the russian control village of men. cranium officials accused russia violating c 5 during previous evacuation attempts. the eastern time has nor has been under ca for weeks is believe about 2000 civilians are trapped their child struck with no reports from nearby. for this car. attempts to get them out have been stopped
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because of the danger to volunteers. you know, those in your school was just really came of sort of a rush goal was a construction worker before russia invaded ukraine. when the war started, he volunteered as a civilian evacuation driver is now missing fear dead. this video shows him after he had rescued civilians from the besieged town of port persona in the east of the country. really we live up on the eagle was his co driver on that day. he says, saturday, told him if he could save another 20 people, his life would not be in vain. we, i was in your y'alls, are you? i could see the entrance to pal puzzler. says eagle, what russian soldiers suddenly jumped out from the left. it happened so fast. they fired a rocket propelled grenade, but it miss wisc or they started shooting machine guns and rifles. it was the windows shattered. sergei kept driving, but he was hit and began falling, dragging the steering wheel to the left. we bid off the road,
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crushing through small trees, where i was crouched down, pushing up against the dashboard. i looked at said again so much that he wasn't moving or making any sound here when i reached the door handle jumped out and started running between the trees using the bosses cover was continued shooting at it. when i got to a village, i found a house and got water that was covered in blood. my face, my hands and ears. i saw it, it was mine, but i had no wounds. i realized then it was said again, not known exactly how many people are either trapped inside paws, nor, or i'm willing to leave a town that is on the near constant russian army attack. this is volunteer evacuation dr. m. a halo protocols having a blindfold taken off on russian stated stevie 2 days off the disappeared. one also tried to evacuate people trapped. even though only civilians are doing the evacuation details, the man in military uniform interviewing him. his daughter made an emotional plea
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on facebook for his release. oh, i beg you please giving my father back. we miss him so much. please release him. let him go. in a village, neighbouring pause, now the sound of artillery crashes through the air, volunteers, helena and uri, inspect the graves where they have been burying civilians killed in the besieged town. long trenches have been dug in which bodies lie covered in soil. attractor will fill in the trench when the shelling dies down. to cause i'm not, i mean, your boss there is more danger. the shells can land on you, not here it is over our heads. we bury them here because it's impossible to bury them under the shelley. it's too dangerous to go in and collect the bodies. now. a beaten, really deep. i feel great pity for people killed if they're alive now, they could be doing something good. it's very hard to comprehend when you find
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a young person lying dead on the ground, you created all sorties, say dna testing will be done with a war ends to identify the growing number of on identifying able civilians killed. this is one of 3 unidentified graves in this graveyard. all that is written on the cross is that a woman's body is buried here and the place where the body was found. for now, the fighting intell pause nor rage is all making it too dangerous for rescuing the living or dead. child stratford al jazeera rubica, eastern ukraine. ukraine says it hit another russian warship which has sunk cost bursting into flames. in my car of a frigate is believed to have been citing close to snake island, and the black sea is confirmed. it will be russia's 2nd big naval last since the invasion. the cranium forces sank. the flagship mosque that wash it last month of
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the u. s. reporter the shared information on its location. a pentagon spokesman john kirby could not confirm the latest hit, nor would he save it was a result of us intelligence. we provide them what we believe to be relevant and timely information about russian units that call allow them to adjust and execute their, their self defense to the best of their ability. and i would also add, and this is not an important point. we are not the only sole source of intelligence and information to the ukrainians. they get intelligence from other nations as well . 7 palestinians have been injured in confrontations with israeli forces in the occupied west bank. you happen to after a house in the village of it so that i was demolished early on saturday. the home it belonged to a man who was on with other family is accused of killing and really settling december maryland usa ahead. it's the final day of campaigning in the philippines
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and millions of voters and getting ready to choose them. president, protest against the congo these president turns pilot demonstrate to say they won't decide it, the weighted straight it mail it or out there. what's being done to change the image? a professional ah, tell me about leaders in afghanistan of ordered women to cover their entire body while in public. the decree came from the taliban. supreme leader also says if a woman refuses to cover her body from head to toe, her father or male relative can be sent to prison or fired from government jobs. rebound leaders have cracked down on women's rights since taking power last year. as despite promising to expect such freedoms well, kate clark is a co direct 12,
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afghanistan, and with network, a non profit policy research organization. he joins us from london now, thanks to him with his have on the programmer. what do you make of this decree? well it's, it is quite extraordinary many months into the reign of power enough canister on the telephone of imposed probably the most iconic aspect as a rule from the 19 $190.00, which is forcing women to cover their faces in public. and it's clearly aimed at controlling women who have been the most troublesome section of the population. if we see any of the, the demonstrations that have taken place since august, when the taliban took up, its, its been women at the forefront women and girls. and this is intended to ensure that women have no public face. the taliban believes that a woman's places in the home she should not come out without a male close male,
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relative mhm. and she does come out, she should cover her face. so this is women haven't enjoyed much greater freedom. and the 20th of the republic there were women and peas, politicians, heads of agencies, business women, teachers, doctors, you name it. women have been in the public faiths and covering forcing a warrant to cover her face is a very, very symbolic act. that the taliban of now and juice that women have no place in the public room. and what's the reaction likely to be from the international community then in your view? well, i think was a couple of things. one, i mean, i would actually say that the countries that were supporting afghans on the donors, they already had sanctions in place against the taliban. as an opposition group,
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when they came into power, of course, a sanctions that went into power against the country. and they've been a number of ways that have been introduced. the donors were supporting us canister with large quantities of age. the telephone were warned that would be cut if they took pan militarily. they went ahead, it was cocked, the toners of given humanitarian assistance from lots amounts because of the huge economic calamity that we fell off counting on. this makes it so much, much more difficult for the donors to engage with the telephone. i've got us on need help. it economy has been shredded of the result of the telephone take over the toners need to have some sort of sense of the telephone, a willing to, to, to meet them on equal ground in every stage. the taliban seemed to put up mo, barriers of something like forcing me to dress code and extreme dress codes for women. not allowing older girls to go to school,
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killing her opponent, the sort of revenge killings forced disappearances not allowing but virtually anyone outside their ranks to have a position in government. he's fucking throughout myself. i mean, you mentioned that down is that how much international reaction impact ordinary afghans struggling in the severe economic conditions that you mentioned when it just makes it much more difficult, but return to work with the telephone and, and actually it makes, and i mean the one of the other things that i would say is the economy is shreds. is insurance. what the taliban? concentrating on the thinking about the length of the mens beta to think about what women were thinking about the type of sleeves that oldest to girls might where where is the urgency from the, from the government in kabul. and can talk about the very real hunger and difficulties that there are people are facing. and of course, if women come work,
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that's a huge blow to many households where women's incomes were important. along with this edict today came direct you but women should stay at home unless they have a good reason for going out further to the economy. and of course, i think as well, this type of moral policing, hon. my roof is what the, this touch of policing is cold enough, gonna storm the promotion of virtue and the prevention of 5. it's not only about and forcing telephones version of shadow on follow africans. many seem to share the version of islamic law. it's all about social control. it's also an intrusive way in which the government, the state looks into people's personal lives and tried to police them. and certainly in the 1990 s that went along very much with a very strong intelligence outlook. so you, you pose these lows, you create a mechanism from forcing them, it's a way of controlling the population. ok, with
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a bit that came clark, director of us, going to start on this network. thank you for joining us here today. the final day of campaign valleys in the philippines, the head of a presidential election described as the most important in the country's history. one of 2 front runners. none. marcos is holding a large valley. in manila, buck us is the found the fall at present ferdinand. marcus, he was ousted in people's uprising in 1986, and the candidate hoping to beat marcus is vice president, and the reader route is being held at a symbolic location is where a huge march was held in 1983 after the assassination of a senator, who struggled against the marcus regime radio has run a grassroots campaign, the political elite and political dynasties. well, the matter is that the great radi will speak to her shortly. first to florence louis who's covering the marcos campaign events with such
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a tainted family legacy. how has marcus junior managed to gain so much support that he's now the front runner in the upcoming elections? well the more close campaign has been able to take advantage of the fact that more than half the registered voters in the philippines on too young to remember what life was like during his father's rule, this was a period full of corruption and human rights abuses. but he has been able to, or rather his campaign has been able to gloss over that period and re cast that as a golden age for philippines. and he's been able to do that using very slick videos posted on social media. now a fact check, king group has said that macos has mostly benefited from misleading posts on social media, and in contrast, his close, his rival, vice president, lenny robledo has been the biggest victim of a dis information campaign. now, marcus junior has also been able to avoid tough questions by simply limiting which
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media gets access to him? and he does this by pre selecting who attends his press conferences by limiting access for coverage to his campaigns by giving limited interviews. now he's also very cleverly a strategically pad up with sarah detect a who's the daughter of the incumbent president rodrigo do today who is herself running for vice president. and even though these positions are elected separately, this is very strategic because he's able to combine the michael's family popularity in the north with a deter it, a strong hole in the south. but if you speak to macos supporters, they will say that they are voting for him because of his simple message of unity and promising to restore economic prosperity to the country. but although, even though he is rather thin on details of how he is going to accomplish that, that message seems to resonate with his supporters. ok, florence, they're either a thank you for that. the we're going to cross now to,
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to maryland dugan who's not the rally for lay note robbery though. so roberto is the opposition leader with very meager resources and comparison for a campaign. but how has she furred nonetheless a well, just the perfect description would be what we have seen today. i mean, we've been here at the business district of middle clearly as mentioned, a historic one for the philippines since danny and people have not stopped arriving and the local latest estimate as of 5 pm local time. it's now 6 pm here is that there are already around $300000.00 supporters of vice president len. you to read the clearly a show of force on the last day over it can mean. and yes, as mentioned when she ran, she was a reluctant candidate. she was no match against the wow. very sophisticated and well funded resources of her political arrival. bobo marcus junior. but what has changed really is how she was able to mobilize
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a grassroots campaign that is completely decentralized and quite different from the previous campaigns with the coverage we're seeing. this is clearly a movement led by the youth. as you know, there are more than 27. there are more than 27000000 voters now in 2022 compared to 20. 19 during the mid term elections, more than half of the thought. those 6 to 7000000 voters or young filipino. so despite her trailing in local surveys over the last few months, there remains to be a strong sense of hope. here they say, because of this unique electoral landscape brought about by her campaign message, radical love, no weather. this will definitely turn into votes. that would be enough to be bobo market junior, that remains to be seen, but clearly now this has become more than just a regular campaign as menu of servers both year and the broader set read this campaign really has become a people's movement. and thanks for that campaign update from manila
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much more still to come should anc, his president imposes another state of emergency crackdown on anti government antiques act one man race to lead hong kong through its most types bus and sports white newest hamiltons junior has taken the shine of lead up to the miami country. ah hello friday brought him a welcome and much needed rained in 2 parts of norway. you see this band of cloud making its way 3 bergen on the west coast. had $27.00 millimeters of 5, or we could do with the right to southern parts of norwood. we didn't get too much of that. i'm afraid that this is where we have the fire risk given major causes
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toxins, concern that remains the case to inter parts of finland, ad estonia. hopefully this rainfall will pop up again as it makes his way a little further east was plenty of rain for. meanwhile, at the central parts of the mediterranean, with his area of low pressure swirling away here, more heavy and sundry down pause than for sardinia, corsica, and a good part of italy. as we go one through sas day troy, brighter and warmer weather is making its way into western parts. if you happen, as you can see, it becomes more widespread as we go on through sunday to the showers will continue to central parts of europe into central areas of the mediterranean, bringing some wet weather and still some rather cool weather into the northeast of algeria. and also into parts of northern chew, nicea, it drives up, it brightens up there for algiers. as we go on through the next couple of days at long last warming up to in cairo with some dust storms to watch out for, for parts of egypt may mile, the showers continue unabated across a good part of central africa through the gather kinney.
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ah, short films of hope and inspiration, ah, how small stories of 3 young women, challenging the world around them. al jazeera, selects how social a social media platforms, if many young uses feel isolated, anxious, and depressed. currently, there is a grand national experiment that is taking place upon our kids. why a tech companies not sufficiently regulated. they don't want people to know what's happening on their platform. and when will society catch up? 10 people that i knew in high school that may suicide, full lines,
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investigates toxic feed, social media, and teen mental health. on al jazeera hulu . ah, you're watching out here, reminder of our top stories manual. my crohn has been sworn in for 2nd term as french president on has promised to build a stronger france in the face of unprecedented challenges. north korea has fired what's believe to be a ballistic missile for the 2nd time this week. close of warning from the u. s. that can, could be preparing to test nuclear missiles later this month. russia is preparing for its annual victory parade on monday. marx,
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the anniversary of nazi germany is defeated world war 2, curfew around ukrainian. what city desa? trelin cause president has drawn criticism at home and abroad after declaring a state of emergency for the 2nd time in 5 weeks. the presence got by roger pac sir has been facing nationwide calls for his resignation. people are angry about his failure to control a worsening economic crisis. let's talk to me now fernandez, live in columbia now and well. has there been any reaction from the testers to the new state of emergency? well you can judge for yourself, you could just look over my shoulder in front of the president's office, the president like a director of that group of protesters that still outside. i essentially continuing into it's 29th day and that's their reaction to the emergency brought in by present got up a roger boxer. and those regulations obviously are receiving criticism both here
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and abroad. we've had our human rights activists. we've had the bar association that's a professional body of lawyers that have condemned it. they say that that agree of concerns at the promulgation of emergency to be used at what have been largely peaceful protests. and the president of the vazo, c asian urging the president to revoke the state of emergency and essentially to withdraw that new set of regulations that that's what we have the protests as themselves saying, they're not going to be cowed there are, you know, they've had it with successive governments, you know, trying to scare people to get their own ends achieved. and they said that after this long of having looted the country, having driven the country to its knees economically socially, that they're not going to be have, they're not going to have their voice as silent, they're going to speak up. and they're not going to be afraid by emergency
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regulations that they will face these regulations. so that's where it stands. ok for now, michelle fernandez. thank you. whether hes a closer look at some of the sweeping powers, the presence has obtained under the emergency to creep by which a pack sir can change or suspend laws cease property in order detentions on the military can be called into controlled or dispersed protests. meanwhile, people can be arrested and held for extended periods of time without the involvement of the courts. dinner. she code the seneca is the deputy regional director of south asia research and honesty international. she's in columbus now. so let me ask you, then, what do you believe is behind this new declaration of a state of emergency? thank you. carry the problem with the state of the emergency that has been declared that it cannot be challenged in a court of law. and the result of the sleeping powers under these laws. you know,
1:34 pm
it can inhibit federal human rights issues, including in process when people stood and detained for extended periods of time. and you said the seed can take control of the property and entry. and so i extended for the military properties and we continue extremely concerned given that the protest had been largely peaceful and the response of the state has included existing support. and so the reasoning behind it remained debatable but the government must ensure that the drugs are predicted, the president might say, there's national disorder. he has no choice but to come up with some kind of national solution. the solutions to the problems of raising is not by be glad to be much of the solution,
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lie in political stability in providing answers to that you can always try to 52 people coming to the street and demanding the vision when dr. be guaranteed, and the solution is not to you. last night we saw the excessive use of got to gas by police. we saw how children pregnant mothers and deliver affected by the, the gas. earlier this month in april on the 21st. we saw how you suppose, in dramas, printer led to the death and saw really strange must be brought up for by the government. but because the by the 4 percent by the police in responding to a piece of protest, you mentioned that economic situation. i mean, how dot is it there in terms of how it affects the ordinary citizen they can always try piece is already factored in everyday life. we've already seen how those adults of medical equipment and drugs in the health sector in silica. we've already seen
1:36 pm
how cooking gas is no longer available. we've seen that a lot. she was at ford station with people waiting for hours and several people have already died. why waiting for? for sure. and it has impacted every aspect of the ordinary person's life. and so they can only try 6 if not one that can be swept under the carpet. this, as you say, copies from the cupboard. so is it all the presidents full time in the country does need international health, doesn't it? from the community? most certainly via the leadership of the country, the political leadership, bostic, ultimate accountability for the crisis that the country city. thank you to national thought that if you had time like this is so important, we've already seen several countries come forward, providing support in the donations of drugs, of foods, of, of different types of fun. and we really need coordinated and targeted support
1:37 pm
to the audio the person needs to talk to the health sector, to, to avoid a famine them to the boy by nutrition that is going to come given the challenge us to, to, to curity that the countries facing and for international thought, is that a good time like this is something we will definitely call for ok. do you know she can, this is not the regional director of south asia search at amnesty international. thank you for that today. if you, at least one person has been killed in violence that broke out protests against alachua falls in democratic republic of congo, police moved in on crowds who came out to denounce the changes, leaving their employ to silence descent into monahan reports what began as a sit in protest of parliament quickly turned into a violent confrontation with
1:38 pm
police fire tear gas in the crowd and moved in to break up any resistance the protest her say present. felix to katy plans to steal next year's election. oh, and they'll keep up their campaign until he agrees to talk we're fighting for a credible, a lateral law from the parliament, which will allow us to have a good election next year so that we can kick out president felix tish. caddy were suffering in this country. because of his faith governance, my firm event wasn't controlled, but despite will continue from now until we have a good election 23 president jessica. he must go next to it peacefully for election . october come back to morrow till we have an agreement around the electoral law, but it wasn't to she. katy became president in 2019, in the democratic republic of congo. first peaceful transition of power. but now he's pushing through reform to electoral laws. that opponents fear be used to
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disqualify his main rivals. the opposition was national consensus on the best way to hold a fair election, who found the most central. vic is of a sense even the president, his controlling everything as a dictator. the only way to put pressure on him is to call on our population to take action against this regime. it petition kitty's reform plan has become a rallying cry for the opposition. if they aren't included in the process, it's likely the protest like these will continue. and failure to reach consensus on next year's election could further complicate the nation struggle for democracy than to monahan al jazeera. a rescue is having working through the night and keepers capital, searching for bodies off an explosion at a luxury hotel. and these 22 people, including a child, were killed in the blast. hotel, montague, in havana, 74 others were injured, was caused by suspected gas leak on home in
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the sound of the explosion ripped through them. as old town. it knew of a big part, the front of the southern toga hotel, one of the most luxurious and expensive in the cuban capital preliminary investigations indicate it was caused by a gas leak since the cuban presidents office movie stars and celebrities like madonna had stayed in the sud, it's olga now rescue work is in locals. a searching for people missing under the rubble of his heel. it was a blast that threw me out there. apparently it could have been worse. no tourist was staying at the hotel because it was undergoing renovation. said the havana governor, president miguel diaz canal arrived at the scene shortly after the blast. bobo, this, there's a group of people receiving help, the rescue teams,
1:41 pm
the specialized emergency forces. we have debts unfortunately, the hospitals are dealing with the injured the explosion damaged other buildings around the hotel to there were worries, especially about a nearby primary school authority. say that thankfully the children and teachers there are okay buildings in heaven as beautiful, but disintegrating old town often suffer fooling masonry, but explosions are rare. this one is shot. the island john homan, al jazeera hong kong that next leader will be confirmed on sunday. john lee is assured victory as he's the sole candidate and will be elected by committee loyal to china's communist party. adrian brown reports on the man hoping to revive the fortunes of asia's financial hub. john lee's career has been rooted in discipline, a korea policeman who went on to become hong kong security chief. during the turbulent spring and summer of 2019,
1:42 pm
he directed the response to anti government protests. now he's about to replace, carry, learn as hong kong next leader at a time when the territory remains deeply divided and exhausted by coven 19, it's been a short and strange contest. without even token competition, it's an unusual election because there's just one candidate. it doesn't matter because the either the, the election just open to ever even don't have only one kennedy vinny, we also needed to walk for them. they at least only rally on friday, was a small invitation only event that included members of the committee, the will elect him. oh i'm are they means in the coming 5 years, hong kong will become a caring, accommodating, place, full of energy and hope. well, let's do one thing together and support the election on may 8th grade. lee has the
1:43 pm
central government's backing assign. it wants a hong kong leader with strong security credentials. june came, why is a political commentator who left hong kong for england more than a week ago because he no longer felt safe. he says, lee doesn't have the right experience to lead a global financial center. you've gotten through the c. v of johnny. we know that he had no experience in economy affairs, international tray, and all major areas of the policy are, li says his priority will be issues like housing, not more democracy or a free vote. he's also promised additional security laws and to increase patriotic education. these very bright, which is what i like about him. so i really feel hong kong is ready for this kind of change. and plus he has such us of china. that is something very, very important. lease campaign suffered an early setback when you tube shut down
1:44 pm
his account, citing compliance with united state sanctions. that means he can't visit that country, just like the outgoing chief executive hong kong people will have no say in the selection. that task falls to an election committee drawn from hong kong business and political elite. a committee vetted by a panel that included john lee, adrian brown, al jazeera hong kong. the republican party sinn fein looks likely to come out on top in northern ireland elections. the 1st time, a cornerstone of the parties manifesto is to leave the u. k and unite with the rest of ireland. jones ha reports not from our fast kelly. it's an early win fane account, promised many more for the nationalist party, committed to a united ireland and predicted by opinion polls to beat their pro british unionist rivals. for the 1st time in a 100 years lifelong the republican party to
1:45 pm
have united and we also have to show that we deal with people's issues as they go to. the thank are not job yet, are inseparable. she fades, campaign focused on bread and butter issues like the cost of living, crisis, health and housing as precursors to irish re unification. the union is both, on the other hand, was split with the largest party, the democratic unionists threatening to boycott the store mont, assembly because of post briggs in border arrangements that they say undermine the very union they exist to defend. the non protocol is the key to for us at that time . and we need to get resolution about it because by it has been created within a country between the items we need to move to via and get rid of that and ensure that the bill to the call is doubtless once before,
1:46 pm
all which raises the possibility of a full blown political crisis after this election paralysis deadlock, arising out of the 2 parties, power sharing system under the good friday peace agreement, and not for the 1st time. that's why growing numbers of voters have chosen a 3rd way among the biggest winners in this election. the cross community center ground alliance party. northern island isn't just a place where the national union, northern i'm the place that is diverse. on this boat for a lions, the showing that there are more people who are satisfied with being better both and also being north. and it's further evidence of potentially seismic shift to the political landscape. i think what you put it down to is, 1st of all, post brackets, tiredness actually with what has happened since it's become very green and orange had you put into a new younger lack trucks who no longer interested in these things. i think you put
1:47 pm
it down to the fact that for a number of years we've hardly had any government. and there's a real wish for a large part of this property to get on with actually getting stuff addressed, which isn't just constitutional. all of which sets up a fertile conversation about the future in northern ireland, one far less tethered to the secretarial constraints of the past. don't hold al jazeera belfast. thousands of people in the u. s. state of new mexico. i've been told to be ready to evacuated short notice because of wildfires. strong winds are expected to speed up the spread of 5 in the north of the state. they've already burned through almost 700 square kilometers of land near the city of santa fe. are coming up in sport with sorrow, action from the n b a playoffs. a superhero effort like this ah,
1:48 pm
natural capital is capital which nature created no rush when nature is transformed into a commodity. big business takes a new interest by landscapes protecting landscapes. it's a phenomenal opportunity to be able to use a business model to achieve sustainability of nature. but at what risk banks, of course, don't do that because they have at the heart protection of nature. they do that because to see a business in pricing the planets on al jazeera. ah ah ah
1:49 pm
ah ah ah 21 all the sport. thank you very much. well, it's been another landmark moment for the rising star of men's tennis collis alcaraz is beaten his idol known as the king of k refill his al. for the 1st time, i'll cross his own, he just turned 19, made a false start to his court to find out the madrid monster taking a fuss at 62. then came a sketch as he twisted his ankle and needed treatment and at all winning the 2nd set. fossil cries are covered in the deciding satin, found another gear as he went on to win at $63.00, and all was heroes young tennis player. and finally beating him was an emotional
1:50 pm
one. it means a lot to me. i mean do all the harwood a boy. they were every day based off. busy day to redraw fabi did best to bring those serial on play in the saw. i love to me, i'll to the m b a. playoff some while we may be used to face mass. what with a pandemic, but nothing quite like this one, jewel and bead returned to action off to factoring his eye socket, and he helped the philadelphia 70 sixes back into their semi final series against the miami heat. david stokes has the action. i think after missing the 1st he defeats against my army. jolen bede was back for the sixers looking like a superhero and playing like 12. he fractured his eye socket and suffered a mark in caution against toronto last month, but returned with a decisive 18 points in 11 rebounds, his teammates, tony green, entirely smack cbo school, $21.00 with maxie, also producing incredible bits of defense in the 4th quarter. so
1:51 pm
that eventually led to another 2 points for the 6 is who won by 20 the eastern conference and we follow series. now 6 to one with game for coming up on sunday. oh, who is a $21.00 hanging up in a locker room, which is mass, whatever. so i me. when mommy she is a soldier, a soldier just oh mask. i mean that i mean concussion a face broken face? no. make them look even regular now. but when i have, you know, he's, he's gillian asked me people are reason we're not back up. that's not even close. we down to one, you know, we got. ready you know we, we can go down 3 was either in the west, the dallas mavericks were also able to close the gap in their series against the top seated phoenix, sun, jane and brunson, school game, holly 28th luca dawn church came very close to a triple double with 26 points, 13 rebounds and knowing this is including this one while sat on the floor. the
1:52 pm
mavericks 103 to 94 and the best of 7 series is not evenly poised to one navy soaps, elgin's era when women's n b. a season got onto a on friday with teams aiming to bring awareness of the detention of one of the star players, initials and number of brittany greiner have been placed on the sidelines of every court. she faces 10 years in jail in russia, off to being held on drug smuggling. allegations says she's being wrongfully detained and have phoenix note free side. when all went home to lose the game against las vegas, a says, a 10688. now the edmonton oilers of thrush, l, a kings to take a to one lead and the n h l. western conference payoff, yvonne became school the trick and the 8th to victory is the 1st for me as managed to be in the payoff bought, the sport has been accused of having a racism problem across the u. s. canada phase and found say they've encountered
1:53 pm
discrimination at all levels of the game and they're working to change that. i view the cash report from washington d. c. it's not easy. being a black hockey player just asked 15 year old daria's nichols who's been training on the ice since he was 5. it's very hard having to deal with her. i had bursey, it's really hard to deal with. most of the other players are white and nickel says, while his own teammates in maryland are supportive, he often gets called racial slurs by players from other teams. i've had kids call me the n word. i've had kids. just come at me for november. reason all is on is when adobe voice was like, well, sorry, hockey coach brian king says the same happened to him when he played in college. it was much worse. i'm from name calling to, you know, being punched in the face randomly is also name calling and being races. and there is a clue. difference between the hockey still carries the stigma of being
1:54 pm
a white man's sport. it was developed by european settlers in canada about 150 years ago in its popularity spread to the united states. but unlike most other pro sports, that diversified during the civil rights era, hockey, didn't i, saki as be widest, straightest mail list sport out there? i renee has is trying to change that. she's the founder of a group called black girl hockey club, which organizes fan events and scholarships to support diversity in hockey. as a black woman. if i can find a space in a sport like ice hockey, and if a sport like ice hockey can cultivate a space for me, then that can happen anywhere. professional hockey, read us for that under represented minority. currently the n h l has only about 5 dozen minority players and just 8 out of the 220 coaches are people of color. get
1:55 pm
above it, get above it. want the average crombie hope to break into that elite group. last fall. he completed a coaching internship with the arizona coyotes part of the n h. l. effort to nurture diverse talent. i want to be the 1st head coach in the n h l of diverse background to have his name on. on the stand up. he says he's unafraid to aim high because he demands the same of his players. he tells them progress just requires putting one skate in front of the other. again. so again, heidi joe castro al jazeera washington, a console team led by owners of the l. a. villages baseball team assigned to deals by premier lakeside chelsea and that's subject to regulatory approval. the club says times for the $5200000000.00 deal. they've been agreed with the group. this is led by told barley and his back. why is private equity firm clearly capital con romana from which is on the british, thanks and sanctions rather,
1:56 pm
and intends to date all of the proceeds to charitable causes. now there are 6 games being played in the premier league on saturday. european champions will be hoping the certainty coming from the sale of the club will help them back to winning ways against wolves. the game of the day seize liverpool off against tottenham spurs, trying to hold onto the spot in europe. while liverpool are looking to go back to the top of the table, that's really difficult because or the situation dated. all teams fight for probably about 2 i'll be talking them as a massive quality. they are not as much of a from home down. oh, not too much, was it about having the ball all the time? stuff like steady fan compact and these kind of things. and then obviously some of the best call to take place in the world. the crying football team says inspiring messages from their country soldiers driving them towards wildcard qualification,
1:57 pm
was called a currently training and the vignette preparing for their delayed play off semi final with scotland. on the 1st of june. it seems say the game will be highly emotional and they want to qualify for cafe by the moment of celebration for their country. now the builds up to the 1st ever miami growing pre has been overshadowed by a jewelry dispute. the sports new race director has cracked down on a rule that bands drivers from wearing jewelry in their car to safety reasons. and there is, hamilton has been ordered to remove his nose, and earrings the 7 time world champion says the sport has more important things to worry about. i feel like it's so much like a set backwards. if you think of the steps we're taking as a sport and the more important issues and causes that we need to be focused on and really pushing this. i think we made such great strides as a sport. we got bigger, beneficial for bigger things to do more impact to have. so i think that's really
1:58 pm
where the focus should be. well, actually is for, for now, for me, but i'll be back later. thank you very much indeed. fit me for this. and there were a copy and few moments that you do stay with us here with a ah frank assessments. what are the political risks of banning russian oil? a gas for western leaders, pull sanctions on russian energy exports, recipe for social informed opinions. france is not abandoning to fight against jedi,
1:59 pm
still resumed media. they're going to be teaching from missouri and from child critical debate. could china actually help in russia's invasion of ukraine in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera? how and why did food and become so obsessed with this law, we were giving them a tool to hold the corrupt individuals and human rights abusers accountable. they're going, i rip this deal apart if they take the white house of 2025. what is the world hearing what we're talking about by american today we take on us politics and society. that's the bottom line. may on out is era frontline reporting an in depth analysis. we bring you the latest on the ukraine war and the unfolding humanitarian crisis documentary that inspire with me things world issues into focus through compelling human stories. the philippines votes and one of asia biggest election over 35 years since the country emerged from his father's dictatorship could
2:00 pm
frontrunner ferdinand mouth was junior to take the tops of al jazeera with investigative program, full blind for time with a special theories on abuse in the boy, scouts of america, lebanon, goes to the polls, but will political change help the country find its way out of its crippling economic crisis may, on al jazeera, ah french president, emanuel micron is sworn in for a 2nd term one that is likely to be overshadowed by challenges at home and abroad. ah. hello, there are nora. kyle, this is al jazeera alive from dough, also coming up to more than
2:01 pm
a dozen tests so far this year. north korea is accused of firing another ballistic missile as its forces bossa ukraine. russia puts it.


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