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tv   AJ Selects Girls  Al Jazeera  May 7, 2022 3:30pm-4:01pm AST

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ah, al jazeera with i'm carry johnston herring down the top stories on al jazeera re elected president . manuel micron has promised to unify france after divisive election campaign. speaking off to being sworn in for his 2nd 5 year term. a crown that says france is dealing with unprecedented crises, including a war in europe. the pandemic and climate change. he vows his 2nd term will not be a repeat of his 1st year of book reform c. so to rekey dizziness heal, pleasant don't. it's to french people who choose their representatives and president gra, giving me this mandate to day to french. people have not extended my turn that
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began in 2017, a new france different to the other 5 years ago. have given a new president, a new mandate up, north korea has fired what's believe to be a ballistic missile for the 2nd time this week, japanese and south korean army leaders sate was launched into the sea of north korea's east coast. is the 15th test this year and comes just days before the movie ration south korean president elect units, look, young ukraine says for russian cruise missiles have hit the odessa region. the strike targeted, the town of us is the tree spokesman said no one was injured. the strategic port, city of odessa and surrounding towns a suffered several missile attacks in the past week will be a curfew in and around odessa until tuesday morning. because of worries that that could be more attacks before rushes, annual victory day parade on monday. taliban leaders in afghanistan has ordered
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women to cover their entire body one in public. the decree says if a when refuses to cover her body from head to toe her father or mel relatives can be sent to prison or fired from government. jobs to lancaster president has declared a state of emergency for the 2nd time in 5 weeks for his didn't to go to bar roger pack. so has been facing nationwide calls for his resignation because of an economic crisis. decree it gives the president sweeping powers is the final day of campaign route is in the philippines presidential election. one of 2 front runners for non marcos is holding a large rally in manila. he's a son, a former president, ferdinand marcus, who was ousted in an uprising in 1986, and my candidate opened to beat marco's, his vice president. anyway, brader brady has run a grassroots campaign as well headlines, and he has continues herron al jazeera. that's after a jason x ha
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ha. not on is led to will is lynn has in nam let that good. missus. we'll learn a man dish. lucy has a lip ankle is going possess are like a did that i was levity of law. the go ahead look is glad. ok. liza could there at hello scully, this age of secluded, civil holla does a coolant o gillum garrison is good. one has no good conceived good order to look at louis who's quincy. ah.
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and then as i can uh from the knock them at the out about where i to, madam my mouth to you on the idea of the i do or i'm in a love said ha ha, ha ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, come this a little towards us, a little bit her my mad mad mad that an impulse plan but mostly can juma was in the country the day of a must come to love gotten set up with that as we ok. toys have
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a clue a little quicker to go quicker. cuz chris on the swim 0. i'm a devil melissa, and she to resume humble a little more. lucas, missouri. well, and i have been touching my baby lady. okay. i will only fax the rest of the address here and i i think it's okay for us. it had to have that measurement that she no matter what. but what had she bowler, deborah, could you search for you all let i will miss the missouri from hack is either looked at the 1115. so with measured probably medical b. yeah. well blessed
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cousin, dun, mythological, named maggie mary, ma'am, and famous tough and fill them out in a coma in metal, going from liquid overpaying, changing the domain capabilities. so compound is of the i got so good, really good. well, we'll hit zach, learn how to work. i mean, can the, can i please? and as she left, she couldn't far zoom shifted in and won't be right. mm hm. united she
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was, i been, i been peasant hima and he is going to be of, of the i was without glad i couldn't it because she will be available the last o dot o savage. i'm scuttle sophia, that come closet and the shuttle open, sunny or the 10 to worth deal is written in by offset by those get a gainer with going to give those indicators with
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a she has a i. d, as in to the rest of it, they go to have it to have a nice nice and they are the 2 of them that it is local or near to local. the 3rd or the extend do they're working for you? well, a little a a little over week. i didn't get over like 11 or later so, but i was in
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a zora with her and i love it. and. and then not a nickel not being. so since this doesn't live and then and often they will, and i will forward you'll deck ellis, a quickie said who has a copy of that i can almost go, but in it's in my apartment, you did it. so i had a
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demo of is when you look at some homes in india, and it was a survey with can neatly, mandy, she can use the menus and like an incognito window. ah ah ah ah, a good i thought, you know, to get that up a you're gonna google it yellow to people
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if you got sick with a lot. bye. a guy a
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a, a. 8 a mazda made a dialogue with the guy was glad it. yes. i think a good number to get a a
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who's you lenses are and won't be by going to affect you shouldn't each other won't because you're scared about that. the board member dog is of course a dock. if we're not giving me it didn't give the milam years of your one. i bought a 2nd with a with
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the you do say oh yeah, i'm not gonna be go. no, i don't want to 100 best ways to provide and, and i was giving me good. do you said deborah carnegie? i thank you. this is francis. ah, i don't want him to go down to market the suggestion to the gun law. god gave me the acknowledge locals conjugation. be big. that would be a joke. i got
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a minute bucket for now. oh god make gave you a ticket for you. but you are the well at god family. but god will all but god is nikia been foolish while it are god looked in fact looked equal, doable at god. why open guardian war was there, but to party, to heal ignorant the bible, but the food i feared the bottle will have got here. it's me on this which needed rather down. i'm going with bags rubber house that he bought the bag was will lead to dang and it'll help him up with the got the all the
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model and believe it was learned. you thought a 1000000000. i tell me the missing one more to name is amanda kinsey. and i am the liaison m. i won't go down responsible or not, you know, but joker is a good one. your daughter is all document georgia, and i me, that is, is it like they do a tour?
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glen? donkey begin. i mean, we're not going don't good game. those were i young will lead to a minimum good to leave a good oh oh oh oh. ringback oh
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i i am with
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with . busy my mom, it's it, it's a bit of it being a good. so i'd be viva by your voice the either me or by your call. you saw her the gas also called the fever. starkey but i didn't get back to converse with the one you sent back to see the whole monday's a lot thing. i'm not gonna zip. nissan said it was
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a bit bucket. my medicine last of a good starting bad luck with that bill. mom. dad, i a movie. it's denise. let's get, i'm saving my spot. so sell me on that. i mean, because i'm so bad guy to do this is out on the el paso and is there and no as was it that did i mean, what did they get now? and now the whole ah yes, you mean the suki a diesel but the nash, carla? put goodness amber, to fuzzies, that are my years. the guys any good. good. that's carla. but a good sanders are my you together so my own goes are my is less carla. this is the gusty legal movie. my little get my still got. think
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that suffering bad. just budget there are your father does there? moliere. no significant gun. one thing i did i did go south a lavish boys, la garza with the news again, govern thinking fish will blemish. did this lot. seeking a little the bull kimberly air think, i say at least put a gale man on board a noise like wondering if it's sadly booked fancy. need to find the keys there. i mean, i don't problem a go method because you, all of the last one was really the best things in the lab. but bombers use from one feller stream with the sierra seen bunch gone by, but american godaddy, real good. i found the bon physical tenure,
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where on the part of the sheesh, could you say that this is an e my know what covered it on by the go 5 t k. i have come up sound good or but yeah, a video goes on me. so i only i, i okay, yeah, of a guy down with
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that. i don't want my less ever been candid than the josh will gauge fans or somebody did agent on my side to put it. i just keep, i spoke with the school and i switched over over the summer. i see a good thing. i'm going to have to put in the organs on workshop and the badge ballet. so it's measured advantage somebody's difficulty. premade have a good thing because the i have a dish, critical thinking, thing discussion, carla, they put a medium going to put a thank but i me oh really a mean guys of the boys as my not a problem with
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a political move mom with ignored. i a m a are the ones he has a sponsor. boy a i think he doesn't know much. lisa lucas has on with them. i said, bang in down the line of nights, a woman's forms escalade vow. nope. now and then with double the
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dog. oh m jak omnia! that to me aren't getting in to subject millennial gemini does get an i did. we died the there bad is measured in dawn west of onus. there was this irish pub is an invalid. they must pass on dunlab sort of get governmental entity, vanesso to william somebody. organizational. so bushels almost is that the one michigan does additional dim still good for me that they said if you talk with someone, it was no actual massage without a couple know when that would be was there's a little while is that i wonder morgan will guard dormer spoken with garza elementary guys a little this going we go to for all my personal name. michael is the phone noise from the air ne milfat to the get it and we said it was, it was all get into a nice get him good some way. notices on a desk. i mean guess i was going to go out for like
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fun and boomer mendota for speaker. got to come in on the was that did it may not that i did the up or down to the jango pacing disease, the mesh rigid feel thing. suppose her 500 you need all that. i mean to me damage box. i think either this may come by say, we can meet with you back when oh
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and inspiration. personal stories of people who are keeping the spirit of freedom alive by courageously defending their rights to be heard. ah, with al jazeera select ah, the journey has begun. the faithful world copies on its way to a castle book. your travel package to day. hello. no lights up in the very heavy
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right across northern parts of south america. the seattle righty. bring you some intense down pause, aim across. passive venezuela. columbia. pushing across french guy and a guy and, and sharon, i'm know the pos brazil also seeing some very heavy. right. but you push out of that. it is generally dry. can we got some showers? not too far from rare, then nothing a little farther north was bryce cars come back in behind. some very wet windy weather, just around the roaring for forties there for rest. central parts of chile, some of that patchy ranges pushing up as you go through sunday. otherwise, more the same to come as, as heavy showers. they to join up with the heavy showers that we have across some parts of the caribbean. so panama sees him heavy right. some lie be shy, was as still into a costa rica, but not cheap out across the greater antilles. it's sunshine dish has the cuba for jamaica and also for his spaniard, although the showers may well just pair pop over the next couple of days. pushing into southern parts of cuba, grassy pushing back into hispaniola, wanted to shout coming into the eastern islands that they say we got some dry
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weather for parts of texas, oklahoma, arkansas, where to weather, as stormy weather now pulling away from the eastern seaboard with us slowly but surely, but more heavy rally, gathering across the plains. chatter airway official airline of the journey. ah, this is al jazeera ah blow on carry johnston. this is news our life from coming up the next 60 french president. manuel. micron is sworn in for a 2nd term as likely to be overshadowed by challenges at home and abroad. russia carries out in the south strikes and ukrainian port city of odessa as its military prepares for world war 2 picture day parade. after more.


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