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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 7, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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rolling hops, the animal trade a plethora of exotic species. seat tiny metal cages. distressed and sweltering under the head, sun. ah, friendship, president manuel, micron is sworn in for 2nd turn. that's likely to be overshadowed by challenges at home and abroad. ah. but again, i'm carry johnston, this is al jazeera life and also coming up missiles hit the ukrainian port city of odessa, where attacks have been increasing as russia focuses on the south and east one in moscow, rushes of military might, his baton show during,
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addressed rehearsal for world war to victory date, and afghanistan's taliban leaders order women to wear that all covering burka in public. it's some of the groups, toughest rules, since seizing power. ah, re elected president manuel. micron has promised to unify france after divisive election campaign speaking ought being sworn in for his 2nd 5 year term. a cron says france is dealing with unprecedented crises including a war in europe. the pandemic and climate change. he vows his 2nd term will not be a repeat of his 1st year of public policy. so to vicki dizziness the whole present don't, it's to french people who choose their representatives. and president gra, giving me this mandate to day to french. people have not extended my term that began 2017 new france different to the other 5 years ago. have given
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a new president, a new mandate. i'm french journalist and analysts to peer husky of these. the low key inauguration may set the tone for the next time. emmanuel mccoy, sometimes known for grand jose events and, and trying to it's been described sometimes as oregon is been trying to portray itself as a humble, a new president for a 2nd. then they will act at the different crises that you have mentioned, whether it's the war in ukraine and they make the climate change and also the domestic challenges, social and democratic challenges that is facing. and as the recent elections show, the presidential election showed that fraud was divided, not in 2 blocks, but in 3 blocks. and that's going to be the challenge of the next parliamentary elections in june, because we have the far right with marleen le pen, who was his challenger in the 2nd round. but we now have a united left block. behind mister milan shaw came 3rd in the presidential
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election and was the leader of the radical left. so he will have to face 2 challenges from both right and left. if he wants to get a majority in parliament, which is the key for stability and for governing in this country. so the next 2 months are still going to be very much focused on domestic politics with those parliamentary elections at the same time with the european presidency that frost still has for another 2 months. so it's going to be a busy 2 months for president mccomb. rush in the south strikes of hit the city which his home to ukraine's largest seaport. they struck a close to odessa airport and its city center. there was a separate strike on the nearby town of our says. in the past week,
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several towns in the southern region have been targeted by missile attacks. out here is her son. a suit is in odessa and he sent us this report. we are now beside the o, this as airport here in odessa city, which were, which was as targeted by a mrs strike in this place. 2 missiles heads here, the place in the northern side of the airport, which led to explosions, heard throughout the city of odessa. we also heard the air defenses trying to confront the missiles in the sky of odessa. fire fighting hears, are it working in the place? why we have detected 2 injuries? at least. so far this targeting comes after the south ern operations common had confirmed targeting odessa region by for
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a cruise missiles into the region, especially the western and the northern region. ofa, odessa, the, these attacks and these miss, i start is dikes were, since the morning here in odessa, after the air raid also went off during the day since the morning ukraine says it's hit another russian war ship, which they say has sunk after bursting into flames. mackerel frigates, his belief to have been sailing close to snake island in the black sea. if confirmed it would be russia's 2nd big naval loss since the invasion. ukrainian forces sank. the flagship moskva worship last month of the u. s. reported the shared information about where it was ukraine is taking precautions as russia hurst this for its annual victory day parade. monday marks the $0.70,
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anniversary of nazi germany surrendered to the soviet union. the 2nd world war of the curfew around ukrainian fort city of a debt from sunday night to tuesday morning because of worries about russian celebrations officials in cuba. i believe that russia's president could use the occasion to declare a formal war with 50 people, including women and children, and the elderly have been rescued from the receipt as of style. industrial complex and mario paul un, and red cross workers met them on friday. and the russian control village of busy men, ukrainian officials, accused russia violating cease fires during previous evacuation attempts. now the eastern time passed nor has been under siege for weeks. as for these, about 2000 civilians, a trap of his charles struck could report from a nearby biscuit attempt to get them out of stopped because of the danger to volunteers. yard. all those who knew school was still a game of sort of a rush goal was a construction worker before russia invaded ukraine. when the war started,
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he volunteered as a civilian evacuation driver. one is now missing, 50 dead on his video shows him after he had rescued civilians from the besieged town of papa's, nor in the east of the country. the liberal eagle was his co driver on that day. he says, saturday, told him, if he could save another 20 people, his life would not be in vain. reality. your partner, yes. i could see the entrance to proposal says eagle, what russian soldiers suddenly jumped out from the left. it happened so fast. they fired a rocket propelled grenade, but it miss risk and they started shooting machine guns and rifles. at the windows shattered, sergei kept driving, but he was hit and began falling. dragging the steering wheel to the left. we bade off the road, crushing through small trees where i was crouched down, pushing up against the dashboard i looked at said again so much that he wasn't
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moving or making any sound from here. when i reached the door handle jumped out and started running between the trees using the passes cover was continued shooting at it. when i got to a village, i found a house and got water. i was covered in blood with face my hands and ears. i saw it, it was mine, but i had no wounds. i realized then it was said again, not known exactly how many people are either trapped inside full paws, nor, or i'm willing to leave a town that he's on the near constant russian army attack me. this is volunteer. evacuation driver mckayla from called, having applied full taken off on russian state t. v. 2 days off the disappeared was also trying to evacuate people trapped in. even though only civilians are doing the evacuation details, the man and military uniform interviewing him. his daughter made an emotional play on facebook for his release. oh, i beg you,
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please give him my father back. we miss him so much. please release him. let him go . in a village, neighboring pause. now the sound of artillery crashes through the air volunteers. helena and yuri inspect the graves where they had been burying civilians killed in the besieged town. long trenches have been dug in which bodies like covered in soil attractor will fill in the trench when the shelling dies down. to cause i'm not, i mean your boss there is more danger. the shells can land on you not here it is over our heads. we bury them here because it's impossible to bury them under the shelley. it's too dangerous to go in and collect the bodies. now, i didn't really get, but i felt great pity for people killed if they're alive now, they could be doing something good. it's very hard to comprehend. when you find a young person lying dead on the ground, you created all sorties,
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say dna testing will be done when the war ends to identify the growing number of an identifiable civilians killed. this is one of 3 and identified graves in this graveyard. all that is written on the cross is that a woman's body is buried here and the place where the body was found. for now, the fighting intell pause, no rages on making it too dangerous for rescuing the living or dead. shall strafford al jazeera rubica, eastern ukraine. taliban leaders in afghanistan. i've ordered women to cover their entire body. while in public, the decree came from a ton of an supreme leader. it says if a woman refuses to cover up from head to toe, her father or male relative can be sent to prison or fired from government. jobs. fed on leaders have severely restricted women's rights since taking power last year, despite promising to respect freedoms. of how's your coffee was afghanistan's 1st
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female deputy speaker of parliament before the takeover. she says the taliban that will set the country back hundreds of years. the question many people has enough, madison and i have is in the midst of all these challenges and suffering of african people a why is it that only one issue is a priority for taliban? why not? you know, policy on hunger on poverty, on lack of jobs on security, which, you know, many people actually lost life during ramadan because of the attacks and explosions . we all know the international community shifted focus, who another also what in ukraine of homicide is no longer making the headline. and this is unfortunate because i just believe that upon a some conflict has a multi dimensional impact on the wall security. and that woman issue enough on a cell has never be a social issue. it is an issue that is linked to security. because if the more taliban upon these oppressive measures, for instance,
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if they put somebody in jail because his wife or his sister or his daughter a did not respect parliament's definition of his job. what will happen to the man will he's continue to stay in advance on without any action. of course not. they might join other, you know, military extremist groups in this case dies probably, or other fighters. underwater will continue and a more insecure of madison will put the world security at least to get working. we all have a collective responsibility, especially the most the world, the color one of missed to present you know, a religion. we need to raise our voice and standing sort of that with people off of amazon when the weather report is next and then a scandal, tainted form of brazilian present formulas has come back promising the older and wiser. also the pleasant coach is colon time of racism in north american ice hockey . ah
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hello, we got some cloud and re pushing toward sir parts of india over the next couple of days, but it isn't gonna help with the heat wife. hear more of that later counted ray will help with the heat. we have seen recently across northern parts of china, that's gonna take temperatures back that just slide a little further south which and east was it will turn cooler and fresh air for northern parts of japan. as this system makes his way, 3 bright guys come back in so not to battle. one or 2 showers lurking away showers there will become increasingly intense across sir central parts of china. 17 celsius after basing. nothing too much to write home about. it does warm up a little as we go on through monday. we can see that cooler wet weather continues to slide its way further southward. since you southern parts of china joining up with a heavy shower that we have across a good part of indo china. usual russia showers, therefore, se, asia philippines for malaysia for indonesia. and we have seen some very heavy rifle
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recently could see of a system which is now dragging its way out across yard m a. c. m. sue the by. i've been going to miss what we're talking about this system here, bringing increasing cloud and right towards india is the eastern side of india. certainly want to watch out for over the next couple of days. meanwhile, the heat continues to build up towards the northwest as is developing tropical cycling moves in ah, the stage is set and it's time for a different approach. one that is going to challenge the way you think was war inevitable. i just want the started to please don't it. they're not doing the right thing. let's leave simplicity into the headlines. join me as i take on the lies, dismantle the misconceptions and debate the contradictions. do we have a real democracy here in the united states, the smuggler political forwarding? that's a radical insurgency, are mark lamond hill, and it's time to get up front right here on out 0.
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ah ah, the watching out to see a reminder about top stories now. manual micron that has been sworn in for a 2nd term is french president. he's promised to build a stronger france in the face of unprecedented challenges. russian missiles of hitting cranes of southern port city of odessa, reportedly struck close to the airport and the city center. in the past week, several towns in the region. i've been targeted by nissan attacks. taliban leaders have ordered women afghanistan to come to their entire body on in public. the decree is the latest crackdown on women's rights since the group took power last
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year. despite promising to respect freedoms. it's the final day of campaign rallies in the philippines ahead of a presidential election described as the most important in the country's history. one of 2 front runners, none. marcus is holding a large rally in manila. marcus is the son of a former president, ferdinand macos. he was ousted in people's uprising in 1986. florence louis is a following the marcus campaign in manila. now you see support is dressed in red, that is the color for ferdinand marco's junior and those wearing green. those are the supporters of sarah. do. terry, who is the daughter of the president and who is herself running for the position of vice president? now even though these positions are voted for separately, this is a very strategic pairing because marcos is able to take advantage of his family's popularity in the north with a detailed day strong hole in the south. now, he's also able to take advantage of the fact that more than half of registered
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voters in the philippines are too young to remember what his father, ministration was like. now his father ruled the country for 20 years, and nearly half of the time the country was under martial law. it was a period rife with human rights abuses and corruption, but he's in been able to gloss over that in a misinformation campaign. effect checking group says marcos junior has benefited the most from a misinformation. in contrast, his closest rival, lenny robledo, now she's been the biggest victim of the a campaign of dis information. but if you speak to his voters, they'll say that it is simple message of unity that resonates with them on the candidates hoping to beat marco, says, vice president. anyway, brenda her rally. he's being held up a symbolic location. it's, we're huge. march was held in 1983 off the fascination of a senator who struggled against the marcus regime brady has run a grassroots campaign against sleep in the school elite. from either of them has
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been up to ready. there are already around $300000.00 supporters of vice president lanyard, of rather clearly a. so of course on the last state over it can mean when she ran, she was a reluctant candidate. she was no match against the what are very sophisticated and well funded resources of her political arrival. bobo marcus junior. but what has changed really is how she was able to mobilize a grass roots campaign that is completely decentralized and quite different from the previous campaigns. we've covered, we're seeing this is clearly a movement led by the youth. as you know, there are more than 27. there are more than 27000000 voters now in 2022 compared to 20. 19, during the mid term elections, more than half of the total of $6.00 to $7000000.00 voters or young filipinos. so despite her trailing in local service over the last few months,
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there remains to be a strong sense of hope. here they say, because of this unique electoral landscape brought about by her campaign message, radical love, no weather. this will definitely turn into votes. that would be enough to be bobo marcus junior. that remains to be seen, but clearly now this has become more than just a regular campaign. as menu observers, both here and abroad of said, read this campaign really has become a people's movement. louis, nothing to do that. the silver is about to launch his 6. the bad for brazil's presidency foreman, the you know, is shaping up as a strongest challenger to boston, are in october election, or inaccurate reports from south palo oh, who lives back at 76, former president, lucy massey, mueller. the silva says he's older, wiser and ready to lead a coalition of centralist parties to victory in october's presidential election.
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yes, i want to tell you that i am willing to cover brazil 12 years after leaving the presidency and 12 years. we learned a lot who are able to see what we did for the country. what we did not do and what we could have done. a former car factory worker like govern brazil from 2003 to 2010 as president. he was one of the world's most popular leaders. but after leaving office, he was jailed on corruption charges, and barred from running again. we ship, we ship his political fate change last year when brazil supreme court and mulled his trial. since then he has emerged as the most formidable challenger to the income, been changeable sonata. i think that corruption is worked within the school. because a both on are you make sure that he will use ah, the are. i'm the,
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the corruption scandal i guess rule. but i think that 3rd after the almost 4 years of mosul now, and in several cases of corruption, his government, this has not, this has changed. it's not, it's not in a weapon that will fire only on one site. maggie finish voted for bull sonata, but for years on she's disappointed with your wall. so now to seal is yield from a flap. also, nora was elected promising to fight corruption to reduce public spending and to adopt business friendly economic measures. he did the opposite. he is wheeling and dealing to when support in congress, something he said he would never do. there is corruption and the economy is in shreds. wallace trying to appeal to disappointed bull. so now to voters by choosing a former adversary and send to right politician, jet old wall kimmy as his vice president. he's also counting on anger at bull
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scenarios, denial of the coven, 19 pandemic, which killed 660000 brazilians. and his anti environmental policy, political brother argo, recent polls show noah defeating bull sonata political analysts, sasha. but our shish says rejection, more than approval, will play a major role in the selection. 60 percent of resilience cb do not approve of both sonata and would never vote to re elect him. lula fear slightly better with 45 percent of voters rejecting his candidacy. it's still too soon to tell who will win this race. but most analysts agree that brazilians will have to choose the candidate they dislike less. instead of the one they believe represents them or will make their future better. monica not give, i'll just 0. so ball sri lanka, president's has drawn criticism off to declaring
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a state of emergency for the 2nd time in 5 weeks. president got to buy a rat pack sir, has been facing nationwide calls for his resignation. people are angry about his failure to control worse than economic crisis. a state of emergency has been declared in siberia, where at least 5 people have been killed in large forest fires. eyes who spread to several villages and across me ask region, burning holmes efforts to fight the lays have been hampered by strong winds. authorities say the fire was started by trees falling on to paradise. thousands of people in the us state of new mexico or on the alert to get out of their homes at short notice because of wildfires. strong winds are expected to speed up the spread of them. northern parts of the state before it burned through almost 700 square kilometers of land near the city of santa fe. meanwhile, flood warnings have been issued in parts of the us state of arkansas,
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of the heavy rain that cause rivers to overflow. several roads of closed emergency crews are trying to remove piles of debris. on wednesday, a storm system triggered several tornadoes in texas and oklahoma, which led to flooding in neighboring arkansas ice. hockey players and coaches of color have formed an alliance to rid the sport of what they say is deep seated racism. i say it's a fail to evolve like other competitor sports, leaving too many people on the sidelines or the show cast reports from washington. it's not easy being a black hockey player just asked 15 year old daria's nichols who's been training on the ice since he was 5. it's very hard. i deal with her. i had versity, it's really hard to deal with. most of the other players are white and nickel says, while his own teammates in maryland are supportive, he often gets called racial slurs by players from other teams. i've had kids call
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me and word i've had kids. just come at me for no apparent reason. close on was when adobe voice was like, well, sorry, hockey coach brian king says the same happened to him when he played in college. it was much worse. i'm from name calling to, you know, being punch in the face randomly is also name calling and being races. and there is a clue. difference between the hockey still carries the stigma of being a white man's sport. it was developed by european settlers in canada about 150 years ago in its popularity spread to the united states. but unlike most other pro sports, that diversified during the civil rights era, hockey, didn't i, saki as b widest, straightest mail list sport out there? i renee has is trying to change that. she's the founder of a group called black girl hockey club, which organizes fan events and scholarships to support diversity in hockey. as
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a black woman. if i can find a space in a sport like ice hockey, and if a sport like ice hockey can cultivate a space for me, then that can happen anywhere. professional hockey is indeed a sport that under represented minority. currently the n h l has only about 5 dozen minority players and just 8 out of the 220 coaches are people of color. good above it, good. bothered wanting abercrombie hopes to break into that elite group last fall. he completed a coaching internship with the arizona coyotes part of the n h l's effort to nurture diverse talent. i want to be the 1st head coach in an h l. um of diverse background to have his name on. on this now we go. he says he's unafraid to aim high because he demands the same of his players. he tells them progress just requires putting one skate in front of the other. oregon, oregon. heidi jo, castro,
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al jazeera washington airlines. in nigeria, i have suspended flights because of the high cost of the jet fuel. several companies will ground themselves from monday. fuel shortages have disrupt to domestic flights since march. now i think it'll version of a new museum of pan african heritage has been doors and gonna it gives it says an online preview. as malcolm web, there's so much william coleman. blackmore says he grew tired of racism in america where he was born. so last year he and his mother joined the thousands of black americans. he's moved here to garner in the last decade. oh say he wants to learn about african history and culture. sites like this. the more solem of gone as independent leader, kwame and kramer. and he's hoping to learn more here. he's come with his mother to the launch of a new museum. which is created say,
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will look like this. is called the pan african heritage museum. this is a digital version which has been published on line b as the physical museums to, to open in gone and next year it'll exhibit art in historical artifact from all over africa. everything that i do know was, is now i'm ready and i'll see you know, that we have access to it. now a lot of this of the last one was the last, you know, about gone has a rich history. some of it violent for hundreds of years in slave, the africans were imprisoned by europeans here at the cape coast. castle before being shipped to the caribbean. in the americas is a history that attracts many visitors, including african americans retracing their ancestral route. this river was the sight of a slave market where the captives are said to have faith for the last time before
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being shipped across the atlantic ocean. it can be painful to think of the suffering and injustice that happened here. and for centuries, historical records of what happened has been dominated by the west site. it's something the museums founders hope to change. oh, they say it'll help people of african origin and everyone else to on learn and re learn historical narratives and discover, forgotten african heritage. it was supposed to give us a sense of right to understand that africa, to me through the 3rd grade. there were came from from the western saddam mercedes . i thought i did not learn that in school. i read it a recipe. william says his ancestors were enslaved in west africa. he plans to take it dna test to learn more, and he hopes the new museum and his new life in ghana will help him to rediscover
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and celebrate his families. route malcolm web al jazeera and woman in the us state of texas has discovered that a sculpture she purchased a 2nd hand. good store is roughly 2000 years old. lot young bought the bus for $35.00. experts say it's her roman era scout to that's been missing since the 2nd world war. ah, this is al jazeera, these other top stories now re elected the president. manuel micron has promised to unify france after divisive election campaign speaking are to being sworn in for a 2nd. 5 year term. a cron says france is dealing with unprecedented crises including a war in europe. the pandemic and climate change. he vows his 2nd term will not be a repeat of his 1st yellow book rossi. should vicki dizziness your present don't?
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it's to french people who choose their representatives and president gra, giving me this mandate to day to french. people have not extended.


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