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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 7, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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a daughter, 3 witness on alger ceiling. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter how you take it will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm emily, angling. this is the new sam alive from joe hi, coming up in the next 60 minutes, ukraine says all women, children and the elderly have been rescued from the besieged steel plants in maryville, brazil's of former president lula da silva, makes a pitch for his old job, promising to be older and wiser, or kenny unseen, incumbent j a balsam. our have janice f. gannon afghan taliban laid as order women
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to wear the old covering burger when in public or face punishment plus, ah, president to manual micron promises to build a stronger france up to being sworn in for his 2nd term. and in sports. and the epic between novak joke of it and carlos al qaeda at the madrid masses that teenager pushes the world number one all the way with the place in the final at stake. ah, we begin this out with the latest developments out of ukraine. it's deputy prime minister says all women, children and the elderly had been rescued from the besieged as of style at steel plans in mary palm. that hasn't been confirmed by the un. yes. if facility has faced wakes of intense attack,
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my russian forces elsewhere russian missile strikes. if hit the southern at city of odessa, which is home to ukraine's launches port, they struck close to it's a port and city center. while in keith, the later of the world health organization has urged moscow to declare a cease fire he cold on russian forces to stop at targeting health care facilities . w joel has no verified. $200.00, a tax on health care in ukraine seems the war begun. these attacks must stoke health care is never a target. a sad bag joins as live now from human, in sensual ukraine. hello, they are sad. what more do we know about these latest evacuation operation? well we have heard from the deputy prime minister here saying to all women children and have been back to it. but that hasn't been confirmed by the united nations old
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international committee of the red cross to all the things that we are several challenges. the ryan backdating people that has the ongoing fighting. but this does come ahead of may, the 9th, which is russia victory de ray, the memory to celebrate the soviet union victory over not the germany. i'm expecting russian like me to make some sort of announcement. and mario pole could be the center of that, where they declare victory. but the russia still have full control of that launch. they are still ukrainian fighters from as a brigade in this falling industrial complexes. the last largest, one of the largest metal that in europe, spread over 10 square kilometers that they have been civilian bunker to invest from the bombing and shutting does been taking place over the last 2 months. and now it seems like the last women, children and we have been the vector ago. so we have from the deputy prime minister, but it doesn't give me a preach. and just yet the victory that he's looking for us. longest soldier,
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crane and fighters are still in there. and i had just talked to us about the complexities of such an operation we've been hearing over the past few weeks of other civilians that have been evacuate. it's been quite complex. absolutely. this has been going on some months since russia dcs this strategic port city of merrier polk. they've been numerous attempts to trying to create tremendous terran cardoso try and get people out. this is been the supplies that haven't been adhered to. this being claims on both sides, that the breach those now every time people try to evacuate, you have to try to get bosses close enough to the city. and then there's also the backing process, and many people that are coming out of their vetted by the russians and before they move north to the city of reach, which is around 200 kilometers away. so just because we're hearing that people are getting not the end of the story, there's still a long way to go. and there's all the claims. the buses are being child,
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a fire fighter, and it's still not safe until they actually arrived ukrainian held territory. now, this is a very strategic 50 for russia. they want to declare victory. they want to get hold of this city. it gives them that land bridge from russian console territory to try math. so that was alex, back in 2014. but as i said, it comes days before the 9th of may, which is russia's victory date. and whether or not it gives me to, to the decisive victory that he wants to declare. it will probably wants to declare on that date, it's still still the question that remain. all right, thank you for bringing us up to say to us at bag join us live from man in central ukraine. meanwhile in the eastern town of pope has not, there's been, it's been under sage for wakes, it's believed about. 2000 civilians are trapped them. but as child stratford reports from nearby attempts to get them out, have been stopped because of the danger to volunteer. the senior goal is to came up
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sort of a rush goal was a construction worker before russia invaded ukraine. when the war started, he volunteered as a civilian evacuation driver. one is now missing who feared the dead one. this video shows him after he had rescued civilians from the besieged town of port persona. in the east of the country, the liberal eagle was his co driver on that day. he says, said a gay told him, if he could save another 20 people, his life would not be in vain. we should be your partner. yes, i could see the entrance to proposals, says eagle, what the russian soldiers suddenly jumped out from the left. it happened. so fast, they fired a rocket propelled grenade, but it miss risk when they started shooting machine guns and rifles at the windows shattered, sergei kept driving, but he was hit and began falling, dragging the steering wheel to the left. we bid off the road, crushing through small trees. i was crouched down, pushing up against the dashboard i looked at,
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said again so much that he wasn't moving or making any sound. here when i reached the door, handle jumped out and started running between the trees using the passes cover was continued shooting at it. when i got to a village, i found a house and got water. i was covered in blood. my face, my hands and ears. i thought it was mine, but i had no wounds. i realized then it was said again, it's not known exactly how many people are either attract insightful persona. or i'm willing to leave a town that he's on the net constant russian army attack. this is volunteer evacuation dr. mckayla called having a blindfold taken off on russian state cb. 2 days off the disappeared was also trying to evacuate. people track only civilians are doing the evacuation details, the man and military uniform. interviewing him. his daughter made an emotional plea
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on facebook for his release. oh, i beg you please giving my father back. we missed him so much. please release him. let him go. in a village, neighbouring pause, now the sound of artillery crashes. through the air, volunteers, helena and yuri, inspect the graves where they have been burying civilians killed in the besieged town. long trenches have been dug in which bodies lie covered in soil. attractor will fill in the trench when the shelling dies down. to cuz i'm not, i mean, your boss there is more danger. the shells can land on you, not here it is over our heads. we bury them here because it's impossible to bury them under the shelley. it's too dangerous to go in and collect the bodies now and didn't really get them for. i feel great pity for people killed if they're alive now, they could be doing something good. it's very hard to comprehend when you find a young person lying dead on the ground, you crate it. oh,
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sorry to say dna testing will be done when the war ends to identify the growing number of an identifiable civilians killed. this is one of 3 on identified graves in this graveyard. all that is written on the cross is that a woman's body is buried here and the place where the body was found. for now, the fighting info, pause, no rages on making it too dangerous for rescuing the living or dead. child stratford al jazeera rubica, eastern ukraine. she in vain has become the largest party in northern islands parliament for the 1st time in its history. its latest says the wind is a defining moment which will usher in a new era. the northern irish politics. she vain was once the political arm of the i r a, which been decades fighting against the british rule. but the party lodge receive clear of campaigning on irish unification instead of focusing on cost of living
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pressures. china, how has more from belfast? kelly? is it an early when fame account promised many more for the nationalist party committed to a united ireland and predicted by opinion polls to beat their pro british unionist rivals. for the 1st time in a 100 years lifelong republican republican party do have you know, and we also have to show that we deal with people issues as they go to the thank or not job or inseparable. shouldn't change campaign focused on bread and butter issues like the cost of living, crisis, health and housing as precursors to irish re unification? the unionists vote on the other hand was split with the largest party, the democratic unionists threatening to boycott the store mont,
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assembly because of post briggs, it border arrangements that they say undermine the very union they exist to defend . the non protocol is the key to for the time. and we need to get resolution about issue because by and within a country between brooklyn, adams. and we need to move our trade via and get rid of and ensure that the know who to call is doubtless was referral. which raises the possibility of a full blown political crisis after the election paralysis deadlock. rising out of the 2 party power sharing system under the good friday peace agreement and not for the 1st time. that's why growing numbers of voters have chosen a 3rd way among the biggest winners and this election, the cross community center ground alliance party. northern island isn't just a place where the national union, northern under,
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listed as diverse on this boat for alliance is showing that there are more people who are satisfied with being a better both. and also being north ash, it's further evidence of potentially seismic shift to the political landscape. i think you put it down to is 1st of all, post bracket, tiredness actually with what has happened since it's become very green and orange. haven't you put into a new younger actress who no longer interested in these things? i think you put it down to the fact that for a number of years we've hardly had any government. and there's a real wish for a large part of the properties to get on with actually getting stuff addressed, which isn't just constitutional. all of which sets up a fertile conversation about the future in northern ireland, one far less tethered to the secretarial constraints of the past. don't hold al jazeera belfast. i'd be more ahead on this news now, including choosing a new president wherein the philippines to the final day of campaigning for $4000000.00 in hong kong. it's a one man, right?
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look at the policeman. take charge of the territory. and in 4 to 76, this man lisa came on, his entry reaction. ah, the last time he held office was 12 years ago, and now 76 year old louis in a c o lula to phil. he's taking another shot at brazil president same. this time the left us later is trying to unseat the far right incumbent jaya balsam arrow lula. spent more than 18 months in jail for corruption. for the convictions, we're a no last year, monica yankee reports from his campaign rally in south palo. there's a lot of hope here at this convention center. we are a former president leads enough to move about yoga has announced
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a coalition of center left parties that will support youth candidacy. major trade union and social movement are also with him. he's going to try to defeat president j. you also not during the 1st round of the elections, which will happen on october. the 2nd, because both are mattel, it's already questioning whether these elections will be variable, whether there we will be from a broad. so the objective years to try to get us elected as soon as possible to avoid any discussion. let's also trying to get the, both of the young all wrong. 1000000 new voters between 16 and 18 years old, all have registered to vote. and the young are usually the ones that are worried about the environment. lula said he will protect the amazon, contrary to what the current government has done. let's take
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a closer look now at lola's career and he served 2 terms in office from 2003 to 2010. he presided over time of strong economic growth, appearing which so tens of millions of brazilians lifted from poverty, but in 2017. he was convicted on charges of corruption, which he denied after spending more than 18 months in prison. lula was released from the supreme court, ruled defendants with appeals pending, could not be imprisoned. then in march last year, the supreme court, throughout his convictions altogether sang and judge in the original case didn't have jurisdiction. gustavo roberto is a political analyst and founder of the brazilian report and online magazine. he says, both in our will do everything he can to catch up with lula home. he will try to use corruption and lawless for convictions which work crossed against lula. and he will try to use his power,
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his massive pressure on social media in order to try to make the waters murkier and try to re green ground, especially with the voters he lost in the 3 and a half years of presidency. a lot of brazil is informed themselves on social media that with terrain that most and adult dominates and where the last has lost its footing and it has struggled to find a language in the messaging that will resonate with people. when will we engage voters on social media? because i do, for instance, has millions of followers on telegram, which is an encrypted messaging service that is among the highest growing in brazil right now. it is highly difficult to regulate how mess, how messages are transmitted and forwarded in that environment. so i think it will be massively useful tool for both. so now in
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order to try to narrow the grap both, there's also trying to use stimulus programs to, to the, to, to increase the church, create, feel good factors, and make himself more competitive, which has worked over the past few months. he has slowly but steadily narrowed the gap and once the run off starts, which is almost insurgency at this point, that the relation is going to be 2 rounds. then he will try to bet that anti last sentiments will push him across the finish line. egypt unami says at least 11 members of the military have been killed in an attack on the sinai peninsula. if there's a group of armed men targeted a water pumping station along the suez canal, at least 5 other soldiers were injured. taliban ladies in afghanistan have ordered women to cover their entire body while in public. they say, if a woman refuses to do so,
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she or her family could be sent to prison or fired from government jobs. they a hunting has the details. a sea of blue in cobble, a group of women gathers at a market. the taliban latest decree is that all women in afghanistan must cover their entire body. when they're outside the home. he does the ha, i'm or o d i go and he, he job is a privilege for wisdom and pause women. he jobby women are protected from disobedience and sins. they'll always be restricted. they'll be protected from evil . if a woman is seen in public, without head to toe covering she along with her husband or male guardian could be punished, this is not the one who has the homes for the women who don't have a job should be known. the men should be advised and warned. the strict enforcement of burka became a global symbol of the taliban rule when it was in power in the 1990s. since re
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taking control of afghanistan last year, taliban leaders have re introduced restrictions, mainly directed at women. this most recent decree is one of the harshest, yet why that, that only one issue is a priority for one. why not? you know, policy and hunger on poverty, on lack of jobs, unsecure. if you taliban leaders have also cracked down on education for girls closing down secondary schools on the same day class was supposed to start you in human rights. experts say afghan women are facing large scale and systematic, gender based discrimination and violence. if we see any of the, the demonstrations that have had taken place since august, when the taliban took up, its, its been women at the forefront women and girls. and this is intended to ensure that women have no public face. there are fears, the strict rules. now, facing women in afghanistan will likely discourage them from going out in public
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and realizing their full potential, lia, hurting, i'll g 0. north career has find what's believed to be a ballistic missile. for the 2nd time this wake japanese and south korean army lated say it was launched into the sea of north korea's east coast. south korean military says the missile flo for 600 kilometers at an altitude of 60 kilometers. it's the 15th test this year and comes just days before the inauguration of south korean president elect unit. so p l the u. s. believes in north korea is preparing for a nuclear missile test. robert kelly is a professor of political science and diplomacy of quiz son national university. he thinks it's likely pyongyang wants to send a message to south korea's new president. so you want to becomes president in a couple of days, i believe on may 10th. right. and i think the idea is to sort of signal to the south koreans, you know,
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we're still here yet seriously. campuses around the north koreans abundance in the past. if i remember correctly when brock obama was inaugurated, there was a test and i think when pumpkin, hey, was inaugurated president south korea. there was a test drive train with a long history of sort of doing this. and it's kind of a mixed signaling and bullying. the new testament since 2017, you may recall for a short time donald trump was president and there was sort of an effort to reach out to the north koreans for 2 years. it looked like there might be some kind of a hot break through in the north. koreans are hell off, but that really didn't go anywhere. the north korea instantly put much on the table to be fair. the americans didn't really either. and so the whole thing kind of came apart, and if you're north korea, you're really not seeing much movement on the go station table. and 3rd year, i presume the thinking is something like we need to keep on escalating, right? north trans can't get a decent deal out of south korean, the united states, and they're going to want to really bulk up on the deterrence. and that means a regular testing program. i think the big concern in the last couple weeks had been that the north trains have gotten a lot more aggressive and the rhetoric they started talking about using these things outside of defense areas. and that's got everybody's scared right. that they
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make you thinking of using a cramped or something. it's the final day of campaigning in the philippines ahead of monday's presidential election. the son of a former philippine later who was ousted in a revolution is a favorite to become the next president. from manila, jim l. allen, doug and reports on what could be a historic science that fits up last week. the arrived from many for it's a capital manila hope for and define more than 700000 supporters showed up at a yellow avenue for decades. it's been the place for hosting large gatherings that often lead to turning points in this nation's history. as the leader of the opposition vice president lennier, a bred of started her campaign with legal resources. but her unique messaging, based on what she called to radical love, quickly changed the electoral landscape,
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which for decades had been about big money and patronage politics. her graduates, campaigners galvanized support from nearly all sectors of society, particularly young people, very here young people, they're putting everything on the line for this campaign. bear sacrificing their buying just so they would see a better future on the precedent. lenora brenda young people here tell us this is more than just a regular campaign. their participation, they say, is an act of defiance. after years of president rodrigo, the 3rd is restrictive policies and also a major pushback against the possible return of the marcus as to the presidency. it has been a tough fight from the start between 2 very different candidates. who bred though is a widow and a human rights lawyer, while her political rival, bumpo marcus junior, is the son of the late president for didn't. marcus was ousted in
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a popular revolution in 1986. the mark as a name has long been cinemas, with decadence and abuse of power. but bon bon has been leading opinion polls here for months. though many experts see they may no longer reflect the realities on the ground because from house to house campaigns to flash mobs to so called volunteer, choose armies fighting this information. many serial bread is, campaign, has become a people smooth matter. now all maki. and on monday filipinos will decide whether all this will have been enough for a breeder to win an election that is seen as the most consequential in recent history, jamal alan doggone al jazeera manila unconsciousness later will be confirmed on some dang, john lay is assured. victory as he is the cell candidate, and will be elected by committee loyal to china's communist party, adrian brown reports and the man hoping to revive the fortunes of ashes financial.
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hm. john lee's career has been rooted in discipline, a career policeman who went on to become hong kong security chief. during the turbulent spring and summer of 2019, he directed the response to anti government, protests. malory's about to replace kerry lamb as hong kong next leader at a time when the territory remains deeply divided and exhausted by coven 19. it's been a short and strange contest. without even token competition, it's an unusual election because there's just one candidate. it doesn't matter because the it of the, the lesson just open to ever even don't have only one kennedy vinny, we also needed to walk for them. the lease only rally on friday was a small invitation only event that included members of the committee, there will elect him. oh,
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by law they means in the coming 5 years. hong kong will become a carry, accommodating place, full of energy and hope. well, let's do one thing together and support the election on may 8th grade. lee has the central government's backing assign. it wants a hong kong leader with strong security credentials to kim. why is a political commentator who left hong kong for england more than a week ago? because he no longer felt safe. he says lee doesn't have the right experience to lead a global financial center. you've been looking through the c, v of johnny. we know that he had no experience in economy affairs international tre and all major areas of sort of what is your car lease as his priority will be issues like housing, not more democracy or a free vote. he's also promised additional security laws and to increase patriarch education. these very bright, which is what i like about him. so i really feel hong kong is ready for this kind
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of change. and plus he has such us of china. that is something very, very important. lease campaign suffered an early setback when you tube shut down his account, citing compliance with united states sanctions. that means he can't visit that country, just like the outgoing chief executive hong kong people will have no say in the selection. that task falls to an election committee drawn from hong kong business and political elite. a committee vetted by a panel that included john lee, adrian brown, al jazeera hong kong, still ahead on al jazeera assistant through what's left of the luxury hotel. the search for bodies after an explosion, he this candidate class in protest against the congolese president hans violent. the demonstrate is a bank one. he signed the widest straightest meal is
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ford out there. and we look at what's being done to change the image of professional i saw ah hello, the weather looks pretty quiet across the middle east as per usual, little more cloud across northern parts of the region, but the shower is not too heavy here. but the are there, nevertheless, i shall say, just a rather caucus is spilling out of turkey, easing i, which was more than pass all around just one or 2 showers, just sliding over towards afghanistan, but nothing too much to speak of. and a repeat performance. as we go one a 3, monday by monday and increasing when he read doha pagan temperatures back to around 35 celsius was a hazy sunshine coming through the same. then see there are some dusty weather making his way across sir parts over libya. easy into egypt. 32 celsius
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a southerly wind. picking temperatures up in cairo, norway winds have been pagan temperatures back across the north west of africa. recently, we will see warming up here as we go on through the next few days. some sherry re still in place there for the northeast of algeria, northern parts of tenicia, heavy showers continue across west africa all the way over the riff valley easing into the eastern side of africa. we will see increasing showers just pushing up across more than parts of tans, near easing across into that eastern side of our kenya over the next day or so. a seasonal rain started to set in wet weather there for the eastern side of south africa, or grassy cleary way. ah. from the al jazeera london broker sent it to people in thoughtful conversation with no host and no limitation of the artist by nature. they are person who are most part to of i way way and denise control. society is not interested
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in the individuality the freedom. the spirit of the young person studio be unscripted on al jazeera african stories from african perspective, short documentaries, from african filmmakers from zimbabwe. we were pioneers of how economists could change the way we did to be good on this. i'd be happy to go into a physical school so dont ivory copes any gone with fresh farm fishing woods and the shot africa direct on al jazeera. oh,
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a i know you mentioned emily, when he's reminder of stories. she faint has become the largest party in northern ireland parliamentary time in its history. many later, the waning is defining moments which will usher in a new era. the northern irish politics officials in ukraine, se old women, children and the elderly. something rescued from the southfield plant in marian poll facility and size wasted, intense attacked by russian forces using surrounding the area and rushing me. sounds have your crime. 740 of odessa they reportedly dropped close to the airport in speaking center. in the past week, several towns in the region has been targeted by the time and al jazeera has on masood is in odessa and fall. this update. we are now beside the
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o. this as airport here in odessa city, which were, which was a targeted by a mrs. strike in this place, 2 missiles a here, the place in the northern side of the airport, a which led to explosions, heard throughout the city of odessa. we also heard the air defenses trying to confront the missiles in the sky of odessa, fire fighting hears, are it working in the place? while we have detected 2 injuries, at least. so far, this targeting comes after the south earn operations commons had confirmed targeting odessa region by for a cruise missiles into the region, especially the western and the northern region. ofa, odessa,
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the, these attacks and these miss, i start is dikes were, since the morning here in odessa, after the air raid also went off during the day since the morning president manuel mccarthy has promised to unify france following a divisive election campaign. speaking, after being sworn in for his 2nd term, he said his country is dealing with unprecedented crises, including war in europe and his name baba reports microns promised to avoid the mistakes of his 1st 10 military ceremony years. the newly inaugurated french president reviews the troops. but there was no drive down the shoals. elisa, on saturday, missouri, brazil. no, i'd be bleak. just a few 100 people, including my cones, only surviving predecessors, housewife loans, and nicholas aqua z e with their for the swearing in as you have the book. first of all, we will actually avoid escalation because after russia aggression in ukraine,
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we will act to help democracy and courage, triumph to build a new european. and then you are tommy, when our continent, back home, the 1st french leader in 20 years to serve a 2nd term. he's expected to name a new prime minister before leading his rebranded centrist party, now called of an a sauce into june the parliamentary elections fulfilled. and it would be like one piece on seclusion will act to make our country the great ecological power. it should be by radically changing our means of production and transport. and our way of life will continue to tackle inequality at the roots by rebuilding our school and health systems. that many voters, a skeptical about his ability to tackle burning issues, such as rising prices was about saw in the cheese. i'm expecting a much bigger social crisis than during his 1st him. when i look at them, i know you felt like the 1st monday was
9:35 pm
a that the richest in society. so i hope we see the trickle down promised during the 3rd time take place during the 2nd. the french already have a cost of living problem. some can't afford to feed themselves, so i see they could be a new yellow vist crisis, but that's a reference to widespread street protests by the june or yellow vests movement which led to my home promising tax cuts and pension rises. my co also face is a real challenge when it comes to controlling the national assembly. jean luc mellow. sean hedge the left wing party left on an sumeet france on bout. he almost reached the 2nd round of the presidential vote at the expense of the fall. right now he's hoping to be the next prime minister, supported by coalition, including the we can socialist party as well as the greens and the communists. whether my home can stop him may depend on how far he can convince the electorate that he understands the scale of the can on the crisis. the d baba al jazeera,
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at least 100 microns, have been rescued off italy, southern coast. because con says, 2 bodies were found in the water, the migrants were on a boat that ran aground and overturned italian media reports. most of them were from afghanistan. 7 palestinians have been injured in confrontations with israeli forces in the occupied west bank. it happened after after a house in the village of select l. hurry thea was demolished early on saturday. mm . time belonged to a man who along with his other family members, is accused of keys killing and his rally settler in december rescuers in cuba. his capital have been digging through rebels searching for bodies after an explosion at a luxury hotel. at least 26 people, including a child, were killed in the blast at hotel saratoga in havana, 74 others were injured. it was most likely caused by a gas leak out. there is john home and has moved
9:37 pm
the sound of the explosion brit proof of his old town. it blew up a big part, the front of the southern toga hotel, one of the most luxurious, inexpensive in the cuban capital preliminary investigations indicate it was caused by a gas leak. since the cuban president's office. movie stars and celebrities like madonna had stayed in the southern soda. now rescue work has locals. a searching for people missing under the rubble of it was a blast that threw me out. there apparently could have been worse. no tourist was staying at the hotel because it was undergoing renovation, said the hub on the governor. president miguel b as cornel arrived at the scene shortly after the blast. basically the people receiving help rescue teams. the specialist emergency forces.
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we have debts. unfortunately, the hospitals are dealing with the injured explosion, damaged other buildings around the hotel to their worries, especially about a nearby primary school authority. say that thankfully the children and teachers there are ok. the buildings in heaven is beautiful, but disintegrating old town often suffer fooling masonry, but explosions of read this one to show the island. john homan outages into thousands of people in the us state of new mexico are on alert to get out of their homes on short notice because of wildfires. strong winds are expected to speed up the flames in the northern areas of the state. they've already burned 3, nearly 700 square kilometers of land in the city of santa fe. while the state of emergency has been declared in siberia, where at least 5 people have been killed in large forest fires fed. the flames had purchased several villages in the crescent, yas, region,
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burning homes. strong winds have hampered efforts to put them out of our he's saying it was started by trade falling on to power line. sure. like whose president has drawn criticism, after declaring his state of emergency for the 2nd time in 5 weeks, president go to buy a raj, a pasco has been facing nationwide code for his resignation. people are angry about his family to control a worsening economic crisis. he emergency de craig gives the president sweeping palace, including the ability to change or suspend laws, seize property and ordered attentions. the military can be called in to control or disperse protests, and people can be arrested and held for extended periods of time without the evolvement of the courts. michelle fernandez has mall from columbia. if you just look over my shoulder in front of the president of is the president, the director of that group, all protested that still outside a centrally continuing into it's 29th day. and that's their reaction to the
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emergency brought in by present. got up a roger boxer. now those regulations obviously are receiving criticism both here and abroad. we've had our human rights activists. we've had the bar association that's a professional body of lawyers that have condemned it. they say that that agree of concerns at the promulgation of emergency to be used at what have been largely peaceful protests and the president of the vase was haitian, urging the president to revoke of the state of emergency. and essentially, to withdraw that new set of regulation. so that's what we have the protest as themselves saying they're not going to be cowed there. um, you know, they've had it with successive government, you know, trying to scare people to get their own ends achieved. and they said that after this long of having looted the country, having driven the country to its knees economically socially,
9:41 pm
that they're not going to be have they're not going to have their voices silent, they're going to speak up. and they're not going to be afraid by emergency regulations that they will face these regulations. so that's where it's ends. dinner, chicago dishonor yaki is the original deputy director of southern asia research at amnesty international. she says the emergency measure could lay too serious right abuses. the problem with the state of emergency that has been declared is that it cannot be challenged in a court of law. and the regards of the sleeping powers under these laws. it, you know, it can inhibit federal human rights issues, including your process. when people are registered and detained for extended periods of time, the state can take control of private property and entry and such rights extended for committee. and we continue extremely concerned,
9:42 pm
given that the purchase have been largely peaceful and the response of the state has included the support. and so the reasoning behind it remained debatable but the government must ensure that the price of purchased as predicted, solutions lie in the political stability in providing ancestry, but economic crises. so it doesn't necessitated people coming to the street and demanding the better. when we began pete and the solution is not to use the force last night, we saw the excessive you got to gas by police. we saw how children pregnant mothers and deliver affected by the receiving the gas earlier this month in april on the 21st we saw how did you suppose in job was gonna lead to the death? and so really just strength must be brought to afford by the government, but equally by the armed forces and by the police in response to
9:43 pm
a peaceful protest. at least one person has been killed during protests, against electoral reform, and democratic republic of congo. police moved in on crowns, who came out to denounce the changes, leaving their employ to silence descends finch in one hand. proponents. what began as a citizen protest of parliament quickly turned into a violent confrontation with police fire tear gas in the crowd and moved in to break up any resistance the protest her say present. felix to katy plans to steal next year's election. oh, and they'll keep up their campaign until he agrees to talk we are fighting for a credible electoral law from the parliament, which will allow us to have a good election next year so that we can kick out president felix tish. caddy were
9:44 pm
suffering in this country. because of his faith governance by berman event, one control will wrap up despite we'll continue from now till we have a good election 23 president jessica. he must go next to it peacefully for election . october. come back to morrow till we have an agreement around the electoral law. to chicago, he became president in 2019, in the democratic republic of congo, 1st peaceful transition of power. but now he's pushing through reform to electoral laws that opponents fear be used to disqualify his main rivals. the opposition was national consensus on the best way to hold a fair election, who found the most sense of a sense. the president is controlling everything as a dictator. the only way to put pressure on him is to call on our population to take action against this regime. tish kitty's reform plan has become a rallying cry for the opposition. if they aren't included in the process,
9:45 pm
it's likely the protests like bees will continue and failure to reach a consensus on next year's election could further complicate the nation struggle for democracy. didn't and monitor al jazeera and digital version of any museum of pan african heritage has been launched in ghana. it gives visit is an online preview before the actual site opens next year. welcome web has moved there so much . william coleman. blackmore says he grew tired of racism in america where he was born. so last year he and his mother joined the thousands of black americans. he's moved here to garner in the last decade or say, he wants to learn about african history and culture at sites like this. magole him of gone as independent leader, kwame and kramer. and he's hoping to learn more here. he's come with his mother to the launch of a new museum, which is created say,
9:46 pm
will look like this is called the pan african heritage museum. this is a digital version which has been published online as the physical museums to, to open in gone and next year it'll exhibit art and historical artifact from all over africa. everything that i didn't know was, is now i'm ready and i'll see you know, that we have access to it. now a lot of this of the last one was the last, you know about gonna has a rich history. some of it violent for hundreds of years in slave. the africans were imprisoned by europeans here at the cape coast castle before being shipped to the caribbean in the americas. it's a history that attracts many visitors, including african americans retracing their ancestor route. this river was the sight of a slave market where the captives are said to have faith for the last time before
9:47 pm
being shipped across the atlantic ocean. it can be painful to think of the suffering and injustice that happened here. and for centuries, historical records of what happened has been dominated by the west. i had something the museums founders hope to change, who they say it'll help people of african origin and everyone else to unlearn. and we learn historical narratives and discover, forgotten african heritage is supposed to give us a ride to understand that africa, the great that will keep them from the western saddam most time. so i did read it university william says his ancestors were enslaved in west africa. he plans to take it dna test to learn more, and he hopes the new museum and his new life, and donna will help him to rediscover and celebrate his families. roots. malcolm
9:48 pm
web al jazeera, a woman in the us state of texas, has discovered a sculpture that she purchased it. a 2nd hand good store is roughly 2000 years old . laura young bought the boss for $35.00 expense. say it's a roman era sculpture that's been missing since the 2nd world war still ahead on al jazeera in british success on the 2nd stage of cycling 0 d. italia summit has all the details in sport. ah, natural capital is capital which nature created no rush when nature is transformed into a commodity. big business takes a new interest by landscapes protecting landscapes. it's a phenomenal opportunity to be able to use a business model to achieve sustainability of major. but at what's risk, banks of course,
9:49 pm
don't do that because they have at the heart protection of nature. they do that because to see a business in pricing the planets on al jazeera trust in authority is up in all time low you want. we're hench haiti to distrust this is a baffle about what the truth actually is. al jazeera investigative unit pulls back the curtain and reveals how fear, suspicion and conspiracy theories have become. the 2 of the powerful were in a dangerous territory and that dangerous territory was did. what happens now that we literally diverge? that may well be how democracy does the truth illusion coming soon on a, just the euro. lou lou,
9:50 pm
47. thank you very much avenue, while carlos alcott, as that has rocked the top of men's tennis again after beating nor back a joke of it to reach a final of the madrid masters on saturday. it was the 1st meeting for the 19 year old, the, and the world number one to the 1st that the spaniel recovered in the 2nd and in every final set, went to a tie breaker decided as that was on by the home crowd. and he didn't disappoint, he beat his idle rough on the dial, the king of clay in the last run. and now he has his 1st win over yoke of it. i'll cut us that will place the final set to pass or defending madrid champion alexander's vit. evan, the final, as he looks to add it to the 3 title, he's already won this concert, them lead a by owners of the la dodgers. baseball team has signed a deal to by the premier league side that chelsea the club says the terms up for
9:51 pm
the 5 point. $2000000000.00 deal have been agreed with the group led by todd boley and is backed by us private equity firm at clear lake capital. bony was watching as chelsea blue a to nail lead at home to wolf on saturday. the visitors rescued a draw was 97 minutes on the clock through corner how the chelsea it had been under sanctions from the british government against the clubs count russian owner, roman of rome of liverpool are looking to go top of the premier league right now. they're at home to taught them, hor, targeting champions league, spot themself. next season. i should say. night is week. finish to the season has continued to off as they were. thumped the for nail up. bryson 1st at home for the team in 2022. united. the can longer finish the season any higher than 6 place elsewhere. what foods relegation was confirmed with the one neil defeat at crystal
9:52 pm
palace. british why the simon needs has claimed his 1st stage victory of this yesterday italia. he won the 2nd stage on saturday and 9.2 kilometer individual time trial around the streets of budapest, or the 1st 3 days of this year's event taking place in hungary. dutchman matthew van de retained the race, a leader pink jersey with an 11 seconds lead over our youth to moscow. a face mosque at the moment, but not quite like this one and be a sergeant and be the return to action of the fracturing his eye socket. and help the philadelphia 76 as get back into their play. 1 series against the miami heat. david stokes has the action. i think after missing the 1st 2 defeats against miami jolen bead was back for the sixers looking like a superhero and playing like one too. he fractured his eye socket and suffered a more concussion against toronto last month, but returned with a decisive 18 points and 11 rebounds, his teammates, danny green,
9:53 pm
entirely smack cbo school, $21.00 with maxie, also producing incredible bits of defense in the 4th quarter. thought that eventually led to another 2 points for the sixes who went by 20 the eastern conference semifinal series now sits up to one with game for coming up on sunday. here with our so have you seen 21 hanging up in a lot room with his math? whatever. so i me. when mommy she is a soldier, a soldier just ah mask. i mean that i mean concussion a face broken face? no. make them look even angler now. boy, when i in his his resilient asked andy, people are reason with our back up. oh gosh madigan coach ah we dont to war. ah, you know, we gotta. ready you know, we check which angle dog 31 i for in the west. the dallas mavericks were also able
9:54 pm
to close the gap in their series against the top seated phoenix suns. jane and brunson scored a game high 28. a luca dont' ich came very close to a triple double with 26 points, 13 rebounds and knowing assists, including this one while sat on the floor. the mavericks 130 to 94, and the best of 7 series is no evenly poised. that to one, maybe stokes al jazeera. he hadn't an islands that have thrashed the l. a kings to take it to one lead than the nfl western conference blouse happens. it came near school with a hat trick, and the 8 to victory is the 1st time he has manners at the feet and the playoffs. but the sport has been accused of having a racism problem across the us and canada cares and fans that say they've encountered discrimination at all levels of the game and they're working to change that heidi so castro reports from washington dc. it's not easy being a black hockey player just asked 15 year old daria's nichols who's been training on
9:55 pm
the ice since he was 5. it's very hard having to deal with her. i had versity. it's really hard to deal with. most of the other players are white and nickel says, while his own teammates in maryland are supportive, he often gets called racial slurs by players from other teams. i've had kids call me in word. i've had kids. just come at me for november. reason hosen is brennan darby voice was like, well sorry. hockey coach brian king says the same happened to him when he played in college. it was much worse. i'm from name calling to, you know, being punch in the face randomly is also name calling and being races. and there is a clue. difference between the hockey still carries the stigma of being a white man's sport. it was developed by european settlers in canada about 150 years ago in its popularity spread to the united states. but unlike most other pro
9:56 pm
sports, that diversified during the civil rights era, hockey, didn't i, saki is b widest, straightest mail list sport out there. i renee has is trying to change that. she's the founder of a group called black girl hockey club, which organizes fan events and scholarships to support diversity in hockey. as a black woman. if i can find a space in a sport like ice hockey, and if a sport like ice hockey can cultivate a space for me, then that can happen anywhere. professional hockey is indeed a sport that under represented minority. currently the n h l has only about 5 dozen minority players and just 8 out of the 220 coaches are people of color. good above it, good bothered wanting abercrombie hopes to break into that elite group last fall. he completed a coaching internship with the arizona coyotes part of the n h. l's effort to
9:57 pm
nurture diverse talent. i want to be the 1st head coach, indiana jell um of diverse background to have his name on on this now we go. he says he's unafraid to aim high because he demands the same of his players. he tells them progress just requires putting one skate in front of the other. again, roger, heidi joe castro al jazeera washington. the walls a best pound for pound box, sir canyon. i've had, as that will step into the ring. late on saturday, the mexican is fighting a las vegas aiming to become a 2 time light heavyweight champion mistaken on russia, w. b, a title holder. dmitri beaver, who's one all 19 of his fights. kenny low who became undisputed that super middleweight champion last year, septal for the scales at the 2nd heaviest weight of his career. and that's it for me, emily. thank you very much santa. and it's for me to emily angland for this news
9:58 pm
hour, but don't go anywhere london, colleagues who have more of the day's news in just a month. i ah, a mainstream coverage of big stories because sometimes deliver more heat than lights in a water scenario. there's always a push to simplify. narratives. nuance is always called for, even in the case of an aggressive war, the listening post, delve into the news, narrative and dissect them. there's not our great deal of subtlety. we're talking about the barbarism that is unfolding as though we somehow unique. it's not unique
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covering the way the news is covered on al jazeera. the latest news as it breaks. we've ramadan, easter, i'm paul saver. all happening right now. in this city, alex, holy sites, a set to remain high with detailed coverage this year to be a cultural center. it will take weeks before all this rubble is removed from around the world. $825000000.00 books were sold around the world. we're talking about paper books, a conflict between india and pakistan. prestige. 21. and what the kashmiris pioneering with on al jazeera teaching? no, you can watch how to say we're english streaming live on like youtube channel, plus thousands of our programs award winning documentaries. and in depth news
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reports subscribe to you to dot com forward slash al jazeera english ah . after weeks of rush and bombardment, ukraine's government says, all women and children have now been evacuated from the as off stell steel walks. ah, hello, i'm marianne minimize in london. you're watching algae 0 also coming up on the program taliban decree, which requires all afghan women to cover their entire bodies while in public or face punishment. the next step and.


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