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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 8, 2022 1:00am-1:30am AST

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ah, investigating the use and abuse of power across the globe follow to sierra, ah, after weeks of russian bombardment, ukraine's government says all women and children have been evacuated from me as of stell steelworks. ah, hello, i'm mary. i'm demising, london. you with al jazeera, also coming up on the program taliban decree, which requires all african women to cover their entire bodies while in public or face punishment. next step and less political come back, brazil's war president begins his campaign to unseat terrible scenario in october. and for the 1st time in its history, should fain becomes the largest party in northern islands parliament.
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ah. in ukraine, the president vladimir zalinski says more than 300 people have been evacuated from the ass off style steel plants in mario, paul. hundreds of people had been trapped in dark bunkers under the industrial facility for up to 2 months. sheltering from the constant rush and bombardments with food and water supplies running out. presidents as efforts will now focus on evacuating the wounded and medics from the facility. the is off, sell plant has also been the last hold out for ukrainian forces in the strategically important port city our deserves as had beg, has more from ukraine. central city of human out and safe crane says all women, children and the elderly,
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have been evacuated from the as of stalled steel platt with for months. they sheltered in underground bunkers, while ukrainian fighters from the as of battalion attempts to prevent russian soldiers from completely taken over the port city. president zalinski repeatedly called them the united nations to help lead civilians to safety through humana tyrann corridors. russia agreed to a number of seat fires to facilitate evacuations. both keven moscow repeatedly accused one another of violating the truce. mammoth other hundreds of civilians were eventually evacuated in multiple operations. led by the united nations taken to a nearby village, away from the shelling which the fate of ukrainian fighters still in still worse. it's unclear if president vladimir putin will be able to declare victory. mary polled in time for may 9th, a day where russia celebrates the soviet union's will go to victory over the nazis
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. as i beg, i d, 0 woman. elsewhere the eastern town of personnel has been under siege for weeks now . it's believed about 2000 civilians, a trap that that is algae. there is at charles stratford reports for near by flew beef cap attempts to get the mouse have stopped because of the danger to volunteers . yeah, although suny scald, with sicily chemical surrogate roscoe was a construction worker before russia invaded ukraine. when the war started, he volunteered as a civilian evacuation driver for his now missing who would fear dead. this video shows him after he had rescued civilians from the besieged town of port persona. in the east of the country, the liberal eagle was his co driver on that day. he says, saturday, told him, if he could save another 20 people, his life would not be in vain. we, i was in your y'alls. i could see the entrance to pal puzzler says eagle,
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what russian soldiers suddenly jumped out from the left. it happened so fast. they fired a rocket propelled grenade, but it miss risk when they started shooting machine guns and rifles was the windows shut. it said gay kept driving, but he was hit and began falling. dragging the steering wheel to the left. we bade off the road, crushing through small trees where i was crouched down, pushing up against the dashboard. i looked at set again so much that he wasn't moving or making any sound. here when i reached the door, handle jumped out and started running between the trees using the passes cover was continued shooting at it. when i go to a village, i found a house and got water. i was covered in blood with face my hands and ears. i thought it was mine, but i had no wounds. i realized then it was said again, not known exactly how many people are either attract inciteful pause nor, or i'm willing to leave a town that is on the near constant russian army attack. this is volunteer
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evacuation dr. mckayla called having a blindfold taken off on russian state cb. 2 days of the disappeared was also trying to evacuate. people trapped in the only civilians are doing the evacuation details. the man in military uniform interviewing him. his daughter made an emotional play on facebook for his release. oh, i beg you, please giving my father back. we miss him so much. please release him. let him go in the village neighbouring papa's. now the sound of artillery crashes through the air volunteers, elena and ury inspect the graves, where they had been burying civilians killed in the besieged town. long trenches had been dug in which bodies lie covered in soil. a tractor will fill in the trench when the shelling dies down. of course not. i know many of us um, unforeseen,
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them. there is more danger. the shells can land on you. none. here it is over our heads. we bury them here because it's impossible to bury them under the shelley. it's too dangerous to go in and collect the bodies now on a beaten of really deeper comfort. i felt great pity for people killed if they're alive now, they could be doing something good. it's very hard to comprehend when you find a young person lying dead on the ground, ukrainian, or socrates, say dna testing will be done when the war ends to identify the growing number of an identifiable civilians killed. this is one of 3 unidentified graves in this graveyard. all that is written on the cross is that a woman's body is buried here and the place where that body was failed. for now, the fighting intell pause, no rages on making it too dangerous for rescuing the living. or the dead. shall stratford al jazeera through vivica, easton ukraine. elsewhere,
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russian missile strikes, if at the southern city of odessa, which is home to ukraine's largest port, a struck close to the airport and the city center. there was also a separate strike on the nearby town of r, c h. and the past week, several towns in the southern region have been targeted by russian strikes. a dancer is now introduced and extended curfew from sunday evening until tuesday morning. and in other developments that of the world health organization is urging russia to agree to a cease fire. on a visit to cave, he admonished moscow and russian forces for targeting health care facilities. w joel has not verified. $200.00, our tax on healthcare in ukraine. seems the war begun. these attacks must stop. health care is never a target. ah.
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the 1st time in decades women in afghanistan will have to cover their face and entire body while in public. it also asks women to remain at home. the new rules follow a decree by taliban leaders and will result in punishment for those who refused to comply the harding or ports he see as blue in cobble, a group of women gathers at a market. the taliban latest decree is that all women in afghanistan must cover their entire body. when they're outside the home. he does the ha, i'm r o d i go and he, he job is a privilege for wisdom and paused women. he jobby women of protected from disobedience and sins. they'll always be restricted. they'll be protected from evil . if a woman is seen in public, without head to toe covering she along with her husband, her mail guardian could be punished. this is not the one who has the homes for the
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women who don't have a job should be known. the men should be advised and warned. the strict enforcement of burka became a global symbol of the taliban rule when it was in power in the 1990s. since re taking control of afghanistan last year, taliban leaders have re introduced restrictions mainly directed at women. this most recent decree is one of the harshest yet why is it that only one issue is a priority for one? why not? you know, policy and hunger on poverty, on lack of jobs, unsecure. if you taliban leaders have also cracked down on education for girls closing down secondary schools on the same day class was supposed to start you in human rights. experts say afghan women are facing large scale and systematic, gender based discrimination and violence. see any of the, the demonstrations that have taken place since august when the taliban took up it's,
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it's been women at the forefront women and girls. and this is intended to ensure that women have no public face, their own fears. the strict rules now facing women in afghanistan will likely discourage them from going out in public and realizing their full potential, lia, hurting. i'll g 0. i spoke to washington for the founder of a women's organization that's currently working inside afghanistan. she said that women's rights are being eroded and many want to leave the country. one millions of women who are, who have found new spaces in the past 20 years. you know, the, were the parliamentarians, they were working in the government. they were sports women. they were business women, all of that has been taken away from them. and the only hope was at least if they could continue their work, even as being covered for head to toe. but even that has been kind of that,
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that is the last hope as well. the women that you know, in my family or the women that i work with, you know, it is this whole and state of the spirit among them. everybody that i talk to wants to leave up on everybody that i and you know, checking on on the basis are saying, please help us find a way that we can come out because the girls have, you know, and we have so many girls who have attempted suicide, and that never, you know, comes in the media because the news cannot, it does not cover the, the have seen a new life in the past 20 years. so for many of the young generation, this whole and past 28 months has been a nightmare. and so, all i, what i'm hearing is that people say help us get out, and that's, that's all would be here. now, to brazil, a former president weaver nationally to silver's ownership. it's a challenge diable scenario and october presidential election. austin lewis of 2
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times in office. he was convicted of corruption in 2017. he served 18 months in prison. but last march all the convict, all his convictions, what an old lula is currently considered, the strongest challenger to the far right ball scenario in an election expected to be dominated by the rise and the cost of living. want to kiana k of reports from the law trolley in sao paolo there's a lot of hope here at this convention center where former president leads enough sumunah gustovo has announced a coalition of center left party that will support his candidacy. all major trade union and social movements are all so with him he's going to try to defeat rather than show you both. so not all during the 1st round of the elections, which will happen on october. the 2nd, because both the model is already questioning whether these selections will be fair or whether there we will be from a broad. so the objective years to try to get us elected as soon as possible to
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avoid any discussion. let's also trying to get the, both of the young, all wrong. 1000000 new voters. between 16 and 18 years old. all i have registered to vote, and the young are usually the ones that are worried about the environment. lula said he will protect the amazon contrary to what the current government has done it with algebra ally from london at most to lead, including this story, hong kong is set to confirm a new leader. but with only one candidates in the right, there's little doubt of the result. ah, welcome to your world's weather update. we're going to begin in china. great to see
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you. so the rain really filling in across central portions here falling from the yellow river valley right down to the pearl river valley mixed in there will see some heavier pulses windsor gonna shift around as well. so that drag sound, the temperature and jung joe to just 13 degrees on monday we've had some high temperatures for northern han ship it again, the winds are shipped and around. so that's going to knock back your temperature is a bit pretty average day though, and tokyo mix of sun in cloud and a height of 22 degrees. really soggy forecast for indo china me see some flooding. southern areas of vietnam, northern areas is wall. right across cambodian, a heavier pulse of rain for that southeast of thailand. what in windy conditions, while they're starting to pull away from tasmania, but it's left a legacy of low temperature is here. so hope are just a high of 15 degrees. we're going to see that rain filling across queensland is while this of forecasts on sunday. let me put this several days out now on tuesday . so the heavier pockets of rain, i think it's a question. not if we'll see flooding, but just where and how much ought of what weather swell for the southern alps. the
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mountain passes for new zealand coastal air is could say a 120 millimeters of rain. and those winds swipe up to 80 kilometers per hour on sunday. susan ah, the full of struggles full of pleasure to play when police look at it via that him. what is it today, my lad, to come in with an intimate look at life in cuba? ill work, a mom the la got a kid with the comment that with my cuba on al jazeera lou
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ah, welcome back. main stories now ukrainian president rodney lensky. same wasn't 300 civilians who had been sheltering and married. pulls besieged as austin. still, plant, have been evacuated. facility is also the last hold out the cranium forces. lensky says they'll now focus on evacuation. the wounded and medics from the plant. taliban as ordered women to cover their face and body in public for the 1st time in decades or b to be not hearing. the dress code could result in prison time for a woman's male guardian. i'm brazil for president reason. osteo unit to silver is orange, to bid to challenge shire bull scenario in october's presidential election, eunice of 18 months in prison for corruption. but last march, all his convictions were enabled. now,
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emmanuel micron has been sworn in as french president for 2nd time. it's promised to take tough action on the economy and the climate crisis, but he face is a challenge to win over vouchers. disillusioned by his 1st 5 years in office as a team, barbara explains, ah, the military ceremony is the newly inaugurated french president reviews the troops . but there was no drive down the shoals, elisa, on saturday, july public, just a few 100 people, including my cones, only surviving predecessors, housewife loaned, and nicholas aqua z, e, with their, for the swearing in. as you know, they're both. first of all, we will act to avoid escalation after russia's aggression in ukraine. the demo we will act to help democracy and courage, triumph to build a new european piece there. and then you autonomy on our continent. because the 1st french leader in 20 years to serve a 2nd term is expected to name a new prime minister before leading his rebranded centers. party. now quote of an a
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sauce into june's parliamentary elections fulfilled and it would be like one piece of psychologic will act to make our country the great ecological power. it should be by radically changing our means of production and transport. and our way of life will continue to tackle inequality at the roots and getting by rebuilding our school and health systems that many voters are skeptical about his ability to tackle burning issues, such as rising prices. was my thought in the case and expecting a much bigger social crisis than during his face 10 am until the volume i like them allegedly did. it felt like the 1st mandate was aimed at the richest in society. so i hope we see the trickle down promised chewing the 1st term. take place during the 2nd. the french already have a cost of living problem. some can't afford to feed themselves. so i fear they could be a new yellow vist crisis. oh, that's
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a reference to widespread street protests by the genie jones or yellow vests movements which lead to mccomb promising tax cuts and pension rises. michael also faces a real challenge when it comes to controlling the national assembly. jean luc mellow shall hedge the left. pause. he left the house and sumeet fronts on bowed. he almost reached the 2nd round of the presidential vote at the expense of the fall. right now he's hoping to be the next prime minister, supported by coalition, including the we can socialist policy as well as the greens and the communists. whether my home can stop him may depend on how far he can convince the electorate that he understands the scale of the economic crisis. that the baba al jazeera, she insane is become the largest political party in northern ireland for the 1st time. nationalists of long campaign for the region to leave the u. k. become a part of a united ireland centrist alliance party, which wants to leave religious turn is behind, has also done while john hall reports from belfast.
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some say the selection changes everything and changes nothing. the marching bands play on commemorating ties with the united kingdom, despite the reversal of a century of unionists. political dominance and barricade stand regardless of the nationalist when separating communities, as they have done through decades of troubles and decades of peace. just because on the same no change then no change is just going on the same for too long. the unionists have always felt that being top dog, but neither 2nd dog and there's a lot of pride at stake. real change has happened though in the center. the alliance party doubling its bo chair among those who reject the traditional identity politics cross community youth groups like this one are not uncommon in
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a younger generation, looking for a credible 3rd way common and the city made and she's catholics. i'm process of law. so, washed after class herself as food or food for lunches, for a quicker physical. from my experience, like i said, and i wasn't involved in this program, i probably wouldn't have any really involvement with the protest inside of the community. there is a movement obviously with the youth, but before parents enough with off be in and not they are learn more about community relations and build relations with all people, not just your identity and religion. once at the heart of conflict. now making tentative attempts at bridging divides. so we have begun to meet on a regular basis with both ministers on the shinkel and priests from the bowls. and our parishioners don't seem to have
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a problem mixing whenever the occasion arises. reverend tracy mc roberts has led community outreach efforts since a brief resurgence of violence last spring. there are possibly more people doing this kind of work than we realize. but a lot of this type of work goes on behind closed doors. the election doesn't solve northern islands problems. of course, you might say it's made things worse with chin, faint, nationalist victory, a big step towards a possible future. united ireland, a huge blow for unionists with the democratic unionist party threatening to boycott the store. mont assembly over a post briggs had seaboard or for trade that it says undermines northern islands position in the united kingdom. what's clear is that there is a middle ground growing influence. cross community ties being forged by people who feel less nationally still, unionist board, northern irish, disturb joe,
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the whole al jazeera belfast, the u. s. and e u, of called on shall anchors president to repeal a state of emergency that gives him sweeping powers to crack down on protest. as this is the 2nd time president got to buy a raj, a packs or is use these measures and just 5 weeks. and calls of growing for him to resign from monster lankin to face blackouts and food fuel and medicine shortages as the country solvers. it's worse economic crisis for decades. it's the final day of campaigning in the philippines out of a presidential election described as the most important in its history. paul's predict victory for ferdinand marcus junior, son of a former dictator, notorious or plundering billions from the country. but he's up against the vice president. lenny robledo, who's grassroots campaign as galvanized young people shemelle alan dog and reports from manila. oh you said marcy bertha, they arrive from many parts of the capital, manila,
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helpful and defiant. more than $700000.00 supporters showed up at a yellow avenue for decades. it's been the place for hosting large gatherings that often lead to turning points in this nation's history. as the leader of the opposition, vice president lennier bred or started her campaign with meager resources. but her unique messaging based on what she called so radical love, quickly changed the electro landscape, which for decades had been about big money and patronage politics. her grass roots campaign is galvanized support from nearly all sectors of society, particularly young people. there here young people, they're putting everything on the line for this campaign. they're sacrificing their dime just so they would see a better future on the precedent. lenora breton. young people here tell us this is more than just a regular campaign. their participation,
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the same is an act of defiance. after years of president rodrigo, the 3rd is restrictive policies, and also a major pushback against the possible return of the market says to the presidency. it has been a tough fight from the start between 2 very different candidates. who bred though, is a widow and a human rights lawyer, while her political rival, bumble marcus junior, is the son of the late president for didn't. marcus was ousted in a popular revolution in 1986. the mark has a name, has long been cinemas, with decadence and abuse of power. but bon bung has been leading opinion polls here for months. though many experts see they may no longer reflect the realities on the ground because from house to house campaigns to flash mobs to so called volunteer, choose armies fighting this information. many see rou, bridiska bean has become a peoples movement. now,
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warmer and done monday filipinos will decide whether all this will have been enough for a barrier door to win an election that is seen as the most consequential. in recent history, jamal alan dorgan al jazeera manila man updates on the story from cuba rescue as a continuing to search a luxury hotel for bodies after an explosion in the building. on friday, at least $26.00 people, including a child, were killed in the blast at hotel saratoga in the capitol. havana, dozens of others were injured. explosion was believed to have been caused by a gas leak. while than a 100 migrants were rescued off italy, southern coast on friday coast, god says 2 bodies were also recovered from the water. my grants were on a boat that ran aground and overturned near the town of sedona, italian meter, a port st most on board from afghanistan. wildfires in siberia cross may i ask region of killed at least 5 people. hundreds of fire
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fighters of battling the blazes and the region has been placed under a state of emergency. greenpeace rushes is saying. the wildfire area across russia is already double the size compared to this time last year. siberia has been devastated by large scale fires over recent years. with scientists. st regents blazes, release records, amounts of greenhouse gases. russia has a 5th of the world's forests. now, hong kong next leader is going to be confirmed on sunday. john lee is assured victory as he is the only candidate and will be elected by a committee loyal to china's communist party. adrian brown reports on the man hoping to revive the fortunes of asia's financial hub. john lee's career has been rooted in discipline, a korea policeman who went on to become hong kong security chief during the turbulent spring and summer of 2019, he directed the response to and he government protests.
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now he's about to replace kerry lamb as hong kong next leader at a time when the territory remains deeply divided and exhausted by cobit 19. it's been a short and strange contest without even token competition. it's an unusual election because there's just one candidate. it doesn't matter because the either the, the election just open to ever even don't have only one kennedy vinny, we also needed to walk for them. the lease only rally on friday was a small invitation only event that included members of the committee that will elect him. oh, i know they means in the coming 5 years, hong kong would become a carry, accommodating place, full of energy and hope. well, let's do one thing together. support the election on may 8th grade. lee has the central government's packing, assign. it wants
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a hong kong leader with strong security credentials. june came, why is a political commentator who left hong kong for england more than a week ago? because he no longer felt safe, he says lee doesn't have the right experience to lead a global financial center. you've gotten through the c, v of johnny. you know that he had no experience in economy affairs, international tray and all major areas of what does he lease as his priority will be issues like housing, not more democracy or a free vote. he's also promised additional security laws and to increase patriotic education. these very bright, which is what i like about him. so i really feel hong kong is ready for this kind of change. and plus he has such us of china. that is something very, very important. lease campaign suffered an early setback when you tube shut down his account, citing compliance with united state sanctions. that means he can't visit that
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country, just like the outgoing chief executive hong kong people will have no say in the selection. that task falls to an election committee drawn from hong kong business and political elite, a committee vetted by a panel that included john lee, adrian brown, al jazeera hong kong. ah, ah, look at the main stories, the sour ukrainian president ramirez zalinski, is saying more than 300 civilians who have been sheltering variables besieged exhausted plant have been evacuated. hundreds of people have been trapped under the industrial facility for 2 months sheltering from the constant bombardment with little.


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