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for which one that is going to challenge the way you think leslie's simplicity to the head lies join me as i take on the lies, dismantled misconceptions and debate the contradictions upfront with me, mark them on hill what al jazeera, ah ukrainian officials say, all civilians have been evacuated from the besieged steel plants and muddy hope. o l. a y money inside. this is out there a life and death. also coming up. the cia chief things vladimir putin believes he cannot afford to lose in ukraine and is doubling down on the will. 20 years on to fast telling women in afghanistan to cover their faces,
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the taliban re imposes the decree. and a 2nd time for my comb with the french parliamentary elections approaching. has he done enough to win over voters? ukraine's government says all civilians have been evacuated from the stale plant in the southern city of north pole. for mon, civilians and soldiers had been trapped inside the facility as russia intensified its attacks. i've said bag has more from the city of from on out and safe. crane says all women, children and the elderly have been evacuated from the as of stalls still tucked with for months. the sheltered in underground bunkers, while ukrainian fighters from the as of battalion attempts to prevent russian
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soldiers from completely taken over the port city. president zalinski, repeatedly called and united nations to help lead civilians to safety through humanity and corridors. deborah, among them is not. i want to thank the teams of the international committee of the red cross and the united nations for helping us carry out the 1st phase of the as of stall plants evacuation mission, we managed to save more than 300 people, women and children, tional. russia agreed to a number of these fires to facilitate evacuations. both keven moscow repeatedly accused one another of violating the truce. mammoth hundreds of civilians were eventually evacuated in multiple operations. led by the united nations taken to a nearby village away from the shelling, which was the fate of ukrainian fighters still in still worse, it's unclear if president vladimir putin will be able to declare victory. mary
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pulled in time for may 9th, a day where russia celebrates the soviet union's will go to victory over the nazis . as i beg, i jazeera woman in the east of the country, ukrainian forces continue to fight back that fight how it's a cannon's that russian targets in can't keep that part of military assistance package from the united states and germany. earlier on saturday, ukraine's than russia shall, 3 bridges to slow it's counter offensive. caucasian has been on the attack since the invasion began in february. russian missile strikes have hit the southern city of desa, which is home to ukraine's largest port. they struck close to its airport and city center. there was a separate strike on the nearby town of ot sees in the past week rushes targeted several towns and the southern region out there as has some massuce has more from odessa. we are now beside the o,
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this us airport here in odessa city, which were, which was a targeted by a mrs. strike in this place. 2 missiles heads here, the place in the northern side of the airport. oh, which led to explosions, heard through all the city of odessa. we also heard the air defenses drying to confront the missiles in the sky of odessa. fire fighting hears are working in the place while we have detected 2 injuries, at least. so far, this targeting comes after the south earn operations. coleman had confirmed targeting odessa region by for a cruise missiles into the region, especially the western and the northern region. odessa,
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the, these attacks and these miss all his throat is starks were since the morning here in odessa, after the air raid also went off during the day since the morning the director of the u. s. intelligence agency at the c. i a says he's convinced vladimir putin is doubling down on the when ukraine william bands says despite the resistance from ukrainian forces, the russian president is not willing to lose. he added the patient has been stewing for years and as may surveys had by grievance ambition and insecurity. i think he's in a frame of mind in which he doesn't believe he can afford to lose. so the stakes are quite high in this phase, and in, in the east of ukraine. as you know, you cranes, military with support, you know, from the west continues to resist. but i don't think this means that, you know,
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putting is, is deterred at this point because he's stake so much on the choice that he made to launch this invasion that i think he's convinced right now the doubling down still will enable him to make progress. let's get more in this. mark. fitzpatrick is associate fellow with the international institute teacher studies. he's a former deputy assistant secretary of stacy joins us via the washington d. c. thank you for your time, sir. buns is of course, the former us ambassador to russia who has spent much time studying the russian leda. so it's quite interesting to get his perspective. what's that out for you from his comments? i think there are 2 things. one is what he said about russia doubling down there. put in really does not want to lose, but he's not going to win for sure. ukraine is just fighting back so fiercely. and with more and more support from the west. i don't think it's going to win, but what does it mean that he can't lose? does he have to redefine his objectives?
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and if he is doubling down now as it still loses, what happens? then you're pulled down and then use nuclear weapons. i'm quite worried about that . the other aspect of yes, go ahead. sorry. so you know, we're sure that he things said peyton does not show signs of planning to use tactical nuclear weapons. well, i think that's good so far couldn't is national those science, but one couldn't interpret other things and had said, meaning that they could, he certainly haven't ruled them out. and the problem i see is that if russia doubled down in the don't boss and southern ukraine does not achieve his military objectives. ben, what will you do? what he turned to? i don't think we can rule it out. you know, we were all surprised when launched this invasion. well, hey, listen, surprised. they knew about it, but still it was the pricing and i just wouldn't rule out the possible use of nuclear weapons bends. was also keen to play down that it was us intelligence that
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had helped equating targets and kale watching generals on the battlefield and think one of its ships. why do you think that is? well, it's united states cannot be seen to be so involved in this war and directly targeting russian generals, i mean that, that is really, it's not just that it's a provocation that could escalate matters, but it displays into russia sensitive grievance. and, you know, we don't need to do that. now, russia, russia, since the reason being attacked and prevailed upon it, is this the other line? but still you have to always see the other side. psychological reasoning and not play into it. what did you make of his remarks about china? yeah, that was the most interesting thing. can you really because in east asia, everyone is worried had been worried that russia's invasion of ukraine could
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have a bedded, china's interest in invading taiwan. something that it has been talking more and more about, but i really don't. so burden said that, you know, this is not how china will realize that it's invading another country. doesn't work out the way you think. and that's a good thing. but i don't think china was going to be any way to have other music squeezing taiwan economically. lot, fitzpatrick, really interesting to get your perspective associate fellow at the international institute for strategic studies. thanks for having a european union envoy will visit iran on tuesday as a block seeks to save the 2015 nuclear court. a foreign policy chief, joseph morales said an interview is seeking a middle weight and the deadlock are all as considering a scenario whereby the designation is lifted on the i r g c,
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but kept in place on other parts of the organization. so wrong has been demanding washington removed the slimy republics revolutionary god copes from the u. s. terrorist organisation list and lifting all the sanctions that we're now following the u. s. withdraw on the nuclear deal. back in 2018. now taliban leaders in afghanistan have ordered women to cover the entire body while in public. they say if a woman refuses to do so, she or have family could be sent to prison or fired from government jobs. their haunting asthma. a sea of blue in cobble, a group of women gathered at a market. the tall bonds latest to cree, is that all women in afghanistan must cover their entire body when they're outside the home. he does the ha, i'm r o the i go and he, he job is a privilege for wisdom and pause women. he jobby women are protected from disobedience and sins. they'll always be restricted. they'll be protected from evil
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. if a woman is seen in public, without head to toe covering she along with her husband, her mail guardian could be punished the bids not oh ha, the homes for the women who don't have a he job should be known. the men should be advised and warned. the strict enforcement of burka became a global symbol of the taliban rule when it was in power in the 1990s. since re taking control of afghanistan last year, taliban leaders have re introduced restrictions, mainly directed at women. this most recent decree is one of the harshest yet why is it that only one issue is a priority for one? why not? you know, policy and hunger on poverty, on lack of jobs, unsecure. if you taliban leaders have also cracked down on education for girls closing down secondary schools on the same day class was supposed to start you in
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human rights. experts say afghan women are facing large scale and systematic, gender based discrimination and violence. if we see any of the, the demonstrations that have taken place since august when the toronto carpets it's been women at the forefront women and girls. and this is intended to and sure that women have no public face. there are fears the strict rules now facing women in afghanistan will likely discourage them from going out in public and realizing their full potential. lia harding al jazeera, still ahead on al jazeera ly, from hong kong, where we'll take a closer look at the man set to take over him. carry lam international calls for sure. lancaster president in a state of emergency. ah,
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the journey has begun. the 3 full world camp is on its way to cattle, your cattle package to death. there, let's get right to it. a lot of ground to cover for india. so we're keeping tabs on this disturbance in the bay of bengal. intensifying, disturbance. looks like a could crash into entrepreneurship. no disha in the days to come. so check back with us. we'll keep you posted on that. the other big story for india is the heat. so let's put the colors on the heat wave alert expanding from roger stand instant mater per dash. that is snape poor, 44, but we'll take the colors off, talk about some that wet weather. and once again, we find it toward the south in the state of carola. so some showers for coaching on sunday with the height of $33.00 degrees southeast asia, some dry spells across sumatra, jav i think the heaviest of the rain, wolfol crusty islands of bali and mom balked on sunday and then we've got a washout for indo. china. likely to see some flooding here, southern vietnam, northern vietnam radiance,
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a cambodia and some heavier pockets leaking in toward the southeast of thailand. rain is filling in for china is pretty much stretching from the yellow river valley right down to the pearl river valley. and we'll see some heavier pockets of rain there. and we'll talk about japan right now. we did have some high temperatures for northern honshu winds have shifted around, so that's kind of knocked back. your temperature is a bit, but a pretty average day in tokyo, 22 degrees, and the sun's out that you're up that i saw airway official airline of the journey . how and why did who become so obsessed with this law? we were giving them a tool, whole corrupt individuals of human rights abusers accommodate. they're gonna rip this deal apart if they take the white house of 2025. what is the world hearing what we're talking about by american today? we take on us politics and society, that's the bottom line for investigating the use and oops, of course the good for now to sierra,
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ah ah, welcome back you watching al jazeera mind. if our top story is, is our credit in russia announced all elderly people, women and children have been evacuated from the besieged as old style, still works in mad april the director of the u. s. intelligence agency. the cia says he's convinced vladimir putin is doubling down on the wound and a european union envoy will visit iran on. she says, block seeks to say the 2015 you pay a court sherland as president has drawn criticism, after declaring
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a state of emergency for the 2nd time in 5 weeks, go to bio roger pucks has been facing nationwide calls for his resignation. people are angry about his failure to control a worsening economic crisis. well, the emergency decree gives the president sweeping powers, including the ability to change or suspend laws cease property, an order detentions. people can be arrested and held for extended periods of time without the involvement of the courts. and the military can be called in to control or disperse protests. michelle fernandez has an agent from colombo. you could just look over my shoulder in front of the president's office. the president is like a director of that group of protesters that still outside. i essentially continuing into it's 29th day and that's their reaction to the emergency brought in by present . gotta be roger boxer. and those regulations obviously, are receiving criticism both here and abroad. we've had our human rights activists
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. we've had the bar association that's a professional body of lawyers that have condemned it. they say that that agree of concerns at the promulgation of emergency to be use, at what have been largely peaceful protests, and the president of the vazo, c asian urging the president to revoke, ah, the state of emergency. and essentially, to withdraw that new set of regulation. so that's what we have the protests as themselves saying, they're not going to be cowed. there are, you know, they've had it with successive government, you know, trying to scare people to get their own ends achieved. and they said that after this long of having looted the country, having driven the country to its knees economically socially, that they're not going to be have they're not going to have their voices silent, they're going to speak up. and they're not going to be afraid by emergency
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regulations that they will face these regulations. so that's where it's ends. tenisha card deny yakking is the deputy regional director of south asia research, amnesty international. she says the majesty matching could lead to serious rights abuses. the problem with the state of the emergency that has been declared is that it cannot be challenged in a court of law. and the result of the sleeping power was under the laws it, you know, it can inhibit several human rights issues, including your process. when people stood and detained for extended periods of time, the state can take control of private property and entry and such rights extended for committee for these. and we continue extremely concerned given that the purchase have been largely peaceful. and the response of the state has been considered excessive support. and so the reasoning behind it remained debatable but
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the government must ensure that the prices are protected. solutions lie in the political stability in providing answers to the economy. prices such as necessitated people coming to the streets and demanding the better when drive. when we began pete and the solution is not to use the force. last night, we saw the expected you got to guess by police. we saw how children pregnant mothers and deliver affected by the gas earlier this month in april on the 21st. we saw how i could use a force in trouble can lead to the depth. and so really the strength must be brought to afford by the government, but equally by the armed forces and by the police in responding to a peaceful protest. hong kong next lead as g to be confirmed in the coming hours. john lee was the only candidate in the race to succeed carry land of the chaise
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invite election committee at 1500 people. vessel by beijing. lee was ahead of security during the 2019 pro democracy process as can i to asian brown in hong kong age and what are they expecting? the next fee as well. what we expect is, of course, what you just alluded to in your introduction that john lee will win this contest. we knew what the outcome was going to be when the election campaign began because he has a so candidate. in this election, he's going to be chosen by basically some of hong kong business and political lead . a 11500 members. ringback in total and it's expected john lee as i say, we'll cross that threshold of $750.00 votes, which is what he needs to become the next leader of this territory. now john lee, as you rightly point out, was a performance security chief here. he was also a courier policeman, spending 40 years in the police force,
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and i think beijing really likes his kind of tough guy image. his loyalty to beijing is unquestioned. he played an instrumental role in the protest here in 20192020, suppressing those protests. he endorsed the use of rubber bullets of tear gas and occasionally live rounds. he also played a key role in the implementation of a new national security law. which beijing impose on hong kong in 2020, which effectively criminalizes all forms of protest. the question is, you know, john lee has the backing of beijing, but can he get the trust of the people? the 4500000 registered voters of hong kong, who of course, will have no say in the selection. now moline, china had promised hong kong would be able to select it's the to choose. it's theda by universal a fridge that has stated in the basic law, which is essentially hong kong constitution. but critics say that beijing's
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commitment to that to the moment is no longer the way it once was its diminishing. so the question now is whether the way hong kong leader is going to be elected on sunday is going to be the model for future elections for hong kong chief executives . and can for that. and jen brown there for us in hong kong. louise ignacio lulu de silva is taking another chance at brazil's presidency the last time the 76 year old held office was 12 years ago. this time round the left as late as trying to unseat the far right incumbent jaya. bull's narrow monica anarchy reports from sao paolo ah, spirits were high at this convention center. in so bold, thousands gathered to hear brazil's former president and reason ass, hulu led us silva, as he promised to defeat incumbent j bowles. fernando, in october's election,
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moolah announced that his candidacy has the support of trade unions, social organizations, and 7 center left parties, including his own workers party. he compared his to term presidency of latin, america's largest democracy to that of bo, sonata, and admirer. and follower of former u. s. president donald trump, life brazil is too big to be an international prior because we are submissive because we are denied allison because we attack our greatest commercial partners causing enormous damage to our economy. brazil will hold general elections in 5 months as the country deals with record to digit yearly inflation. high interest rates, and unemployment, or brazil's back on united nations hunger map which it had left in 2014 for the 1st time in its history. rule also appealed to young voters, promising to protect the amazon,
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the environment in brazil's indigenous people. recent polls shola having the support of more than 40 percent of the population and shy, able so narrow in 2nd place with more than 30 percent. but lula supporters are anxious they know the tables can turn at any moment. oh no, thank. coming to you. the last one was new to use. there is no guarantee that we will be victorious. we are very much at risk of having brazilians reelect boston doors fascist government. this is a historic moment when progressive forces you'd like to fight people, but anything can happen now. also, nato has the support of brazil's powerful farm lobby of the christian right and of resilience who were disappointed with bola, and with the corruption scandals involving him and his workers party. but also, nato is also being accused of incompetence and mismanagement of the coven 19 crisis, which has killed more than $660000.00 brazilians. officially,
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the electoral campaign of brazil started from august the 15th. but both law law and the current president try, you both will not already fighting for every single vote they can get in. what rob is to be very polarized election monitor, you know, if you just 0 the whole in the us and canada ice, hockey league has been accused of having a racism. problem. some players say they've been victims of racist abuse and even violence. they say the sport has failed to evolve. heidi j caster has a support. it's not easy. being a black hockey player just asked 15 year old daria's nichols who's been training on the ice since he was 5. it's very hard. i will deal with her. i had versity, it's really hard to deal with. most of the other players are white and nickel says,
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while his own teammates in maryland are supportive, he often gets called racial slurs by players from other teams. i've had kids call me and word i've had kids. just come at me for no apparent reason. holes on was when adobe voice was like, well, sorry, hockey coach brian king says the same happened to him when he played in college. it was much worse. i'm from name calling to, you know, being punch in the face randomly is also name calling and being races. and there is a clue. difference between the hockey still carries the stigma of being a white man's sport. it was developed by european settlers in canada about 150 years ago in its popularity spread to the united states. but unlike most other pro sports, that diversified during the civil rights era, hockey, didn't i, saki as be widest, straightest mail list sport out there? i renee has is trying to change that. she's the founder of
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a group called black girl hockey club, which organizes fan events and scholarships to support diversity in hockey. as a black woman. if i can find a space in a sport like ice hockey, and if a sport like ice hockey can cultivate a space for me, then that can happen anywhere. professional hockey is indeed a sport that under represented minority. currently the n h l has only about 5 dozen minority players and just 8 out of the 220 coaches are people of color. good above it, good. bothered wanting abercrombie hopes to break into that elite group. last fall . he completed a coaching internship with the arizona coyotes part of the n. h l's effort to nurture diverse talent. i want to be the 1st head coach in the n h l mom of diverse background to have his name on. on this now we go. he says he's unafraid to aim
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high because he demands the same of his players. he tells them progress just requires putting one skate in front of the other. oregon, oregon. heidi jo, castro, al jazeera washington. miss one person has been killed during protest against electoral reforms in the democratic republic of congo. police moved in on crowds who came out to denounce the changes they believe are a ploy to silence dissent. fenton monahan reports what began as a citizen protest, a province quickly turned into a violent confrontation with police. par, tear gas and the crowd, and who didn't break up any resistance the protest her say present felix to carry out the steel next year's election. oh, and they'll keep up their campaign until he agrees to talk we are fighting for
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a credible electoral law from the parliament, which will allow us to have a good election next year so that we can kick out president felix tish teddy were suffering this country because of his fate. governance by simon events. one the control would wrap up despite we'll continue from now till we have a good election. 23 president jessica. he must go next to it peacefully through election. october. come back to morrow till we have an agreement around the electoral law, but it wasn't to she. katy became president in 2019, in the democratic republic of congo. first peaceful transition of power. but now he's pushing through reform to electoral laws that opponents fear be used to disqualify his main rivals. the opposition was national consensus on the best way to hold a fair election, who found the mass and 12 acres of absence. the president is controlling everything as a dictator. the only way to put pressure on him is to coal on our population to take
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action against this regime. as it is tish kitty's reform plan has become a rallying cry for the opposition. if they aren't included in the process, it's likely the protest like these will continue and failure to reach a consensus on next year's election could further complicate the nation's struggle for democracy than to monahan al jazeera. ah, this is our desert. these you top stories, ukraine and russia, say all civilians have been evacuated from the besiege as of stole a steel wigs, women children, an elderly residence, multiple have been trapped inside for months, taking on to taking shelter there as rush, intensified as attacks on the city. the face of ukrainian soldiers holding out in the facility is unclear. the daring to the u. s. intelligence agency, the c i a.


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