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guyana, but south of this pleasant conditions. lot of sun around the river plate region montevideo, $21.00. and looking good and santiago. 17. the number for you on sunday. ah ah ukrainian officials say all civilians have been evacuated from the besieged steel plants in modern poll. ah, on monday inside this is out, is there a lie from day or so coming up, the c r a chief thinks vladimir putin believes he cannot afford to lose in ukraine . anne is doubling down almost 20 years off to fast telling women in afghanistan to cover their faces. the taliban re imposes the decree. and
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a 2nd time from my com bout with the french parliamentary elections approaching. has he done enough to win over? but he crane has the keys, russia bombing a school in the eastern region of lou hands. it happened in the village of bella, doretha, the governor of lou hands says about 90 people were taking shelter in the building . 30 people have been rescued so far. rescuers have also recovered to bodies. from the rubble, ukraine's goblin says all civilians have been evacuated from the steel plants in the southern city of modern pole. for months, civilians and soldiers had been trapped inside the facility as russia intensified its attacks. i said, beg, has moved from ukraine. central city of human out and safe
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crane says, all women, children and the elderly, have been evacuated from the as of stall steel touch. soon for 4 months, the sheltered in underground bunkers, while ukrainian fighters from the as of battalion attempts to prevent russian soldiers from completely taken over the port city prison zalinski repeatedly called on the united nations to help lead civilians to safety through humanity in corridors. deborah, among them is not. i want to thank the teams of the international committee of the red cross and the united nations for helping us carry out the 1st phase of the as of stall plants evacuation mission, we managed to save more than 300 people. women and children, tional, russia agreed to a number of cease fires to facilitate evacuations. both keven moscow repeatedly accused one another of violating the truce. mammoth other hundreds of civilians
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were eventually evacuated in multiple operations. led by the united nations, taken to a nearby village, away from the shelling which the fate of craning fighters still in steel works. it's unclear if president vladimir putin will be able to declare victory. mary pulled in time for may 9th, a day where russia celebrates the soviet union's will go to victory over the nazis . as i beg, a da 0 woman. well in the east of the country, ukrainian forces continue to fight back there. fight how it's a cannon's at russian targets in col. keith, they're a part of military assistance package from the united states in germany. early on saturday, ukraine and russia shells 3 bridges to slow it's counter offensive. khaki has been under attack since the invasion began back in february. russian strikes have hit the southern city of desa, which is home to ukraine's largest port. they struck close to its airport and city
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center and was a separate strike on the nearby town of axis. in the past week roches targeted several towns in the southern region out there as house and ma suit has moved from odessa. we are now beside the o. this says airport here in odessa city, which were, which was a targeted by a mrs. strike in this place. 2 missiles heads here, the place in the northern side of the airport. oh, which led to explosions, heard through all the city of odessa. we also heard the air defenses trying to confront the missiles in the sky of odessa. fire fighting hears are working in the place while we have detected 2 injuries, at least so far this targeting comes after the south earn operations
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common had confirmed targeting odessa region by for a cruise missiles into the region, especially the western and the northern region. oh, for odessa, the, these attacks and these miss eyes start is starks were since the morning here in odessa, after the air raid also went off a during the day since the morning the director of u. s. intelligence agency, the cia says he's convinced vladimir putin is doubling down on the when ukraine william bound says despite the resistance from ukrainian forces, the russian president is not willing to lose added that pearson has been steering for years and is motivated by grievance ambition and insecurity i think she's in a frame of mind in which she doesn't believe he can afford to lose. so the sticks
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are quite high in this phase. and in the east of ukraine, as you know, ukraine's military was support, you know, from the west continues to resist. but i don't think this means that, you know, put in is deterred at this point because he stick so much on the choice that he made to launch this invasion that i think he's convinced right now the doubling down still will enable him to make progress. the european union nuclear talks envoy enrique more i will busy iran on cheese say as a block seeks to save the 2015 nuclear cord, talks revive the deal have been on hold since march to her on has been demanding. washington removed. the iranian revolutionary guard forces from the u. s. terrorist organization list b. u says it's seeking a middle way to end the deadlock. e foreign policy chief, joseph morales,
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revealed an interview. he's considering a scenario where the i r g c are removed from the u. s. terrorist, what organization list all the parts of the organization remain. taliban leaders in afghanistan have ordered women to cover, then tie body while in public. a safe a woman refuses to do so. she will have family, could be sent to prison or fired from government jobs. a hunting has more a sea of blue in cobble, a group of women gathers at a market. the tall bonds latest decree is that all women in afghanistan must cover their entire body. when they're outside the home. he does the ha, i'm r o d i go and he, he job is a privilege for wisdom and pause women. he jobby women are protected from disobedience and sins. they'll always be restricted. they'll be protected from evil . if a woman is seen in public,
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without head to toe covering she along with her husband or mail, guardian could be punished if not one who has the homes for the women who don't have a job should be known. the men should be advised and warned. the strict enforcement of burka became a global symbol of the taliban rule when it was in power in the 1990s. since re taking control of afghanistan last year, taliban leaders have re introduced restrictions mainly directed at women. this most recent decree is one of the harshest yet why is it that only one issue is a priority for one? why not? you know, policy and hunger on poverty, on lack of jobs, unsecure. if you taliban leaders have also cracked down on education for girls closing down secondary schools on the same day class was supposed to start you in human rights. experts say afghan women are facing large scale and systematic, gender based discrimination and violence. if we see any of the,
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the demonstrations that have taken place since august when the taliban took up it's, it's been women at the forefront women and girls. and this is intended to ensure that women have no public face. there are fears the strict rules now facing women and afghan sam will likely discourage them from going out in public and realizing their full potential. lia harding, i'll do 0 pulls of open for the confirmation of hong kong, next leader, an election committee of 1500 people vested volley basing will make the choice. john lee, the only candidate in the race to succeed curry lamb. he was the head of security during the 2019 pro democracy process. let's go straight to adrian brown, who is in hong kong for us. agent will be expecting the next few we're marlene, i'm in the convention center here in hong kong,
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which is where the handover happened 25 years ago. and this is where the election committee will be casting their ballots during the next couple of hours. 40 percent of ballots of now being cast. of course, this is an election that is not open to the hong kong people. the 4500000 registered voters of hong kong. instead, that job will be done by the selection committee that has drawn from hong kong business and political elite. now we expect that john lee will easily cross the $750.00 vote threshold, which is what is required to become the next elected leader of hong kong. that result will be expected in the next couple of hours. now john lee, of course, was z, former security chief here in hong kong. he was a courier policeman in the police force for round about 40 years. and of course, he's very closely identified with the protest in 2019 he was responsible for the more assertive police tactics when tear gas was used when rubber bullets were used
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. and on occasion also live rounds to disperse crowd. so in the eyes of many hong kong people, he has a very controversial figure. but crucially he has the backing of beijing and commentator saying he's now being rewarded for that loyalty. of course, you know, getting the loyalty of hong kong people is going to be harder getting their trust is going to be a lot more difficult. say commentators he has said that universal suffrage will not be his priority. if he becomes leader. he still says if i become leader, he says he wants to focus on social issues like housing and to address the severe inequality in this city. those are his priorities, not for the moment. one man, one vote, or even broadening democracy here at jim brown and hung hon. thank rescue as in cuba, continuing to such a luxury hotel for bodies often explosion in the building. on friday,
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these 26 people, including a child, were killed in the block that hotel saratoga in havana, dozens of others winded the bloss is believe to have been caused by a gas leak. still ahead on al jazeera related to silver's lowest his bid for brazil's presidency by county on seat incumbent valuable sanara and international calls for shoreline. cuz president and a states emergency ah, the journey has begun the faithful world copies on its way to the castle book. you'll travel package to day. hey there, let's get right to it. a lot of ground to cover for india. so we're keeping tabs on this disturbance in the bay of been gall intensifying disturbance looks like a could crash into entrepreneurship. no disha in the days to come, so check back with us. we'll keep you posted on that. the other big story for india
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is the heed. so let's put the colors on the heat wave alert expanding from roger stand instant mater per dash. that is snag, poor 44, but we'll take the colors off, talk about some of that wet weather and once again we find it toward the south in the state of carola. so some showers for coaching on sunday with the high of 33 degrees southeast asia, some dry spells across sumatra, jazz. i think the heaviest of the rain wolfol cross the islands of bali and long block on sunday. and then we got a washout for indo china, likely to see some flooding here, southern vietnam, northern vietnam radiance, a cambodia and some heavier pockets leaking in toward the southeast of thailand. ran his filling in for china is pretty much stretching from the yellow river valley rate. down to the pearl river valley and we'll see some heavier pockets of rain there. and we'll talk about japan right now. we did have some high temperatures for northern honshu winds have shifted around, so that's going to knock back your temperature is a bit, but a pretty average day in tokyo, 22 degrees and the sun's out that you're up that chatter air with issue
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airline of the journey, natural capital, his capital, which nature created no rush when nature is transformed into a commodity. big business, takes a new interest by landscape protecting landscapes. it's a phenomenal opportunity to be able to use a business model to achieve sustainability of nature. but at what risk banks, of course don't do that because they have at the heart protection of nature. they do that because to see a business in pricing the planets on al jazeera ah ah,
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of the mackey watching out. as a reminder, if our top story is this, our ukraine has the keys, russia bombing, a school in the eastern region of low house can happen in the village of bella. got a bigger governor. lance says about 90 people were taking shelter in the building. ukraine and rush have announced that all elderly people, women and children have been evacuated from the besieged as of style still works in marine poll. holes of open for the confirmation of hong kong. next leader john lee is the only candidate in the race to succeed. carry lam, he will be chosen by an election committee, vetted by beijing should fain has become the largest political party in northern ireland for the 1st time. once the political wing of the i r a, the party is long campaign for the region to leave the united kingdom and become part of the united island town hall reports from belfast.
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some say the selection changes everything and changes nothing. the marching bands play on commemorating ties with the united kingdom, despite the reversal of a century of unionist political dominance and barricades stand regardless of the nationalist when separating communities. as they have done through decades of troubles and decades of peace. dusk was on see him. no terms and no change has been on the same for too long. the unionists have voice held there have been top dog, but neither 2nd dog. ah. and there is a lot of pride at stick. real change has happened though in the center. the alliance party doubling its vote share among those who reject traditional identity politics. cross community youth groups like this one are not uncommon in a younger generation looking for a credible 3rd way. common and the are city that made it,
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she's tough with i'm process the order of law. so washed off the cloth, herself as food or fruit. plenty of food. from my experience, like i said, i wasn't involved in this program. i probably wouldn't have any really involvement with products inside of the community. if there is a movement, obviously with the book before parents is off with off be in and not they are learn more about community relations and build relations with older people. not just your identity and religion once at the heart of conflict. now making tentative attempts at bridging divides. so we have begun to meet on a regular basis with both ministers on the shanks and priests from the falls. and our parishioners don't seem to have a problem mixing whenever the occasion arises. reverend tracy mach roberts has led community outreach efforts since
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a brief resurgence of violence last spring. there are possibly more people doing this kind of work than we realize. but a lot of this type of work goes on behind closed doors. the election doesn't solve northern islands problems. of course, you might say it's made things worse with chin, faint, nationalist victory, a big step towards a possible future. united ireland, a huge blow for unionists with the democratic union, his party threatening to boycott the store. mont assembly over post briggs had seaboard of trade that it says undermines northern islands position in the united kingdom. what's clear is that there is a middle ground growing in influence. cross community ties being forged by people who feel less nationally still, unionist bore northern irish instead jona whole al jazeera belfast also being sworn in for his 2nd term president emanuel macro has promised to unify
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france on his nadeem. bob reports. he's from us to avoid the mistakes he made in his 1st him. the military ceremony is the newly inaugurated french president reviews the troops. but there was no drive down the shows. elisa, on saturday, should not be big. just a few 100 people, including mac homes, only surviving predisposes homes while alone. and nicholas are coffee with their for the swearing in. as you know, the book. first of all, we will act to avoid escalation to russia aggression in ukraine. we will act to help democracy and courage, triumph to build a new european piece. and then you all told me when our continent back home the 1st french leader in 20 years to serve a 2nd term. he's expected to name a new prime minister before leading his re grinded centrist party, now coat of an assault into june's parliamentary elections. fulfilled not to be like one piece of the colors you will act to make our country the great ecological
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power. it should be by radically changing our means of production and transport, and our way of life will continue to tackle inequality at the roots. by rebuilding our school and health system though many voters, a skeptical about his ability to tackle burning issues, such as rising prices was about in the case, i'm expecting a much bigger social crisis than during his boost him. what are you doing when i get them? i know you felt like the 1st monday was a the richest in society. so i hope we see the trickle down promised during the 3rd time. take place during the 2nd. the french already have a cost of living problem. some can't afford to feed themselves. so i see they could be a new yellow vist crisis, but that's a reference to widespread street protests by the june or yellow vest, which, which led to my home from us in tax cuts and pension rises. my home also faces
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a real challenge when it comes to controlling the national assembly. jean luc mellow. sean heads the left wing party left on an sumeet france on bout. he almost reached the 2nd round of the presidential vote at the expense of the fall. right now he's hoping to be the next prime minister, supported by coalition, including the we can socialist party as well as the greens and the communists. whether my home can stop him may depend on how far he can convince the electorate that he understands the scale of the economic crisis. that the baba al jazeera, her lank as president, has drawn criticism, after declaring a state of emergency for the 2nd time in 5 weeks, got to by a roger puck says been facing nationwide court for his resignation. people are angry about his failure to control a worsening economic crisis, which is in the philippines som preparing for an election has been described as the most important in its history. the son of former dictator ferdinand marcos is
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currently the favorite to become the next president. tamara alex dugan sent this report. ah, if you go back oh, reflect my super. 7 they arrive from many parts of the capitol, manila, hopeful and defiant. more than $700000.00 supporters showed up at a yellow avenue for decades. it's been the place for hosting large gatherings that often lead to turning points in this nation's history. as the leader of the opposition vice president lennier bred or started her campaign with me through resources, but her unique messaging based on what she called. so radical love, quickly changed the electro landscape, which for decades had been about big money and patronage politics. her graduates, campaigners gov and i support from nearly all sectors of society, particularly young people. very here young be both,
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they're putting everything on the line for this gun. been there, sacrificing their thyme just so they would see a better future on the precedent lending. the bread. young people here tell us this is more than just a regular campaign. their participation, they say, is an act of defiance. after years of president rodrigo, the 3rd is restrictive policies and also a major pushback against the possible return of the market says to the presidency. it has been a tough fight from the start between 2 very different candidates. the bread though is a widow and a human rights lawyer, while her political rival, bumpo marcus junior, is the son of the late president for didn't. marcus was ousted in a popular revolution in 1986. the mark has a name, has long been cinemas, with decor and abuse of power, but bon bung has been leading opinion polls here for months. though many experts see they may no longer reflect the realities of the ground because from house to
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house campaigns to flash mobs to so called volunteer tooth armies fighting this information. many serious bridiska pain has become a people smooth matter to now warm up. and on monday filipinos will decide whether all this will have been enough for a breeder to win an election that is seen as the most consequential in recent history, jamal alan dorgan al jazeera manila. it's been to florence louis who is in manila for us on this florence lenae la brett rebrand door has been trailing quite far behind in all the election surveys. is it still possible for her to win? well, if you look at the groundswell of support for her, just a huge turnout at the rally on saturday night, and the numbers have been consistent. they have been huge crowds and her rallies in her. if you, if you look at the were, and you'd be,
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look at how these people who are there are there because they jenman the supporter . not because they've been encouraged or buston by local community leaders or village heads. if you look at the way volunteers have been going from house to house, to canvass for votes for her, then there is a genuine sense of optimism and hope among her supporters. that lenny may still be able to win the elections on monday. the hoping that her message or promising to deliver a competent and carrying government for filipinos will help sway vote as to her side. but she does face obstacles and it is going to be a difficult battle. she has been one of the big. she has been the biggest victim of disinformation campaign, according to a fact checking group. now her quotes have been mangled to make her seem unintelligent. she has been accused of being a communist. this is a very common political tactic in the philippines to discredit and political opponents. in contrast, frontrunner ferdinand marco's junior, has benefited most from misleading, but positive posts on social media,
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denying his family's cryptography. rebranding his father's rule as one of a benevolent and prosperous time in the philippines. and also marco's junior has very cleverly entered into an alliance with very powerful political dynasties. in the philippines and these political clans still hold a lot of sway despite their rather murky track record. and they include the royals . they estrada's and the 2 territories, which includes the incumbent precedent, rodrigo to day they did her day as well as his daughters herod. to 30, who's running for position of vice president, and it's expected that their supporters will deliver votes for marco's junior. thank you for that, florence louis there for sand, manila louise, and now sir, lila da silva is taking another shot at brazil's presidency the last time the 76 year old held office was 12 years ago. all this time round the left as late as trying to unseat the far right incumbent. i am bull's narrow monica yanna cave
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reports from sao paulo ah, spirits were high. this convention center in san bone. thousands gathered to hear brazil's former president and lizzie mass, hulu led us silva as he promised to defeat incumbent j bowles. fernando, in october's election, moolah announced that his candidacy has the support of trade unions. social organizations, and 7 center left parties, including his own workers party. he compared his to term presidency of latin, america's largest democracy to that of bull sonata and admirer. and follower of former u. s. president donald trump, mice, brazil is too big to be an international prior because we are submissive because we were denied allison because we attack our greatest commercial partners causing enormous damage to our economy. brazil will hold general elections in 5 months as
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the country deals with record to digit yearly inflation. high interest rates, and unemployment, or brazil's back on united nations hunger map which it had left in 2014 for the 1st time in its history. rule also appealed to young voters, promising to protect the amazon, the environment in brazil's indigenous people. recent polls shola having the support of more than 40 percent of the population and shy, able so narrow in 2nd place with more than 30 percent. but lula supporters are anxious they know the tables can turn at any moment. oh no, not. she is the last one was new to you. there is no guarantee that we will be victorious. we are very much at risk of having brazilians realistic. also, norris, fascist government. this is a historic moment when progressive forces you'd like to fight people, but anything can happen now. also now to has the support of brazil's powerful farm
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lobby of the christian. right. and of resilience were disappointed with bola and with the corruption scandals involving him and his workers party. but also, nato is also being accused of incompetence and mismanagement of the coven 19 crisis, which has killed more than $660000.00 brazilians. especially the electoral campaign of brazil started from august the 50 what both law law and the current president try your book will not already fighting for every single vote they can get it. what rob is to be very polarized, like monitor, you know, you just 0 while fires in siberia is cross a know ye ask region, have killed a least 5 people. these 300 firefighters of battling the blazes in the region has been placed under a state of emergency. the russian region has been devastated by large scale fires.
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i've recently used a ukrainian theater group is keeping its children's sho allies spreading messages of joy, hope an unity overseas, ah, performing in the great capital as part of a 2 day tour. 3 male members of the group have gone back to fight for their country . their roles been taken up by artists from russia, galleries, and poland. oh, this is al jazeera, these, you top stories you carry, now's the keys, russia bombing a school in the eastern region of lou hands get happened in the village of bella. go to the governor if you have says about 90 people were taking shelter in the building. in russia say all civilians have been evacuated from the besieged.
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outsourced old steele works women, children, elderly residents of modern poll. i've been trapped inside for mom. so.


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