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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 8, 2022 6:00pm-7:01pm AST

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world's most vulnerable people, uniting across borders to speed up the development of tests, treatments, and of vaccine keeping you up to date with what's happening on the ground in the world and in the lab. now, more than ever, the world needs w. h o. making a healthy, a world for you for everyone. lou . this is al jazeera ah hello, this is a news hour on al jazeera. i'm fully back to live in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. u. s. first lady jill biden visits ukraine as g. 7 leaders whole talks to show support for the government in key. meanwhile,
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dozens of fear dead after russia bombs a school in eastern ukraine where 90 people were sheltering. many remain trapped in the rubble. also this, our new probate ging leader is chosen for hong kong. former security chief john lee led the 2019 crime down on anti government protesters. and for non marcos junior is likely heading towards victory in the philippine elections despite his families controversial, political passed, and sport months says he can pull out in front in the race for the english premier league, title and history crated in women's tennis to miss an unstable becomes the 1st african plans when a talk to somebody today of and thank you very much for joining us. g 7. leaders are holding a video called this sauer with ukraine. present vote to me is lensky. the discussing ways to provide further help while punishing russia voids invasion. that
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show of support comes ahead of russia is world war 2 victory days. celebration where president putin is expected to address the war in ukraine, canada's prime minister. meanwhile, justin trudeau has just been to the town of appeal in ukraine where russian forces are accused of committing war crimes. in another show of support us 1st lady joe biden made an unannounced trip to ukraine, where she visited her school sheltering disgrace. people near the border with slovakia and on the front line of russia's assault in the lou hon screeching around 90 people. if you're dead after a school was bombs, while we'll get more on the situation on the ground very shortly. but 1st, let's go to she opportunities in washington dc for a she have some very important visitors to ukraine. the sunday right, joe biden. the 1st lady had been in the area for about was a 4 day visit to the border areas of ukraine with romania and then slow up here. and then we were told, the chief she made us announce visit about 10 minutes away from a, a, a,
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a in a border village. she said about 2 hours in ukraine. she went to a school where she met with the ukrainian 1st lady who has not been seen since since russia invaded. and she said, and she also met with mothers and children refugees. this is the town in ukraine, has apparently had a population doubled in recent weeks. and refugees from other parts of ukraine. so the 1st lady saying that on mothers day she wanted to meet with ukrainian mothers and children refugees to, to talk of and to talk of the solidarity of the u. s. feels with them. and as you mentioned that it's not just the 1st lady who's in ukraine, but was in ukraine, but also the canadian prime minister just intruder. we started getting reports, in fact, on social media, from residents off the town of pen, a sub of care of northwest of care, which had been occupied by russian troops. we started getting social media accounts
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saying just intruder is here. and then eventually we got a statement from the canadian prime minister's office itself. he says that he will now go on to meet with voters landscape. that's all there. and just in the last few minutes, and we think pictures being tweak it out from kiev of the u. s. embassy, which according to a political report and the video to the american diplomatic mission in ukraine, is reopening now on sunday. 2 and a half minute, 2 months off the diplomats left shortly before russians. russia's invasion. and the us charged a fair christian command has arrived with other diplomats. and we're seeing a video of a various call as we begin to the u. s. embassy compound in cave. and all this is happening as g 7. leaders are holding a video called this our you know, into present biting, of course. and the ukranian leader. what is the objective? the timing is significant, of course, the day before the russian victory day celebration commemoration parade in moscow.
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it's a virtual conference of g 7 leaders and zalinski has been chaired by the the, the german leader joe biden will be attending virtually from, from delaware, his home in delaware. we've already had some foreshadowing of what to expect. the top aid to zalinski has already said that we can expect a very strong statement of support from the g 7. and just in the last few minutes, actually we got a tweet from the ukranian foreign minister saying he just spoken to antony, blinking the you are secretary of state, and they're called letting steps to bring the day of ukraine's victory closer news of us sanctions on russia. coming discussed ways to unlock ukraine's food exports and in short, global food security, we are expecting more sanctions to be at else from g 7 nations. we're being told though, that these talk should wrap up at about now and, and we can, we can report on what's being discussed. she had thank you very much for that. she had for tansy live for us there in washington dc. meanwhile, on the ground in ukraine, dozens of people who feared dead after a russian bomb attack destroyed
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a school in the east. the governor of new hands says about 90. people were hiding in the building when it was hit, victoria gate and behalf details. this is what's left of a school in bella gharib, go in. the la han screeching of east in ukraine. russian forces bombed it. nearly all the people who stayed in the village were hiding in this building. when it was attacked, dozens of fear dead. richard de ships taking into account that it was an air strike and not a simple artillery sharing. when the explosion happened, the temperature was extreme. certainly, our emergency workers will be clearing the debris with maximum speed, but there is only a very slim chance that anyone survived. but we hope for the past. since the war and ukraine started russian forces of targeted hospitals, apartment blocks and other civilian buildings. the world health organization is gathering evidence for a possible war crimes investigation. w. joel has not verified. 200 attacks on health care in ukraine. since the rule begun. this attacks must
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stop. health care is never a target, not break. look, my o. e cranes, president says his country is fighting against a new form of naziism. my flow to me is lensky was mocking victory in europe day. it celebrated on the 8th of may. the date in 1945, when nazi germany surrendered to his visiting me, typically drew was it the way decades after world war 2, darkness returned to ukraine and became black and white again. again, evils returned again in a different uniform, under different slogans. but for the same purpose, a bloody reconstruction of naziism was organized in ukraine. a fanatical repetition of this regime at the besieged steel, planting, merry pole, ukraine's government says all civilians have been rescued. civilians and soldiers have been trapped inside the as if stole steel mill for nearly 2 months is russian
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attacks intensified and with the civilians now reportedly gone. it's the last hold out. v cranium fight is in the city. it's still unclear of president putin will be able to declare victory mary pole in time for may. the 9th, the day russia celebrates the soviet union's world, will to victory over the nazis. but there is no doubt this anniversary went mark the end of a conflict where both sides now with the battles of the 1940s. victoria gate and b al jazeera and ukrainian battalion defending the as of south steel plant. in maya poll says it will fight to the end. we all of the military burst now in the garrison of the maria we, i, we, me, we're christ performed by russia. why russian on we are witness. o surrender is not an option because russia is not interested in our life. the. i'm not
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interested to let us live, al jazeera hold. abdul hamid has more from keith. he talked about the civilians. we asked him if every single civilian was and now out of the as of style of factory. and he said he couldn't confirm that simply because there was a lot of rubble that a lot of places that were had been bombed and they don't know if someone has been left behind or no, he said quote, i hope so. but he also question how to government? good. so you know, could declare that every single civilian is out of there when no one from the government already international aid organizations and what he meant by that is the u. n. and the red cross did not enter the the grounds of that factory. and then he went on talking about their living conditions. very difficult living conditions. oh, saying that of course they're completely out numbered and outgunned by the russians . and the breaking into the russian lines is an extremely difficult task. he said
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if we, if he surrender to the russians and we know we are going to die anyway, but that's not an option for them. on the table, he did have some harsh words. 02 words or ukrainian politicians. he said very clearly and very boldly that the as of regiment has been left on its own to protect mar you pull ever since this war started. he also said he hasn't received as of regiment, hasn't received any of the weapons that were provided to ukraine by western allies. by do you, as by nato. he said, we haven't received anything. we've been left completely on our own. and at the moment, we're completely surrounded, and there is no way anyone can get anything to us. at this stage, russians defense ministry says its forces have destroyed a ukrainian war ship near the black sea port of odessa. it also says its air
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defenses shot down to ukrainian bombers and a helicopter over snake island. the statements haven't been independently verified . i found my sued is in odessa, where he says air strikes have become more frequent in the past 24 hours. now mozilla is said the fed them what a character we are witnessing, continuous targeting of the odessa region, particularly the city. recently the sirens stopped for about 2 hours before which we heard a huge explosion so far. the reason for this explosion has not been declared. however, however, social media activists monitored the downing of a rocket in the odessa sky. 6 rockets were targeted yesterday. the military department in odessa and the southern region said that for rockets were aimed toward residential areas. we visited them earlier today and saw that these were workshops and stores near the airport and the ukraine. no. authorities, confirmed 2 of the 6 rockets targeted the airport runway and radar tower. and the
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attacks came from the military side of the runway. we've received no confirmation as to whether the targeted buildings were used to store weapons or fuel. for, however, we witnessed the effect of this targeting when the place was on fire, and thick smoke was billowing high to the. now, the director of the c, i am convinced that may have put in is hardening his resolve for the war in ukraine . william burns says despite the resistance from ukrainian forces, the russian president is not willing to lose. he added putting has been, as he called it stewing for years and is motivated by grievance ambition and insecurity. i think he's in a frame of mind which he doesn't believe he can afford to lose. so the sticks are quite high in this phase in the east of ukraine. as you know, ukraine's military was support, you know, from the worst continues to resist. but i don't think this means that,
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you know putin is deterred at this point because he stick so much on the choice that he made to launch this invasion. that i think is convinced right now the doubling down still will enable him to make progress. well, let's now discuss the role of western intelligence agencies in the ukraine war with glen khan, who is a former cia officer in his joining us from boston. thank you so much for being with us on al jazeera, mr. karl, the. the white house is walking a fine line, isn't it? with intelligence sharing in ukraine? first of all, what is your view of intelligence officers boasting about their role in ukraine's military set success is, i mean, i thought these things were supposed to be carried out in secrecy. why is it happening with ukraine? well, i share your surprise. it's actually appalling. i don't know if intelligence officers have been boasting perhaps on supposed his background. however,
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they have done this or leave this information or confirmed it. it's a terrible thing. it's a truism that a secret shared as a secret last, and the point one of the points of intelligence service is to conduct actions out of sight. and i know that enhances their effectiveness. it makes it diplomatically possible to do things that otherwise couldn't be done. it's a terrible idea, and it boxes in another principle of statecraft, not, not just intelligence which day cra is that even if you are in war, you want to provide your opponent some way that he perceives as forward some way to achieve something. otherwise, you box him in just as you were saying a moment ago and, and then the director burns is saying, and you give your opponent no choice, but resist entirely. it's a terrible series of leaks right at the biden administration says they've been
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providing intelligence to, to help you crane defend itself. but we've heard about how us intelligence was instrumental in the targeting of russian generals, for instance, on the battlefield. and also in the thinking of the mosque of our flagship who's, who's on the on the black sea. do you think this sort of public confirmation of the extensive role, the u. s. is playing into this conflict could provoke putting it into escalation? could it raise the risk of escalation between russia and nato? well, it could well, at least it will make his reactions more determined and rigid. i personally support one can debate the merits of providing legal aid. what extent one should do so, and whether united states is wise to seek to lasting, li degrade in weaken russian military capabilities. i think all of those are fine
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are objectives, but you should never talk about them from an intelligence perspective. and frankly, not even from a diplomatic one. we should all learn what they're doing it. why do you think they're doing it? yeah, well i, what, when secretary defense austin 1st made a statement that led us down this path that we started to create. we united states to degrade russia's military capabilities and lasting way. i thought it was just looking at the tongue and then we heard it confirmed. so i think it's coming from the white house actually. and i think it reflects the president biden's profound, emotional revulsion at what prudent is doing. i support the objective, i think to talk about this is not just an error if strategically a strategically an error of but i think it, it seems to have been confirmed that if it comes from on high good objective,
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very poor idea to make it explicit. now i want to ask you about something, how else i mean, how speaker nancy pelosi has called on russia to be designated as a state sponsor of terrorism. you've talked about the biden to ministration wanting to, to week in russia, wanting to to week and put in, but will they go as far as putting russia on the list of state sponsors of terry think? well, i think the chances of this happening are pretty strong. you raise very important. and yet another large subject, which is the united states, has, as you know, as you just pointed out, for decades, had this list of formal designation of states or organizations as fonts, terror. i have always felt as practitioner of foreign policy and intelligence that this frankly is an error because although in substance i think the decisions tend to be correct. but once again creates rigidities in american foreign policy and
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makes it difficult for our opponents to change their policies. no one will ever openly cow towel. no one goes in. so this makes it more of a dilemma for an opponent to ever evolved in policy so substantively it is correct. i support opposing russia by virtually all means, but i think that the american practice in the specific instance you just mentioned are frankly yours. thank you so much for sharing your views with us. thank you. glenn car, former c i, officer joining us there from boston. we appreciate your time. now europe is marking the $77.00 van adversary of victory against nazi germany. at the end of world war 2, germans have been brought up with reminders of their nation's role in sparking that
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war. no country suffered more casualties at the hands of the nazis and the soviet union back then. ukrainians and russians fought side by side. but the current conflict is bringing back unwelcome reminders of the past for many in germany, dami came before civilian. at 1st glance, the german russian museum in cars, horst might seem an unremarkable building. yet with its walls or reminders of its importance in history for this is where the tyranny of nazi germany was finally ended. when its most senior soldiers surrendered to their counterparts from the ussr. tens of millions of soviet citizens had been murdered in out of hitler's war of annihilation. and so this was a victorious moment of unity for russians and ukrainians. yet 77 years on those 2 peoples are again at war with each other. and for the director of this museum vladimir putin's military actions in ukraine now have persuaded him to remove the
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reference to russia in his museum's name. the propaganda in russia is, is focusing on all the, the naming in the world war 2 and talking about fascists and crania, which is a lie. so our job will be to, to make clear what really happened in history and word or 2 in the decades that follow generations of germans were told of the sins of the nazis. and thus the feeling seemed to take hold. don't antagonize russia rather do deals with it drawers into the community of nations through trade. above all, give no country weapons with which to fight russia. it's a policy the prison de ukrainian president has repeatedly called on germany to renounce with douglas or chico more. peter, in the wars he is and every time we talk to germany, we remind them that we have know they have something they don't route which we need
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a lot to. you said many here share that view. they feel germany should be helping the key of government much more. and now finally, so to does their chancellor d, i. i respect anyone's pacifism. i respect any attitude, but it must seem cynical to a citizen of ukraine to be told to fight back against pollutants, aggression without weapons. this is something that is out of date there. with weapons like these millions of russians and ukrainians fought and died to defeat the nazis. what might those soldiers of fort van to learn that one day their 2 countries would be at war with each other? in 1945, many in the free world saw the russian soldier as a friend and liberty so far fewer do so now dominate cane al jazeera at the soviet war memorial in berlin. let's go live to nadine baba in london for is
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nadeem. so what's been happening across europe to mark this anniversary, particularly in the context of russia's invasion of ukraine? well, fully, it certainly has been more. it's not a particularly important anniversary, the 77th out of a story. but given the conflict and ukraine, it's of its own everybody's minds. rather. for example, the u. k has just announced $1600000000.00 worth of extra military support to ukraine in paris, the newly re, you know, grated president manuel mac hall laid a reef at the tomb of the unknown soldier by the oxford trails in paris. it was not a huge event, but very symbolic. and notably, his foreign minister, even to the all has referred to the conflict in relation to world war 2. he says, we won't forget the soldiers from across the soviet union, including ukrainians and russians who contributed to the victory over not see
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germany. but he went on on twitter to say we reject all forms of instrumental is ation manipulation of the memory. those a gave the law. well, it's probably too late for that because you've heard in victoria's report how president the landscape ukraine has directly accused the russians of reenacting the horace of not see them in ukraine right now. and similarly, that has been rhetoric from the russians since they launched the invasion in february that they were trying to de, not certify the state, the country of ukraine, something that most ukrainians have rejected is ridiculous. the russians themselves are rehearsing, put back a memory sions on monday, a victory day. remembering all of the millions of soviet citizens who died during what they call the great pottery i'll take war. there have been taxed with photos of russian soldiers who have died in the last few weeks in ukraine, a direct link that it's not clear. ukraine has accused russia of preparing for
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mobilize ation in a declaration of a full war and ukraine. the kremlin. it is rubbishing that, alternatively, they might try to present what they've getting so far in the east, in the south as a victory getting the russian population used to the idea of an ongoing conflict. and even thank you for that. my team barbara live in london. i this last more had on this news hour, including hundreds of tenicia to out supporting their president. but find out why the opposition has accused and the power graham, and in sport, a huge upset at the most famous horse race in the world to have the details. how many kids? ah, let's turn our attention to some of these avenues now and a former security chief will lead a crackdown on pro democracy protesters is hong kong new leader. john lee was chosen by committee of about 1500 members who had been vetted by b g. e s. foreign policy chief says he appointment violates democratic norms.
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adrian brown reports from hong kong with china's endorsement. it was just a question of how big john lees winning martin would be to give the appearance of an open contest. the secret boats were presented to the election committee before being counted. congratulations, a landslide. 1416 votes. in his acceptance speech, lee promised to leader hong kong that was carrying open, vibrant and vigilant safeguarding. our country sovereignty, national security and development interests. protecting hong kong from internal and external threats, and ensuring as stability will continue to be of paramount importance. the former number 2 in the hong kong government had previously served the security chief authorizing the use of tear gas rubber, bullets,
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and occasional live rounds to disperse, protested during the unrest of 2019, oh, it was an election day of one candidate, 3 protesters and lots of police, 7000 officers, in fact, enough to keep the few dissenting voices well away from the convention center where vote was. hell's analysts say the john lee has china's trust. but winning the trust of hong kong could be more difficult. trust can be rebuilt through several ways. one way is by restoring accountable government in hong kong, which is in the based i would say under the administration of kerry lamb. so that requires the co operation of the media of ledge go of civil society. sunday was also mother's day in hong kong. some people we spoke to were aware, there was an election, but just weren't sure that the candidates name. oh john. oh sony,
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but yeah. yeah. well, yeah, i know one that you said is only when teddy's rouse fung, people were supposed to choose their leader for the 1st time in 2017. it didn't happen then it hasn't happened. now raising the prospect that this could be the model for future elections to choose. hong kong leader, adrian brown, al jazeera hong kong, still ahead on the news hour. the death of a woman during childbirth put synagogues medical services under greater scrutiny. for the 1st time in its history, she vain becomes the largest bonnie in northern islands parliament. and later in sport, arguably the best box in the world, moves up to weight division and get out. ah
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hello. thank you for joining in. here's your weather forecasts for the middle east and africa and the name of the game across the middle east is really the winds through the red sea through the gulf. so we go on for a closer look. we're going to see some sand and dust spin around just because of how wild these winds will be for the eastern province of saudi. and cats are as well. so for example, in doha, at its worst point throughout the day, will see wind gusts of about 65 kilometers per hour. what, whether it's moving east away from the caspian sea? it's going to crash into bish kick tashkent and sean b. and over the next 24 to 48 hours, temperatures are gonna drop by 10 degrees. in some cases more now we're temperatures are going up in baka stana. put this ford now to friday heat, blankets, the country, both in the south and the north karachi, $44.00 in islam about 40 degrees. okay, back to the here. and now in turkeys looking like this. com in the west, but some disturbed weather as we had toward the east turkeys northeast black sea
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region. and for central africa, not as active as it has been, but most of the activity will be across western areas. as we dipped to the south, the rain, the showers has made a clean sweep from ca, sewland tall as what teeny and southern sections of mozambique. so suns out that includes in cape town, his wall with a high of 19, ah, a, a, with
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african story from african perspective, short documentaries, from african filmmakers from zimbabwe. we were pioneers of how economists could change the way we distribute goods. i'd be happy to go into a physical done. i recall any gun fresh farm fishing woods and the shot from africa direct on al jazeera lou. ah, ah. you're watching the news are on al jazeera with me for the back table. our reminder of the main development scene. ukraine g. 7 leaders are currently holding
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a video call with the ukranian present views. lensky in a show of support ahead of rushes, victory days celebrations. that comes as u. s. officials have returned to the embassy in keith for the 1st time since it were evacuated in february. the us 1st lady joe biden, meanwhile, has made an unannounced ship to ukraine, where she visited her school sheltering disgrace. people near the border with slovakia and canadas prime minister just intruder has also just been to the town of her pain where russian forces are accused of committing war price on the ground to rush an attack on a school in the east of ukraine is here to have killed dozens of people who took refuge there. the governor of newhan success around 90 people were in the school when it was bought. in other world news voters in the philippines are preparing for mondays, presidential election, described as a most important in its history. olds predict a win for ferdinand marco's junior, the son of a former present who was ousted in a popular uprising in 1986, florence 3 reports from manila, ah ferdinand marco's junior,
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is hoping to follow in his father's footsteps and become the president of the philippines. i notice, and that's why this coming monday, when you enter your voting precinct, just think of what you want for the future of our citizens. oh, some vote to say the disillusioned by the reform minded governments that followed the fall of the marco's regime in 1986, that's helped marco's junior built, a commanding lead in opinion polls along with his running mate, sarah, to 30 the daughter of incumbent president rodrigo to 30 nearly a quarter of the population lives in poverty. right and another because there is something wrong with their country now. and we need to change that, especially for the life of the poor like us. but analysts and fact checking groups say he's also benefited from a campaign of misinformation misleading posts on social media,
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present his father's rule as a time of peace and prosperity. in fact, it was rife with corruption and human rights abuses in a madison were many be mental we know about his father's legacy. and now marcus junior has promised that he will change the price of electricity when he returns the government. the price of good to will come down, marco's junior, is able to limit scrutiny by avoiding media, his campaign, dean's unfriendly, accessories press conferences and campaign events are tightly controlled. he also limits his appearances and interviews and debates. his message to filipino voters is one of unity urging them to move on from the past. simple but ambiguous. he hasn't offered anything concrete to us in terms of plans and programs and policies for us to even make an educator bed speculation of what his
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administration might b. but the irony is there like the bean journal. and the reason why it's very dangerous is mc gorse off the bass. ah, that though he care east though, and that's the past of martial law and big baker ship the results of monday's election, we'll have a huge impact on the future of the philippines. florence lee al jazeera manila, 9 a momento here by the issues facing whoever wins the philippine election. but 1st, let's take a look at the main candidates. as we mentioned, part one i've heard in on marco's junior, i'll bungle marco's. he's a son of the late leader ferdinand marco's a. somebody is legacies, a major concern for human rights activists. his main opponents, vice president, lenny robledo is popular with young people, but critics are concerned about her ties to the rich and powerful are the contenders include manila is mayor is cold moreno, the former t. v star is credited for affordable housing and cleaning up the capital streets.
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senator, pon fellow locsin was a police chief, was promised to continue exposing government corruption and former boxer money packour, who launched the appeals to working class voters. joining us now and then use our is robin michael garcia, who's an assistant professor of political economy at the university of asia and the pacific. his life from monday. i thank you so much for being with us. let's talk about lenny robledo 1st. if we can, who's been training quite far behind the poles? bots in the last few days has been a groundswell of support for her. do you think she could pull off and upset? hi, good evening. yes. so the pre election folds for suggested bama marcus is leading by around 20 percent. it really depends on what you asked. but i think there are at least 3 reasons why vice president ro, bread can still, you know, might still be able to get a favorable outcome tomorrow. so one is the voter turnout which is around 80 to 90
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percent. so if the 20 percent of the people, you know, are all bumping borders and they don't about to vote tomorrow then, but definitely the will affect the changes. so bumble marcus. favor of vice president. betty. the 2nd thing is that 30 percent of all voters are, are 30 percent, are still soft voters. by that we mean that they could still change their minds even under election be, or what is just, you know, them and the ballast. the last thing that i want to say is that the undecided voters are still around 5 to 10 percent. it really depends what for you asked again . so, i mean, considering all of these factors that would affect the child support marcus, it would definitely help a vice president that he's bid towards the president you tomorrow. what makes fun but marker, so appealing to to voters how come he's leading in the poll despite his family is controversial history. i think there's 3 reasons. the 1st one i think is the most
6:37 pm
important is the affinity of bumble marcos to preston. so this is a contin with the election around 80 percent based on our own data around 80 percent will vote based on who will best preface that best. and according to our data around, you know, almost a 100 percent of the people, you know, as cry best to bumble market among all of the other 5 guys. so that's really going, you know, very, very strong for support for the market. most of his ability to present the 2nd thing is the markets, the style justice raised earlier, but particularly the narrative that the philippines is a great country. that's internationally renowned, lead by a good leader, as i said to me that his father. right. and you know,
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there's really i've active effort is a 3rd reason, an active effort to rehabilitate the image of, of the marker, sadly over the last few decades. and by that we be that they try to emphasize the good things and try to birdie the bad. right. and so i want to ask you about immediate domestic issues that the next leader or the philippines will have to, to address. what are they, what are the challenges that they gonna have to deal with immediately? so as i mentioned earlier, bundle marcus has not appeared in presidential debates, but sponsored by private companies. so the question will be whether or not he will continue the, you know, the, the love hate relationship oppressive detector with a media. so we know that one of the most influential and biggest be organizations about the quality and the continued persecution as well of rattler the, the progressive online new sites. right. so the relationship a bundle, marcus,
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i thought was the media will be something that people will, will care about. the 2nd is whether or not, but marcus will continue to build, build the program that was started by president detective, but also his father was one of the, you know, essentially free courtesy of infrastructure development in the country. what about the war and drugs detached his controversial war drugs? he talked about this being perhaps a continued t of to take his policies with marcos. if he's elected carry on the war drugs actually there's no very strong states coming from market. although generally did mentioned that he will continue the water in drugs, of course are to debate about how exactly you might carry that out there to debate whether you, you, you know, you would approach it brutally or something else. right? so that's something that's bumble marcus was not 0, but he was clear that you wanted to continue. you know, the, the, the project supposed to get the water and one of them. thank you so much for
6:40 pm
talking to robin. michael garcia, live there from the philippines. capital manila, thank you. hi, is there any forces have rated a palestinian village in the occupied west bank. its for home town of 2 palestinian men suspected of killing 3 railways in the central city of a lad. the 19 in 20 year olds were detained early after a search following thursday's attack. stephanie deca has more from weiss, jerusalem. it was an extensive man hunter. they were found close to the city of aladdin, a forested area and is ready. police are releasing video where you could see them sort of telling them to come out. and then also there's one video which has a questioning of one of them asking their names as saying who he's with and what they did. and they said that they basically hit some people in a lad. it's not the 1st time that this kind of an attack has been carried out in an israeli city. there's been 6 or 7 of them over the last couple of months. it is
6:41 pm
also putting huge pressure here on what is already a fractures, coalition government and the assessment has been these were 2 of you know, young men who are operating low working in israel, illegally in the city of ally. they were from the occupied west bank close to janine, and as you mentioned there, so there is now also a spotlight in a clamping down on the illegal workers, but illegal palestinian workers who cross into israel. and also the assessment from these really internal security forces is at these kinds of attacks as we've seen. also in the past until i've even bershana and other areas are carried out by individuals which make them a far more difficult to prevent. so that's a concern, certainly moving forward, also an assessment from them saying that they did perhaps expect these kinds of attacks to potentially continue throughout the year. hundreds of to nations have been rallying to support present kai sides brand to rewrite the constitution. there is concern the public show of support could be used as
6:42 pm
a reason to dissolve political parties. opposition groups, a q side of a power grab by dissolving parliament and ruling by decree. elisia of oak mon has the details from tunis. well, we've seen this ever since. i saw his paragraph on the 25th. there's a call to action from his supporters. they, they come out, they demonstrate, they make demands. and then chi side later that day will issue a decree all make an announcement. so we saw that on july, the 25th is saw. this happen when he dissolved the, the senate superior judicial council. and then he's been progressively dissolving, or in his, his words, reform me, state institutions, but consolidating power more and more in his own hands. he has taken executive power, he's taken legislative power and also judicial power. but his sort of big blockage to your being at an absolute president all political parties because political
6:43 pm
parties have come together. they hail held a plenary session, a virtual parliament session. and that's when he dissolved parliament officially. but political parties are still part of a movement calling itself citizens against the coo. and then we also have the, the sort of morse fall, right, movement tuesday, popular historian, policy that all against written against ty, side and railing against his decisions. so there's still quite a lot of opposition that he needs to overcome. so what we expect is that he will dissolve political parties, but people to die art she calling for a 100 percent presidential regime. the king of saudi arabia has undergone a colonoscopy at a hospital in jetta. according to state media, 86 year old king sammons test results were fine. he had gallbladder surgery 2 years ago. the kings also had the battery of his hot pacemaker replaced in march, simeon present bershana side has visited yvonne's supreme. neither i to the alley,
6:44 pm
how many in tehran i sat also met present abraham bracy during what was his 2nd trip since the syrian war began. 11 years ago. iran sent fighters and billions of damage to the syrian leader. that, along with assistance from russia helped him turn the war around in his favor. now to senegal way, the death of a woman while giving birth has provoked widespread anger. it spoke the state of the country's house system under scrutiny. nicholas hot reports from the northern town of logan the normally busy berthing ward in lieu guy a public hospital in northern senegal is now a crime scene. this is where as to soak now and her unborn child died after being in labor for 20 hours as to begged the nurses and doctors to perform a c section, telling them she would die. otherwise, the staff ignored her for midwives have been arrested for her death. the ministry of health says this was an avoidable human error. according to the un,
6:45 pm
one woman dies every 2 minutes from complications of pregnancy and childbirth. most of these deaths take place in africa. in senegal soaked as death was one to many causing nationwide condemnation and protest. yes, is it without your de la asti, said his death is shaken as i lost my little sister. her baby carries her name. this pain that we women have gone through can no longer be allowed to. many women die giving life all the and mariama fall, or anxious she's had a miscarriage before, and this is their 1st pregnancy. mariama is about to have a c section and didn't want to appear on camera. she's too nervous. following sickness death, the couple decided that she would give birth in a private clinic. in public hospitals, if you don't pay the stuff, giving them extra cash, they won't even deal with you. in this clinic, you pay their caring, we feel reassured,
6:46 pm
it feels safe for the clinics. doctor mario, my c section is a routine operation that should take only 30 minutes. ok, so we're just outside the operation room where the surgery is taking place and i want you to see what's going on outside. they are 2nd hand equipment from beds to surgery, equipment lights and here further down, they're installing a oxygen machine inside this block is in you. and this t ology machine basic equipment that you need to operate except here in san diego, in public hospitals while they are in short supply in the birthing ward, in lieu got used. syringes are strewn everywhere. blood splattered on the wall and on the floor, the waste basket overflow with placenta as an umbilical cords, the stench of human waste is unbearable. there's only one gynecologist for the 300000 people living in lucca. the health workers union of the hospital says the
6:47 pm
state has abandoned them to their new state of the bits of her ward. so my women have to give birth on the floor where are old millions of dollars to state promised women's reproductive health money. we need to protect mothers and their big number back at the clinic. mariama gives birth to a boy. he's quickly examined by the doctor who hands him to the nurses who in turn, hands him to the father. meanwhile, the mother is in the recovery room while i'm still waiting to meet her newborn nicholas hawk algae 0 lou governor, northern senegal. while the african continent has the highest maternal mortality rate in the world, one out of every $37.00 pregnant women is expected to die during pregnancy, or labour. often from losing blood. parts of africa count for 2 thirds of all maternal guests in the wild. women in charge south for don and shirley on are most
6:48 pm
at risk. less than a quarter of pregnant chinese women have access to a doctor or midwife and most of the day. so i recorded in rural areas where access to health care is limited. susie will know these are senior, how specialists for maternal and new born health for unicef in western central africa. she says midwives need to listen to women who are in labor. we have to kill women that go to the facility because if there are complications, we have the expert who can handle those complication and save your life. and also we need to good. so one on monitoring, you know, as the minutes or staying after diving law god, because the lack of vision them. and if the vigilance in good monitoring we can save lots of women and midwives to listen to women. when a woman isn't labor and she's saying how she feels was sort of thing to her because she knows, i mean if they don't listen to her, she passed away like up to by the way,
6:49 pm
we need strong gonna have system in place with the right people at this session drugs, a quick month lebanese people living in 40 countries are eligible to begin early voting close to 200 thousands lebanese are registered to cast violence in the us, canada, and the european union. the parliamentary election next sunday is the 1st since the financial crisis began in 2019. more bodies have been found in the wreckage of a luxury hotel in cubis capital increasing the death told $232.00. a child is among the dead after the explosion in havana on friday. believe to have been caused by a gas leak. dozens were injured. the building was undergoing renovation is at the time ahead of the hotel. reopening 9 a poly shabba has made it to the top of the world's highest mountain for record 26th time. come. he rita shepherd beat his old wild record said a year ago in reaching the summit of mount everest. the 52 year old lead 10 other shepherd climbers up the populace half east ridge wrote it was pioneered by the
6:50 pm
original conquerors of avarice in 1953 sharp attending nor gay, and new zealander, edmond hillary. and we'll get more sports coming up next with joe in the n b a. playoffs. the memphis grizzlies are sweating on their fitness, severe thumb and jotted, ah, a unique form of protest by a palestinian artist using a symbol of national identity to create postage and passport stamps. with us for some bird good for you during life there to be a conflict anyway, sending a message of resistance about the arab israeli conflict. a we come to palestine, palestine sunbird, the stamp of defiance on al jazeera, investigative journalism. my role in this fire type,
6:51 pm
the in information about global experts and discussion. the pandemic didn't create all of these problems. it showed us our true colors, voices from different corners. we don't need to sensationalize how we build these stories. what journalists do best is look at the heart of the story. programs that open your eyes to an alternative view of the world today. oh no, just 0. ah ah ah, is joe folly thing to answer but has made history by becoming the 1st african planets when it's v t a 1000 defense that says in was up against american jessica. agree learn the
6:52 pm
final that the madrid open. she saved a set point in the 1st and went on to take it 7527 year old failed to win a game in the 2nd though as per level the match. but she took the decide a 6 to, to wrap up the biggest one of her career, which will take her up to number 7 in the world rankings. and he's also the 1st hour player female, all miles 20 top levels for this final i felt like i didn't play as good as the other much his but we said a final you don't play it to win it. so i think i did that at least when working very hard and the much it was very difficult and i'm glad that i pull the when and hopefully this will be the present you to in many more titles. wells best pound for pound box or canal o alvarez has been beaten for only the 2nd time in his career and mexican had stepped up to light heavyweight to take on russia's w. b, a champion,
6:53 pm
dmitri bibble, but he was well beaten on points with all 3 judges, scoring it for devote any unanimous decision. kanellis only other loss was against void may weather. back in 2013. you had a rematch was, do you want to do this again? i like this you admitted to me tricky. no, says he was a rematch. how you feel about that? but it might be much more no problem. you know, if you don't believe in yourself what you do, you know, when you go to the martin, i always spoke to books in journalist dorothy davis, who was not surprised to see can i lo, defeated the size and weight divisions for a reason. and what we saw in this fight was dimitri brevo, the russian resident,
6:54 pm
i saw his superiority strength stamina, and in a brilliant defensive performance, early on, ah, with an amazing job and a hi, george. i'm completely lost. the fight level is a tremendous champion, his 20 undefeated fight. as a professional, nearly 300 i'm. it's a fights coming into this and canal. oh, simply wasn't big enough to put a dent in this brilliant point. so, you know, can hello, has come up for weight divisions from a 154 pounds, 475 pounds in his career in the last 67 years. he's 548 is 4 inches short to them. bobo bib will probably wait a lot more than in the night. maybe 15 pounds heavier or to re hydration. renello 2nd lawson is 61st fights. he's a very young rule fighter. when he 1st last to floyd my why the schools him
6:55 pm
technically renello is now very adept fighter. but as a said, he holds all the belts, super middle white 12 stone, 7 pounds lighter than light heavy weight, and that's where i think he should go next. not have a rematch removal because i see the same outcome again in form in one ferrari will start on the front row for the integral. miami grown pre later chem shipley, that tells the clock tick pole position for sunday's rice and t make cala science. the 2nd quickest in qualifying. well, champion match the stop and we'll stop to 3rd while there was, hamilton continues to struggle and was sick solstice woman, 80000 fans. watch the qualifying session at nisa kit, which is built around the hard rock stadium. home to miami dolphins. i'm very happy for me, turn on what i wanted one to 3. i wasn't a great lot, but it's okay. i mean over a, in the army when any, such as
6:56 pm
a combo leads the scoring milwaukee rarely lose. and thanks to the greek star, the bucks took game 3 against boston in the eastern conference. so he finally this basket from unison. the final minute turned out to be the game, went up, he scored a $42.00 points, but much of the talk off to the games about the officiating from the referees, the call the oh yeah, how much does it cost? if i say something a comment about that if is it $20000.00, it's a lot of money. so i should i do it. i see my money gotta pay for diapers. ah. i just got to play through it. we all got to play through it. oh my actually really the court homer in the western conference that was really the only high point for the nights for memphis grizzlies. they were hammered by golden. satan gang 3, the worries, one by 30 points. now leave the theory to one and then further play to memphis,
6:57 pm
this doll player joe miranda, injured his knee in the final quarter. right. ask you, good job. i hit the ball and i was going for the bomb. i was, you don't want to see anybody hurt. i'm not even a toddler. i respect everybody. so when i was here, hopefully we get better over. he gets better. oh, we can see martinez game now and even play like through an a shock winner at the most famous horse race in the world. the kentucky derby, 80 to one outside a rich strike, who was one of the biggest sites in the history of the events and maintenance victory, even more incredible. the horse was included in the race only the day before, after another entree dropped out. all right, that is on the spot for now. i have more for you later fully. thank you very much for that. joanna now bono and the edge from rock band. you too have held a surprised performance in an underground metro station. and key on sunday, i,
6:58 pm
the singer and guitarist, say they were invited by present lensky and made the trip to show solidarity with ukraine during the conflict with russia. and more news coming up very shortly on al jazeera to stay with blue. with frank assessments, what are the political risks of banning russian oil, a gas for western leaders, pull sanctions on russian energy exports. miss harrison was informed opinions. france is not abandoning to fight against jedi,
6:59 pm
still resumed media debt. going to be acting from nisha and from chad critical debate. could china actually help in russia's invasion of ukraine in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera, seen as a burden. countless babies are aborted in india simply for being girls. but amidst these resistance, even from rome, patience, fearless midwife has adopted the course of challenging, deeply ingrained tradition building and terminating this modern day beat aside. the daughter, 3, witness on algebra is once feared warlord during liberia's decade long civil war says he's now fighting a drug epidemic. the work that the former warlord joshua boy he has done with treat
7:00 pm
children, has attracted their helpless sentiment b as protected an effect from public prosecution. despite the recommendations made by the truth and reconciliation commission for this former warlord, liberia has become the frontline of a drug war. it cannot afford to lose. he says it's a battle he will fight out of responsibility and killed for his past crimes and for his country. ah, more civilians for may be siege sealed, plans get to safe a ground while ukrainian forced his vow. they'll never surrender in marry a po and a mothers say meeting as surprise get together for the 1st lady's off the u. s. and ukraine. ah, no,
7:01 pm
i'm fully back to bo you watching college is here alive from doha. we'll have the latest on the one ukraine shortly and also ahead prayers be for polling. we look at how to roman.


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