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tv   101 East Kashmir Skiing in A Conflict Zone  Al Jazeera  May 8, 2022 7:30pm-8:01pm AST

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ward in lieu got used syringes are strewn everywhere. blood is splattered on the wall and on the floor, the waste basket overflow with placenta and umbilical cords. the stench of human waste is unbearable. there's only one gynecologist for the 300000 people living in luca. the health workers union of the hospital says the state has abandoned their massive saturday. look at the state of the beds of our wards. my women have to give birth on the floor. where are all the millions of dollars the state promised women's reproductive health money. we need to protect mothers and their big lumps. back at the clinic, mariama gives birth to a boy. he's quickly examined by the doctor who hands him to the nurses who in turn more handsome to the father. meanwhile, the mother is in the recovery room while them still waiting to meet her new born. nicholas hawk al jazeera luca, northern senegal. ah
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ha, again, i am fully back to bo with the head lines on al jazeera g, 7 nations are imposing new sanctions on russia, and its leaders have made the announcement after holding a video conference with ukraine present burmese lensky. it's a shell support ahead of rush as victory day celebrations. shebra tonchee is in washington with more on some of the new sanctions. a number of sanctions have been announced, sir arden's 3 more russian t v stations will be sanctioned services. the u. s. will sanction the u. s. person riding accounting or trust or corporate formation for business services, not legal serves business services to to the russians. the g 7 once again, pledge was to phase out russian oil. a further export controls all and things like wood products, industrial engines boilers, motors to hit the russian industrial base and more sanctions on russian leitz and bella russian leafs. the last civilians evacuated from the besiege as of styles.
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theo plant in the east and ukrainian city of merrier poll have started arriving in government controls, appalachia, ukrainian fighters, defending the pansy. they'll keep fighting and never surrender. a russian attack on a school in eastern ukraine is here to have killed dozens of people who took refuge where the governor of lo, hunter says around 90 were in the school when it was bombed and has been a surprise mother's day meeting between the 1st babies of the u. s. and ukraine, jill biden granted elaine as alaska, and a shelter for internally displaced people on the western border of ukraine. now the news voters in the philippines are preparing for monday's election. polls to predict victory for ferdinand macos junior, the son of the former president toppled by a popular uprising 36 years ago. and those are the headlines. more news, as always on our website i had al jazeera dot com up next year. it's $11.00 east. ah,
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it's a ski resort like no other planted in kashmir, the 4th line between 2 nuclear rivals, india and pakistan. we need peace. we don't want fight with want get close trouble with any country. i just want people of snowboards on shoulder. just walk on the mountain right there. feel free and cautionary women are among those feeling. the freedom of the mountains skiing the name, the de really holding their beaker hill back a little bit. becky, look, look, good, cynical deal with keeping these himalayan slope safe. is a team of local patrollers trained to operate at high altitude. i jump in shall
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over. how much will be issued to missouri? mm hm. the expos closer. liquor, yackel lozier optics, at one 0, one east meets the kashmiri men and women who are transforming the slopes of commerce from conflicts own into the ultimate sky destination. ah, it's a bright, sunny morning in good merck, and that means there's only one thing to do. hit the slopes to date we're going up with one of the legends of these mountains. raja was seen con, known to his many friends as the other man 1st that the baby for anybody, the man woman them was a she doesn't feel like it is slow. the name same,
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she does 2nd period of marijuana could even man by somebody get her. so her name i so that will mark is one of the highest ski resorts in the world. views of spectacular mountain peaks like lang upper but in neighboring pakistan. it's challenging, beautiful terrain, but neither knows it better than almost any one else. what is this is not more than this full like old family. we don't use the thing sleggs nor would our ski. please find any is going banga. usa ready? ready for drop? oh, okay, copy with a full mouth, jumped out of it, but told me that at that deal demand me any of that from reject army or to set up
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sci fi with that with that that i grew up on the slopes, only a few miles from the line of control that divides bitter rivals, india and pakistan. the nations of for the 3 major was over kush mute and separatist have long reached unarmed 1000000000 against indian administer due. today, it remains one of the most militarized zones in the world. despite gomez, you mean location, it's spectacular. backcountry sky roots are transforming it from a sleepy village to global sky destination. today that there is a sought after snowboarding instructor here, but basically essay. so super late is key is as i near those snowball games, agony heger ticket philip that they start the a little chill of with me. the witness at the valley on a given, alyssa,
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kyle, her, a decades wilma drew people from across the world who couldn't get enough of its fabled fresh powder trails. but the pandemic was a turning point with india's borders. closed the resort, found a new clientele domestic tourists. ah, nicholas cigna by far the better you suddenly. okay. take your heels up here though tony. i said those bit ah good, good. 7 press straight up, stay straight, shift to much is go up, click on this season. the resort has attracted record numbers. ready with nearly 200000 visitors and its youngest release, quite bracing this tourism boom. 2019 severely
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for nancy forwardness, snowboarding, but i need to get it for it. and as they get on luminous ether skiing form is leaky leaking gypsy, a yankee locals, near scheme, snowboarding, start deep into shops, clearly had winter clubs, clearly above that they could get her jacked up. alco cushion meat is a millionaire jalee to get a job cushion. we've got some oddly good, was summarizing the locals. if i'll get to cleveland, arguing again, my son does one more thing or does one the other could even be one, no. going to going w to lucia until that ava therapy is missouri and as more cush, mary's master the slopes. they're also joining in winter sports competitions. the 1st generation of professional excuse is busy training. the champions of tomorrow actually already may national jumping round. let me just, oh, gibbon to korea initially, but its weird garage, but i may, i tell her that his name,
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jordan yarbrough j order will be c kick with just as your gobby luggage. the gear be argued selenium 24 year old serbia knobby, who lives in a nearby village is one of christmas. most promising skiers. ah, starting me a radon ladder when again cautious gave. they've all men air show above on it cuz she gave me, gave her bird was give us a ballet run killer, but was miss l vanilla and then oh, skin bother he 2013 marbella national water montebello national killer was made of double gold medal. i at all or still she's them would have bought anchorage q a bought boost up give door was a semantic of it will be to morgan navy. ah, but the journey hasn't been easy for sophia as one of the few female athletes and kush me, she faces many battles. male dominated, sport, her ugly, multi millionaire to death. who in love, where did the need be us stuck alert?
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yeah, i hear on cord dick navia has seriously kill, kill the so so d b mcglenn bought the hoodie hickey. no. yeah, he get the hecky, but i me guessing good cynically, hair guessing only in boys as at the at the is she school all game or no mckesson with i am so talk, give matt, give up. he got it all the sport. miss gibbs, hotels. other hurdles i like in immediate family if you didn't want to perhaps other support get on good cheese mate marks and nicole to help you make of the east cheese for up for sylvia learning to ski has given her independence and freedom. mm. ah,
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lou schemed without doing whole week we saw me with the feel of the like mary, who all glee haney with cheese a good with the skin of in the him do maybe holding maybe could he never back? good cynical. think of would you please had time will learn me. look at dick, but keeping the slope safe. rescues is serious. work with other members of the cool months keep which will start the day early assessing the mountain for potential risks. dimas, i'm 50 when we go for the f o line to run again to boston. now i just love john bay . i will. i just got with godaddy a hot was cornwall made a lunch. i went to good. how much is it in the room? mighty hampton member to say, though, how may i get gotten
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a hanky school counseling job the i like to go be bought id more than 200 scared a saying it is. leave the smoking behind it in a hot hot it is. we know that my uncle, he extra neurologically elijah, which i don't triggering avalanches. that exclusive is one way to keep this rope safe. but given customers long history of conflict, acquiring ammunition here is no simple task. it took the ski patrol many years to convince authorities to supply them with explosives. the man entrusted, deploying them is made argentine done. my job in shallow, but elijah mitigation galicia from the expos killers. liquor yeah, closer. a big boy. yeah. actually, gamble, virginia, the legal home people are launch clear to why those go to strike fear in both school sided daughter's home gossip cookie dough guessed luckily. hm. you opened
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a team head off to one of the highest points on the mountain. mm hm. i decided monday i'm i decided monday through is avalanche. when i took it in, as i stopped working, he hand over there. i a n with rw. those are gonna be on the that i guess my be our leader. that job beach for the id for you, elijah, when he got caught up with due to what hardy are housed opposite, but you know your battery or anybody for toby dole, bahati machine bought harmonies. i thank you help. i could be d for eddie firefighter, we are at the top of mount afer, but more than 4000 meters above sea level, the team has identified a potential be clear in this area.
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so with the warranty lasers concord, i'm not gonna come earlier. people ha, ha, ha, that article here to look at how realistic manage critical down the chic, i guess a garcia hung the ex model brokering garbage or the or you guarantee any good. hm. excellent talk. okay. by jang. it can be just a fortunately explosion did not trigger a massive avalanche. this key patrol has now confirmed that the snow in this area is stable and safe to become the will and ultimately carried out behind the guest weekly open carpet. we cut ramey gray daintily elijah though bugging him,
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then by the hyperlink of a favorite destination for skiers in store quarters in bloomberg is roger had a small iconic lodge operated by data in his family since 1985 mm. daughter's father pervade up to con looms large local march. when he opened the lodge he was among the 1st to recognize the area's potential. despite the violent armed rebellion that was growing in crush me at the time. of other days i would hold out after i'm longer time i met daphne lincoln. product. if you go to that location because you go but there you guzman miguel. that because we had no one me navy, one the rest of the had me know excitedly internet ne, only until day was case our civil law,
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the hopes of cush mute is changing. we need we don't want fall into new definition. one be late. good with everything. not with politicians that are there. little fighting with other soldiers. so we have to follow the thing. if you will, ski on food, shoulder knocked again. i love all my dad to day. the other is visiting his father who lives a short drive away. yeah, i might have but in the you that you can i'm good. yeah. is it the number? hello. is it on amplewood a i'm in boca raton, mid allan, younger 3. i'm that i can give you guys, you got there, that gamble, job, don't know who she lives with the limit larosa. yes. these suffers from poor health and can't travel to mark as often as he'd like. but others still relies on his help in running their business.
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with admission to name and get a bidding process to pollution, we were originally scheduled with users with one machine. i saw that you guys might have to look at your video, hulu. i've been cleans rule casual. there's my have, i guess at work. i said, i don't bought a purge of that one is you know, those father was part of cush muse. arm struggle for independence is, wasn't one got his younger brother was killed in the fighting. and pieris was arrested and imprisoned upon. got. so when you were married, got to me, i would you, did i get? i am little town mo, data, cherokee or i might have sat down, walked little fools. she's out of shape here. honey, was newman was holy. i got, i'm melissa, may or did hillsman thought met up with our come down cool. monitor. 31 is salma it. now i would love milton impression,
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dalla might have got to go. but normally again, for jackie, you must laugh, he alone would you be moderating? how many i say, but i'll get the am. will marg margaret will margate sib gelata? the easier is kim, i just say may will among may millennia. mary, what unit will my maiden? amelia. good ma'am at lunch. but to go control me. got that i. what's it going to go like is jago mm key. just a couple of streets away. sylvia is preparing for another training trip up tomorrow . but she still has to check in with her father. mm. solemnly go i think you said, oh yeah, a lot of those music i think, but afterwards your
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t u mills was a little money cousin. a lot of guy. he said you got any other ah ski could the comes was will more than one. no, no, she in there we got all. no sky is joe going to get a job? a i'd steer jam been to myself a stay dan been to them or do don't because we get on our clearly a job with
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me on my hill. there normally no problem with the phone. give them as you may go many a deal with or is a board or you are but my job with me and we'll leave the 0 starkey ahead. how badly get it back on it. give me a, a good, a little se,
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support cutting look the heck you loud can calculate ah, back on the mountain. the ski patrol is still monitoring the stoops a with myself and double heart. we are right at the bottom of the shot. 6, army ridge visibility is still good to the top of the chair left. we will go and investigate misinger with rescues time is of the essence, especially for skiers who have viewed off the main track
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with a telephone with ok. that might be an indication you trying to make him in your knee direct. it's a serious injury and the team will need back up of the gully and then just come straight down the fall line and then i'll be home. this is equal a order. hm. and i don't like member to skip it. remember the 3, you just your audio and guess good lukea. how many square? how good movie. golly, becky, i need to do on buckley john gets a millennium hospital. so. 6 i don't know what you with what a visibility and i see. hm. people are going out to come with it was not the location for coffee and blue sky harbor was gay.
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in the past, the ski patrol's rescue efforts were hampered by lack of proper training and equipment. but multiple casualties on the mountain have convinced the government here to invest in both gear and training for their stuff. a greg when it blew for a police officer, can you hold on? i think we simply must dimension me, which i think it was i think up here or both. i in duties of the order i'm it was hoped muscular about like you were ham backcountry made, ask them gasoline, colicky baker and amy, jana waid bagley with heidi walker. me, what have we ambulance cub? it is on the cool. hum. widia, they get hung chicken, did it get a scoop on? got it, got it. taken off rescuing
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it. high altitude still has it. challenges with the ski patrol has reduced the time required for each rescue to around 30 minutes. with this is a is law may have body, but on me to them of sick with arms dire or somebody job the are that i saw push me to go to get logistical. thank you. hi. to go message and listen. i'm here. somebody says it up on the look at it. the hammock with skiing, these mountains can be exhilarating. but for sophia, the past 2 years have been tough on olympic dreams. the pandemic meant that most
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competitions were cancelled, and training has been a lonely pursuit. i hate you know, coaching parent training which being a had job the job is skill pulled up, need next implant and i will, could of training the door is via so no skip on. if i, if i decide when did you want to do? so we saw what i needed to avoid biking. ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. so it is a problem up to date. she's on her way to meet a young kashmiri icon, who she hopes can give us some advice my look good on though, and so let's see, mean other than the leg was 32 year old, are of, con, was the 1st kashmiri in 3 decades to qualify for the winter olympics,
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he represented india, the beijing games in 2022. it's kind of an inspiring moment for me in, for all of them, they're seeing their guy from their community grants to be representing them at the world's highest level of support to the good thing. ah, amazing. and missouri the down. but the home one for baker. ha ha, ha, ha, ha ha! but on the side we go because we're looking up. i said, we're baker late in all night and just say, man, the key, encore, the leg on that. now go that you get hung up in buffalo, go to pay a bought $30.00 against operation. money bought, sorry, equity, it scaly. so southern go follow. go to get alba now. cool into the road. a half with keller, with celebrating and robert lane, a medical. you have various rollers down the slope,
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which will be off moment, right, left, cut, bog. it'll be a pressure. don't look good. i'll get out the skis fit here. otherwise i get off hard going, what their shoulders mother the ward off kilter, so not a pressure you alluded for severe are if is both a role model and so when she hopes would become a mentor, not just for her, but for gl merck's future was very important, so home game, you can see around the mountains and all round the really well, but if the amish band, they still say basic facility is her, or we have we should take it as a home game. ok. economy is spiritual. the door, the is colicky. hum. or to be order the profane a sports mana key, we can be a medical contender say, or on the world. to see this resort, driving it slopes, filled with skiers from neighboring valleys, is already the realization of a dream which happier mirage. the other and countless others as custodians of its
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destiny. merck's future could be as spectacular as its views ah facing longer house and shorter deadlines, south korean delivery drivers are literally being worked to death. one 0, one east explores the dock side of consumer convenience and south korea on al jazeera ah, with latin america is a region of wonder of joy tragedy. and yes, of violet. but it doesn't matter where you are. you have to be able to relate to
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the human condition with no country is a life, and it's my job to shed light on how and why mainstream coverage of big stories can sometimes deliver more heat than lights. in a water scenario, there's always a push to simplify. narrative nuances is always called for, even in the case of an aggressive war, the listening page, delve into the news, narrative, and dissect them. there is not our great deal of subtlety. we're talking about the barbarism that is unfolding as though we somehow unique. it's not unique covering the way the news is covered on al jazeera, full of struggles, full of pleasure, fancy play. when police look at it yet fit in. or what if it's today, ma'am? hello, welcome lot of the community about, i mean, we were trying to what an intimate look at life in cuba,
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in the working mom with the government that with my cuba on al jazeera ah, the last civilians leave the besieged steel plant and the ukrainians of mary a pole while the soldiers who remained traps vow they'll never surrender. ah, hello, this is al jazeera alive from dell ha. i'm fully battle also ahead. us diplomats returned to their embassy and quay as g 7 leases issue more sanctions against russia. that are new spray as before polling we look at how the roman catholic
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church could sway filipino votes in the presidential election and the death of a mother and her unborn child spock's. a public outcry in senegal, drawing attention.


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