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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 9, 2022 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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the powerful were in a dangerous territory and that dangerous territory was di. what happens now that we literally diverge, that today will be how democracy does the truth illusion coming soon on a joke, the euro. ah, this is al jazeera. ah, hello, i'm emily anguish. this is the news allen live from doha, coming up in the next 16 minutes, rushes president leads victory de commemorations to the defeat of nazi germany while his forces wage war on ukraine. once the soviet pot mountain ukraine's president has accused russia of imitating evil of the nazis at his country's ceremonies on sunday. in philippines, large for its next laid up top contenders of
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a son of a controversial asked of leader. and the current ones, presidents, abundant plant and animal life. this is a large scale mining. we look at environmental battlements happening, done. and you've got plenty coming up in sports, including football, tennis, and n b, a. playoffs plus highlights from the 1st ever formally one gone, free in miami as well champion max to stop and once again, shade his class. ah . as his voices wage war in ukraine at president vladimir putin has been leading victory de commemorations in moscow. thousands of soldiers had been marching through red square. on the day roches celebrates the surrender of nazi germany to soviet troops. 1945, victoria gate and b begins al coverage. ah,
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it happens every year, but it's taken on added significance because of the war in ukraine. a parade to commemorate the soviet victory against nazi germany. 77 years ago. an estimated 27000000 soldiers and civilians from the soviet union died in the 2nd world war. russian president vladimir putin compared the previous fight against fascism to the invasion of ukraine. a degree, we surveyed vanessa hurriedly, madame, by, you're fighting for our people and on best for the safety of our motherland. russia may. the 9th 1945 will forever be perpetuated as a triumph of our one single soviet people of its cohesion and spiritual might. and perilous exploits both at the front line and at the home front. i choose military hardware was on display as the parade made its way from red square through the streets of moscow.
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it's designed to send a message, but at a time when russian forces is struggling to gain the upper hand in ukraine, it's also a show force for national consumption. this civil appears to be marked more difficult and bladder as n. ah, we expect we expect that this will be all bottled or a down boss will cantino operable. great until says i'm middle bob now summer and zan are based on that. his uncles, his bottle on gun boss, on your political decision, so i will be made with few outright victories in ukraine. some russians had feared putin would use this occasion to announce national mobilization and formerly declare war against ukraine. that didn't happen. instead, putin said, russia must ensure there is never another world war. he cranium, president vladimir zalinski, had a defined message. moscow. that's it all your daughter, sir. what's on february 24,
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russia launched an offensive step. i mean, the same mistake has been made by every occupy who has come to our land. we have survived various world and they've all had one ending of our land was planted with bullets and show it, but not in the middle was able to take roots here. this is a day that unites most russians and remembrance and national pride. the ukrainian of western leaders, say roches invasion of ukraine, is repeating the horrors of the past victoria gate and be al jazeera. and we have a team of correspondence across the parade. and the developments in the ukraine wall in ukraine assad bag, his niece levant, scan hotter, abdel hammett is in cave. but 1st let's head to door said jabari, who's in the russian capital, moscow. hello there door. so just have different is this is parade in light of that military operation in ukraine.
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well, the 1st thing that was noticeable was the speech by the russian president vladimir putin. at, within a minutes of that speech, he started talking about his reasons as to why he decided to send in those russian troops into crane. he said that he was forced to, it was a pre emptive rebuff to aggression. you choose nato, and the united states of at planning to attack crimea, which russia annexed in 2014. so he really spent most of the time when he was addressing the crowd to talk about the so called special military operation that rushes, carrying out in ukraine and vladimir putin said it was important that the people of rush understand that this was done for the security of the country, he also thanked the military men who came to this parade in red square. he said, some of them came directly from the battle fields in don bass. what was also
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different this year was that there were no foreign leaders present during this event. usually there's a number of foreign dignitaries that are invited to attend this parade, but this year none were invited and no none were in attendance. there was also supposed to be a number of air shows that would be taking place over the skies of red square. but according to officials from the kremlin, as citing weather conditions, they've all been cancelled. there was supposed to be $77.00 aircrafts to signal the our anniversary that is the 77th anniversary of the victory day here in russia. but that's been cancelled. so there was just said it's different sense this year. but certainly of letting me put in a very much in command of his decisions reiterating to the russian public that his decisions to go into ukraine is justin, that they will be victorious yet again. and also, how is the rest of the day going to unfold to mark this occasion?
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well, we saw vladimir putin after his speech walking over to the alexander garden in the kremlin laying flowers over. there are 12 blocks are representing the 12 what they are known as 12 heroes cities. and of course, 2 of them are barked with the key of an odessa those of the cities that were part of the soviet union. they were awarded these honorary titles as hero cities for eh, display and exceptional heroism during world war 2. and the irony was not lost. i'm many people saying that as the fighting continues in odessa at vladimir putin lane flowers on that block commemorating that city. but following that, the, there is a march that is due to take place in the coming hours that is called the immortal regiment march. and letting me put it has also taken part in that, in the past,
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because this is when people, ordinary people take photographs of the members of their family who they have lost during what they call the great patriotic war here in russia. and they march towards the kremlin area of this city here. and they really commemorate at what they lost than the family members that they lost during this war. to remember those that have fallen. it's a very long and emotional journey that they make towards they as center of moscow and is also carried out throughout all the other cities across russia. we also saw that a number of events taking place, not only in russia, but also in mer your pull as well as crimea we saw and parade happening in serviceable. and also in mary jo pulled, there was events held to commemorate the stay or i thank you for breaking down for us the dosage. barry live for us in moscow. let's head to you crying now way a honda abdel ha meat is ini. keep hotter despite the victory parade in moscow.
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there's overseas, still a war going on where you are. what's the toll so far for both countries? well, indeed, there is a war going on and president zelinski did a short while ago gave another of his video statements. he so famous for a while, he's sort of mirrored what president vladimir putin said by reminding everybody that ukraine is fighting for its own freedom. he also underlined the fact that ukrainians played a very heavy toll in world war 2 and continued to pay that very heavy toll during this war. for both sides it's unknown it's, it's been very costly. russia has lost an enormous amount of soldiers. we don't know exactly the number due ukrainian says about 25000. russia puts that number between 132-1500. only. the battles are ongoing on
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a daily basis. we crenan cities are being targeted even in the west where infrastructure is being pummeled and then the outcome of all of this was led, immerse good in saying that he's coming here to protect the ethnic russians, the russian speakers. well, the outcome of all of that is where ever, there is a battle wherever the russians tarry, sort of focus, they fire power, well, days total destruction and alienation of adult the same people. vladimir putin has been saying that he wants to protect many people. i met over the past 3 once, told me how they were not going to speak russian anymore. and they were sort of fast tracking to learn ukrainian because they said if they, if they were to mind it before this war, well now it really cemented their ukrainian identity. but this is a war where you, king, is, are also paying a heavy, told is more than 3000 civilian deb so far children, women,
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there's 12000000 displays. so certainly a very high cost for no victory on the ground so far and hot it, there are areas under russian control at the moment. talk us through that briefly well, days the have sun region which is south of a ukraine, and that is now fully under control of the russians. actually, it have son was the for his regional capital to fall under russian control at the beginning of the war. so now russia actually today to carried out small parades, little concerts, and villages and towns across that region. we. so some picture of that on, on social media, by, by and large, we were there just a few days ago. the people of her son have fled. and when we talk to them many
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describe very dire situation. are saying that there was nothing was functioning anymore. there was no pharmacies, no bags that people were bartering. i remember one man telling me that he was exchanging eggs for cheese and so forth. so certainly, and we asked them who stayed behind? well, they said that russia was bringing people from the crimean peninsula. so certainly may be an effort to put some sure show of victory there, but the people of that region are not there just this to it. or i think you very much harder abdel hamid live for us in keith. let's head to the east of ukraine. now where i sat bag is standing by means of yanks. i said what's happening on the ground where you are well in the jet and just in the last arrow. so we're not far from me cuz i have her and we've heard and seen that getting hit by the russians. now we heard the incoming and then we saw the smoke
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rising behind us just in the last hour. now elsewhere that used to russians continue to try and take territory and that the aimed, as they stated, is to take the east in the south than the senshi, landlocked ukraine or elsewhere. we know that the russians have crated the marrow pole, even though ukrainian forces still remain at that metal works plant. and what we've heard from the authorities here in the done, it's gretchen, is that 15 locations were targeted. the russians have used air strikes, missiles, heavy artillery, relas tank fire. now we've just gone through the town of chemicals that had a population of round 200000 is down to around 40000. now what's very striking is when you go to places like this is a bit of a ghost town, what strikes you is the silence. you tend to hear the birds singing in the dog's barking, occasionally disturbed by the sound of artillery fire. and just to give you an example of something that we saw to day was we saw
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a little girl act on the street holding the hand of her mother. and just for a 2nd, the few people that were there, da stopped and stead, because that's not a site that you often see in many of these towns and cities are the i in the firing line of the russian forces. so it is the ukrainian people, the are, are facing the brunt of this war. there's cues at petrol stations is limits on how much fuel people can buy or, but the fighting still continues across a crew, across the east. as russian forces continue to try and take more territory. all right, thank you very much for that update as had bag. nice love yanks for us as get some further analysis. now with theresa fallon, who's the director of the center of russia, europe, asia studies in brussels. she joins us by skype from the belgian capital. theresa, thanks for being on this news out. as we heard from our correspondence, there was a lot of commentary in the laid up to put in speech that it could be used to officially declare war. but while it was defined speech, he made no major announcements. how do you interpret that?
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i think it's very significant, many russian analysts said that we shouldn't put so much emphasis on the may 9th victory date celebration in moscow. and so the high expectation that there we put in, we need to refurbish all of the soldiers by having declaring war he could actually have nationalization of that population and draft for soldiers. but in the speech, he did note that don boss is russian territory. you cannot declare war on your own territory. so the narrative coming out of moscow is that this is rushing territory and there are other ways to get more soldiers. i mean, i, but i lived in moscow. sometimes people would just be rounded up at the metro station in a very ad hoc fac fashion. so there's no need really to declare war on this and might take with that. it was very somber event. it was very put in actually very smoothly. he was, you know, with no mistakes really, he didn't, there was no,
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we're thinking of his hand. so i'm sure everyone's watching very closely as well how he delivered his speech and that if there were any tremors or any sort of health issues, actually he looked pretty good today. teresa, he's also continued to use rhetoric around ukraine's defend is being nazis while evoking rushes. victoria is one or 2 past i've heard and successfully fused those narrative some how would that be received by russian? well, that's what he was trying to do with his whole presentation and speech to day trying to use the, the russian, the style to for the soviet past. i mean, 27000000 russians died. and that was even revealed to the soviet public until gorbachev came to power. and that was part of the idea of opening up and letting people know before that it was like a state secret because it got to me the population would be too sad in to know 27000000 russians had died. so they really do feel, i should say soviet citizens died because
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a lot of the fighting and dying happens in the area that is ukraine. so the ukrainian there is having a, a parallel narrative going on, which i think since he was very wise to do, he didn't interesting video, black and white. it looks something like world war 2. and that's the real nazis here in this narrative are the russians. that's how the ukrainians are spinning it . so we have a battle of narrative going on here. and if people are skeptical of this narrative in russia, we've seen 4000000 people libra. so some of the best and the brightest was some people are buying it. the rest kind of might want to delete this because if you grew up in the soviet union, ukraine was always part of it and they might feel comfortable with this narrative. but the younger people might not be buying into it as money and how his speech be received abroad, particularly by the likes of germany in the west of europe. this is really irritating many germans because it's constantly does not have occasion campaign. so it's, it is kind of an irritant in the relationship or seen german leaders kind of calling
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out, put in because this is very sensitive issue. unless remember, germany is kind of dragging their heels a bit on russian energy sanction. so maybe this narrative is a bit of a class. russia was continued support from germany, german businesses to kind of how water down or delay. and he sort of energy sanctions. it looks like though this will be a long term event put into it and try to make it sound like there was great victories. was very somber. and in fact, you didn't even hear him talk about the special military campaign. he didn't you operation. and we didn't, so there are certain things that were interesting that did not show up, that language wasn't use. and he also called, you know, did a call out to all the nurses and doctors that are helping injured russian soldiers . so i thought that was an interesting, not acknowledging that there are many people who have been injured in this war as more and more bodies come home. this might water down support for this activity and
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you pay well, we appreciate your analysis as always, to raise a felon director of the center, the russia, europe, asia studies in brussels. thanks for your time. this is alan. thank you. plenty more head on the program, including more political turmoil in sri lanka and new curfews imposed after fighting between rival groups. a coral re faces destruction. how rising the sea water and the expanding desert is causing concern in synagogue and in sport, there's no escaping our carouse. that the spanish teenager caps off an incredible run at the madrid opens to other world news now and tens of millions of voters in the philippines are deciding who they want to be as then next. president election is same by many as a make or break moment for their democracy. 10 candidates vying to succeed
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president rodrigo deter tank. florence louis has moved from manila. even before polls opened at 6 in the morning, voters that started queueing up polling stations will open till 7 pm longer than usual to accommodate cobit 19 safety measures. voters are choosing a precedent. vice president, senators, legislators, and thousands of local officials belong but our own as a youth. we are hopeful that the new leadership will respect our right to express our opinion more and to hear de craye of his or her countrymen. law comforted in marco's junior is one of the main contenders for the top job. his father, ferdinand marcus, was a dictator whose rule was marked by corruption and human rights abuses. a fact checking initiative check dot p h, says marco's junior has benefited the most from misleading, but positive post on social media. that attempt to whitewash his family's past. but
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the political analyst says the current political system is also contributing to his appeal is not only bought historical amnesia. this is also bought. busy for a car yonder. alger. yes. the philippines as transition to worse democracy over the past 3 decades or so. but you know, if you look at the fundamentals of silicon political system, it's a broken system. 70 to 90. percent of the legislature is dominated by political dynasties for to reaches families to come 76 percent newly created growth. if you ask an average filippino, did they feel the democracy over the past few decades? they don't feel invested because what they saw was more of a liberal oligarchy, at best, marco's juniors political pairing with sarah deter, day daughter of outgoing precedent. rodrigo de dirty, who's running for vice president, has also given him an enormous boost. marco's juniors closest rival is opposition, leader and vice president. lenny robledo, who's been the victim of disinformation campaign on social media, had ties to
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a political party perceived as elitist by some filipinos may also explain why she's been lagging in opinion polls been still. her message of a transparent compassionate government has led to a groundswell of support for her, that may still see her search to victory. this is a high stakes election. many here a returned to a mar course rule with thought government attempts to recover the stolen wealth and hold the marcus's to account. others say, it would mean an election campaign can be one partly by spreading lies on social media. the results of this election will be closely watched, not only in the philippines, but the rest of the world. florence louis al jazeera manila. okay, let's bring in and jamal allan doug and who's at a polling station in manila. hello there. jamila jabbed a historic poll for the philippines. what's the china been like? while it's quite a huge turnout. i mean,
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it's nearly an hour before poles close, but people still continue to arrive. and traditionally you will see around, you know, mid mid afternoon that the crowd starts to wind down. but there have been quite some struggle here in manila and across the country. we've spoken to voters and say, they've been here as early as 8 am. and yet their phones have yet to be counted. that's because of the reported breakdown of more than 1800 boat counting machines across the country. so there is an option for many voters to just leave their ballots. so that when the replacement of all these voting machines arrive, the full watchers will be able to electronically submit them. but that's something that many voters here do not want. they want to be able to make sure that their votes are counted and that they get a receipt of their boats. now it actually reveals the level of trust and the commission on elections. i mean, this is a common complaint all day today,
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and we are in the one of the biggest voting precincts in manila, one of the biggest boat registration, biggest rich, biggest voter registration across the country. and so there's this sense that they really do want to make sure that their voices are heard. there's also this concern of violence in the min than our region. according to the commission and elections. there have been 15, recorded electoral violence around 6 people have reportedly been killed, but they clarified that that number is much lower than in 2019. we're more than 60 people. 60 electro violence were actually reported. now, people here are asking the commission and elections to extend devoting ours to allow those are waiting to be able to transmit their votes. and this is something that the comic responded to. they say that canvassing will be suspended or will be delayed. they will make sure that those who are already within the premises of the will think you seen will be well to finish their mood. so that means that in a way,
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polling hours have been extended. though not officially. andrew mellow and hard interfere, which is running short of time. will it be the 1st major, which is to just, we're running short of time and i want to get through all our topics. took us through those main candidates and have a very distinct doing the policies and the vision. well, there are a total of 10 candidates, but the top 2 are quite, you know, as they say polar opposites. on one hand, you've got vice president lanyard bradshaw, who is the leader of the opposition as well. and the only female candidate does not come from. and each additional political dynasties and the, you know, the one who's been leading the surveys year over the past few months is bong bone. marcus junior was also the son of the late dictate their former president for didn't marcos. who, you know, over the past few years, has successfully really created a new image of the marcus legacy, specifically to filipinos who were born after the martial law years. so it's quite
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a tight race on a very different campaigns, but really a deeply emotional time for millions of filipinos will see this as a consequential period in recent philippine history. thank you for bring us up to date jamila alan dugan, at pulling station in manila. nationwide caching has been imposed to ensure lanka. it follows the fighting between rival political groups and colombo police use t gas to break up. the dispute at the home of the prime minister may hinder roger pasco and his brother, whose president are being blamed for the shall anchors unprecedented economic crisis. and al fernandez is following development in colombo, the clashes have been violent. we are seeing the hospital, the director of the hospital saying that as many as 20 people are being treated. and there was a huge amount of violence and pleasures. even the opposition leader who went to the side was on board. and people actually started trying to assault the opposition
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leader and his entourage, and they had to beat a quick exit 4 weeks. now we have seen this ongoing protest campaign against the government urging the leadership as well as the anti government government to step down. given the mismanagement which many of them produced a see are reflected in the fact that things are falling apart in sri lanka. there are no essential goods in terms of a very few that are shortages. things like ford have skyrocketed in price because of massive in legion of that as a result of the government, not having money that are in reserves have fallen to rock bottom, or they're not able to import a central goods. meds in you will gas. and this has led to a complete frustration and anger among the people they say, as much as this is a global phenomenon. poor spend their make that the crass mismanagement by the government as well as corruption, has aggravated the situation and made felucca of all the worse off in trying to
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battle this issue. still, head on al jazeera stang, have it up. kinds of 19 rules have been relaxed in south korea, but people are still taking precautions. and highlights from the english premier league is manchester city, retakes toughs thought, we'll have all the football action coming up. ah hey there, thank you for joining in right off the bat. let's begin in russia. siberia. we're in this area. more than a dozen wild fires have broken out. hundreds of buildings destroyed. is state of emergency declared here. not helping with this situation is a dry westerly went. another area of it's been parched is the northwest of spain, and temperatures are hot not pure over the next little bit. that warmth is also
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spreading further toward the north. so check this al paris 26 brussels 26. but we do have a wave of atlantic re moving in to the island of ireland in some heavier pulses for scotland. central york looks like this. we've got rain across the alpine region stretching into hungry and romania not too far away from bucharest with a height 24 degrees. turkey. same situation. it's nice in the west. we've got disturbed weather in the east and also some showers toward the south. not too far away from on talia top and of africa, a few showers, dancing around tunis with the hive 20 degrees in our usual storms. across the gulf of guinea, as we dipped toward the south, the rain, the showers had made a clean sweep of quasi luna tall as that swa teenie as well and southern mozambique . that's her place with a legacy of sunshine for durbin with the hives 43 degrees, also looking good. and cape town, $21.00 on monday. ah,
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the african stories from african perspective, short documentaries, from african filmmakers from zimbabwe. we were pioneers of how economists could change the way we did to be good done. i'd be happy to go into a physical store, sedan, ivory coast, any gun fresh armed fishing woods, and a shot for africa direct on al jazeera. ah, the shake him odd award for translation and international understanding is accepting nominations for the year 2022 from february 15th until august, 15th this year for more information go to w, w w dot h t a dot q a slash e m. ah,
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oh, a kind of watching out there. i'm emily angry, and he's the reminder of stories. the russian president vladimir persian has told his soldiers in ukraine fighting for the security of their country. thousands have been much in moscow's red square on the day. russia celebrate nazi germany surrendered to the troops back in 945 earlier ukraine president marked as some of the victory dang suggesting, rushes invasion is equal to that of nazi germany. a lot of me, lensky says evil has returned to ukraine in a different uniform. lots of the same and people in the philippines are voting for
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the next president. 10 candidate divine to the top jobs front runner footed, and marcos junior cast his ballot earlier. he's the son of a controversial hormone ada activists is gonna have launched a legal challenge to stop mining in a protected area. that's after the government signed a deal with a chinese company to extract box size amino used to make allie minium products. they say the move threatens endangered animals and plans and familiar miller. the actual forest in eastern gonna is known for its abundant biodiversity, including endangered animals, and rare plants, dozens of which are threatened with extinction. despite the area being declared protected, the government plans to begin large scale mining for bach site that got my husband's saying over and over again. i'll say since through the aides in that there would not on necessarily compromise for us. they have not so far demonstrated
1:33 pm
to any agency to gum is how that is going to be done a little while, because there is no technology, though, allow government to go ahead and tub the box out in this forest without compromising the forest. walks site is used to produce aluminum products. while the government's agreed to a $2000000000.00 mining deal with china, it's yet to get permission from gone as environmental protection agency. the government says it's relying on the potential proceeds from the mining of both bach site and gold to develop local mining communities. we now have a fund which is solely dedicated to the development of the minor communities of our country. where if you want 20 percent by law of the royalties which i crew to the state and dedicated to this fun and finally, exclusively for the development of minor community to provision of water. for instance, electricity, where a de kitchener infrastructure healthcare. but many small scale miners and loggers
1:34 pm
work illegally surviving on minimal income gold minus say they hardly benefit and critic say their activities are harming the environment. communities and gone as western region rely on the prior of a for drinking water and to bathe and cook the byrum water base and feeds 3 major rivers, providing water for millions of people across gonna but mining upstream has contaminated the water board on that other crew of us used to be her mine and i think this is are fixing the community a lot on the 3rd doesn't through us used to be fund i a month. all 24 things legal without the fooling with us. mining opponents are taking the government to court to stop the search for box site critic say that while they understand the need to benefit from natural resources gone, us for us need to be protected for future generations. that's bring in for me to
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mila. he joins us from cape town, so maybe you're at a mining summer. what of people from the industry i've been saying about these controversial plants? well there certainly is concern from environmentalists surround just how many countries in africa hope to tap in our rather capitalize on untapped resources. given that africa is rich in terms of these myrtle resources across many countries, including gonna this is the 1st time this very important summit is taking place since the beginning of the coven 19 pandemic ended brings together industry leaders . investors, mining companies as well as government leaders from across the continent to deal with some of the most pertinent issues now to speak to us a bit more on mining and the industry and the development of mining and gone. i was speaking to gone as deputy minister of the land and natural resources, mister george america, duca,
1:36 pm
a deputy minister. now one of the great concerns by environmentalists in gardner is just how mining will take place in that country. the government has said that it plans to make garner a regional hub of mining by 2025 to to those untapped resources. how is that balanced with the concern around just how the environment may be impacted negatively. governmental ganna is determined to i shall got gold green mining, asked fido about public with climate change, and with, for us not to mention whitening. we engage in all stakeholders. this perspective to make sure that we don't take an electron position in each and rather take on informed decision scientific, probably informed decision about the new to the benefits of the and
1:37 pm
also as by the law commitment to what's been amato convention. we also do not, we would use old mercury in pools as in gold and duct we've committed to by providing small skill. busy mining boxes on all mining with technology who says gold without the use of it and it's part of our mentally issues government hospital and we still come in touch with you to come to the point where the sticker they make in gun that we talk about the value chain. mccain show we are fighting whatever we produce. we don't want to do the usual exploitation business, but for you today. and that is what we owe so much that we've got to snow. my nose is small scale minus the contribution these 30 percent to go production, the output from gonna but there is an issue around the renewal of licenses. the
1:38 pm
government is trying to manage illegal mining, but at the same time, not issuing licenses to empower these small scale miners and communities. what is going wrong there? now what, what are you doing in the fall issue on line says you must mitchell, you follow all the proceedings, all the protocols and best practices. they key to the hot tub and we how in the way they can tell us the process of applying for a license. so you can sit in any village, go on your computer and get your concession license. and d offices that have been taxed to do that assignment has been retooled in terms of capacity building. how do you know we saw stim movement vehicles. busy vehicles that we take them around to, we pay visits to this concessions to ensure that compliance is optimized very quickly. i want to get a better idea of the deal that the greg ne,
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a government assigned with china, $2000000000.00 dealer wrong. the mining of box sites, how does this empower local communities when they say foreign investment is prioritized? so. busy with this deal, what do you also trying to see is to value? not only coming to mind and next 14 universities, so we are going to vision all gonna be coming to hub of mining. so we are trying to d p r in not only government about bringing all stakeholders, people were interested to respect you a way you counsel bought in the we also a showing by the legislative framework. we mindful of that and we do not want to. but if you want us to thank you very much for your time with speaking to the deputy minister of land and natural resources from gotta mr. george miracle duka. now this
1:40 pm
conference is expected to continue for the rest of the week, and we continue to see here it's of states coming through essentially trying to reinvigorate to the industry that has been hampered by the coven 19 pandemic. and that contributes to the g d. p of many african countries at a time when heads of state to saying now is the time to look at africa, specifically in terms of its mining industry. but balancing that with the protecting various environments. thank you very much for those insights for me to mila joining us live from cape town. well, ladies and delegates are meeting in ivory coast capital a bit, john, to find ways to protect biodiversity, and my goal is to stop fertile land becoming desert. the un estimates $12000000.00 hectares of arable land is lost every year. nicholas hark reports from an affected village in synagogues. ho region on the edge of this, a hell in northern senegal is no doubt. they no longer a waist this but a village,
1:41 pm
thinking in the sand, gone or the green pastures and vegetable gardens. it hasn't rained for almost 10 months. the villagers used to grow food. now they're going hungry. they're emaciated cattle. look for what's left on the sand. hope for shamble bog comes in the shape of a cloud high above. but will it rain? i don't think so. even when it rains it doesn't stick to the ground. it's gotten so hard. even birch dropped from the sky. it feels like the desert is moving forward, swallowing our village, and so the men are leaving on the move is onion. farmer buck are gay. he sold his land for a $1000.00 using the money to pay a trafficker to take him to spain by boat. he worked as a stonemason in mulligan, constructing homes for british taurus before being caught, and deported by spanish. authorities made on the situation is
1:42 pm
bad. it's bad for all of us. we can't go back to farming on the coast, people's homes being destroyed by the rising ocean. i am ready to try to go to europe again. and there are many more like me. might have someone give you my do fall, spend 4 years in the spanish prison for trafficking african to spain, cancer and the blue people and not seen war but drought. it's when there is no water, no rain for 89 months, a down, more de punches to europe. and so traffic is but for that term of the year when people are desperate to do the crossing. for now, these men have turned to fishing in santa we, but the catch is meagre. access to the waters are restricted because next year british petroleum will begin extracting liquid natural gas on their fish. and this is behind me, as i said, agrees navy ship here not to protect the fishing vessels and fishermen from the rough see, but rather to protect that be platform that you see in the distance. it is here.
1:43 pm
one of the biggest discovery of liquid natural gas in the last few decades. the problem is beneath that platform is a cold water, coral reef rich in bio diversity. and that's about to be destroyed. the discovery will bring some new jobs and revenue for cynical, but most here face an uncertain future. caught between a rising ocean and an expanding desert. nicholas hawk al jazeera and jodi northern senegal for palestinians have been arrested in the lightest range by his rally. believe me occupied westbank, it's thought the operation in romana is linked to the investigation into a stabbing attack in israel on thursday. for man is the hometown of 2 palestinian men accused of killing three's rallies in the central city of a land. stephanie deca has more from damascus gauge in occupied east jerusalem.
1:44 pm
various incidents on sunday night, one of them happening here at damascus gate and attempted stabbing by palestinian to her israeli police officer. he was shot also one policing in kills. he tried to cross the separation fence from the west bank, tried to cross into israel illegally. he was shot and killed. there was another incident in the occupied west banquet, palestinian a scale defense of one of the legal settlements there. he was also shot and killed by security forces. it gives you a sense of the ongoing tensions here on the ground, particularly also whether the escalation that we've seen around the block some of compound. you've had increased rhetoric coming out of gaza from yes, sin war, gases leader there calling for palestinians to carry out individual attacks. there has been a lot of individual attack 6 or 7 over the last couple of months. the last one in a lab, the 2 palestinians were arrested on sunday. they carried out an attack with an axe
1:45 pm
and with a knife, killing 3 israelis. now certainly there is a lot of rhetoric on both sides from these rallies and from the palestinians, particularly have mass, but certainly from what we understand behind the scenes, there are diplomatic efforts to try to calm tensions and certainly from what we understand. also, we're told that neither side, once a massive escalator, the licensed attacks by gunman and northwest nigeria have killed at least 48 people . 3 villages and exam for state were granted. they include dom murray, where patients in a hospital were among social 2 killings. criminal gangs have rated villages in the region from he's the kid naturally through and steal cattle. more than 50 people have been killed in an attack by an armed group in the northeast of democratic republic of congo attack. it was a camp to displace people in the province of re security forces. se the attack lasted several hours before spreading to
1:46 pm
a nearby village. some people said to have been taken hostage. the wearing of masks remains popular in south korea despite the government relaxing. corona virus rules a week ago from mcbride has the details from the capital. so when mosque mandates have been lifted in other parts of the world that have been scenes of need jubilation of finally dispensing with the things after 2 years of breathing. your own breath. but south korea went it out last monday, but math outdoors were no longer mandatory, but only recommended. this was the result of fall from a few exceptions, most must remaining firmly in place. it's now a week later time enough you would have thought for the message to be getting through. you don't have to wear it. no, none of it. i still have to wear a mask of doors. it's 7 convenient to take it off and put it back on again. i have
1:47 pm
not been infected yet, and i believe the virus can still spread to others, even outdoor cells, so much going on with it. can i also want to take off the mask? because if i just think about my convenience and get infected, i could spread the virus to others. apart from some pandemic fatigue like anywhere else, south koreans have gained reputation in the past couple of years for public spirited cooperation that probably accounts for the continued mosque wearing. but this is also a society obsessed by looks. and it's thought that women have welcome the chance not to have to wear so much makeup, old men to shave so often. and then of course, with cosmetic surgery, being so popular here. it's thought some people may use the mask wearing as a way of having any number of procedures without anyone ever finding out the chinese export have hit the lowest level in nearly 2 years as the government
1:48 pm
invoices, as they were covered at 19 polishing exports, rose 3.7 percent in april on the previous year, but that's down shot shot fleet from nearly 16 percent in march. goods meant to be shipped abroad, a seizing and chinese biggest port and shanghai economic hub has been locked down for 5 weeks to contain and rank women's rights activists in mexico. i'm demanding justice. the victims of gender banked violence doesn't match towards the presidential palace and the capital. mexico city demonstrated included relatives of fem assigned victims and survivors of sexual violence. the un says on average 10 women killed every day in mexico. the head on al jazeera, the attraction of maryland. why this could be one of the most expensive ever 20th century paintings and coming up in sport in the n b a playoffs. philadelphia's main man continues to prove the difference after coming back from injury.
1:49 pm
ah ah
1:50 pm
ah hole. ah ah, a famous portrait of marilyn monroe is going up for auction in the us and he will house 19 sixty's painting is expected to be the most expensive 20th century at work to sell at auction. kristen salome reports from new york. a modern day mona lisa, that's how the chairman of christie's is describing a portrait of marilyn monroe. andy war halls,
1:51 pm
shot sage blue marilyn is up for auction one in a series, the 1st to be auctioned off in nearly 25 years, were all created. the iconic silkscreen image of monroe after the actress died of a sleeping pill overdose in 1962 some 60 years later, the public is still fascinated by her life and death was genius is because he encapsulated the tragedy and the disaster of marilyn the suicide. after having the most amazing life being the most beautiful woman, the peace comes from the private collection of thomas and doris, a mon, and as the centerpiece of the auction house is marquis sales week, or has maryland is expected to shatter records for contemporary art. when it goes up for auction on monday, bringing in the realm of $200000000.00 or more instantly putting its fire in an elite class of collectors, there is no reach and that is completely disinterested with also tells you
1:52 pm
something. the impending sale is attracting international interest. why is this piece expected to fetch more than any other contemporary art piece in history? in this case, you guess a beautiful painting by one of the greatest artists afford history. and who gets the most famous main thing of this artist to show the beauty and the disaster at the same time? no other painting has ever shown this so well. and perhaps no other painting has been so well poised to capitalize on post pandemic pent up demand to see and purchase art. kristin salumi al jazeera new york. it's time now is bought. he's gemma with some big formula one use. yes, that's right emily. well, champion that max for stoppin has made it back to back wins with victory at the inaugural miami grand preach the red bull drive at started from 3rd on the grid. but he passed for our recent call of science into town, won and moved up into 2nd place on poster turn championship,
1:53 pm
benita. charlotte clare, to stop in at chase down the plan, overtook the fraud drive at the start of lap 9 to take the lead. the dutchman then opened up an 8 2nd gap over his title rival was seemingly cruising to victory. that was until a safety car was introduced after a crash between lando norris and pierre gossley. the clay got back to within half a 2nd of the lead. but the stop and held him off to take the checkered flag science, completed the podium, while louis hamilton finished in sick. why ami dolphins, legendary quarterback da marina presented vista and with the win is tried was that incredible? gone very, very critical as well. but i think we got that exciting until the end. it is going to be a long time, and it seems that they had the upper hand home to weekends now in raceway, especially as we need to take the advantage soon as possible. it's once again advantage. manchester city in the premier league title race, but manager pat,
1:54 pm
claudio le claims everyone in the u. k. wants liverpool to become champions. city went back above liverpool in the table after a 5, no, when a new fossil amer, to put city to the half time. so photon scored in stoppage time to make it for now . but there was still time for one more writing styling with his 2nd of the match to complete the route wat in the slide. and now 3 points clear at the top with 3 games left. you know, a definitive o and that means you have to, we know a games you, we know again will be room door will do, i want, i wouldn't arrive here in the last game again. just told me that here, you know with a chance to to attend the title. it was mark eddie and kathy good faith goals in a new one. when for awful, i believe united it means off know can qualify for the champions league for the 1st time since 2017. by beating the north under rivals, taught them on thursday. i believe while they're struggling in the relegation thing for one. a similar closing in on their 1st is theory. i title in 11 years,
1:55 pm
that's after coming back to beat had asked for rhina and regain top spot in. the table above in milan went behind in the match, but she goes from sandra smalley on the 22nd birthday, put the c one up before alessandra lorenzia school too late in the game. so wrap up so when the last few points clear of defending champions in that with 2 games in bay in atlanta ok beat route in the madrid davi. the only way to separate the 2 scene was a penalty loss of home. by the way, i have already read the title athletic i a for now his name you'll be hearing for many years to come call us out. cross the spanish teenager is the top play in men's tennis so far this season is late. his victory coming at the madrid open after eliminating a rough found is alan leave at jock, which in the previous 2 rounds, the 19 year old faced one of the 3 alexander vera's in the final. but the german
1:56 pm
have no office out around dropped any for games becoming the youngest winner in madrid. that's now for tournament victory. shit, including to me, off the title. probably i would say this, my best reader in the 2 of the best player in the history bidding to finally read as well. number 3 and award. i mean, i would, i would say that my best, my best was in the play of philadelphia a back on level terms with miami in the eastern conference finals. and the common ingredient jo, l. m beat the safest off on camera and missed the 1st few games at the series because of the facial fracture. i'm a 76 and struggled with m beat returning philadelphia. a very different side in game for he grabbed 24 points on another super soft funny found his range. james, hard and top score to the $76.00 is with that one. i don't know. the chinese
1:57 pm
managers are making sure this. i mean, obviously i think it's a game changer, but to be an aggressive and therefore i think that that good started for a quarter. the really good job of pushing the lead up. and all we're supposed to do in the western conference at dallas were led by their main mana. luka don, chit, sure civilians scored 26 points, helping the maverick speak top soup. phoenix in game for that series also locked it to to game 5 is on tuesday. beyond that is all your sports now i'll have more later and then thank you very much jerome. that's it for me for this news hour but quickly in breaking news, sri lanka is the prime minister has quit after violent clashes. nick clark will have all those details coming up next. so do stay with us. in the meantime, you can head to our website, which is out as era dot com. okay, so more on that top story showing kids that prime minister has quit after violent clashes new clock will have details on that breaking news. and it comes in mid
1:58 pm
worst economic crisis in dee's house to stay with us. ah ah. a seen as a burden. countless babies are bolted in india simply for being girls. but amidst these resistance, even from her own patience, a fearless midwife has adopted the course of challenging, deeply ingrained tradition and terminating this modern day beat aside. the daughter
1:59 pm
3, witness on algebra. the latest news as it breaks, we've ramadan east on policy, but all happening right now in this city and it totally sites a set to remain high with detailed coverage this year. to be a cultural centric. it was a week before all this rubble is removed from around the world. a 125000000 books were sold around the world. we're talking about paper vaux talked to al jazeera. we also, what is the time table in your mind? when do you think you can be off of russian gas? we listen or, and i have seen and played football with these refugees. i look at them and they're happy. they're smiling. we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on al jazeera ah,
2:00 pm
al jazeera in with to like his prime minister resigns after dozens of injured and fighting between his supporters and anti government demonstrators. ah, 11 o'clock, this is out. is there a life and also coming up russia's president leads victory de commemorations for the defeats of nazi germany on his forces. wage war on ukraine. once a sofa on the presidential votes is closing in the.


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