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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 9, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm AST

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unscripted on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera. ah, no, this is in use. our on al jazeera, fully back, people live in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. sure, lancoste prime minister, resigns ours, after his supporters attempts, demonstrate is angry about economic crisis. russia's present leads victory de commemorations for the defeat of nazi germany while his forces wage war on ukraine . also this, our voting has ended in the philippine presidential election early sized point. we're big lead for the son of a controversial ousted leader. and how rising sea water and the expanding desert is
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causing concern in senegal as leaders hold or climate conference on drought and land restoration in school. we've got plenty of action from the tennis and, and b a playoffs plus highlights from the 1st ever forming one grand prix in miami . as well champion maxima, stop and once again showed his class. ah, thank you very much for joining us. we begin this news hour in moldova, where the un secretary general antonio terrace is currently holding a news conference with the president of moldova, maya fondue. there's been concern in moldova about the war in ukraine as if been a few, a few attacks in the break away region of trans, this trio left listening to what the moldova and president my assigned to has to say. and then we'll hear from the un secretary checked over developing democracy and european integration will wish to consolidate to the resilience of the state it
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in front of any challenges, including security related ones. and to provide to us citizens, wildfire and a european future. the war convinced us that we have no time to lose. we have to advance quickly towards our goal. and in this context, we highly appreciate the sustainable partnership that we have built between the republican, moldova, and the united nations organization. and dear mr. secretary general, the republic, moldova a's errands, member state of the united nations organization for 30 years time during which we built a trustful partnership between my ent, in 92 and 2022, the republican, moldova did science over 300 international treaties all day. you, when and specialized agencies starting from 2003 our country,
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a did detach 148 military men and women in the un piece, maintain us operations, indifferent to corners of the world, thus contributing to peace, maintain us and stability in the world. currently in the republic, moldova, we have $23.00 agencies programs and farms of the united nations with activities in many areas like sustainable development, health, education, labor market, human rights, including rights of children, justice, economy, green, economy, climate, a sustainable agriculture, and many of them, the un agencies are working in all the regions of the country. you well has been close with our country in very difficult times. we highly appreciate the contribution of the united nations organization of the unicef or
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u. n. t p. and are the un agencies that are supporting the efforts of the government related to managing the call, the $910.00 pandemic. i have mentioned already the active corporation that we do have at the moment we the un agencies in the context of the wreckage problem. in several months, we're going to approve a new partnership framework between the republican world around united nations organizations for that period from $20.00 to $23.00 to 2027. that is going to support the sustainable development efforts of the country and a cool life quality improvement. the republican moldova, is using the platform provided by u. n. to ask for the withdrawal of the foreign troops of the russian federation from the territory of that westminster and region in our company. and to attract their attention on the human rights violations that are admitted in the region
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controlled by the unrecognized regime. the year they stop, it's been part of the un resolutions cape. the problem old, the thrust new strand. if an endo, in the side or attention of the international community will want to find a peaceful solution to the conflict that will strengthen our state. and that would allow it to develop further on to the benefit of all its citizens. the united nations organization is still a global platform, a very important one for the small countries where these can make their voice hood and being a small country. the republic on the lava highly appreciates this thing. we are leaving through some uncertain times which required the reconfiguration. all the international relations, the u. m. may have a very important place and the rule to play in the new global context. if it stands,
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when they say he whom on his stake goes. and if it provides a safe place and the voice to everyone including to the small countries, we appreciate highly the partnership that has been built during this 3rd 2 years with united nations organization. and we would like to develop it further. so and for these a, we do need peace, we have to stop the crimes and the destructions of the war. the international community shall undertake all the efforts necessary to stop the award that is devastating. and that was started in ukraine to restore peace in our neighboring country and friendly country. these seats our duty towards the people from ukraine and towards our citizens and towards the present and future generations in the region, as well as in the whole europe that deserve to leave in peace, freedom,
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and welfare. thank you very much. madame prime minister ladies and gentlemen of the media. i thank the government and people of moldova for the old warm welcome on my 1st visit to kush, you know, as i told prime minister grab really. so i am here on the mission of solidarity and gratitude to thank moldova for your steadfast support for peace and for your generosity in opening your board of us, your homes, and your hearts through almost all for 1000000 ukrainian refugees. mo bava is not just another country receiving refugees. the most sense i love you claims neighbors . moldova is by far the county that has received the most refugees as the
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proportion of its own population. moldova needs and deserves massive support inc. gloom including bugs of support. to match its generosity and to preserve stability, the impact of the wadi new crane across the region and the world is full false and far reaching. the consequences of escalation are too frightening to contemplate. i am deeply concerned about the continuation possible spread of the water off. she's waging ukraine and by the impacts it is having not only the region but that on the walls neighboring countries like mold bova already struggling with the social economic ramifications of these walk. coming on top of the coffee and he uneven recovery that unfortunately that was happening in our worlds for
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lack of effect. the fully legacy of the reach we, the poor united nations is committed to supporting not only the people of ukraine, but also that people of moldova getting these difficult times. your so vanity independence and buried thought y'all, integrity, and the summary of progress we have made over the past city decades must not be said athens or, and the minds. the ration evasion of ukraine must stop. the goddess must be silenced, and i urge russia ukraine to step up, people about the efforts to dialogue, to wasn't, we achieved the negotiated settlement in line with international law and the un charter stuff. and i call on regional international partners to support his process . indeed this the global stability and i repeat my offer to provide me with all
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theses at any time to put an end to these senseless war. or 9 may of all days. we remember that dialogue and corporation based on mutual respects out the bedrock of peace and security in europe. and that on the walls, i congratulate that i'm probably the republic of moldova, on the certainty, said diversity of joining united nations. and thank you for your contributions instead of partnerships in areas including peacekeeping, sustainable development, gender equality, climate change, and i would go on and on. despite the difficult and indeed tragic circumstances of my visit, i have already experienced the us be daily of the business hallmark as your country . i thank you for extending dental speed that we need to learn and the thousands you could any refugee staying in moldova. and he could ease of almost 4 percent of
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your population. moldova may not be the largest or wealthiest country in europe, but it's 30 men, those humanity in general. he at clear foot all to see eye witness. the only think of anything catastrophe he knew could aim for myself, but by standing in solidarity ukrainians, moldova, together with other neighboring countries. if volunteered the highly effective response to the regional refugee crisis. so they also welcome the steps, moldova and other neighboring companies are thinking to protect refugees against human trafficking, gender by violence, and other forms of abuse. united nations is supporting refugees displaced beep on those communities, mostly inside and outside the ukraine. so far more 20th barb. net is mostly national and g o z every, it's more than $5400000.00 people inside the country with aids,
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including food shouts at blankets, magazines, and water. but obviously, these is not he enough. we need to do much more. and the arrow it working to double our reaching some areas over the coming months. everywhere operations in the ukraine, folk was on the most vulnerable shield them women of the me, people and those with the live disabilities here in moldova. and i have to say that it was not easy for the when to the adept, to play humanitarian crisis in europe. here we do not have refugee camps, refugees leave with the families of the moldova, that here we don't have that additional forms of humanitarian support. in the crisis areas of the developing world in french either states. and so it took us
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some time to fully organize all it work and to fully corresponds to the needs of cooperation. that's moldova expects innovation to be when. but now we are doing every single again in order to scale up our programs. and in particular the most effective of those programs cash assistance because we must trust people know what that needs. we aim of support, think over 90000 refugees and 65000. moldova hosts in coordination with the government and other partners. so far, 12 member states have joined the use of entity platform and make pledges to transfer you going to refugees from moldova. i encourage others to them, all state joins responsibility and so me that it the by joining these initiative, moldova is a small country. would that be cops?
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but its resources are limited. united places all and our partner organizations can only support governments to meet the needs of everyone affected by these war. he followed to humanitarian abuse for 2.20 for joining us on his al jazeera and use our we've been listening there to the un secretary general antonio terrace, and moldova, his prime minister, natalia gravel liter, holding a news conference in a capital chest. now there earlier apologies we mentioned that it was a present home of, of moldova, ah, my a santa but in fact the un secretary general speaking there alongside the prime minister of moldova, natalia gabby liter, ah mont, over of course, a country bordering ukraine and at top of the agenda of the discussions there has been the war in ukraine. of course, they have been fears that the mold of an breakaway region of trans mystery could be drawn into the war in ukraine, less bringing out his ears. char stratford was die for his sin west and keep in
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western ukraine in live. if charley talked to us about the significance of the un secretary general visiting malt over today, i think it's very telling that the un secretary general is in moldova, given what we know about what has happened in the last couple of weeks on increasing phase amongst western analysts, western european governments about potentially this war, expanding a further into europe, or at least in moldova case, you aspiring countries, let's not forget that it was a couple of weeks ago that a russian general was quoted by the insur fax russian news agency is saying that this phase of roches war could potentially see russian falls. he's taking control of all of sudden ukraine to that transmit street region. now trans mr. as you mentioned is a breakaway republic of moldova. it's not even recognized by russia,
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but in the last week or so. we have heard of explosions and shootings in that break away self declared republic. the transitional authorities blamed the ukrainians. they called it a ukrainian terrorist tackle said that the all indications suggested that ukraine were involved in this the ukrainians denied it. but also what's very telling is what this russian general said about the oppression of russian speakers inside transmission. and it is that kind of language that was used by valid may putin, in order to, in his words, legitimize protecting russian speakers in the breakaway republics of the nets. and luc ganske. so in this context we get the un secretary general going over to moldova pledging support, thanking the mold oven government for taking on board, which originally was around $450000.00 refugees. we understand there are around 90 . 5000 refugees still in there, but he's there at a time as i say,
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where there are concerns about what russia may or may not be up to inside that breakaway, a self declared public of trans dish that, that he's very pro russian that relies on russia for its economic support and has russian troops inside it were estimated to be around $1500.00 russian soldiers inside trans nysha. so it's heresies visits, moldova is very telling, indeed, as i say, as, as there are growing fears of what of often be described as, for example, fulls flag operations. now these operations of the russians have been accused of committing bother ukrainians and ukraine's western partners. these are falsified incidents, for example, bombings and attacks. don't give russia that's according to those that accused them of using these operations that give russia a pretext for retaliation. so it's a very complicated issue down there in moldova, and, and transistor. but as i say,
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very telling that the un secretary general should be down there, pledging support on a game calling for an end to this conflict. chance. thank you very much for that, aren't there is chance transferred live there from live in western ukraine. now as his forces wage war in ukraine, russia's present, vitamin 14 has been leading victory de commemorations in moscow. thousands of soldiers have been marching through red square on the day. russia celebrates the surrender of nazi germany to soviet troops. in 1945. the terri gettin' be reports. ah, it happens every year, but it's taken on added significance because of the war in ukraine. a parade to commemorate the soviet victory against nazi germany. 77 years ago. an estimated 27000000 soldiers and civilians from the soviet union died in the 2nd world war.
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russian president vladimir putin compared the previous fight against fascism to the invasion of ukraine. a gig we surveyed the nursery, madame by, you're fighting for our people and on best for the safety of our motherland. russia may. the 9th 1945 will forever be perpetuated as a triumph of our one single soviet people of its cohesion and spiritual might. and perilous exploits both at the front line and at the home front. i chill, new military hardware was on display as the parade made its way from red square through the streets of moscow. it's designed to send a message, but at a time when russian forces is struggling to gain the upper hand in ukraine, it's also a show fools for national consumption. this civil appears to be marked more difficult. and bladder are we expected. we expect that this will be all bottled or or done boss will continue our restaurant.
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joseph, i'm middle of summer and zan are based on that. his uncles, his bottle and gun boss on your political decision. so i will be made with few outright victories in ukraine. some russians had feared putin would use this occasion to announce national mobilization and formerly declare war against ukraine. that didn't happen. instead, putin said russia must ensure there is never another world war. he cranium, president, low to mid zalinski, had a defined message for moscow. that's it all your daughters here. which on february 24, russia launched an offensive step and the same mistake has been made by every occupy who's come to our land. we have survived various whirl, and they've all had one ending of our land was planted with bullets and shell, but not enemy was able to take roots here. ah, this is
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a day that unites most russians in remembrance and national pride, ukrainian, and western leaders say russia invasion of ukraine is repeating the horrors of the past victoria gate and be al jazeera. well, let's get an update on the situation in east and ukraine. now and speak to us, i beg, whose live in parameters for as i thought, i understand that the air raid sirens have been going on behind you there. tell us about what's happening. well, the battle for the east continues. as you can hear, the air raid sirens are going on earlier in the day we were just outside nickaligha and a we sir heard incoming fire. we saw the smoke in there that town was getting hit. now what's interesting about that time in 2014 rushing back separatists were there, but they were pushed out by the ukrainian military. and neither russians are trying to take it back. but this city itself has
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a population of 200000. i have been reduced 240000 hardy, anybody out on the streets is almost like a ghost time. and that's because this is pretty much the front line. the east is the front line that russians have made very clear that they want to take the east and the south effectively effectively. cutting off ukraine are making a landlocked country and very much so the russians are concentrating on this part of the country. we've also heard from the regional authority about 15 areas have been talked to by the russians using air strikes, missiles, heavy artillery, shelling and tanks of also what's come out recently is that ukrainian forces have been seen using a u. s. supplied how it says that they have yet to re weapons that the united states have supplied. and they're hoping that the can hold off the russians. but whether that will actually happen with the russian mobilization us to try to move and take over the east. that's a different question, but as i said,
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come across care is very, very, quite as like a ghost town, you hardly see anybody out on the streets. most shops are closed and the ones that opened up many shelves, there are empty. but as i said, the s aren't are going go off and most people now a going to seek shelter. i said thank you very much for that and do say say i said big life or a stay in chromatography again, eastern ukraine. now, francis president has said he's in favor of a new political community that would include non e u members including ukraine. manual across as its application to join the european union could take years if not decades. but he reassured ukrainians of the use for support. in the meantime, jalen authorities 1st said this is you really let the aisle what are objective in the face of russia's unilateral decision to invade ukraine and attack its people. it's the end this war soon as possible. and do everything, so the crank and prevail and russia can never capture it,
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has it to preserve peace on the rest of the european continent, and avoid all escalation added for the sake of justice that will work to ensure the unspeakable crimes committed by russia and ukraine. won't go unpunished. some on this, i speak to natasha butler in paris forest. tasha tell us more about what a manual micron said at this e, you conference on the future of europe. yes, we're la frauds has the rotating presidency of the european union at the moment, which is why emanuel macro was making of the speech there and stressful at so the you parliament, on what is europe day. i hear now emanuel macro set out his vision for the you, but he also, of course, as you had there, touched on the war in ukraine, he said that the european union would continue to support ukraine would continue to support ukraine's right to sovereignty. and he condemned to some of russians, actions as criminal, but said that he was naught,
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itself out. war with russia was as well as i said, he went on to set out his vision for the youth. something that is very close to him . i know michael's heart is pro slit a fiercely pro e u is often talked in the past about the need for the european union to bolster itself in terms of its own sovereignty in terms of defense and energy. talked about that again today and said that was particularly important in the context of course of this war in ukraine and what the units to do, he said was reduce amongst other things as dependency on russian energy impulse. he also talked about the need to overhaul, to really reformed the european union, really from the bottom up because he said people are losing faith in the block. they need to see that it is still relevant to the fugitive by reopening the you treaties a little bit controversial. many you countries are actually against this, but he says that there need to be some fundamental changes at the foundational level, including the way that the e u. a actually votes on some key issues at the moment. it is unanimous foetal 27
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members have to agree on any given issue in order for it to possible. as you can imagine, of course, that often leads to decision making, being stalled or certain decisions being blocked. we saw that very recently with a hungry sanctity would use it's vito to stop a proposed e, you plan to ban russian oil exports macro though, says that those changes are needed. that the e u really needs to modernize natasha. thank you for that, natasha back. i lie for a say in paris, and we'll have more on the war in ukraine a little later in the news hour. in the meantime, let's take a look at some of the days avenues and a member of parliament has died and the prime minister has quite in a day of dramatic political development censure lanka. the m p was caught up in the latest violence, but how it he died remains unclear. the government has imposed a nationwide curfew. and if been weeks of protest against his handling or shall anchors, worst economic crisis, insistent, dependence, nor burden,
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manly reports. ah, a show of food on the street. thrilling cuz captain columbo public discontent in simmering for months over an economy close to bankruptcy. prime minister ma hinder reggie pizza has bowed down to pressure to resign. to days racing nation is lowered you. but he is unlikely to address the cause. the demands of the produced e rent, despite the curfew in a state of emergency many on the roads. now because they feel they are cause bad, the man's need to be ha, demonstrators of rally for weak felt for the offices of roger pack for and his brother, president got a pyre. roger pack the demonte booth stepped down. oh, monday morning. approved government groups due to protest camp outside the prime
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minister's office. a talking people with sticks, a metal balls destroying the 10th cues for food, fuel, and medicine. a common for the 22000000 shoreline khans the pandemic. a loss of tourism and rising oil prices are all hitting hot for reserves is dwindled to about $50000000.00. the monthly gas import bill is $40000000.00. the government has turned to the international monetary fund for a bailout. but that will take at least 6 months to be finalized. oh, a state of emergency and curfew have been imposed on the military deployed on the street, bought public anger remains. and so to demands for the president to follow his brother and resign to laura berman the o g syrup. will i speak to ireland? cutty, a gum are about this is a political economist enjoyed this from joshua in nor venture lanka. thank you so
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much for being with us and for your patience. so after growing pressure, the prime minister has resigned. do you think this will be enough to appease protesters? know that demand of the for this just as being that the entire family was government in this country over the last year. she resigned and crucial here is the president, the brother of the prime minister. ready was tremendous follow and in fact, soon after he gym to pablo, he foster amendment. ready constitution to she even more policy so until the president goes, i think these brought her son. ready to contin, anybody can it be president behind with i mean, even if the president resigns and, and the roger packs of families out of the picture that's not going to to address the main issue here which is the economic crisis tr lanka is facing today. it's worse since its independence. yeah, this is going to be a very long drawn out crisis,
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but the need to immediately stop working towards solutions. and the president having lost all legitimacy, he just can't leave this country out of this crisis. in fact, that long that he stays impala via approaching a stage of been aki, even to dave, in the prime minister resigned. his goons went into and attacked a peaceful vistas. and now days violence all over the country. and a state of co few has been imposed. so this kind of situation is going to continue almost in a sort of an archaic manner until the president resigns. and then of course, we're going to have to pick up the pieces and really start working towards rebuilding i economy. and that might take 5 to 10 years even. so they want to see a lot of quantity gal changes right over the next years intended. but this economic crisis, right, i that, nor i mentioned in our report before we came to you,
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the government has, of course, officially requested emergency a financial house from the international monetary fund, which some people have said has come too late. now, how might the political crisis that he's unfolding now affect the negotiations with the i m f? i think not just the i m f street on guys also try and to get a hold from india and china and other countries just to even get some bridge financing to get over the next 6 months. but there is so much political instability, it provides little confidence to even get that kind of financing. and on the other hand of you know, with the strikes to moral all, it is likely to be a national deal for pest and strikes that are going to continue, definitely price. and then the economy also gets affected. that's what we have to get production going. our services back and while this fall, price is loss. it's just a mix. the economic hardship that much more washer tank tell us
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a bit more about the economic hardship that sri lankan are facing today because i mean public conversations on the crisis include of course, a wide range of issues from agricultural policies in and trade regulation, monetary foreign policy as well and foreign credit. sorry. how does that translate into every day life or the average through lankin? what, what has a crisis meant for people? so dom pittsville and these are lying short supply. the prices of those fuel have also doubled in the last couple of months, but in that, that issue, that people left and waiting all of us to get fuel cooking gas is in short supply. in fact, a couple days ago, a laurie carrying cookie gas cylinders was built in so long, and then the price of rice has doubled. bradley's in short supply, the parcel breton has w, so price hikes and shortages as really enraged of the people
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and, and a lot of the anger that you're seeing against the prime minister and, and the president is about the complete mismanagement of the. com. thank you. so much for talking to us about this. thank you for your time. i land, cadillac gum, our political economy and senior lecture at the university of jaffe. now in sherlock, to now world leaders and delegates are meeting in ivory coast as big as city abidjan to find ways to protect biodiversity. the main goal is to stop for a thailand becoming desert, the you and estimates 12000000 hectares of abil land is lost every year or speak to allergies. here is nicholas hoc shortly. but 1st, his report from an affected village in senegal, sport, all region on the edge of this a hell in northern senegal is no dal. d no longer. a waste is but a village thinking in the sand, gone or the green pastures and vegetable gardens. it hasn't rained for almost 10
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months. the villagers used to grow food. now they're going hungry. they're emaciated cattle. look for what's left on the sound. hope for shomberg bark comes in the shape of a cloud high above. but will it rain? i don't think so. even when it rains, it doesn't stick to the ground. it's gotten so hard. even birch dropped from the sky. it feels like the desert is moving forward, swallowing our village. and so the men are leaving on the move is onion. farmer buck are gay. he sold his land for a $1000.00 using the money to pay a trafficker to take him to spain by boat. he worked as a stonemason in mulligan, constructing homes for british taurus before being caught, and deported by spanish authorities was made on. the situation is bad. it's bad for all of us. we can't go back to farming on the coast, people's homes being destroyed by the rising ocean. i am ready to try to go to
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europe again. and there are many more like me. might have someone give me about my due fall, spend 4 years in the spanish prison for trafficking african to spain, cancer, and the blue people and not seen war but droughts. it's when there is no water, no rain for 89 months. there are more punches to europe and so traffic is but for the term of the year when people are desperate to do the crossing, why these are for now these men have turned to fishing in santa we, but the catch is meagre. access to the waters are restricted because of next year. british petroleum will begin extracting liquid natural gas on their fishing. and this is behind me as a senegalese navy ship here not to protect the fishing vessels and fishermen from the rough see, but rather to protect that be platform that you see in the distance. it is here. one of the biggest discovery of liquid natural gas in the last few decade. the problem is beneath that platform is
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a cold water coral reef rich in bio diversity. and that's about to be destroyed. the discovery will bring some new jobs and revenue for senegal, but most here face an uncertain future, caught between a rising ocean and an expanding desert. nicholas hawk al jazeera and jodi northern senegal. and nicholas joins us now live from the con nicholas ellis or what this 11 day conference in our b joy is hoping to achieve. well at the end of the conference, they want to get together and agree on some sort of way to protect the bio diversity of the planet. so a $196.00 delegates from all the countries of the world are present. and you would think to try to get all these countries to agree on protecting the planet would be an easy matter. but it's not because although this conference is being led by 9
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african heads of state, nonetheless, us and what are the, the president of ivory coast, many of the polluting countries are absence. there is no sign of china or the united states or european countries later on. we'll hear from anyone in my call, who will, who speak at the conference over the video conference. but it feels that without their presence, then tackling this issue cannot be results. why will fully because you will see that there's in the report, we've seen that deserved vacation, and the rising c is affecting people's lives. there's also the destruction of coral, reese in synagogue and guinea, the destruction of the forest by mining companies and in i re coast, which is the world's biggest producer of coco feeding the world in sash insatiable appetite for chocolate. well, forests are being destroyed to make weight for cocoa plantation as
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a result of that expert, say, a 1000000 clowns and animal species are at risk of disappearing. now, this is for, this is a historic moment for shipment mankind. and that's why this conference is so important. so there's a lot at stake in this conference. but without the presence of depleting, countries is going to be very difficult to get some sort of agreement on the table fully. nicholas, thank you very much for that. nicholas hoc live in the car senate go. returning now to the war in ukraine and russia has been putting on a shall force in moscow to celebrate the anniversary of its world war to victory of nazi germany today. but the reality of its battle in ukraine seems much bleaker hold abdul hamid reports from keith on the human cost of the war the real toll of this war for russia. unclaimed bodybags stacked and refrigerated
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trains. soldiers dead under foot line as russia claims to rescue the russian speaking population living here. ukraine says about 25000 have lost their lives so far. but brush up was that number at about 1300. we were given rear access to the bodies left behind. as russia retreated from the cave region and another buddhist grew interested, he was an elite paratrooper. this jewelry was found on him, allegedly stolen from ukrainian civilians, in which it was a pleasure to shaw you crying to reach the dead enemies better than how they treated civilians. they will be kept as long as need be. the government will decide because russia refuses to take them, it doesn't wanted. each body is a proof of war crimes. so if they refuse to take them, ukraine will bully them at our own cost equal number 3. the war is in his 3rd month,
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but so far moscow has no clear victory to show for it. even in predominantly russian speak in mo, you paul, where it did enjoy some popular support in the past. now you have again you so snuff. sky says those voices are gone, he just came out of the port city 2 days ago. and you, holly, or superior presenter waterbury. yup. or your whole national? i was cycling past the destroyed theater building. i noticed that they were clearing the main avenue and the central square, perhaps were preparing for the seal called victory parade, but also could still see the blue and yellow of the ukrainian flags. and vendors are refusing to sell goods in ruba only ukrainian currency. yes, can you douglas, if guineas documented life under occupation as much as he could without getting detected by soldiers? hardly the image of a liberated people the kremlin, want to portray, after failing to take eve, russia has concentrated its air power on destroying ukraine's infrastructure. in
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what it calls a special military operation, but so far more than $3000.00 civilians have lost their lives. and the human cost for both sides is rising. by the day olga is among the millions replaced by the conflict. she is also just made it to safety with her 2 young children and mother, i saw one of the new will of certainly before their arrival life was good. we had the beautiful city barks every one had life plans, war, freedom of choice, of language. freedom of movement, freedom of sorts, relieved freely. then russia came to rescue us, deliberate at us from our houses, our jobs, some of their lives. some of the alexa arms that the liberation olga has now switch to the ukranian language with her children. while russia celebrated victory against nazi germany at the end of world war 2, it is now in battled in
6:42 pm
a war that didn't go as expect for that, that homie of do 0. keep on joining us now from washington on the news. our is sam greene who's a professor, russian politics and the director of kings college london's russia institute. thank you very much for being with us. so the eyes of the world were on red square in moscow to day, closely following what present putting had to say what, what is your reaction for his to his speech? were you surprised by any, any of the rhetoric we heard from, from vitamin, put him say not particularly, i mean has inputs in has sort of return to form to an extent and really tried to chart a middle path to be rhetorically through this. i think he's giving himself room to maneuver. right. so, you know, a lot of people were expecting to hear him declare a mobilization and a larger war. he didn't do that. he did know to clarify what he may be trying to achieve. now, given the failure of the initial attempt to really take control of all of ukraine. so we talked about, you know, essentially, i think, but from admissions to,
6:43 pm
to hold, if not to annex territory in southern and eastern ukraine, talked about fighting on, on russia's own territory. the way he put it on, but stopped short, declaring a war structure shorter declaring victory. so he's left himself the room to continue to prosecute this war as and how he sees fit. why do you think he didn't announce the broader war that many people were thinking he would announce? i mean, if, if he, if he were to announce a full mobilization of russian forces, would that not put in that race of popular defendant? well, i think you're right, i think it would, it certainly would, it would bring, you know, further or further troops to the field. it would allow him to, to, to mobilize conscripts more directly than he has thus far put the economy on a war footing. but it would also tell people that the sacrifices that they are currently making in terms of their livelihoods,
6:44 pm
in terms of the state of the economy. but also, you know, for a lot of people in terms of, of sons and husbands who are fighting in this war, that those are sacrifices that are going to continue with that are going to deepen and that you know, really have no end in sight. and he, i think clearly feels uncomfortable with trying to make that argument. and so given the unpredictable nature of putting leadership, sam, what do you think we should expect? as far as this conflict in ukraine is concerned? what, what is motivating him here is very difficult to try to get it. we're just motivations because from any rational perspective, this war doesn't make sense, right? this is a war that does not make question more secure. it does not make pressure more prosperous. it doesn't really give russia anything that had before. and in fact, rob's russia and russians of much of what they did have terms of security and prosperity prior to the 24th of february. and so it's, i mean,
6:45 pm
at this point, i think it's an exercise in trying to find a kind of victory that he can eventually sell to the russian people to his a lead to the security establishment in russia in a way that will allow him allow him to to prolong his, his rule what exactly what that like, looks like what he'll be satisfied with really on the, you know, so could we be in for a long conflict here for a prolonged conflict? i think almost inevitably, i think where this war ends on the battlefields in a place that probably does not make anybody happy. obviously the west and ukraine are pushing for a victory, but the likelihood is that they may have to settle for something other than the full withdrawal of russian troops. at least that we end up with a ceasefire, probably on lines that, that leave russia command insignificant territory, but much less than then russia would like. and so we will face confrontation if not
6:46 pm
the actual conflict in industry and ukraine, southern ukraine for, for quite some time. to come, do you sense that western powers countries like the u. s. a european union? are they going to be with ukraine in the long run? if this drags on? i think that's the key question. certainly if you talk to western policy makers now, they are very much in line with that idea. they are putting in place sanctions and talking about donors, conferences and ways of supporting ukraine, not just military, but with reconstruction of helping it to, to manage a trade in economy with the loss of access to trade routes to the black sea. and that sort of thing and, and that is part of the conversation. i think the reality though is that this war has economic consequences for the west as well. and politicians may find it difficult to maintain the focus of their, of their societies on, on this conflict in, in the future. so it's something that the policymakers analysts are nervous about
6:47 pm
is certainly something that the ukrainian government is nervous about. thank you so much for talking to us about the thank you for your inside brain is director of the russia institute at kings college london. thank you. now to the philippines, where unofficial tallies in the presidential election indicate for non marcos junior has a commanding lead with about 75 percent of a balance counted. it's reported he has more than double the votes. this is why of old any robledo, michael says, the son of the president deposed in 1986 people power revolution. final result of the election are expected within 48 hours. ted regencia is a freelance during this covering se asia says there has been a significant effort to re brand the market for did on marcos junior joyce over 50 percent popularity or or approval. and in fact, the generation has expressed some of the style jobs during the market
6:48 pm
years. so called the years of the marcus's. but when, in fact, this was the time when 3000 activists were killed, were 70000, were arrested in thousands more or disappeared. so there is really a systemic effort to re brand the marcus name. and in fact, i believe that this started as soon as they left power in 1986. but it looks like this year would be the year that they would be able to succeed in really returning back to power in south korea, the wearing of masks remain popular despite the government relaxing. corona virus fools. a week ago, mcbride has more from soul when mosque mandates have been lifted in other parts of the world that have been scenes of need jubilation, of finally dispensing with the things after 2 years of breathing. your own breath. but south korea went it out last monday,
6:49 pm
but mouth outdoors were no longer mandatory, but only recommended. this was the result of fall from a few exceptions, most must remaining firmly in place. it's now a week later time enough you would have thought for the message to be getting through. you don't have to wear it. no, none of it. i still have to wear a mask of doors. it's 7 convenient to take it off and put it back on again. i have not been infected yet, and i believe the virus can still spread to others, even outdoor cells. so much going on with it. can. i also want to take off the mask, because if i just think about my convenience and get infected, i could spread the virus to others. apart from some pandemic fatigue, like anywhere else, south koreans have gained the reputation in the past couple of years for public spirited co operation. that probably accounts for the continued mass squaring. but this is also a society obsessed by looks. and it's thought that women have welcome the chance
6:50 pm
not to have to wear so much makeup or men to shave so often. and then of course, with cosmetic surgery, being so popular here. it's thought some people may have used the mask wearing as a way of having any number of procedures without anyone ever finding out as forces up next fenn, damien, b, payoff, philadelphia is main man, continue to prove the difference after coming back from injury correctly. ah, with
6:51 pm
with a guest with lou ah, ah,
6:52 pm
compass was his jo falling. thank you very much where we start in rome, where some of the world's best tennis players have finalizing their preparations to the french open in just one to 2 weeks from now to time grand slam champion. smyrna hallett is through to the 2nd round at the italian open, the former well, number one ranked 21st. these days defeated a frenchwoman. elisa cornell on monday. the remaining coming through 6. 06 whole. she'll face daniel collins of the united states next. now his name you'll be hearing from many years to come, carlos al, cut off the spanish teenager is the top player, men's tennis. so for the season is late. his victory coming at the madrid open. after illuminating rough around the dial in of chalk of it in the previous 2 rounds, the 19 year old faced well, number 3 alexander's very in the final. but the german had no answers. altuff dropped only for gains, becoming the youngest winner in madrid. that's now for tournament victories this year, including 2 masters titles. raleigh,
6:53 pm
i would say this is my best rigor in the 2 of the breast, a history of bidding is where the final right player as well. number 3 and award. i mean, i would, i would say that is my best my best wish. earlier we spoke to john webb, i'm from the tennis channel. he told us that o'clock is likely to be a favorite for the french open. the spanish chain is also being seen as the next big star that could replace the current big 3 in the men's game. no, my truck turns 35 years old in a few weeks and he is the youngest of the big 3. so inevitably, time will do its thing, there will be the vacuum. and it looks like alco road is the heir apparent. the he just has a level of tennis but also a level of self belief that no other player does right now. and tennis really hasn't been a beat on like him in a generation. and some of those are the results that you will lead to the, in the, to the dollar joke of it, to barrels, back to back to back
6:54 pm
a little bit is just watching him play and there's nothing he doesn't do well. he uses the home for he that well, it is the week of the place with this fearlessness. and this is very quickly done from hey, this is an exciting prospect to keep an eye on to. this is our next great star, and then one after it is that the success has come in best. the recent batches of the price that match, that's an additional additional variable. but the way you explain the fact that durability shows no sign of going down the longer than that to go. he spent a lot of time on the court in madrid this past week and the very last, later, the whole problem. and they get the number 3 put in the world may have been death. so there is a lot like here the best with 5 versus just the 3 is sort of the one baby kill. he has declined, but he will probably be seated about 4 or $56.00. but he'll be one of the favorites, no doubt, in the me a play or philadelphia back on level terms of miami, the in conference semi finals, and the common ingredient jolen beat,
6:55 pm
the soup stuff from camry miss the 1st 2 games the series because the facial fracture and the 76 us struggled with him beat returning philadelphia are very different side in game for he grabbed 24 point one another super. so find me found his range. james hard top school for the 76 is the one where the really change just making sure this this, i mean obviously i think it's a game changer, but to be an aggressive and therefore i think that that group started for quite a really good job of pushing to lead up and they were supposed to do in the western conference, dallas were led by their main man. look, don't judge this. levine is going to $26.00 points, helping them africa be top said phoenix and game for that series also looked at to to game 5 is on tuesday in the 1st name. and like, obviously, you know, always believe we're always going to believe like i say,
6:56 pm
one percent chance you're going to believe us this team has, is something special on the bon, his special and i think stay together to other if it goes good. if it goes back, that 30 anything would be good today. form in one world champion mac. so stepan has narrowed the gap between him and championship lead at call. charles le clerk to 19 points of 29. 0 girl, miami grand prix. the red bull driver started from 3rd on the grid, but he paused for his color science into turn one and moved up in the 2nd place behind pulsatile. a clerk, a step and chased down the clerk and overtook the ferrari driver at the start of lap line to take. the lead. dutchman opened up an 8 2nd gap over his time to rival and was seemingly cruising to victory. that was until safety call was introduced. so through crash between mando norris and pet gossley, the clerk got back to within half a 2nd of the lead with stuff and held enough to take the checkered flag science,
6:57 pm
completed the podium. while louis hamilton finishes 6, miami dolphins, legend records back dan marino presented the stipend with the winners trophy well not, i've one has the money to compete for a spot in forming one. but here's the motor sport for speed enthusiasts. on a budget, the new british lawn mower, racing season haskell underway enthusiasts to compete up and down the country at races from may through october. one of them is crowned cream of the crop. this is crawford for this is as competitive as former one. we're all friends in the parents were one we get out there were battling exactly the same as for louis over shopping alex, i found that is all this work for me for now. it is back to fully joe. thank you very much for that. that's it for this news. our on house is. yeah, but do stay with us. we've got plenty more bases coming up very shortly, including the war on ukraine, the latest on that. and if you ah
6:58 pm
all counting the cost, the ear raises the stakes to the fact level, russian energy, but of what the cost, the world war if a 2 year high. but if putin war against sanctions really working of netflix subscribers dip for the 1st time at a decade, a view of still watching, counting the cost on al jazeera nazareth, the home of jesus christ has long drawn pilgrims and visitors from around the world . hundreds of years, it's old city rang to the sounds of shopkeepers and crafts people. this entry, those sounds of dwindled, a handful of businesses struggling on,
6:59 pm
but hearing that splashes of color show signs of a fight back. resigns obese dani decided to renovate an old warehouse and to work and live in the old city with a mission. if me and another person opens the work that he was talking organically, open my young palestinian is really designers and entrepreneurs have been moving in, inspired by earlier artists to let them mark once. there were 450 businesses operating in the old city. now there are just 50 the old cities always been the heart of nazareth. now a growing group of residence wants to get it beating again. it will come back because it is still love very much for fixing longer hours than shorter deadlines. south korean delivery drivers are literally being worked to death. one 0 one east explorer, the dock side of consumer convenience in south korea. on al jazeera
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ah rushes present leeds victory day ceremonies, remembering the soviet victory of nazi germany. while defending the war he launched against ukraine, ukrainian presidency. lensky accuses moscow of imitating the evil of massey's while remembering the minions of ukrainians who died in while i'm 40 back to boy. you're watching al jazeera alive from doha. also coming up sher lancoste prime minister.


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