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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 10, 2022 12:00am-1:01am AST

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on al jazeera facing longer house and shorter deadlines, south korean delivery drivers are literally being worked to death. one 0, one east explorer, the dark side of consumer convenience and south korea on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera, ah, hello, i'm nave barker. this is the al jazeera news, our life from london coming up. russia's president leads victory day in moscow, drawing parallels between the defeat of nazi germany and the so called special military operation in ukraine. sorrel anchors prime minister resigns after weeks of demonstrations, but clashes between rival protested turns deadly for people including an m. p,
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a killed in the philippines. unofficial election results suggest a markoff were once again, be the countries president. a tragic life captured him vibrant color the staggering price expected for andy warhol, classic portrait of maryland. i'm trying to get her oscar with a useful csb 1st. se, brazil and argentina must replay their well cup qualifier, despite both teams having already been vest false in the finals. ah, rushes president has told his forces, they are fighting for the motherland and its future in ukraine. vladimir putin lead victory de commemorations in moscow, marking the surrender of nazi germany to soviet troops in 1945. but he stopped short of announcing any plans to step up the military operation in ukraine. also, jabari has more for moscow. victory day is the most important annual event
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for russians. but this year it has added significance because of the conflict in ukraine. $11000.00 troops her rated through red square in moscow to commemorate the soviet victory over nazi germany. 77 years ago. an estimated 27000000 soldiers and civilians from the soviet union died in what the russians call the great patriotic war. president vladimir putin used the occasion to compare the fight against hitler to his so called special military operation in ukraine. with raj rate is that you're fighting for our people in dumbass, for the safety of our motherland, russia. and i sure may. the 9th 1945 will always be a trial of our single soviet people. russia's preemptively rebuffed the aggression, it was timely and the only right decision, the decision of a strong sovereign independent country. some was there yet to leave them. as the
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missiles and other military hardware paraded through the streets, onlookers back their presence decision to send russian troops into ukraine. no more gorse bronner. i think the operation had to take place. we must be in it, bring it to its logical and only this way, not a single step back protest by the rule. i fully support the decision of the russian government in i don't condemn it. i think we would have ended up with naziism in yes, as evil. oh great. we must raise all this in ukraine. this fascist tribe must be wiped out from the world completely. that's why bruton is doing everything right. always which i didn't say when the operation might end, but he also didn't use his speech to broaden the conflicts or make a formal declaration of war. as some had feared the civil appeared to be marked more difficult and blind. are we expect? we expect that this will be a battle or a don boss will cantino robel greer. josie,
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i'm joseph. i'm middle pharma and zahn, based on that. his uncles, his bottle and dumb boss. i knew you were political decisions. so i will be made put in late flowers at memorials to the 12 so called hero cities, which include odessa and kia for outstanding heroism journey more or to the commemoration continued as president putin let the procession of what russians call the immortal regiment. carrying a portrait of his father who fought in world war 2, defending the city of saint petersburg. he was joined by thousands of others who lost relatives in the war. similar ceremonies were held across russia and in the occupied territories of ukraine. in what is left of mary opal russian back separatist reader, dennis shaylin told a small crowd that russia is here forever. president whitson says he has no doubt
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that the military operation will achieve its objectives in ukraine while he continues to use his country's path to justify its present a tactic that's proven to be mostly successful so far. with in russia. dorsey jibari al jazeera, moscow live response ukraine's president volota mo lord me as the lensky said, rushes actions are betrayal of victory day because she is a bla, shisha blue. russia has forgotten everything that was important to the winners of world war 2. but ukraine and the whole free world will remind vanish, so that no one will ever forget ships to gain wait to see really important words she never again or repeated around the free world ever years in memory of the victims of world war 2. so the russian push into east and ukraine shows no signs of easing. as i beg, has this update as troops try to take more ground? well, today it's been relatively quite old, though there was a town mac oliver mac liquor,
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which isn't far from here. that was getting hit around, we saw the smoke rising from there, but generally it's been quite ball. so there's not many people around now we were in crime at all. there's like a ghost time. not many people around, most of the shots are closed. and that's because so many people have left because this in the east of the country is the front line for a, for ukraine in the ukrainian troops here. now the authorities here say that the russians are hit around 15 locations here in the east using air strikes, missiles, heavy artillery and tank fire. but the russians are pushing and the intention is to take a pos of the east and the south essentially land locking ukraine. to that fighting is continuing, and many people here have left this area. there are some of the supermarkets that are open, like i love the shelves. the empty, the accused actor perpetual stations is the limit and have a few people can actually buy. but like i said, it's very,
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very quiet or very few people out on the streets. that's because most people fear that the russian push is still going on. the russians are still trying to take territory and they feel that in the next few days, they'll be a further push from those troops. not far from him. fact around 18 kilometers. okay, well for more on the parade in moscow and the ongoing, a crisis in ukraine, let's bring in lisa gal, friend who's the assistant professor of russian discourse and politics at the university of con, again, she joins me by skype. can i start by asking you about the situation in moscow? not as many experts have predicted, an opportunity for vladimir putin to declare all out war new crane. fewer troops rolling across a red square, no aerial display, as originally planned. is a fair to say that this was a muted, may, the 9th parade. i would definitely agree. there was indeed a muted in 9th of may parade. and there were
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a lot of gen gross who actually quite disappointed that there was no aerial show this year. and the fact that arrow show was canceled across the country was quite as waiting for a lot of people as well. and the speech that a lot of western analysts actually expected wishing to declare all out war against ukraine or even a mobilization in russia. also, these assumptions also did not pan out, but that was actually something that a lot of russia experts have been quite skeptical for a while because and all out mobilization, including war would be quite damaging for the remains of put in legitimacy in russia. something putin did very clearly do was, it was invoke the very huge sacrifice by russian citizens, by russian, the military, during the great patriotic wars, it's now 27000000 people died in that war to think he used that to justify this offenses in ukraine and do ordinary russians believe in this comparison that he's been trying to make and it's very hard to see where the russians actually believe
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what he's saying right now. because all of these interviews that foreign correspondents are conducting right now in moscow, they're not necessarily truthful because especially seeing an outside corresponded or anybody who is talking to you from, from any kind of outlet. a lot of people would be skeptical to say what they actually are, what they actually think. and another issue here is that obviously it's a very effective tactic to connect to the trauma of the great patriotic war in russia. because this is something that helped justify the annexation of crimea. this is something that helped a shore up, which is rating in 2014, we up to 86 percent of. so this is something that has been tried outs and panic, pan down before for the poo teens regime. so that's why it's not surprising that the russian government is still trying to capitalize on the same rhetoric and to try and shore up the same type of consensus that they managed to achieve with annexation of crime in 2014. however, if we take a look at the social media data and some of the list experiments that my colleagues
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are doing, it's obvious that the consensus is slipping. so there is definitely no, not the same level of consensus and backing of this rhetoric and a dynamic that we've seen into before, especially in 2014, a given the russia wasn't able to take care of early on in the invasion, given that they haven't been able to make as rapid games as they hoped for in and don't boss you think the russia can make a case for any kind of victory back home? well, given the overwhelming censorship on the russian media space is possible for reaching to make any kind of claims and claim whatever victory they want to claim. especially given that they did manage to secure some parts of the here. so on the air region. and also they managed to almost take motor mario, but is known in, in russia as the base for the regiment which has been used in by the russian
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propaganda to paint the entire ukrainian nation as a knotty nation. so this is something that is quite symbolic for, for the russian propaganda to use as a tool in there justifications. so this is something they can definitely use in their propaganda machine. something else is quite important is also that in put a species specifically talked about the protection of done bus peoples, which he did not say any, anything about some kind of retreat or advance in ukraine proper. he only mentioned the bus which also something quite indicative of him trying to stick to the initial narrative of only protecting the people of the bus that he announced initially. also something important that he actually did not mentioned the term special operation, which has been also used quite extensively. and he again tried to connect the the great better to war with the current events in ukraine that saying that people who are fighting in the bus are fighting for the same things as people,
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as veterans fought in what would to very briefly, when we think of. busy the 2nd world war here in the u. k. during commemorations, the phrase never again, usually follows. it's very different in russia, isn't at the tone of space by the 9th commemoration is essentially saying that russia is prepared to fight again if necessary. well, this is actually a bit of a departure from the previous rhetoric. so what was, in fact very common soviet union is also the phrase we've been able of, i mean, as long as there is no war. this is a profoundly anti war statement that pretty much pervaded the entire society and this was actually very common refrain among the older generation as well. so the kind of a we can repeat it again, this kind of sentiment. this is relatively new and it exploded only in the aftermath of crimea annexation and originally was actually more of a sticker. so something that could, people would put on the car to kind of make
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a symbolic connection with the annexation of crimea. and the great majority or as well. so there is definitely the sentiment of as long as there is no war. and that's why the russian government is so reluctant to call it war in general. because the soviets people the way, the way that most of the people raise the, even their current generation, the way where that they were raised was also about of that russia sense for peace. and it cannot attack anybody. so russia never attacked anybody. so this is the kind of sentiment they're really trying to promote and even calling their aggression against the green war with the massive blow to this. even if people see that what is going on is in fact a war, i guess at the time of crisis, these details much where a lot don't to lisa golf would really interesting to talk to you. thank you. thank you. now, the russian ambassador, the poland, has been doused in red paint by anti war protest as during a memorial to mark the end of world war 2. ambassador, so a guy, andrea event. his stuff was surrounded by demonstrators of the replaying ceremony.
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the secret military cemetery in warsaw protested, carrying ukrainian flags chanted, fascist killers and shame before throwing pain to the diplomat and ray of told reporters he was proud of his country. and his president. u. s. president joe biden has approved a new law, speeding up the delivery of weapons and military equipment to ukraine. biden's signed off the lend lease acts in the oval office saying the u. s. supports ukrainians fight to defend their country and democracy against putin's brutal war. the u. s is already provided billions of dollars in weapons to ukraine or for more or less. let's go to rosalind jordan in washington, d. c. as i mentioned their course knows shortage of supports for ukraine from the by the administration. but what's the purpose of this move and why now? well typically when the united states us sells military equipment to other countries and it's a month long process,
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if not years long in some cases. and that's because there are lots of parties that need to review what's being sold to make certain that there isn't a risk of it being misused or used against the u. s. and it's a national security interests and making certain that the country actually can use the equipment in the way that it says it wants to do it. what this signing of the lend lease act does is essentially wipe away all of the, all of that bureaucracy. as you noted, the u. s. has already of put in more than $3000000000.00 in a military equipment and is asking congress for another $20000000000.00 to give the ukrainian military the equipment it needs in order to fight to the russian aggression the invasion of its country. but that legislation, the $20000000000.00 request has not been fully considered. yet. this gives the administration the ability to give to the ukrainians equipment that the u. s.
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already owns and to buy get it there as quickly as possible. this is really about getting rid of the road blocks, the bureaucratic red tape, as they say here in washington. it is something that i was not past with all but 10 members of the u. s. congress. approving this measure. strong bipartisan support for the ukranian, a push back against the russian military, and certainly it takes effect now that the president has signed this act into law. ok, rosalind jordan in washington d. c. thank you. you and sexy general antonio terrorist says, moldova is the worst affected of ukraine's neighbours as a population of fewer than 4000000, but hosts about 800000 refugees. another 350000 were processed and crossed through the country and it's the ports nation in europe, get errors called for all countries to upgrade their economic ties with moldova,
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and for donors to do more to help refugee agencies. moldova is a small country with a be card, but its resources are limited. united nation is our and our partner organizations can only support governments to meet the needs of everyone affected by these war. he followed to imitate an abuse for $2.00, beating new s dollars inside ukraine. and 1850000000 for the refugees. false are fully funded and they at all countries to give generously in global terms. these are many school sums. charl stratford is in love even western ukraine and has more on guitars his visit to moldova. i think it's very telling that the un secretary general is in moldova, given what we know about what has happened in the last couple of weeks on increasing phase amongst western analysts. western european governments about potentially this war expanding further into europe, or at least in moldova case,
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e. u, aspiring countries, let's not forget that it was a couple of weeks ago that a russian general was quoted by into facts. russian use agency is saying that this phase of russia's war could potentially see russian falls. he's taking control of all of sudden ukraine to that trans mr. region now trans mr. is a breakaway republic of moldova. it's not even recognized by russia. but in the last week or so, we have heard of explosions and shootings in that break away. self declared republic. the transmission authorities blame the ukrainians. they quoted a ukrainian terrorist attack or said that all indications suggested that ukraine were, were involved in this. the ukrainians denied it, but also what's very telling is what this russian general said about the oppression of russian speakers inside transmission. and it is that kind of language that was
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used by valid may uprooting. in order to, in his words legitimize protecting russian speakers in the breakaway republics of don't nets. and lu ganske coming up on al jazeera, this news, our expanding deserts swallow up homes and livelihoods in senegal. we won't community on the frontline of a growing global problem. and in sport, there's no escaping alcaraz, the spanish teenager against the backing of a big tele star. after his latest with ah, to lancaster prime minister may hinder roger packs has resigned. following weeks of violent protests in the capital, colombo demonstrates as toppled buses and pushed vehicles into water during another day of chaos. the homes of at least 2 mares were also set on fire. at least 4
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people, including a member of parliament, died in fighting between rival political groups. on monday, raja packs a quit to make way for a unity government. the hopes to find a solution to the country's worst economic crisis in history or bird. and manley has more, oh a she is on the street for like a captain, colombo public discontent. been simmering for months over an economy close to bankruptcy. prime minister machine to reggie pizza has bowed down to pressure to resign. today's race ignition is lowered due, but is unlikely to address the cause. the demands often produced even despite the curfew in a state of emergency many on their roads. now because they fear their cause bad demands need to be heard. demonstrators have rallied for weeks outside the offices
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of roger pack for and his brother, president got a pyre. roger pac sir demanding both stepped down. oh, monday morning. approved government groups due to protest camp outside the prime minister's office, attacking people with sticks and metal bars, destroying the 10th cues for food still and medicine. a common for the 22000000 shoreline can. the pandemic, a loss of tourism, and rising oil prices are all hitting hot for reserves is dwindled to about $50000000.00. the monthly gas import bill is $40000000.00. the government has turned to the international monetary fund for bailout. but that will take at least 6 months to be finalized. not just the i m f, sri lanka is also trying to get a hold from india and china and other countries. just to even get some bridge
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financing to get over the next 6 months. and a so much are political instability. it provides a little confidence to even get that kind of financing a state of emergency and care if you have been imposed. and the military deployed on the street parts public anger remains and so to demands for the president to follow his brother and resign to moore about a manly unto syrup. unofficial results from the philippines show ferdinand marcos junior will be the country's next president. the 64 year old as the son of the country's late dictator who was overthrown and a revolution 36 years ago. his victory would mark a once inconceivable return to power for the marcos family. jemila allan doug and reports for manila. ah, as vote counting got turned away, it appeared for it didn't mark as junior was surging ahead. he's the son and name sake of the former philippine president described by many as
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a dictator ousted in 1986 revolution, or that the account is not done. i'm not at all worked, but i wanted to issue a short statement and it essentially is a statement of gratitude to all of those or been with us in this long and sometimes difficult journey. yeah, you would the not 10 candidates are running. okay. but for the presidency, it's widely considered a 2 person race, vice president, lenny robledo was also the leader of the opposition, is trailing behind marcus junior. initial results show a lead, so wide pool experts believe it is unlikely ro brenda can catch up. jason, in your horse, up on the wilder, i'm with you in the belief that the elections must respect the full voice and well of the people my like. it is important that the people continued their belief and respect for democracy. more than 60000000 filipinos voted for the successor to
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president rodrigo, to 30 in one of ages, oldest democracies. oh, here in one of the biggest polling presence in manila voting day was marked with frustration. about malfunctioning boating machines. people lined up for hours and refused to leave, even as the pulls officially closed. with home of the lamb, you want all we want to be here, the one we want to see over by let's go through the machines and see the receive. some of them looks figure some of them, but they knew both of us. we refused to leave our posts. this election is too important and every vote is secret. the election commission assures the public that it is very much in control and the sanctity of the votes. is still protected, a marcus presidency would mean an extra ordinary return for a family. there was forcibly removed from power 3 decades ago through people power
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and could become the most consequential election. in recent philippine history, jamal alan dugan al jazeera manila for palestinians who have been arrested of the latest raids by us ready police in the occupied westbank is thought the operation and ramana is linked to the investigation to a stabbing attack and israel on thursday. romano is the hometown of 2 palestinian men accused of killing 3 israelis in the central city of a lad. it follows a weekend of unrest him which, which saw 3, palestinian shot dead by astray. the forces stephanie decker has more from damascus . gates in occupied east jerusalem. various incidents on sunday night, one of them happening here at damascus gate and attempted stabbing by palestinian to israeli police officer. he was shot also one palestinian kills. he tried to cross the separation fence from the west bank. tried to cross into israel illegally,
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he was shot and killed and there was another incident in the occupied west bank with palestinian scale defense of one of the legal settlements. there was also shot and killed by security forces. it gives you a sense of the ongoing tensions here on the ground, particularly also with the, the escalation that we've seen around the luxembourg compound. you've had increased rhetoric coming out of gaza from yes, sin, war gods is leader. they're calling for palestinians to carry out individual attacks. there has been a lot of individual attack 6 or 7 over the last couple of months. the last one in a lad, the 2 palestinians were arrested on sunday. they carried out an attack with an axe and with a knife, killing 3 israelis. now certainly there's a lot of rhetoric on both sides from these rallies and from the palestinians, particularly have mass. but certainly from what we understand behind the scenes, there are diplomatic efforts to try to calm tensions and certainly from what we understand. also, we're told that neither side, once
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a massive escalator still to come this news on the legal fight to say gone is environments endangered animals and rap, plumps threatened by bulk site mining, mexico's missing and murdered women under the police as failure to keep off of society safe and a former world on the wall is on her way to the next round in rome. joe will have ah well, it may, it should be blooming in europe and it is, is getting warm actually. i mean, it looks like a lot of clarks from across the british house. maybe scandinavia and things aren't quite as warm here. but for most of europe, even the shelves are dying down there around in romania cross, croatia, at least during tuesday. but there's quite a large gap with knowing much time in the sky. and if you over lay the temperature
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forecast, plenty of oranges and reds, which means temperature, well up now are going up fairly steadily. and example, vienne is going up to $25.00 to $29.00. by thursday, but the average and steadily warming, france is doing something pretty similar. i have to say by the time we get to wednesday, borders at 32 south coast. got on shore breeze. but again, it's sunshine for most countries in europe, england, denmark, i think probably the netherlands being exception during wednesday. they're still on shore breeze for libya and egypt. so it's a bit korean to brook for cars at $31.00. so strong a wind for the south still keeping the dust up in the air all the way down to the sale is to very hot in senegal. but the seasonal showers, which are moving their way. know though they look a fairly rare event when they do get in, are significant the proper season arrange a bit further. east and south, principally in gab on, cameron. ah,
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and authority is at an all time low. you once apprehension page distress. this is a battle about what the truth actually, i'll just 0 investigative unit pulls back the curtain and reveals how fear suspicion and conspiracy theories have become. the tools of the power were in a dangerous and that danger territory was d. what happens now that we literally diverge? that may well be how democracy died. the truth illusion coming soon on a just either witness fe, witness bravery, witness, reader, witness, slavery, witness, people, witness, power, witness and last time witness in our witness, man, witness bees, witness prejudice. witness. peace, witness. love, witness. ball. witness. the world witness. next door. witness life. witness. arduous error.
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ah ah, reminder of the top stories here on al jazeera, russia's president has told his forces, they're fighting for the mother land and it's future in ukraine. vladimir putin lead victory de commemorations in moscow, but he stopped short of announcing any plans to step up the military operation in ukraine. ukraine's president loaded me as a lensky, says, rushes actions are betrayal of victory day. for lancaster prime minister, my him to roger pox has resigned following weeks of protests against the government's failure to solve an unprecedented economic crisis. at least 4 people, including a member of parliament,
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died in fighting between rival political groups on monday and nationwide. curfew has been imposed on official results from the philippine chauffeured san marcos junior will be the country's next president. marcos junior was reported to have more than twice the number of votes of his closest rival. world leaders and delegates are meeting in ivory coast capital abbey john to find ways to protect biodiversity. the main goal of the meeting is to stop fertile land turning into deserts. the un estimates $12000000.00 hectares of arable land is lost every year. nicholas huck reports from an affected village and synagogues per door region. on the edge of this, a hell in northern senegal is no doubt. they no longer a waist this but a village, thinking in the sand, gone or the green pastures and vegetable gardens. it hasn't rained for almost 10 months. the villagers used to grow food. now they're going hungry. they're
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emaciated cattle. look for what's left on the sound. hope for shomberg bark comes in the shape of a cloud high above. but will it rain? i don't think so. even when it rains it doesn't stick to the ground. it's gotten so hard, even birch dropped from the sky. it feels like the desert is moving forward, swallowing our village. and so the men are leaving on the move is onion. farmer buck are gay. he sold his land for a $1000.00 using the money to pay a trafficker to take him to spain by boat. he worked as a stonemason in mulligan, constructing homes for british taurus before being caught, and deported by spanish authorities made on the situation is bad. it's bad for all of us. we can't go back to farming on the coast, people's homes being destroyed by the rising ocean. i am ready to try to go to europe again. and there are many more like me. might have someone give up. my do
12:33 am
fall spend for years in the spanish prison for trafficking african to spain. i got drunk down from the blue people and not seen war but droughts. it's when there is no water, no rain for 9 months, and there are more de punches to europe. and so traffic is but for the term of the year when people are desperate to do the crossing. for now, these men have turned to fishing in santa we, but the catch is meagre. access to the waters are restricted because next year british petroleum will begin extracting liquid natural gas on their fish. and this is behind me as a senegalese navy ship here not to protect the fishing vessels and fishermen from the rough seas, but rather to protect that be platform that you see in the distance. it is here. one of the biggest discovery of liquid natural gas in the last few decades. the problem is beneath that platform is a cold water coral reef rich in bio diversity. and that's about to be destroyed.
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the discovery will bring some new jobs and revenue for senegal, but most here face an uncertain future, caught between a rising ocean and an expanding desert. nicholas hawk al jazeera and jodi northern senegal. or desertification happens when dry lands are degraded by deforestation over grazing and poor irrigation practices. top's all vegetation and crops die out taking remove, removing rather the ability for people to grow food and to feed themselves. 70 percent of the world's dry lands are already degraded. that's hundreds of millions of hector's more than a 100 countries already pledged to restore 1000000000 hanks as of land over the next decade. and the un estimates that would lock away 3000000000 tons of atmospheric carbon every year. but if nothing is done then at its current pace and additional area, the size of south america could turn to dust by 2050,
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forcing more than a 1000000000 people from their homes will lead sir, bring in. manuel mark has pereira, who's the head of migration environment, climate change, and risk reduction division of the international organization for migration. can i start by asking you firstly, looking at, of course, our report, the report there by a colleague, nicholas hawkins, appears to be water. that is the main and fundamental element i guess in all of this that affects where people may need to go may force people essentially to become refugees as a result of the climate crisis. good evening, i guess what to reasons. one of the main parties in these very complex process is that he's the certification and the associate, the impacts of climate change, right? the biosphere is a system in which the different components interact,
12:36 am
humanity, indian pro sam, error that we are having to fear. some of these components in changes in rain, patterns are and will continue to influencing desert again, area regions. the availability of these resource that in turn will condition the availability of father 40 animals, vegetation, and the capacity to retain in shore, productive soil that will then drive that populations out of livelihood, out of access to water. having to make decisions about there will be the income from your across the borders. we are looking at the evidence in and generating data to understand better. but what we have available indicates that the majority of people who move within their own countries in the seen in the area where they are even the conditions you think it's a little reductive to simply call people climate refugees. because as we heard in
12:37 am
the report, them more often than not, there are lots of factors play, whether it be a gas drilling in the sea or whether it be issues to do with war famine. i mean, there are lots of factors clearly at play here. how do they will interrelate? i think 1st, to establish that that is a refugee has a clear, clear definition in want to relates weeds, a human mobility associated with climate change. i think we need to be a bit broader on the reception that we have. not everyone wants to leave their houses. there are people that want to stay in the community that they are in will need the capacities and the resources and the support to do so we the changing climate. but we also have an individuals that who move to cities, organization the track, business or more services and other different opportunities will be very important
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in the years to come. and of course, when people have resources and the right information, migration is also a positive vehicle of change in the areas of origin or the areas where people will move to. so this portfolio of options that we look at as human mobility is in the view of your organization. a much better perspective on how people can be a part of this process, can have the agency to face these changes, then we will see very mar lee over the next couple of years and talking about the portfolio of options. so what do you think needs to be done now to help mitigate the problem? in areas where does or to vacation, for instance, is pretty much on people's doorsteps. i'm thinking of course of the great green wall project, the african union project to hold back the expansion of the sahara desert. this of course, seems like a very, very long term plan, but what could be done immediately? well, i read somewhere that wise men planned trees on the shade that they will never rest
12:39 am
. and i think the green wall is that he should. he was a legacy for the future, but we can not stay locked on only that initiative. i think if we look at the current situation and we will have later this year, the cop $27.00 in egypt that will bring the parties around the world to talk about climate change. we have much more to do in terms of the emissions, the rising temperature, the capping at the $1.00 degrees centigrade. and that should be a key target associated with that. of course initiatives to prevent desert spread to prevent reforestation, the read, or a better utilization of available resources. there's many ways to try and reduce the certification that are complementary, but all of them pass through the notion that we have to take better care of the
12:40 am
resources that we have. we only have one planet, there is no planet b in the system in which we leave. it's very connected. what happens in any capital of the northern hemisphere effects and can reciprocate what happens in the south. these pump world vision of problems needs to be invested in my organization, believes that more efforts need to be put in supporting communities to make the right choice in the informed choice about their mobility. no planet be in de manuel marcus bearer. thank you very much. thank you, my pleasure. environmentalists and gonna let taken the government to course in a last ditch bid to stop mining in a protected area. the legal challenge follows the signing of a deal with a chinese company company to extract bulk side. i mean, all used to make elemental products for me. the miller reports the actual forest in east and garner is known for its abundant biodiversity,
12:41 am
including endangered animals and rear plants, dozens of which are threatened with extinction. despite the area being declared protected, the government plans to begin large scale mining for box site that got my husband's saying over and over again. i'll services to as it is in that there would not, on necessarily compromise for us. they have not so far demonstrated to emmy a jesse to gun is how that is going to be done. and you know why? because there is no technology, though, allow government to go ahead and top the box out in this forest without compromising the for us. box site is used to produce element products. while the government's agreed to a $2000000000.00 mining deal with china, it's yet to get permission from gone as environmental protection agency. the government says it's relying on the potential proceeds from the mining of both bach site and gold to develop local mining communities. we now have
12:42 am
a fund which is solely dedicated to the development of the minor communities of our country. where if you want 20 percent by law of the royalties which i crew to the state and dedicated to this fun and define is exclusively for the development of minor community to provision of water for instance, electricity, where educational infrastructure, health care. but many small scale miners and loggers work illegally surviving on minimal income gold minus say they hardly benefit. and critics say their activities are harming the environment. communities, and gone as western region rely on the prior of of drinking water and to bathe and cook. the baron water basin feeds 3 major rivers, providing water for millions of people across garner, but mining upstream has contaminated the water board on that other crew of the as you used to be her mind. and i think this is our fixing the community. lots and when, and if that doesn't through us is to be fund i a month,
12:43 am
all 2 bathrooms and or even get without the phone with us mining opponents or taking the government to court to stop the search for bach. site critic say that while they understand the need to benefit from natural resources gone as far as needs to be protected for future generations. for me to mila al jazeera, her lease at 43 people have been killed during a riot at a prison in ecuador. authorities say they were all inmates at bell vista jail in santo domingo. more than a 100 others escapes and remain at large violence broke out after a gang leader was transferred there, which officials say caused unrest. protests are expected in mexico to mark one month since the disappearance of 18 year old ebony escobar, the law students body was found in a water tank at a roadside motel 2 weeks after she was last seen. her death sparks and nationwide out crime over the country spiraling famous side rate with an estimated 11 women
12:44 am
killed each day. man were parlor reports from mexico city. this is a photograph of devany escobar. it was taken on the night. she disappeared in monterey mexico. exactly one month ago though, multiple government agencies participated in the search for devany. her lifeless body was found almost 2 weeks later at a location that had been overlooked as many as 4 times by searchers. as public pressure mounted on state, prosecutors, authorities were forced to admit some mistakes may have been made in the handling of the investigation on their moth bottleneck woolfolk fable folk is solar. so she's at our disposal to was determining what happened. and if this implies a chromos tightened place, we will apply the full force of the low leak on the heater debit. his family says the case highlights the failures of authorities, both to protect women in mexico and to solve crimes committed against them. what was sylvia? devanie was missing for several days. the state prosecutor's office didn't do their
12:45 am
job correctly. my mistake was trusting the prosecutor's office. disappearances are all too common problem in live alone in just the 1st few months of this year. more than 60 women been reported missing in the city of monterey alone. head out of the martinez has been looking for his sister for more than a month. now. he says, assistance from the government in finding her has been like, having no help at all. but i me have benedetto for me. the 1st 16 days she was missing what wasted which is very important. the longer my system remains missing is evidence. guilford is not doing a good job. many in this part of mexico say that a lot of the complaints about the government lacking resources, having poor training, and a tendency by authorities to downplay the seriousness of the problem, can be traced back decades. a why like is that when i salise his daughter, brenda went missing in 2011, though brenda was later found dead. one a has since dedicated her time to helping other families find that they are missing,
12:46 am
loved ones alive, and to call on the government to do more about missing persons cases. no c game and our last name is moss. m. it is. it's the same investigator as always, and the same inconsistencies as 2011. the authorities don't do their jobs, right. they say they have appointment. we looked into this. and the only thing year is their job titles. the case of devany escobar sparked protest across mexico. once again, shining a spotlight on the worsening problem of impunity, which experts say fuels higher rates of violence and disappearances. according to the latest report by the united nations committee on enforce disappearances, $748.00 women disappeared in mexico in just the 1st 4 months of this year. that's an average of 7 women going missing every day. manuel rap a low al jazeera mexico city. now the news rules on mosque wearing in south korea.
12:47 am
we're east a week ago, but the face coverings remained common across the country from sol, rob mcbride, explains why. when mosque mandates have been lifted in other parts of the world that have been scenes of need jubilation of finally dispensing with the things after 2 years of breathing. your own breath, a but a south korea went in and out last monday, but not our doors were no longer mandatory, but only recommended. this was the result. from a few exceptions, most mast remaining firmly in place. it's now a week later time enough you would have thought for the message to be getting through. you don't have to wear it. no, none of it. i still have to wear a mouse can doors, it's 7 convenient to take it off and put it back on again. i have not been infected yet and i believe the virus can spread to others even outdoors. so much going on,
12:48 am
what's going on. i also want to take off the mask, plus, if i just think about my convenience and get infected, i could spread the virus to others. apart from some pandemic fatigue like anywhere else, south koreans have gained a reputation in the past couple of years for public spirited cooperation that probably accounts for the continued mosque wearing. but this is also a society obsessed by looks. and it's thought that women have welcome the chance not to have to wear so much makeup, old men to shave so often. and then of course, with cosmetic surgery, being so popular here. it's thought some people may have used as a mosque wearing as a way of having any number of procedures without anyone ever finding out one of the most recognizable portraits of mildly, miro is going up for auction in the us. and it will house $960.00 painting is expected to be the most expensive 20th century. our work to sell it auction,
12:49 am
the pro fees will be named donated to a foundation that supports children's health and education programs. kristen salumi has more from new york a modern day. mona lisa, that's how the chairman of christie's is describing a portrait of marilyn monroe. andy war halls shot sage blue marilyn is up for auction one in a series, the 1st to be auctioned off in nearly 25 years were haul created the iconic silkscreen image of monroe after the actress died of a sleeping pill overdose in 1962. some 60 years later, the public is still fascinated by her life and death was genius is because he encapsulated the tragedy and the disaster of marilyn the suicide. after having the most amazing life being the most beautiful woman, the peace comes from the private collection of thomas and doris, a mon, and as the centerpiece of the auction house is marquis sales week,
12:50 am
i was maryland is expected to shatter records for contemporary art. when it goes up for auction on monday, bringing in the realm of $200000000.00 or more instantly putting its fire in an elite class of collectors, there is no region that is completely disinterested with also tells you something. the impending sale is attracting international interest. why is this piece expected to fetch more than any other contemporary art piece in history? in this case, you guess a beautiful maintained by one of the greatest artists of art history. and he gets the most famous main thing of this artist to show the beauty and the disaster at the same time. no other painting has ever shown this so well. and perhaps no other painting has been so well poised to capitalize on post pandemic pent up demand to see and purchase art. kristin salumi al jazeera new york
12:51 am
still to come this news hour. the 1st wind and 15 miles for stand barrenca. joe will show you how he did it in sport. hm . cats, away. official and line of the john with with
12:52 am
full away official and on the journey. lou. ah, welcome back. has promised, says joe, in doha with this book. thanks eve football's governing body, fifo se, argentina and brazil must replay their well cup qualifier. despite both teams. having already reached the finals, the match in brazil last september had to be abandoned. after the country's health officials entered the pitch to stop some of argentine as england bass players from
12:53 am
playing, saying they've breached coven 19 rules. both teams have since qualified for the finals and cats are later this year, and the replay wouldn't change that. according to local media in argentina, the countries football federation is considering an appeal to the court of arbitration for sports livable manager. young harp says his side hasn't stopped believing they can still win the english premier league title that says by falling 3 points behind champions. manchester city with 3 games left to play. if you go so whatever happened and because i don't yeah, we both have 3 games to play. and my concern is actually, how can we win all games? and we have a lab so no hand in bo, our city can, will play their games, but before they are played, i think we should not, i don't points, we don't do that on produce. it is not going that's all. and as far as not not
12:54 am
reachable anymore, why should we stop believing? and that's what we do. defending champion, phil mickelson and tiger woods is on the starting list for golf pga championship in oklahoma. late this month. the toner begins on may the 19th for mickleson. this would be his 1st appearance is january when he missed the cut. earlier this year, mickelson was criticized for comments he made about playing on a breakaway talk, backed by saudi arabia. what's me mile will hope to build on his 47th place, finish at the master's, which was his 1st tournament backs. it's a car crash. last year. some the world's best tennis players are finalizing their preparations to the french open and just under 2 weeks from now, raphael ned allen of i took a picture in rome for the italian open, but all the talk has been about t. i'd sensation, carlos, i'll cut off the 19 year old, eliminated the dal in joker, which the madrid opened last week and beat well, number 3, alex on this very in the final i'll craft becoming the youngest winner in madrid with his 4th tournament. when of this year and both multi grand slam,
12:55 am
when is heaped praise on the young spaniard. i think i was is a good guy. and her is normal that he is receiving her love, a lot of attention 1st. i think he's young. he is new and all the new things are much more interesting them all the things. without a doubt when you see a new car, always looks better when you see a new foreign always looks better than the, than the old ones. so it's something that the, it's, it's normal in this life. tennis channel analyst john worth. i am told us that al kraft, the is likely to be a favorite for the french open, as well as being seen as the successor to the big 3 in the men's game. no, my truck man turns 35 years old in a few weeks and he is the youngest of the big 3. so inevitably time will do its thing. there will be the back you and it looks like alco road is the heir apparent to be he just has a level of tennis but also
12:56 am
a level of self belief that no other player does right now. and tennis really hasn't been a beat on like him in a generation. and some of those are the results that you will lead to the, in the, to the dahl joke of it, to barrow back to back to back a little bit is just watching him play and there's nothing he doesn't do well. he uses the home for he, the weather is the week of the plays with this fearlessness, and this is very quickly done from hey, this is an exciting prospect to keep an eye on to. this is our next great star. and then one after it is that the success has come in best, the recent batches of the 5 that that's an additional lot additional variable. but the way you flame the fact that durability shows no sign of going down the longer than that does go. he's been a lot of time on the court in madrid this past week and the very last 2nd late of the whole tournament to get the number 3 for the world may have been death. so there is a lot to like here the best with 5 versus just the 3 is sort of the one repeating
12:57 am
kill he has to climb, but he will probably be seated about 4 or $56.00. but he'll be one of the favorites, no doubt, to the action now and roman to time grand slam champion money. how that breach the 2nd round on monday, the former well number one rank 21st these days defeated french horn? elisa corny. on monday. the remaining coming through 6464, shall face danielle collins of the united states next on the men side, 3 time grand slam when a stand for brinko won his 1st match on the atp told for 15 months, the swiss faced american riley palka. in monday's 1st run action, despite dropping the 1st set, 63 for brinko, for back to take the next 2 sets, 75, and 62 to advance to the 2nd man. all right, that is all your spot for now. it is back to neve in london. thank you, bob sent for me in a burger for this news hour. but i'll be back in
12:58 am
a moment. were more of the day's news. don't go away. ah ah. from the front lines al jazeera correspondence continue to report every angle of the war, gray ribbon, given access to this special unit, making sure there's no threats behind those front lines. there is almost. busy complete destruct said fighting back a russian assault, holding background forces. the scale of destruction is just now being we will be out as we arrived. nikolai of there is panic. a russian warplane is suspected of
12:59 am
being closed by stay with al jazeera, for the latest developments. phone of struggles full of pleasure. fancy for william phillip. look at it via that him. or what if, if today, mom lowville, lot of the, going this a little around about the, about, i me, when we were out of what an intimate look at life in cuba will work. a mom will with the like, i say, i killed that. the government that me there yet. my cuba on al jazeera facing longer hours and shorter deadlines. south korean delivery drivers are literally being worked to death. one 0, one east explorer, the dock side of consumer convenience and south korea on al jazeera. we know what's happening in our region. we know how to get to places that others cannot. i don't fear guy by the police on purpose. i'm going,
1:00 am
i'm with the way that you tell the story isn't what can make a difference. ah, rush as president leads victory day in moscow, drawing parallels between the defeat of nazi germany and the so called special military operation in ukraine. ah, baka, this is al jazeera life from london, also coming up. it's real anchors, prime minister resigned off to weeks of demonstrations, but clashes between rival protest as times deadly for people including an m p, a killed.


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