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on yeah, now does either very good. they're bringing the news to the world from here. ah, fire and fury and sri lanka, demonstrators defy a curfew to demand. the president follows his brother and resides. ah, i'm hammered from room. this is al jazeera alive from door. also coming up russia's president uses victory day celebrations to justify the invasion in ukraine, saying moscow was defending the motherland. the son of announced philippines president is on track to become the next leader early results show ferdinand marco's junior has a commanding lead. dozens of inmates are killed during
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a prison riot in ecuador, more than $100.00. others are on the run. ah, houses burned shots fired anti government demonstrations and sri lanka turned violent despite prime minister ma hinder russia. pox, a bowing to public pressure to resign. 5 people, including a member of parliament, have died. a nation wide curfew is underway. now fernandez reports from colombo. ah, a powder keg of anger, frustration, and helplessness among she lincoln's. there's been months of discontent over an economy tills to bankruptcy. people have been demanding the president, the prime minister, and the government resign. blaming them for mismanagement and corruption premium. a hinder roger boxer has now bowed to pressure. done about to hammer them out. when
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didn't i get reviewed as a leader who always listen to the people. i'm asking you, i mean, what do we do now? now, we won't, melinda. we won't melinda. any more. that means i do not need to resign. bussed in from around the country, a pro government crowd confronted protest as in colombo, who have spent weeks calling for change. some were injured white tents and posters were torn up. some say the police did not act fast enough to stop them. but shortly after protest as regrouped and launched a counter attack, targeting the buses that transported them even destroying luxury vehicles and houses belonging to roger fox, a loyalist. the government imposed a country wide curfew unto wednesday morning and deployed the military to disperse the crowds. it had the opposite effect. 6 large crowds gathered opposite the
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president's office, vowing not to be intimidated. prison go tub is moved to sacrifice his brother doesn't seem to be working. today's racing nation is law, would you? but he is unlikely to address the cause that demands off the protest. i don't even despite the curfew in a state of emergency, many on the roads now because they feel their cause that the man's need to be live ammunition was fired. when protested, broke down gates to the premier's residence, the president had invoked the state of emergency on friday. for the past 30 days protested have maintained a largely peaceful campaign, demanding the raja boxer brothers and their government resign. but protested, said the violence unleashed by the prime ministers of boarders forced them to
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respond. police and the armed forces have the challenge of now restoring. come minute fernandez, al jazeera colombo, russia's president has used a victory day celebrations to tell his forces they're fighting in ukraine for the mother let. and it's future. vladimir putin led the traditional parade in moscow to celebrate the surrender of not to germany in 1945, but he didn't announce victory in ukraine and couldn't tell russians when the war wouldn't. georgia bari, reports from moscow victory day is the most important annual event for russians. but this year it has added significance because of the conflict in ukraine. $11000.00 troops her rated through red square in moscow to commemorate the soviet victory over nazi germany. 77 years ago and estimated 27000000 soldiers and civilians from the soviet union died in what the russians call the great patriotic
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war. president vladimir putin used the occasion to compare the fight against hitler to his so called special military operation in ukraine. the way that i say it is that you're fighting for people in dumbass, for the safety of a motherland, russia. now she may, the 9th 1945 will always be a trial of our single soviet people. russia's low preemptively rebuffed the aggression, it was timely and the only right decision, the decision of a strong sovereign independent country me somewhat the yet to leave them. as the missiles and other military hardware paraded through the street onlookers back their presence decision to send russian troops into ukraine. no more course, but i think the operation had to take place. we must win it, bring it to its logical ent only this way. not a single step back protest by the rule. i fully support the decision of the russian government in i don't condemn it. i think we would have ended up with naziism in
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just as evil. oh great. we must raise all this in ukraine. this fascist tribe must be wiped out from the world completely. that's why putin is doing everything right . always. which in didn't say when the operation might end. but he also didn't use his speech to broaden the conflicts or make a formal declaration of war. as some had feared. this civil war appeared to be marked more difficult and bloody. as in awe, we expected. we expect that this will be all bottle or a dumbass will continue our are probably up to the until 0. i'm middle bob now sanmar and zan are based on that. his uncles, his bottle, and gun boss, and your political decision, sir, now, will be made, put in late flowers at memorials to the 12 so called hero cities, which include odessa and kia for outstanding heroism during world war 2. the
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commemorations continued as president putin let the procession of what russians call the immortal regiment, carrying a portrait of his father who fought in world war 2, the and in the city of saint petersburg. he was joined by thousands of others who lost relatives in the war. similar ceremonies were held across russia and in the occupied territories of ukraine. in what is left of mary opal, russian back separatist reader. dennis per shilling told a small crowd that russia is here forever. president wilson says he has no doubt that the military operation will achieve its objectives in ukraine while he continues to use his country's path to justify its presence. a tactic that's proven to be mostly successful so far. with in russia. dorsey jabari al jazeera moscow, ukraine's president vladimir zalinski says russia's actions are a betrayal of victory did. cuz she has a bla, shisha mold, rushes,
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forgotten everything that was important to the winners of world war 2. but ukraine and the whole free world will remind them which so that then no one will forget to regain their weight. the really important woods never again, which over repeated round the free world every year in memory of the victims of world war 2. the u. s. president says he's worried russia's leader vladimir putin does not have a way out of the war with ukraine. joe biden made the comments after approving a new law to speed up the delivery of weapons and military equipment to ukraine. biden signed off on the lend lease act saying washington supports the ukrainians fight to defend their country and democracy against putin's brutal war. the u. s. has already given billions of dollars worth of weapons to you credit, hey, it appears the marco's family may be returning to power in the philippines.
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unofficial result of the presidential election suggest ferdinand marco's junior as a huge lead. and he could become the next leader 36 years after his father was overthrown in a revolution jamila alan dog and reports for manila. as vote counting got our new way it appeared for it didn't mark as junior, was surging ahead. he's the son and name seek of the former philippine president described by many as a dictator ousted in 1986 revolution or that the, i'm calling this not done. i sent it over, but i wanted to issue a short statement. and it essentially is a statement of gratitude to all of those who have been with us in this long and sometimes very difficult journey. you the not 10 candidates are running up, but for the presidency it's widely considered a 2 person race, vice president lenny roberto was also the leader of the opposition,
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is trailing behind marcus junior. initial results show a lead, so wide pool experts believe it is unlikely. roberto can catch up. jason, you're was up and i wanna, i'm with you in the belief that the elections must respect the full voice and well of the people. my life. it is important that the people continued their belief and respect for democracy. more than 60000000 filipinos voted for the successor to president rodrigo, to 30 in one of ages, oldest democracies. oh, here in one of the biggest polling presence in manila voting day was marked with frustration. about malfunctioning boating machines. people lined up for hours and refused to leave, even as the pulls officially closed. with global mom, brittany, lamb, you're born. we want to be here. the one we want to see over by let's go through the machines and see the receipt. some of them looks big, it's like a some of them,
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but they know both of us. we refused to leave our posts. this election is too important and every vote is sacred. the election commission assures the public that it is very much in control, and the sanctity of the votes is still protected. a marcus presidency would mean an extra ordinary return for her family. there was forcibly removed from power 3 decades ago through people power and could become the most consequential election. in recent philippine history, jamal ali dugan al jazeera manila out here is forest. larry joins us now. live from manila. good morning, florence. some power, the results being viewed there thus far, while among marco's supporters thus jubilation and elation. in the early hours of tuesday morning, some of them had gathered outside marco's campaign headquarters in manila, chanting his name and waving flags. now marco's june has yet to give
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a victory speech, because these are unofficial results in the sense that the national board of canvasses has yet to announce the vote. but this tally does come from the commission on election. marcus junior has thank to support us in a speech that was streamed live on facebook. social media has been the way he's been running his campaign now, but that's also disappointment. there's because of people saying that they weren't able to vote because of vote counting machines breaking down on the report. say that as many as a 1800 machines malfunction or broke down. and that's only about 2 percent of the total vote. number of vote counting machines, but that still represents double the number of machines that broke down in the 2016 general election and the 2019 mid term polls. and then there was a reports of vote buying like in previous elections, although it's to, it's difficult to say just how wide spread there is. that is now a number of civil society organizations. and students in manila are calling for a protest outside the building of the commission on election to protest against what they say is electro fraud. and there are also people who still remember what
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the, what life was like under the senior moccasins rule. and they said that this victory by mark was uni, has only been made possible because fiction has been repackaged as facts. referring to a campaign of misinformation that they say aloud to the marcus junior campaign to win . but marcus, this campaign has denied using misinformation. and then of course there's lenny robledo who's trailing behind in poles. now in the early hours of tuesday morning, she spoke to the media. she addressed the issue of voting irregularities. and but she did say that we cannot allow this issue to divide as because we love this country. and she said the thoughts of the filipino peoples of the, of the philippines, people are slowly becoming known. and florence, do we have any clearer picture at this stage? of what a bong, bong marcos presidency would look like. right, so that's difficult to answer with
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a great degree of certainty simply because of how he's run his campaign. i'm at his campaign events. it's, is he, his beaches or even that his appearances have been very or of his features have been very limited on policy. so we don't really know and he's limited his media appearances. it's been difficult to question him. his preferred instead to rely on social media influences and on blogs to augment his message. but still there are some remarks he's made where we're able to clean what sort of administration he's going. he's likely to run. now on foreign policy, he's likely to be pro china. so like his predecessor rodrigo to 30 am in the issue of territorial dispute with china in the south china sea. he is likely to push for a multi lateral approach. and that will be in china's favor because china's already in negotiations with others, how these asian nations claimants, to the south china jar the parts of the south china sea. and that the bar and the pushing for multilateral approach, a bilateral approach would we converse. and then of course, he's also indicated that he supports due today's drugs war on drugs,
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which is very controversial and is being investigated for human rights abuses, vomit. that's foreign. st. louis live for us from manila, thanks so much for the update. so it had on al jazeera, french and german leaders meet in berlin. what they say is the key to a united europe in the wake of the ukraine. a coral reef faces destruction. how rising sea water and the expanding desert is causing concern in synagogue. ah, the journey has begun the faithful world copies on its way to catherine book. your travel package today when it's when you get in china and a little bit in japan, but that's going off shore. took years at 20 degrees. the bit of a sherry band coming through beijing but attempts, you won't notice that very much where it's concentrated, is ready filling up the pearl river valley with significant ram usually floods,
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of course, sometime in the spring. so we're coming up towards that period. now. hong kong be involved in this wet weather as will to some degree taiwan, but to north of the yank seat mostly a dry picture there. does that live shares of probably just a fact? so but largely the current monitor is pretty dry at the moment for the southwest daily thunderstorms and showers the concentration, i think in the southern philippines maybe some away see for the west is where we are watching the change in winds that brought a, sorry, which the tropical cyclone into the bay of bengal, that's already given rain because of its large extent, all the way around the coast. the bay bang go. the wind itself is significant, but it's dying down, so it's more a risk to fishman, of course, to open waters. but the rain will fall in lab and there's a coastal flood warning out for andra pradesh. that'll keep going. throughout wednesdays. the storm itself slowly dissolves as for the rest of india and pakistan
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. severe heat wave cats are air weight, issue airline of the journey. seen it a burden. las babies are aborted in india simply for being girls. but amidst these resistance, even from her own patience, a fearless midwife has adopted the course of challenging, deeply ingrained traditions and terminating this modern day beat aside. the daughter, 3 witness on al jazeera lou . ah,
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you're watching all the 0. a reminder of our top story is this our anti government demonstrations and sri lanka have turned violent overnight despite a nighttime curfew and the resignation of the prime minister of my n to roger boxer. there been weeks of protests against the worsening economic crisis. russian president vladimir putin has told his forces there fighting for the motherland and its future new crane. he made the comments during victory day commemorations, marking the surrender of nazi germany to soviet troops in 1945 ukrainian president, florida maryland ski says russia's actions are the trail victory day. unofficial results from the philippines show ferdinand marco's junior is on track to become the next president. the 64 year old is the son of the president ousted in a revolution 36 years ago. or the 90 percent of the votes have been counted. a fight between rival gangs at a prison in ecuador has left at least 44 people dead. authority say they were all
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inmates at bella, vista jail in santo domingo. more than a 100. others escaped and remain at large. the violins broke out after a gang leader was transferred there, which officials say caused unrest. a lesson most of the wedding that you passed sadly 41 incarcerated people lost their lives during this incident. it can be seen that most of them, if not all of them, were killed with a knife, not with a fire on most of the bodies were exposed and attacked in the pavilions and cells. and most of the land that are more la, la, la, we found out about the riot when my relative called to say they were exploding dynamite with firearms inside they were entering the cells to kill every one mozilla. better as dowdy than not for them. we don't know if he's dead or alive yet that we want to know if he's dead or alive. that's what we want. adrian pres, salazar is an ecuadorian attorney and political analyst. he says, the situation at the prison is part of ecuador is growing problem with drug cartels is keep under some of these are not isolated instance. and there is that the reason
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why a violence that keeps increasing in presence is because they have there is a neuro center of the drug cartels in above a. so every time there is a ganga, this huge in. busy we're in always manifests in the extreme body, gang violence within the prison walls, this se, organizations are evil traded in the, in the police department. they're able trinity in the military, they're part of the, the, the penitentiary administration. so once the whole system is corrupted, it's extremely hard for me to, to, to clean the system. so we know, for example, that a weapons are been mobile in, in the food service, visit the presence, the, the conditions are appalling. they are terrible. and this is the result of decades
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and make it of neglect, of systematic neglect every time the government that needs and it's money, well you could for me for business because they're always at the bottom of the site . and now we're seeing as part of this, this partly result of that. but i insist that this is not only an issue of prisons . this is a systemic issue as an issue that's in infesting the whole over there. i society, unfortunately, for students have been killed in bolivia after a tear gas grenade was detonated during a university assembly, causing a stampede. 50 people were injured as panic. students tried to leave the assembly hall in the southern city of toasty. they had gathered to elect a new student body leaders. french president emmanuel mcroy has held talks with german chancellor, olaf, sholtes, and berlin. he called for europe to cooperate amid the ongoing crisis in ukraine. neutrinos will g, said the damsel sooner, ukraine is taking all the risks. therefore, we have to build a new political,
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not just a legal form of the council of europe together with the human rights court, which has been shaken up by russia. but we have to find a political form that makes it possible to keep these values in europe and to have political coordination with solidarity in terms of security. without doubt that not the same thing as nato, but cooperation and solidarity cooperation in terms of energy integration, solidarity within europe, energy solidarity in order to be able to move forward together with infrastructure and connections to nist. if i can help take on freedom in our opa at this moment, there is a war in europe. we are supporting and standing with ukraine, with supporting them with financial and humanitarian support and weapons. we have to do everything to avoid that was spilling over to other countries. therefore,
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we will be discussing our investments and to ukraine. and of course, with german french weapons projects will be discuss. natasha butler has this update from paris. was very significant, a manual micro going to her berlin. it is something that he did in 2017 when he was 1st elected his presence. there's no code. it's no surprise that he chose berlin once again off to his re election as his 1st overseas trip. this is about a matter with michael on delilah. what he sees is the fundamental importance of the franco german relationship, not just as a bilateral relationship, but also as a relationship which really defines in some ways we've seen so often as the motor of the european union, or both macro and all. actually, the german chancellor said in that price conference together that they felt that it was very important to reinforce and strengthen and bolster i. e. u sovereignty in several areas, but particularly in the area of energy. very relevant to the moment. of course,
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in the context of the war in ukraine, the use trying to reduce its a energy dependence on russia, but sholtes and michael said that that was absolutely essential and vital. they also both pledged their ongoing support and commitment to ukraine in its fight to for its own sovereignty. and they also said, of course, that they would do everything they could to try and see if they could bring a russia's invasion to an end. this was a meeting of these 2 leaders very much focused on the war and ukraine. very much focus on the european union. at least one person has been killed and 3 others seriously injured after a passenger train derailed just south of the austrian capital vienna. the red cross has 11 people suffered minor injuries. the cause is being investigated. local authorities in india's capital have stopped demolition drive and a muslim majority neighbourhood. after pressure by protesters, building regulators and new delhi say they're targeting illegal structures and not
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any particular religious group. critics say it's the latest attempt to harass and marginalize muslims, several muslim own properties, and shaheen bog were demolished after days of violence last month. or leaders and delegates are meeting in ivory coast biggest city abidjan to discuss biodiversity protection. their main goal is to stop fertile land becoming desert. the you and estimates $12000000.00 hectares is lost every year. nicholas hawk reports from an infected village and synagogues poto region. on the edge of this, a hell in northern senegal is no dal. d no longer a waste this but a village thinking in the sand, gone or the green pastures and vegetable gardens. it hasn't rained for almost 10 months. the villagers used to grow food. now they're going hungry. they're emaciated cattle. look for what's left on the sound. hope for shambled bark comes in the shape of a cloud high above. but will it rain? so i don't think so. even when it rains it doesn't stick to the ground. it's gotten
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so hard. even birch dropped from the sky. it feels like the desert is moving forward, swallowing our village, and so the men are leaving on the move is onion farmer, above our game, he sold his land for a $1000.00 using the money to pay a trafficker to take him to spain by boat. he worked as a stonemason in malaga, constructing homes for british taurus before being caught and deported by spanish. authorities made on the situation is bad. it's bad for all of us. we can't go back to farming on the coast, people's homes being destroyed by the rising ocean. i am ready to try to go to europe again. and there are many more like me. might have someone give you my do fault spend for years in the spanish prison for trafficking african to spain. i can't drive down to the blue people and not seen war but drought. it's when there
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is no water, no rain for 89 months, a down, more de punches for europe. and so traffic is wet for that term of the year when people are desperate to do the crossing. why these are for now these men have turned to fishing and we, but the catch is meagre. access to the waters are restricted because next year british petroleum will begin extracting liquid natural gas on their fish. and this is behind me as a senegalese navy ship here not to protect the fishing vessels and fishermen from the rough seas, but rather to protect that b p platform that you see in the distance it is here. what are the biggest discovery of liquid natural gas in the last 2 decades? the problem is beneath that platform is a cold water coral reef rich in bio diversity. and that's about to be destroyed. the discovery will bring some new jobs and revenue for senegal, but most here face an uncertain future, caught between
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a rising ocean and an expanding desert. nicholas hawk al jazeera and gel day. northern cynical the certification happens when land dries up, often due to deforestation, overgrazing or poor irrigation practices. as land is degraded, it loses topsoil, causing vegetation and crops to die. it also contributes to water shortages and can lead to poverty, forced migration and conflict. 70 percent of the world's dry lands are already degraded. that's about hundreds of millions of hector's. as a result, one and 7 people are more than 1000000000 people globally, could be forced to leave their homes before 2050. manuel mark has pereira is head of the migration environment, climate change and risk reduction division at the international organization for migration, he explains how climate change is driving migration. want to reach one of the main
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parties in these very complex processes that he's desertification and the associate deeds impacts of climate change, right? the, the biosphere is the system in which the different components interact, humanity in the, in progress. sam error that we are has interfered with some of these components in changes in rain, patterns are and will continue to influencing desert again area regions. the availability of these resource that in turn will condition the availability of father 40 animals, vegetation, and the capacity to retain in shore a productive soil that will then drive the populations out. all the livelihoods out of access to water, having to make tough decisions about there will be with the income from your across borders. we are looking at the evidence in it,
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generating data to understand better. but what we have available indicates that the majority of people will move within their own countries in vicinity of the area where the are even the conditions ah mrs. al jazeera. and these are the top stories. anti government demonstrations in sri lanka have turned violent overnight despite a nighttime curfew and the resignation of the prime minister. my hinder raj, epoxy. there have been weeks of protests against worsening economic crisis. rushes president vladimir putin has told his forces there fighting for the motherland. and its future in ukraine. he made the comments during victory day commemorations, marking the surrender of nazi german.


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