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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 10, 2022 6:00am-6:31am AST

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for what happens the in new york has implications all around the world. it's international perspective with the human touch zooming way in, and then pulling back out again. ah, demonstrators defy a curfew in sri lanka to demand that the president resigns ours after his brother and stepped down as prime minister ah, about this and this is our 0 live from bill hobb also coming up. ah, ah, celebrations and protests in the philippines, the son of an austin president, looks likely to become the next leader under fire. the coastal ukrainian city of
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odessa is hit by missiles, the u. s. it says, russia's leader is trying to rewrite history. ah, so 3 years new president takes over and says he'll lead the nation out of crisis. ah, violence has ranged late into the night in sri lanka, we're 5 people have died including a member of parliament. it's after rival demonstrations escalated into st battles sparked by the worst economic crisis in decades. the prime minister has already stepped down, but the pressure is on for his brother, the president to go as well. michelle fernandez reports from colombo ah, a powder keg of anger, frustration, and helplessness among she luncheons. there's been months of discontent over an economy tills to bankruptcy. people have been demanding the president,
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the prime minister, and the government resign. blaming them for mismanagement and corruption premium a hinder roger box, a has now bowed to pressure. don, about how about i'm out when given i get weird as a leader who always listen to the people. i'm asking you, i mean, what do we do now? and i knew we weren't melinda. we want melinda hearing, that means i do not need to resign. bustin from the round the country, a pro government crowd confronted protest as in colombo who have spent weeks calling for change. some were injured while tents and posters were torn up. some said the police did not act fast enough to stop them. but shortly after protest as regrouped and launched a counter attack, targeting the buses that transported them even destroying luxury vehicles and
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houses belonging to roger fox. the loyalists. the government imposed a country wide curfew until wednesday morning and deployed the military to disperse the crowds. it had the opposite effect. large crowds gathered opposite the president's office, vowing not to be intimidated. prison, good job is moved to sacrifice his brother. doesn't seem to be working. to days, racing nation is law, would you? but he is unlikely to address the cause. the demands of the protest, i don't even despite the curfew in a state of emergency, many on the roads now because they feel their cause that the man's need to be live. ammunition was fired when protested broke down gates to the premier's residence, the president had invoked the state of emergency on friday. for the past 30 days
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protested have maintained a largely peaceful campaign, demanding the raja boxer brothers and their government resign. but protested, said the violence unleashed by the prime minister's boarders forced them to respond . police and the armed forces have the challenge of now restoring. come minute fernandez, are 0, colombo. it appears the marco's family may be returning to power in the philippines. unofficial results of the presidential election suggest ferdinand mar host junior has a huge lead and he could become the next leader of 36 years after his father was overthrown in a revolution from al alan dorgan reports from manila. as vote counting got turned away, it appeared for it didn't mark as junior was surging ahead. he's the son and name sake of the former philippine president described by many as
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a dictator ousted in 1986 revolution or that the account is not done. i sent it over, but i wanted to issue a short statement and it essentially is a statement of gratitude to all of those who have been with us in this long and sometimes very difficult journey. yeah. are you the 10 candidates are running? but for the presidency, it's widely considered a 2 person race, vice president lenny roberto was also the leader of the opposition, is trailing behind. marcus junior. initial results show a lead, so white pull experts believe it is unlikely. ru brenda, can catch up case ending up or something any wanna. i'm with you in the belief that the elections must respect the full voice and well of the people smiling. it is important that the people continued their belief and respect for democracy. more than 6, the 1000000 filipinos voted for the successor to president rodrigo,
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to 30 in one of ages, oldest democracies. oh, here in one of the biggest polling presence in manila voting day was marked with frustration about malfunctioning voting. machines. people lined up for hours and refused to leave, even as the pause officially closed. with global mom, brittany villamor door. we want to be here one. we want to see our robots going through the machines and see the receipts was full of full mux, biggest visible coma, but they and both of us be refused to leave our posts. this election is too important and every vote is secret. the election commission assures the public that it is very much in control, and the sanctity of the votes is still protected. a marcus presidency would mean an extra ordinary return for a family. there was forcibly removed from power 3 decades ago through people power
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and could become the most consequential election in recent philippine history. jamal eileen dugan, al jazeera manila, florence for his life. for us in manila, it looks as though we have at least a fairly clear idea of how this is going to turn out. but how are people who are been voting for those? how are people in the country viewing these results? well, really, it depends on who you ask. i'm just the idea behind me. there was a crowd of around 300 to 500 people protesting outside the commission on election. a buildings saying that there has been electoral fraud. they're referring to the fact that people say they haven't been able to vote a 1800 vote counting machines were not working properly. now that although is just a small fraction of the total number of vote counting machines that still represents doubled the number of machines that didn't work in the last 2 elections . now also, if you ask people who remember what life was really like in the philippines under
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martial law during marco's seniors administration, they will say that this victory was only made possible or that this presumptuous victory on because the official results have not been announced. yet, they will say that it is only, it has only be made possible because of a mis information campaign that attempts to repaint the that era as the golden age for the philippines now. but of course, a few ask macos supports his mark was junior supporters. it is a time to celebration in the early hours of tuesday morning, and some of them, what their outside marco's campaign headquarters in manila, chanting, marco's juniors name, waving flags, marco's junior himself, hasn't given a victory speech. but he has made a speech that was streamed live on facebook, thanking his supporters for dinner, marco's juniors running made is an interesting one south, deterred to she's the daughter of course of rodrigo to tar 2, who's the outgoing leader. she's likely, i think if the results pano the way that they appear to be this is likely going to be vice president. do we have any idea of how
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a watermark host presidency with the do tarty involvement is gonna look like it's quite hard to say with a certain degree of certainty, what sort of policies are made up his visit ministration and incoming administration will have because the marcus campaign has been very thin on details and that has been very limited media engage and at least where macos junior is concerned. but i also 2 remarks that he's made that would make been able to glean now he's likely to be pro china just like its predecessor due today. he's also likely to am he, but he's also said he's supposed to 10 days, controversial war on drugs which has killed thousands of people. and of course that's going to be more likely by the fact that to tear tate detailed. his daughter's heritage is going to be part of the administration now, but what analysts are saying that they're going to be looking out for is just whether or not to test is administration's policy or other of going with
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a strong man rule, a rather more authoritarian style route, whether that on is going to continue or not. and we've seen really how this might be possible just looking at the way this protest was handled. it was a crowd of only 300 to 500 people. look, please moved in with riot gear. they brought water cannon, they were ready to fight, push back the crowd, and the crowd had been here for less than 2 hours. is this an indication of that sort of tolerance level that a new administration is going to have for freedom of expression for expression of descent. that is what we're going to have to watch and see for him. thank you very much. obviously the results do get closer, we're, we're going to go be checking in with you, but for now, foreign slurry and manella. thank you very much indeed. and turns fighting's, continuing. the ukrainian city will dare settlers strategically important black sea port. ukraine's military says at least one person's been killed and 5 others have been wounded in russian air strikes. they say a shopping center and
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a warehouse have been hit. and the past week rushes targeted several turns in the southern region. on the australia forced the european union council president to take cover. charles michelle was visiting the city to emphasize its importance for exports of grain which had been blocked for the war. a delays are adding to a global food crisis. un secretary general until he of the terrorists has made a plea for more financial support for moldova, europe's poorest station. the population of around 4000000 is hosting 800000 ukranian refugees and other 350000 have been processed there. patella's in certain countries to do whatever it takes to help. although a deal with the humanitarian crisis, the impact of what a new crane across the region and the world is profound and far reaching. the consequences of escalation are too frightening to contemplate. i am deeply concerned about the god in ration possible spread of the war. rush is raging
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ukraine and by the impact it is every not only the reason, but that on the walls. the u. s. president says he's worried he rushes leader vladimir putin does not have a way out of the war with ukraine. joe biden made the comments after approving a new law to speed up the delivery of weapons and military equipment to ukraine. biden's signed off on the lend lease act saying washington supports the ukrainians in what he called their fight to defend their country and democracy against prudence. brutal war b. u. s. is already given billions of dollars worth a weapons to ukraine. sell ahead on al jazeera echoes growing problem of gang violence. fighting between rival drug cartels in a prism leads to a blood bath. and the dangers of being a woman in mexico protest is accused the government of failing to solve a growing list of crimes. ah,
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there's plenty of cloud now in the northern plains and the prairies of camden county of the pacific. so that's where the weather is. what's where the rain falls at the sky, but for most of us, most of canada, sunny a sunshine, is the thing and windy weather. the fire danger continuing from new mexico back westwards to southern california. the still the hint of wintry stuff on the high ground of the california rockies. you'll notice but notice the blues here and there, look at the temperature. did you notice there in the thirty's, is quite a bloom of warmth coming up from the gulf right up to the great lakes that well 2 places quite possibly up to near reco value. certainly, well above where they should be and bit of a change in the last couple of weeks. i think my great now back to the carrier be in the gulf of mexico. we have got significant sherry right in thunderstorms. i think the turks and k costs. they might affect cuba, haiti, and you've got that increase in the likelihood of rain, for example, in nicaragua,
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on both sides, the caribbean and the pacific coast. not probably true of mexico's well, the seasonal rain in south america is this line here, which is now north of brazil. it takes you across to columbia. there's also this line of showers, which i've noticed he's showing this over and put a leg to place that stuff in flooding, or we could go, shouldn't be that bad. ah, oh i ah, wherever you go in the world, one airline goes to make it feel exceptional. katara always going places to
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go. lou. ah, your geology, 0 reminder of our top stories this our violence has raged late into life in sri lanka. we're 5 people have died, including a member of parliament. troops have been deployed in the capital and a nation wide curfews now underway. unofficial results in the philippines show founded on marco's junior, is on track to become the next president. 64 year old as the son of the president, i've stood in a revolution 36 years ago. more than 90 percent of the votes shipping counted, the cranes military says at least one person's been killed and 5 others wounded in russian air strikes in odessa. they say a shopping center at
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a warehouse were hit in the past week, rushes targeted several times in the southern region. the u. s. has accused russian president vladimir putin of rewriting history during his speech in moscow to mark victory day. putting use the celebrations to suggest western aggression lead to the war in ukraine, but he gave no clues about what his next move might be lost as a body report. so law school victory day is the most important annual event for russians. but this year it has added significance because of the conflict in ukraine. 11000 troops, her radio through red square in moscow to commemorate the soviet victory over nazi germany 77 years ago. and estimated 27000000 soldiers and civilians from the soviet union died in what the russians call the great patriotic war. president vladimir putin used the occasion to compare the fight against hitler to his so called special military operation in ukraine. we thrash where it is. you're fighting for
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people in dom boss for the safety of our motherland, russia, and i sure may. the 9th 1945 will always be a trial of our single soviet people. russia's low preemptively rebuffed the aggression, it was timely and the only right decision, the decision of a strong sovereign independent country me. some was the yet to leave them. as the missiles and other military hardware paraded through the streets, onlookers back their presidents decision to send russian troops into ukraine. no more gorse brauner. i think reparation had to take place. we must be in it, bring it to its logical ent only this way. not a single step back august by the rule. i fully support the decision of the russian government in i don't condemn it. i think we would have ended up with naziism in yes, as evil. oh great. yeah. we must raise all this in ukraine. this fascist drive must be wiped out from the world completely. that's why putin is doing everything right
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. always which i didn't say when the operation might end, but he also didn't use his speech to broaden the conflicts or make a formal declaration of war. as some had feared, the civil appeared to be marked more difficult and bloody as an ah, we expect we expect that this will be all bottled, all done boss will cantino ah, mobile grid to say i'm joseph. i'm middle bob now sama and zan. based on that, his uncles, his bottle and on boss, on your political decision. so i will be made put in late flowers at memorials to the 12 so called hero cities, which include odessa and kia for outstanding heroism during world war 2. the commemorations continued as president putin let the procession of what russians call the immortal regiment, carrying a portrait of his father who fought in world war 2,
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defending the city of saint petersburg. he was joined by thousands of others who lost relatives in the war. similar ceremonies were held across russia and in the occupied territories of ukraine, in what is left of mary opal russian back separatist liter. dennis shaylin told a small crowd that russia is here forever. president wilson says he has no doubt that the military operation will achieve its objectives in ukraine while he continues to use his country's path to justify its presence. a tactic that's proven to be mostly successful so far. with in russia. dorsey jibari al jazeera moscow, south korea sworn in its new president, former prosecutor young. so he o ward leaders and former presidents have been among thousands attending the inauguration in so young the presidency by a narrow margin in march. and he takes office at a time when tensions are high on the korean peninsula as speak to rob mcbride,
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who is at the presidential residence in. so rob and there's a line expectation. this government is going to be very different to the more liberal one of one j in the, the previous 1. 1 of those areas we're likely to see differences in foreign policy . what are the big changes we might see? that's why that is going to be a big departure here in style from the administration. this integration here is just wrapped up held and spring sunshine. thousands of people attending here in the grounds of the national assembly listing to musical performances as witnessing the swearing in the by the new president, the 20th president of south korea and also listening to his inaugural address. but he is a conservative. we have just had 5 years of liberal administration here, which was bent to add that 5 years on trying to get better dialogue with north korea facilitated all of these summits with president trump with united states. well, there has going to be a change to that. the conservative you has said that he's going to take
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a much tougher line with north korea and it does, does come of course, after we've seen these uptake in missile testing from the north, well, over a dozen missiles tested since the beginning of this year. more recently we've sold an icbm and intercontinental ballistic missile loans. the sort of missile we haven't seen loans is 2017. that was at the end of march. and then just this past weekend, a new type of submarine loads, ballistic missile. we seem to be north korea way of sending a message yet to president noon, but the units promised to take a tough a stand. he's also try to i. he said he will try to restore relations with ne, but japan, which has been strained in recent years, and also with the traditional ally of the united states us president joe biden is coming this way. so we are likely in the coming months and possibly years, especially with his conservative administration here, seeing a return to the kind of allegiances and alliances we had during the cold war of the last century,
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with loosely aligned russia and china to some extent supporting north korea versus united states and it's too traditional allies here in northeast asia of japan and south korea. so that's in terms of foreign policy. but it's interesting, isn't it, that president units already coming in. we've some control overseas with regard to his domestic policies as well. that's right, i mean that controversy and politics and have a far apart in south korea, but he does have the dubious distinction president, you'd have this being de won't of his presidency effectively. and he already comes with a whole bunch of baggage and he is quite a controversial character. he was a former prosecutor working for the government. he was only best known before, standing for election as the prosecutor who prosecuted park, hey the former president who was impeached and then spent time in prison for corruption. during his campaign, he, along with his liberal opponents,
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were both noted for the popularity it seemed as though the more unpopular of that of the, of the 2 was going to lose. so he wasn't to come again with very popular domestic policies. some speculation is having to change that there is an ongoing route here about the shifting of his office from the traditional blue house residency of the south korean presidency to a new location which is causing all sorts of traffic problems. it's all causing allegations that he is moving to government departments around the las lease. so he actually comes in quite the unique position of being more unpopular than the man he's replacing signs in the south. korea is facing some very interesting times in the coming years. thank you very much indeed. welcome bright in sol. well, a fight between rival gangs at a prison in ecuador has left at least $44.00 inmates dead and dozens more on the run. a violence broke out after a gang leader was transferred to the bella, vista jail and santo domingo. alessandra was, i'm petty,
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has more this footage shows the my, him inside the bay of east a prison in santo domingo. dozens of dead bodies are seen, piled under plenty of floor. the inmates were killed in another night to fight between rival gangs. officials say it was triggered by the arrival of a gang leader. is the latest in a series of deadly riots inside it with horse prisons that my urea is yours to put another seat, kathy, most of the victims of not almost 100 percent, were killed with a knife and not with a firearm. and most of the bodies were exposed and assaulted in the woods and in the cells. distraught relatives rushed to the prison. desperate to find out what had happened, while many were killed, some managed to escape. more than a 100, were we captured on monday. not other lines that are more la la lama. we found out about the riot when my relative called to say they were exploding dynamite with
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firearms inside. they were entering the cells to kill every one magellan. better as dowdy and not by them. we don't know if he's dead or alive yet. i said, we want to know if he's dead or alive. that's what we want. people not nearly for 100 inmates have been killed in prison riots in little over a year. ecuador has seen an increase in gang violence, his rival groups supported by mexican drug cartels battle for control of transit routes. for cocaine smuggled from fiddle and columbia. last month president guillermo last so declared a 60 day state of emergency in 3 western provinces, increasing the police and military presence. but it has so far failed to stop the blood shed. some observers say the problem is systemic reason why violence keeps increasing. integral presence is because they have there's a neuro center of the. busy cartels integral or a so every time there is
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a ganga. this huge in. busy we're in always manifests in extreme body game violence within the prison walls. a level of brutality never seen before in this country, and that the government seems unable to bring and their control. i listened that and the al jazeera, a turkish citizens have been kidnapped in hastings. calico port, her presence is the latest in a string of high profile, abductions by powerful gains. residence in northern port prince. have been protesting against rising gang violence in the city as force dozens of schools and businesses to close in recent weeks and displaced thousands of families. protests are expected in mexico to mark one month since 18 year old and devonie escobar disappeared. below students body was found in a water tank at a motel 2 weeks after she was last seen a death spot, a nation wide outcry over the spiraling fantasized rate by an old uncle of reports
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from mexico city. this is a photograph of devany escobar. it was taken on the night she disappeared in monterey mexico. exactly one month ago. though multiple government agencies participated in the search for devany. her lifeless body was found almost 2 weeks later at a location that had been overlooked as many as 4 times by searchers. as public pressure mounted on state, prosecutors, authorities were forced to admit some mistakes may have been made in the handling of the investigation on them. off bottleneck woolfolk fable, focus on resources at our disposal to was determining what happened. and if this implies a chromos tightened place, we will apply the full force of the little leak on the heater debit. his family says the case highlights the failures of authorities, both to protect women in mexico and to solve crimes committed against them. what was the deputy was missing for several days? the state prosecutor's office didn't do their job correctly. my mistake was
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trusting the prosecutor's office. disappearances are an all too common problem, inv alone in just the 1st few months of this year. more than 60 women been reported missing in the city of monterey alone. head out of the martinez has been looking for his sister for more than a month now. he says, assistance from the government in finding her has been like having no help at all. but i me have better the atom for me the 1st 16 days she was missing wasted, which is very important. the longest is the remains missing. is evidence. your 3rd does not do a good job. many in this part of mexico say that a lot of the complaints about the government lacking resources, having poor training and a tendency by authorities to downplay the seriousness of the problem can be traced back decades. b, y lucky. that one actually says daughter brenda went missing in 2011, though brenda was later found dead. one has since dedicated her time to helping other families find that they are missing, loved ones alive,
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and to call on the government to do more about missing persons cases. no segers and all of these mark m a, b, it's the same investigator as always, and the same inconsistency as 2011. the authorities don't do their jobs, right? they say they have equipment, but we looked into this and the only thing year is their job titles. the case of devany escobar sparked protest across mexico, once again shining a spotlight on the worsening problem of impunity. which experts say fuels higher rates of violence and disappearances. according to the latest report by the united nations committee on enforce disappearances, $748.00 women disappeared in mexico in just the 1st 4 months of this year. that's an average of 7 women going missing every day and read up a low al jazeera mexico city, of former senior rwandan officials gone on trial in paris for his alleged role in
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the 1994 genocide. the home booster router is the highest ranking figure yet to face justice in france for the massacres. a 78 year old denies the charges of genocide and complicity and crimes against humanity. one of the most recognizable portraits of marilyn monroe has sold for a $195000000.00 at auction in the united states that make sandy walls 1964 painting the most expensive american art work ever sold at auction bought a part what fell just short of the $200000000.00 estimate, the pro says proceeds are going to be debated to charity. ah, this is all the 0. these are the top stories. violence has raged late into the light and shall anchor were 5 people have died including a member of parliament, rival demonstrations escalated into st battles sparked by the worst you can.


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