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tv   Witness Shelter  Al Jazeera  May 10, 2022 12:30pm-1:01pm AST

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with new pandemic variance in no end to a ukraine war, that slowed energy distribution that will likely continue to leave those drivers still. manning the wheel bracing for what comes next. john henderson, al jazeera rogers, arkansas. one of the most recognizable portraits of hollywood actress, mariner monroe, has sold for a $195000000.00 at an auction in the united states. that makes annual holes $9064.00 silt screen print the most expensive artwork by an american artist with it full just short of a $200000000.00 estimate. the proceeds will be donated to charity. ah, sir, this is our desert. these are the top stories, the streets around shoreline, because capital of colombo, a. com, following a night of unrest. the 7 people were killed after a nationwide curfew was ignored by many p. m. resigned after rival demonstrations
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escalated into battles. no fernandez has more as things intensified late into the night yesterday. the authority is decided to extend that island wide curfew into the early hours of wednesday morning. but as you can see around me may be over my shoulder. i mean, the one thing that's as large as life is a smouldering bus, and there are many of those dotting colombo ah, basically, remnants of watch protested, had sat on the buses that brought all of these my, him the roger boxes, supporters for that meeting. that the prime minister had artificial results from monday's presidential election to the philippines suggests for med, marcus junior is set to become the next leader 36 years after his father was overthrown from manila is jamilla allan. doug, traditionally though this usually takes a few days after which, ah, ah, the commissioner elections will before the commission elections announced,
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or who actually emerge as the next president or vice president of the philippines. but you know, if we look at the leads of our bongo marcus junior, are and, and the lead is millions are with vice president. lenny roberto, the leader of the opposition trailing behind many experts believe that it's unlikely that there's going to be a big change. the mayor of mary paul says at least a 100 civilian men are still trapped in the steel plot. besieged by russian forces . un has been coordinating evacuations pretty and officials had weakened that all women and children and the elderly have been rescued. conservative at uni, so fuel has been sworn in as of south cruise, new president, world leaders from former presidents were among thousands attending the inauguration. so eunice calling to the conflicted neutralization of north korea. europe. stoughton headlines. more news coming up right after witness. ah,
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i'll just wait a minute for a short time that i want that one question why the fire might not match. my child will be at the top with
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his g c player was a battle the motors and because i've many motors on while you're on mar solution much of das. so it was, i stay at that how to soft the beam. what his son in chatty area to see each be monitors on academia is that she had to be modest. and i got the mean dyslexia, obviously you should see that they'd be more of a quote on a porch with it. as my husband just sat eat to talk about that, so want to get you to better. yeah. dad, i'm on a be moderate, or no, he almost biased mendoza that was issued john only to that in beast rejected the switches i want to, hobby and nibble as we can named us trying you know, what was an argument gender, them on my dishwasher as son how to for you my, you was gone there,
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figuring my is gone, the name you shed must skin dodie, dean. joe would have had lucian up when we got on germany. you're the one is claude . i your dad hard. anybody on my let me get garcia. i get called tom would, i guess sure. would aggie hours. would i get it all high school beginning on the monitor? one i was charged more valuable than i did it. ah, i was gonna go out of the limo to show this one over there at a meeting like that. i didn't want to have one of you get this over the you know, show level the other one is gonna be eligible for ben and all comes with a i wanted to tell you that when i get shaw. yeah. have you been?
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yeah, only busy, but i'm on new matter. want to show up a teacher called my daughter, i was doing some motivation to like a, me them this on how we should ref, they back to the conclusion, you got to be a, a price for the one that had to have with a, a, with a you'll be an issue, i mean, i mean, i mean just will take them back is not to call it
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a little bit of a b i a i'm going to just in the beginning one in a while, i have one more showing a mass relate and then we'll do it on the non payment for d q again, with who ah,
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shad as on my own as the mis that's been back to your manager on task main boy especially jack set america jobs be motor service for them as a term membership thinking like me my son, a jed itself, tuition that you've had medical, would you be mad at me? my normal to the ha ha ha ha ha ha, dr. between him about me too many mission when i haven't been mission, when i shall be more fun that didn't. michelle, this is anytime image a police of a mission shot raj reminding me of the me
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letter both of them more than just for your shows. you just the majority of those funny ones in the shot record on us me i follow me. my name's when i was get back the other little now i see a movie. my baby, you know my son and side of it to them as boat, encore,
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enough orders. i may be my son, i'll push flow for them and give them i use my phone. i don't live if you me a i see you, my granddaughter. so it was my solution to just buy one. know it was the knowledge already been to do that for this. i'm with sadie. been that shooters a as i saw, see with my dad that i'm missing the way. sure you're on the board. not a big you. full read it. i'm sim or have is a similar about 10 or why result, nanny, she is our morning know them. i mean for see with kathy with a thin but attack with our dad long
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or so my who didn't generally can anybody? how do the they need to tell you how they don't do? well, what do you give us? that is my mom and the daughter's mobile home. yeah. in germany, which is most, you know, to preserve your mobile and more jazz steaming, which is soft. and when are you be more on nasty, chicago? i don't ever thought with a go for when i'd be more than the door and then i'm as you know, the more that we shall invoice for the to the quote again. oh, it's hudson but the name of your call when i ah
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with. 7 who issue that i'm not, i had some she g germany, york city in san there as best meeting on nevada.
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yes. thank you. good on us. i'm full bush batch or yes. thank you. got on your team mission here for gfc brosuti a level credit will have them to call me and i was just had one you said i've done is i've got another company called shadow. i've got the manual there a little bit more to talk to
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them and me get all my chart of that and that's about it. but you go, this is just want to get a new me some of them. so awesome. and you know, how do you like to doing that and how michigan was gonna do what i'm told that i meant to call, i guess the homepage now you're talking about i don't want to put it to me, but i get to the most i can let them know that you had sent me to me.
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that sounds good. well, i'm going to call to get one. 0, i can't see what i need to be more so hard for me to finish out it. i would really need to have it done by then somebody would approach that as i really needed to what do i have to have more on the budget? a board i'm car motor, vision, mission that and i'm going to that, that in that way. and she really with, with them and ask them, do them much better than i'm going to go now about any of a soon to send them. what counsel in case when he taught
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me or them to do as me, i'll be sending me up a bowl yet. soft the database name todd. easy, i'm good on for them more. yeah. a time. yeah. gotten a new name and you need to do is really shopping together. window a p a t m a r i c, along with a high
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estimate. i'd actually in a minute run that me or any of that me and i did this. i worship balloon. i guess it was a bit more challenging amount of watts or more about a month on our mission to
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your this year. they will chime in and show them that on on you make it shars which last land. they're my car phone. i mean, i have a session going over the 5. i cannot a mom was fine because me yet you today the guy mediation, living kid, who will need to need all the vision. yes. that was off and i was labeled because my mom had some when i was leaving my son in high school in house for family that but that's his angle more that i can for i mean, i close years calling the corner was funny when i one is in
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the law yesterday, i think there's a closing here that will show my claim important in charlotte is that i don't that i think the water bill for a quarter know some of them actually got to be so kind to my son
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this is what i would need for that in mind and also all my need to have my still more minutes. i made mine the more more he time on the car to get on a quarter man gun to stick with no meeting. ziggy pay that the tis stolen and be stashed a barrier and german or doors limit his thumb said he's asking me for a funeral with my son doodle sees then i will see this pain if i'm doing bloss nazi they end up with
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a real issue with the extra film was it goes to show us hundreds of those. i also want to point on, on the slide. they don't want any sub leo coleman at home. is it over to them? you know, he said that it is the most with him on this one. legged boys, is it over to pearson insurance, bassio's hassan court, or best of issue as the on the house on car go to tag corner. you know, hammer fish or the shade is yodeep man over there. juno, silent went, you'll annoying almost on what not of us 1 may yet on an honest i'm back on the
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ground. i'm to share the force share stream show on for me doing now you was showing this one is jordan, one came yesterday to call or know had to be inside. oh, on it or been think the card was you moving to port your resume to renew my membership? got a month and i'm on the visual mom. connie saw my student, the online magazine, i'm together mazano. i learned that he citing quitting shadow, beautified. i'm gonna give you time he would, he might, he's as the one i know you asked a p. schmidt. german madge. would embassies them say the fisher invoice, each other common talks from cher corvette monkey quoted lend hamish anonymous yet to move to court by troy. noisy me shot to school now, how my house so not had time yesterday. give low line chairman me at r y
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a in they were torn big china. i was to just that name with. i'm been having it to the all my buddy. it all was saudi is learning credible from that ain finds out of out of that a lot about us
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a little heavier with all that i do. you have adding that you have more that was my job. i thought. 8 i wouldn't want to go to another body, you're always gonna go to buy me anything with a. 8 job in doc, but on the there is an attorney. yeah. not being here. bother than this. you know? i know that it wasn't but about what you
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wanted to go. how long should i know, joan? i not been move. caught a yeah with a shit. that's how may i have a record or you know that on the tellers has done. yeah. haven't between the you ta to be maurice, bundle albany is the photo put anybody may put on ah, bill. if the amount is on add that i'll go more the i need no more. yeah. was she
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like if you're in good, if you i'm curious. i love looking. it also saw sam on me that i said with attorney john penner as it us on all my that fireman dorm. what you'd on a shaft, the mode you'd already be more to saw. i mean, just is you're a boy, i'm name is jane george. mr. democratizing that a
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all militia then a job. i know i said as i want to shove on and see about child martinez the eucharist and more out of that are to be screws and jones with all seen as a burden. countless babies are aborted in india. simply for being girls. but amidst these resistance, even from her own patience, a fearless midwife has adopted the course of challenging, deeply ingrained tradition and terminating this modern day beat aside. the daughter,
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3, witness on al jazeera. cats are always official airline of the jun with with mm pool an
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official and on the journey. we know what's happening in our region. we know, have them get the plate that others and not as far as i said, i'm going on the way that you tell the story is what can make a difference. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm emily. when this is been news, our live from joe, coming up in the next 60 minutes, the aftermath of a night of violence in lancaster capital. i'm ref continue. so the government's handling of the worst economic crisis in independent fed and then bung my cause. why? the official count result where he's expected to win the philippines presidential election.


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