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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 10, 2022 4:00pm-5:01pm AST

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about the stream on al jazeera, mainstream coverage of big stories can sometimes deliver more heat than lights in early war tar scenario. there's always a push to simplify narratives, the listening pace covering the way the news is covered on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm emily anglin. this is the news our live from doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes. the son of a controversial form alida is poised to be the new philippines president. ferdinand marcos junior urges people to judge him by his actions the aftermath of a night of violence. in sher lunk, his capital unrest continues the government's handling of the worst economic crisis
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since independence predictions ukraine's economy will contract by about a 3rd this year following russians invasion and zimbabwe hold to lending by banks to stabilize a plunging currency. for business ladies have a grim warning. and on job a nash with sports, the nbc is heading to the middle east for the 1st time that he can find a low t, a deal with the app and sappy the 1st 2 games that scheduled for this october. aah! judge me not by my ancestors bought by my actions. those are the words of phillip pain at presidential front runner, ferdinand macos junior. as he promises to bridge a divide between old filipinos an unofficial, charlie shows the son of a controversial former leader with a wide lead over his nearest rival foreign slowing reports from manila. ha.
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protesters gather outside the election commission building to protest against what they say are voting irregularities. some people were unable to vote after at least a $1800.00 vote counting machines. malfunctioned during national elections on monday, less than 2 percent of the total number of machines. i use in the home and we are here because we have seen how sloppy the election commission to work is they had to be used to prepare for the selection, but they are competent. they took away that i thought filipinos the board for what they won. the protesters were soon pushed back by police with water cannon and swat teams on standby. for heavy pushback has long been the hallmark of the outgoing administration incumbent president, rodrigo to 30 had little tolerance for descent or criticism. i ferdinand marco's junior, whose late father ruled the country for 2 decades,
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and was often described as a dictator, is on cause to win a landslide victory. and with to turn days, daughter sara set to become the vice president. many are concerned, their civil liberties may shrink further. analysts say the return to power of the marcus family is the result of decades of rebranding. boosted in recent years through social media campaigns, often with misleading information. studies have shown that the market campaign in the market family has usually invested in this machinery. and i think if they're going to be the next administration. but this is going to be a lean and mean propaganda spewing machine. he says the strategy may not only help them win power, but keep it for marcus is support is gathered outside his campaign headquarters the day after the polls. those concerns were far from their minds as their
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candidate heads for victory with an unassailable margin. florence li, algebra, manila. okay, let's bring in and jamila allan doug and his live for us in at manila and has been covering this election campaign. and theres been sorry, jamaila. theres been allegations of wide spread voting fraud elsewhere in the country. what more do we know about that? just well, you know, it did not just happened in manila, you know, the breaking down of more than 1800. both counting machines was actually not the only thing that people here were complaining about, particularly those supporting vice president. lenny red or there were also reports of violence, an electoral related violence in the southern region of men. the now just earlier today, there was a stand off between 2 warring political plans from the found booty. and they tried to physically take the ballads away that was under the control of the provincial
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government and the commission on elections. now that has scaled down a bit, but there were at least 15 electoral violence recorded across the men than our region just yesterday up until today and according to officials, at least 6 people have already been killed. now we are in manila, in downtown manila, just behind me is the commission on elections had orders where for nearly all day to the there were several groups that were protesting really, mostly from the leader of the opposition's campaign groups and supporters. asking commission on the election officials to come down and face them in person and answer questions over irregularities. julie during election day jamila, what will be the fight of democracy with this new president? ah, that's actually what everybody is wondering about. but people do believe that there are very troubling signs, for example, not only because of global markers junior's heritage. she's the son of
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a former president. a lead dictates, a ruled with an iron fist in the philippines for more than 20 years. but the fact that there has been really no recognition for all the atrocities committed by the market says by their allies and the corruption. and he himself, also a convicted activator, was facing both a $1000000.00 estate tax problems here and contact cases abroad. and the fact that during the entire campaign, he hardly accepted media interviews and skipped most of the debates. instead, focusing on this wide spread well funded online propaganda campaign to prop up his popularity. and that seemed to have worked, you know, he now has around 30000000 votes out of this more than 60000000 registered voters that were real worry here again as mentioned is accountability. what will happen to those cases involving ill gotten wealth? will he faced the press? will he faced the people during times of crisis that all remains to be seen?
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but really, there is no question that this election is seen as the most consequential in recent philippine history and certainly is. thank you very much. tamila allan doug and ly press in manila and merit has veto. it is an editor at large from the media company . rap la, she says many fear marcos presidency will erode democracy in the country. as we've seen during the election campaign, he has the was the least open among the candidates who did not grant media interviews except to those who considered friendly. he undermined the mainstream and independent media by bringing along the score theory of bloggers to the company . he evaded, ask questions. so we foresee that when he becomes president, it will be a secret, the office of the president. and he will continue that this information that he started way back many years ago when you ran for vice president in laws. let's
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remember that the fair that the current president leave the wait for a leader who will abide by and all the products label with there. this part that when he campaign for president and he became president, use a lot of this information and we saw that these, some of these were space plus or so it's easy for the success or to continue with this erosion of democracy because the parent asked me to wait, so we see this information, we see a weakening of institutions and 30 our standard history textbooks do not thoroughly discuss marcia law and the abuse us of the dictatorship. so it's very, very sad that when mark was become sit down as president on june 30th, we may even law those our history. so this is a battle for our future as well as for our pass and said to sri lanka now where the streets around the capital, colombo, a. com, following
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a night of unrest. more police had been deployed on the ground though at least 7 people were killed after a nationwide curfew was ignored by many overnight. the violence on monday prompted prime minister may hinder roger pucker to resign. protest is had called for his resignation. blaming the government, the country's worst economic crisis since he gained independence back in 1948. when al fernandez has moved from colombo, there's been a curfew clamped down since i last evening when the tensions of flared up. and this has meant that while there are many people on the roads, there are, in fact people looking around, it seems like that you see over my shoulder 3 burning buses and one behind that as well. so a total of for the likelihood of people getting into crashes and things like that. his eased completely as because you have not just the police but also members
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of the 3 armed forces being called out by the president. in fact, on our way into these areas, we've seen the air force, the navy and the army deployed at checkpoints, literally sort of stopping where he goes, checking, who's going around in them. and all of that. these have also kept control on the tensions plus that sort of initial flare up that confrontation between those 2 sides. the supporters of prime minister, my and the roger boxer. and the protestors who had been calling for his the president and the government resignation has now ease so things relatively come in colombo and in other parts of the country. from what we're hearing. charm herrera is the executive director of the national peace council of sri lanka, he says, protest is, are rejecting the political class for just to say that all $225.00 parliament area and to go they don't want them and you know,
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leave is very sad but when the lead of the opposition went to the practice site, after the government ruins had it, has to protest, did not stop. so we see that, that the rejection of the political party been talking and that is a kevin, that the defense guys talk know of bringing in someone from outside of the, the retired for the fusion. we had to wait in the food that needed them. one of the new to for the things of this, of this protest campaign that made people very emotional and happy that you saw young people say no to racism. we will not be food again by the portfolio fusion will made up raises to get our voice. and, but on the other hand, i know that they do cation work to be done because the device is very real in the north and east. that is not the same degree of public participation in purpose as
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the majority of the country who wanted for the president and his government. so, but we see that that is the hung together. everyone is agreed on the economic crisis. everyone suffers because the economic practice, but when it comes to issues such as publish sharing interest, the probably sharing accountability law crimes, then i think they'll give you back. thank you. moorehead on his knees, our including echoes growing problem with the gang violence fighting between rival drug cartels in a prison. leaves dozens dead or on the run. changing the political landscape leaders of lebanon's, anti government movement, take their fives to the ballad, hoping to victory in the upcoming elections. and a little later in school with jim a career 1st for these japanese baseball style,
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the mayor of mary poll says at least 100 civilian men, remain trapped in the still works besieged by russian forces. ukrainian officials said at the weekend that all women, children and the elderly had been rescued. they've been trapped by intense russian attacks along with hundreds of soldiers. they're refusing to surrender, saying they'll fight to the end. at least one person's been killed in 5 injured during rush and shelling of ukraine's southern port city of odessa. the ukrainian military says a shopping center and warehouse where hit odessa has faced sporadic bombardment. the city was largely sped in the 1st phase of the invasion, but in the past week, several towns in the south have been bombed. and air strikes forced the u. s. e u council president to take cover. charles michelle was visiting the city to emphasize its importance for grain exports that have been blocked by the wall. the delays are adding to
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a global food crisis. asset bank has more from the east in ukrainian city of yanks. it follows on from what we know the russians stated aims are, they say they want to take the east and the south effectively land locking ukraine . those strikes on the desk have injured a number of civilians. now there's some debate about the tactics. the russians are using where the v off from air strikes or long range missiles lace thought that they prefer. busy to use long range missiles guided missiles as a tactic because it saves them, saves the aircraft from anti aircraft fire. and the russians would want to want to concentrate on that procedure, port city of a desa to effectively landlocked ukraine. they already have mario polo though. they're still fight holding guys. that metal looks like they have now a land bridge from russian control territory in the east, and they have mario poles and it connects to them now to crimea,
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which the antics in 2014. now, in the east here in the governor of the has said that there's some serious battles taking place around the village of bill harris go with dozens died earlier after school was struck and people were sheltering bit. but the battles continue around towns and villages. here in the east, but many people have already left the population of the cities. tons of villages have decreased because people don't want to be on the front lines. ukraine's economy is set to contract by 30 percent this year. that's according to the european development bank that says the war has hurt its major exports, such as ways and sunflower, oil, and rushes sanctions. heat. economy is full cost is shrink by 10 percent if you and see 0 growth in 2023. experts at the bank also worn, cutting off. russian energy exports could cause the economies of many european, central asian and north african countries to revert back to level same before the
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pandemic. to break this all down for us, let's bring in b. yeah, watch it. and the chief economist at the european bank for reconstruction and development, they released that report to joins as from mary cache. the other, thanks so much for being on this news our, the economic why impacts of this war a widespread as we just heads? let's look at ukraine, 1st of all, what does a contraction of 30 percent look like in a practical sense for the people that remain there it is. why would you know, take that ukraine was a low income country already prior to the war for per capita income was at the level of $110.00 of g d, p per capita in the united kingdom. the water has to worsen infrastructure. the estimates now estimate destruction to be at the order of $200000000000.00. that's more than device us and you will pre
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called the ukranian g d p. we know that military activities at some point during this war, took place at the territory of ukraine. that was responsible for generating 60 percent of the national income. we know that about a 3rd or a half of firms stopped functioning and electricity consumption, which tends to be a very good indicator for economic activity, is down by 40 percent. be out of what we need, if gas and other commodities from russia become more restricted, and the ripple effect on its neighbors and europe. the effects of restriction of natural gas on countries in the broadly defined european neighborhoods will be substantial. we project that such restriction would y out the
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games from the post kobuck recovery sometime during this year. and income level will not go back to the pre corporate level until next late next year. there's certainly some striking figures beyond her. what will be the impact economically if hostilities continue to escalate the long good to lead to escalate? the bigger damage to ukraine income, the higher the likelihood that refugees who are outside of the country. and that's about 10 percent of the population that they would not go back to ukraine. people who tend to these their country are often more interpret real. they often are younger, have more education. so that will be a substantial loss of human capital for ukraine. and of course would discontinue their more than they reconstructionist and dana and b,
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i just quickly the reports are due crimes economy would rebound though by 25 percent next year. break that down for us. and why is that figure up on the march forecast because in the much cause we were very optimistic about the war being older with a 2 to 3 months. now, our forecasts are catching up with the reality. we assume that the war will continue well into the summer, and that means greater disruption to economic activity, as well as a greater destruction of infrastructure and building. while we appreciate you breaking down for us. thank you very much. yeah, volk chick, the chief economist at the european bank for reconstruction and development, europe's poorest nation, moldova is now home to 100000 ukrainian refugees and un secretary general antonio could tear. it says it needs more help. while dover has
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a population of around 4000000 people on top of the refugees, it's already received. it's processed for the 350000 people trying to escape the war. gutierrez is currently there and she country to do whatever it takes to help me all over deal with the humanitarian crisis. the impact of what the new crane across the region and the world is profound and reaching the consequences of escalation. to frightening to contemplate, i am deeply concerned about the cultivation possible spread of the war. russia is raging, you know, crane and by the impact it is, every not only in the region, but around the world. gunmen have killed at least 70 people in separate attacks in eastern democratic republic of congo, and a warning that some you may find these images distressing. much of the victims were women and children fling armed groups attacking their home villages in a cheery province is one of 2 regions where
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a state of emergency was extended last week. the government says its combat in groups baffling for control of gold mines. we've got malcolm web standing by for us in and i will be with more on these horrific story. malcolm, what more do we know about these attacks? when sundays are flat sack, it was near the town of mon guadalupe, and dozens of people were killed. hospital officials told us health officials that more have since come to the injuries and the total number died in attack is now about $55.00 people. and then it was on monday night and tuesday morning, just about 25 kilometers from there, with another attack which civilians were killed about 14 or 15 according to community leaders and hospital work because they were killed in that camp for display. people that you mentioned, we've seen some video from them, a bit too strong to show up,
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but it includes women and children who've been hacked to death with machetes, including some babies. some of them have been beheaded. this kind of violence is come to typically beyond group known as kid echo, which has been blamed for these attacks and from multiple attacks throughout its hillary province in the last couple of years. it's a militia that claims to represent the interest of the lendue ethnic group and into tax frequently target people from the hammering group. this originates in a decades old conflict over farm land and other resources is being fought on ethnic lines. and at the moment could control significant quantities of gold with the gold mines throughout the province. those have been accused by right groups, including just today by amnesty international of collaborating with army officers to sell gold to buy ammunition and to buy guns. which rights groups argue is just
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perpetuating the conflict to making the situation for civilians that even more dangerous. and malcolm was the role of the, i mean, all of this was he mentioned it was about a year ago now that the army declared a state of siege in a to re a north provinces extensively to try and rating those on groups and protect civilians. but one year in the math because haven't stopped rice group say that the situation is actually been made worse. they accused the army of silencing campaigners and rights group, local rights activists to report on these atrocities. they also say that as long as the soldiers on pay to receiving rations, then they will be inclined to continue looting. the accused of raping of collaborating with groups. but it does look like finally that state of seeds might
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be coming to a close presidency just because he has just last couple of days withdrawn the law that allows him in parliament to keep renewing that state of speed every 2 weeks. that happen for just over 12 months now, but it's possible in the coming days of the coming week state, the seeds might finally come to an end. all right, thank you very much for bringing this up to speed malcolm where, but live for us in i robi, change of pace now and it's time for the weather. he's well, hello. in the months before the monsoon range start to break in southern india, it's all about pre monsoon. he expects most of the northern indian plain and particularly pakistan, which is going to be one the last places to get the rain. so we've got temperatures about $56.00 business average typically throughout pakistan and it includes the higher grad so up in is not about it was what 4 degrees above all monday. so it's clear heat by 40 severe heat weight voting actually in pakistan,
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but extends across the board in rochester as well. this is a forecast for wednesday, temperature was when the high forty's not garage has gotten on your breeze. you're doing fine, nothing quite as hot, but it cause very steamy to say extend across the northern indian plain, but is not a bad represent an increasing heat. even the high ground of northern pakistan, not a record but well above the average. temperatures tend to drop off if you go further east and further south through india, but this is again the northern indian played in the forty's, but it's also times the cycling. so in the bay of bang goal, we have got one wandering off the coast, actually vendor dash for the north of the shops. calcutta. the police are wanting, stay away from the coast. there is going to be raised already cause some flooding. there it is. so slow move up, but it's there for 2 or 3 days yet. and he rough. alright, still ahead on al jazeera, under a 100 in arkansas where a conference of experts is working on getting the kinks out of the supply chain.
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and in sport, a 3 time major champion, winds and match on. so after the 1st time in 5th day, maam, ah, a unique form of protest by a palestinian artist using a symbol of national identity to create postage and passport stamps. but as for some burgers, it was re, donnie life, lay out about the conflict anyway, sending a message of resistance about the arab israeli conflict. alamos on weight come to palestine, palestine son, bad. the stamp of defiance on al jazeera. gotcha, one of the fastest growing nations in the way ronnie casa needed to oakland and develop it school track international shipping company to become a p middle east and co trade and wanting skillfully mapped out 3 key areas of
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develop who filling up from it. so connecting the world, connecting the future. wanted cato gatos gateway to whoa trade o a l are you watching or just 0? i'm emily ng when he's a reminder about top stories to sound unofficial results from monday's presidential election in the philippines suggest ferdinand marcos junior is set to win. 36 years after his father was overthrown in the so called people's power revolution. gunman have killed at least 70 people in separate attacks in easton democratic republic of
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congo. villages rated in a to re province where the government says its combat in groups. baffling for control of gold mine. and the mayor of marian poll says at least 100 civilian men, remain trapped in the still works besieged by russian forces. they've been trapped by him. russian attacks, along with hundreds of soldiers. they're refusing to surrender, saying bill 5 till the end. let's bring in mock resumed ski. he's who's the us ambassador to poland. he joins us live from war, thought, thanks for being on the program. mr. ambassador. firstly, poland has been instrumental in challenging russian aggression. let's 1st look at the situation militarily. what's the latest on the cooperation between washington and war? so when it comes to providing weapons and troops for this fight? well, the situation, emily is one of absolute synchronicity that we stand,
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shoulder to shoulder with, poland to supply and support ukrainian fighters fighting for their freedom. fighting for their country's independence. the united states now has $12500.00 us soldiers in poland, all on polish bases all here at the ready to defend every square inch of nato territory, which includes poland will, will that be increased it, although in the ag disable future, our force posture is absolutely adequate for any and every contingency that we could face with regard to putin and russia and will fight right now is between the ukrainian people and the russian military that has attacked it. we, our goal is to help the ukrainian people when that fight on. and thankfully, i think for all involved that conflict has not spread into
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a regional war, nor should it. speaking of a potential regional war, we've seen russia get pretty close to the polish border. what would nitro response be if russia trying to attack poland or any of its neighbors? how really is that threat? emily, the president has spoken on polio. president biden has spoken on polish soil and said that the u. s. will defend every square inch of need of territory put in those what that means. so i feel we have fought through and prepared for every possible contingency to make sure that poland and all of nato is secure. and at this point, we have a very peaceful context and we hope that it remains that way. is there still a chance of a diplomatic solution to end this war? what and what route as was so plain. so emily, thank you also for that question. the biden ministration is, of course,
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hoping that diplomacy is given a chance of by russia. at this point, none of the diplomatic off ramps have been used by the russians. despite the fact that putin's actions have cut off his people and his country from the rest of the world, is that some kind of victory or some kind of positive result for the people of russia. it's a terrible result. and we hope that the russians take these, any diplomatic offering that we can offer them, and we are, we are doing exactly that offering diplomatic off ramps as a solution. we hope they take them at mister ambassador, poland has seen such an enormous influx of paper. we're talking millions of refugees now in the country. is it reaching its limit on what it can handle? and as the u. s. and international community need to provide additional assistance . thanks, emily. it. poland has really acted like
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a humanitarian superpower when it comes to this. poland in the last 30 days, has taken in 3000000 refugees. and as a national policy placed every one of those refugees into a polish home or apartment never before in the history of the world has a country opened its doors to refugees with a national policy to place them into people's homes. and of course, you know, every, every act of generosity has limits. poland continues to receive, refugees continues to extend generosity. but i think it's important for the west to understand that this is not just a polish problem. this is an international problem and it's important for others to share in and join in with this challenge. last week. this government of sweden and poland co host and a donors conference here in warsaw to begin to plan for pain,
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the repair and damage that has occurred in ukraine. $6000000000.00 was raised. that's an, that's set. sounds like a big number. but in terms of the damage done to ukraine, it's actually a tiny number. it will be important for others to share in and join in pain for these costs, including the cost of maintaining and caring for the refugees. and while caring for the refugees, russia has kind of energy, syria, poland. what impact is that having and polish people? well, the be the, the polish government has been planning to win itself off of basically to energy addictions, coal, and russian source energy for quite a while. and whether it's ellen g, whether it's alternative sources of energy. ah, the polls have been very much developing diversification in terms of energy sources
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. and so when the russians did that, the impact was not actually that bad. um, but energy prices were affected and it's important for further steps to be taken by the polls and those who want to work with the polls towards further energy diversification. well, we appreciate your insights during a very busy time at mac rodzinski, the us ambassador to poland, coming to us from warsaw. thank you for your time on this knees. our thank you, emily. the government in zimbabwe has ordered banks to stop lending money to try and stop currency the valuation. the president blames banks for approving excess lines and for fueling the inflation rate of 66 percent. and you tax on all foreign currency transactions is also being imposed. ali can sat, you is an emerging markets economist, and he joins us live from kenya's, capital,
4:35 pm
nairobi, thanks for being on the program. firstly, how will the suspension of bank lending affects the people of zimbabwe? so you know, this is the time, for example, when the economy of it's already in order to a report, for example, we've seen a mess, the prices, food prices. so, and it needs to be on food production in and possibly food prices. but you know, a monthly inflation rate, 50 percent mom and the cost of living is please several factors higher than people are feeling elsewhere. complaining about early can. how are the impact the country's economy will have the desired
4:36 pm
effective stabilizing it? absolutely not. this is focused policy making on it's not going to well, if you don't know the problem, i don't know how you deal with it. the problem is about ways to rent money printing multiple exchange rates, exchange rates, a few connected insiders can get it. and the rest of the countries having to deal with rate. so, you know, we went out and buy a whole different story as a wrecking ball and basically countries know the dos economics who are, who had the dike or a,
4:37 pm
a, a having a lot of production. and a lot of rules in line. i can over form that how comes in by ways economy be revised about ways to get to honest fx rates. so you really got to do away with all the exchange rates and then you've got it in the currency blows out rate, then you want to normalize your interest rate policy. but in more than that, i mean, you know, the government is got to realize that it's, that the economic policy is simply not working. and the cost is too great. i mean, you know, 3000000 or less the country is the clearest message. what's going on?
4:38 pm
um, you know, i don't know whether or not you can do it or are interested in doing and i think ultimately the major problem there. well, we appreciate you breaking down for us alley can set you an emerging markets economist. thanks for your time on this. me sound thank you to liberal now where voters are preparing for elections on sunday after more than 2 years of protest calling for a new government. as an hunter, reports from bay road, though is wanting change through the ballot box face and difficult task. these squares were emptied of protesters months ago. a battle for change, one by the political establishment. now, the movement for a new lebanon that began in late 2019, has shifted its focus from the street to the ballot box. different coalitions born
4:39 pm
from the uprising are contesting the upcoming elections. many of the candidates are young and optimistic, but they know political change will be easy to do, but suffer from the, from the corruption from the nation. we need, we know that we need time to change. we want to go into the fundamentals to change from inside. yeah. they're up against the secretary and base system of power sharing and leaders who are more powerful than the state politicians largely blame for the country's economic color elections. although from the outside or democratic, they're actually run by the regime itself. and the regime has proven to use different fraudulent tools to secure its when so from classical ism to violence, to repression, intimidation, and even manipulating the vote counting which we saw the 2018 election. but those in power still have supporters. and they have been accused of using violence. in this incident, the opposition was prevented from launching its campaign in the electoral
4:40 pm
stronghold of the muslim she, our group has below. and among the, i think the him, we accused the forces in charge of the region of being behind that. and they are known to prevent any opposition. activity in lebanon, sectarian and political divisions are deep, and the opposition to was unable to unite to contest the elections. this benefit the political leadership, which also relies on an electoral law that in trenches pick terry and politics. for those wanting change, this battle is about building a strong civil and functioning states. but they are seen as politically immature and criticized for lacking organization and failing to appeal to the masses. in the last election, those campaigning for civil society in lebanon known as the change forces, 11 seat in the 128 member parliament. this time, they're expecting to gain a few more, but not enough to change the system. but for them,
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the election is necessary battle in a long war center for their oceans. either beta and the president of south korea has been sworn in, but you're soak, y'all has a tough job ahead. after he's narrow election, when the conservative has a record low approval rating for any new come up to the presidency. rob mcbride reports from the swearing in ceremony in song the you know, the ration of the insecure, potentially harold's a new political direction for south korea and the new place for it in the world. instead of the previous liberal administration's relentless pursuit of dialogue with north korea over d nuclear, zation conservative view says he will take a harder line up while norse curious nuclear weapon programs are a threat not only to our security and debt of northeast asia, the door to di local will remain open so that we can peacefully resolve this threat
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. faced with north korea is increased weapons testing and rhetoric. you has promised to restore relations with neighboring japan and maintain close to ties with traditional ally the united states. the return of a conservative administration in south korea is likely to further push nations into camps similar to the cold war rivalries of the last century. on the one side, the united states and its ne, asian allies, japan and south korea. and on the other, loosely aligned russia in china, supporting north korea, given south korea as economic dependence on china, the outgoing south korean presidents moon j in, was often accused of not being tougher on bay gene territorial assertiveness on alleged human rights abuses. unit says his administration will be different. it korea is the past largest economy in the world. it is incumbent upon us to take on
4:43 pm
a greater role benefiting our fisher. as a global leader, we must actively protect and promote university alias and norms that are based on freedom and respect for human rights. but you comes into this job with no previous political experience and a very low approval rating. he may find his early zeal tempered by the reality of office. south korea is a critical, it depends upon the domestic market of china and the energy supply from russia. so south korea has to keep many different security, and it can be interesting in good balance and harmony. as the new president begins, work south careers, allies and adversaries, alike watching closely rob mcbride, elgin's era. so, spyware has been found on the phone of a 3rd government minister in spain. the interior administer device was hacked,
4:44 pm
using the same software found on the funds of the prime minister and defense minister last week. israeli security firm, which makes the pegasus spyware, says it only sells to government agencies. spanish media reports say the head of the government. intelligence has been sacked because of the breach of security. dozens of prisoners have been killed and many more are on the run after fighting between rival gangs in ecuador, the battle began when a gang later was transferred from another jail. as alexandro ramp yeti reports. this footage shows them i am inside the bay abuse the prison in front of the mingo . dozens of dead bodies are seen, piled under bloody at floor the inmates were killed in an overnight fight between rival gangs. officials say it was triggered by the arrival of a gang leader. is the latest in a series of deadly riots inside it with worse prisons than my area is your support?
4:45 pm
no. this utica here, most of the victims of not almost 100 percent, were killed with a knife and not with a firearm. and most of the bodies were exposed and assaulted in the wards and in the cells. distraught relatives rushed to the prison. desperate to find out whatever happened, but many were killed, some managed to escape. more than a 100 were recaptured. am monday, not other learned that a more la la la my, we found out about the riot when my relative called to say they were exploding dynamite with firearms inside. they were entering the cells to kill every one magellan, better as dowdy than not by them. we don't know if he's dead or alive yet. i say we want to know if he's dead or alive. that's what we want to leave or not. i. nearly for 100 inmates have been killed in prison riots in little over a year, ecuador had seen an increase in gang violence. his rival groups supported by mexican drug cartels battle for control of transit routes. for cocaine smuggled
4:46 pm
from fiddle and columbia. last month president guillermo last so declared a 60 day state of emergency room, 3 western provinces, increasing the police and military presence. but it has so far failed to stop the bloodshed. some observers say the problem is systemic. there is why violence keeps increasing in the presence is because they have there's a neural center of the drug cartels in a so every time there is a ganga dispute in. busy we're in always manifests in extreme body game violence within the prison walls. a level of brutality never seen before in this country, and that the government seems unable to bring under control. i listened that al jazeera, demonstrated his in mexico have demanded justice for the increasing number of journalists being admitted to female reporters were short date in the city of vera
4:47 pm
cruz raising the total killed so far the c 211. the state prosecutor is promising that the investigation into the latest killings will be exhausted. melissa, predicting a major downturn in the u. s. trucking industry. the pandemic energy shortages and the war in ukraine continued to impact business. john handwritten reports from rogers i console, where transportation experts are discussing the road ahead. truckers might occupy the unglamorous end of the global supply chain, but the shipping industry is an early bellwether of the u. s. economy. and the road ahead is looking bumpy. we believe there's a us great recession. that is just now the realize it is going to get pretty ugly. pandemic slowed the u. s. economy in 2020 in 2021. after workers got sick and factory shut down. that led to global shortages, short staffed cargo companies,
4:48 pm
left shipping containers behind on the dock. now the war in ukraine is sent fuel prices and the cost of shipping soaring just is demand for a broad range of consumer goods begins to for the supply chain. experts call that the bull whip effect. you have tons of inventory, and then not enough inventory, and then you overreact. and you just keep going through this vicious cycle and, and we're, we've seen that over the last couple of years, and i think we're now headed in the other direction. experts predict a recession among shippers within months in that could lead to a us and possibly a global economic downturn in a really corner of northwest arkansas. many of those experts from trucking companies, leading universities, the pentagon and elsewhere, have gathered at a conference on the future of the supply chain in hopes of staving off the worst. the panoramic in the war and ukraine have put things in the supply chain and that is made the process of getting goods for manufacturer to consumer,
4:49 pm
more expensive and more complicated. the people at this conference are working on making that all smoother and less expensive. after 2 rough years, one major kink in the supply chain in the us has been assured. driver's transfers is a kind of hubert for shippers acting as an intermediary to link trucking companies with drivers. there's a bottleneck there right now because there aren't enough drivers to sit in those seats in those trucks to get the good trucks in the goods deliver another solution, self driving trucks like those made by torque, a subsidiary of daimler trucking. it's been a really unhealthy and it's gonna change it sounds like you're not talking about entirely replacing human driving. absolutely. now, we're here to help companies with robin attention to fill the void and help them lex, in with new pandemic variance in no end to a ukraine war. that slowed energy distribution that will likely continue to leave
4:50 pm
those drivers still. manning the wheel bracing for what comes next? john henderson, al jazeera. roger's arkansas sport is coming out with jama, including the n b a playoff. as a veteran in spies, the boston celtics. i've been defending champions. ah ah.
4:51 pm
ah. oh lou ah ah, it's time now for sport with jim and jim, the emmys coming to the middle a's. yes, that's right. i believe the world's best basketball league or feature in the region for the 1st time. and later this year,
4:52 pm
abbey darby will host at current champions. the milwaukee box on the atlanta hawks into a pre season games on october. the 6th and 8th is part of a multi year deal between the envy and abu dhabi government league as previously held games in asia, including china, japan, india, and taiwan. but for now, milwaukee are focused on the playoffs and trying to stop and be a veteran. our offered who after 15 years in the league, can finally boast about scoring a 30 points in a post season clash in game for the eastern conference finals. fulford was near, unstoppable. in the 4th quarter for boston against the box. he grabbed 16 points in the final period while jason tatum also added 30 for the game as the celtics level the series at $22.00. now you gotta give them credit. no. lot of people at 35 get not given, you know, play that way. oh, for the weekend, does she want to? we are not his position and when we get old, you know, we seem to leave. and we can still compare the name of the highest level over the
4:53 pm
western conference golden state, played without that coach after he tested positive for cove. 19 the warriors mounted a final quarter. come back against the memphis grizzlies. steph curry nailed 8 free throws over the final 45 seconds of the game, helping golden state when one i want it should 98 warriors leave the series. 31. now to some wiring news concerning former england batsmen am current afghanistan coach graham ford professional cricketers association released this statement on behalf of his family. graham thorpe has recently fallen seriously ill and is currently in hospital receiving treatment. his prognosis is unclear at this stage, and we ask for privacy for him and his family at this time. never polar an action later today against aston villa and it's another must win game of the club side as they live to keep the pressure on manchester city in the premier title race. they trial the champions by 3 points. whatever happened because
4:54 pm
yeah, we both have 3 games to play and my concern is actually how can we win all games and we have no hand in how city can play the games, but before they are played i think we should not, i don't points. we don't do that and i'm pretty sure the city is not doing that so and as far as not, not reachable anymore. why should we stop believing? and that's what we do. football for governing body 1st says argentina, and brazil must replay the world cup qualifier. but both teams having already secured that place 2020 to the match in brazil last september, had to be abandoned off the country's health officials entered the pitch to stop some of our agents seen as england bass players from playing saying they breached cobit 19 rules. according to media in argentina, the countries football federation is considering an appeal to the court of
4:55 pm
arbitration support. defending champion, phil mickelson and tiger woods are on the starting list for golf next major. that's the p j championship in oklahoma, which gets underway a week on thursday. nicholson has been taking a break from the game off. they've criticized for comments he made about playing on a breakaway tools backed by saudi arabia. he missed last month's masters for the 1st time in 28 years as a result of the fallout. woods. meanwhile, we'll have to build on his $47.00 place, finish at augusta, which was his 1st competitive appearance since a car crash last year. thumbs up from stones of rincon off this 1st victory on the atp taught for 15 months. the 3 time grad from champion was up against american radio poker. in the 1st round of the italian i've been buffering was out for over a year with a foot injury that requires the alteration. and this is just as much back this might. dropping the faster against the 14th seat, the swiss fought back to take next safe and book his fights in the 2nd world,
4:56 pm
2020 usa and champion and dominic, he was also working his way back from length the injury lay off, but he didn't manage to make it through the ground in the austrian was knocked out in straight sets by home, favorites of 22 and his victory in the italian camp to 20. 19 the team remains winless by fathers shift in the women solomon formula number one is made a holiday reached at the 2nd round, the 2 time grand, some champion who won this event in 2020 beat. frances elisa cornell in straight sets. she'll face this years, australia and finally danielle colony next. but another formula number one is out annually cover basin by coke off sick straight loss. the number 15 c 2 with a semi finalist in rome last year, coming 3 pretty easily, 6164. again, that's 3 time major when back to the us on in the and i filed colorado,
4:57 pm
i completed a clean slate of nashville in the 1st round in pittsburgh penguins in the new york rangers 31, florida. washington, thanks for this call is overtime in that series is tied to and calgary squared series with dallas office. thank you again for in major league baseball. imagine losing the same team for 16 games now. right. well, the pittsburgh pirates avoided a 17th consecutive to face against the and i don't is when i'm 51 o as you heard that it was japanese stars. so it's funny. getting a grand slam, that's a home run that with the bases loaded. and that helped the l. a. angels beat tom with a 11 that is always bought from that we'll have more later. emily,
4:58 pm
thank you very much jim. up in that seat for this news. al, but don't go anywhere. i'll have more news in just a moment. stay with us. ah . full of struggles. full of pleasure. thank you for william felice came with him for what is this today? hello, welcome loud at the can list a for the wrong place about. i mean, we're trying to work an intimate look at life in cuba and work a mom or with the comment that with my cuba on al jazeera african stories that went from african perspective. short documentaries, from african filmmakers from zimbabwe. we were pioneers of how economists can change the way we distribute. good, sorry, be happy to go into
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a physical store. so dont ivory colds and he's gone with fresh farm fishing woods and the shots africa direct on al jazeera in australia, snowy mountains, thousands of wild horses graze on alpine plains, living spine, poetry books and films creating an epic me about these intelligent creatures and their place. in australian culture, but today they're at the heart of a beat, a battle by say it from the perspective of the country and they're not meant to be they. they're hard. 50 invasive species. they're not endangered. yeah. there's no any percent striving to have a $99.00. i'd have on international time with special ecologist want the so called brumby horses gone, saying they decimating a pristine environment,
5:00 pm
including the habitats of endangered native animals. but horse activists are lobbying hard to keep them arguing that their communities, lifestyle, and cultural identity is under threat ah, attacked as they fled, dozens of people, mostly women and children, killed by armed groups in democratic republic of congo. ah hello, why mainly anc when this is al jazeera alive from don't house. coming up. the son of a controversial form a later is poised to be the new philippine president ferdinand macos junior edges. people to judge him by his actions the.


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