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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 10, 2022 8:00pm-8:31pm AST

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oh, where ever you go in the world? warmer line goes to make it for you. exceptional katara always going places to go. ah, attacked as they fled, dozens of people, mostly women and children, are killed by armed groups in the democratic republic of congo. ah, hello, this is al jazeera live from doha. i'm funny, back to bore, also coming up the son of a controversial former leader, his voice to be the new philippines president resign macos junior urges people to judge him by his actions the aftermath of
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a night of violence. inter lancoste capital unrest continues over the government handling of the worst economic crisis since independence and russia fires. hypersonic miss size at odessa, the latest attacks on ukraine's largest port city and a vital trade gateway for the country. ah, thank you for joining. as gunmen have killed at least 70 people in separate attack, seen democratic republic of congo, a warning that some viewers may find the following images disturbing most of the victims were women and children fleeing armed groups attacking their home villages in the eastern province of torre. it's one of the 2 regions where a state of emergency was extended last week. the government says it's combating vaux battling for control of gold mines al jazeera malcolm web is following the story for us from kenya's capital nairobi sundays this tact more that it was in the
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town among waldo and more than the civilians were killed at the time. and health officials told us that since then, more people have died from their injuries in the hospital being the total who died in sack up the $55.00. and then on monday night into tuesday morning and a separate attack just about 25 kilometers from there. and camp for displaced people around 14 or 15 people were killed. that's what we've been told by right groups and conflict of conflict monitoring group and civil society activists in, in the area. and we've seen video of the people who were killed and not attacked. the bodies of women and children, much of it too strong to show people have been hacked to death with machetes, including children, a baby, some of whom have been beheaded, people in the community plane, an armed group called cadet co, which has been responsible for a series of atrocities in a to be province anything, congo over the last couple of years. the group planes to represent the lendue
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ethnic group and often target people from the hammer ethnic group. but this is the latest iteration of a conflict that's been going on for decades of farm land and other resources. could deco now control substantial gold reside reserves throughout the province across many gold mines. and it's been accused of collaborating with the army to sell it gold and to buy guns and ammunition, which rights group computing amnesty international, who published a report on it just today. say that this is just fueling the conflict to making the whole situation more dangerous. earlier spoke to reagan, be very, who's a conflict analyst said the keeper, security tracker in go by and he, cindy r. c. he says such attacks are disturbingly frequent in the region. this situation has been going on for a long time, but there is some new ingredients in the situation in the state of
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c, l, c, h, which is going on in 20 provinces. so now the military is in charge and they are organizing military operation against our group, including the vehicle, is responsible to land incidence in the to it. so the main thing is to say that the i'm group is the main, the competence are coming from. and the lender and community, and they don't get to really just who are ok, bye bye, my community. let's see them that their demands are, are vast, but still they speak about an issue. so i'm done this figure about discrimination. but mentally,
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it's mostly about issues and the problem between communities to the philippines now, where presidential front runner, ferdinand macos junior, has promised to bridge the divide between all filipinos. an unofficial tally shows the son of a controversial former leader with a big lead over his nearest rival, florence li reports of manila. ha. protesters gather outside the election commission building to protest against what they say are voting irregularities. some people were unable to vote after at least a $1800.00 vote counting machines. malfunctioned during national elections on monday, less than 2 percent of the total number of machines are using a formula. we are here because we have seen how sloppy the election commissions work is they had to be used to prepare for this election, but they are competent. they took away that i thought filipinos to board for what they want. the protesters were soon pushed back by police with water cannon and
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swat teams on stand by. the heavy pushback has long been the hallmark of the outgoing administration incumbent president, rodrigo g 30 had little tolerance for descent or criticism. i know ferdinand marco's junior, whose late father ruled the country for 2 decades and was often described as a dictator, is on cause to win a landslide victory. and with deterred days, daughter sarah set to become the vice president. many are concerned, their civil liberties may shrink further. analysts say the return to par of the marco's family is the result of decades of rebranding. boosted in recent years through social media campaigns, often with misleading information. studies have shown that the market campaign and margaret family has usually invested in this machinery. and i think if they're
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going to be the next administration, that this is going to be a lean and mean propaganda spewing machine. he says the strategy may not only help them win power, but keep it for marcos is supporters gathered outside his campaign headquarters the day after the polls. those concerns were far from their minds as their candidate heads for victory with an unassailable margin. florence lea al jazeera manila and jamie land in dogon has more on protest that turned violent in other regions. the breaking down of more than 1800 boat counting machines, was actually not the only thing that people here were complaining about, particularly those supporting vice president. lenny red or there were also reports of violence on electoral related violence in the southern region of mindanao. just earlier today, there was a stand off between 2 warring political clans from the founding booty. and they
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tried to physically take the balance away that was under the control of the provincial government of the commission on the elections. now that has scaled down the bit, but there were at least 15 electoral violence recorded across the men than our region just yesterday up until today and according to officials, at least 6 people have already been killed. no, we are in manila, in downtown manila, just behind me is the commission on elections headquarters where for nearly all day to the there were several groups that were protesting really mostly from the leader of the opposition's campaign groups and supporters. asking commission on the election officials to come down and face them in person and answer questions over irregularities. julie during election day shall anchors military has been ordered to shoot. anyone seemed to be damaging public property. it follows a night of unrest where at least 7 people were killed after a nationwide curfew was ignored by many police say 8 people died in the
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demonstrations. the violence on monday prompted prime minister, my hinder roger pox that to resign. we now fernandez has more from colombo, there's been a curfew clamped down since i last evening when the tensions of flared up. and this has meant that while there are many people on the roads, there are in fact people looking around at scenes like that. you see over my shoulder 3 burning buses and one behind that as well. so a total of 4 are the likelihood of people getting into a clashes and things like that. his east are completely r, as because you have not just the police but also members of the 3 armed forces being called out by the president. in fact, on our way into these ears, we've seen the air force, the navy and the army deployed at checkpoints. literally are sort of stopping where he goes, checking, who's going around in them and all of that. so these have also kept control on the
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tensions plus that sort of initial flare up that confrontation between those 2 sides. the supporters of prime minister mind the roger boxer and the protestors who had been calling for his the president of the government resignation a has now ease. so things relatively calm in colombo and in other parts of the country. from what we're hearing the warn ukraine 9, the mayor of mary paul says at least a 100 civilian men remain chopped in the steelworks besieged by russian forces. he crenan officials said at the weekend that all women, children and the elderly had been rescued. they've been tracked by intense russian attacks along with hundreds of soldiers. they are refusing to surrender, saying they will fight to the end. and at least one person has been killed and 5 others injured during rush and shelling of ukraine, southern port city of odessa. the ukrainian military says
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a shopping center in warehouse were hit or death has faced sporadic bombardment. the city was largely spared in the 1st phase of russia invasion. in the last week, several towns in the south have also been bombed. as an muscle is in odessa, he says, a city has suffered a huge amount of damage. there are many a hurry in our local. one person was killed and 8 others, at least were injured in a series of missile attacks had of hit the city of odessa big explosions in different locations, west and east areas of odessa. what also the results of the missile attacks, the most massive explosion was here at one of the biggest malls which were almost destroyed and fires were all over the place and around a 1000 square meters and still firefighters are dealing with the fire. these missile attacks came as part of a series of similar attacks against the city of a debtor. over the last few days, the ukrainian air defense forces managers to intercept some of these missiles. but some other missile attacks lead to huge destruction in the southern city of odessa
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. and as i beg, has more from near the eastern ukrainian city are slow, the ask. it follows on from what we know the russians stated aims are. they say they want to take the east and the sides effectively land locking ukraine. now those strikes on the desk have injured a number of civilians. now there's some debate about the tactics the russians are using, whether these off from strikes or long range missiles lace thought that they prefer to use long range missiles guided missiles as a tactic because it saves them, saves the car from anti aircraft fire. and the russians would want to want to concentrate on that strategic port, city of a desa to effectively landlocked ukraine. they already have mario polo though. they're still fight us holding that metal looks like they have no land bridge from russian control territory in the east, and they have mario poles and it connects to them now tooth crimea,
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which the antics in 2014. now, in the east here in the governor of the has said that some serious battles taking place around the village of bill harris go with dozens died earlier after school was struck and people were sheltering that. but the battles continue around towns and villages. here in the east, but many people have already left the populations of the cities. tons of villages have decreased because people don't want to be on the front lines. while the war in ukraine has led to rising inflation around the world. in the last, our us president joe biden set out his plan to tackle inflation, including going after corporate profits. o family struggle to pay their bills. some corporate corporate executives are on earnings calls with investors on wall street sharing their record profits and explain how they're using this period of inflation to cover the rise in price is far beyond what they need to do to cover their cost
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and all this time they're not even paying for a fair share of taxes in the 1st place. you want to bring down inflation. let's make sure the wealthiest corporations pay their fair share. that's bringing our white house correspondent, kimberly how can, kimberly just how concerned almost americans about these wising costs. americans are very concerned about these rising costs, and that's because of, for one reason or really one reason only. and that is that president biden initially promised that these would be temporary price increases. but that was many months ago. and increasingly, it appears that these high prices may be here for longer than anticipated, and it's not just the cost of rent or the cost of food, but now it's also the cost of gasoline. and americans don't have access to public transportation to the same way that say for example, europeans do much of. a america has to get to work by getting in an automobile
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because there simply isn't mass transit. and so that has been a problem. in fact, in the last week alone, we've seen gas prices hiking by about $0.17 a gallon to an average of $43037.00 a gallon. and in this u. s. state of california, they're above $5.00 a gallon. that is really record high prices here in the united states for the 1st time. never seen those before. so the u. s. president trying to get ahead of some of these bad headlines coming out saying that he has a plan to stick with him. his policies will turn this around, but he also use this as an opportunity to blame his conservative critics. namely, republicans who he says if they are elected to control congress in november, that they will, in fact, raise prices even more by the fact that they will cut social programs. that americans count. i like medical care for the elderly or even the poor. and in fact, he's calling this an extreme agenda, the ultra maga agenda,
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he's calling it in reference to his predecessor, donald trump, and his make her america greater can agenda. so the bottom line is that joe biden says that fighting inflation is his top priority, but he's got a problem and that is the poll numbers. his approval ratings, about 40 per cent or just above. and most polls show that americans don't have confidence in his policies. in fact, more americans who to favor the republicans approach to combating inflation. and that is going to be a political liability for joe biden, heading into congressional elections that are now about 6 months away. kimberly, thank you very much for that. kimberly hawkins is our white house correspondent and still ahead on al jazeera pleading not guilty to cocaine trafficking. the former president of roger is appears in court in new york and marching for the missing mothers in mexico. demand action to find their loved ones with
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the seasonal wind is with us still down the gulf. there's not much cloud in the sky, but the certainly lot of hays in the energy stands all way from iraq down towards the end quarter. saudi. so this is dusty wind, it's still quite a hot one. those the seasonal shamal spin lasting. they are to probably go the $2.00 to $3.00 days as well. near gale force over the open water just windy in lad, and it's not affect the temperature greatly the average. doha is 40 me got 37. there's not a huge change. now it's a big dry picture. and the winds where they pick up also bring the dust with them again in libya and egypt. and eventually i think that will spread across the levant . the few showers in southern caucasus are around the far north of iran. and beyond that, it took him at his stand just the picture of thursday and then friday spot the difference pretty hard to,
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to be honest at that time of the year as john bit further south and were watching the changes the wind. because this event, she will bring the monsoon rains across to india, but it should also be bringing the long range to kenya and it's not, they seem to have disappeared. so drought conditions prevail and probably will last again for another year. the heaviest, raining truck laughter is further west lake to clean the central african public. but also cameroon, and gab on. ah, cato, one of the fastest growing nations in the world, ah, the cause of needed to open and development school to attract international shipping company to become a p middle east and tough trade and money skill filling that down. 3 key areas of development. who filling up from it, so connecting the world, connecting the future, won the cost cutters,
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gateway to whoa trade. lou . lou here watching al jazeera live from doha. reminder of our top stories gunmen have killed at least 7 people in separate attacks in eastern democratic republic of congo. villages where it raged in the tory province where the government says its combat engrossed babbling for control of gold mines. in the philippines presidential front runner for non marcos junior has promised to bridge a divide between all filipinos and unofficial tati shows. he has a wide leader, his nearest rival election commission promised to audit results of $700.00 voting pre since after allegations of election fraud. and in ukraine,
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the mayor merrier poll says at least $100.00 civilian men remaining. the still works besieged by russian forces. they've been chopped by intense russian attacks, along with hundreds of soldiers refusing to surrender, saying they will fight to the end. that the former president of honduras has appeared in court in new york to plead guilty to not guilty rather to drug trafficking and weapons charges on orlando, have mondays was expedited to the u. s. last month. he was arrested at his home in on jeris, in february, just weeks after his 2nd term in office ended gave alessandro has more from outside the court in new york was a very fast arraignment. it lasted less than 15 minutes. one land hernandez was led into the court wearing a blue jail jump suit and kind of shirt if you will. he was led into court by 3 court security officials, u. s. marshals and the judge said how do you plead? and he simply said not guilty through
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a translator that was sitting next to him the whole time. now this and then it was over and then they adjourned to the judges, set the next court appearance for september 28th and said that they hoped to call the trial by january of next year to the trial. that is certainly potentially to be very salacious because orlando one are led to amended. lawyers have already said that they plan to fight this in court. they claim that he is innocent of being set up by drug traffickers that the government claims he was working hand in hand with . but u. s. federal prosecutors, they claim that hernandez was a key part of a major drug smuggling ring that brought hundreds of millions of dollars of cocaine into the united states. while he was president from 2014 until 2022 january of this year. and they say their words, he ran and narco state of honduras, so this will all potentially come out in
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a trial now scheduled for january. it's mother's day in mexico and a somber time for families have the disappeared mothers from across. the mexico have been on the streets of the capital. they continued the campaign to find their missing children. it's estimated a 100000 on missing sample over 50 years. more than 50000 bodies remain identified in more terese. many are victims of the drug war or criminal gangs fighting the government for territorial control. manual revenue was at the gathering in mexico city mothers day here in mexico. it's also sort of become an unofficial remembrance day for missing persons here in the country. our at the center of the city on the main avenue of the mexican capital, we seen somewhere around 2000, maybe more people that attended today. this, in other words, potentially 2000 or more mothers who are out here protesting that after years of searching they still haven't been able to find their children dead or alive. now when we talk about these trouble,
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e statistics and who the people are that are missing these nearly 100000 people. these are the faces of some of the missing. we're talking about people from all walks of life, 100. not nearly 100000 people. this is a problem that really took off in 2005 between 20062009. coinciding with the administration, a former mexican president felipe event, and he because they don't. and the beginning of the mexican war on drugs. again, people from all walks of life, some of the mothers that you're seeing out here are the mothers of victims of cartel violence. some of them are mothers from central america looking for their children who went missing, trying to cross into the united states. really, people from all across mexico. and one thing that you really do here, a stated repeatedly from people that attend these events of remembrance for missing persons, is that they are all victims of impunity. because not only are many cases of missing persons here in mexico, not investigated,
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mexican state and federal officials also have a history of course disappearances. so when you hear this sort of demands and what people here are out here claiming and wanting from the government, they won the government to do more to put an end to this crisis of force disappearances. this crisis of missing persons that effects nearly every corner of mexico. separately demonstrators in mexico have demanded justice for the increasing number of journalists being murdered. 2 female reporters were shot dead in the city of vehicles, raising the total number of journals scales so far this year to 11 the state prosecutors promising that the investigation into the latest killings will be exhaustive. dozens of prisoners have been killed and many more on the run. after fighting between rival gangs in ecuador, the battle began when a gang leader was transferred from another jail. alexander, i'm pity, has the details of this footage shows them. i am inside the bay of easter prison in santo domingo. dozens of dead bodies are seen,
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piled under blotted floor. the inmates were killed in another night to fight between rival gangs. officials say it was triggered by the arrival of a gang leader. is the latest in a series of deadly riots inside with horse prisons that my urea is your support. notice utica here, most of the victims of not almost 100 percent, were killed with a knife and not with a firearm. and most of the bodies were exposed and assaulted in the wards and in the cells. distraught relatives rushed to the prison. desperate to find out whatever happened while many were killed, some managed to escape. more than a 100, were we captured on monday. not otherwise that armoire la la la, we found out about the riot when my relative called to say they were exploding dynamite with firearms inside. they were entering the cells to kill every one magellan. better as dowdy than not by them. we don't know if he's dead or alive yet, that we want to know if he's dead or alive. that's what we want. people not nearly
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for 100 inmates have been killed in prison riots in little over a year. ecuador has seen an increase in gang violence. his rival groups supported by mexican drug cartels battle for control of transit routes for cocaine smuggled from fiddle and columbia. last month president guillermo last so declared a 60 day state of emergency in 3 western provinces, increasing the police and military presence. but it has so far failed to stop the bloodshed. some observers say the problem is systemic. the reason why a violence keeps increasing, integrated prisons is because they have. busy the neuro center of the. busy cartels in a boiler a so every time there is a ganga. this huge in. busy we're in always manifests in extreme body gang violence within the prison walls. a level of brutality never seen before
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in this country, and that the government seems unable to bring and their control. alexander and al jazeera voters, 11 are preparing for elections on sunday. after more than 2 years of protest calling for a new government, as in a 100 re for some be root, those wanting change to the ballot ball faced a difficult task. these squares were emptied of protesters months ago. a battle for change, one by the political establishment. now, the movement for a new lebanon that began in late 2019, has shifted its focus from the street to the ballad box. different coalitions born from the uprising are contesting the upcoming elections. many of the candidates are young and optimistic, but they know political change won't be easy. it don't suffer from the corruption and all kinds of things we need. we know that you need time to
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change. we want to go into the fundamentals to change from their up against a sectarian base system of power sharing and leaders who are more powerful than the state politicians largely blame for the countries. economic collapse is elections. although from the outside or the mac product, they're actually run by the regime itself. and the regime has proven to use different fraudulent tools to secure its when so from classical ism to violence, to repression, intimidation, and even manipulating vote counting which we saw to 2018 election. but those in power still have supporters. and they have been accused of using violence in this incidence, the opposition was prevented from launching its campaign in the electoral stronghold of the muslim she groups has below and among the harlem it to him, the accused of the forces in charge of the region of being behind that and they are known to prevent any opposition activity in lebanon,
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sectarian and political divisions are deep and the opposition to was unable to unite to contest the elections. this benefit, the political leadership, which also relies on an electoral law that in trenches victorian politics for those wanting change, this battle is about building a strong civil and functioning states. but they are seen as politically immature and criticized for lacking organisation and failing to appeal to the masses. in the last election, those campaigning for civil society in lebanon known as the change forces, 11 seat in the 128 member parliament. this time, they're expecting to gain a few more, but not enough to change the system, but for them, the election is a necessary battle in a long war. then there osha zita, beta prince, queen elizabeth has made the state opening of parliament for the 1st time in 59 years. the 96 year old is having mobility problems and was advised for her by her
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doctors not to travel to the ceremony in london. her son and prince charles read the traditional speech to parliament instead. ah, so again, i'm fully battle with the headlines on al jazeera gunman have killed at least 70 people in separate attacks in eastern democratic republic of congo. villages where re did need to re province where the government says its combat in groups. bounding for control of gold mines can wipe, has more from nairobi. people in these communities blame unarmed group called cadet co, which has been responsible for a series of atrocities in a to be province anything congo. over the last couple of years, the group planed to represent the lendue ethnic group and often target people.


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