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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 10, 2022 10:00pm-10:31pm AST

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also diffuse fridge, but it brings home the resilience of residents who say that despite the destruction and lack of help, remain committed to bringing the city back to life. ah, women and children slaughtered at displaced persons camp in the latest bristol attack in the eastern democratic republic of congo. ah lauren tendencies al jazeera live from london also coming up shall anchors, defense, ministry orders, troops to shoot anyone involved in violence a day after 8 people died in classes. ukraine says it's horses have recaptured, villages, north of hock. eve pushing russia. troops out of range of the heavily bombarded
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city and the un says there's a $5050.00 chance global temperatures will rise by more than one and a half degrees celsius. over the next 5 years. ah, no 14 civilians have been killed in a brutal attack. an eastern democratic republic of congo, taking the number killed in the last 2 days to around 70. most of the victims, in the latest case were women and children at a displaced persons camp in the drago area of the to the province. the keyboard security tracker, which monitors violence in the region, said the armed group codec o or cooperative for the development of the congo was behind the attack. it's a political religious sate claims to represent the interests of the lendue ethnic group. since may last year, the tory and north hebrew provinces have been governed by the security forces in what is termed
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a state of siege. adonis international says the strategy has led to ambushes, rather than the greater secure abuses of a upon rather than greater security and civilian massacres. have continued. security tracker says around 2 and a half 1000 civilians were killed in the last year, nor bud manny reports and a warning. you may find these images distressing. the bodies of mostly women, children, even babies killed in east and democratic republic of congo. the victims were hiding in the forested area of joker in a tory province for several months after fleeing attacks on their villages. a regional government official blame the arm group could decker the carrying out monday's rate and 24 hours earlier. this happened body strewn among the burning embers of a village, mostly women and children. again, the majority of the dozens of victims. they were killed in the attack by another
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rebel group. during a raid on the camp blanket gold mine in its hurry, a regional monitoring group says fighting the scar, the regions of a tory and northern kilo for decades. but it's getting worse. oh, with codec o and the align democratic forces, armed groups accused of massacres. that despite a joint operation by condo leave, and you, camden soldiers, oh, every time there is, ah, ah, a dance. oh, on the other the could there go, there is, are sorry, prison on the, on the civilian in that that, that the big issue is that there is not enough. ah, measure taken to make sure that, ah, ah, civilians are predicted. kenya has hosted, talked to and the long running conflict aunt group, the calling for the release of political prisoners and amnesty for their fighters.
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but following the latest attacks, many concerned that the military approach isn't working and will lead to more reprisals in villages like this one law about money alger theera. ah, clunkers military has been ordered to suit any one causing injury to people or property. at least 8 people died in unrest the day before and a nationwide curfew has been extended to thursday. protests want president got to buy a roger pack sad to step down after his brother and the hinder resigned as prime minister on monday. i've been blamed for shall anchors, historic economic collapse, just lead to major shorter use of food, fuel medicine and power. and al fernandez has more from colombo, there's been a curfew clamped down since i last evening when the tensions of flared up. and
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that this has meant that while there are many people on the roads there, in fact people looking around at scenes like that. you see over my shoulder 3 burning buses and one behind that as well. so a total of 4, either a likelihood of people getting into clashes and things like that. his east are completely r, as because you have not just the police but also members of the 3 armed forces being called out by the president. in fact, on our way to these areas, we've seen the air force, the navy and the army deployed at checkpoints. literally are sort of stopping where he goes, checking was going around in them and all of that. so these have also kept control on the tensions plus that sort of initial flare up that confrontation between those 2 sides. the supporters of prime minister my in the roger boxer and the protest as who had been calling for his the president and the government resignation has now
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ease so things relatively calm in colombo and in other parts of the country. from what we're hearing a cranes military says it's we captured several villages in the northeast from russian troops says russian crosses are being pushed out of range of hoc eve, the 2nd largest city, just been under constant bombardment since the war began. the counter attack could signal a new phase in the conflict as ukrainians move into striking distance of the supply lines. sustaining russia's main attack force in the south grains. his rushes missile attacks on that southern city of odessa appeared to be aimed at disrupting supply lines. and western weapons shipments and the black sea port is of significant strategic importance. taking odessa could help open up the land corridor all along the south of ukraine. and his one person was killed and 5 injured. i rushes tax on monday, the ukrainian ministry as
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a shopping center and warehouse were hit it as a has faced sporadic bombardment, but was not a sped in the 1st phase of russia's invasion. or there is assa masood is in odessa . he says the city suffered a huge amount of damage there for many a hurry in our local. one person was killed in 8 others, at least were injured in a series of miss our attack sort of hit the city of odessa, big explosions in different locations west and east areas of odessa. what also the results of the missile attacks. the most massive explosion was here, one of the biggest moles which will almost destroyed fires were all over the place and around a 1000 square meters and still firefighters are dealing with the fire. these missile attacks came as part of a series of similar attacks against the city of a debtor. over the last few days, the ukrainian air defense forces managers to intercept some of these missiles. but some other missile attacks lead to huge destruction in the southern city of odessa
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euro m, r u fall mass is at least 100 civilian men are still trapped in the as a style still works, which are besieged by ra horses. ukrainian officials said at the weekend, all women, children, and elderly, had been rescued. the steel found his last pocket of ukrainian resistance and the devastated port city. a fight as a holding out there in underground bunkers. they're refusing to surrender and have pledged to fight to the end. yes, director of national intelligence is one that russian president vladimir putin is preparing for a long conflict in ukraine. the next month or 2 of fighting will be significant as the russians attempt to reinvigorate their efforts. but even if they are successful, we are not confident that the fight in the dom boss will effectively end the war. we assess, president putin is preparing for prolonged conflict in ukraine during which he still intends to achieve goals. beyond the dumbass, germany has reopened its embassy and cave. foreign minister analynn, a pair book,
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travel to ukraine's capital for the opening, the highest ranking german government official to visit since russia's invasion. their box said to ukraine should become a fool in you member. she also visited the town of butcher outside keith, where russian troops have been accused of war crimes. united nations has more than 8000000 people and now estimated to be internally displaced in ukraine. nearly 6000000 others have fled, the country since russia evaded on february 24th. the inspector general antonio cherish met ukrainian, refugees on day to his visit to neighboring moldova, the spot being one of europe's poorest nations, its hosting about 800000 refugees. and on the 350000 were passed through the country. if you in your and other baltic states of urge their fellow nato members to send more troops to help defend the countries against a threat from russia into b without 0. the less union president said he needs that needs to brigade of about
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8000 foreign soldiers, is urge nature to make a decision during the next summit and june said, passing reports from class in the u. n. yes. nathan leopard tags, practicing for an attack from the air, with no such chemical weapon. these walking by german don't be dutch are being held not far from what is considered made those kill us. he lit the way to the so called so welcome gap between the russian exclaimed coleen ingram and rush and back bellows. the only land connection between the baltic states and the rest of nato. the lisa, alien presidents, ass nato, should urgently increase its presence there. the feel like the, you know, the feel sandwich between heavily militarize the negro feature. he see a lot of russian troops there. we see military equipment, even doc decal nuclear rather than saw there,
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the very 1st day that russia invaded ukraine. did you think he's coming from this way and yes, well, i think if walton will be successful, he will come after us. and this is not only that talk about a theme. this is the next target might be modal, bar, romania, available to countries full and at the appetite of this and bar is charles to dissolve the limits. after the annexation of crimea, nato decided to send a few 1000 soldiers to the baltic states. president no, that is now asking for a permanent brigade of up to 8000. there's exercise me in april is boy may have become a lot more urgent until now, nato took station near the so called to walk a gap, only had a literal role, a baltic leader say when the war, a new gray, nato should be ready to more actively defend their territories. the germans who are
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leading the nato forces in lithuania are prepared to send more. so as you might be aware, germany is ready to send more troops to spend troops to nato for this purpose. and a nutshell, it's absolutely clear that the collective defense based on the developmental so security data duration of these are, will be the main are for all the for drama force, more nato troops, so close to the russian border could mean that russia would feel more threatened and tension would increased instead of reducing. but this away, near only independent from the soviet union, a little over 3 decades ago, wants to send a clear message to russia. a message also shown to russian passengers passing through vilnius every day from colleen in grad to moscow. this is what your president is doing. it's ass, hoping that support for the war in ukraine will decrease, and nato's military power won't be needed. steadfast an al jazeera integral class
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still to come, the silva, i afghan women define the taliban protesting against an order to cover their faces in public and the son of disgraced philippine. the defendant and marcus tells the world to judge him by his actions, not his ancestors of his presidential election victory. ah hello, that there's lots of lovely weather to be found across europe at the moment with lots of warms, coming through with thing above average temperatures, particular across western and central areas. and we are going to see a lot of that warmth spread its way from west towards east, by the time we get into thursday. but we're still seeing some unsettled conditions plaguing the southeast corner as well as the north west. we've got rounds of rain
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rolling into britain, an island working their way towards the low countries as well as germany and poland . by the time we get to thursday, you can see some of that heavy rain there. but for scandinavia, still a lot of warmth to be found, whereas thing, some snow edge in to southern areas of noise. welcome, wet weather here. and as we head for the south will, this is where we think plenty of fine and dry condition stretching across the mediterranean, a little ones coming back in for the iberian peninsula, spain and portugal, seeing lots of sunshine. we have got some fundamental mornings out. however, for greece, particularly eastern areas, but we are going to see things improve by the time we get into thursday. lots of warmth and clear sky spreading across the balkans. we look at temperatures in romania for example. in bucharest, we're going to see the temperature touching up to 30, with plenty of sunshine by friday. ah,
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a unique full the protest by a palestinian artist using a symbol of national identity to create postage and passport stamps. but also remember for life with florida anyway, sending a message of resistance about the arab israeli conflict, or we come to palestine. palestine sunburned, the stem of defiance. on al jazeera lou ah, or montague stories he'll 900 and a warning you may find the falling image is distressing. at least 70 people have been killed in attacks. am eastern democratic republic of congo in the last 2 days
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later. so 14 civilians, most of them women and children killed in a camp for displaced people on monday shall anchors military has been ordered to suit any one causing injury to people or property. at least 8 people died in on rest the day before. as protested, demanded president goes up by a roger packs a step down over the country's economic collapse. and ukraine's military says it's recaptured. several villages in the northeast from russian troops says russian courses are being pushed out of range of hockey. the 2nd largest city, just been under constant bombardment since the war began. the charity say the children has released a scar overview of the food situation in afghanistan, where aid is failing to meet the growing need. it says 9600000 children are going hungry every day because of afghanistan's economic collapse, ongoing drought, and the impact of the war and ukraine. in total, nearly $20000000.00 people,
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almost half the population faced high levels of acute food insecurity from march to may. spite a major aid initiative, protected number facing the same level of acute food insecurity is not expected to fall significantly. about 19000000 people, half of them children are expected to remain in hunger from june to november. women have been out protesting in cowboy, defying a taliban order for them to cover their faces in public. the decree was announced on saturday. it says that women should leave home only when necessary, and male relatives would be responsible for enforcing the dress code for face punishment. it wouldn't have thrown a backlash from the international community, as well as from many afghans. i'm more, more midway in buffalo says under john, bah, we want to be known as living creatures. we want to be known as human beings. not like slaves imprisoned in the corner of the house. we've organized this protest because the taliban is imposing their culture on afghan
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women under the name of the job. ever since the taliban seized powered afghanistan, all their projects have been against women. they want to limit and eliminate women from the field of society and politics. to philippines now where the son of a disgraced former dictator has promised to bridge a divide between all filipinos hunted. and marcus junior is on course to win the presidential election by a wide margin, and he's urged the world to judge him by his actions and not his families. it's a stunning victory for the country's most infamous political dynasty has already raised fears that democratic rights will be eroded even more. florence louis reports from manila ha. protesters gather outside the election commission building to protest against what they say are voting irregularities. some people were unable to vote after at least
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a $1800.00 vote counting machines. malfunctioned during national elections on monday, less than 2 percent of the total number of machines are using the home eliquis are here because we have seen how sloppy the election could be shown to work is they had to be used to prepare for the selection, but they are competent, they took away that i thought it would be the board for what they won. the protesters were soon pushed back by police with water cannon and swat teams on stand by. the heavy pushback has long been hallmark of the outgoing administration incumbent president, rodrigo deter day, had little tolerance for descent or criticism. i included in marco's junior, whose late father ruled the country for 2 decades, and was often described as a dictator, is on cause to win a landslide victory. and with deter days, daughter sarah set to become the vice president. many are concerned, their civil liberties may shrink further. analysts say the return to power of the
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market family is the result of decades of rebranding. boosted in recent years through social media campaigns, often with misleading information studies i'm showing that the marquess campaign and margaret's family has usually invested in best machinery. and i think if they're going to be the next administration. but this is going to be a lean and mean propaganda spewing machine. ah, he says the strategy may not only help them win power, but keep it. oh, for marcus as supporters gathered outside his campaign headquarters the day after the polls, those concerns were far from their minds as their candidate heads for victory with an unassailable margin. florence li al jazeera manila. the last president of honduras has pleaded not guilty to drug trafficking and weapons charges in new york court. one, orlando,
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hernandez was expedited last month had been arrested at his home in honduras in february, weeks after his 2nd term ended. his accused of receiving millions of dollars from traffickers in exchange for protection from arrest. and under his lawyer says he's been treated like a prisoner war and visits to his line to be restricted. and 400 police chief on california is also on his way to the u. s. known as l. t. great. he was in charge of officers from 20122013 under president of furio noble. u. s. prosecutors have been trying to have him expedited for 2 years, where he also faces drug trafficking charges. demonstrators in mexico have demanded justice for the great number of journalists being murdered. to female reporters were shot dead outside a convenient store in the city of vera cruz. yesenia molly little and sheila, you hannah garcia's death spring. the turtle killed so far this year at 11 and they
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both worked for local news portal and various. the state prosecutors promised that the investigation interlaced killings will be exhaustive mothers or some of the 10s of thousands of missing people in mexico have gathered in the capital a march from deborah trula to demand the government do more to find their children . or at least find out what happened to them. the protest is being held on mothers day was 90. 8000 people have disappeared since and on his sixties. many of them victims of the war on drugs or criminal gangs. and your rapper was at the gathering in mexico city. bay tense is mother's day in mexico, but it also morrison a sort of unofficial remembrance day for missing persons here in the country now to day hundreds, if not thousands of mothers to take part in a margin demonstration in downtown mexico city. as the country approaches a very grim milestone of almost 100000 disappeared and missing persons here in the country where we talk about who the who the missing are the steps here of the
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central monument in mexico city. show you some of the faces of the disappeared there really are people from all walks. 7 of life, the mothers that you see here, some of them are mothers of missing persons, more victims of violence from cartels. some of them or central american mothers whose sons or daughters went missing while trying to cross into the united states. now, this is a problem. the problem of missing persons really exploded, took off during the administration of former mexican president felipe because they don't in 2006. this coincides with the beginning of the drug war in mexico. and one thing that we hear consistently from mothers and family members of missing persons at events like these is that they are all victims of impunity. because not only are many cases of missing persons, not investigated at all here in mexico, but state and government officials have a history of force disappearances themselves. so what we're hearing in terms of demands from activists from family members is we're the government to do more,
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to really put an end to this crisis of this of the disappeared that affects nearly every corner of the country. the head of the world health organization says china's 0 k with policies not sustainable. this is the country's biggest city titles. restrictions once again, mass testing has resumed and frustration, residents in parts of shanghai. i've been told to stay at home until at least wednesday, in time, subway system has been shut down for the 1st time. millions of people in china's financial hub were just beginning to emerge from the month of locked town. new daddy infections fell to about 3000 on. they are a peak of 26000. in mid april. cuba is the only latin american country that is not only made its own coven vaccines is also not united most of its population down to children, as young as 22 years into the pandemic. the caribbean island is now counting on its biotechnology industry to help keep its economy afloat or latin america is elissia . newman reports from havana. he was president miguel diaz cornell inaugurate
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savannah's biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry congress. our scientists from every continent are briefed on cuban medical developments from vaccines for lung and skin cancer treatments to prevent lim amputations in diabetics. the main attraction or cube is covered 19 vaccines. nearly the entire cuban population has been inoculated, including children, as young as to begrudgingly. they receive a job made by a local laboratory that specializes in pediatric vaccines. most of your home are hang on by. hm. live was a give up. we begin vaccinating the entire try population from h 2 and above and september, the 1st national immunization campaign of children in the role to be given if the international media ignored it. are they seeing the 1st children's vaccine campaign? was pfizer in october? but in fact, we began a month earlier. the embryo, hubert biotechnology industry,
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1st drew international attention in 1989 when it produced the world's 1st effective meningitis vaccine. when the coven pandemic struck cuba rushed to produce its own vaccines. abdullah and sobered anna to one of us, not only the health minister tells us they would literally a lifesaver oklahoma under malone. i got the results are demonstrated by the rapid reduction of the epidemic. our vaccines have shown great fortitude and are being used widely in 8 other countries, but recognize our agencies are good to them. but despite the competitive price of the cuban vaccines, there's a limitation. there may be controversy about cuba political system, but when it comes to its biotechnology industry experts given high marks in terms of quality and compliance, which makes the question why hasn't taken the o. m. s, so long to approve cuba coban 19 vaccines, which according to the data,
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are highly effective. i ask if there's been outside pressure, global or more often what happens as always available. we can't make bad thought of accusation because we have no proof. what we can say is that we are applying for the bluish or recognition and that we are confident that the process will be transparent for other executives. explain that, unlike multi national laboratories to but can't afford to pay experts, specialize in presenting the necessary but extremely complex data to the w h o for quick approval. in the meantime, cuban the bar trees are signed contracts to produce current and new generation coven vaccines. in europe, to help fight the pandemic and facilitate the sale of a badly needed source of income to see in human al jazeera havana is president joe biden. he says fighting inflation is a top priority for his administration. he's been setting out his plans to tackle rising prices,
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including going off to corporate profits. o family struggle to pay their bills. some corporate corporate executives are on earnings calls with investors on wall street sharing their record profits and explain how were using this period of inflation to cover the rise and price is far beyond what they need to do to cover their costs. and all is time for not even paying for a fair share of taxes in the 1st place. you want to bring down inflation. let's make sure the wealthiest corporations pay their fair share. temperatures around the world are still rising and could soon exceed a key global warming indicator. a new report from the world mature article, the organization says there's now a 50 percent chance temperatures will exceed the key threshold of 1.5 degrees above pre industrial levels. by 2026, while leaders of pledge to trying to keep temperatures below that level. as part of the paris climate agreement. the climate that we have now is
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a product of the atmosphere that we had 20 or 30 years ago. and if we wait another 20 to 30 years when we have a full on climate crisis going on and then decide that it's time to really do something serious about reducing emissions. it will be too late. famous fighting has been fact of the phone hacking scandal and gulf, the government. a spanish intelligence agency was criticized after it was revealed, but it used the controversial pegasus spyware, to snoop on the pro independence capital and politicians. but the agencies also faced questions over failure to protect primary to petro sanchez and other top officials. these phones were hacked by a foreign entity using the same spyware. because it could be used to extract data and activate phones, camera or microphone, was made by israel's and a so group, which says it's only sells a spyware to government agencies. queen elizabeth has missed the se turning of the
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british parliament for the 1st time in nearly 60 years. a son, prince jones delivered the queen speech instead, which traditionally lays out the government legislative agenda. 96 year old queen has mobility problems and was advised by her doctors not to attend. it's not yet clear how many of the queens upcoming platinum jubilee celebrations she'll take part in. ah. the top stories, amount 0 at the 70 people have been killed in separate attacks over the last 2 days in eastern democratic republic of congo when he may find these images. distressing . in the latest attack, any to re, the 14 victims were displaced people, mostly women and children who fled violence in their villages a day earlier, an armed group rated a mining camp, killing.


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