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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 11, 2022 3:00am-3:31am AST

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now to sierra, ah, ah, al jazeera, with the u. s. intelligence chief warns rushes, preparing for a long war in ukraine, and its actions could become more unpredictable. ah, i'm how much of jerome this is alger alive from door? ha. also coming up. the w h. o says china 0 co policy is not sustainable and asks it to respect human rights as the country tightened restrictions. women and
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children slaughtered at a displaced persons camp in the latest brutal attack in the eastern democratic republic of congo. pleading not guilty to cocaine trafficking, the former president upon juris, appears in court in new york. for a top u. s. intelligence official is warning that russian president vladimir putin is preparing for a prolonged conflict in ukraine. national intelligence director, admiral haines says the criminal actions could escalate and become more unpredictable over the next few months. she's also warning that putin will impose martial law eastern and so that new, correct, the most likely flash points for escalation and the coming weeks are around increasing russian attempts to interdict western security assistance, retaliation for western economic sanctions, or threats to the regime at home. we believe that moscow continues to use nuclear rhetoric to deter the united states and the west from increasing lethal aid to
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ukraine and to respond to public comments at the u. s. and nato allies let suggest expanded western goals in the conflict. ukraine says it's forces in the eastern don boss region destroyed a dozen russian tanks on tuesday, as well as several armored vehicles and aircraft. the regional governor of danielle says 3 residents were killed and 3 others injured. us at big reports from nickaligha, a town on the path of the russian offensive, silent and empty. this is mikayla if it's like this across many towns and villages in the east of ukraine. russia says it wants to take that don bus region. most people here have fled, fearing the russian advance. those who remain wait for whatever supplies. they can get a woman not in a voice, but they are giving humanitarian aid. i don't know what it is exactly, but every one else is here. so i'm here. insight volunteers pack food for those and
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need. omer is helping distribute the bags of chicken and can food which for thumb at the same what's going on outside the firing. have you filled anything out there? have you seen the strikes? it's every day. it's very hard. the elderly struggling while the children are playing. now it's hard. let's see what happens in the future. the local council would usually cut the grass here. now it's left for the goats. a rare sight of a child playing the occasional sound of rocket, an artillery fire in the distance. they don't even flinch here anymore. mic live k is rank 12, comes to the way from where russian from. so they used to be 15000 people living here. but many have left, but amongst those that still remain opinions are divided years ago. but in those numbers, i think ukraine should be an independent country, not without foreign influence. to be without uncle sam. i think we don't need them
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. ukraine was a very reach country. look what they have done, the usaa not good. i don't think i have ever done anything good for us. we know that they ever will rescue russian backed forces took this time back in 2014, only to be pushed out by the ukrainian military module. shall i don't hope for any think it, i don't care anymore. at my age. i'm worrying about young people, the small children. they haven't even had the chance to live. we have our families, people. we love why they bombing or why they killing children that share. the military told us, we're not allowed to film places that have been struck in this town. it is in the path of the russian advance and many here believe it's only a matter of time before russian forces. try and take it. i said, bake. i'll jazeera mc alive, co. in rare criticism, the head of the world health organization says china 0, coven policy. is not sustainable. this is the country's biggest city titans
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restrictions. once again. mass testing has resumed and frustrated. resit frustrated residents and parts of shanghai have been told to stay at home until wednesday. millions of people in china's financial hub were just beginning to emerge from a month of lockdown. new daily infections fell to about 3000 on monday, from a peak of 26000 in mid april. we have discussed about this issue is the chinese experts. and we indicated that the approach, you know, will not be sustainable. and considering the behavior of the virus, i think a shift would be very important. it is important to reflect on the fact that china's only had just over $15000.00 debt during the whole pandemic. so in that sense, china had something to protect and certainly over the last, since for february march, there was a rapid rise in death. so therefore,
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any goldman in that situation will take action to try and combat combat that. but all of those actions, as we said, since the beginning, should be a chill, ju respect to individual and human rights. and we always have said as the way children, we need to balance the control measures against the impact they have on society. the impact to have on the economy and that's not always an easy calibration to me. all right, joining us live now from washington d. c. as lawrence gaston, he's the director of the w h. i was collaborating center on national and global health law. lawrence, thanks so much for joining us today. it's rare to hear the head of the w h o being this critical of a government handling of the corona virus. what do you make of the comments? all right, i'm sorry for that. we seem to have lost our connection with our guests. we'll try to get them back. gunmen have killed at least 70 people in separate attacks and eastern democratic republic of congo. it's one of 2 regions where a state of emergency has been extended. the government says its combating groups
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battling for control of gold mines. a warning that some viewers may find these images distressing, lower burden, manly reports. the bodies of mo, see women, children, even babies killed in eastern democratic republic of congo. the victims were hiding in the forest at area of joker in a tory province for several months after fleeing attacks on the villages. local government officials, blaine, the arm group could deco for monday's rate and 24 hours earlier. this happened bodies strewn among the burning embers of a village, mostly women and children. again, the majority of the dozens of victims. they were killed in the attack by another rebel group. during rate on the camp blanket gold mine in a tory fighting has ravaged the regions of a tory and north river for decades and displaced more than one point. 5000000 people, many living in this camp in a tourist capital bonia,
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bear the scars for rebel attacks on their villages. one woman says her family was killed in front of her last here. i don't feel comfortable talking about what happened. the malicious raped me, killed my relatives and cut off my legs with these skills also bear scars and we were attacked by machetes when malicious, entered our village. as our parents couldn't run away, they were both killed. i was left almost dead, then saved after some hours. and let's say the violence is getting worse with rebel groups codec. who am the ally democratic forces accused of massacres. that despite a joint operation by comb, believe and you can and thought is, oh every time there is, ah, ah,
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a dance on the codec go, there is, are story prisoner on the, on the civilian in that that, that the big issue is that there is not enough, ah, measure taken to make sure that ah, ah, civilians are predicted. kenya has hosted talks to end the long running conflict on boots, calling the relief of political prisoners and, and the fee for their fighters. but following the late of the tax, many a concerned that the military approach isn't working and will lead to more reprisals. in villages like this one was law about manly al jazeera i, we were re established our connection with lawrence goss. and he's the director of the w h. i was collaborating center on national and global health law. a thanks for joining us today, lawrence. i'm my 1st question to you. it's rare to hear the head of the w h. o being this critical of
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a government handling of the crone of virus pandemic. what do you make of these comments from the head of the w h o? i think wi chose lost a lot of patience with china. remember, very early on in the pandemic, china to c, w, h o in the world, they reported late. they claim there was no community or human human transmission. and now i'm trying has done quite well for the last 2 years compared to other countries. but they're in an extraordinarily vulnerable position, and they're really trotting on people in human rights and economic, a productivity. and the 0 coven strategy of china simply is not sustainable. as back to teacher said at lawrence, would these comments from the w h o give trying to pause with the country. consider shifting its policy at all. i think not, i think, you know, for judging ping, it's
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a matter of saving face. i in the fall there is going to be the communist party congress. i oh, he is seeking a longer and more powerful term. and basically china staked its reputation on its handling of co 19 and i think he's in too deep. so i'm not expecting a significant shift, but maybe we'll see a slight one because you know, the truth is, is that covered is nearly as infectious as measles. the new ama cram. so variance where you put somebody in a room for an hour. i'm with measles and 8 people will walk out with it. that's what they're facing. and over the long term, i'm millions. countless millions of people in china are going to get covered and they need a strategy to prevent people from being hospitalized in dying. and that really
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means affective vaccines and high penetration, particularly among the elderly and the vulnerable. and that's not happening in china. from your perspective, why is china insisting on holding on to this 0 coven policy? is it, as you suggested before, simply a matter of staking so much as far as reputation on trying to appear that this strategy is actually successful? yeah, i mean, i think that's the major part of that is, is that, you know, china has really staked its reputation and, and particularly its reputation, both within china, among its people and around the rest of the world on how well it's done. it's really you go into chinese media, it's really trumpeted the idea that it's been so successful in the us in europe have not been and, and that's really largely been true narrative over the last couple of years. but if you look at the united states, europe, many countries around the world,
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even in sub saharan africa, you've got high levels of population immunity. and it's not like a heard immunity. people can continue to be infected. but it's an immunity, meaning that people are not gonna die in droves in the hospitals are going to be over run on because most people have either got covered or they've gotten a good western vaccine that's not true in china. so this is gonna be the route, it's going to come back to haunt china. and you touch on this a little bit before, but where is china right now when it comes to vaccination rates overall? well, china has, you know, a vaccination rate this, you know, no, it's, it's reasonably low compared to its peer nations. but we're, the real concern is, is, is that, is the vaccination rate among the elderly is extraordinarily low. and also,
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the 2nd problem is, is that they're using chinese vaccines, which are reasonably good vaccines, except they're not really as effective as messenger r n. a vaccines are against your micron variant. and the sub variance, it's all in all china is really if it were thinking about this from a scientific and public health perspective, they would shift their policy and i would advise them to do that. and to do it very deliberative, lee and decisively, lawrence cast and director of the w h. i was collaborating center on national and global health law. thank you so much for joining us. thanks for having still had on al jazeera, a crackdown and sri lanka after 8 people died during clashes. what the defense ministry is ordering troops to do your god. 2 and thousands of things and call her send off the people on its mobile tour. that's
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coming up with peter and spin. ah, richard, he has begun the full world copies on its way to cover your travel package today. hello there. it's a divided picture when it comes to the weather across the south asia. we've got severe heat wave conditions affecting much of the north west, but down in the south east. well, it's looking very wet and windy thanks to tropical cyclone a sunny. we have got warnings out for under pradesh in india, thanks to the heavy rain and strong winds that are likely to come with that system now isn't a very powerful storm, but we are likely to see some flooding rains now that's going to work its way towards the north east, in the days to come, bringing some of the heavy rain as well to places like bangladesh as well as the sun. we have got thunderstorm watches here and we are likely to see some wet weather as well. plague in places like carola some shop storms in the very south of
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india, but for the north west, it continues to be a very hot picture of the duffer much of pakistan. now we could see temperatures once again rising up to near to 50 degrees celsius. but if you look at the 3 day fuller hall, we're going to be touching near the mid forties hot and dry world way through to friday. now was we moved to east asia, we've got the post of rain pulling its way from southern parts of china across taiwan to southern areas of japan. but tokyo managers to stay dry. at least the next few days. the temperature sitting in the early twin or air with lines of the jon maxwell capital, his capital, which nature created no rush. when nature is transformed into a commodity. big business takes a new interest by landscapes protecting landscapes. it's a phenomenal opportunity to be able to use a business model to achieve sustainability of nature. but at what's risk, thanks,
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of course, don't do that because they have at the heart protection of nature. they do that because to see a business in pricing the planets analogy 0. lou . ah, you're watching al jazeera, a reminder of our top stories this our u. s. intelligence director. admiral haynes is warning that russian president vladimir putin is preparing for a prolonged conflict in ukraine. pain says the criminal actions could escalate and become more unpredictable over the next few months. the world health organization says china 0 co it policy is not sustainable. the chinese authorities have resumed mass testing on people in shanghai,
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which has been under lockdown for nearly 6 weeks. gunmen have killed at least 70 people in separate attacks. an eastern democratic republic of congo, villages were rated in a tory province where the government says its combating groups battling for control of gold mines. there are fears of unrest over sri long cuz economic crisis is spiraling out of control. the military has been ordered to shoot any one causing injury to people or property. after at least 8 people died the day before. michelle fernandez reports from columbus, a trail of destruction following rioting, and shanta. soldiers have joined police to enforce a 2 day curfew aimed at stopping the violence. the government's failure to solve the unprecedented economic crisis has angered people here. reminisced to mind the raj boxer resigned after weeks of pleasure. when protested said that's not enough. and want his brother, who's president, to go to we are standing here until gord,
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darby raj, a puncture, go home. and not only that, we are demanding for the new interim government to establish new laws under the 21st amendment. and beyond that, we need to abolish their executive presidency. thousands like him had protested peacefully for more than a month outside the president's office, but said the prime minister, supporters attacked them on monday. dozens of buses were destroyed in the ferocious fighting which followed. and v i p cause dumped in a late police investigators and the local magistrate inspected the damage. trade unions condemned what they described as a planned attack on peaceful anti government protest is i am they both provincial politician to the prime ministers resident and hide thugs, to attack the protesters? we ask that legal action be taken against me hinder roger boxer for setting fire to
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this country. said unions have started to strike and seed won't end until both the president and government resign. and there's a proper investigation into the attack of unrest. bruise on the homes of politicians was set on fire and an assault on the highest rank police officer in the western province as increased concern that the crisis is spiraling out of control. the defense ministry has authorized the armed forces to shoot anyone stealing or assaulting anyone shalanda is facing. it was economic crisis since independence in 1948 and destruction of this scale. it just cannot afford observer sale. what adds insult to injury is that it could have been avoided minette fernandez, algebra colombo, international donors have promised $6700000000.00 to syria at a conference in brussels, saying the conflict hasn't been forgotten. it's slightly more than the money raised
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last year. it goes to syrians and neighboring countries, hosting refugees not to damascus. you know, that de needs remain enormous, even if she is not any more under, from pages on the headlines over the media or under will. even we talk less about syria. we are very much aware that 92 percent of she, the, and living in syria, leave him poverty 9 to per se means everybody. everybody in syria all rolled with people belonging to the regime. regime poverty. a former president of honduras has pleaded not guilty during his 1st court appearance in new york on drug and weapons charges. one, orlando hernandez is attorney has pledged to subpoena 3, former us presidents and imprisoned mexican drug lord orkin al chapel,
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guzman hernandez, was expedited to the u. s. last month gabrielle was under, has more from the court house in new york. the proceeding here at this federal court was very fast and lasted less than 15 minutes. one orlando hernandez was led into court wearing a blue shirt that inmates from the prison where he was ushered in by 3 u. s. marshals. and he was asked by the judge, how do you plead? and he said through a translator not guilty, the judge set the next court appearance for september 28th. and then a trial date to begin in january of next year. and the trial will be potentially very tense, and you could see that as soon as this court proceeding ended, because as some of one orlando hernandez, his lawyers left the court. they were surrounded by protesters, a few dozen protesters that were outside the court. honduran who live here in the new york area, who say that they were and have been victims of the drug violence in their native
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honduras drug violence. it was exacerbated by one orlando hernandez. so you've got a sense of when this goes to trial, how tense it could potentially be. and that raw emotions as well. when this does go to trial, it could be a trial that goes weeks, perhaps even months. if convicted, you could face life in prison. you as president joe biden says, fighting inflation is a top priority for his administration. he's been laying out his plans to tackle rising prices, including going after corporate profits. our white house correspondent, kimberly hallett reports gas prices hitting historic new highs on tuesday in the united states. up $0.17 in just the last week to hit a record $4.37 a gallon us consumers aren't happy. i don't even look at how many gallons anymore
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or what their dollar amount is anymore, because it's expensive area everywhere. it's another blow to the u. s. economy and president show biden's white house. i heard 1st, 1st heard the term working for us and working. we're working or full time and we had a hard time maintaining managing, being able to buy groceries under pressure to help consumers biden on tuesday, insisted his policies are fighting inflation for no, you gotta be frustrated, frustrated by high pressures by grid lock in congress by the time it takes to get anything done. believe me, i understand the frustration he blamed rising prices on the global pandemic, and on the war and ukraine. but he also attacked republicans for pushing an ultra mega agenda, referring to former president donald trump's make america great again. policies he
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believes do not align with mainstream american values. republic implant is increased taxes on the middle class families. but billionaires and large companies off the hook as they raise profits, raise prices and re profits of record number record amounts. and it's really that simple. why didn't insist if republicans are elected to control congress and november's mid term elections will end social spending? millions rely on like medical care for the poor and elderly biden. once insisted high prices, supply chain shortages and record high inflation or basics like food and rent was temporary, but that's no longer the case. inflation is more than wiped out the average workers wage again. president bud handed the average american a big pay cut to pay, cut whole show on the issue of the economy. more americans trust republicans
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policies than president biden's with approval ratings in the low 40 percent. and with congressional mid term elections, just months away, record high inflation has become a political liability for the president. kimberly, how can al jazeera, the white house, south african government is trying to increase investment in its mining sector, twofold, to create more jobs and foreign exchange up to $2.00 trillion dollars worth of mineral reserves remain unexploded from either miller reports from an african mining conference in cape town. in one of the latest global mining survey, south africa's rank is one of the wealth 10 least attractive mining destinations. thus, despite its significant goals, diamond coal, as well as i and all resources. now the south african president syndrome, of course, is addressed the largest mining conference in africa saying the country has a plan to turn the industry around. and that's why dealing with a number of challenges, including unreliable electricity supply,
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the issuing awards licenses, as well as rail and shipping infrastructure. also african needs the mining industry to boost its economy, especially following the negative impact of the global pandemic. it also has to consider the challenge of climate change. i think one should say that we going to, to revolutions. one is a policy revolution to help us to adjust. and one is an industrial levels of what we just listen to on, on, on green energy and, and, and, and the shift in the old doc and dirty mining that, that was the old model. so that if you're going to southern mining sick, south africa's also grappling with various navy issues and strike action. workers unions want more pay, which the mining company say simply an affordable. those have been so that the policy and regulatory challenges not addressed as soon as possible. long term future of the industry may be in jeopardy. the fee for world cub trophy is about to
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begin its global tour before this year's tournament. and cutter has been delighting crowds in the host country where it got a big send off on tuesday. joanne, i got her off. sca was there over the last few days. thousands of people have queued up around kathy kathy as a fee for well cut trophy, the price that will be paid for by the teams later in the year. at the 1st middle east. well, come get it on to us. and why did you want to see the room just wanted to see because it's happening and got the for the poster. so it's wanted to let the opportunity if you do that, we'll go, wouldn't believe that is the original one, but they said this is the origin of the one. so it's a very nice, very nice moment. did it live up to your expectation? yeah, too much. now this is the last time we're going to see this trophy in qatar until the opening match on the 21st of november. that's because from here it's going on a global tool. and kathy gave it
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a big send off with some special guest. these united up of the world off the 3 finals and for world cups. i deserve to take the cup home. yes. what makes this turkey so special? what is a piece of sporting history that is instantly recognizable and this is a genuine article because the champions only ever get to keep a gold plated version. this is the real deal that lives the fif. a foot will museum in there. i can only have a comes out once in 4 years for events like this one, as well as the official, well cultural. and of course, the final is 18. carrot gold, 36 centimeters toll and ways just so i was sick. he likes i'm part of the law is the fun fire that goes with it. it travels with a very strict security protocol, has a special case security guards and 2 members of stuff. and they're only able to touch it with gloves on. now you might think all of this is rather expressive, but fee for have learned from history. in fact, this is the 2nd version of the well cut. the jewel remain trophy,
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which was more of a golden cup shape. well, it was stolen twice back in the 60s, in england and in the eighty's in brazil. and unfortunately it was never recovered off to that. so, or that really adds up to a feeling of being mixed something very special indeed. got a. 2 this is al jazeera and these are the top stories. us intelligence director, admiral haines, is warning that russian president vladimir putin is preparing for a prolonged conflict in ukraine. haines says the criminal actions could escalate and become more unpredictable over the next few months. the most likely flash points for escalation in the coming weeks around increasing russian attempts to interdict western security assistance. retaliation for western economic sanctions or threats to the regime.


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