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tv   Pricing The Planet  Al Jazeera  May 11, 2022 4:00am-5:01am AST

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fabrics. this used to be a cultural center. it will state we, the whole this rubble is loop from around the world. $825000000.00 books were sold around the world. we're talking about paperless. aah! i manage a room in durham, the top stories on al jazeera, a top us intelligence official, is warning that russian president vladimir putin is preparing for a prolonged conflict in ukraine. national intelligence director, admiral haines says the kremlin actions could escalate and become more unpredictable over the next few months. she's also warning the potent will impose marshall, lorraine, and eastern sudden the most likely flash points for escalation in the coming weeks or around. increasing russian attempts to interdict western security assistance, retaliation for western economic sanctions,
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or threats to the regime at home. we believe that moscow continues to use nuclear rhetoric to deter the united states and the west from increasing lethal aid to ukraine and to respond to public comments at the u. s. a. nato allies that suggest expanded western goals in the conflict. the head of the world health organization says china's 0 covert policy is not sustainable. this has the country's biggest city titans restrictions. once again, mass testing has resume. dan, frustrated residents and parts of shanghai have been told to stay at home until wednesday. millions of people in china's financial hub were just beginning to emerge from a month of walked out. we have discussed about this issue with the chinese experts. and we indicated that the approach, you know, will not be sustainable. and considering the behavior of the vitus, i think
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a shift would be very important. gunmen have killed at least 70 people in separate attacks. an eastern democratic republic of congo, villages were rated in a tory province where the government says its combating groups battling for control of gold mines. it's one of 2 regents where a state of emergency has been extended. sherlock is military has been ordered to shoot anyone involved in violence. there at least 8 people have died in unrest. despite the resignation of prime minister ryan de roger poxy, protestors also want his brother president go to buy a roger boxer to step down there blamed for major shortages of food, fuel medicine and power. women had been out protesting and cobbled defying a taliban order for them to cover their faces in public. the decree was announced on saturday. it states that women should leave the home only when necessary, and male relatives would be responsible for enforcing the dress code or face punishment. international donors have promised $6700000000.00 to syria
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at a conference in brussels saying the conflict hasn't been forgotten. it's slightly more than the money raised last year. it goes to syrians and neighboring countries, hosting refugees not to damascus. you know, that didn't need to remain enormous, even if she is not any more under, from pages on the headlines of the mediator under will. even we talk less about syria, we are very much aware that 92 percent of c d and living in syria live in poverty. 90 percent means everybody. everybody in syria. although the people belonging to the regime regime poverty, people in mexico mark mother's day with a rally to pressure authorities to search for the missing and disappeared. nearly
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100000 have been reported missing some for more than 50 years. 50000 bodies remain on identified in mortuary as many are victims of the drug war and criminal gangs. the former president of honduras has pleaded not guilty to drug trafficking and weapons charges during his 1st appearance in new york court. one, orlando hernandez was expedited to the u. s. last month. his attorney has pledged to subpoena 3, former us president and the prison, the mexican drug lord or kean, l chapel guzman. he says they can vouch for him. donald trump could soon be tweeting again after eli musk said he'd reverse twitter span on the former us president. trump was kicked off the platform last year after the capitol hill riot twitter said his account was permanently suspended due to the risk of inciting violence. those are the headlines. the news continues here on al jazeera, after pricing the planet. let
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me. ready ready aah! with his heating fast and we have ourselves to blame that, look at the problem of global warming where water is getting scarcer. arable land shrinking is now being claimed that we're entering upon a sick, massive sick earth. as we know, it today will cease to exist, use new information that reveals just how fast
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ah bought if economic and financial markets could save the planet with we use nature because she's valuable, but we lose nature because she is free. if we invest money in protecting nature. busy will are very, very high financial returns. economists, bankers, investment funds, and finances are taking an interest in the environmental crisis. they say that they can protect the planet their way with money. how much is the peach that you visit every year? actually, why? how much for the forest that you love to walk in so much?
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what is the value of planning a manual? an insect? does this combination seem a tool unnatural? ti, financial isolation was to rate the awe endangered species of forests are treated like financial products. can market succeed where politics have so far failed? but at what risk? at what price lou, sometimes i described the challenge that we have as the economic invisibility of nature. what i mean by that is that most of what major provides is not transacted in markets. whether it's clean air or fresh water or where there's the pollination
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of bees for fruit trees. when did of be ever send you an invoice, billions of workers toiling away without a break in silence and for no pay. for millennia, no one recognized neither their value nor all the work they do. it took a tragedy for us to finally recognize that economic value. and the u. s. a large part of an actual wild be population has died off, and something is happening in europe. there are hundreds of people who cheap, large numbers are being used. ah, they keep them in hives. and when a farmer wants it feels pollinators. ah, he actually calls one of the commercial polynesian firms. now this is a right for hiring. a 1000000 being used for a week are to pull an actual crops. what
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if tomorrow they were to disappear entirely? what if we had to replace these bees with humans and therefore pay them? the polynesian service of bees is economically invisible, but the total value of that was found to be something like $200000000000.00. that's almost 8 percent of the total agricultural output honor. we look at these little creatures differently now that we know that they are worth $200000000000.00. don't really. we immediately pay more attention to them all that wealth in a bee hive. and we humans never realized it. mr. johnson. yes, my mother nature here. i'm here to collect the last month's nature usage, meet your usage. okay, let me see. the sun rose and said, oh look at bed every day. it was
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a cool breeze on tuesday. but what if the solution was already here? we just need to put a price on everything that nature provides. pollination the pleasure of walking in the park. cleaner module is the work. wow, that is a good question. um and how much is would it be worth? you can't put a price that we can put up for. yeah, yeah, it's price like i one needs to be pre made to us that people we were and this should learn how to protect it and that shipment have to do something with money. my daughters live in a, in a flat we have in, in new york. this is on 56th street. but if i bought the same flat in 58 street, i checked and the value was more than twice as much. why do you think the value between $56.50 s street are the same area? 1000 square feet is twice as much because the one that is on 50th is next to
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central park. just the ability of people to see greenery is worth $1000000.00 extra . and i see you're running a little behind on your oxygen bill. i wouldn't let that continue very long if i were you, mr. well, i'm a little short this week. so will that be cash or charge? she does. she will to scan while to do this unique kinessa lupita to inevitable. don't you? sure. she best unique is your pasco coronet. repeating that you said, or senior who connect the revenue bhaskar going for oswald, you don't teach them to kid from should for all righty me. so kenya back wanted no comp. ah, our economic system was created in a very different era. it was created hundreds of years ago when what was valuable,
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what was scarce, were capital and labor. right? so that's what we put a value on all the natural resources, all the ecosystems, all the clean air, clean water. there was too much of that, you know, and so we didn't put a value on it. having plenty of clean air, water and animal species, is of no interest to the markets. they hate things that are abundant and free. the equation is beginning to change. nature is the el dorado of the 21st century. a new economic sector with promises of huge returns for investors. banks, finance corporations and states are attracted into it. they will know that on the dead planet, no one will do business any more about
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it or do mikella to it or donia, bushway shopping. lucille ok will approach the global to model you. mel real push all caught up of i to come is between is equal. she said we lay put her, it is 60 up, it is truly spread. figure on then to just show us your me do. oh sure i'm a more do the struggle that they will, that i'm actually mom, des space only only did we book of leviticus click up lucila. she nearly opened it up with professional enough that's fundamental economic theory. you know, supply and demand. the more there is supply of something, the less the price, the less the demand, the less the price, but the more the demand and the less the supply, the higher the price, right? and effectively right now, the price we're putting on the environment and i'm natural services is 0 effectively,
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but that's come after change as the supply of these natural resources continues to dwindle. and the demand in the form of people continues to grow. with applying the laura supply and demand to natural resources in species is something new until now, almost no one had ever thought of putting life itself into the economic machine. yes, i'm all you know, please don't throw shoulders each these yuma as jonathan it levy then dick's thanks . john is his best. his saw him in whip your kid could m y n as you do ye, could the song is danielson lab there on your what you know kind of you need to see if you don't city us or something to me or then this was the time of one of the greatest geological disasters the dinosaur disappeared, and along with them 70 percent of all animal species. we could now be in the middle
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of a similar crisis. only this time it's not a meteor that caused it. it's man though citizen manners exist the most, bowden region, as daniel's bill is to process lift similar to release assailable solomon the lucel would be more see in the scene. quinta or ios in retros, palarez, nor san or citizens manual roskus them. history on that would alyssa, it was she still economical? since the industrial revolution, the world's population has increased 6 phone water consumption, risen by a factor of 3. the amount of carbon in the atmosphere has doubled. the global temperature has increased and half the world rain forests have disappeared. our ecological footprint is escalating to satisfy our needs. we are using the
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resources of one and a half us. if we continue at this rate, by 2030, will need to planets by 2052 and a half. what happens if there are very much less trees? if there's not the clean water we need where we need it when we need it. if there isn't the clean air where we want it, where we need it, that becomes scarcer, that becomes more valuable. we're going to start to put a price on it. we're going to start to put a price on the destruction of it. and we believe there are opportunities in that transition to profit from that transition besides business has already started about a 100 miles east of los angeles. there's a fly, probably the most expensive fly in the world.
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here, here comes i here flying right by it. that is one of them. here it is again. see that up there a century ago. there may have been on the order of around 40 square miles of, of habitat. that is essentially the distribution of the sand dune. and over the 20th century, 95 percent of the remaining habitat has been destroyed or converted over to other uses. only a small fraction of that 5 percent supports good populations of this rare insect, this del high sand flower loving fly. and
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they emerge during the heat of the summer and the adult fly only lives for a few days. at the most, colton county underwent huge economic development. business and industry gradually swallowed the sand dunes while the so called dell high sunflower, loving fly, had the sad honor of becoming the 1st american flight on the endangered species list. to protect it in 1993, the state froze on commercial activity on its habitat. colson's growth truck to 0 all because of a bach the citizens here. you know what jobs the citizens want. retail services, they want more businesses to be here. and right now were prevented from bringing them into town. so the fly found itself hated by the entire population. but one
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man's misfortune, the fly is a rare species with where property makes a very good financial investment. we can create as much value for both our stockholders, as well as create a biological opportunity for conservation by turning out into a mitigation bank. so our most recent sales have been $250000.00 an acre. a bank saw an opportunity here, a mitigation bank. it realized that it could make money off this uses little sam flies. it bought a part of the flies habitat. and then it did nothing leaving the insect to live in peace while selling shares. if a business wants to develop a project on the land where the fly lives to will find itself blocked by the state . but by buying shares, the entrepreneur can offset his impact by investing in the insects protection. unsecure his right to develop his business. the bank has already made $20000000.00
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. the free market has to find out a good balance between adequate conservation. sure value, allowing development to go for a bank making money by protecting a species. that sounds like a win win situation, right? but for the inhabitants, the bank is still a fly. in the ointment, the fly is winning the war with the flies in place. we've lost millions and millions and millions of dollars, years and years and years of time. you know, we can't replace what we've lost. there will be cheaper to people to go out and kill the flies than to mitigate joe jock. the true but true. but true. saw hole
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in the united states species protection is in the hands of these new bankers. businesses, estate agents, wrote builders, anyone whose activity and dangerous animals has to pay these banks. they protect more than a 1000000 acres of land. they sal wetlands, credits, cacti credits, prairie dog credits. even liz, it's quite wild. lance is the biggest mitigation bank of the american west or annual revenues . exceed $40000000.00 a year and mitigation sales. way better gay for john carter site. for salmon. steel had delta smell. split, tail swenson hawk for burrowing out for desert. tortoise
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elderberry longhorn beetle. tadpole shrimp ferry shrub. our customers are aware of the local solutions awaken, provides. these customers will come and they are building a shopping center alarm affecting burnell pools our infecting our burrowing. now, do you have something that could help me offset my requirements? so we take a look at our inventory, we provide them a quotation for a solution. and then we barter that those credits to them as an a non tangible transaction. we give them a relief of their liability as a certificate of good. well ah, do these banks choose to invest in and protect one species rather than another? what happens to those endangered species living in areas of the us with as nobody
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with as note economic development, and therefore no one to buy credits. choosing between one endangered species and another nature space, it all depends on market demand. buying landscapes protecting landscapes accumulating their landscapes. it's a phenomenal opportunity to be able to use a business model to achieve sustainability of nature. we weren't profitable, we wouldn't have wanted to reimburse delays future projects. the laws of the market applied to endangered species. surprising, right? how can we let banks decide which species are worth saving and which ones not? which ones deserve to live? and which are to die on the altar of profit? ah,
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if you were to go on the species banking dot com, you would find probably about 700 different banks. um, and it's roughly uh, it's roughly between 2 and a half to 3 and a half for $1000000000.00 a year that are in banking this market for endangered species. it is developing today, all these mitigation banks are listed. he want to know which one protects the swenson's hawk. the tiger salamander or the desert fox. with one click, the endangered species appear. and the number of credit issued above it is this is the lobby of the bit. cedar casio mass lucrative us for low tunnel by that then it my your flu holding barithium me in thrust address is busier . the blunt us when the malice cannot fill us directly with balance. they need minnows, flooding bits. young bottle of dental is does mon, i said,
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really here. this means risky. does banner gazette or this out? but i said, hi, i'm john. i work for a company, a big company, a company. the still was a realize it relies on nature, which is why i'm organizing a meeting, a big meeting to discuss natural capital. it's a new idea to boost our business. you've heard a financial capital. so what is natural capital? natural capital is capital which nitro, creative, not us. so the climate system has natural capital. there are trees with a natural capital because they are tied count knocked out out of the atmosphere, produced oxygen, or bought of us as a form of natural capital. so let's take a shoe. this one's 11 leather comes from cows to make a cow unique, grass and grain. not a lot of land and a lot of water. it provides the clean water that we need,
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that healthy food that we need. nature through things like for us, provides us protection from storms or floods, and that's what i mean by nature's fortune. and so when we speak like academics, we call what nature does for us ecosystem services. so nature has become a real business. it has its own capital and can offer it surfaces to consumers without rain in the amazon rain forests, there would be no agricultural economy in south america. a service estimated to be worth $240000000000.00. there is an area that is the ocean scar reeves as you can see, cut across the entire globe all the way from micronesia, across into the seo militia, india, madagascar, and to the west of the caribbean. these red dots, these red areas basically provide the food and livelihood for more than half
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a 1000000 people. so that's almost an 8th of society and find to tell us that any level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere above $350.00 parts per 1000000 is too dangerous for the survival of these reefs. we are risking over time. patterns look, death has become the global glue on economy and biodiversity developing his goal is to convince the world of the importance of these capital assets. 50, calculating the economic value of nature has become his life's purpose. he can put a figure on an ecosystem as easily as he can assess global losses at the risk of turning nature into a commodity. the total loss of value every year was almost $2.00 to $4.00 trillion us dollars. that is due to $4000000.00 us dollars. that's almost the same size as the last that was suffered in the financial, a meltdown in 2008, which was about 5 trillion dollars. so that gives you
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a sense of how big these losses are. and yet they are invisible because we're not accounting for the capitol. when it disappears, when the forest disappear, when the wetland is closed, we're not accounting for the losses because we're not accounting for the income. the assets are invisible, same problem, economic invisibility of nature. there are certainly some people who feel uneasy about putting a price on nature a feel of some are nitrous, intrinsically invaluable, only if we got business and government as equal partners in this debate will we find the solutions and the scale to the solution that the world is a wave of sentiment around the world if you will actually want accountability from the people who are running their countries. and i think from people's voice is not heard because that's not part of the mainstream news narrative. obviously we cover the big stories and we report from the big events going on. but we also tell a story that people generally don't have a voice. remember another child that's never be afraid to put your hand up north
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question. and i think that's what she really does. we ask the questions to people who should be accountable. and also we get people to give their view of what's going on. african stories from african perspective short documentaries for human filmmakers from zimbabwe. we were pioneers of how economists can change the way we distribute good dominic, i'd be happy to go into a physical done. i've re hopes and he'd gone here doesn't fresh farm fishing woods and the shot it africa direct on al jazeera. from the al jazeera london broke authenticate to people in thoughtful conversation with no host and no limitation of the artist by nature. they are person who are lost part to if i way way. and denise to paul society is not interested
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in the individuality. the freedom, the spirit of the young person studio be unscripted on al jazeera lou. i'm hammered him, roman durham, the top stories on al jazeera. u. s. intelligence director. admiral haines is warning that russian president vladimir putin is preparing for a prolonged conflict in ukraine. haines says the kremlin actions could escalate and become more unpredictable over the next few months. the most likely flash points for escalation in the coming weeks are around increasing russian attempts to interdict western security assistance, retaliation for western economic sanctions, or threats to the regime at home. we believe that moscow continues to use nuclear
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rhetoric to deter the united states and the west from increasing lethal aid to ukraine and to respond to public comments at the u. s. and nato allies that suggest expanded western goals in the conflict. the world health organization says china 0 covet policy is not sustainable. chinese authorities have resumed mass testing on people in shanghai, which has been under locked down for nearly 6 weeks. gunman have killed at least 70 people in separate attacks in eastern democratic republic of congo. villages were rated in it, tory province where the government says its combating groups battling for control of gold mines. sri lanka, military has been ordered to shoot any one involved in violence there. at least 8 people have died in the unrest. protesters want the president to step down after his brother resigned as prime minister on monday. they are blamed for a historic economic crisis. women had protested in cobble defying
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a talib on order for them to cover their faces in public. the decree was announced on saturday. it states that women should leave the home only when necessary, and male relatives would be responsible for enforcing the dress code or face punishment. international donors have promised $6700000000.00 to syria at a conference in brussels, saying the conflict hasn't been forgotten. it goes to syrians and neighboring countries hosting refugees not to damascus. the former president of honduras has pleaded not guilty to drug and weapons charges in a new york court, won orlando hernandez was extradited to the u. s. last month. his attorney plans to subpoena 3 former us presidents and the imprisoned mexican drug lord, while came el chapel guzman. he says they can vouch for him. there is the headlines . the news continued harold al jazeera, after pricing the planet,
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the laws of the market applied to endangered species. surprising, right? how can we let banks decide which species a worth saving and which ones not? which ones deserve to live and which are to die on the altar of profit. ah, jeanette, jeanette, they teach digital intervention in the tent overseas on pull g specific more quick hunch. see, go this test and let you know by to put me to curriculum, do snip am jacqueline conducive and i to not by the video. i couldn't, he can't. isaac, he fully, completely, he says, even though his iep, he couldn't massey video, he says his grand total g valley to non did a mass on the this you, on the set of e think was his to me,
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not somebody that minute when he dig, usually the veteran classic cannot do, it will be you get them. he seemed he fully comprehend there are certainly some people who feel uneasy about putting a price on make sure they feel of some on nitrous, intrinsically and valuable. ah, that i am bringing the profit motive himself associated greed to bear on natural phenomenon is somehow just the wrong thing to be doing. i'm i think it's short sighted. there are many people in the world. it seems who are very short sighted, such as the thousands of protest as who demonstrated in rio during the 2012 of summit. rather than turning nature into a commodity. these opponents demanded strong policies to solve the environmental crisis in vain. ah,
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at 10 years ago, he ought to somebody put sustainable development on the global agenda. yet, let me be frank. our airports have not lived up to the major of the challenge. we are playing political poker with the future of our planet by not acting with the urgency that the situation called for more poverty, more conflict, and more environmental destruction. on one side, policy is incapable of providing a global solution. on the other growing markets, preserving some species and habitats. some people have chosen their site, the so called economic efficiency. early societies deified. what we now call natural capital. um, there were certain goals for rivers. god, for oceans, god, for the song on israel recognizing the importance of different types of natural
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capital. i'm. we don't deify things today, but we recognize their importance by putting dollar signs in front of them by making the medical capital assets not reflect the change in our society capital sims, important today for decades and decades, we have been trying to save biodiversity and, and, and for us in those things out of the goodness of our heart, out of the fact that we know that's the right thing to do. and we have failed. we have failed miserably. um and, and i will, i'll challenge anybody in the environmental movement about that. so we need to find other instruments that can get us to much bigger scale to be able to address those issues. ah, the facade is discrete. it's home to a business that is growing with each passing year. the ecosystem market place is a non profit company based in washington dc,
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which issues environmental economic reports. ah and the idea was to create a bloomberg of environmental markets where you had literally all the transaction data publicly, transparently, and credibly available. because that then that stimulates markets. so we created what we call the matrix, which really lays out the 24 different kinds of market instruments. the matrix is the bible of the markets, the ecosystem services markets in by diversity. horton, calvin green tourism kinetic missile says the ecosystem market place invented this matrix to show the potential for growth in these new el dorado, for instance, 10 percent each year for biodiversity markets,
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55 percent for carbon data le let to release a cold capital. no. isn't everybody that the kiddo this, he'd kick sylvester incorporate elena trellis as he comes in could put all at the can a little here while mackie nadia butter i swiss with the lisa less but i am. but did you have the in it mazin as in as, as lucas on this young. esther lucas. ah, with a not that crazy. they just have a business oriented my. i'm the belief that markets consult the environmental crisis. the idea is gaining ground slowly but surely convincing a growing number of people. but this idea didn't just come out of the blue. it's
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been what tom and shaped for over 50 years. lad denise was on thanks us on cas itching this little devil say. they're like restaurant, young auto, yet touching still he did rewards on the, on of all, for like anything like any delay or politics. charlie's esparsa, it is his best or sas of the fair piper. i sat on omaha, a dog in his as shown. one is 3 n duty, he only said med, hopeless, and can come of more accomplish her as his elsie or john mother is this good. this is diane, merely kara, bella environmental, backlash. oklahoma told her that tomorrow yon mata reagan continues to hammer away . it has major camp, he's lobbyists, found his pigs person in ronald reagan. he's available during his campaign. the republican candidate accused president carter of stifling growth with his environmental laws about the visitor factory with thousands of people who just been
4:40 am
laid off, according to him because of the e. p a. the environmental protection agency reagan's tour of the decaying hearts and furniture was a symbolic effort to remind voters that tough times arrived here. while jimmy carter was president, it was closed on for 2 reasons. dumping and the big forcing cost on them for bio metal protection to meet their mandates. victor could not be afforded. there was no way to do it. yasu again, he then isn't wrong either meds or plus impunity. do i go? i strongly, i good as charge on malta ledge also alan environmental protection agency. the last one. when january a dissolve on st. paul saw you look off ledger like she wants the push keisha hinton, logan easy, like garza or eva, a suki, ultimately a regulation shirley with a show for his chair,
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sergio her lead with draw layer. ideally the pool is shown. layer environmental regulations are cut back or made more flexible. and this opens the door to the creation of market instruments, supposed to save nature. when george bush takes office, he continues the deregulation policy. one of the 1st testing grounds is the wetlands vast ancient swamps. vital for biodiversity, businesses would really like to use these areas where nature has been left alone. so bush invents no net loss of wetlands, no net loss of wetlands. with this new law, the president puts in place the structure that would underpin environmental markets . his method for preserving wetlands is to be compatible with economic growth. businesses will be able to destroy parts of the wetlands as long as they offset the
4:42 am
damage they calls. yeah, bus y'all, demila saw get her all li, pontiac, balk a deputy da city that did the free this bess avoid. connie is on plus or tour. a city junior nicholas, but we're seeing this exciting is that it started to get uptake and other places. china, brazil, mexico, peru were starting to see some real interest in these kinds of an instrument for compensation around by diversity loss. oh, this jungle in borneo is, was some $34000000.00 the state conceited it to an investment fund that set up the
4:43 am
world's largest mitigation bank. it intends to make a profit by offering its credits to customers such as pension funds and insurance companies. yes, there is not very much of that forest left in saba and is not very much left in good condition. it may be only about 80000 hector's of good lowland to pick up forest. i call primary forests that hasn't been launched. so that's what makes protecting the lowland forest very important. and that's where the, the main iconic space is actually live in logan forest. it's where the fruiting trays are, you know, so that's where the rankings are. the elephant mo,
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bye bank is a 34002 forces of in malaysian bonia. and what's unique about this particular project is that it seeks to take a commercial approach rather charitable approach to, to conservation is trying to monetize the ecological value in the forest. only who is the 3rd largest island in the world. it's forest is almost 150000000 years old. and a century ago, it covered the entire island. to day 2 thirds of it have vanished because of locking and pommel plantations. in just a few years, the island has been transformed into an ocean of monoculture. the ecological catastrophe is complete. at this rate, the last remaining a rang, a tangs will have disappeared by the end of the decade. just like the pick me
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elephant and other species. if ma house i convert the eco well to mercy valley, instead of wing worth nothing and those bantering and are i ain't on being worth. absolutely no, having no valley, then the pommel company next door would have to pay that price in order to be able to destroy it and develop it. the maloof bank sells its jungle credits to pommel producers and any other food processing companies around the world that use the oil in their products will forcing those who destroy primary forests to pay for this destruction. save the great apes. and does it. it is in a low, he go, we'd better, better put good killer that he can get the unit bladder. for the comparables bonus, either 3 la trellis lucille did she go with the beauty, but then some better meals,
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but i can't, i mean n, some better means. but at this drill and that release for his wisdom, mccannen was better better. so imbedded bristle battle and until elisa, he needa except them in the local variable, could it could unity, narrow latino bremar comb, priced us. so if you gold you couldn't it? who's the figure? pseudo consumer level throws me . ah, no bank sky cannot make model is not yet profitable. but the heavy weights of the market believe in the future. in 2013, hsbc was the 1st bank to publish report on natural capital. these environmental market, originally seen of nation, are looking at the more promising natural capital issues
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of fundamentals, how we will live in the future. we may see population migration species, migration. we may see huge changes in the way people live, invest as a thinking more about natural capital because they realize that it can offer a constraint and an opportunity. they want to think about how the investments will generate long term value for the stakeholders. and that means thinking about how the supply of natural capital may change, how disruption might occur in relation to natural capital resources. ah, the next wave of real financial gains could be environmental markets for sure. with the bank. you look at both the risk in the opportunity around these
4:48 am
issues and i think all of them are recognizing that natural resources are very important. so the j. p. morgan chase is merrill lynch's, and bank of america, all of these major banks there. the institutions that invest in the businesses that are doing the projects that are having an effect on bio diversity, positive or negative. so they're, they're a very important piece of are of our coalition. so that is who is behind the ecosystem marketplace. who is interested in these markets in their potential and who sits on their boards and committees? when we look at the development of biodiversity markets, we find some very well known actors. banks in particular,
4:49 am
and was curious and scary at the same time. is that oftentimes these are the very same banks, but we're also very actively involved in the trading that lead to the last large financial crisis. banks of course don't do that because they have at the heart, ah, protection of nature. they do that because to see a business unless they want to become the ones who provide the trading platforms. bank of america, merrill lynch was find a rec, old $17000000000.00 by the american government on charge is linked to the surprise mortgage crisis j. p. morgan chase, the largest bank in the usa, had to pay a $13000000000.00 fine for the same chart if city group saved from
4:50 am
bankruptcy by the same government, paid hundreds of millions of dollars to escape legal proceedings. by disaffected clients. we can even find companies set up my former employees of goldman sachs, the same bank that made billions and profit by speculating on the crisis. can leopards change their spots? you might even think they're the bad guys. maybe they even have been the bad guys in the past, but sometimes they were the bad guys because they were making mistakes. they didn't know better. and see whether you can convert a bad guy or somebody who's just not paying attention into being an ally. because if we can do that, we can get so much more done. that was the boss of one of the biggest nature
4:51 am
protection agencies in the us. his remarks are somewhat surprising on the nature conservancy has almost $1000000.00 members and protects millions of acres of land i marine areas around the world. but is this nicety or strategy? i had a really fortunate experience when i worked at goldman sachs. i had did a mainstream investment banker for more than 20 years. and then my final position before i joined the nature conservancy, was leading an environmental effort for the firm having a ceo that have all of his experience coming from the world of banking and corporate banking. in particular, we'll continue to look for the solutions to the crisis where those solutions don't hurt. the very sector that has made his career. i'm
4:52 am
a banker. i understand the difference between prices and values. i also understand that nature has huge value, which we are simply not learn how to appreciate. have answered death is the global reference in this sector. the man with the most influence, he made his career at deutsche bank. he argues that putting a price on nature doesn't mean turning it into a commodity. he simply hopes to make states more aware of their ecological riches and make companies more responsible. can a banker change his own nature to economics as near weaponry the direction richer short as an ethical choice? i have made that ethical choice to shoot in the right direction using the same weapons them with his economic weapon. the ecologist banker has targeted the politicians. he has already won the battle of ideas with international institutions
4:53 am
and their directors. the situation in european union, of course, could be better, or despite slot of thinks, which we are doing her. her defects are that still only 17 percent off our habits and species are in good environmental status and only 11 percent of ecosystems are in such kind of status. i think it's nothing to hide, obviously failed. it's the dark side of development corporations that ensure our comfortable lives and causing damages. we'd rather ignore oil, chemical and steel industries, areas where the air is choked with carbon dioxide. sulfur dioxide, benzine, my 2 carbons, metals, europe, urbanized, it industrialized. in these areas, the people are ill and biodiversity is dying out.
4:54 am
when you financed by diversity, you can logically look to do public funds. but at the end of the day, you know, many look at the public funds and there are many needs which you would need to address of the public funds. so it is most important that you use also private funding. and so that's why this university financing mechanisms logic started to emerge freshly. it was a g from friend cuz he did, he could not, you're not a good torture. it could he put any clues ye on have to down don't. isn't that under the secretary? he's not bad on the needle, he couldn't. oh, the executors he could have gotten taken him. it is, it' may compress these words because obviously the content could be able to share your like with you yesterday welcoming you can print and the booking duke and
4:55 am
a need to put a copy in brussels where they love is kept telephone. your opinion, you half between 15050000 lobbies and that most of them work for corporations. we want to have this partnership with the business sector. because without that partnership of we have are practically nobody chance to succeed. now, in 2 decades, multinational corporations, a fashioned and effective lobby group, i think we're slowly, but certainly moving to a states where it will become equal partners in the discussion. sometimes people say to me, mark, why would you work with companies that have such big environmental footprints? and i said, that's exactly why we should work with them letting us young as we need us in. this
4:56 am
is antithesis. duncanville deon, though a lot roman thought as billing, but it's young pretty valid in her planet is to emerge in, gone through the is several k, a who lament element, the system that has a young in and medical, the lattice eunice when he lou. so all the un business corporations, bankers and politicians all in back together. is there an international plot against nature? and what if this alliance was the only means of saving the planet? ah
4:57 am
for over 15 years i've called the armed conflict. the natural disasters and the political upheaval in the philippines. parents fell as they walked for hours with their children just to get as the filipino as a woman. it is a rare privilege to tell the stories of my own people to a global audience. hello there. let's have a look at the weather across north america. we've still got back critical fire risk plaguing the south west states of the us. thanks to hot and gusty winds, as well as low humidity and high temperatures. and the story really is about the heat across central parts of the u. s. you can see temperature here. well above the average. now it's a different story for the west coast. we've got wintery weather sweeping in to the north west pacific. i'm with the temperatures dipped down below the average in places like san francisco and los angeles. but it's
4:58 am
a different story for the deep south places like dallas. if we look at the 3 day sitting well above the average, with lots of hot and dry weather, at least all the way through to friday. now much of the action is farther up north . we've got some severe storms rolling across upper pots of the mid west into central and eastern canada. but for toronto, it stays largely fine and dry temperature picking up here. and we will see temperature picking up across the east coast of the us. some lively showers, however, for the south eastern states and those feed into some heavy rains that are pulling into parts of central america particular for tucks and the cake of islands, but as well as eastern areas of cuba. hispaniola and we'll see thunderstorms in jamaica this weekend. ah, the witness fare. witnessed bravery, witness, freedom, witness, slavery, witness people, witness power, witness a lifetime witness and our witness. man,
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witness bees, witness prejudice, witness. peace, witness. love, witness. ball, witness. the world witness. next door, witness life witness. error. mainstream coverage of big stories can sometimes deliver more heat than lights. in any water scenario, there's always a push to simplify. narrative nuances is always called for, even in the case of an aggressive war. the listening pace delve into the news, narrative and dissect them. there is not our great deal of subtlety. we're talking about the barbarism that is unfolding as though we're somehow unique. it's not unique covering the way the news is covered on al jazeera, on may, 15th lebanon, will hold its 1st parliamentary elections since the country went into economic collapse in 2019 political and security. pensions are running high with many
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