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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 11, 2022 5:00am-5:31am AST

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little insecurity, pensions are running high with many lebanese desperately wanting chains and new leadership. but will their votes be enough to change the status quo? special coverage analysis. eda ah the w. h o criticizes china 0 cobit policy and asks it to respect human rights. as the country titans restrictions, ah, how much of room this is al jazeera life from door up. also coming up. the u. s. intelligence chief warns rushes, preparing for a long war and ukraine, and its actions could become more unpredictable. women and children slaughtered at
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a displaced persons camp in the latest brutal attack in the eastern democratic republic of congo. fremont as defense, ministry orders troops to shoot any one involved in violence. a day after 8 people died in clashes in where criticism the head of the world health organization says china's 0 cobit policy is not sustainable. this as the countries biggest city titans restrictions, once again, mass testing has resumed and frustrated residence in parts of shanghai had been told to stay at home until wednesday. millions of people in china's financial hub were just beginning to emerge from a month of lockdown. new daily infections fell to about 3000 on monday, from a peak of 26000. in mid april. we have discussed about this issue with the chinese experts. and we indicated
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that the approach, you know, will not be sustainable. and considering the behavior of the bias, i think a shift will be very important. it is important to reflect of the fact that china has only had just over $15000.00 decks during the whole pandemic. so in that sense, china had something to protect. and certainly over the last since for february march, there was a rapid rise and death. so there for any government that situation will take action to try and come back, come by that. but all of those actions, as we said, since the beginning, should be a true respect to individual and human rights. and we always have said a story told we need to balance the control measures against the impact they have on society the impact to have on the economy. and that's not always an easy calibration to me. all right, let's bring in, i'll just here is katrina you who's joining us from beijing via skype. katrina, how are recent locked downs affecting china's economic growth?
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it had a devastating effect so far. i've spoken to a number of analysts and they all say that the outlook is very grim, one city. she hasn't seen this kind of impact on china's economy for about a decade now. now the latest figured that we had released this morning was the inflation and figures we had the consumer price index and it came in at 2 point one percent high a year on year for april, which is higher than expected and expense attribute this really to a lot of the supply chain and logistics disruptions, coldest. my curve and lockdown, we have in china, currently, dozens of cities under some sort of restriction because of this current outbreak. the was that china's experience since the beginning of the pandemic, that's really bridging, having on supply chains. and also we had the chinese government despite a lot of criticism. a lot of questions about this. double down on the 0 tolerance
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corbin policy just last thursday. president gigi pig said that this was the only way forward, and any critics would be silenced and punished. and this is really being seen to have an impact on a number of sectors in china's economy. china's services sector has shrunk the manufacturing sector, which is known to be the back burner. china's economic growth has also taken a huge blore, and that in turn, has affected millions of workers, especially low income migrant workers. and there's a lot of concerns well about growing unemployment here in china for you graduates as well. they're expecting about $11000000.00 new graduates this year a lauren and they not sure exactly where they're going to be employed. and also all of this really has tight investing confidence. we've seen chinese stock slipping for some time now. and katrina. what's the latest when it comes to the overall situation with outbreaks? there now?
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well i mentioned her a dozens of regions affected about $30.00 to $40.00 across the country, an imposing right now varying levels of restrictions trying to get corbet outbreaks under control. i'm in the capitol begging in the east in shall young district. and we've been under a sort of light locked down for about 2 or 3 weeks now i had and got mass testing pretty much every 2nd day. we've been told to work from her, and that's why we're under miss skype right now. bus and train route, some of them have been cancelled, and that's when we're seeing in the capital single digit community transmissions, which just goes to show how the authorities here are scrambling to do whatever they can award a city wide lockdown. and of course, the abbey center of the current not locked down a current outbreak in china. it remains in shanghai. they've had about 1500 new cases reported today, which is really down from numbers that we saw earlier. i during this current
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outbreak in april, which we so figures of about $20000.00. but we've seen the authorities and set of easing restrictions. they've gone backwards again as are people who are previously allowed to maybe leave their apartments, walk around their neighborhood. they've all been told to stay indoors for the so called quiet period while the government try to really get this number 1500 down to 0. and of course, has been a lot of frustration and anger around that because they simply do not know when this strict locked down in shanghai is going to and als 0 is katrina. you're joining us from aging. thanks so much. ah, a top u. s. intelligence official is warning that russian president vladimir putin is preparing for a prolonged conflict in ukraine. national intelligence director, admiral haines, says the criminal actions could escalate and become more unpredictable over the next few months. she's also warning that putin will impose marshall,
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long crane and eastern. and so the most likely flash points for escalation in the coming weeks are around increasing russian attempts to interdict western security assistance. retaliation for western economic sanctions, or threats to the regime at home. we believe that moscow continues to use nuclear rhetoric to deter the united states and the west from increasing lethal aid to ukraine and to respond to public comments that the u. s. and nato allies let suggest expanded western goals in the conflict. ukraine says its forces in the eastern don boss region destroyed a dozen russian tanks on tuesday, as well as several armored vehicles and aircraft. the regional governor of danielle says 3 residents were killed and 3 others injured. i said big reports from nickaligha, a town on the path of the russian offensive. silent and empty. this is michael life cut. it's like this across many towns and villages in the east
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of ukraine. russia says it wants to take that don bus region. most people here have fled, fearing the russian advance. those who remain wait for whatever supplies they can get. the woman nodded voice. they are giving humanitarian aid. i don't know what it is exactly, but every one else is here. so i'm here. inside volunteers, pack food for those and need. omer is helping distribute the bags of chicken and can food. which for, for thumb, have you seen what's going on outside the firing? have you found anything out there? have you seen the strikes? it's every day. it's very hard, the elderly struggling while the children are playing. now it's hard. let's see what happens in the future. the local council would usually cut the grocer. now it's left for the goats. a rare sight of a child playing the occasional sound of rocket and knocked her refire in the distance. they don't even flinch her anymore. nickaligha is round 12 come to the
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way from a russian from. so they used to be 15000 people living here. but many have left amongst those that still remain opinions are divided years ago. but in those numbers, i think you crying should be an independent country, but without foreign influence. to be without uncle sam. i think we don't need them . ukraine was a very rich country. look what they have done, the usaa not good. i don't think i have ever done anything good for us. we knew that they ever will. ruskin or her russian backed forces took this town back in 2014, only to be pushed out by the ukrainian military module, shall. i don't hope for anything it i don't care anymore. at my age. i'm worrying about young people, the small children. they haven't even had the chance to live. we have our families, people, we love why they bombing, why they killing children that share. the military told us,
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we're not allowed to film places that have been struck in this town. it is in the path of the russian advance and many here believe it's only a matter of time before russian forces. try and take it. i said, bake. i'll jazeera metallica. gunman have killed at least 70 people in separate attacks in eastern democratic republic of congo. it's one of 2 regions where a state of emergency has been extended. the government says its combating groups battling for control of gold mines. a warning the somebody was may find these images distressing, or a burden. manley reports the bodies of most the women, children, even babies killed in eastern democratic republic of congo. the victims were hiding in the forest at area of juggle in a tory province for several months after fleeing attacks on the villages. local government officials, blaine, the om group could deco for monday's rate and 24 hours earlier. this happened bodies strewn among the burning embers of a village,
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mostly women and children. again, the majority of the dozens of victims. they were killed in an attack by another rebel group. during rate on the camp blanket gold mine in its hurry, fighting has ravaged the regions of a tory and north river for decades and displaced more than 1500000 people, many living in this camp in the tourist capital bonia, bear the scots for rebel attacks on their villages, one woman says her family was killed in front of her last year. i don't feel comfortable talking about what happened. the militias raped me, killed my relatives and cut off my legs with. these girls also bear scars and we were attacked by machetes when malicious, entered our village. as our parents couldn't run away,
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they were both killed. i was left almost dead, then saved after some hours. and let's say the violence is getting worse with rebel groups. could deco and the allied democratic forces accused of massacres, that despite a joint operation by con, believe and you canden thought is, oh, every time there is, ah, ah, a dance. oh, under the could there go. there is our story. prison on the, on the civilian in that that the big issue is that there is not enough, ah, measure taken to make sure that, ah, ah, civilians are predicted. kenya has hosted talks to end the long running conflict. good calling to lease the political prisoners and embassy for their fighters. but following the late of the tax, many are concerned that the military approach isn't working and will lead to more
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reprisals in villages like this one. law about manly al jazeera still ahead on al jazeera marching for the missing mothers and mexico demand action to find their loved ones. under a 100 and arkansas were hundreds of the best minds you're trying to figure out how to resolve the world's supply chain from ah, richard, he has begun the faithful world copies on its way to the cutter. rutil travel package to the hello there. it's a divided picture when it comes to the weather across south asia. we've got severe heat wave conditions affecting much of the north west, but down in the southeast. well, it's looking very wet and windy thanks to tropical cyclone a sunny. we have got warnings out for under pradesh in india,
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thanks to the heavy rain and strong winds that are likely to come with that system now isn't a very powerful storm, but we are likely to see some flooding rains now that's going to work its way towards the north east, in the days to come, bringing some of the heavy rain as well to places like bangladesh as well as the sun. we have got thunderstorm watches here and we are likely to see some wet weather as well. plague in places like carola some shop storms in the very south of india, but for the north west, it continues to be a very hot picture of the duffer much of pakistan. now we could see temperatures once again rising up to near to 50 degrees celsius. but if you look at the 3 day fuller hall, we're going to be touching near the mid forties hot and dry world way through to friday. now was we move to east asia, we've got the pulse of rain pulling its way from southern parts of china across taiwan to southern areas of japan. but tokyo managers to stay dry. at least the next few days. the temperature sitting in the early twin official airline,
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the john gun total dominates america's underworld, but permeated law enforcement itself. they want exactly what every gang member wants to power and control. both lines investigates allegations of organized gangs within the los angeles cherished department. taking the law into their own hands. a failure at every level from every r of los angeles county government shadow system and a secretive sheriff. gangs on al jazeera. ah ah, you're watching al jazeera, a reminder of our top story is this our,
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the world health organization says china 0 co policy is not sustainable. chinese authorities have resumed mass testing on people in shanghai, which has been under locked down for nearly 6 weeks. u. s. intelligence director, admiral haines, is warning that russian president vladimir putin is preparing for a prolonged conflict and ukraine. haines says the criminal actions could escalate and become more unpredictable. over the next few months, gunmen have killed at least 70 people in separate attacks and eastern democratic republic of congo. villages were rated and tory province where the government says its combating groups battling for control of gold mines. there are fears the unrest over sri lanka, economic crisis is spiraling out of control. the military has been ordered to shoot any one causing injury or to people or property after at least 8 people died the day before. michelle fernandez reports from colombo, a trail of destruction following writing and shall lanta soldiers have joined
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police to enforce a 3 day curfew aimed at stopping the violence. the government's failure to solve the unprecedented economic crisis has angered people here. prime minister man, the roger boxer, resigned after weeks of pleasure. what protested said, that's not enough. and want his brother who's president, to go to. we are standing here until god, darby raj, a puncture, go home. and not only that, we are demanding for the new interim government to establish new laws under the 21st amendment. and beyond that, we need to abolish their executive presidency. thousands like him had protested peacefully for more than a month outside the president's office. but said the prime minister's supporters attacked them on monday. dozens of buses were destroyed in the ferocious fighting which followed, and v i p cause dumped in
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a late police. investigators and the local magistrate inspected the damage. trade unions condemned what they described as a planned attack on peaceful anti government protest is i and they both provincial politician to the prime minister's residence and hide thugs, to attack the protesters. we ask that legal action be taken against me hinder roger boxer for setting fire to this country. said unions have started to strike and seed won't end until both the president and government resign. and there's a proper investigation into the attack. unrest goes on, the homes of politicians was set on fire and an assault on the highest rank police officer in the western province as increased concern that the crisis is spiraling out of control. the defense ministry has authorized the armed forces to shoot anyone stealing or assaulting any one shalon case facing it's was economic crisis
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since independence in 1948 and destruction of this scale. it just cannot afford observer, say, what adds insult to injury is that it could have been avoided. minute fernandez, algebra, colombo, the charity saved. the children has released a stark overview of the food situation in afghanistan, where he is failing to meet the growing need. it says 9600000 children are going hungry every day because of afghanistan's economic collapse, ongoing drought, and the impact of the war and ukraine. in total, nearly 20000000 people, almost half the population faced high levels of acute food insecurity from march to me. about 19000000 people, half of them children are expected to remain in hunger from june to november. cancel our kia is a humanitarian policy and advocacy advisor at say the children and was just in
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cobble. he says the challenges facing afghanistan continue to grow. yeah, i mean it's getting more and more difficult by the day it seems and we spoke to a number of families in and around couple in manga hon some of the eastern provinces. and i think, i mean, every situation is a little bit different, but lots of consistencies. and the stories that we're hearing one is the, is the situation of the economy that is driving most of these needs. so lots of people have lost their jobs. food prices are rising, we had some of the contribution and ukraine to that, but large it is down to some of the economic interventions which are international governments, policy decisions. and so the economy is a master factor and an equally, i think, you know, since august obviously issues have got much, much worse, but it comes on top of drought and comes in trouble. code 9 teams i, i mean, i think these numbers have been getting worse that lead time so they shouldn't, becomes too much of a surprise predict governments, but hopefully now taking these numbers,
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it kind of kick them into gear and increase the response. i mean, related to some of the economic issues that we face is really hard to get money into the country, but it's also really hard to get money around the country. and so a lot of the overseas assets, the central bank, for example, held have been frozen, still wide raging sanctions on the taliban. and which means that it's really difficult for banks to operate. and, and also i think a lot of the kind of middle class have left a lot of money's last. so again, going monthly's issues of unemployment. they just isn't that much caching system. women have been out protesting and cobble defying a taliban order for them to cover their faces in public. the decree was announced on saturday. it states that women should leave the home only when necessary, and male relatives would be responsible for enforcing the dress code or face punishment. the order has drawn a backlash from the international community, as well as from many afghans. i'm a ma midway and by hi,
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susan de john. but we want to be known as living creatures. we want to be known as human beings, though not like slaves imprisoned in the corner of the house. we've organized this protest because the taliban is imposing their culture on afghan women under the name of the job. ever since the taliban seized power at afghanistan, all their projects have been against women. they want to limit and eliminate women from the field of society and politics. people in mexico marked mother's day with a rally to remember those who have gone missing or been deliberately disappeared. heartbroken, relatives are calling on the authorities to do more to find their children. manuel relo reports. oh, it's mother's day in mexico, but this march was not a celebration. it was a protest that's become an annual event in mexico city to remember missing persons . oh, there's nothing to celebrate here now because a child can not be replaced in their presence at the table dismissed. i
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emotions ran hind as strangers shared in each other's anger and despair. at the low sat, her son went missing last august. she says the pain of having a son or a daughter go missing, never goes away. when the so now when it gets almost, i'm not the only one. we are many, i don't only speak for myself. i speak for all the disappeared because it's unfair that organized crime takes away so many young men and women to do whatever they want with them. the number of disappeared in mexico is fast approaching 100000. some have been missing since records began in the 60s, but the vast majority of disappearances have been reported since 2006 when former mexican president, philippe, as it own declared a war on drugs. though mexico's current president on british manuel nope, is over a lot promised to reduce disappearances. some 30000 people were reported missing in
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the country in just the 1st 3 years of his presidency. as the number of missing persons in mexico has steadily increased over the past few decades, so has public pressure on the government to do more to end. the crisis of disappeared and not long experts say the problem of disappearances in mexico is made worse by a culture of impunity. where few cases of missing persons or ever invest and even fewer are solved the insolent government. why are you doing this to us? we didn't off to be victims, do something so we can know what happened to our children. i'm begging you. the, the backgrounds of missing persons are diverse. some of them, victims of cartel violence, others or migrants like adults. a lot of them on roy who went missing just over a month ago. his family says the search has been exhausting. they say that missing migrants are often ignored by authorities. that
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h migrants have rights to. they deserve to be heard. i know they try to cross the border illegally, but they are still human beings. they still have families that, that frustration over worsening insecurity. disappearances and gender based violence had sparked similar demonstrations in recent weeks. the response for mexico's president has been promised to address these issues and avow that injustice in mexico is the thing of the pass. although these mothers de protesters see they are proof that much more still needs to be done. maneuvered up a little al jazeera mexico city. economic disruptions caused by the cobra 19 pandemic has exposed the vulnerabilities in the global supply chain. manufacturing and shipping have been hit hard, and china's latest locked downs have deepened the crisis. transportation experts are gathering in the us state of arkansas trying to find a solution. john henry reports from rogers the china is
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aggressive. pandemic locked downs, haven't just imprisoned. many residents of the world's most populous country in their homes. they've also dramatically slowed commerce across the global supply chain. we haven't really seen a true inside of that yet. so i think it would be best whether right now what's going on and where we're headed locally. official economic. although chinese ports are still working only about 20 percent of the trucking capacity in the economic powerhouse of shanghai is operating. that's meant raw materials and components for finished products are not getting to the ports for export to the u. s. and elsewhere, the entire supply chain has been constrained and limited. so there's very, there's limited movement at every stage of the supply chain, which is relatively unprecedented to have kind of this full stop
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of moving in small town northwest arkansas. hundreds of transportation experts have gathered to speed up the pace of trade at a conference on the future of the supply chain. the people here there's no, there's nothing they can do about locked downs in china or shortages due to the war and ukraine. they are here to decide how they can respond to it in minimize the damage. some chinese factories are expected to shut down when their current supplies run out. experts predict that will contribute to a truck in crisis in the us shippers expect overall demand to fall by 23 percent. for last year, amazon launched its freight subsidiary in 2020. just as a pandemic hit, and after 2 rough years, the company's small business leader says the future remains just as uncertain. john main arcane used to say that the only true future is at all, all of us are going to invested. so if you're asking me about forecasting,
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i cannot give you the the answer. i don't ask that crystal with locked downs in china, expected to continue through june truckers or bracing for a rough summer and high prices due to inflation are expected to quickly sour. the economic engine of the u. s. the consumer. later this year, john henderson al jazeera, roger's arkansas donald trump could soon be tweeting again after a lot of musk promised to reverse twitters ban. on the former u. s. president. trump was kicked off the platform last year after the capitol hill riot. twitter said his account was permanently suspended due to the risk of inciting violence. ellen musk recently signed a $44000000000.00 deal to take over the social media platform. masses new telescope is in the final stages of testing and astronomers expected scientific mission to begin in july. they're describing test images from stars in a neighboring galaxy as stunning and phenomenal. the 10000000000 dollar james webb telescope is the largest most powerful astronomical observatory,
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sent into space by carina garcia. marin is a scientist working for the european space agency. she says the telescope will enable more discoveries in the latest a much. we're looking at a field full of stars and there is a lot of vast and interstellar gas and that is scenario where there's a lot going on. there are nearly forming a status that i put the started disks behind that and it's, it's very a waiter, very active. and now we saw the detail we with what, what actually so what a speech us. so as a single point, now we are seeing that that's not upon that it's a group of a star or some would it seem like a match before you see that it's actually a cloud of gossip vast for a lot of activities going on after completion and that will be the list of survey sions, and that will be the starting point of getting data to the community. beautiful images. i will start in the scientific survey to have our plan for the 1st year. so that's kind of a starting point in terms of scientific discovery,
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when will affect everything from the very 1st alexis until objects to our solar system. so it will a study got to say both of ocean, how the universe can to be, at least from the beginning until now, formation of stars, interstellar discs, vast and also what i systemic checks. so it's really, if you can dream it, as i start to learn, you can actually start with, with way for ah, this is al jazeera and these are the top stories. the world health organization says china as 0 cobit policy is not sustainable. chinese authorities have resumed mass testing on people in shanghai, which has been under locked down for nearly 6 weeks. katrina, you is in beijing, she says authorities are scrambling to get co outbreaks under control.


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