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tv   My Cuba Alexis Martinez Pena Countryman  Al Jazeera  May 11, 2022 5:30am-6:01am AST

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as important us getting data to the community, beautiful images are stuck in the scientific observation that are planned for the 1st year. so that's kind of important in terms of scientific disco, very well, will affect everything from the very 1st alexis until objects to our solar system. so it will a study got to say birth unable lotion, how the universe can to be at least from the beginning until now, formation with a stars interstellar discs vast and also select systemic tics. so it's really, if you can dream it as a start to learn, you can actually start with, with way for ah, this is al jazeera and these are the top stories. the world health organization says china is 0, coven policy is not sustainable. chinese authorities have resumed mass testing on people in shanghai, which has been under locked down for nearly 6 weeks. katrina,
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you is in beijing, she says authorities are scrambling to get co outbreaks under control. we have in china, currently dozens of cities under some sort of restriction because of this current outbreak. the was that chinese experience in the beginning of the pandemic that's really reaching havoc on the supply chain. and also we've had the chinese government this a lot of criticism, a lot of questions about this double down on the 0 tolerance carving policy just last thursday president she g ping said that this was the only way forward at any critics would be silenced and punished and this is really being said to have an impact on the number of sectors in chinese economy. us intelligence director, admiral haines, is warning that russian president vladimir putin is preparing for a prolonged conflict in ukraine. haines says the kremlin actions could escalate and become more unpredictable. over the next few months. crane and eastern him suddenly
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crept characters. gunman have killed at least 70 people in separate attacks. an eastern democratic republic of congo, villages were rated and it tory province where the government says its combating truck groups battling for control of gold mines. sri lanka, military has been ordered to shoot anyone involved in violence. their protesters, one president, go to buy a roger pox to step down. the government is being blamed for major shortages of food, fuel medicine and power. women have protested in kabul, defying a taliban order for them to cover their faces in public. the decree was announced on saturday. it states that women should leave the home only when necessary, and male relatives will be responsible for enforcing the dress code for face punishment. people in mexico marked mother's day with a rally to pressure authorities to search for the missing and disappeared. nearly 100000 had been reported missing those of the headlines. the news
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continued here in al jazeera, after my cuba outside of the conflict in the ukraine. how concerned should we be about this on to build on we bring the stories from different events that are rapidly changing the world. we live in the one become roches new dollar, or is it becoming rushes new dawn counting the coast on al jazeera. ah ah we go away. you familiar with mic ways are little gusio with gwen algebra lisa. healing
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or yours? ah. your me are more listen, i've been things with ah you it'll work a mom the like. i say i can put that that the government that me there. yeah. ricky or let me know them but i'm not boring. now do it for much. yeah. i was in my thought of the total and yet they live in the middle. got to think similarly with us,
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a needle legal and if the mother elemental golly that they had to get it, they will get anything in those to be able to get a handle on a gun. was about the gravy novel more. oh ha ha. would you see it? what does it be? is that a may i be? yeah. in miracle. whether we need to get a big win a better you id, you think will settle bundled that. i think that it is a full day. they bought the blue food, deanda, key thing, all the latin, all my chores in new thing will need to my longer vocal for him to lead up
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being a little boom. we're getting our our sample got. we saggy, they give them up the day, the heck, he said, i mean, he's, i guess including telling him belgium approval base. i've got a buddy land rover, elijah little thing with with he anybody on the when earth? lucy. no, but i got a fake go your way. i thought i am familiar though. he may the only thing or place
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here are i yeah. it's like, i mean all got bought out know nobody will know you're going to love a book. i'm a little yellow piece either that or you're pretty up a little i think all guy, when no one might be out there in the yelling, we're going to be done at the end of the you really have to. so yeah, you want to convert them both of them is a me a wonderful. yeah. you know, you know what i get, that's one. i know. i mean that is one thing, right? or you may say that i need to limit but on the, on the other meaning whether there wasn't really good ones, at least the customer. but the glad mil lamps do that, i guess the and then you late again. but again, you know,
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important part of that you had a lot of them, but i mean, we important them in the sunni love in the last year. and being thing will we see the, the bus of what i mean that i was easy when it doesn't show me a year after who to me said with a gentleman that i will be moving again. now you said what is if we all know, make it a good book for game mostly, and i mean, the government made on a but i mean the mentor, but i me, some polio, this is ican little movie. yeah. they me,
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they me see tension put on work more. ah, if the a later all i've seen before see, and then more through the elliptical quality and then there morse, i walk into 11th. what are the and them of choice between them will find mass yet from them will be in the and that's where i live ab border control is to see if that and where to begin with, with, with them into see in a, you know,
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i with the whole little in those so i can call at the name of not that hate that because i thought in alaska means one main thing and then that i can but the good me know a little the from bicycles you can the low ending. but if i were to him, say, leave it up here, ross yet you build my support of k p i. i would truly a one c, m. and those are personally, i'm not, but financially them us, killer them. but it's on, if you will get a from this unit, but i'm going to know if it goes
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but i don't mind at all and they follow up with what i'm just saying. what i'm going to see on your machine might be to move to the to the must. it might be in don't says in c a n t a meaning hamburger waldrop on the you'll see him. i got an order. me, i'm in to see i will buy. yes. it put it. i'm one of the thing with me. i'm isn't by. yeah. when you're normal saying you're moving him anything by? yeah. a doing it i right about
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it. a cindy carliette that i made with willie timothy, timothy and finance to were given the to me for my casino and senior athletes that indian not to go into the news banana to political and that is have a release. he believes he, i mean that it's only me who i was a little to little goes here for you, the nick alley, aaa limber by noah, mathematica. tradition of what i ask you and then the admin and you'll get included . but in godaddy he in cal yellow new mal allen that i mean the mental quality that minimum goal ain't that who to send me me me more than sorry i thought bad. oh
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let to to read it is who own lag galahad? are we gonna come in in the morning that i mean there may i get to try and keep this out, but they're not, i'm and only going to pull it up on the machine don't i'm paid a little more thought of going to that i added on the la area, my well no, i'm i bottle, i randomly, man. why? so what area? he and i think, i mean, they know said, you know, they don't want it that, but it's a little bit said that see him in to see a bill with the committee heading allow deal. but the idea that i probably in the idea that a label that young body and the board i thing with, by actually i think about on the yeah, i mean a lack a so it is a leopard on the act or do you go out of i left
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a so we know when a good mobile me, if i make up a bit of outing, a gasoline but budget then it's i yeah. yeah. you are. but with the employee, blair got people get on them a little bit, a coffee while i'm a little bit of a basic, a fairly good . it's a bible. look all new york i'll but i can make it possible. i don't get a hold the mafia layer to
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tell what i came out to them a the way i am a local yeah. period. i me for my old i'm in what on your own. a full belly, your one on a man from the a will knowledge but the only award unity to what i am in mana, why it? i knew i just when i had to see i mailed it with
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a manual company in on the lingo or a, a book. and i want to know because a lady that got this, i want to use. i mean, he knew one of my people. he had a local body to but i your to put and then i am gay, better that i'm interested in what was up it'll, it'll put a little bit thing my company, do you have a good one? thanks a lot of the loan that you me a minute. i don't i don't know. i mean,
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i had a lot of i would do. i thought i did that. i had my wife got the idea. you know, we're going to be a good. i mean, it is. yeah, i mean, no m m m l m i r a z o m a n. mm hm. fancy way, wayne police look at it. yeah. it's the name or what i said, the name e, they will know what all you, we will bubble. you only will. anybody, they me body for a 2nd so much $16.00, a mom with
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a we are month of. i'm only a month if you, then i will sign you in the on the new then a month until it was one. me on my cell, i'm at, i'm in the going to receive all the now easy, safe to move our it about tell me from little don't mean a sandals. he goes, unity related or people. they put it on panic or even a male a by may not, you know, the new american males who yeah, i'm a, give me a to estimate. i would say, well comes, you know, to wake up in that have been done. i thought maybe only and i branch with
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a little bit romilly this little boy. i don't know how it is. i'm not sure about that . i don't one of them being a mother to help other but it's about equal more. see them in the normal hasn't gone now when i believe that that, i mean i'm in the, in love in those it b e l. alice about the middle. not the monday that i hope i don't. yes, we'll see implemented with casey empty. i support the link on the wins with. yeah. even with it all in that i will move it. that's all you're in. the yellow is who like
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a gumble, but i've been, it is simply, we knew that a soul once in a while you make is the moment. right. uh huh. and the guy. yeah. then you know, you will need the money. i. yeah. i bought in florida. i you're throwing that in a place. 6 club in the singly up with the mom and i'm going back.
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and then one night he says thought of the nickel made a 9. this is a good on, on the self omen that are not all of us. who doesn't please. you got my lassie. i'm a gala and my younger young, they love them. i'm thinking a great you an employee. i'm ready seen a movie scene. yeah. i know you've been out what it was a good time. and then the final saw that i'm john julio. conversed on b as in call her though i am a little more than look 30 then good. it was in the yellow one with contain of a big at that given it was
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a equal will do is they won a loan with a positive them from basi only on them on good input. i mean, you, you should not assume the did it probably not yet, because you guys are going to go on board a mutual mortal it'll buy a joke. may that i say when i made that peter, me, he quit can, can you see how not to be able to get some of that in? he how much in love either for the m b la my the water hello border 11 lawn and was going on because of. 6
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it by absolutely meet with you in those are going to happen. finally gave me the all over the middle files were coming up in minutes was gonna miss info out order valley realtor. leah, with my with email when to come look at i'm when low it their photo, but i'll i thought of it by yes. look the based on the law mocking me. you've been some of the me? yes. i even on the city i'm with on me. i am most human a
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. 2 a i ipad that really your me where i think i believe in that you don't a on a
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yes i can offer you and i know me like you, me a, a, b, a r o b a you'll know when will come for your from india. they mama either, but yes, when i committed doing in lieu guessing marina a now
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with a joy on you know, follow up and letting me get okay. yeah. but anyway, let me know. and then me a call and yours a, b, o k a, e, a, a
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you made it, didn't it a lot a lot. if you need to get a little more going to go with that the, you well it out the much. i'm coming a program. okay. well, i didn't know, i mean you could say, well, they didn't know you're going to come in a the way i bought a vehicle about making a but i mean a lot of it when they move they can put it in for a job and see that for can make see hope any poop look. mallory they'll, they'll have to release. hello ma'am. with
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all my media or ways down the other day. but i left up with struggles full of pleasure, a, an intimate look at life in cuba a year. my cuba on al jazeera,
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examining the impact of today's headlines yesterday. our electricity was talking to francisco, our live setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussion. if somebody comes to gone from europe, then never call the name of as so always known as an ex pat, international filmmakers. and will class journalists bring programs to inform and inspire. we live one people on this one planet and we got to work the solutions together on al jazeera, witness, fe, witness bravery, witness, reader, witness, slavery, witness, people, witness, power, witness and lifetime witness and our quickness man. witness bees, witness prejudice, witness. peace, witness. love, witness. ball witness the world witness. next door. witness life witness. but al jazeera.
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teaching you can watch out to see were english streaming light on night duty channels. plus thousands of off crow grams. award winning documentaries, and debt fees reports. subscribe. take you cheese dot com, forward slash al jazeera english. ah, china 0 cobra policy isn't working and has to change says the world health organization. ah, a rollback isn't. this is audra 0 live from doha. also coming up the u. s. ones that rushes expecting a long war in ukraine as russian forces fight to control regions in the east tact
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while fleeing violence, dozens and democratic republic of congo are killed. some reports say victims have been.


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