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tv   Witness Shelter  Al Jazeera  May 11, 2022 6:30am-7:01am AST

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well cut the silver may trophy which was more of a golden cup site. well, it was stolen twice back in the 60s, in england and in the eighty's in brazil. and of course he was never recovered after that for all that really adds up to a feeling of being mixed to something very special indeed. yes, got off work. 2 0, this is all just here. these are the top stories. the world health organization says china 0 covert policy is not sustainable. mass testing has resumed in shanghai, which has been on the lockdown for nearly 6 weeks. beijing's imposed strict measures as it deals with the worst outbreak since the pandemic began. katrina hughes in beijing and she says authorities a scrambling to get covered outbreaks under control. we have in china, currently dozens of cities under some sort of restriction because of this current
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outbreak, the worst that china is experienced since the beginning of the pandemic. that's really bridging, having on the supply chains. and also we've had the chinese government despite a lot of criticism, a lot of questions about this double down on the 0 tolerance carbon policy. just last thursday, president jim pink said that this was the only way forward. and any critics would be silenced and punished. and this is really being seen to have an impact on a number of sectors in china's economy. the u. s. intelligence directors warning that a russian president vladimir putin is preparing for what she calls a prolonged conflict in ukraine over haines. it says the kremlin z actions could escalate and become more unpredictable over the next few months. she's also wanting to put in may, impose martial law gunman have killed at least 70 people in separate attacks in eastern democratic republic of congo. villages were rated any truly
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province for the government says its fighting groups, bashing for control of gold mines for life is military in order to shoot anyone causing injury or damage. at least 8 people have died in the unrest. protesters want the president to step down after his brother resigned his prime minister on monday. they being blamed for a historic economic crisis. protested in cabal defying a taliban order for them to come to their faces in public and study. the decree was announced on saturdays. it states that woman, she leaves the house only for necessary, and male relatives will be responsible for enforcing the dress or face promised people in mexico marked mother's day with a rally to pressure the authorities to search for the missing and disappeared. 800000 people have been reported missing and those are the headlines coming up next to the witness. goodbye. talk to, i'll just see where we are. what is the time table in your mind?
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when do you think you can be all for russian gas? we listen for and i've seen and played football with these refugees. i look at them and they're happy smiling. we meet with global news makers. i'm talk about the store, restock the matter on how you see a a joy time it was that my how do you plan my not this, i'm back to my child with
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a with a with a with ah, the marta senate seat was over the
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a guy the data over battle is on the high it here he stay, his g c player was any for that of over in the motors. and because i've been in the modest on jolla, john mar, solution, watch a dash one. it was, i stay at that hardest. so the be more to son in chatty, are you to see each be monitors academy or is that she had to be modest and i got the mean a half. so you should say that it'd be more of a quote on a post with it. as my husband just sat eat to time that i saw on a gentle battery, a dad, i'm on a be moderate, or no, he almost did vice window to thought about that all was issue, john can only do that in beast rejected. this was i want to hobby and nibbles and get named us trying you know,
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what was an argument gender? them on my dishwasher. i sent out for you my use on the figuring my you got the name you shed. motzkin dodie, dean. joe would have had listen, i've got him got on jerome. you're the one is claw. does your dad hard? anybody on my, let me get garcia, i get called tom would, i guess sure would ideology. would i get it all hard to begin? the all the lines you're wanna charge you. if anyway, then i did it. ah, it was, i was gonna go out of order. so this one will know. busy if i can that i didn't want to get that over to your level. the other one is you know, a little default baron ball comes up on a, a wanted
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now with a new yeah. only busy, but i'm on new matter. one is a teacher called mom border motion a i didn't get, i'm caught them this on how we should ref, they back to the conclusion. you did to get to be a, a, a, a, a, with a u. b. a
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. i mean, i mean just will take them back is not to call it a little bit a b, i a i don't, i'm going to just in the corner while i have all my showing a mass relate and then i'm moving on the non payment for d q we can get a ah
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shadows show my own as a back to your manager on main boy especially jack set them out to me. jazz bmo service for the term is outage on a mission. thinking about going to be more signage at itself. the mission. you had medical give him out to the hollow. ha ha ha ha ha. dr. between him during the mission and when all i have a mission, when i shall be my son. that didn't michel auditions anytime. did mission police back. let me say shot raj, reminding me of the letter
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of both of them more than just your shows. you just the majority of those ones in the shot record on me. i found out my name's when i was get back the other little now i see that
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most boys or they get it moving monday. you know my son and celebrated him as boat . i'm go afford it, which i may be my son, i'll push flow for them and give them my son. i don't live if you me a i see my granddaughter. so it was my solution to just buy one. know it was the knowledge already been to georgia, that's for this. i'm with sadie. been that shooters a as i saw, see with my dad that i'm missing the wish lawyer on the board. not a big full read it. i'm sim or have is of them are about 10 or more awful, nanny, she exam on you know them. i mean, for steve with capital
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i mean, but attack with our dad, mom or so my who did the database, can anybody how do the they need to tell you how they don't do what you give us? it is monday, a daughters mobile on the year in germany, which is most, you know, to pose all your mobile and more jazz steaming, which is soft. and when are you p morris on nasty chicago? i don't ever thought about a job. was it for when i'd be more than the door and then i'm as you know, the more that we shall invoice for the tea. that is part again. oh it's house but the name of your call when i ah
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with. 7 who
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is sure that i'm not asking she g germany york city in san as best meeting? ah, nevada. yes. thank you. good on us. i'm full bush batch or yes. thank you. got on your team mission here for gfc brosuti a level credit will have them to call me and i was just had one you said i've done is i've got another company called shadow i should anybody in the middle of
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something to come to mind me get on top of that and that's about it, but you just want to get him to someone about it. awesome. and you know, how do you like to doing that and how michigan was gonna do what i'm told that i meant to call i get home paid my year, but i don't want to put it to me. but i get to the almost who i can let them know that you had sent me to need. ah yes,
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that sounds good. well, i'm going to call you one. 0, i can't see what i need to be more so hard to finish out. it was really me to have it done by then somebody would approach that as i really needed to what do i have to have more on the budget? a board i'm car motor, vision mission that i'm going to that the nation that way. and she really with, with them and ask them, do them much better than you know now about any of a news and what council meeting he started,
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he told me, i didn't want you to do it as me, i'll be sending me a ball yet. all the data a guy need to need you need to do is really shopping the guys window a a a, [000:00:00;00]
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a, a, an estimate. i'd actually in a run that me was that a medium high? i did this, i worship fellow. i guess it was a bit more challenging amount of watts or more
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me about an awful or mission on julia. you miss your this your they will chime in sure that you make it charged with the last plan. the microphone i want you to have a single sign on. i cannot a mom was fine. mccadney yet you. they, the guy mediation, moving to door to share will need to need all the vision. yes, there are. some was off and i was laid with because i'm all some when they came with the room, i mean hoss bowling ball. and if you go in house for the animal that well,
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that's his angle more directly for going through the fire clover here. calling the gwinnett was funny when i one is in the law yesterday. i didn't show my didn't quite an important issue with that. i don't that i think the
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water bill for a quarter, not all of them actually that'd be so kind to my son. this is what i would need for that in mind. for all my i have 10 months. still more minutes. i made mine the more more he time on the car to get on a quarter man done to stick with no meeting. ziggy pay that the tis stolen and be stashed. a battery and john them or doors limit his thumb said he's asking me for a funeral.
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i didn't see him on the road. he's done with this pain. i thought i'm doing bloss nazi. they end up with a real issue with the extra film was it goes to show us hundreds of those. i also want to point on, on the slide. they don't want any hassan, dio coleman at home. is it over? i mean, i, i like it is the most of them are in the school to get boys to. is it over to pearson insurance bassio's hassan car. go back to this shit as you on the horse on car, go to attack corner. you know,
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hammer fish or the shade is yodeep man over the juno saturday went, you'll annoying almost a whole bunch all and he wanted to share the hard fishing show on for me doing now . you know, showing this one is jordan again, just to show you the color know, had to be inside. oh on. oh, i think the car was you moving to puerto, you're watching the video man got a month and i'm on the visual mom. i'm calling you saw last week at the online magazine. i'm together, my son. oh, i love that he sigh equity, sherry divider, i'm gonna give you time. he would, he might, he doesn't want that one. i know. with the last a piece, marriage amendment would embassies them say the fisher invoice, each other common talks from cher corvette, monkey quoted lend hamish anonymous yet to move to court by char, noisy me, sharon, to school now have a, has its own or had time yesterday give well line chairman b at
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r mm hm. i got one on file with
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big china. i was to just that name with you the all my buddy at all was charting is learning portable from that aim, finds out of out of that a lot about us, a little heavier with all that i do. you have adding that, you have more that was my job. i thought i would like to know that all i wanna do you're always gonna, you're gonna be getting a . 8 job in doc, but on the with yeah, not being here. bother than this. yeah,
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i know that it wasn't but about but wanted to know how long she rental jones not been move. gotta yeah, with a shit. that's how may i have a record or you know that on the tellers has done. yeah. haven't been in the you to be more responsible all been asked to follow up on the medi my april.
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ah bill if the amount is on i'd that i'll go more the i need no more. yeah. more she like is you're in good if you i'm curious you ah, i love looking. it also saw sam on me about i said with attorney john penner as it us on all my that fireman dorm. what you'd on a shaft, the mode you'd already be more to saw. i mean just is you're a boy, i'm name is jane. george nesting democratizing
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a whole all militia then a job. i know. i said as i want to show you see a bachelor martinez in your courtesy and more out of that as a beast was ann jones with ah, the seen as a burden. countless babies are aborted in india simply for being girls. but amidst these resistance, even from her own patience,
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fearless midwife as adopted the cause of challenging, deeply ingrained tradition and terminating this modern day beat aside. the daughter, 3 witness on al jazeera, used from al jazeera on the go and me tonight out is there is only a mobile app. is that the you, this is where we dissects analyze and you have to find the thing. and i get that from algae. there is mobile app available in your favorite app to just set for it and tap the made a new app him out a 0 me at you think of it should and inspiration personal stories of people who are keeping the spirit of freedom alive by
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courageously defending their rights to be heard. o m b b i would you 0 select ah, china 0 co policy isn't working and has to change a rare criticism from the world health organization. ah, well baptism, this is angelina live from dough hop. also coming up the us ones that rushes expecting a long war in ukraine as russian forces fight to control regions in the east attacked while fleeing violence,


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