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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 11, 2022 7:00am-7:31am AST

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hi, a with algae 0 select ah, china 0 cohen policy isn't working and has to change a rare criticism from the world health organization. ah, above isn't, this is all just live from doha. also coming up the u. s. one that rushes expecting a long war in ukraine as russian forces fight to control regions in the east attacked while fleeing violence, dozens and democratic republic of congo are killed. some reports say victims have
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been slaughtered. i. 7 mothers with a message demonstrated march in mexico's capital, demanding justice for their missing loved ones. in china, 0 tolerance. cobit 19 policy won't work long term. according to the head of the world health organization, the agencies asked the chinese government to respect human rights even as it tightens restrictions and axial. brian reports beijing, a city of more than 20000000 people, almost at a standstill. schools gyms hair dresses, all closed. people are being told or forced to work from home. a wide spread cove at 19 tastings underway. one mio newly being to cyber, we must work hard to race against the virus
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a tear to the 24 hour treatment rule. carry out the epidemiological investigation, shells, controls and detection and fast manner and speed up the whole process. but with the toughening restrictions and beijing and the weeks of locked down misery in the biggest city, shanghai, the world health organizations issued rare criticism of china's 0 cove at strategy . we have discussed about this issue with the chinese experts. and we indicated that the approach, you know, will not be sustainable and considering the behavior of the virus, or i think a shift would be very important. that experts suggest china could struggle to find a way out because of low vaccination rates in those aged over 60. over the long term. i'm millions of countless millions of people in china are going to get covered. and they need
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a strategy to prevent people from being hospitalized and dying. and that really means affective vaccines and high penetration, particularly among the elderly and vulnerable. and that's not happening in china. china's policies have caused anger and anguish for separating children from parents and putting those without symptoms in with others who are on well. they've been rare protests to with residence in shanghai banging pots and frustration. i've a week spent and doors here, crowds faced off with police and protective hiding because their homes were being turned into temporary quarantine centers at all of those actions, as we said, since the beginning should be or her children respect to individual and human rights. and we always have said a story total, we need to balance the control measures against the impact they have on society, the impact the heavenly economy. and that's not always an easy calibration to me.
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while other countries have shared a 0 covert approach are beginning to transition to living with the virus. china is yet to move on. it says its policies will stand the taste of history, vowing to win the battle. against the pandemic, alex o'brien al jazeera, which on his laid his locked hands, deepening the crises being faced by factories in shipping. the covered pan during silvery expose weaknesses in the global supply chain. transportation experts gathering in the us state of arkansas to try to fix the problems as john henry reports. china is aggressive. pandemic lockdown, haven't just imprisoned. many residents of the world's most populous country in their homes. they've also dramatically slowed commerce across the global supply chain. we haven't really seen the true anti russian yet, so i think it would be best whether it's right now what's going on and where we're headed locally. a potential economic. although chinese ports are still working only
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about 20 percent of the trucking capacity and economic powerhouse of shanghai is operating. that's meant raw materials and components for finished products are not getting to the ports for export to the u. s. and elsewhere, the entire supply chain has been constrained and limited. so there's very, there's limited movement at every stage of the supply chain, which is relatively unprecedented to have kind of this full stop of moving in small town northwest arkansas. hundreds of transportation experts have gathered to speed up the pace of trade at a conference on the future of the supply chain. the people here there's no, there's nothing they can do about locked downs in. china were feeling shortages due to the war and ukraine. they are here to decide how they can respond to it in minimize the damage. some chinese factories are expected to shut down when their
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current supplies run out. experts predict that will contribute to a truck in crisis in the us shippers expect overall demand to fall by 23 percent. from last year, amazon launched its freight subsidiary in 2020. just as a pandemic hit, and after 2 rough years, the company's small business leader says the future remains just as uncertain. john main, our cane used to say that the only true future is at all, all of us are going to invested. so if you're asking me about forecasting, i kind of give you the answer. i don't have a crystal ball with locked downs in china. expected to continue through june truckers are bracing for a rough summer and high prices due to inflation are expected to quickly sour the economic engine of the us the consumer. later this year, john henderson al jazeera rogers, arkansas. the
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top us intelligence officials warning the rushes president vladimir putin is preparing for what she calls a prolonged conflict in ukraine. national intelligence director avenue haines, says the cremeans actions could escalate and become more unpredictable over the next few months. she's also wanting to put in could impose martial law. here's the most likely flashpoints for escalation in the coming weeks or around, increasing russian attempts to interdict western security assistance, retaliation for western economic sanctions, or threats to the regime at home. we believe that moscow continues to use nuclear rhetoric to deter the united states on the west from increasing legal aid to ukraine and to respond to public comments of the u. s. nato allies that suggest expanded western goals in the conflict. i stay the next as the regional director for eurasia and the international republican institute. he says, ukrainians, a confident they'll drive our russian forces despite intelligence,
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that putin is preparing for a long war. we have just completed a national survey, cray of ukrainian people and results are astounding. 95 percent of ukrainians feel that ukraine will prevail in this conflict. 83 percent of ukrainians feel that the war will and some time in calendar year 2022. so if you take public opinion into account, clearly ukrainians feel that this conflict will not be a lengthy one. again, i think we have to be careful about this phrase of being avoiding provoking that humor. oh, we have suffered through this so many times when the west was afraid to provide military assistance because it might provoke living or proven. it's very clear now that ukrainians, if given the appropriate military assistance can defeat the russian armed forces in the battlefield. so i don't think we should be concerned about provoking boomer
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booting any further. i think you've seen from the data ukrainian people are not fearful of a nuclear threat. we would assess that russia would only use nuclear arms if its territorial integrity were threatened. and that's not part of ukraine's game plan. grading armed forces are determined to drive russian armed forces out of ukrainian territory. period gunman have killed at least 70 people in separate attacks, an eastern democratic republic of congo. it's one of 2 regions. when a state of emergency has been extended, the government says its combat in groups battling for control of gold mines. let me give you a warning that somebody was maybe upset by parts of law barton manage report. the bodies of mostly women, children, even babies killed in eastern democratic republic of congo. the victims were hiding in the forest at area of joker in a tory province for several months of to fleeing attacks on the villages. local
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government officials plainly om group could deco for monday's rate and 24 hours earlier. this happened bodies strewn among the burning embers of a village, mostly women and children. again, the majority of the dozens of victims. they were killed in an attack by another rebel group. during rate on the camp blanket gold mine in eternity, im fighting as ravaged the regions of a tory and north river for decades and displaced more than one point. 5000000 people, many living in this camp in a tourist capital bonia, bear the scars for rebel attacks on their villages. one woman says her family was killed in front of her last here. i don't feel comfortable talking about what happened. the malicious raped me, killed my relatives, and cut off my legs with these girls
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also bear scars. melinda, we were attacked by machetes when malicious, entered our village. as our parents couldn't run away, they were both killed. i was left almost dead, then saved after some hours and let's say the violence is getting worse with rebel groups. could deco and the allied democratic forces accused of massacres, that despite a joint operation by con, believe and you can't and thought is, oh, every time there is, ah, ah, a dance or on the court there go. there is our story. prison on the, on the civilian in that that the big issue is that there is not enough, ah, measure taken to make sure that, ah, ah, civilians are predicted. kenya has hosted talks to ends,
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the long running conflict on group calling the relief for political prisoners and embassy for their fighters. but following the late of the tax, many a confirmed that the military approach isn't working and will lead to more reprisals in villages like this one. laura pose among the al jazeera still had it all to set up a crux on shore lanka after age. people die in violent protests troops or order to shoot anyone causing injury or damage. a former president of honduras street is not guilty as he faces drugs, weapons charges in the us. ah, richard, he has begun the faithful wolf copies on its way to the castle. route you will travel package today. hello. they will have a look at africa in
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a moment. the 1st to the middle east and it's all about the wind. we've got quite a brisk shemelle blowing down the golf, picking up quite a lot of dust affecting visibility and bringing lots of hazy sunshine to places like guitar, saudi arabia and further field, further down in the south. this is where we really are seeing the heat places in oman, like the law. we have a look at the 3 day. well, we're about 10 degrees above the average. we are going to see it cool down slightly, but it will still be above average on thursday with some light winds. that was move across to the north of africa. it's all about the wind here. you've seen it before, it is still there. that's the horror. a dusk lingering around, we could see some sandstorms once again in libya as well as in egypt, but also some wet weather creeping into coastal areas cooling things down. now we are going to these vs winds as well blow across spaces like the ivory coast. we've got some wind and thunderstorm warnings out here, winds as well for the equitorial guinea. we are going to the shop a showers in cameroon, as well as gabon in the days ahead. but it remains
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a pretty dry picture for the east of us for kenya, which isn't gonna help the drought conditions. it's bones why as well down in the south, wind warnings out for swaziland as well as southern mozambique, but still plenty of sunshine, official airline, of the john african stories from african perspective, short documentaries for you can still make it from as in bob we, we were pioneers of how economists could change the way. would you be good to me? i'd be happy to go into a physical store, so dont ivory colds and he's gone with fresh armed fishing woods and the shawn africa direct on al jazeera blue.
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ah, watching old, is it a reminder over top stories this out of the world health organizations called on china to change it 0 corporate policy saying it will work long term? beijing is imposed strict measures as it deals with its worst outbreak since the pandemic began. common of killed at least 70 people in separate attacks. am eastern democratic republic of congo. villages were rated in a truly province where the government says it's fighting groups trying to control gold minus united states intelligence directors warning that russian president vladimir putin is preparing for what she describes as a prolonged conflict in ukraine. admiral haines, it says the kremlin saxons could escalate and become more unpredictable. over the next few months. ukraine says its forces in the east and don't boss region destroyed a dozen russian tanks on tuesday and several are what vehicles and aircraft
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regional governor of don yet. cuz says 3 civilians were killed and 3 were injured in russian attacks. i said, bag reports from mc alive, cup the town in the path of rushes, offensive. silent and empty. this is michael. i is cut. it's like this across many towns and villages in the east of ukraine. russia says it wants to take the don bus region. most people here have fled, fearing the russian advance. those who remain wait for whatever supplies, they can get a woman unavoidable. they are giving humanitarian aid. i don't know what it is. exactly, but every one else is here. so i'm here inside volunteers, pack food for those and need. omer is helping distribute the bags of chicken and can food. which for thumb, have you seen what's going on outside the firing? have you found anything out there? have you seen the strikes? it's every day. it's very hard. the elderly is struggling while the children are
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playing. now it's hard. let's see what happens in the future. the local council would usually cut the grocer. now it's left for the goat. a rare sight of a child playing the occasional sound of rocket and artillery fire in the distance. they don't even flinch here any more. nickaligha is rank 12 coming to the way from where russian from saw the usually 15000 people living here, but many have left. but amongst those that still remain opinions are divided years ago. but in those numbers, i think you crying should be an independent country, but without foreign influence. to be without uncle sam. i think we don't need them . ukraine was a very rich country. look what they have done. the usaa not good. i don't think i have ever done anything good for us. we knew that they ever wheeler ruskin, russian backed forces, took this current back in 2014,
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only to be pushed out by the ukrainian military module. shock. i don't hope for anything get i don't care anymore. at my age. i'm worrying about young people, the small children. they haven't even had the chance to live. we have our families, people, we love it. why they bombing, why they killing children? let's you. the military told us, we're not allowed to film places that have been struck in this town. it is in the path of the russian advance, and many here believe it's only a matter of time before russian forces. try and take it. i said bake. i was just sarah mc alive. com showing as military has been ordered to shoot any one who causes injury or damage. at least 8 people have been killed in unrest that escalated on monday. despite the resignation of prime minister mocking the raj a hotspot, protesters want his brother, president gotta buy a raja pots gun to step down to. they are blamed from major shortages of food fuel medicine and energy. in the philippines presidential frontrunner ferdinand marco's
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junior, as promised to bridge divides between filipinos, an unofficial tale shows marco's the song of a controversial former leader as a big lead over his nearest rival. once the reports from manila ha, protestors gather outside the election commission building to protest against what they say are voting irregularities. some people were unable to vote after at least a $1800.00 vote counting machines. malfunctioned during national elections on monday, less than 2 percent of the total number of machines i use in the home. and we are here because we have seen how sloppy the election commission to work is they had that he used to prepare for this election, but they are competent. they took away that i thought filipinos to both for what they won. the protesters were soon pushed back by police with water cannon and swat teams on stand by. the heavy pushback has long been hallmark of the outgoing
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administration incumbent president, rodrigo g 30 had little tolerance for descent or criticism. i know ferdinand marco's junior, whose late father ruled the country for 2 decades and was often described as a dictator, is on cause to win a landslide victory. and with deter days, daughter sarah set to become the vice president. many are concerned, their civil liberties may shrink further. analysts say the return to power of the marcus family is the result of decades of rebranding. boosted in recent years through social media campaigns, often with misleading information. studies have shown that the mark was ha campaign and the mark was family has usually invested in this machinery. and i think if they're going to be the next administration, that this is going to be a lean and mean propaganda spewing machine. he says the strategy may not only
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help them win power, but keep it for moccasins, support his gathered outside his campaign headquarters the day after the poles. those concerns were far from their minds as their candidate heads for victory with an unassailable margin. florence lea al jazeera manila. what is his victim is editor at large for the media company raptor, and she says many fear to marco's presidency will erode democracy in the philippines. as we've seen during the election campaign, he has the u. s. the least open among the candidates who did not brand media interviews except to those he considered friendly. he undermined the mainstream and independent media by bringing along the score 30 of bloggers to the company. he evaded south wester. so we foresee that when he becomes president, it will be a secret, the office of the president,
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and he will continue that this information that he started way back many years ago when we ran for vice president in laws. let's remember that the 3rd that the current president, we've the wait for a leader who will abide by all the products labeled with their the start that when he campaign for president. and he became president, use a lot of this information and we saw that these, some of this were space plus or so it's easy for the success or to continue with this erosion of democracy because the parent asked me to wait. so we see this information. we see a weakening of institutions and 30 our standard history textbooks do not thoroughly discuss marcia law and the abuse us of the dictatorship. so it's very, very sad that when mark was, become sits down as president on june 30th. we may even law those our history,
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so this is a battle for our future as well as for our pass, the former president of honduras, his pete is not guilty to drugs and weapons charges during his 1st appearance in new york court. one alondo hernandez was expedited to the u. s. last month. his attorney plans to subpoena 3 former us presidents and imprison mexican douglas hawking shuffle guzman to testify on fernandez behalf. alexander was at the courthouse in new york without him to place the proceeding here. this federal court was very fast and lasted less than 15 minutes. one, orlando, hernandez was led into court wearing a blue shirt that inmates from the prison, where he was ushered in by 3 u. s. marshals. and he was asked by the judge, how do you plead? and he said through a translator not guilty, the judge said the next court appearances for september 28th, and then a trial date to begin in january of next year. and the trial will be potentially
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very tense. and you could see that as soon as this court proceeding ended, because as some of one, orlando hernandez is lawyers left the court. they were surrounded by protesters, a few dozen protesters that were outside the court hung durance, who live here in the new york area, who say that they were and have been victims of a drug violence in their native honduras drug violence. it was exacerbated by one orlando hernandez. so you've got a sense of when this goes to trial, how tense it could potentially be and the raw emotions as well. when this does go to trial, it could be a trial that goes weeks perhaps even months. if convicted, you could face life in prison. people in mexico have marked mothers day with the valley to remember those who disappeared relatives calling in authorities to do more to find their children. one ruffled reports from mexico city the it's mother's
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day in but this march was not a celebration. it was a protest that's become an annual events in mexico city to remember missing persons . there's nothing to celebrate here because a child can not be replaced in their presence at the table. missed. i felt emotions ran hind as strangers shared in each other's anger and despair. it the last shot as son went missing last august. she says, the pain of having a son or a daughter go missing, never goes away. when i say i want more than i'm not the only one, we are many, i don't only speak for myself. i speak for all the disappeared because it's unfair that organized crime takes away so many young men and women to do whatever they want with them. me, i living in some breaking news and i'll just recall, respondent has been shot by israeli forces. we understand that she's been killed,
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shouting aqua, was working in palestine. she was a veteran correspondent for many years and understand it's happened in jeanine in the occupied westbank. let's go to need a book in his joining us on the phone need of what more can you tell us? well known per now is it bouncing in health ministry has announced after shooting laughlin, who has been covering events unfolding engineering specifically. and it's really rate to the city and the north of the occupied was back when she was hit by a booted to the head. she was sad because our couldn't draw has been in touch with the hope because because of the food for the had to be very slim chance. and unfortunately, we just got the new house in imagine
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this is give us a show to the ga the what's been working with her. she's very was a she's been covering the palestinian going for years and years now. she has joined the very beginning of the 2nd and because she's been covering on the news and we are no very shock, very sad, but this is the reality of personal journalists covering the news. that's good. gently they find themselves the story. need to forgive me for interrupting you need it, but i do. of course i understand we all do understand that this is a very difficult moment for you and the team there. are you able to tell us any
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more about the circumstances under which this happened to be on the drug? i've seen a few videos. i couldn't continue watching them, as you can imagine. this is the, the cookie of her chart that had all of the i'm not sure she had time to do the car and then come back from there. let's just do what we know at the moment. because the circumstances under which events like this have happened before. do that, do we know fought the procedure will be from say, the israeli forces, or the palestinian organizations? will there be some sort of investigation happen to the look of palestinian journalists are not journalists,
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the army opened among best investigating that looking into. ringback doing but let me tell you that i'm not, it's not all that's in the call. so i think by the way, before the fire go, i mean i could get people are not going to be held accountable for what's going on. it's not something that is limited to during the it's all i'm sorry, i'm just out of work. but when, if i just need to, if you can bring us up to date with the situation that has been going on between israel and palestinians in the last few weeks, particularly of course,
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for viewers who are just joining us and may not be aware of what's been happening so gene has been the epicenter of. a and it's really escalation, it has intensified the it's really, really tough, intensified, decently on jimmy. and i stood in an old ca still get to the bank as to the city of attacks that have targeted is really insight in some it's really sucky once across the occupied the bank. but really escalation has been ongoing for years. these really raids the killing of palestinian young men and women. i bye bye. it's really stuck with us. so this is not something.


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