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stadiums in the last few weeks, particularly of course, for viewers who are just joining us and may not be aware of what's been happening. so gene has been the epicenter of the. a and it's really escalation, it has intensified the it's really, really tough. intensified recently on jimmy as an, an old cross still get to the bank of the city of attacks that have target. it is really insight is there. and in some it's really sucky once across the occupied, the bank is really escalation has been ongoing for years with these renew aids, the killing of palestinian young men and women. i bye bye. it's really there's living in the us. so this is not something that has been
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limited to just the past few weeks, but we've been seeing. a more palestinians in virginia area carrying weapon 11 saying that they want to fight the israeli army when they read the fifty's off. jimmy. and so we often see arms gotcha. into between the palestinians fighters. a and the army, so if the place where the escalation husband intensifying is the jimmy area, i mean, it's been speaking to of young there who are saying that they don't believe that they have hope for a really picking horizon for a future. and this is why they're fighting for those, telling us, but this is only option that has left and should in has been covering extensive on that story. we've been meeting with her during
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our coverage in g mean even just yesterday she commented on a picture of us come to jimmy in a cover with us. so i think it's just words asking me to just stay with me for a 2nd. i just want to inform you as a may just be joining us that we are getting reports that and i'll just, you know, correspondent shooting of also who's working in palestine in janine and the occupied was bank has been killed after being shot by a israeli forces need just give us some indication if you can of the kind of conditions that journalists covering the situation are facing on a regular basis. so it's important to highlight the palestinian journalists are not the only shot are hit because there are just there they are
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targeted. see it when we call the protest or we go to places that sometimes this is really, i mean it's difficult. shoot a journalist because part of what we do is uncover the crime or the. a or what is really the army $1001.00 to be picked out on here. so when you took the look the pallet in general show you in. do you been shot by before the why or why you believe so the circumstances the palestinian gender are living under are not so different from the rest of the people. and remember me covering a story that is very, very personal to them. and this is sometimes we cover
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a story that we know the person who are shot to kid. so they are part of the story and they are part of unfolding and uncovering what is happening is occupied territory. neither is there any effort that can be made by pilot on behalf of on by organizations on behalf of palestinian journalists who are covering the situation to try to protect them. or is there a limit to what can be done? the thing you are joking is. 5 a powerful military occupation that has target in germany for years. so it's important to talk about the story. it's important to kyla lation, but as long as the people are
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being brought to justice for what they do, we're not looking at the period in journalists or, or them being shocked by them being invalid. so why they want the world to know what they say? the government but nothing is being shot. you can imagine situation that a bit people need to thank you very much. stay with me please. we've just been watching pictures of sharing reporting from palestine and other parts of the area as you've been talking for viewers who are just joining us. we are getting reports that i'll just get a correspondence. sharing. walker has been killed after being shot by is really
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forces engineering in the occupied westbank. i want to go to our correspondence, stephanie decker, who has been working in the, in the west bank in west jerusalem, particularly certainly give us some context, please. clearly, this is a significant blow to the teams who have been working in the area. you have been working there for the last few weeks. tell us your experiences, your impressions, if you like, of what it's like to be working in that environment. well, i mean, i haven't actually been in jeanine in the last couple of weeks because any di correspondent has been covering what's been going on there. but i've been covering this region for 6. so, you know, well versed in how these things go in terms of context. there have been israeli, army raids on the janine refugee camp. it's an area where you do have and you don't
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even see guns on the streets and, and this area does have, you know, armed men. so this is what the army has been doing in the last couple of weeks. that key may also targeting what it says were men and people involved with men who carried out attacks inside out. so last thursday, we had an attack from 2 men who came not particularly janine, but, but from the manner which is the village cruise. did you mean they carried out of the pack in the central city of a lad? so the army. ready and recent days, the media, stablish mac, they're been talking about another major cloud down if you will, in jeanene. they've been waiting up to option with the military advisors,
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what they need or goggle. because they want you to respond to what you've had like now 6 or 7 attacks we've been having said that the security establishment here has been paying that these attacks are carried out by individuals. not particularly have any group backing, fractional backing if you will. but you have had an increased rhetoric from policy and she had also her mass. and you do have elements of these in the camp. but of course, you know, going back to operating as a journalist, particularly male, keep time during these kinds of grades. ready it's very difficult and, you know, if you heard me say that people, we were press the market and the teams had been there. and this morning was the raid that has been they have been carrying out the out. this wasn't
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a major, major operation in the sense of what i just described. she has been debated here with that same to start. so it's it's charge it. i think in the cities you said right to decide that you've been covering the region for about 16 years. is it your impression that there is the palestinian journalist so covering this conflict are treated or regarded differently by the israeli forces? to do comparison to say, journalists who are moved in from other areas to cover the conflict or is there are all journalists essentially regarded in a particular way by israeli forces. i think you make a valid point. i think for sure, i think there is a you know, how, how would i describe it a hierarchy perhaps? i mean, yeah. john, look you targeted by really 40, but certainly it's absolutely valid to say pallet, you mean journalist to as you down to says this is their lives, right?
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this is their story. they're covering their backyard, they're covering something that happens to them and that people, it's very different. yes, there seems to be more of a how would i say ok and you know, open book when it comes to targeting them or, and their accountability whether it's a protest, whether it's like this, there doesn't, there isn't an element of, let's say journalistic. ringback you don't don't touch judgements because they're, they're really armina border. police will very often target juggling to, you know, to this, but i mean, i've been part of that and again, i'm the orange. i miss, you know, i've been coming here for years, but i come in and out and i think there is an element of discrepancy about whether you're appellate janet or you're jealous, but at the same time, you know, they do hit anyone. i mean, god border protests, you know,
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they would chase us down with, with a tear gas dro, actively, we'd actually run away from the gel which would follow you. i've had call you have 2 guys drop on their heads because they weren't aware. it was hovering above the. jarred lives can be shut that jealous could be targeted with, you know, today tried to create a life fire. sure. gas chemistry grenades of sort of sponge, but they use but that can really name and in your to yes, absolutely. particularly when you gather in a certain area. so this is something that is not new. it's not surprising. the outcome is tragically unnecessary. what has happened today with to read? i think everyone is just like why, why, why i just thought that there was no reason to happen so, so yes, yes, you really mean i and i, i have had a response yet. but this is something that, you know,
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like i said there's, there's very little accountability, but this is, this is the charges on a scale that, you know, i don't know, but yes, but my experience absolutely the, the military targets would be target add more so more so call it jen. it's absolutely. i think that's valid on the statement stuff. stay with me for a 2nd. i just want to tell you. so just joining is that we're getting reports that and i'll just need a correspondent shipping box i who's working in janine and they occupied westbank has died after being shot by israeli forces. details are still fairly scarce, as you can imagine. at the moment we're talking to our correspondence need to abraham and stephanie decker, who've been working in the region. stephanie, with regard to what nita had referred to, in terms of a follow up to this in terms of an investigation. she was giving me the impression that there wasn't a lot of confidence that there would be accountability at the end of this. what is
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your interpretation of somebody who's covered division for 16 years and has seen events like this in the past? what's your interpretation of what the process is likely to be? well, i think what is, what is the accountability for someone who's lost their life, right? what is the accountability for the family like an apology? is that, you know, i don't, i don't see how any of that. i mean, if i look at, if we look at facts on the ground, no journalist had been killed in the past. many years ago. you had a british activist to car. she was killed by the army many, many years ago, an investigation. you know, what is the accountability? i think what jargon was, once it's for the, the method of operating change is for them to be safe, to be able to do their job, to be able to be in, you know, a relatively safe of course, when they made it to confrontations, things are, can i mean, we know this and you take measured wreck on the ground and particularly here when
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you are probably new jersey to you've been coming here for years. you understand a bit of the language of the ground. you know how to operate, know that you stay behind certain areas that you don't go in the middle of a, you know, as an active like we know these things, but of course, you know, things on the ground change and they change very quickly. and i think at the end of the day, what people wonder what accountability should be is that generally should not be actively targeted. it's a simple is that we should be able to do with the problem is the days. it sounds like a simple request, but it's, it's not, it's not anymore. you are actively targeted because you are mentioned that, you know, they don't want the things, they don't want to cover something so, so they will, they will try to do 1st, whether that is with whatever means they use the probably mean is that it's an extra level of, of dangerous because you have the army there. it is tend to have armed men in the
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camp, which is what the army is clamping down on. you start having, you know, what are almost like many pockets of active work. and i don't know the exact details of today, but certainly the initial report is that they were shot at by the army wearing press. i don't know any more details than that, but you know, accountability. i don't see what could be accounted. what could like, is an apology, they're going to be investigating, or they know, this is just the way, unfortunately, that things go on the ground. and, and accountability is, is rare. you know, i don't see what could, you know, what could come out of this that, you know, what are they going to say they made a mistake at this point, you know, should even gone. but at the end of the day, jasmine should not targeted. and i don't think that's going to change stephanie for
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now. thank you very much. indeed. we're just being seen pictures as you've been talking of sharing, doing her work in the area. i want to bring in, again that need a year, but she may not need to. i understand, of course, that you and the team have been working very closely with sharing blocks like tell me if you can and how this it will affect to the way that you choose to cover the situation in a it between the israel and palestine. if indeed it will affect it at all. how do you make a decision to go forward after an incident like this? now, i thank you, bradley had a big b. my mom, a bigoted. should he need a forgive, please forgive me for interrupting you, because unfortunately, the signal that we're getting at the moment is not
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a clear one. i want to go back to, to stephanie decker. i want to, to stuffed it to ask you the same question. clearly this is a significant, but it is always a blow when somebody dies under any circumstances in any sort of conflict. but when it comes to being a journalist, how do you move forward? how do the teams move forward from this? what's the process? do you, do you stock take stock and do you rethink the way that you cover a situation like this? i think i don't think it's going to change how we operate. i think this is not good to make our stock covering these kinds of things. again, like, i don't know the exact details of how this happens. but, you know, we, like i said, you know, we take measure risks and, and often you know, people even at headquarters don't even know what, what that what that did both you know, you on the ground things change constantly and we try and understand the ground and
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read the ground and stay within, you know, within a measured hoc safe area of operating to be able to cover something. but like, as anything on the ground, you know, things are fine until they're not. and that happens. and that's just something that we're also aware of, and you try to measure that as, as, as, you know, as well as you can. and of course, you know, this is, this is also a story. whether it's here, whether it's somewhere else, you know, to understand the ground is important, and palestinian journalists of course, know the ground. this is their home. this is, you know, like i was saying, they've been covering the 6 that should, you know, she's been sleeping that, you know, they've been staying there. they know the ground, they know the streets, they have contacts, they, they, you couldn't be sure you couldn't be better prepared than they are. it's not a foreign team that has never been there that if you know, and that have been there, we know you're talking about veteran journalists, policy and journalists from the area who've been there,
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years in years out. we've covered the mid destroys, you know, the ground, know how to operate and this is, i think is the, is the less than out of it, right. it's like it's not a gun. hope people who don't understand no, these are people who couldn't know the story better and the ground better. and this is and this is what tried to happen. i don't think it's going to change the way we operate. but it highlights just how difficult. i think it for job to do their job. and again, like, i don't know the details exactly of how this happened today. it is a quick area. you have gunman, you have a ministry, it is 10, there is live fire and what i understood there was an exchange of fire also with, with, with, with government in the camp with the army. so again, i don't know if you, thanks, but you know, a, it one is i think this is, this is that you include that the routine up there. um, you know,
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the occupied by bank. how did you make family? they couldn't have been better in ones in terms of how to operate on the ground surface. no, thank you very much. indeed. i do want to go back to nita who abraham and we're talking about reports that we're getting that analogy to correspondent has been killed after being shot by is really forces in jeanine in the occupied why spank? we've been seen pictures of assuring abu r. claire, who's been working in palestine, she's a veteran correspondent and we can see some pictures of some of her work. and that's been happening just over the last years or so. we have, as you can imagine, very little detail about what has been going on. we've been talking to a correspondence neither even to him who has been working very closely with shaheen for several months and also stephanie decker, who has been working in the area for about 16 years, but has not recently been in jeanine, but nevertheless, is well aware of the lid,
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the situation, we understand from what our correspondents have been saying that there is a possibility that there may well be some sort of investigation by either the israeli security forces or the palestinian authorities. am in order to dis, tried to discover what has happened in terms of a car, ultimate accountability following those investigations, or that of course, is yet to be seen. it depends on the nature of the investigations themselves. i can bring in as stephanie decker again because stephanie and you have worked alongside sharina. clearly this is a blow for the teams that have a are working there. and for palestinian jennifer journalists generally who've been carry, carrying out as the coverage of the situation there. and if you can give us some indication of what kind of person i'm sharing was when both professionally and personally, if, if you can well should in should veteran veteran
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journalist been working for years on the ground extremely kind. i don't know her very well personally. she works in, she's in the office and y'all keep on finding that i'm, i know we have, you know that, but it's very close that it's very clear team and, and very dedicated to their job. you know? and she you heard me does the voice there, you know, i devastated we are devastated the family when you cover stories that are so and can you know, they are long hours and exhausting physically, emotionally. you create a very strong bond myself. personally, i don't know. should in very well, i've covered a few things next to her. hi. how are you? i don't know her very close personally. but i know that my colleagues do and who
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are very, very close to her, our producer, she, she's designed herself. mean, could you change the book to her? she was given, i mean this is, i didn't think we couldn't believe that this is happened. i got, i got, i got sent a video for my could you to hear me? you said don't open the video and i didn't know, you know, and i looked at the video and i couldn't believe it should. it was being go into the car and, and the image, you know, she'd been shot shot of the head shot in the face. i'm i think all of us just it takes, it hasn't hit us yet and it's devastating. i mean, definitely thank you very much indeed. i think we can now go to nita who is on the line with us need to can you hear me? yes, i can, nita, i understand stephanie was explaining this is clearly a very difficult situation for the teams where you are, stephanie was describing this as essentially almost
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a family atmosphere. so i do appreciate that this is a difficult moment for you and the teams there at the same time. can you give us somebody who walks alongside, sharing an indication of the kind of person that she really was both professionally and on a personal level. we were talking to shaheen. last time engineering wouldn't do that. they had covering the israeli rate. she was telling us that she's learning hebrew because she wants to understand is really media more. she's becoming more and more more fluent. she's someone who just finished a diploma in university in new media, digital media because she's, she's been from the generation that hasn't been trained to use in the phone to use to report on the story. so she's someone who's not only veteran and has been here covering the story, but she was eager to learn and keep recording on the story using the digital me.
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and she was showing us proudly the video she would make just using her phone. so you're talking about a unique person who describes how known she, how here in palestine, what up there you go, people, when you say, when we say hello, we are just need a team. yeah. yeah. we know shooting and giovanni, we know them should. they've been covering the story, we should know, but yet she's still very modest else's. she's eager to learn and to no more visual messaging i've been calling has come to jeanine. we have to report from there because we have been reporting on another story in the south of the occupied us back and she was saying that comes with the north and come with us. so i'm, i'm not saying that we are completely understanding her best yet old and shock. cool at all. now trying to think what we're going to do, the logistics,
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are we going to get to jeanine calling the family that we're talking about. but no one is what happened and i guess over the next few days when we were going to her last, we're going to understand what kind of price we. i mean, what kind of a last week and do it because she's, she's sure look of understanding of the nuances of the story. so it's not only a personal loss because we love human being who is kind of professional. so she, she knew she was the coverage when we want something on the you know, if trevino is the only one who with no that should not sure to call her and get her
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on the so i would need to stay with me for a 2nd. we are watching some pictures of showing his work that she was carrying out over the last few months. as you've been talking, there are a couple of lines that are coming from the agencies. i just want to to say beforehand that we can't establish any of the, the veracity behind any of these. but i think it's important just reviewers who are joining us to give an indication of what we know so far. the palestinian health ministry says journalist villages he had a network was killed by gunfire early wednesday and the occupied westbank is reporting that shooting blocks was shot in the face and died soon afterwards. another palestinian journalist working for the jerusalem based on the newspaper. it says was also wondered, but he is said to be in a stable condition. it happened to him is really ami rate in janine tons in the northern west bank. the reuters news agency is saying that the israeli military is saying that reporters may have been hit during
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a clash. it says between troops and gunman in the west bank need to, if you're still with me and i say, i appreciate that this is a blow for you and the team. and this is very, very role and very has happened. how and why did food and become so obsessed with this law, we were giving them a tool from the ruins of mosul, music as reemerged the, the ration she, it's important to highlight that there is, listen, if any place for gentlemen where they can cover it's not like when we are clearly marked as press, we can cover the story. on the contrary, the balcony and journalist tell you that they are often targeted for reporting on the story, not only palestinian journalists, but also those covering the story. is that and field the violations and by the
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israeli army. so we've also seen for enjoy being hit but also the fact that there's no respect the respect for jordan is trying to do the job clearly marked as press the that they're being attacked. and this is not the 1st time that a german, their lives. it's important also to highlight that we just received a statement from the army saying that they are investigating the report about sitting there saying that they are looking at the possibility of her being shocked by all men, asian. we know very well about the circumstances so far. we're trying to reach the clock that i'm but you can imagine it's very,
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very difficult for all of them because it's hard for them to understand how they're going to continue covering while it's being faced. are they going to allow them to keep the billing place it shock? so it's clear to you and some people ability to do their job because be like, you know, you can be gone just like again give me a job. they are not far from the scores of them when they are record to being targeted. they are part of this is the pain. this is the story about the people they know about the future of their own people. so it's hard me to thank you very much.


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