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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 11, 2022 2:00pm-2:31pm AST

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killed this will now obviously increase that number. we have had a tough experience of this sort of thing, but we have to carry on. i say to all my colleagues that we do a great job. we are, we've won great awards. we don't do this to win awards, we do this because we believe that we are doing something that is important to do. but our journalism is recognized and it's important that we carry on doing that because the world we need to know what is happening. is there any, anything that you know as an organization can do with regard to representations to the israeli military to be, is really government or indeed to the palestinian authority in the, in the event of something like this? yes, we, we, we will make the necessary communications and with, with all those that we can to try and find out what has happened. i'm sure there will be lots of calls from around the world. we get a lot of support from human rights organizations, governments who will be looking at what happened here, and why
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a journalist has been shot that journalists killing journalists shooting the messenger is equivalent to a war crime. so we need to know what has happened. the world needs to know what happened straight away to annapolis, where the doctor who conducted the autopsy on sure in speaking, listening to my lockers will answer all the questions that i started with a. 2 that a designer as gonna al jazeera network has issued that statement in this regard. according to the eye witnesses and according to what i have convey to the administration there, sharina bartlett was shot. this was a direct shot. and this was catherine. i v y a z,
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but very direct to her. while being with some journalists, the eye witnesses told us that the bullets were shot from the, from where the l. a capacious soldiers are. and it's clear that the bullet was shot back by a sniper, a she rain and the aisle is a movie. he works as a producer, as well with us, was hit in his bag and they were probably at the same instant, her mood said moment saddle and we ask allah almighty for him to be her recovered quickly. sharin was hit in the head despite the i work at the having the helmet live and the helmet is not only for protection, but to be known as a journalist. so even if the soldiers want to should they should be careful because
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those people who were in that uniform are a journalist. she was amongst a 7 or 6 colleagues over the distance was shorter coding or can to what has been explained to me. and it was a big shock because they were in an area that is away from military confrontation with palestinians with britain resistance. they were in an area that is very, is far away in genie and camp. and it's an open area comment on a true ha days, an open area covered, which means that no militants are there. the journalists are quite clear that and known al jazeera will follow up this issue till the end. gina bork, leverage 0 is not only a journalist or a correspondent, mention of artless part and parcel of these channels since it's establishment. and
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we all know, man who is sheena bar. lemme professionally and ethically and i pay my condolences to all my colleagues and to al jazeera to the palestinian people and the women movements journalism movements. emperor's try, because it's a big matter. al jazeera will follow up every one who has any sort of connection with this incident already, but we know according to the eye witnesses and the eye witnesses statements are supported by some other evidence. it is clear that sharon has been targeted me ah, me target is that a journalist? this is how come in as
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a lot of journalists have lost their lives home since her and i did the uprising in the last. i don't know the right figure. but i think there are more than 55 on but and journalist since we started working. 199596 in the field of journalism, in loveless alarm, have lost the lives of have been killed in ramallah and jerusalem. and it's clear that it targeting journalism is being part of the occupation, $55.00 journalist al jazeera as well. we have, we are a story in, by the 3rd at our uber has been killed directly with bullets directly in, but that served those who attack journalists from a 0 not in tends to kill yet because journalists convey the truth to the people. what about the results and do
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you think what is said by the israelis side, yet leisurely official her own statement defend the soldiers. despite this extra next member of parliament who said that the journalist must be, should add what has been said by the prime minister minister of defense, they tried to prevent them to protect the soldiers investigation. i will tell everything according to the i will have a spray can and then the others are a bureau chief, they're speaking. we heard just a few minutes ago that these words, it is clear that sharina was targeted. the levy was a shorter, it was a direct shot. it was all clear how funny bear said the representative that the bullet came from his sniper, hello, the pair sharina was hit in the head despite having a helmet with helmets. not any protective, he said, but also is the means of labeling the fact that the person wearing it is
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a journalist. but she was still hint from a distance that was short in order to do that. and in an area that even o canaria, madeau, no militants, were there as what the spokesman assured it is clear, sharina was targeted. okay, let's cross to stephanie decker, whose live unoccupied is true, slim outside sharon's family home. in fact, i think steph, what's happening there? it is her home mom, she's got a house in my life. she works either. i'm a la bureau for al jazeera, but this is a house that she has occupied is jerusalem in bay tanina. i mean there is condolences happening inside. you have her brother and her sister in law and also a bit aunts and uncles. i'm receiving people to offer condolences. she wasn't married, she had no children. um, so this is, this is pretty much what's happening here. very somber mood inside of course. i and
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yeah, so we're expecting basically her need to be taken to the mccarthy that i'm allowed to morrow. where present with our boss will be present. and then from what we understand the funeral will probably be taking place in jerusalem on friday. so this is the latest information we have as to what's going to happen with her before she's later in data. we've just been hearing from the doctor who turned out the autopsy speaking in nablus, saying that it was clear that of to his mind that she really was targeted. it was a shot, it was a direct shot. it was clear, the bullet came from a sniper. i'm just wondering how about news is likely to go down. i miss that i was trying to listen to it. i couldn't hear it. i'm not sure if they analyze the if there is type of the bullet used or anything, but i, this is what palestinians expect. yeah, this will not be a surprise. this is what our colleagues on the ground has been saying that she was targeted by an israeli snipe. of course,
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the israeli. a response has been from the army and from the israeli private from prime minister. that it's too soon to tell that they want to investigate in that they say that it could have been due to palestinian, gotten them in the area. these of course are very important details, but certainly when it comes to those who go with her on the ground to a president who saw what happened, who heard what happens, they are under no illusion. they are saying that falsely that she was targeted by i'm israeli snipers also just now, you know, i was listening to them saying, you know, there is video of the horrific incident. there was video of it in an open space. you have to have is really government also tweeting out video of palestinian gunmen operating in very narrow alley ways shooting. so there's a lot of back and forth. it's still happening here. but the bottom line is that you know shitty and has lost her life while she was doing her job covering, arrayed in janine. and yes, the reaction here certainly is
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a one. there is no doubt for palestinians that it wasn't palestinian gunmen who by mistake would have fire or die. everyone, certain that it is, is really, are me talkative love and you hear multiple shots in that video. i'm nozer, i'm no military expert. but these are things that are going to be looked at, but again like no surprise he or certainly not the message they're coming from the pathologist. who did that or talk to that he said sure, directly targeted. oh staff, thanks for that stuff. the co reporting. let's just take a closer look at what's happened. a veteran out there, a journalist who's been killed by israeli forces in the occupied westbank sharina butler was shot in the face while covering an israeli raid in the city of jeanine out 0. media network has called it a blatant murder, violating international laws and norms. rhetorical b has this report. i am the body of serene abil. eichler is carried through the town of jeanine in the occupied west bank. the veteran algae 0 reporter was shot
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dead while covering a raid by israeli forces. another journalist was also shot and injured. the palestinian health ministry says they were hit by bullets fired by israeli soldiers put them over until we made ourselves clear to the army on the passers by indicating that we are the press than within seconds. there was the 4th chapter. i told him that we are being targeted. we are being shot houses. i turned and found shooting on the ground through these rainy military says its forces came under attack in janine, and that they fired back. there was no exchange of fire. so there is no possibility whatsoever, not understanding what they said in the wildly india me all was uses these excuses to cover up the crimes they are committing against palestinians, including palestinian generals is rainy raids in the occupied westbank have intensified in recent weeks after a series of attacks inside israel, the janine refugee camp is become
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a strong hold for resistance against the rainy occupation. sharina butler had worked for al jazeera for 20 years. colleagues described her as brave kind and a voice of palestinians. oh, i'm sure there'll be lots of calls from around the world. we got a lot of support from human rights organizations. i'm governments ah, who will be looking at what happened here and on why a journalist has been shot that. ah journalists, you know, killing journalists, shooting the messenger, is equivalent to a war crime. so we need to know what has happened. the world needs to know what some cat o's foreign ministry put out, a tweet saying, the israeli occupation killed elgin, they're a journalist, sharina blackledge by shooting her in the face while wearing the press best and a helmet. she was covering their attack and janine refugee camp. this state sponsored israeli terrorism must stop and unconditional support to israel must end . israel says it's launched an investigation into what happened. it says it does
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not target journalists, but some human rights activists say they have little faith in these railey justice system that i am human rights organizations, for example, like bit st. limb and is really human rights organizations. and that decided a long time ago that they are no longer going to even interact with the complaint system within that is really army because it is not serious. it doesn't find it, it's orders guilty. i'm not off him. why? and i'm on the policy al jazeera is calling for a transparent investigation into the death of sharina blackledge. few palestinians think that's likely to happen. victoria gate and b algae 0 without their immediate networkers put out a statement, offering its condolences which said in a blatant murder, violating international laws and norms. the israeli occupation forces assassinated in cold blood l 0 correspondent out their immediate network condemns the scene,
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its crime which tends to only prevent the media from conducting that duty out. there holds the israel government and the occupation forces responsible for the killing of our late colleagues. sharing it also cause on the international community to condemn and hold the israeli occupation forces accountable. let's crossed a need. abraham whose life risen remodeler in the occupied west bank at nita sharon was a colleague of yours and must be a very, very difficult day for you all. and hall to digest is terrible news with trying as much as absorbed then. yeah, i understand this happened. we were in the jaw wired to be on the front lines of what's in our life said, but i think at some point we keep focusing on the job or the, the timing of the story here. been here, something like that. and it's,
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it's hard and we've been seeing a quite a trying some are holding on to others. we're trying to connect with vanish somewhere crying. it's hard to kind of imagine the feelings here. there's a lot of sadness, there was so much and there are, there is a belief that she was killed on purpose. he bent journalist from him, going to the scene even telling the story from reporting i by shooting the messenger palestinians. he believed that those really are real ones, lie sideways palestinians. yeah. and their stories just what the most broken up more name that we have been seeing journalists actively thanks. a lot of people also and how many years they felt that she was covered in their stories. everyone has come in georgia. zero's office has tried to show solidarity my condolences for everyone is an shmarkus. she mean with someone who has
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a child, you know. busy um baby i and there was a bold and deity and when it comes to the covering of stuff so people will know her personality and love term talk. and even though he did, it would tell you that they had looked up to her of rain and i'm joined by someone who just joined here by july report. he's a city and writer do you know shooting? she described the 1st liberty you ever entered my life that ever inspired me as a young child. i knew sitting i 1st met you and i was 7 years old. actually. i never, you know, star as an idol or when we started major city and it was the person on tv who i knew her name, your face every day. he was an item. when i went as far to the level i was
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collecting a scrap book in the 2nd default as a young child. and i remember i had pictures of every encourage in the west bank and all the events that were going on. i saw one more like maybe 2 centimeters, more pictures, extra city in the profile, and i just got it out from the magazine and stuck it on the front page of my scrapbook. how is it she meant love me as a child. and i think on this occasion, i think my dad introduced mister city and i was a journalist as well. i was very shy young child, and i still remember that moment when, when you met him under a ban of the window was the future by the relocation, of course is the presidential has been part of the present that tortures which was besieged and attacked by the 3 forces into them into interested in going with my dad to see my own eyes. why it's on tv,
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what city and others were working from an animal and elsewhere in the west bank? i was there, i sort of smashed far as i sorta shutting the effective shutting and potter. and then my dad actually as a colleague, he called them city in the city and my son. he has a picture of you and his stratford, and i was very embarrassed at that moment, but i felt the staggering figure enter my life as a real person. and the time went on to love edward. just last year, me and her were approaching in jerusalem side by side. we were together in damascus state. i was always felt protected by her presence. i felt when i'm standing by shaheen. i won't be attacked as brutally. i will, i would feel safe. i felt she was the mentor as a budding journalist, as young journalist and because you've been attacked before. yes, i've been attacked in jerusalem and she was in the palestinian. jo was a target and being a journalist does not make things easier for a jerusalem might. athenian: we're not foreigners, we're palestinians, and we're in jerusalem. so when we are reporting,
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i felt her figure being next to me as as a, as a protection from the student, paternity of the day, the forces at damascus, gate and shedra and elsewhere. we were together as colleagues, even though she entered my left 20 years ago as the the tv celebrity in my, in my view, we became colleagues in the, in the late time in life and we became math. i still cannot process what happened today. i have, i have no words. what happens? i cannot believe. i will come to see the news and it took me an hour to save. must be a mistake. it cannot be, cannot be real. this person will have the 1st celebrity i have known in my whole life inspired me to become what i am in many ways, the strong and beautiful spirit. i really cannot understand how this would be jealous. you also use social media to write to tell stories of how do you think this story should be carried out to the world expect anything expect that she will
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find justice. shaheen is not the 1st, and unfortunately it won't be the last that is going to be killed by this israeli occupation regime. this is really apartheid regime, or we have known so much loss as palestinians. we mourn, and we always morning, every last grieving the loss at the same time, no loss numbed. our feelings, we are always, always taken to a shock at what happens every day we are shot again and again and again. and as long as this is proficient on a portrait continues, we wouldn't be shocked. we will be reacting angrily. we will be grieving for over over losses. but the same time we will still believe together, that's but a sign will be free at some point. just expect i don't expect just this just last year, israel bomb the offices of just an associated press. they are always
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a doctor and 55 journalist since 2000 and can by israel and one war on god and 2014 over a dozen policy and journalists were target and kinda because of their work in journalism and just, you know, was targeted repeatedly we, i saw what was on injures to them. i don't think this will be the end of the attack . some journalist this wants to be the last attack on journalism about it. they will do whatever they can to cover up those who was crying. and just super southern the city in our idol is the latest victim of this israeli aggression. thank you so much dylan. i know it's not easy for you to talk about that as he mentioned losses losses breathing morning by palestinians on a daily basis. this time it hit close to home because it's a journalist who's been uncovering and talking about those specific ducks and those
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killings and those violations and spreading out the world, spreading out the word to the world to know what's happening. this is why and journalists say that maybe this is one way that the israeli army will ensure an upcoming escalation that's expected in the janine area in the jeanie and refugee camp would essentially cope or be less reported because they think that that israeli army wants to intimidate, join, and want to make them scared of doing their job. and as we've been saying for sure in the wasn't just a job, it was a passion that was her life and selling the story of her people or i need to thank you much. thank you. thank you, but another journalist was injured at the scene, but as in a stable condition, he was asked about what took place while he was in hospital. or we were going to
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filmed is really army operation. and suddenly they shot us without asking us to leave or stop filming. the 1st bullet hit me, and the 2nd bullet had sharin. they killed her in cold blood because they are killers and specialize and killing only palestinian people. so they claim that some palestinian militants were there, we had no resistance and there was no palestinian military resistance at all at the same well eye witness and fellow journalist, so chauffeur. her nature says they were pin done by snipers when she removed short from the laundry car can probably had been it will reach to nary any, was difficult to pull back. there were soldiers in front of us and a wall behind us. and any movement on our part would have triggered firing at us in the beginning. the israeli army directly shot our colleague ali elsa moody who fell to the ground. sharon shouted, the alley was hit. alley couldn't move to the other side where we were. a colleague jumped from a high wall and was asking us to reach him, but we couldn't say sharina and i stayed put. and then we walked along the wall.
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the occupation forces fired. i was standing behind a tree sharing was next to me. they fired directly at sharon sharon fell under the ground next to the wall where we were protecting ourselves. the occupation forces continued to shoot despite serene century and prevented the medics from arriving to the location and they prevented me from getting close. each time i tried to move, they would shoot. the occupation forces prevented everyone from reaching the area to police out. it was deliberate targeting a direct assassination. and the shot was between the neck and the face. so it was deliberate shooting at the press and assassination. leaving the area was almost impossible. one man reversed his vehicle to the area where we're protecting ourselves. he pulled me out and then he put serene out and took her to the hospital and a private vehicle where the palestinian prime minister mohammed, the chateau. this is be, has tweeted saying, sharina burglar contributed to forming the memory of an entire generation and
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telling the palestinian story to the world serene was killed by these really occupation while documenting their horrific crimes against of you. when i was 0 employees i gathered to mourn sharon's death came together to own set of charges or objects studios to commemorate the cali could be working brought here for 2 decades during covered a multitude of events which has several wars in the gaza strip. the 2006 israel lebanon war and israeli attacks in the occupied westbank policy and journalists in the gaza strip, also gathered in front of el, deserves new offers said to commemorate cherry lost ya. israel bummed and flattened al jazeera office in garza, which i also house the associated press and other outlets we can go like to go to not to, you know, aside about 150 or so. coloma is away from where sharon died. you mr. tell us more about the attribute that took place on goes yes. 2 here
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in garza, many protests since, so derek activities have been going on since the morning. lots of international and local bodies have come till to the wrong office to pay their condolences and express their deepest sadness and condolences over the killing of shooting a barclay in a y in the from now about 30 minutes of from now a morning 10 is being held for shipping a box, a few meters away from this area where this silly dairy to protest where does is of the drain to list. and denique of bodies had joined right here to port to speak in another solidarity protest where they demanded a rotted and an independent investigation over the killing of shooting. and the asa international community start acting instantly and to top
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it and condition no support to israel is specially the recent reports that we have heard. and we have seen by the doctors who have investigated the body of to read a confirming that she did not die by accident or by a raids or a confrontation between power and gunmen and the israeli military. but on the other hand, like on the opposite of what she was trying to get to a doctors have said that she was targeted by an explosive bullet in a very critical place where she was putting on her gear, her protective gear, her press gear that clearly shows that she's a press person, she is a journalist that should not be targeted. journalists working in the occupied territories has been for so long targeted by these really forces not just in the occupied west
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bank and different other areas even here in the gaza strip surgeries, death today comes one year after the targeting of many of the media offices here in the gaza strip, in the latest may 20, 221 war including o g 0 office and the a p office. and this is a clear sign that these really occupation is targeting media journalists who have not the least right that are granted anywhere else in the world to work crews freely to be able to work freely to keep their safety even if they're not in a areas of crashes very not including her ought to serious. are there, he's railey,
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her armies work as they have said. and, and this, this is a crime that should really be investigated as soon as possible or human. thanks for that. so you know how so i've reporting that from garza. so a veteran i'll desert gentlemen. serene work has been killed by is ready forces in the occupied west bank. here's what we know. so far serene was reporting on israeli raids. and janine, in the west bank that had been the daily rage there after a series of deadly attacks inside israel. she was shot in the head despite wearing her press vest dot to say she was killed instantly and couldn't have been saved even if she was rushed to hospital. crowds have carried her body from the hospital through the streets of geneva, and a procession to on. the american ambassador to israel has reacted on twitter saying it's very sad to learn of the death of american and palestinian jealous,
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serene abruptly. i encourage a thorough investigation into the circumstances of death and the injury of at least one of the journalist today. well, we've heard from another janice who is at the scene but was unheard. imagine he'd outside, he described how the situation unfolded are going on. and what happened was we were waiting for our colleagues to enter the refugee camp at the point where the israeli army was present. we chose a point that did not have any confrontations between the youth and the militant when we got to a point where we waited for shirley and put on all our safety gear. she then reached us. when we moved to meet her, we made ourselves clear to the army on the passage by indicating the we are the press. then within seconds there was the 1st chart. i told him that we are being targeted. here i've been shot. i turned and found shooting on the ground, i found sharper, shielding herself by a tree and screaming i turned and found serene on the ground in the 1st few seconds with the shooting. we were telling each.


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