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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 12, 2022 12:00am-1:01am AST

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hoffman to taking the law into their own hands. a failure at every level from every r of los angeles county government shadow system. a lay secretive sheriff gangs on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm how much i'm room with extensive coverage of the killing of journalists should enable athlete by israeli forces. there's been global condemnation after the veteran al jazeera correspondent was shot dead by israeli forces, while covering, arrayed and occupied westbank. thousands gathered as her body was carried into the networks at i'm a law office where she worked. the
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israel military has admitted soldiers from an elite unit, fire dozens of bullets during the raid, but hasn't admitted responsibility for her death. but despite international calls for a transparent investigation, few palestinians believe that any one will be held accountable. hulu. there are growing calls for an independent international investigation into the killing of al jazeera correspondence. should he, in a block that she was shot while covering an israeli raid in the city of jeanine. a da 0 media network has called it a blatant murder, violating international laws and norms. these really military has admitted soldiers from an elite unit fire dozens of bullets during the raid, but it won't admit responsibility for her death. jemaya shall reports. oh, don't shoot the messenger unless you're in israeli soldier. in that case,
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you're seemingly okay with shooting a reporter who's clearly identifiable as a journalist and poses no threat. should he in a barclay, is the latest reporter to be killed by the israeli military, which has a long history of targeting journalists and news outlets. particularly al jazeera sharing, a veteran reporter who spends her life covering events and occupy palestine was among a group of journalist documents and what was happening in janine early on wednesday . according to eye witnesses and video footage, she was wearing a safety vest and helmets, both of which clearly identified her as a member of the press. despite this or maybe because she was shot and killed and we were going to filmed is really army operation. and suddenly they shot us without asking us to leave or stop filming the 1st bullet hit me and the 2nd bullet hit sharina. they killed her in cold blood because they are killers and specialize
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and killing only palestinian people. we had no resistance and there was no palestinian resistance at all. at the scene. journalist somebody was also shot and injured in the attack. there was no exchange of fire. so there is no possibility whatsoever. and they always use the excuses to cover up the crimes committed against palestinians including posting agenda according to rights groups. israel has killed 50 journalists since 2000 and injured more than 144 in the past 4 years alone. but this is also not the 1st time israel has intentionally targeted al jazeera last year. the networks office in gaza was bomb to rebel while journalists,
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travadone b did. he was assorted by israeli forces, whilst reporting on israel's ethnic cleansing of arab residence in occupied east jerusalem shifter off neighbourhood. israeli authorities say they've launched an investigation of human rights groups say they have little faith in israeli justice, particularly with renowned organizations like human rights watch and amnesty international, accusing israel of implementing a system of apartheid that i, that i am human rights organizations, for example, like bit st. limb and is that a human breast? so can i say at that decided the long time ago that there are no longer going to even interact with the complaint system with invisible eli army because it is not serious. it doesn't find is that a disorders guilty i thought is foreign ministry whose country hosts the al jazeera network, issue to statements with senior diplomats no one hotter demanding an end to what
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she called, state sponsored israeli terrorism. the european union and other members of the international community have also condemned the kenning. but all these condemnations have fallen short of including any sanctioning or punishment for a crime that threatens the essence of any free society. a free press should in was kill, trying to inform the world of what was happening in her country. the world now knows that in occupied palestine, no one is safe from israel's, but it's not even journalists, john or my lunch or young. i just 0. the doctor who carried out the autopsy on shitty. no backlit has been describing her injuries. diana ali says the bullet that killed should in was direct and fatal lust. the injury was massive and there was a complete laceration in the brain together with the beak fracture of the sco
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algebra. media network has put out a statement, offering its condolences and said in a blatant murder, violating international laws and norms. the israeli occupation forces assassinated in cold blood i'll just here is correspondent al jazeera media network condemns this heinous crime which intends to only prevent the media from conducting their duty. algebra holds the israeli government and the occupation forces responsible for the killing of the late colleague should in it also calls on the international community to condemn and hold the israeli occupation forces accountable. i did jocasta joined us now from washington. d. c. i d. what has a reaction been from dc from the white house? what reaction we heard so far? mohammed there has indeed been strong and swift condemnation from the white house press office to the killing of sherwin with a white house spokeswoman saying that she strongly condemned the killing that the
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white house strongly condemned the killing and calling for a thorough investigation. hearing that sentiment echoed in congress as well with nancy pelosi speaker of the house, calling this a horrific tragedy and palestinian american congresswoman. rashid had to leave, holding a moment of silence on the us house floor in honor of a sure rain and tweeting earlier that a palestinian american or not being killed with us funding must stop. she's referring, she's referring there to the $3800000000.00 in unconditional aid that the u. s. gives to israel each year. that includes money for weapons and potentially even the very gun that was used to kill sharina and outrage over this has also led to more human rights advocates. calling for that u. s. a. to israel to be conditioned on human rights commitments. we're still
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waiting for reaction from you as president joe biden himself, he, of course, is scheduled to visit israel next month. how does your gastro live from washington dc? thanks so much for joining us. earlier shooting him off his body was brought to the al jazeera headquarters in the occupied west bank. ah, a large crowd had gathered outside the building with amolla to pay their respects and express their anger over the killing. grieving, colleagues and friends prayed over her remains before shootings body was carried through the streets of the city. is really police storm sharina, barclays family home, and occupied east jerusalem. as mourners paid their respects, their relatives, friends, and supporters of the journalist killed protested against the police action. did abraham reports from ramallah we know city is a very well respected journalist, but it's still
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a very hard thing to see. people who don't know her personally, people who just came because they seen her on tv for years covering and telling their stories. so they were here, they were crying. we've also seen our colleagues who have been in jeanine since the early morning. some of them who had with her when she was shot injured, taken that the hospital were shouting at her, asking her to wake up. they were in shock. so others went in the morning when they heard the news to janine. and then all of them brought the body here, took them a law to algiers, building one of the places she loved and spent a lot of time. and we've seen their colleagues hugging each other, even the people that i've been seeing throughout this morning, holding up trying to be strong, pushing through. i've seen them break down a difficult seeing the we can say that palestine is morning,
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one of her kind female journalists. they're building towards the hospital where shitty inst, buddy is gonna stay for the night ahead of the preparations for the a burial ceremony. we've seen people here go in a spontaneous protest. walk in the streets of drama, la, remembering city chanting slogans. i remembered in her so we are expecting the body to be taken to morrow to the presidential headquarters where there is going to be an official ceremony held by the palestinian president. so honor shitty. and we are expecting the body to be buried in 2 weeks to live on friday. people have spent the day gathering outside,
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shooting our backless family home unoccupied. east jerusalem. stephanie decker is there. more people have been arriving here as the night goes on to pay their condolences to sharina family. we are just outside the family home in bay 29 occupied east jerusalem. or you also have taunt being of being some throughout the evening about unity palestinian unity also condemning what happened calling for revenge and also just highlighting the tragedy of what happened here. many people who are extremely angry, extremely sad to me, shot at what happened was i hadn't got up to date, serene unites us. she unites all our homes and towns. she unites, all palestinians from north to south were all crying. she read the whole world is crying, she read, sharing is an icon, her so paid for her free words. we will never forget sharing. to day we're gathered
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in front of she weans house to pay our respects. she will forever be in our hearts said earlier in the day we had 3 israeli police officers arriving here, entering the home to much protest from everyone here. or they started yelling at them inside the house, telling them to leave. basically, they were telling the family to switch off the patriotic songs that were being played outside is made people extremely angry, extremely offensive at a time when the family is still coming to terms of what is happening, serena's brother is due to arrive this evening. and neath will be arriving on thursday, i should ins, body will be in there, my law on thursday, why the palestinian person with a bath will be holding a salvage. and then our final resting place will happen here in jerusalem on friday . i'll be here as senior political analyst,
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matawan bayshore. i joined us now from london. matawan. i want to start by asking you about a powerful piece that you wrote today detailing the impact that should in a box we had in her journalism career. and how important to figure she was, could you tell our viewers more about her legacy? well, you know, we live in a world over, you know, twitter and ends and facebook journalism. it's really not interesting at all, and not factual. and, and, you know, not thought oh, and so on, so forth. why here we have a journalist who for more than a quarter of a century has been relentless, unflinching in her inherit factual journalism. in the way she was able to cover issues that are of over huge importance to her personally shores covert. she was covering her beloved homeland that has been under occupation since before she was born. and yet she was always measured. you could feel her walking
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through the streets of pastime through the alleys of the refugee camps. speaking to the world was such eloquence with such confidence. always 3 thing of the occupied territories like a crime scene. so she was gathering the evidence, looking at each and every bit of detail and reporting that to the world as actually all possible, even when she was facing scenes of, you know, a bloody seas of children dying and so on, so forth. she always kept her own, she always helped her nerves and reported the facts of the world. so this was a unique type of journalism. this was really a master class on what is or what a journalist could do in order to shed a light on a dark era in for an area under occupation. indeed, my one is, this was not an isolated event. israeli forces have systematically used force
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against journalists, is really forces have shot at palestinian journalist knowing who they were. israel bandages here as guns officers that was almost a year to the day ago. given the eye witness accounts and the prominence and shitty . and as a journalist, these various react that we've heard from international governments. will something change? could this mark some kind of a turning point? i think things are changing in terms of the international public opinion in terms of what's them public opinion, but tends to be more important than the other because of the relationships between israel and the western countries. however, i'm afraid that looking at the policies of the likes of bought us johnson here of the u. k. macro in france even shows in germany and certainly by then in the united states. there's so much appeasing and so much cynicism. and the way that those
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a democratic governments continued to appease the israeli government despite what we, what everyone knows now to be an apostate state. one that amnesty international human rights watch. even the u. s. reporter on palestine have reported it as such as, as an up on that stick, but yet the, the western governments continue to appease. most of them continue to appease the zillow garage. so we have a major chism here. international public opinion is changing for the better and i think the role of media is very important. but government, these to be nudged further. and i think it's important to continue the pressure on that. democracies in the west, simply because israel is dependent on them for its existence, for its prosperity, for its trade and, and recognition on so on, so forth without the west. it's going to be very hard israel to survive moving
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forward than the region in the middle east. and hence, that sort of pressure wouldn't be always important. if public opinion is, as you suggest, changing at this moment, there are now growing calls for an international transparent investigation. do you think that there will be enough pressure brought to bear so that an actual transparent investigation could happen? unfortunately not. i think the world, especially the west, is busy with ukraine and was we all know there's something called double standard. we all know what we'll understand it, you know, we all live with it if you will, but it is what it is. so i think we have a better chance in the international public opinion in the court of the public opinion than we have in terms of a and a factual, effective and actionable cause end of the day. one thing is to reach
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a conclusion other things to hostile than implement that what to do about it. and as we all know, despite a countless you andrew solutions, is there a lives in impunity because of the support of the united states and other european governments? so all in all, i think what's important here, mama, then i think really this is probably the most important thing that we have to say today is that this is not the but which or whom, which is really a soldier or who shot or who pulled the trigger against our colleague shooting. what's important here is that why was israel invading it again, jeanine attacking refugee camp for the 100 stein? why is it violating grading against signed the courts against international law? why is, is, or i don't want to doing an shooting, a journalist and so so forth. so really,
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it is not about one particular investigation about one particular join us, even though it's our dear sharon, it's about the responsibility of an occupying government. it's about the responsibility of political responsibility of mr. bennett, the prime minister of israel, and his defense minister. it's their responsibility and that political responsibility does not require investigation. it's over 50 years of occupation that continues unabated, supported by the likes over there now, watson, governments, and so on, so forth. and it is that that should be put on trial. it is the apartheid regime. it is the continuous or pressure of the palestinians and getting on for the city journalists. and once again that does not require. 7 an independent or any affordable either a investigative. we welcome an independent you an investigation, but if it does not happen, we know where the political responsibility lies. it lies with israeli government. ok, matawan you. you brought up the word that i wanted to ask you about next. that word
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is impunity? so the palestinian cause has united the arab world, the era people. and yet in this last year we seen arab countries that have normalized relations with israel. what role has all that played when it comes to impunity when it comes to impunity in situations where journalists are killed, where civilians are killed? it's clearly a sad, sad situation and you and i of it. we've been covering this, you know, issue and in the middle east region and the out of world for long. but we also know that some of those countries that have normalize relations with israel do not return their journalists and you better write a lot of these dictators. i mean, when you look at that, at the military regime in sudan, i mean, id really surprised that they would go on, even if the condemn thickening of shut in. awfully, barclay, i think there's an issue here in the out of world that has to do with ada bryce and palestinian rights and they are really one and the same because if you abuse your
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own people, why would you care for the abuse of policies? so i think that is that point, but impunity remains incredibly important and, and no government and no army, no military should be impugn when it comes to the killing of innocent civilians. let alone journalists who are trying to shut the light, who are trying to cover those issues to the rest of the world. so i think it is sad . you know that the, the state of affairs and them at least, but once again, the absolute majority of arabs, the absolute majority of the out of opinion including those countries that normalization with israel stand shoulder to shoulder with the palestinians and for palestinian human rights. and is it a senior political analyst, matawan bashar, a thanks so much for joining us. great to get your perspective the united states ambassador to the you in has called for a transparent investigation into the killing. i just want to express my sincere
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condolences over ah, the law serve the palestinian american. ah journalist alger journalists, who is skill sharing. ah, it was a really, really, ah, horrifying. she's well respected. she was doing her job, the jobs that you all do every single day. and i, i just want to express my condolences to her family, her friends, her colleagues, i in fact all of us for, for her loss of the situation of her killing. it's being i investigated and we called for a transparent investigation this year asked palestine ambassador to the united nations, how he will pressure the you in for an impartial investigation. if one to examine
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the statements, the 10s of statements issued by different countries, including members of the security council, including the president of the security security council, one can see that there is a many common points together. that logically should allow for a reaction from the security council, if not exactly in all these elements, perhaps some other elements and that is up to the negotiation between the different parties. and as we speak, we put in the hands of or close friends in the security council language to reflect what i am saying. and we hope that the, the security council would raise to the level of acting on such thing and to act as quickly as possible. kristen salumi is live for us at the united nations in new york. chris, and thanks for joining us. we heard from arab ambassadors to the you in earlier, tell us about their message to the international community.
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well, arab masters are calling for a quick response and aid an investigation into the death of our colleague, serene elbow. al cla, those condemnations and calls for an investigation came quickly here at the united nations. from many sources, the difference seems to be over. what kind of investigation should ensue and what we heard from the arab group is that they want an international independent investigation. absent of israel's influence. we heard also that the palestinians with the support of the arab group and arab states, want further action from the security council as well in terms of a statement or a some sort of action to hold israel to account. and the other thing that they're calling for is a resumption of the peace process and in the words of the arab league,
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ambassador ma good abdulla fata, abdel aziz there needs to be hoped for the palestinians. he said that big powers at the united nation should be giving the situation in the palestinian territories, the same attention that they are giving to the situation in ukraine. and unless there is an attempt to add a holistic piece process in a solution to this longstanding conflict that the misery and confrontations like this would just continue. and kristen, the u. s. and bastard, the you and also made comments about the events that unfolded this morning. and janine, what did we hear aid? she called the situation horrifying, and she relayed a personal experience of being interviewed by serene. she said that she found her very good respected and that she was very impressed by the interview and. and she was horrified. she said by her death and she as well called for an investigation, but there's the difference. she representing the united states called for an
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investigation with the israelis and the palestinians, both working together and i pressed her on this. i said, what is your message to the israelis that they should do? an investigation she said with the palestinian israeli seemed to echo that in a statement that they made. the ambassador here at the united nations made saying that they were open to a joint investigation. but again, that palestinians have little faith that that would yield an objective result in the results that they are convinced. i need to be achieved here that they're citizen and, and colleague has been shot in cold blood. all right, kristen salumi joining us from new york. thanks so much. palestinian american congresswoman we're, she'd a to leave has led a moment of silence and honor of should in the us house of representatives. she's
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tweeted directly at president joe biden saying, an american journalist clearly marked with press credentials was murdered, doing and saying nothing just enables more killings. whether you're palestinian american or not, being killed with us funding must up are joining us live from washington. d. c is congresswoman rashida to live congresswoman to leap. thank you so much for joining us. you directed this tweet to president biden earlier. the one i just mentioned in which you wrote, whether you're palestinian american or not, being killed with us funding must stop. have you gotten any response from members of the by the ministration and what immediate action would you like to see them take? i know, but i think i was the united states congress member, a sophomore that has continued to be pushing for us to understand that the $3800000000.00 was just partially unconditional aid to israel in apartheid government is something that we need to be using leverage to make sure that they uphold human rights,
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but also not committing to war crimes. we cannot continue to find efforts like this . shaheen was not only a palestinian and very, very well respected journalist, but she was also an american. ah, we also had americans in the past, including omar us had recently who was also killed by israeli forces. or we truly going to sit back and allow united states taxpayer dollars and funds to be used to killing american citizens. this to me is very much a threshold that we need to understand in the body michigan understand they can't look away and continue to say and allow the same people are pressing the same people committing those work to do the investigation is just wrong and unjust. if anything, let's treat her where she is. she is a citizens of citizen of our country. i even before, she's a journalist, right? she's going to some of our country and she was literally targeted and murdered by
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really force it. now, both want to say that they, that inhabit been prove it shows the evidence because witnesses on the ground need to be interviewed by our government. by those it again can be at least somewhat impartial to making sure that the truth comes out. you know, president biden was very clear in the correspondents dinner, and he said that there guardy that journalists or guardians of the truth. well, this is our chance to give justice to shooting who fought to tell that truth? we need to tell her choose, we need to investigate ourselves. big killing of an american citizen. somebody that was out there being a guardian of truth and doing her job was again murdered by an apartheid government that we continue to fight with unconditional aid. congresswoman to lead does the killing of a journalist as prominent should in a box law? does that, will it have a measurable impact on the attitudes of u. s. lawmakers, toward israel, and especially toward this billions of dollars an unconditional aid that the u. s.
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gives israel? i mean, i would hope so, but for me, i was hoping even the children being the chain and tortured and targeted the innocent lives of so many that again have been victims in some have survived that many victims of this very, very egregious, violent government that targets palestinians like us and so for me you always will dream and hope, obviously that people will wake up and understand that again us looking away is that just going to enable it to continue to enable the continue the violence. i just hope that people tell the story. shutting shaheen has a beautiful story of, of the work that she's been doing on the ground. she again, in many ways, if she was here, she be reporting specifically about this and making sure to educate the public. i know this much, the american people are with us. they want to condition aid to any government. that doesn't mean human rights values and educational law. we hear it all the time. i
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just hope it doesn't reach the halls of congress at some point. i mean, we need to change because it's not working. this is our point of leverage. you want us to find you as a country, then you must stop killing and it's that lives and committee and war crimes. and now you're killing american citizens. again, not the 1st, but now we have yet another united states citizen that has now fallen and been murdered by this again, us funded apartheid regime. congresswoman rashid a to lead thanks so much for joining us here on al jazeera. we really appreciate it . thank you. that selim the jerusalem based human rights organization disputes, israeli claims about the death of shouldn't i walk this israeli forces? he issued a video which they say is of an armed palestinian firing. but, but selim has issued footage analyzing this location, saying it doesn't match up with the place where should he was killed.
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joining us now live on sky from haifa. israel is south san zion, she's director of the social economic and cultural rights unit at the idea, legal center for air minority rights. and israel sampson, thanks so much for joining us. there are growing calls for an international transparent investigation. do you believe that there's going to be enough pressure brought to bear that this will actually happen? good evening and the 1st of all, i would like to send my condolences to show you family on to her colleagues in elijah 0 over. i think that the question of investigation is the 1st legal question that rises and every time there is an assassination by the israeli army, or the israeli police of a stimulus, whether in the green line or in the occupied territories. and what we need to know in order to answer to this question is, 1st of all, how does israel conduct and how have it been conducting such investigations
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throughout all those years? israel knows that the international obligation it has on itself is to conduct an independent, effective, and professional investigation. however, it never did that and we saw throughout the years and the history that investigations are not impartial. they're always done by the israelis, they're always are backed up by the attorney general of the government and they generally closed the investigations in different claims. sometimes they say they don't have evidence. sometimes they say that the victim was the, in the, in the territory by mistake. sometimes they say that they didn't understand that there is already very well. and like in to be a case, they would say that it might be the palestinians. i'm, we can not have any responsibilities and even when we submit the additions to the
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israeli supreme court to challenge such decisions, even those were a supreme court backs up these decisions by basically saying that they can not intervene in a so called professional investigation done by the is ray and they cannot put itself instead or in the shoes of the israeli investigator, a mechanism. so the demand to have an utero and international and transparent investigation is basically the right thing to do. as long as israel will accept the results of these investigation. now we also have to know that we are not talking about equal partners in of the investigation. because here we have power relations of an occupying power, apartheid power in palestine with an occupied site. it considerate the history of
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conducting investigations which basically a all the time leads even through the supreme court to full add to, to lack of accountability, to full impunity to trying to blame the other side. like in the case of the assassination of issue, i mean there is a huge question about basically what kind of investigation and like a smart or get it doesn't matter. it all the arguments that israel a basically tries to, to, to, to, to raise you like what kind of bullet, whether she was 150 meters away or not. i think that's all the evidence on the ground, including the footage of bits selim, including the witnesses of during that is a 0 during those 2 were with her on that time. all basically lead to one conclusion, which is that she was assassinated with intent even a by radio for says and the most important thing is, is,
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is basically that there is an occupation. ringback is there, is there a occupied forces in the beginning? where in janine, in contrast, with international law, they were there as the occupying power. they were there conducting war crimes against palestinians and in murder also. and us as nation of a city novel athletes should be viewed in this a more wider picture, the sounds and you talk about this culture of impunity and lack of accountability. are there concrete steps that could be taken? that would end this, that would actually insure that at some point there could be accountability. oh, 1st of all, as we all know, the i c, c, a last year the prosecutor and the pre trial had decided that they have jurisdiction in order to open an investigation on conduct or for crime by israel in
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the occupied territories. so if we will take the article basically for a frame, there is a framework to do the investigation. but even if we take that, we know that israel will not agree. we know that the palestinians will not agree as well, to cooperate with an investigation with israel as we are now a learning a. and i think that any kind of investigation independent, transparent, transparent effect of based on the criteria of international law that will not provide power of decision or maneuvering by that is raised on the results of the occupation. should beforehand be agreed by israel. but again, we also here come to a deadlock because all other independent investigations that have been conducted by the u. n. for example, in the war on garza in past that in 2008 and the war on gus and 2014 on
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the killing off the 9 turkish on the morrow ship it while they were on their way on a gaza a how they responded to the jurisdiction to the question of jurisdiction on palestine to the public prosecutor by a claiming that it did that decision was anti semitic. so we also have a problem here that we know that israel will have a huge issue, a good e n a beforehand to the result of an international, a transparent investigation that it itself will not be part of our. and again, we here come again to, to the, to the bottom line that israel itself have for years conducting the cultural impunity. lack of accountability backed up by the israeli supreme court. and this is very, very important because this means that justice cannot be done by the israelis on
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all, it's legal, a levers. and we know that on the other hand, they won't agree to any kind of international investigation that they are not a part off. but i think that's 1st of all, and i just done all the palestinian authority and the palestinians is a huge issue and we should wait and see what their stand is on that issue. all right, so since i, her director of the social economic and cultural rights are just oh, sorry, go ahead. i'm former former deputy director of our data. all right, apologies for that. thanks for correcting it. and thanks for joining us. thank you very much. thank you very much. crowns have gathered in god to pay tribute to should in walker, who has been described as the voice of palestinians. gonna say it was there in the gaza strip of visual has been held to commemorate the memory of serene
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a block. candles had been lighted here at the rebels of our old building, a 0 building that was bombed last me. why do you really forces this is a way that policy is in the gaza strip, have shown to express their support. silly dairy te and condolences to city and to remember her name and to pay tribute to her memory, who they considered. i could, and a unique journalist who has always been delivering their messages on their suffering to the world. no usa department spokesman ned price called for an immediate investigation into the killing. serene was a veteran report. she was followed closely by those who care about the region and as more and i all who knew her. the secretary spoke just one week ago on world freedom day about the fundamental role journalist play in the free flow of information ideas, pinions, including dissenting ones. as being essential to inclusive and tolerant societies,
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it is hard to see the killing of another journalist just one week later, we call for an immediate and thorough investigation and full accountability. investigating attacks on independent media and prosecuting those responsible are paramount importance. we will continue to promote media freed up and protect journalists ability to do their jobs without fear of violence, threats to their lives, or safety, or unjust attention, or death is a tragic loss and an affront to media freedom everywhere. or let's get more on this with chas roberts in washington, dc. job, thanks for joining us. should have earlier you had ned price, the spokesman for the u. s. department, he gave this briefing, which we just heard a part of in which he called for an investigation into the killing of shooting a barclay. but when he was pressed on the issue about who should conduct the investigation, he said that israel had the wherewithal to investigate this. so when you hear that, what do you make of it? what was it interesting?
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how did the but the, the tort should phrase that net price kept trotting out on it and it was clearly a very carefully worked phrase because he kept repeating the same thing over and over again. israelis have the wherewithal and capability to investigate, doesn't say whether they will investigate in an impartial and truthful manner. always saying, as they have the ability to investigate that seems rather carefully where it doesn't have and, and when presented with what is undoubtedly if there for everyone to see the empirical record of previous investigations. the rarity of any israeli security force official being prosecuted, or even accused of war crimes following an investigation. he just didn't have any, any sort of answer how that's the israeli newspaper. hadn't had an interesting an interesting article interesting bit of research last at the end, last year when they looked into the investigations that the i d, f and security forces would open after an incident such as theirs. and what they
12:43 am
found was, yes, the us right either so quick to open an investigation. and what they find is within a matter of weeks and months, these is languish and the shadows and nothing ever happens until a few warri passes. and then these are quietly closed with, with nary a prosecution. and so of course that is the fear that this will happen once again, and that price was asked point blank. all right, and as you mentioned, it were almost to the day a year after the israelis bombed the al jazeera, an associated press offices and gaza. at the time, the state department said to express their concern over this internet price was are so did you get a satisfactory resolution from the israelis as to what happened exactly that in that price of sorts to say no, we are still troubled and concerned a year after that, there is that suggestion that we know the path and we've seen it over and over again. but we also know, at least up to this point, the bite and ministration is clearly, maida made a pointed decision not to get involved to involved in what was one school the piece
12:44 am
process, he pacing the situation between israel and palestine. as i don't want to spend the political capital, so that even for example, a clear cut manifesto plant up election campaign promise to for example, reopen the u. s. consulate in occupied east jerusalem. they have not done because the israelis object, the israelis have veto power over a lot of u. s. foreign policy right now, in, in the region. that doesn't seem likely to change. but we'll see because look, the fact is, we're still talking about it and net price was, was, was getting a little bit uncomfortable towards that. see how far things go is. so you have your, from your perspective there in washington dc. how difficult does this get for the bind administration? how difficult does this get for the state department, whether or not they actually want to engage on these issues when it comes to israel, there of course will be mounting pressure on them to do more, correct? i think it depends on the region there, doesn't it? i mean, the bite administration hasn't reversed
12:45 am
a great number of the trump policies. for example, it only becomes an issue for the bite administration if we see domestic pressure, regional pressure, really mounting in the, in the far as we can see, i mean, did you look at the u. s. media or the european media, or you look at the, the usual suspects, the bbc, the guardian, the american that works. because israel did what they usually do, which is immediately cost down on the several i witness reports of an israeli sniper targeted killing that targeted killing of our colleagues. serene. just in that little area between, between a flat jacket on a helmet. this is the roof. your bats classics, israeli sniper and an acrostic is i'm, is really sniper technique. we had so many eye witness reports of that, that the foreign came from these writers. everything else that what the israelis did immediately was said no, we think it was the palestinians used as we reported earlier. and that then gives the western media of the us and britain. ah, well conflicting accounts, clashes were going on in the region and so on. and that seems to be how they're reporting it right now. so it is very difficult to see how suddenly domestic
12:46 am
pressure will we'll, we'll get ahead of steam around here. but perhaps if there reached those regional pressure. but then as we know, we have the abraham accords. we have all these other things that you've been discussing of the last several hours, which suggested maybe the heat is off is row or robert nancy live for us from washington, d. c. thanks so much for joining us. or joining us now live from washington, d. c is use of money. he a senior fellow at arab center, washington d. c. u. s. if thanks so much for joining us. let me ask you from your perspective . do you think that this killing will lead to a credible international, transparent investigation? thank you for having me. first, let me just offer my condolences to everyone at your network on the loss of your colleagues today. i know that you have all been covering this tirelessly a since the story broke. and i can think of no better way to honor the work that
12:47 am
sheree number of aqua has done for the past 2 and a half decades tirelessly covering the situation on the ground. no, no, i don't think there's going to be a credit bull investigation here. and unfortunately, a history has shown us that unless there is a significant pressure brought upon the israelis, we won't see anything close to justice when it comes to the murder of innocence and innocent palestinians. time. and again, we've seen, you know, these calls for investigations, but, you know, you can't, you can't ask the murderers to investigate themselves and expect that, you know, some sort of due process and just results. you know, you have you, you bring up the point about who would conduct the investigation and whether or not israel would be conducting this investigation. and just a few moment ago we were speaking to my colleague shop or tonchee and washington d. c. i was asking him about the fact that net prize,
12:48 am
who's the spokesperson for the u. s. state department, had called for an investigation into the killing of should he in a black lip, but when he was pressed on the issue about who should conduct the investigation. he said that israel had the wherewithal to investigate it. i mean, when you hear that, what do you make of that? well, this is, this has been us policy for a very long time. the washington's position has been that israel is fully capable of investigating itself. it's absurd on its face, but this has been consistent american policy. it's one of the reasons why the united states opposes the internationalization of this effort through justice, appeals to organizations like the international criminal court and elsewhere. and it is one of the ways in which the united states helps us back the israelis and ensure that the israelis get to dominate palestinians with impunity by preventing any other forms of justice. and then saying, well, the israelis are capable of policing themselves. and you know,
12:49 am
the results of that policy are on display. they were on display today and jeanine and they've been on display time and time again as, as israel is carried out in the most brutal ways this regime of apartheid for, for, for decades on it. so i, i don't think the united states would accept, you know, this sort of principle if an american journalist or any journalist was killed, you know, covering the situation in ukraine by a, by russian soldiers. there is no way on earth. washington would say that we ask the russians to carry out an investigation and, and will, will except what they put forward. israeli investigations are routinely a joke. and it takes, as i said, constant pressure by civil society of human rights organizations and by governments to get anywhere close to justice. it rarely happens. and in the rare instances
12:50 am
where it does, a sentences are extremely light. and oftentimes, perpetrators are celebrated and promoted within the ranks of the israeli political system instead of held accountable. so i don't, i don't see any chance that there's gonna be a credible investigation here unless there is a constant outcry from, you know, from, from colleagues. oh, yours in the media and people who care about defending journalists and getting the truth out from places like pals use. if we been speaking a lot today about this culture of impunity when it comes to these types of incidents in israel. first of all, why have there been no consequences all these years for israel? secondly, if this plays out the way that you are suggesting it will play out if there is no accountability, what kind of message does that send when? when and when a journalist at as high profile as prominent as respected as beloved as should in
12:51 am
a box, is killed in such a fashion. if there are no consequences, what message does that sent? but it sends the message that it's open season on journalists. and it's, it's as simple as that. and you know, the death of any journalist, any person, a human being is, is a tragedy. but you know, sharina barkley is not the 1st, the 10th of the 50th palestinian journalist to be killed by israel and you know, just a one year ago this week the israelis targeted of course, the building and gaza, the civilian building in which the offices of the associated press and al 0 were located, they promised an investigation they promised to provide evidence to the united states. whatever happened to that, nothing was, nothing was put forward. what message did that send that sent the kind of message that enabled the events that we saw today and jeanine the murder of stream of walkway. and it's, it's, it's going to continue unless we put
12:52 am
a stop to it. and i would just say that it's not just governments that play an important role here, but it's also all of us, especially those in the media who are covering these issues, is really, is have a very deliberate and calculated strategy in the immediate aftermath of high profile killings like this and the playbook that they have is to distract, to obfuscate a, to blame anyone else, but themselves to put out misleading information and to try to soften the blow of the outrage until people forget it this time. and again, they're doing it again today, and it's really up to those who cover the story, right? i'm to call this out and not let them get away with. or i use for now your senior fellow at arab center, washington d. c. thanks so much for joining us. the really palestinian conflict remains one of the most dangerous for journalists, the new york based committee to protect journalists estimates 18 have been killed since 1992. but the palestinian journalist syndicate estimates the figure is 3
12:53 am
times higher. blaming israeli fire for most casualties, same as robbie has more in israel's occupation of palestine, its tactics have become increasingly aggressive over the decades. so to it's crackdown on media workers covering the soup on the killing of bulges. you're a journalist and palestinian american sharina of walkway, and the, the latest example of the in may 2021 in israeli air raid brought down a building in the gaza strip that house local people and international media offices, including those of old press freedom advocates, said it was an attempt to silence journalist the a month later israeli police destroyed your equipment and arrested jerusalem correspondent. i was breaking her. witnesses said her press sun was clearly visible and the arrest was
12:54 am
unprepared. of luckily was also in her press dash and helmet at the time of her death time and time again, it has been shown that israeli forces kill palestinian, including palestinian journalists without cause in the occupied territory. and it's very extra, extremely rare that israeli soldiers, captains, or military officials are ever held accountable for their actions. israel often uses what it calls secret evidence to detain palestinian journalist for months without due process and restrict their movement. attacks by his really forces have also left dozens injured, a palestinian center of human rights report in 2020 found journalists fe, quote, cruel in humane and degrading treatment at the hands of israeli forces. in the wake of abruptly as death. israel's army says it does not target journalists and his
12:55 am
foreign minister suggested conducting a joint investigation and autopsy, and offer palestinian leaders refused. israeli forces have directly targeted journalists with lee full force in the past. in 2008 israeli soldiers killed reuters camera, man. fidel shot he filmed the tank as it fired the shell that killed him. his final image is captured on tape before his camera was destroy. shanar too was wearing body armor marked press at the time of his death. sharina luckily was killed covering in israeli raid on jeanine in the occupied west bank. the cutter based broadcaster said odyssey ra producer, ali also moody was also wounded. the latest casualties of israeli attacks on journalists that seem to go on with impunity in basra. v altura aimen war, hey, dean is a former colleague of shootings and a former algebra correspondent. now with m. s and b. c. he says there must be
12:56 am
international accountability whenever and wherever a journalist is killed, journalism is not a crime. and whether you are a journalist who dies in mexico or a journalist who dies in ukraine or a journalist who dies in the occupied palestinian territory. the international community, international governments, international organizations have to condemn the killing of journalists unequivocally. and they have to speak with one clear moral voice. you cannot treat journalists differently depending on which conflicts they cover and try to both sides every situation so that you are the escape. the reality is on the ground. and it's very important that we remind ourselves in journalists, remind their viewers in their and their readers that as they report on these conflicts, the do so with a tremendous amount of danger to their own personal safety. but they understand that, and we must on the other side of it, as people who consumed the news, read the news, watch the news, respect the profession, and make sure that we go out of our way to, to,
12:57 am
to not just understand what they're reporting. but to make sure anybody who hurts a journalist killed a journalist is held accountable to the full extent of the law. we cannot have double standards. we treat the killing of journalists, or, you know, the torture of journalists, or the detention of differently depending on who the perpetrator is. if they're a close proximity to us or not as, as western government, not long before her death should ain't spoke in her own words. about what her career was a journalist meant to her and then moved again and i'm with
12:58 am
ah, oh, unprompted and uninterrupted discussions. from a london broadcast center on ah, the shake um odd award for translation and international understanding is accepting nominations for the year 2022 from february 15th until august,
12:59 am
15th this year. for more information go to w, w, w dot h t a dot q a slash e n ah katha, airway official airline of the journey with a
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full away issue, an line of the journey ah shock. across the middle east, after veteran al jazeera correspondent, cheering abruptly, is shot dead by his ready forces while covering a raid in the occupied westbank. ah, thousands gathered as the journalist body was carried into the networks ramallah office, where she worked. ah, on there in taylor, this is our 09 from london. israel has back.


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