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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 12, 2022 2:00am-2:30am AST

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the the news global condemnation after veteran al jazeera correspondence, should he not walk the is shot dead by israeli forces while covering, arrayed in the occupied westbank? ah. i'm hammered jim jones, this is alger alive from door. how with extensive coverage of should in a block list, killing thousands, gathered as her body was carried into the networks family office. where should he worked? these railey military has admitted soldiers from an elite unit fire dozens of
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bullets during the raid, but hasn't admitted responsibility for her death. but despite international calls for a transparent investigation, few palestinians believe that any one will be held accountable. ah, the killing of an al jazeera journalist by israeli forces has sent reverberations across the arab world, sparking shock grief and demands for an investigation. sharina barkley was shot in the head while covering an israeli raid in the city of jeanine. al jazeera media network has called it a blatant murder, violating international laws. these really military has admitted soldiers from an elite unit fire dozens of bullets during the raid, but it won't admit responsibility for her death. shanisha reports. oh, don't shoot the messenger unless you're in his really soldier. in that case,
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you're seemingly ok with shooting to reporter who's clearly identifiable as a journalist and poses no threat. should he in a barclay, is the latest reporter to be killed by the israeli military, which has a long history of targeting journalists and news outlets. particularly al jazeera shooting, a veteran reporter who spent her life covering events and occupied palestine was among a group of journalists documenting what was happening in janine early on wednesday . according to eye witnesses and video footage, she was wearing a safety, vest and home. it's both of which clearly identified her as a member of the press despite this or maybe because of it. sure. he was shot and killed or annoyed and we were going to filmed is really army operation. and suddenly they shot us without asking us to leave or stop filming the 1st bullet hit me and the 2nd bullet hit sharina. they killed her in cold blood because they are killers and specialize and killing only palestinian people. we had no resistance
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and there was no palestinian resistance at all at the same journalist moody. it was also shot and injured in the attack. there was no exchange of fire. so there is no possibility whatsoever on the last day, they always do these excuses to come up the crime committed against palestinians including posting agenda according to rights groups. israel has killed 50 journalists since 2000 and injured more than 144 in the past 4 years alone. and this is also not the 1st time israel has intentionally targeted al jazeera. last year, the networks office in garza was born to rebel. while journalist travadone b did, he was assaulted by israeli forces,
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whilst reporting on israel's ethnic cleansing of arab residence in occupied east jerusalem street got off neighbourhood. israeli authorities say they've launched an investigation of human rights groups say they have little faith in israeli justice, particularly with renowned organizations like human rights watch and amnesty international, accusing israel of implementing a system of apartheid that i, that i am human rights organizations, for example, like bit sate limb and is that a human rights issue? and that decided a long time ago that they are no longer going to even into the act with the complaint system. bear with invisible aly army because it is not serious. it doesn't find israeli soldiers guilty, cut out his foreign ministry whose country hosts the al jazeera network, issued a statement with senior diplomats no one hot or demanding an end to what she called, state sponsored israeli terrorism. the european union and other members of the
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international community have also condemned the kenning. but all these condemnations have fallen short of including any sanctioning or punishment for a crime that threatens the essence of any free society. a free press should in was kill, trying to inform the world of what was happening in her country. the world now knows that an occupied palestine, no one is safe from israel's bullets. not even journalists. ha, ha my lunch, her young, i just 0 al jazeera media network has put out a statement, offering its condolences and said, in a blatant murder, violating international laws and norms. the israeli occupation forces assassinated in cold blood. algeria correspondent, algeria media network condemns this heinous crime which intends to only prevent the media from conducting their duty. officer here holds the israeli government and the
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occupation forces responsible for the killing of the late colleague shooting. it also calls on the international community to condemn and hold the israeli occupation forces accountable. sitting in a block, there was a pioneering palestinian american journalist and a household name for many. earlier her body was brought to the al jazeera headquarters in the occupied west bank. the large crowd had gathered outside the building and remotely to pay their respects and express their anger over the killing. grieving colleagues and friends prayed over her remains. before shillings body was carried through the streets of the city. and abraham reports from ramallah. we know city is a very well respected journalist, but it's still a very hard thing to see. people who don't know her personally, people who just came because they seen her on tv for years covering and telling
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their stories. so they were here. they were crying. we've also seen our colleagues who have been in jeanine since the early morning, some of them who had with her when she was shot injured, taken that the hospital was shouting at her, asking her to wake up. they were in shock, so others went in the morning when they heard the news to janine. and then all of them brought the body here, took them along to al josie as building one of the places she loved and spent a lot of time. and we've seen their colleagues hugging each other, even the people that i've been seeing throughout this morning, holding up trying to be strong, pushing through. i've seen them break down a difficult seeing the we can say that palestine is morning one of her kind
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female journalists. they're building towards the hospital where she inst body is gonna stay for the night ahead of the preparations for the a burial ceremony. we've seen people here go in there as continuous protest walk in the streets of drama, la, remembering city and chanting slogans. i remembered in her so we are expecting the buddy out to be taken to morrow to the presidential headquarters where there is going to be an official ceremony held by the palestinian president til honor. she did. and we are expecting the body to be buried in jerusalem on friday. is railey police stormed shanina, barclays family home and occupied east jerusalem. as mourners paid their respects,
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their relatives, friends, and supporters of the journalist killed, protested against the police action. some of a block was relatives have spoken of their grief with i just want to understand why they killed her. why did they kill her? she isn't. she wasn't just my aunt. she's also my best friend. my 2nd mom, my companion, she was my everything. she, someone i've been looking up to ever since i was a kid watching all over reports with them, and i never imagined. i never thought this day with com where the news would be about her and she will be the one who was covering the youth. stephanie decker has more from outside the family home. more people have been arriving here as the night goes on to pay their condolences to terean's family. we are just
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outside the family home in bay 29 occupied east jerusalem. or you also have tons being of being sung throughout the evening about unity palestinian unity also condemning what happened calling for revenge and also just highlighting the tragedy of what happened here. many people here extremely angry, extremely sad to me, shot at what happened was she did. i hadn't got up to day. serene unites us. she unites all our homes and towns. she unites, all palestinians from north to south were all crying. she read the whole world is crying, she read. sharyn is an icon, her so paid for her free words. we will never forget cheering to day were gathered in front of sheen's house to pay our respects. she will forever be in our hearts said earlier in the day we had 3 israeli police officers arriving here,
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entering the home to much protest from everyone here. or they started yelling at them inside the house, telling them to leave. basically, they were telling the family to switch off. the patriotic songs that were being played outside is made people extremely angry, extremely offensive at a time when their family is still coming to terms of what has happened. serena's brother is due to arrive this evening. a niece will be arriving on thursday. i should ins, body will be in there. my law on thursday. why the palestinian person with a bath will be holding a salvage. and then our final resting place will happen here in jerusalem on friday . crowds have gathered in garza to pay tribute to city in who has been called the voice of palestinians. united say it was there in the gaza strip. a visual has been held to commemorate the memory of serene bottler candles have been lighted. here
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at the rebels of our old building, al jazeera building that was bombed last me. why do you really forces? this is a way that policy is in the gaza strip. have shown to express their support, solidarity and condolences to city and to remember her name and to pay tribute to her memory, who they consider an icon and a unique journalist who has always been delivering their messages on their suffering to the world. the u. s. has strongly condemned the killing and the state department says those responsible must be held accountable. our white house correspondent, kimberly. how could reports? dozens of journalists in washington gathering near the offices of al jazeera on wednesday to mourn the loss of one of their own. she read a book clay a colleague, they loved for her friendship and admired for her work,
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all men who did the work that is respected at the highest levels of the us government. now, the biden administration is condemning sharina, killing an american citizen, and calling for an investigation and prosecution of those responsible. it is important to us that is important to the world that that investigation be thorough, that it be comprehensive, that it be transparent. and importantly, that investigations in, with full accountability and those responsible for her death being held responsible for their actions on capital hill for the most powerful member of the us house of representatives. met with jordan king abdullah, nancy pelosi called the killing a horrific tragedy. adding the congress is committed to the defense of press freedom worldwide. people walk up to the killing of serene o'clock on the floor, palestinian american member of congress rashid to leave cold for
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a moment of silence. earlier she tweeted, she read of clay was murdered by a government the received unconditional funding by our country with 0 accountability. indeed, the security relationship between the us and israel stretches back for decades each year, billions in unconditional security assistance provided the irony, one of those weapons paid for by us taxpayers, could ultimately be found responsible for the death of an american last month at the white house correspondents association, dinner and evening, dedicated to honoring journalism. u. s. president joe biden said the rights of journalists to do their job must be protected. the pre fresh is not the enemy, the people, far from it. at your best, your guardians the truth, president biden is set to travel to israel next month. no details of his trip have
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been released. on friday he will sit down in the oval office with king abdullah of jordan to agenda items now about to become more complex. in light of the death of serene acclaim. kimberly hel, kid, al jazeera, the white house. earlier i spoke to congresswoman rashida to lead. she says the biden administration needs to use the funding. it gives israel as leverage to hold it. accountable. shaheen was not only a palestinian and a very, very well respected journalist, but she was also an american. we also had americans in the house, including omar, aside recently, who was also killed by israeli forces. are we truly going to sit back and allow united states taxpayer dollars and funds to be used to killing american citizens? this to me is very much a,
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a threshold that we need to understand in the body of michigan to understand they can't look away and continue to say and allow the same people are pressing the same people committing those or to do the investigation is just wrong and unjust, if anything, let's tree her what she is, she is a citizens of citizen of our country even before he's a. ready member country and she was literally targeted in murder by his really forces. now folks want to say that they that in happen then prove it shows the evidence because witnesses on the ground needs to be interviewed by our government . by those, it again can be least, somewhat impartial to making sure that the truth comes out. you know, president biden was very clear in the correspondents dinner, and he said that their guardian journalists are guardians of the truth. well, this is our chance to give justice to shaheen, who fought to tell better. we need to tell her tooth, we need to investigate ourselves, the killing of an american citizen,
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somebody that was out there being a guardian of truth and doing her job was again murdered by the per type government that we continue to fund with unconditional age. she means killing has prompted strong reactions at the united nations. kristen salumi reports from the headquarters in new york condemnations and calls for an investigation and to the death of al jazeera, serene ob lockley, came quickly at the united nations from top un officials as well as member nations . and the lead of arab states that we look at this as a one further step of this collision of situation that is happening by the israeli authorities and that started during the month of ramadan. so this is not only an attack when a person, oh, we're the but a senior or not, but it is not dec under freedom of the press and the freedom of opinion. the u. s. ambassador to the united nation is called her death, horrifying. she was very well respected. i actually had the opportunity to meet
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with her when i was in the west bank our last november and ah, she did an extraordinary interview and i laugh there filling extraordinary respect for her. so i know that she will be sadly missed by all of us. and we have to ensure that we get to the bottom of her letter, killing linda thomas greenfield, called on israel and the palestinian authority to conduct a joint investigation. an idea echoed by israel's ambassador, but refused by palestinians. she was killed during a counter terrible peroration, and we expressed sorrow for her loss. the palestinian authority rushed to blame israel without even the ability to know the fact. that is why we called on the palestinians to be transparent and agree to a joint investigation. they have refused to reject the claims of israel that they
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can do a credible investigation. there are the criminals and the criminals cannot investigate themselves on the mission or the palestinian ambassador called for an independent international investigation and pointing out in a letter to the security council that 40 palestinian journalists have been killed since the year 2000 with no accountability. the arab league also called for action on the part of the security council and a resumption of the peace process. warning that if world powers don't focus on the region, confrontations and misery will continue. kristin salumi al jazeera, the united nations use of monet. it is senior fellow at the arab center, washington dc. he says it's unlikely the u. s. will hold israel accountable for the journalist steph. washington's position has been that israel is fully capable of investigating itself. it's absurd on its face, but this has been consistent. american policy is one of the reasons why the united
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states opposes the internationalization of this effort through justice, appeals to organizations like the international criminal court and elsewhere. and it is one of the ways in which the united states helps back the israelis and ensure that the israelis gets to dominate palestinians with impunity by preventing any other forms of justice. and then saying, well, the israelis are capable of policing themselves and the results of that policy are on display. they were on display today, jeanine and they've been on display time and time again as, as israel is carried out in the most brutal ways this regime of apartheid for, for decades on. so i don't think the united states would accept this sort of principle. if an american journalist or any journalist was killed, covering the situation in ukraine by a, by, by russian soldiers,
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there is no way on earth. and washington would say that we asked the russians to carry out an investigation and will accept what they put forward is really, investigations are routinely a joke. it takes, as i said, constant pressure by civil society of human rights organizations and by governments to get anywhere close to justice. it rarely happens. and in the rare instances where it does sentences are extremely light. and oftentimes, perpetrators are celebrated and promoted within the ranks of the israeli political system instead of held accountable. but selim the jerusalem base human rights organization disputes, israeli claims about the death of shipping market. israeli forces issued a video which they say is of an armed palestinian firing. but, but selim has issued footage analyzing this location, saying it doesn't match up with the place where shooting was killed. her guy, l. r,
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is the executive director of bet sell him. he explains why israel's claims don't match up. i think it's worth pointing out. the line was propagated by no less than days. ready? prime minister, foreign minister, defense minister, other ministers, and the idea of spokesperson, in the immediate hours after the killing, also shoot. you know, what's the inside of the researcher and found engineering this morning? my colleague, him saw the was that in fact, it is inconceivable. it's absolutely impossible. does the footage on which the short one, which is any propaganda, was basing its false claims could in no shape or form depicted gunfire. abs journalist, there is no line of sight between one location and the other. and in fact,
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our researcher into taking him a few minutes to walk from one location to the other location, you know, spend on the situation is what israel is most tried and unfortunately successful tricks and the last impunity that provides itself. israel does not investigate israel whitewash years, and the investigation is just the 1st or rather the announcement on the investigation is just the 1st stage in the slides washed investigations are not meant to establish accountability. they are meant to protect the perpetrators. her sounds on lots is the palestinian ambassador to the united kingdom and a personal friend of shitty and a barclay. he said israel's trying to stifle the truth. she is not the 1st and the good simply might not be the last palestinian jordan. is to be murdered, assassinated by this lady, occupation. it's not only killing the body or should it's killing the spirit of the
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message of should in the idea of surely it is telling the truth, this occupation is after the truth. they want to us this innate the truth. they want to us us and they jo medicine. they want to make sure that they commit the crimes. but without being reporter, it's a cover. so the bullet that head her head, a brilliant stubborn head was a bullet targeted at the truth targeted at the international community called targeted at the profession of press and journalism targeted. and everybody wants to review the truth. and also this is linked to the lack of accountability is what has been doing this for a long, long time, 74 years, george lucas medics, teachers by passers. what have you children? and there is no accountability. all what we hear from the international community.
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i mean here, government, including the u. k. government are statements of concern with no action when in fact, such at the level it targeted killing over journalists, minutes an immediate international criminal investigation by the i. c. c and immediate or imposition of sanctions on the occupying state. that is as well. and when we follow what the west, the western countries are doing. visa view claims the immediate employment of sanctions and we follow the lack of such actions, not one of them, not one of these structures are applied to israel. we throw our arms in there and wondering about this, dobbins found the diversity of international community. so part of the blame, big part of the blame is on the in action of the international community. and if the killing all should be in a barclay today, that was recorded live on camera does not merit international sanctions. what does
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al jazeera employees more and should he is death? they gathered at the network headquarters and door how to commemorate their colleague who had been working for al jazeera for 2 decades. shaheen covered a multitude of events such as the wars and the gaza trip and strip the 2006 israel lebanon war and israeli attacks in the occupied west bank. the international center of justice for palestinians has demanded an investigation into the system. attic targeting of journalists by israel, the independent organisation which works to protect the rights of palestinians through the law said sharin, dedicated her life to one of the most important principles in democracy. freedom of speech, journalists like shooting are crucial and holding governments that violate international law to account. israel's belligerent and excessive use of force has led to irreversible damage in the killing of innocent journalists. this can no longer be allowed to continue. these really palestinian conflict remains one of the most
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dangerous for journalists, the new york based committee to protect journalists estimates 18 have been killed since 1992. but the palestinian journalist syndicate estimates the figure is 3 times higher. blaming israeli fire for most casualties, same as robbie has more in israel's occupation of palestine, its tactics have become increasingly aggressive over the decades. so to it's crackdown on media workers covering the people the killing of bulges, you're a journalist, and palestinian american sharina. luckily, the latest example of the in may 2021 in israeli air raid brought down a building in the gaza strip that housed local people and international media offices, including those of all just press freedom advocates said it was an attempt to silence journalist the a month later, israeli police destroyed your equipment and arrested jerusalem correspondent,
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you're probably breaking her head to the witnesses. said her press sun was clearly visible and the rest was unprepared. of luckily was also in her press fashion and helmet at the time of her death. time and time again, it has been shown that israeli forces kill palestinians including palestinian journalists without cause in the occupied territory. and it's very ex, extremely rare that israeli soldiers, captains, or military officials are ever held accountable for their actions. israel often uses what he calls secret evidence to detain palestinian journalist for months without due process and restrict their movements. attacks by israeli forces have also left doesn't injure a palestinian center of human rights report in 2020 found journey face quote,
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cruel, inhumane, and degrading treatment at the hands of israeli forces in the wake of workers death . israel's army says it does not target journalists and is foreign minister suggested conducting a joint investigation and autopsy, and offer palestinian leaders refused. israeli forces have directly targeted journalists with lethal force in the past. in 2008 israeli soldiers killed reuters camera man for their shot. he filmed the tank as it fired the shell that killed him . his final images captured on tape before his camera was destroy. shana too was wearing body armor marked press at the time of his death sharina, luckily was killed covering in israeli raid on jeanine in the occupied west bank. the cutter based broadcaster said odyssey ra producer, ali also moody was also wounded. the latest casualties of israeli attacks on journalists that seem to go on with impunity in basra ivy altura
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aimen were her dean as a former colleague of shootings and a former al jazeera correspondent now with m. s and b. c. he says there must be international accountability whenever and wherever a journalist is killed, journalism is not a crime. and whether you are a journalist who dies in mexico or a journalist who dies in ukraine or a journalist who dies in the occupied palestinian territory. the international community, international government, international organizations have to condemn the killing of journalists unequivocally, and they have to speak with one clear moral voice. you cannot treat journalists differently depending on which conflicts they cover and try to both sides every situation so that you are the escape, the realities on the ground. and it's very important that we remind ourselves in journals.


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