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tv   Al Jazeera World Palestine Sunbird A Stamp Of Defiance  Al Jazeera  May 12, 2022 4:00am-5:01am AST

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a little bit of rain at 24 degrees celsius. i saw airway official airline of the journey relieving eco friendly solutions to come back. threats to our planet on al jazeera ah global condemnation. after veteran al jazeera correspondence, should he in a block lay a shot dead by israeli forces wall covering a raid in the occupied west bank? ah, i'm how much am jerome? this is al, does your alive from door? how with extensive coverage of shitty in a bottle is killing the thousands gather outside the family's home to pay respect to the journalist whose
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funeral is expected to be held on friday. the israeli military has admitted soldiers from an elite unit fire dozens of bullets during the raid, but hasn't admitted responsibility for her death. despite international calls for a transparent investigation, few palestinians believe that anyone will be held accountable me ah. the killing of an algebra journalist by israeli forces has sent reverberations across the arab world, sparking shock grief and demands for an investigation. shanina barkley was shot in the head wall covering and israeli raid in the city of jeanine algebra media network has called it a blatant murder, violating international laws. these really military has admitted soldiers from an elite unit fire dozens of bullets during the raid,
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but it won't admit responsibility for her death. dramatic reports. hello. don't shoot the messenger unless you're in israeli soldier. in that case, you're seemingly ok with shooting a reporter who's clearly identifiable as a journalist and poses no threat. should he and barclays is the latest report or to be killed by the israeli military, which has a long history of targeting journalists and news outlets. particularly al jazeera sharing, a veteran reporter who spent her life covering events and occupied palestine was among a group of journalists documenting what was happening in janine early on wednesday . according to eye witnesses and video footage, she was wearing a safety vest and helmets, both of which clearly identified her as a member of the press home. despite this or maybe because of its short, he was shot and killed. and we were going to filmed is really army operation. and
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suddenly they shot us without asking us to leave or stopped filming the 1st bullet hit me and the 2nd bullet hit sharina. they killed her in cold blood because they are killers and specialized, and killing only palestinian people. we had no resistance and there was no palestinian resistance at all. at the scene. journalist somebody was also shot and injured in the attack. there was no exchange of fire. so there is no possibility whatsoever. they always use the excuses to cover up the crime, committing against palestinians, including post indian general according to rights groups. israel has killed 50 journalists since 2000 and injured more than 144 in the past 4 years alone. but this is also not the 1st time
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israel has intentionally targeted al jazeera. last year, the networks office in garza was bombed to rebel. while journalists divided by it was assorted by israeli forces, whilst reporting on israel's ethnic cleansing of our president in occupied east jerusalem street. the rough neighborhood, israeli authorities say they've launched an investigation of human rights group, say they have little faith in israeli. just particularly with renowned organizations like human rights watch and i'm going to see international accusing israel of implementing a system of apartheid that high off and human rights organizations. for example, like bid said limb and israeli human rights. so can, has issues. and that decided a long time ago that they are no longer going to even interact with the complaint system. bear with invisible aly army because it is not serious. it doesn't find
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israeli soldiers guilty. cut out his foreign ministry whose country hosts the al jazeera network, issued a statement with senior diplomats no one hotter, demanding an end to what she called state sponsored is really terrorism. the european union and other members of the international community have also condemned the killing. but all these condemnations have fallen short of including any sanctioning or punishment for a crime that threatens the essence of any free society. a free press should in was kill, trying to inform the world of what was happening in her country. the world now knows that in occupied palestine, no one is safe from israel's bullets. not even journalists or my lunch or young. i just 0 israeli police pushed into shanina, blacklist family home and occupied east jerusalem. as mourners paid their respects,
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their relatives, friends, and supporters of the journalists protested against the police action. some of a barclays relatives have spoken of their grief. moved as somebody said that listen to, well, i just want to understand why they killed her. why did they kill her? she mean, isn't. she wasn't my aunt. she's also my best friend. my 2nd mom. oh my companion. she was my everything. she someone i've been looking up to ever since i was a kid watching all over a report with them. and i never imagined, i never thought this day with com, where the news would be about her and she won't be the one who was covering the youth. stephanie decker has more from outside the family home. more people have been arriving here as the night goes on to pay their condolences
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to screens. family. we are just outside the family home in bay tanina and occupied east jerusalem are you also have toned being of being on throughout the evening about unity palestinian unity also condemning what happened calling for revenge and also just highlighting the tragedy of what happened here. many people here extremely angry, extremely sad to me, shot at what's happened was i hadn't got up to date, serene unites us. she unites all our homes and towns. she unites, all palestinians from north to south were all crying. she read the whole world is crying. she read sharina is an icon, her soul paid for her free words. we will never forget cheering to day were gathered in front of charlene's house to pay our respects. she will forever be in our hearts said. earlier in the day we had 3 israeli police officers arriving here,
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entering the home to much protest from everyone here. or they started yelling at them inside the house, telling them to leave. basically, they were telling the family to switch off the patriotic songs that were being played outside has made people extremely angry, extremely offensive at a time when the family is still coming to terms of what is happening, serena's brother is due to arrive this evening. and neath will be arriving on thursday, i should ins buddy will be in there. my law on thursday. why the palestinian present with a bath will be holding a salvage. and then our final resting place will happen here in jerusalem on friday . at least 5 palestinians have been injured and several others detained. after israeli police dispersed a crowd of protesters, many were holding palestinian flags and photos of shooting. the police were trying to clear the group from a main thoroughfare near her family,
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home and occupied east jerusalem. protesters also gathered in the cities of haifa and nazareth should ina block. there was a pioneering palestinian american journalist and a household name for many. earlier her body was taken to the al jazeera headquarters in the occupied west bank. ah. a large crowd gathered outside the building in ramallah to pay their respects and express anger over the killing, grieving colleagues and friends prayed over her remains. before she means body was carried through the streets of the city. crowds gathered in garza to pay tribute to city in whose been called the voice of palestinians. you'll not say it was there in because this trip a visual has been held to commemorate the memory of serene block. la kendall's has been lighted here at the rebels of our old building, a 0 building that was bombed last me. why do use really forces?
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this is a way that the policy is in the gaza strip, had shown to express their support. silly dairy t and condolences to city and to remember her name and to pay tribute to her memory who they consider an icon and a unique journalist who has always been delivering their messages, their suffering to the world. don't cook top as a journalist and former deputy chairman of the international press institute, he believes israel's military targeted shooting. what most people don't understand . israel does not recognize alice simeon professional journalist. there are journalists who work for international agencies like the a, b or 0. but that's there are only given accreditation because they work for a 0. nobody ordering for a palestinian be even recognize we don't, there is read doesn't even issue press cards or accreditation. invalid student
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journalist is randy, don't even recognize them. they, they can deal with them like they are, other than being enemy combatants of some kind. and so we have a real problem in that israel use the service. obviously one is a german for engineer and happens to be an american. you know, all a sudden, you know, that even these really narrative was changing and one time if you know it's about there and then suddenly changed their narrative. realize this was just another german when i'm dealing with iran over the country that he's opposed to the us. we're dealing with a strong ally of the us. it continues to, i need to claim and they're going to investigate the need to investigate. they gave the orders, you know, a sniper who support right below. busy they have me and above the flag has to be a really good sniper and snipers don't shoot somebody unless they get orders. the somebody ordered this paper to kill this woman palestinian woman turns out to be an
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american, but that's not the case. the case is they didn't want anybody to feel because they were coming in early the morning. they wanted to do whatever they wanted to do in union, and then you weren't anybody to record that document. and that's why she was kim. the u. s. has strongly condemned the killing and the state department says those responsible must be held accountable. our white house correspondent, kimberly how get reports. dozens of journalists in washington gathering near the offices of al jazeera on wednesday to mourn the loss of one of their own. she read a book, clay a colleague, they loved for her friendship and admired for her work. all men who works it is respected at the highest levels of the us government. now the biden administration is condemning sharina, killing an american citizen, and calling for an investigation. and prosecution of those responsible,
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it is important to us. it is important to the world that that investigation be thorough, that it be comprehensive, that it be transparent. and importantly, that investigations in, with full accountability and those responsible for her death being held responsible for their actions on capital hill for the most powerful member of the us house of representatives. met with jordan king abdullah, nancy pelosi called the killing a horrific tragedy. adding the congress is committed to the defense of press freedom worldwide. people walk up to the killing of serene o'clock on the floor. palestinian american member of congress proceeded to leave cold for a moment of silence. earlier she tweeted, sharina clay was murdered by a government the received unconditional funding by our country with 0 accountability. indeed,
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the security relationship between the us and israel stretches back for decades each year, billions in unconditional security assistance provided the irony, one of those weapons paid for by us taxpayers, could ultimately be found responsible for the death of an american last month at the white house correspondents association, dinner and evening, dedicated to honoring journalism. u. s. president joe biden said the rights of journalists to do their job must be protected. a pre fresh is not the enemy, the people, far from it. at your best, your guardians the truth, president biden is set to travel to israel next month. no details of his trip have been released. on friday he will sit down in the oval office with king abdullah of jordan to agenda items now about to become more complex. in light of the death of serene acclaim. kimberly hel, kid al jazeera, the white house i had,
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i want is the executive director of the council on american islamic relations. he says the us should lead the way and taking action against israel. the united states is the biggest supplier of arms and support are of the set of is that we send is a $3000000.00 every year in military aid. 23 percent of the global military that we give to other nations so that it gets the lion's share of our military it. and that it has been most of the time, if not all the time on condition. and we want this by the administration to walk the walk and talk the talk by holding. is there a accountable so far? all the previous us administrations let is that i get away literally with or without any punishment, without any restriction, without any withholding any of the funds that we give them with which they were
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able to commit all these across. if we want action, and we want the united states government to i asked the f b i to investigate this assassination against an american citizen. and we would like our government to take charge of that investigation. it cannot be trusted with any investigation because the world knows how sophisticated is really spokespeople and leaders in twisting the facts and all was blaming the victims. they should not get that. we would that this thing, we are a nation of laws and our citizens are the most valuable people. sharing an article is 11 of the said, the citizens of the united states, who was an eye witness, as a journalist, documenting and reporting what she sees to the war. so that it be, i o's should, in our bartlett and all of us
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a thorough investigation and they can do it. the question is, are they going to do it? we are going to push the, the f, b i through all our connections and, and our presence to just remind this administration. and if b i that should, in a box should not be treated less than any other american citizen. the un human rights office says that impunity must end. kristen salumi has more on the reaction from you and headquarters in new york city condemnations and calls for an investigation or to the death of al jazeera, serene abdulla clay, came quickly at the united nations from top un officials as well as member nations and the lead of arab states that we look at this as a one further step of this collision of situation that is happening by the israeli authorities and that started during the month of ramadan. so this is not only an attack when a person, oh, we're the but a senior or not,
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but it is not dec under freedom of the press and the freedom of her opinion. the u . s. ambassador to the united nation is called her death, horrifying. and she was a very well respected, i actually had the opportunity to meet with her when i was in ah, the west bank our last november and ah, she did an extraordinary interview and i laugh there filling extraordinary respect for her. so i know that she will be sadly miss, by all of us and out we have to ensure that we get to the bottom of her, of her killing. linda thom has greenfield called on israel and the palestinian authority to conduct a joint investigation. an idea echoed by israel's ambassador, but refused by palestinians will reject the claims of israel that they can do a credible investigation. there are the criminals and the criminals cannot investigate themselves on the mission or the palestinian ambassador called for an
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independent international investigation and pointing out in a letter to the security council that 40 palestinian journalists have been killed since the year 2000 with no accountability. the arab league also called for action on the part of the security council and a resumption of the peace process. warning that if world powers don't focus on the region, confrontations and misery will continue. kristin salumi al jazeera, the united nations chris doyle is the director of the council for era british understanding. he says it's always been difficult to hold israel to account throughout all of these trustees that we have seen over the years and decades. that israel has been accused of whether it's in golf at the west bank, in lebanon, in the past. there's never really been that independent inquiry into their actions with the ability to hold those responsible to account course the united states is a main reason for this. but i think there's something else of play here and what we
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see. so often on those a recent report brought house in canada about anti palestinian racism, racism against where the body counts on don. that the killings of arabs and palestinians are just numbers. they're not stories that the humanoid and they are deprived of the context, but not considered to be indigenous people with rights to self determination and so forth. and this is being recognized the world over. at a broader level. it means that european powers, united states, that friends can get away with pretty much anything. the enemies are held to account and we see this, of course, over ukraine, where russia, in the case of russia, the icpc is brought into play. there's going to be an investigation. we see that western companies pulling out russia huge expressions of anger and concern. but
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none of this happens when it is for a friend or the west. and in this case, israel. so we could see, i hope, i really hope that we will see general genuine accounts, but a t for the killing of serene. but i fear that if things go as normal, what we will see is this will soon be forgotten. industrial scale efforts to blow the story and cloud the issue with alternative narratives. and we've already seen these writing narrative changing several times today will be perhaps successful. and there'll be some other story that will dominate the headlines in the days to come. we mustn't allow that happen. apps to be vital, the international law mean something. and it means something. who has palestinians, whose killings have also gone on or investigated them in our line of view. is that so far this year? is there any forces of killed 10 palestinian children? now they're not going any investigations as to the circumstances of their killing.
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this has to stop. but selim the jerusalem based human rights organisation disputes, israeli claims about the death of shooting and wallclear. israeli forces issued a video which they say shows an armed palestinian firing. but selim has published footage, analyzing this location, saying it doesn't match up with the place where shooting was killed. hug iowa is the executive director of bit. selim. he explains why israel's claims don't work. i think it's worth pointing out. the line was propagated by no less than days. ready? prime minister, foreign minister, defense minister, other ministers, and the idea spokesperson in the immediate hours after the killing, also show you. what's the inside of the researcher and found engineering this morning? my colleague, him study was that in fact, it is inconceivable. it's absolutely impossible. dot the footage on which the short
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one which deals propaganda was basing its false claims could in no shape or form depicted gunfire. at the journalists, there is no line of sight between one location and the other. and in fact, our researcher into taking him a few minutes to walk from one location to the other location. you know, spend on the situation is what israel is most tried. and unfortunately successful tricks and the last impunity that provides itself, israel does not investigate israel washers and the investigation is just the 1st or rather the announcement on the investigation is just the 1st stage in the whitewashed investigations are not meant to establish accountability. they are meant to protect the perpetrators. marco and jones is an assistant professor of
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middle east studies that have been university. he says, israel, we will use public relations tactics to shift responsibility for should be ins, death. the israeli states is very used to managing these crisis situations in which the kil palestinians citizens or journalists. so what they've done is they've already had a narrative. and that narrative is that there was an ambiguity about the killing of sri. and in this case, there was a possibility that it could been palestinians. we know this is very implausible. however, this narrative was put up very early. the video in question was published by the ministry of foreign affairs, which as a track record and using social media to disseminate falsehood. if you remember recently when amnesty international released in a port accusing israeli state apartheid minister of foreign affairs took an ad on google accusing amnesty of anti semitism. so we know that they have these strategies in the pipeline with regards to sheree, and they obviously want to use at this time because this time is crucial. and i
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can't emphasize this enough. this is the moment where there's going to be the most outpouring of outrage and grief about the killing of charade. so if they can cast doubt, if they can muddy waters around the death serene by possibly getting newspapers in the international fair to suggest that she was killed by a palestinian, they have been successful. and in reality, this is what happened. the garden newspaper, you can be p. c. i've already been very clear about putting israeli version of events very high up on in their reporting event. and so this is a huge, huge problem and it's a deliberate strategy i would say from the israeli p. r team to actually to try and muddy the waters around the killing. the israeli palestinian conflict remains one of the most dangerous for journalists. the new york based committee to protect journalists estimates 18 have been killed since 1992. but the palestinian journalist syndicate estimates the figure is 3 times higher blaming israeli fire for most casualties. same bus robbie has more in israel's occupation of
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palestine. its tactics have become increasingly aggressive over the decade. so to it's crackdown on media workers covering the soup on the killing of bulges, you're a journalist and palestinian american sharina of luckily, and the, the latest example of the in may 2021 in israeli air raid brought down a building in the gaza strip that house local people and international media offices, including those of old press freedom advocates said it was an attempt to silence journalist the a month later israeli police destroyed your equipment and arrested jerusalem correspondent. you're breaking her. witnesses said her press sign was clearly visible and the arrest was unprepared. of luckily was also in her press dash and helmet at the time of her
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death. time and time again, it has been shown that you know, israeli forces kill palestinians including palestinian journalists without cause in the occupied territory. and it's very extra, extremely rare that israeli soldiers, captains, or military officials are ever held accountable for their actions. israel often uses what it calls secret evidence to detain palestinian journalist for months without due process and restrict their movements attacks by israeli forces. i'm also left dozens injured, a palestinian centre of human rights report in 2020 found journalist's face. quote, cruel in humane and degrading treatment at the hands of israeli forces in the wake of workers death. israel's army says it does not target journalists and his foreign minister suggested conducting a joint investigation and autopsy, and offer palestinian leaders refused. israeli forces have directly targeted
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journalists with lee full force in the past. in 2008 israeli soldiers killed reuters camera man. fidel shot he filmed the tank as it fired the show that killed him. his final image is captured on tape before his camera was destroy. shanar too was wearing body armor marked press at the time of his death. sharina of luckily was killed covering in israeli raid on jeanine in the occupied west bank. the cutter based broadcaster said odyssey ra producer, ali also moody was also wounded. the latest casualties of israeli attacks on journalists that seem to go on with impunity. in basra ivy altura, amy moore had dean as a former al jazeera correspondent. he says there must be international accountability whenever a journalist is killed, journalism is not
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a crime. and whether you are a journalist who dies in mexico or a journalist who dies in ukraine or a journalist who dies in the occupied palestinian territory. the international community, international government, international organizations have to condemn the killing of a journalist, unequivocally, and they have to speak with one clear moral voice. you cannot treat journalists differently depending on which conflicts they cover and try to both sides every situation. so that you are the escape, the realities on the ground. and it's very important that we remind ourselves in journalist, remind their viewers and their, and their readers, that as they report on these conflicts, they do so with a tremendous amount of danger to their own personal safety. but they understand that, and we must on the other side of it, as people who consumed the news, read the news, watch the news, respect the profession, and make sure that we go out of our way to, to, to not just understand what they're reporting. but to make sure anybody who hurts a journalist killed
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a journalist is held accountable to the full extent of the law. we cannot have double standards. we treat the killing of journalists, or, you know, that torture of journalists or the detention of differently depending on who the perpetrator is. if they're a close proximity to us or not as, as western reson koran is a palestinian activist. she says, shooting was an important figure for a generation of palestinians. i grew up going to the friends girl school and mama, and she once visited our school. i was around 7 when the father, the 2nd to father began and so her name and her voice, the tone of her voice in specific was when we would often emulate when we as kids would get together. most of our parents were around the clock watching tv when electricity was available. and so she didn't always just represented the truth,
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really stood. she did not quake, she acknowledged when you know her human, this came into play and what she would feel. and yet that did not deter her from returning again and again and again. the areas she covered in palestine are some of the most resistant, the lead, powerful, impactful regions of our country. and she returned time and time again, which is clearly why this was an intentional assassination. this is a targeted attack. that is what israel does. you don't have the leading in tech and weapon and surveillance industries, just accidentally fire. i'm using a sniper. that's not what they said, their weapon expose. and so it was a premeditated attack. and it was a blow because they know that shooting is edged into an entire generation. she's etched into a collective memory. not long before her death shooting spoke in her own words
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about what it meant to be a journalist. and then we'll take a 1030 of them, the coordinator with a
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c. mm. mm. shush with with me.
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a whole the stall, jack, for the days of the filipinos go to the pole, as journalists prepare for life post and do terrible judgment they come in for america's abortion. like a sneak preview of the decision gets leaked to the press and china versus taiwan. geopolitical mismatch satirists are making the most i hello richard. yes, bird. and you're at the listening post where we dig into the coverage and examine how news is reported. on monday, the philippines will elect a new president for the past 6 years. the country of 110000000 has been led by rodrigo, do territory. and authoritarian who has incited violence against journalists who dared to criticize his policies such as his so called war on drugs. and the
4:35 am
thousands of filipinos killed as a result to tear k is not running the constitutional limits. presidents to one term in office. but monday's vote is partly a referendum on his legacy. it is also an appraisal of his idle ferdinand, marco's the dictator who ruled the archipelago for 2 decades until the mid 19 eighties. because the front runner is ferdinand marco's junior and to tear to his daughter is running for vice president. thanks to a social media strategy. the major's in disinformation marcos junior as a head in the pause leading many filipinos to fear what might be in store for their freedoms. starting with what remains of freedom of the press. our starting point this week is the capital manila, the for any one on the outside looking at tracking the presidential election in the philippines. the question has to be, how,
4:36 am
as it come to, how has ferdinand marco's genius, the son of a different, who imposed a martial law on filipinos? back in the 19 seventy's come to lead the pre election poll. how have the markers, a family judged to a stolen between $5.00 and $10000000000.00 from the central bank regime considered to be one of the worst collect to talk policies in world history, made a political come back. how as marco's june, known by his nickname, bon bon, come to be the batting favorite to succeed rodrigo, do territory in the president's office in the same, pending grades of bumble marcus, the presidency, is clearly a result of his alliance with president the because president, look there to have the machinery and social media. and also there this information that there was already social media, but it wasn't as boxes as it is. now. people just believing what they want to
4:37 am
believe. the polls are selection of effective information campaign that they had launched off 6 years ago and continue to activate. so this effort of this current administration under my credibility of my g media was fred ross has taken the full and we find a population more really to believe in bron in so some yeah. or in you to channels rather than what legacy. yeah. reports. what we saw on line, we're positive messages on that, we're rehabilitating the marcus brand. and why does it stand for strong men? leadership? it stands for marcus senior. right. i
4:38 am
go, i know it's a, it's on a yeah. mark was supposedly ushered in the golden age of the philippines when he was runing, as a dictator. and at the same time, negative campaigns discrediting the legacy of the peaceful revolution of 1986 that overturned the marcus, marcia law, an era. and how was this rebranding this rehabilitation of the marcus brand? how did it happen? it happened on social media in a world plagued by an online pandemic of disinformation analysts to study the spread of fake news called the philippines patient 0. it citizens are among the world's heaviest users of social me spending more than 4 hours a day. scrolling, reading or posting. it is the primary source of news for more than 70 percent of
4:39 am
the population. and the platforms of choice can be littered with this information. facebook is popular with older filipinos, while tick tock, youtube, and the messaging app vibrate are go to sources for those under the age of 40, who make up half of the electric. one survey indicates that a clear majority of voters $24.00 or younger. those too young to have lived under his father's support marcos gene. and that is the demographic most likely to be influenced by what it sees on social media. including attacks on marcus's liberal opponent, lenny rob, red. there's a lot of misinformation being added by pro marcos produce. they are the accounts attacking them your bread build. some of these are blatant his info. some are more in, in the being of attack, messaging or treating rubric a so weak leader. and even the very dark conspiracies that ro,
4:40 am
bread is the puppet of the u. s. government. right? so these are conspiracy theory narratives expressed in the form of names in the form of a, b, in the form of jokes in the circuit. 8 on line and get a lot of views. there's a study, more than half of filipinos rely on social media for their information and even we compete has been contaminated with all of the micro smith's mom my days. where regarding these fact checking independent organizations tried to correct all of these myths and fake news, but everything, mr. sites, i believe that they come back. i believe that more importantly, the large just need organization. yes, it has been shut down. this is effect that the way that people appreciate information abs cb and occupied a dominant place in the filipino media landscape until it made an enemy of rodrigo
4:41 am
. detecting in 2020 after the president repeatedly complained about the networks news coverage. the congress refused to renew its broadcast license effectively cancelling it's free to air travel. the government has also used last filing dubious legal charges against the new site bracket and its editor maria restaurant who's reporting and refusal to be silenced. one her a nobel keystrokes. the authorities have been going to route for ever since it exposed the tier to his war on drugs for what it really is a license to kill extra judicial it all up with or not been at like yet on one that i thought olga people who don't agree with with dancing for rodrigo detail silencing journalists and their news organizations is no big deal. he's advocated publicly for far worse. legally. with marcos junior support to determine
4:42 am
whose daughter is running to be his vice president. and should marcos when the election things look no better for a b, c, b, n, wrapper, or journalism in the philippines. balboa microsoft has no intent of ever joining the franchise or the frequencies with it yesterday and yesterday pronounced message effect that he will follow the policy of the administration. it is quite evident that he will continue with this policy and harassed independent organizations by fighting gauges against them, and by not renewing their franchise, as it is quite evident that while the marcus junior will continue harassing during this will be the policy of harassing journalist from all mark, not formally anything against me. yeah. but you might say that actions louder than words because he has continuous evaded all the be be bad.
4:43 am
have been sponsored by mainstream. yeah. the presidential the be you have to refuse, interview with a very credible and respected journeyman. this jessica thought she had made in a network that has always been considered neutral. he has also refused all sorts of other requests free from all the networks except for m. m, i, which is a network that is formed by a proof of residence. president action against the media have not impacted his popularity. in fact, his supporters like it. so it's a testament that it's working so well, margaret could follow up and we are actually going to, we're expecting journalists, we are expecting the word we are preparing for the worst ah,
4:44 am
in the 1970 s. when ferdinand marco senior imposed martial law on the philippines, he shut down the majority of new though marco's junior makes no apologies for back . in fact, his campaign is using modern day digital tools of this information. to rewrite the history of that analog era, rodrigo d k, that's already turned back to the clock on press freedom and authoritarianism in the philippines. and if the poles are to be believed, there is more, in the form of marco's month to me, turning to the west, where the leak of a draft opinion from the supreme court has revealed that a woman's right to have abortion is now in jeopardy. starting with the leak and what we know about it here, small for us on may 2nd reporters for the news website politico josh gerstein and
4:45 am
alexander ward published a leaked copy of the quote, draft majority opinion, which lays out the positions on abortion of each of the 9 justices on the u. s. supreme court, the draft document reject the 1973 ruling known as the roe vs wade case, which guarantees the right to abortion under federal law. and it could mean that each of the 50 states would be able to restrict or ban abortion that a full supreme court draft was linked to journalists is unprecedented. and as, as lit up the public and the press polling data shows that 80 percent of americans support the right to abortion. but there have been demonstrations on both sides of the issue. and mainstream media outlets have been reverting to type outlets like fox news coming at the story from the conservative side. it's a great day for the pro life movement across the country. those channels like m s, m, b, c, are on the other side of this debate warnings, but this means that the government's going to force women to give birth. now then
4:46 am
there's a late night talk, show host, stephen colbert, a comedian who duck up video of the conservative justices at their confirmation hearings telling members of congress, one thing about rover's his weight. what they knew they want is a his roe vs wade is sir, an important president of the supreme court. roe vs wade clearly held that the constitution protected a woman's right to terminate a pregnancy. that's the law of the land. i accept a law of the land, it's settled as a president of the supreme court. they know that if they were honest, they wouldn't get the job. so they lied with the court judgement will not be made official for another couple of months. but because the leak came out, when it did this, abortion issue will be front and center and us politics until that day comes and beyond. thank slow. taiwan political situation is unique. beijing maintains that the island is chinese threatening to take it by force. were it to declare independence. conversely,
4:47 am
taiwan constitution still ways claim to the entire chinese mainland territory that its leaders lost control of more than half a century ago. all of which has proven difficult for politicians to navigate and for journalists to cover. but for some taiwanese comedians, this conflict provides comedy, gold, or rich stream of material to ridicule or china. it's communist party, and the relationship between beijing and ty pay. the political satirists are popular with time when he is audiences, the youtube videos of comedy groups like i c t, v can generate millions of views. and satire has proven to be a useful tool to educate audiences about a geo political stalemate that many people, including tie when he citizens lost interest in and checked out of a long time ago. listening posts. johanna, who's now on the taiwanese political satirist making jokes at china's,
4:48 am
and sometimes taiwan expense on a total time william, who from the monotone delivery to the outfits in the flags on stage. it's exactly like watching a press on friends from china, ministry of foreign affairs, except this one is produced and tie one like a media. for satirical show on youtube called i c t, the courthouse and even thousands. how? when we establish the channel, we wanted to use the less serious way to explore politics. and we imitate cctv chinese state tv channel, how they report the news of the most popular segment is the press conference is held by china ministry of foreign affairs. i play the part of a chinese official play in renewing dole. uncle mar. yes, you of our, all of the, of all the questions a very sincerely, for example,
4:49 am
about china is internet restriction wanted, well, having managed the pandemic and the irony, not only makes people realize that certain things, china sales are nonsense. it also makes them examine in question with quizzes. dealt jack shit shall join. young. i see tv reflects taiwanese people's dissatisfaction with china's involvement in taiwan over the past few years. i think this style is mockumentary news. we pretend to be an official state media news brought to the high school in the end of the year when you were. but in addition to comedy, i think tv actually provides a lot of news shelf. how many young taiwanese don't know much about china politics, even though it's significantly impacts tiwana. so the show can be at least some kind of information about the current political climate to young audiences. i see tv does not just take aim at chinese officials or china the communist party. some of it's that tell your targets politicians and politics closer to home what it
4:50 am
does in particular problems opposition party, to quote min tongue or k m. c, in the briggs are new of the country's political status quo. social. i don't have any friends that haven't deal with the nitrogen who's been seen, don't josh on those. you know, who don't hummingway agenda on the shoulder to 9 do in the countries constitution, which was written more than 75 years ago. i want to still called the republic of china, which lays claim to chinese territory including the mainland. it's a legacy of the pre 949 era when the k m. t rule china before the civil war. seldom defeated by the communist party and forced into exile in taiwan for decades became t and communist party both claimed control over each other's territory. and argued that theirs was the only legitimate china. it's
4:51 am
a strange reality like one that they jing still asserts and remains reflected in taiwan constitutions. and it's at the heart of i c t, v. 's comedy, enjo john david highway. to fabian, don't i mean go without the treat home box? you shall don't pump, don't wash this al tindall twit high 0 and seen joe, why cell? do you get da, gentleman see go wait. we pretend to be the state media in taiwan, which aims to brainwash everyone into believing tie one's republic of china is the only real china we ridicule the political states as quote, most young taiwanese find the situation of bizarre, really funny to face, but there are older people from different generations who feel sad about it. i'd have other views on the republic of china. so vincent, i will say that before i ctp become really popular, a lot of the young people didn't know that in our constitution, we still try to claim back to the territory. it wasn't aware because people just
4:52 am
don't talk about it. and now because the power of comedy people know is like, come on, came to you probably need to fix your constitution or we need to face history together was taiwan. situation is just very severe. while our constitution claims that our territory covers the whole of china, every one knows that taiwan is being bullied by beijing and could never govern mainland china. the same goes for the other side. all the communist party has always claimed that taiwan is a part of the people's republic of china, which is equally ridiculous. it's all so stupid, but also very sad. come on, i see t v are very effective at losing sharp black humour to address the senatorial matters. it's a funny and satirical way of addressing the truth tall here. i see t v 's huge, you page has more than a 1000000 subscribers,
4:53 am
and they are not the only comedians ratcheting up views, political satire, with its irreverent take on tie one's identity and constitution has struck a chord with young audiences. take, brian sang, who launched high ones for satirical to show in 2014. he used much of his air time to talk about his favorite topic. china. so it's all, if he doesn't get it, is the hosting holy. then there are the new kids on the blog post cause toys like highly wang who uses her show to read chinese speaking audiences in taiwan. and beyond that, she, we tried to reach all the mentors, speaking people around the world. i singapore believe not to mention later on in china practitioner has a lot of chinese listeners who secretly support while we say they can really said the reason why we know. because of this, send us emails anonymously and tell us how lonely they are,
4:54 am
cuz they can't really share what they will, i think in your own country. unlike china, taiwan has one of the freest media scenes in asia. it's been that way since the 1990s, after the country emerged from decades of cloning tongue dictatorship. but the information space is very polarized, and a significant share of news outlets are indirectly controlled by beijing. with an economy that greatly depends on china, taiwanese media organizations that criticize the communist party to face commercial pressures. platforms like youtube and spotify offer comedians a space to say and produce what they want, without having to take any of that into account. which has a fail fail. so youtube is a platform is very important to us using youtube and to a lesser degree. facebook means that we can criticize china without facing threats or commercial pressures. that's not to say that mainstream news outlets in taiwan
4:55 am
don't take storms. some of them do address chinese propaganda and politics. there is pushback. all selling point is that we turn chinese propaganda into a joke, to blunt the power of propaganda, washington elite, they'll say a short, how one, the julio may too much of the mainstream media that was resisting china's communist government has either been bought or disappeared. long is out if you want to establish a political satire program like i ctv on a team decision, you faced funding and personnel issues. so these shoes rely on youtube are 2 of them, but they still need to be careful because china is also infiltrating with this spacing . it's just another tactic of there's, there's a how many wild st should despite all the jokes, not oh, i see tv content is a laughing matter with stories like hong kong protest or the war in ukraine. the show takes a less comedic more journalistic approach with correspondence even flying out to
4:56 am
report the situation from the ground. pretend search and it's about the balance between satire and solemnity. tillman. so we have one principle when we make the show, if we're going to talk about a sensitive story or one that involves a lot of casualties, we're going to approach it in a serious, more cautious way. for example, the war in ukraine, where we have sent a report of to cover it. i don't think our channel will become an official serious news channel. after all, our audience is watch us for fun and for satire. but we might at some point, develop another channel or if that has a different mission pool for youngsters. me. what's really interesting is that when tony's comedians tried to do comedy or political st. tire people would tend to think that okay, you guys are anti china, but we're not a lot of people. they just haven't understood that yet. so we are child bass to reach more people to make them understand while we are doing,
4:57 am
and we are just protecting our society in our country. and i'm sure that this is something that they will appreciate as well. oh wow. and finally, the climate change headlines. keep coming of new temperature high here, bio diversity lows there. and the un releasing a report calling global climate inaction. a horror story with much of the mainstream news media still failing to give this existential story the coverage it deserves. here are a few recommendations for climate updates that present the science possible courses of action in ways that are news, consumer friendly. raleigh williams is an american climate scientist and educator. it might be time for us to break up with our gas stove. williams runs climate town, a youtube channel that says it examines climate change in a way that doesn't make you want to take a finite till there are a bunch of climate focused labs that cover different aspects of this story. d small
4:58 am
attempts to clear up when it calls the p. r. pollution. that is clouding the science and solutions to climate change reporter. but i feel a sense journalists across the country to make the connections between environmental violations and major national and international brands. and then there's china dialogue, it's headquartered in london, but staffed with chinese specialists to work inside and outside china, covering the environmental challenges and initiatives. there, one podcast we've subscribed to, is how to save a planet. you can find it on spotify. and there's one thing people hunger for when faced with a big, complicated problem. it's a big, simple solution. much of the reporting is american, but the themes are quite universal and the way they tell their stories is really interesting. finally, if you prefer a daily dose of climate news in your inbox,
4:59 am
we recommend climate beat produced by a collective of media companies called covering climate. now, they cure rate. the week's best climate reporting and provide insights for journalists on how to report on the climate emergency. we've taken note of some of those tips for our own reporting. and what's the next time here at the listening a unique form of protest by a palestinian artist using a symbol of national identity to create postage and passport stamps. but as for some burgers, in order for you don't you life lay out a bill that gone flying anywhere, sending a message of resistance about the arab israeli conflict out of us on a weight come to palestine, palestine sun bed, a stamp of defiance on al jazeera ah,
5:00 am
with global condemnation after veteran al jazeera correspondence, should he in a block lay a shot dead by israeli forces while covering a raid in the occupied westbank. ah, my mama jim, jim, this is al jazeera alive from door. how with extensive coverage of should in a block list killer, thousands gather outside the fam.


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