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tv   Witness Shelter  Al Jazeera  May 12, 2022 5:30am-6:01am AST

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or not as, as western government as an crime is a palestinian activist who grew up watching, sitting in a block on television. she's now based in washington, d. c. she says, shooting was a hugely important figure for a generation of palestinians. i grew up going to the friends girl school and mama and she once visited our school. i was around 7 when the father, the 2nd to father began and so her name and her voice, the tone of her voice in specific was when we would often emulate when we as kids would get together. most of our parents were around o'clock watching tv when electricity was available. and so she'd even always just represented the truth, really stood. she did not quake, she acknowledged, when you know her human came into play and what she would feel and yet that did not deter her from returning again and again. and again. the areas she covered in
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palestine are some of the most resistant, the lead, powerful, impactful regions of our country. and she returned time and time again, which is clearly why this was an intentional assassination. this is a targeted attack. that is what israel does. you don't have the leading in tech and weapon and surveillance industries, just accidentally fire using a sniper will be stepping out what they said their weapon expose. and so it was a premeditated attack. and it was a blow because they know that shooting is edged into an entire generation. she's edged into a collective memory non long before her death should in spoke in her own words about what being a journalist meant to her. oh, a
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with a . mm. mm. why did it become so obsessed?
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with this law, we were giving them a tool to hold corrupt individuals and human rights abusers accountable. they're gonna rip this deal apart if they take the white house of 2025. what is the world hearing what we're talking about? by american, today we take on us politics and society. that's the bottom line. with a for a, [000:00:00;00]
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a detective. okay. now, with a,
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with a bad the data over battle is on a sunday or monday be modest on while you're on my solution. watch a dash. so it was, i stay at that how to so the each be more to son, inches deep area to see each be monitors a to be modest. and i got the mean disorder after. so you should be able to be more of a quote on a porch with it. as most of us think is sadie to talk about that. so want to judge you to better you data, want to be more ordinary on monday when you biased mendoza that about all those issues, john only to that investors rested in these
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switches. i want to hobby and nibbles and getting a medicine trying, you know, there was an argument gender around my dishwasher. i sent out for you my use gone there, figuring my you got the name you shed. motzkin dodie, dean. joe would have had a listener when we got on. the other one is claude and i your dad, hardy on my let me call the i get card. how would i get shorter would id hours? would i get her all high school in the other line? she wanna charge you of anybody, then i did it. ah, it was, i was going to show this one over the amount of media that i didn't want to get this over the initial level. the other one is, you know, a journal called bettendorf
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contracted with a, you know, they want it now with a yep. all you busy bad. i'm on the matter. one is wrong. 5. somebody wanted to go, i the money to finance out a lot of i don't know that you build on a name. it's gonna be a teacher. hold on. i'm border emotion. somewhat emotional like a i didn't get, i'm kind of me them this on how we should draft they back to the conclusion you did to get to be are a lot. i mean,
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i a, i mean, i mean just will take them back is not to call it a, b, a, b, i a i'm gonna just in the beginning one in the corner while i have one more showing. i'm actually now that i'm moving along, i'm that i'm paying over d q. we can get with
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with shadow on a shot or the back on my own as it is. so the missed that's been back the manager to head on time has been boys. we should judge said american jazz beam are sentenced to for them as ish, the chairman bazaar additional membership thinking, well, i'd be more dissented. so the issue about ra, you've had multiple. so did you been madam, in month of a masters, a. ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha! gone which anybody, any mission of when all i mission of when i shall be modest on that did me ship auditions a police about them as a member? she shouted reminding me of the the
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found out my name and i did get back to the next month. please give me a monday then instead of it to him as far as rich. hi, maybe my son put a play for the lumbering given him a month. and i somebody say, i assume i can do it as soon as my wish to engage with the nar jody and being cared for that for that. the 100 him said, even i said as usual monday i've been missing you enjoy your on the board. i'm similar. similar about 10 or 11. the name is yes, i'm only know them that it was the were you this is
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a dollar a month or so my who did the database, can you run of anybody? how do they need to tell you how that i'm doing? well, what do you give us? that is my daughter's mobile on the year in germany, which is the most, you know, to preserve your mobile and more jazz images soft and when are you be modest on nasty, chicago? i don't a john was it for when i'd be more than door and then i'm as to another more admission in boys should it is hard to get. oh it's her son, but the name of on your call,
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ah with
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ah sure that i'm not i have to ship to to new york city. sounds best meeting on nevada. yeah. you got them for let me push on that. sure. yes, thank you. but on your tuition, ah, here for g c, d brosuti. ah, i could, you know, i've been in
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a chat with you. so how do i go to another problem to me? for sure. i've got the model, you're going to come do what we have for the man. me get all my chart of that and that's about it. but you go, this is just charge me. want to get it even better. not want to reset that it looks, i love them. awesome. and you know, how do you like to do that? how did you get into that was what was, what i meant to call. i get paid my year till about that when i'm finished, we'll put it to me. what i can do. i can let them know that you had sent me to me. i'm
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with time on that sounds on a mobile call and get him on this. oh, actually what i mean if you want to still call it gonna he was gonna shouted it. a zillow needed to have it to me. you guys pull it out though. so money would approach that as a zip door for my review book, almost 3 to 5 to what it basically will have to have more me what i'm all the way you know. she doesn't all the bad little board. i'm calling about a revision mission that i'm, i'm a 2 that's on a, not a mission mission that we can go to shoot me what. what i'm that, that it ask them how much better than yeah, and then i'm going to have all gotten and you're going to have our,
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with furniture on our furniture. if you want to use them, what champion case time you talk to me or them give you to do it as me, i'll be sending me up to you the i'm you know what i want to give you a low ball yet. soft the data. a sam, what i've done that i need to name julie blue is really shopping together when they're coming from them. and after that what i'm asking a shout all with a
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you all. busy going to be on the on the the what you had asked me was that a medium high i did this. i worship balloon. i guess it was a bit more general amount of watts or more. the guy that
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i met a man with our mission is to miss your this your they will chime in and show them that on on you make it charge. which last plan. the microphone i want you to have a facing going on. i cannot a mom was fine because me, yes. you they the guy, me, they, she moving to door to serve all me to need all the vision. yes. that was off and i was was able to give me some when i came with the room, i mean hard bowling ball. if you go in house for the animal that well, that's his angle,
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more delicate for going through the fire clover here. calling the gwinnett was for me when i de leon henderson, the law. i venture closes that invoice from mclean and the importance in charlotte is the decide i don't that i think the
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water bill for a quarter? no, i'm actually going to be so kind to my son as to what i would need for that in mind for all my need. but i don't have 10 more minutes. remain in mind the more more he able to come on the car to get on the core men done to stick with no meeting the g p that that has stolen on the status of my battery. and john them or doors limit is tom's babies ask you to me for a funeral, wasn't i didn't know amy, mar,
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sunday lucy's that offer for tuition pain. if i'm to, i'm bloss nazi they end up with a real issue with sure film was it goes to show us hundreds of those honda off one point on on display they don't want us any, some deal. coleman committed or whatever it was. i knew that he said that it is the most with him on the school to get boys. is it all with has to pearson and shoot bassio's house on car go best of issue as you on the house on car go to attack corner. you know how
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a fish or the shade is yodeep mine over the juno satellite illinois almost on not i'm not sure yet on an honest and i want to share the 4th share stream show on board meeting. nadia was showing jessica was jerome again. mr. shaday 4 know, had to numbers being cited. oh, on, on the card, was you moving to port your regime? no, ma'am i was, you got a month and i'm a musician long. i'm connie saw i forgot to order online magazine. i'm together mazano. i learned that exciting equity sherry divider, i'm gonna give you guy really mad. he does the weather when i'm in here asked a piece, management manager would embassies them? say the fisher invoice, each other. com talks to share, clarify and won't get quoted land. we should not, i see it tomorrow to call by choice, not rosie me. sharon to school now has its own order had turned yesterday. give low line chairman b at
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r. mm hm. what if i got with a free in they were torn big. china would suggest that name with you, the money that he had,
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almost charting is running portable from that ain fast of out of that a little heavier with all that i do. you have at godaddy. i got that more. that was my job. i thought i would like to know that a lot id you're always gonna, you're gonna get with a lot of the jobs in doc. but on the go with your boss,
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isn't this roy neither do i what about what a job. i don't know. how long should i know, joan? i not been move quite a yeah with a ship. that's how me i haven't caught on that on the tellers has done. yeah. haven't been in the you to be more responsible albany. is the photo put anybody on april?
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ah, bill if the amount is on i'd that i'll go more the on it or more. yeah, more she like get your with jewish. ah, i love living it also saw zam on me better said his vision ah, damage to to john penner as it is on all my dad farm on dorm. what you'd on a shot the mode you'd only be more to saw. i mean, just ah, is you're a boy, i'm the machine george. mr. morgan harvey. ah mama, a
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with all or this year than a job or no. i said as well to shop wondering see, a bachelor martinez to your courtesy more out of that. our city beach was and joined. ah, ah ah, all the journey has begun. the fee for world camp is on its way to castle book. your travel package to day hello there. it's a tale of 2 extremes. weatherwise across south asia,
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the way that we got really wet and when whether taking eastern areas of india. that's because of a tropical cyclone that's made its way on shore, around under pradesh, coastal areas in india. we've also got extreme heat that continues to play the north west of india. this was the scene in new delhi that had water shortages and power cuts because of that extreme heat. and that is set to continue, at least through the weekend, we're likely to see temperatures pick up in the northwest corner, not just the india, but also for much of pakistan. temperatures rising to nearly 50 degrees in places, but it continues to be rather wet and windy as that system works its way along the east coast of india. we'll also see some of the wet weather pick up for bangladesh . if we have a look at the 3 day 4 dagger, well we've got thunderstorms through to saturday, the temperature edging up with some warmth coming back in, but rather cloudy for the weekend. and as we move across to east asia, it's
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a cloudy for southern areas of china and what we've got this weather system pulsing heavy rain toward taiwan across southern areas of japan. but for tokyo, a little bit of rain at 24 degrees celsius. i saw official ally of the journey ah global condemnation. after veteran al jazeera correspondent, serene apple aqua is shot dead by his ready forces, was covering arrays in the occupied westbank. ah, hello there, i'm laura kyle. this is alex. is there a live from doha? for the ongoing, extensive coverage of the killing of serene abu acar, ah,
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crowds gathered outside the family's home to pay respects to the journalists whose


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