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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  May 12, 2022 10:30am-11:01am AST

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2 more were wounded by a sniper fire from israelis, and that took months to get to the icpc. so i think the most feasible way forward is, is to add today's case to the existing case and to treat it as a pattern that is addressed against israel. that there is a pattern where they feel impugn of the of any claim. and you know, and they clearly are not checking enough measures to protect the journalists as they should. pause you there it's, it's 730 g m t 10 30 am local time in ramallah and the occupied west bank. you're looking at pictures live now from ramallah where from inside the hospital in ramallah. whereas you can see there are people who have come out to stand in it and a sign of respect as the body of sharing a block is to be moved from that hospital in ramallah to the presidential compound where there will be a state service held for people to pay their respects,
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including the palestinian president, mahmoud abbas. i'll do there a journal, assuring the walk that was shot dead by is ready forces. she was shot in the base of her head by single high velocity bullets in the occupied west bank. on wednesday, she was covering the israeli grades in the city of jeanine. i'm just going to pause the 2nd to see if we have translation here and my apologies. we do not seem to have a translation yet. we will work on getting that. ah, as i was saying that tara is ready, army has admitted that soldiers from and each unit 5, dozens of bullets during the red, but have not admitted responsibility for her death. serene was 51 years old, and famous around the world fair documenting life. under israeli occupation. we now have translation, so let's listen who lost their lives. wearing the press best.
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we must protect them every journalist actually and we wish her all the blessings of god. her out of sort of and the was killed also was assassinated also and her i don't want to name country as life, but i wanted to live and one that the policies are not terrorists and her ensure love, god dwelling sharina will be all was the voice of freedom in the ears of the occupation, will it be better? no, excellency. what about all the details o gording to the instructions of the president? because syrian is our daughter and his daughter read me the policy and the people
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from janine well own was with the sharing. this is the start of sharing from jeanine all the kids. all the women from jeanine were celebrating this her lay day. we will start the prayer with our father, hey, and then who will move to, and mcarthur, and 8, sir, for every one to take part in this earth funeral because people from old government rates are he in older? so say by to sharin in jerusalem shaheen will be there will be buried in jerusalem in the capital city of pers fine and the wonderful marsha, the mere lowell marty, bless sharyn,
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and this is the start of freedom and of her father there. our stater. okay, that is just a reminder that is a live pictures they're looking at from inside the hospital in ramallah and the occupied westbank. they are the are the woman they're talking about her and mcarthur, that is her name for the are headquarters of the palestinian presidential office. which is where sharon's body is going to be moved to. many people have turned out at the hospital have come out are to pay their respects just to stand guard as her body is moved on to the presidential compound where that state service will be held . a little later in the day of the a, c, a, a, a very, very sad day as people come to terms of the loss of,
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of the giant in the journalism field. and obviously a very much loved woman, a friend to many who has impacted the lives of many, many people, including the generations who, who grew up watching her on al jazeera. it's just take a moment to what the dan is in, is in she's in law. this is the law ration and b removes leaders are here, the prayers will start mo.
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the, and the city a little who who the mo given us in the us, me and was shabby. hazel and i did it in and as i said, those are live pictures from inside the hospital in ramallah. we've just had pres of her body before her body is moved from the hospital in ramallah to be taken to the presidential compound where they will be a state service health. i'll deserve journalist marina walker was shot dead by is ready for your command westbank. on wednesday, hit with a lie full it while covering is ready raise from the city of janine. of course the
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51 year old was famous around the world for her work. as a journalist, documenting life under occupation, she has been broadcast into the homes of generations covering those stories covering her stories, the stories of the palestinian people. she was born in jerusalem and $971.00 and was wanting to take the correspondence for al jazeera 1st field correspondence and covered everything there since joining in $996.00. obviously she is loved by many i believe we can speak to correspondent need it for him. who is standing by for us on the palestinian presidential compounds need to just remind ourselves of what's
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happening now and what's going to be happening throughout the day. we can see now the flag is being put over the casket as i believe her body will be moved. we are expecting the body to arrive here. the presidential headquarters and drama lower people have started gathering. coming in. we're seeing scout active in officials, palestinians from all walks of life coming to bid farewell to someone. they knew very well, even those who didn't know shooting personally. they've seen her on their tv for years and years, coveting stories, going through the front lines, telling the world what is happening to the palestinian even engineer. and it says when we were marking the 20th anniversary of the grades of
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janine during the 2nd palestinian intifada, or uprising, martha that coverage that we were doing this year this month. and i just see that we, with resourcing some of the work she read the than the campus. this is why we have a lot of moving images of people engineer women crying more in her loss. so she was someone that everyone felt that they knew and even for ourselves as young, i just need a journalist when we used to go to the field, the people would say, oh yeah, she was here. she bought, i was here. well, it covered the story, their household names and the fact that they were telling the palestinian story, made them celebrity ok to stand by for us need. where? just take a moment to,
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to just watch what is what is happening here. if you see off is there escorting the body, which is now as a insane on its way to the presidential compound world. having left the hospital there in ramallah some moving prayers and people just on the morning her death. i'm not somebody who has always seen much loved ah, just her, remind our viewers of what we're we're looking at here. ah, there will be a state service. we'll have you as all those well wishes that we've just been seeing with our correspondent there of have turned out people who wanted to pay their respects at that state service. um let sir, let's bring in,
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nita who is who is still standing by needed just um just remind us of i guess her work sharina barclays work and, and what that meant to people because as you are saying, i mean she was, she is there on the ground for, for many years old for career she was an one as witnesses. she was the voice of palestine as some of the people he had referred to head because she was the kind of person to remain calm during the tough situations. the conditions. colleague said that she always cared about the safety of the team when she was covering. so she goes in one of the interviews. it's not like i'm throwing myself towards danger. no. she's someone who knew the language of the field when to where to stand. she was clearly marked, so we're talking about a veteran journalist, but also someone always tried to find
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a human element to tell this story. her calm voice had composure, head, an honest truth, full coverage, gained her a lot of respect here. and also in the arab world, this is why if i opened my social media now, it's gonna all be pictures of city. and shaheen, shaheen and people saying, we lost part of our childhood. she was a part of our childhood memories. she was a family member. even with those who didn't know her personality, that they would pointer out. oh, shitty and shitty, shitty, whatever, even i go to her place and i'm a lot to a shop hit or they had it with here. the name with fry that all she comes here. we know ahead. she's so love. and you can sense that love by the amount of p, p e. there were neither. i'm just gonna policy. they're gonna call me paid to these
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live pictures. we're going to take a lesson to this woman being interviewed here. now, are you talking about the occupation shooters, ladaja in new york? and the lad, ma'am, syrian has lost their lives because of the occupational and i would like to say, because i was with her i, i told i should read that. i'm really sorry because i can't say that i cannot protector. the 2nd load bluish were bomb her neck when my heart directed to us like i live fade, to protect her and save her. okay, so that is a ally fade with a stepping in to, ah, from al jazeera arabic, ah, who is covering everything that's happening there at the hospital for us, people obviously there are in morning we're now waiting for the body to be moved
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to the presidential. our compound where we have our need to impress him who is, is standing by for us there. and neither. i'm wondering if you can sort of tell us sharing it obviously had it been working in the palestinian. my apologies, we seem to have a loss, nita, so let's just move over now. let's just take a minute and just watch these pictures as, as this procession begin with java fiddler slash media, what do you do? what he had met? the what do you learn to might love with oh oh
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oh, take this moment so to remind you of them, just a quote from sharina wallclear interviewed her quite recently. she said i chose journalism to be close to the people. it might not be easy to change the reality, but at least i could bring their voice to the world. something that she, she, she gave her life doing that let's go back to need for him who i believe can hear me now. so need, if you can hear me, i think we have, you need to just just tell us what's going to be happen happening today and what people they're telling you about why they wanted to come and pay their respects
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yesterday, people started coming to the bureau once they heard the news later on when they heard that the buddy was going to come to our offices, a spontaneous gathering of people who later on went on approach to chanting slogan about city and about defiance. calling her a martyr. here, as you can see, dozens, hundreds of people that gathered their coming in to bid city city and define them. as we say, people here feel that they know her. she was a part of their memories, part of many children growing up to her bullies. she became some sort of a celebrity because even though she was someone who has very well known, she was still humble and she was always keen on listening to people. she would sit with them. she would understand where they're coming from. she would tell the story
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. she was a profession and honest with this to what's happening to palestinians. and this is why many have called her a martyr and the higher when that seen people in social just say, you know, if they killed city in the past, indian people was delivered tens and tens of shitty and. ringback m, i n a statement. the algae, there are media network, wish to remind our viewers, have her have called barclays killing a blatant murder. um that is railey forces targeted the veteran journalist and that she was assassinated in cold blood. her autopsy confirmed that she was shot in the base of her head by a single high velocity bullet. and as we've been saying witnesses on the ground, including her producer who was also shot. ah,
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but who survived have confirmed that? that was from israeli fire. as we've been saying, the israeli army admitted that its soldiers prominently unit 5, dozens of bullets during the raid, but has not accepted responsibility for her death need it. shearing was killed during covering raids in in janine you've spent a lot of time recently in janine to tell us what she was doing there and what we know about what happened to just share one personal story. we've posted the picture on facebook from a story we're covering and have for just one day, but questioning was killed. and she commented on the picture saying, come to jeanine, come to genie and were there. and she was there because
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israel and the israeli army has been gearing up for a big operation there that the camp. it's not new that the israeli forces raised palestinian cities. it's almost something that happens on a likely or even now daily basis. so she was there covering her last man was 6, 13 am saying i'm heading to an area where the israeli army surrounding a house of palestinian man who was killed in early march. i got the lunch for 30 so you know, when coming about janine, you feel like you know, each and every person who is killed, they know their story and she didn't knew where she was going. and she sent that email saying, provide the new with a new line with an update. one gets there and i just spoke to her camera man who
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says that i was putting on my helmet. and she just went all the way. i was one way. when you heard the gunshot is tragic, him in the hospital shouting at her to wake up. i'm still believe i heard her voice through at the noise calling me miss 2. people in the office love her, she was coming incredible. well, my name, by the way, behind the serious face on the coverage to someone who lives in genie and she was showing me and reading to me how she learning hebrew, how she can now read some of the coverage is really moved. yeah. she also was trying to tell us that she graduated with
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a diploma university news. yeah. she was showing us. oh, i have the homework. don't talk to me at the video that i took on my mobile and i'm going to be able to do a full video using my low. but so this is someone who had a full life had to someone who was eager to learn who wanted to do more. she was saying in the past few years, i'm going to start becoming more active on twitter. i hear that this is when people are following in on social media. you're talking about someone who's dedicated to, you know, when someone dies, you usually hear those words right? oh, they were kind oh there was. but this is something you can see and see. and in the eyes of the people here, shock amongst some of the colleagues was like in disbelief, i think we'll need time to process how much of
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a huge loss on the person and professional level. of course it as, as i've been saying, i mean, i'm just in or of, of your continued reporting at a time which, you know, your whole team must be really hurting. and those personal stories are so touching . i'm wondering if you could share a little bit with us. your experience. i mean, you're at your younger journalist there. i know you've been there a few years are covering for al jazeera now, but for you, i mean, how did you look up to serene? how did she kind of shape? you know how, how you wanted to work. one of the proudest moments of my life was when i 1st got my 1st job offer. after the year i dropped my graduation and someone said, oh, we found a young shit in and i'm not here saying i am blanche. i'm just saying she was
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someone who was the baseline. if you want to be a good journalist, this is how you compare. she was someone with a convoys always on is always. she wasn't leaning towards one side or the other had coverage was on point. so, you know, when you are listening to her, you're listening to the voice of truth. so lots and lots of stories and i grew up looking up to her, her coverage, let's not forget. she was a female on the front line. she was well respected. it's empowered women like me to know that we can do it. we can go to the front lines, we can be there. we can report the stories. i remember in the past few weeks engineer and we were eating together. she had, we had a long day, she had still one life had to her before we would go to sleep. i was like, i'm tired. the shooting was like asking me and our producer ron is about to to stay
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with her. keep me company, stay with me. i have one life we were moving together as a group to be safe. yesterday i interviewed a writer, a young palestinian named already named jayla hot that. and he told me that he saw her in east jerusalem. and he was reporting on events about the force, the potential for civil eviction of students and occupied in jerusalem. he said that when i was standing next to her, i felt a sense of safety. she know no one would touch it. but we know as during this injury on the front lines, we know that there is a risk shooting, knew that there is a risk when she was on the front line. but at the same time, she says proudly in many of the interviews that i've seen that, you know, i was able to carry the voice of the people to the world. so lots
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and lots of memories about it in looking at pictures yesterday. this isn't about me, but everyone was trying to mourn her to share pictures with it's hard to read, i guess, of course, of course. now i'm wondering if your camera could just show us a little bit of what, what is happening there. maybe just pan a little bit and show us the people who are, who are they are of turned out. so just give you, give you a minute, need it. so yeah, this is the inside the, the presidential compound there where the body of assuring of walkway is being taken. and you can see many, many people have ha, have turned out to pay their respects as we've been hearing she, she was a voice for, for a generation of covering life on their occupation and,
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and everything that came with.


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