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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 12, 2022 11:00am-11:31am AST

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world, so lots and lots of memories about city and i was looking at pictures yesterday. this isn't about me, but everyone was trying to mourn her to share the pictures with head. it said it's, it's hard to put that than words. i guess. of course, of course media, i'm wondering if you're cameron could just show us a little bit of what of what is happening there. maybe just just pan a little bit and show us the people who are, who are they are of turned down. so just give you give you a minute, need it. so yeah, this is the inside the, the presidential compound there where the body of assuring of walkway is being taken. and you can see many, many people have ha, have turned out to pay their respects as we've been hearing. she, she was a voice for, for a generation, a covering life on their occupation and,
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and everything that came with that ah, we will be continuing that coverage of fur all this procession of this state service to day. and just to, to remind our viewers street, i've walk there was an al jazeera journalist who was shot dead. i is ready forces in, not in janine, in the occupied west bank on wednesday. ah, witnesses on the ground have confirmed that it was from is ready, fire. ah, she is in walls famous around the world for for her work documenting life under occupation. ah, things she covered didn't she come 5 was in garza, israel's war with lebanon in 2006. she reported on forced home evictions, postings being held without charge and israeli prisons,
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expansion of jewish settlements and of course of late. the israeli raids on jeanine on the refugee camp in jeanine. and these are live pictures of the procession now of the body being taken to the presidential compound for that state service. okay, i'd like to bring back in. so con, but it cuts who is here with me. he is the founding director of the center for conflicts and humanitarian studies in choose. and as we, as we continue to watch this procession happen, and just look at the sheer number of people who have turned out, i want to talk to you about what the international federation of journalists has said is a deliberate, systematic targeting of a journalist is that what's happening here to there's a pattern and it's been going on for, for a number of years. we all remember this time last year,
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roughly when there's railways took down the tower where i just 0 officers and chris where and then they said it was a bit of collateral damage to, you know, there are lots of excuse that was used by mass. and so on. and there was a war at the time. now we have a context where there is a clear occupation, an operation by an army that is already illegal in an illegal context, going into somebody else's home and can only deal with civilians. and even if there was resistance from amongst us today, shooting and her colleagues were not embedded within the published it is to report on their behalf. they are a 3rd party they're coming from, represent the international channel, should be reporting for all of the time. so really that is something about 2 sided
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saying the truth and when you are on the wrong side of justice, you know, you do take every measure to try and do so. and if you recall, back in 2014, that goes to report just goes to reach very clear. conclusion. the accused all israel of war crime in relation to the warrant, 2014. and that somehow just disappeared. they went after him, they just try to discredit him as a person and then his findings and so on. so there is a long, long, long history of abuse and of targeting civilians in general and journalist in particular. if this is the thing, isn't at what are the chances of true accountability i was reading a is from, from our analysts smile on the shower, who was saying today we mourn her tomorrow, we scored her kelly's and it really stuck with me because will hercules be held to
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justice. are there any instances of israel actually punishing a soldier for killing a palestinian journalist? there has been in instances where they took to court some soldiers, but they got away with a very light punishment runs. maybe at worst would be one or 2 years in prison because the law allows them the space to operate. and the state feels there is infinity internationally. so there are really no pressures to get people to actor comfortably in the field. and you must remember, many of those soldiers are 171819 year old, particularly the ones that they push into the west bank and gaza. they pushed them in there at the very young age, really part of molding their character and reinforcing this idea that you are fighting for your existence for your future, for youth and so on. so there is of
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a culture that must change and this occasion, and i hope that our boss doesn't just use this as a, as a political anyway. but i do think he, well, well, the fact that he invited to the body to come into his head quarter and to give it to state to a service and may indicate a little bit of that. but he has to do much more. and the most important aspect, i think, is the existing coordination, security, coordination between the policy authority and those rallies has got to be reviewed and has got to be studied very, very carefully. and that's number one. number 2, i think he has to make a huge effort to reconcile with hum us. it is time that the policy is speaking in one voice division has really led to where they are today. ezra has been very smart in exploiting that and questioning all leadership amongst above,
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seniors and engaging in peace processes that are going nowhere because simply there is no counterpart to talk to. it's just time to unite and to demonstrate what the policy people have spontaneously do. demonstrated where the kidding of sharing that there is diversity in the policy and society. but there are security and resume. there is no division, doesn't matter if your muslim or christian people just are 11 people under one occupation. and that is really long overdue. and i hope the boss and his government will take action as a result of the murder of shooting to try and move the palestinian cause a little bit towards unity. when i put a little bit of context around israel has said we will do a joint investigation. the piano has said, we don't trust you. explained to our view is why that is because there is that
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there is a very long history, isn't there? of you know, what i guess my question is, why would the piano want to trustee is ready authorities to carry out investigation like this? what is the precedent that has, has not been sent? the proposition in itself is really ridiculous, to be honest. and it is designed to distract people's attention international attention and pressure from israel to say, well, it's a shared responsibility. we can do it on the palestinians. but also within the palestinians. many people do not trust the p a even to take part in this kind of investigation. and i think this is a clear case. this is a journalist that was working for international agency. should be a case of 4 independent investigation. and she was, she also held an american passport, which makes it even more of a case for the united states to act. that of course, it has been stated from the united states. we know that the united states and
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israel are obviously very cause bedfellows. do you really think that the u. s. is going to step in at any point and say no, we will, you know, take a lead role in an independent investigation. well, given the current circumstances with what's going on in ukraine, they're under greater pressure to react because for weeks and weeks and weeks they've been holding the higher moral ground on how you dealer civilians. how you act with journalist it's on. and now a case comes from palestine, so they are under more pressure to act. and i think they will probably go beyond statements this time, but they need to be held. they need to be held by the arab states. and i was very pleased to see that stays acting yesterday together unite to them not just leaving it for us to defend its agency. but to talk about this as, as a civilian has been killed in palestine and it needs to be the cause has
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got to be supported by the europeans as well. do you think that is, how do you think this is going to play out now? because the, the piano has said that we don't, we don't trust the israeli, as we have explained why about this investigation? how do you think this is? this is going to play out in the coming weeks and in terms of the narrative that we here think it depends on how long it lasts in the media. i mean, there's so many other priorities going on around the world at the moment. and if the killing of shooting is kept as a headline, then there will be greater emphasis and need to try. otherwise, i fear that it will go down the route of how much dura and many other examples to israel has the ability to vary with time. and with domination of other outlets to me today, lots of people are complaining on facebook for example,
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the change that is being highly selective, taking out all morning statements and so on to do with shooting. and it's becoming more and more difficult thing to suppress the truth and an event like this is going to be really tough to, to keep it silent. what is the, the status of media freedom in the occupied territories? how difficult is it to, to document what is happening and then for that to go far and wide in know, amongst the palestinians. i think there is a good degree of freedom of expression, partly because of lack of governance really that they're able to say whatever they want and report objectively and so on. but at the same time,
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they are organized mostly around government organizations. and if you recall, over the last 6 months, or some of those agencies were accused of supporting terrorism by 0 and many in jose where were made either too close or they were challenge as, as to their operations. and many of those are human rights based organizations. so whatever you do under a convention, you're not really free. we cannot live in freedom express yourself freely and is right is one of the most advanced technologically advanced countries with the vast capability to control outlets. so it's tough for the, for the user to report on day to day basis of what, what is going on. and i guess this is also a context that we don't want to lose sight of hair isn't shearing booklet was killed, covering, arrayed in janine,
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covering the impact of the israeli occupation for our international audience. who may not know what we mean when we say there is an occupation to explain to you is what we mean by that. what life, i know, it's a big question, but what life is like when you, when you're living under occupation, the restrictions on freedom. there is a section on everything. there is an occupier load that has been imposed ever since 1967. there is a military occupation administration that deals with all the cases. so for example, a palestinian hardly ever goes to a civilian coast. they always go to the military courts, which gave severe punishments. their thousands and thousands of scenes are in prison and some ridiculous punishments in 230 lifetime was 20 this address. there is a whole laugh society that jews that lives in displacement within the occupied territories. and those were people that came as references or displaced people from
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the 1948 territory. and they continue to live for 75 years plus in refugee camps. so the circumstances are dismal rating. some of those areas, including engineering much of jeanine is, is a, is a display supplement from $948.00. so i best to what israel does is to try and keep the channels of supply and communication which keeps people alive. but that obviously is not enough for sufficient. and even under international law as an occupying force, they have the responsibility to protect the people they occupy. they cannot act freely amongst them in terms of security and so on. and the worst thing this is going on is the settlements, which has been really at the heart of a lot of the tension over the last few years. and in particular, the last couple of years around jerusalem. and, and the lesson was there,
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extreme settlers were allowed to come in and put close in west bank and gaza. and with time those are developing into towns and cities there by all the water resources. they are checking on ssl certificate locations overseeing the other settlement. and systematically driving people out of westbank. and you can see this new to say in a straight that i think with a christian community amongst students, their numbers have drop drastically over the last 20 years or so. not because there's a conflict between them. and the muslim by the news, in fact, in the pedo and even in how masters and very 1st collaboration and leadership monthly fissions in the organisation of those movements. but because they the push to see better alternatives. and israel makes its relatively easy
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for us unions who are seeking work outside to migrate as to the content. and there are some, even most of the orchestrated arrangements between them and, and the number of foster countries to facilitate the evacuation or eviction of some of the students out from the sign into they go all the way to like an america, northern america, west africa and it is all part of a systematic approach to mt, the land office indigenous population. and i guess just to bring that all back, this, all of this is, was serene, was covering what sharina blackledge had dedicated her life to covering. and i think we can't overstate the importance of that, of showing this to the world, because as you say, an occupation going on for decades now,
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and acting with impunity, often in the face of ferry. this'll international condemnation. just remind us it says just bring us, bring it, bring it back to i guess the, the role of, of the media and media freedom in the palestinian territories. i know that to, to operate in israel. you have to have, you have to have a prescott and to get that prescott. i know because i've done this, you have to go through all of these different routes and they can just say yes or no to you. so there is a, i guess it's a level of control. they're telling the story. i mean, how many israeli journalists would cross over into into the palestinian territories to tell these stories. i don't really know how many. oh, how often over. but in relatively speaking, there's a side of the really press there, particularly on the left side of politics who try their best to report objectively
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on what's, what's going on. and there is a degree of cooperation between them and, and some palestinian journalists. but this kind of killing terrorizes people, i mean, if you, if you feel that by doing your daily job, you're under the risk of dying, you will think twice before going in. and this is a strategy that was used before by dash and isis. if you recall, during their rise, the 1st thing they've done was to target journalist and the idea is very simple. if we terrorizing them they will not come, then we can do whatever we want. and it's a long term approach that has been there for conflict areas for for awhile. and this is why it is because it is a global issue as well. it's not just about palestinians. the international federation of journalism must keep the pressure they must pursue the i see a case against israel and really act in
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a way to protect the journalist around the world. because without these people, we are unlikely to find the truth, which is often the 1st victim of an absolute is there. and maybe this is to 5 a legal question, but i mean sharing was killed with, with live fire har israeli soldiers allowed to use live fire in, in these sorts of situations. i know out of common things like this where there are a rubber coated steel bullets used to live fire. i mean, is there what does the law say about that when it comes to acting within the palestinian territories? i don't think there is a law in that sense where when they're dealing with clear demonstrations of civilians, they may use rubber coaches bullets. but whether it's rubber coated or not, it's equally dangerous and damaging. the issue will always go around miniature occupation if you use force,
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no matter how controlled and gauged instructed, it's enough to be, it's going to go wrong. you know, you can't have militant force against civilians in any context and expected to come up with measured response. what do you know about about janine about the area of janine, because i know there's been escalations and lately, and that has been an area that the israeli security forces have targeted of the escalation of the past sort of 6 weeks or so. what can you tell us about about to meet? i mean janine is known for a its ability to communicate with the, obviously the west. and that's also relatively close to the israeli ticket. by door data railey such as the day referred to them from 148. so there they supply routes relatively easy with engineering. it has an enormous refugee camp,
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which suffers from very difficult conditions and very large number of young people below the age of 20. so it's in itself is potential risk in home consultation. and many of the palestinians who have taken part in operations against israelis have come from geneva. interested in what you are saying about israeli soldiers being sent into occupied territories, young as a way of shaping their psyche and shaping this idea of them. and i wonder if the opposite effect also happens to palestinians who are, you know, feeling are on their occupation and are feeling on the threat. and so the cycle just keeps going. i mean, when you're in people who are being, just as we say occupied, why is it that we have seen, janine in particular, become this sort of flash point recently?
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mean for policy news is slightly different. there's railways, make a choice, particularly the settlers. they come from all over the world to settle and because they come from different backgrounds, you need to mold them into one identity. and the army does that. this is what the military service is all about. and this is why it's imposed on males and females. dasia, 17 onwards, regardless of your almost if your health also everybody has to do the military service. and everyone is pushed into this test of operating within the occupied territories, at least for a year or 2. and you could see some of them come out really with a bad reaction and rejecting the occupation and others find themselves serving more when it comes to the for the students. i think it's more about desperation. this young people job less very little to do. and who have lived under occupation who are born under occupation, who see their parents, brothers, the sister, humiliated on daily basis. nice people just to do
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a short trip between cities. they have to go through hours and hours and hours of actual search and checkpoints. and so on. so the amount of humiliation is enormous and it makes, makes it very easy for young people to be convinced of the necessity of reacting, violent teaching. i'm sorry, i'm sorry sir. as i've been saying, israel has suggested a joint investigation to the kid which is sort of a distracting tactic. the pillow has, has to try and then saying the investigation will be done independently. what do you make of calls for the us to take a lead and taking action against israel? do you think it could take action given that it is the biggest supplier of arms? and the biggest supporter of the state of israel in history tells us that it was not. but we continue to hold, that there will be a voice of conscious within the united states. particularly, as i said before,
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now that we see what's going on in ukraine under positions the niceness and a you are checking in terms of moral stand as to as to the events there. and we can only hope the day that they will and time will show. all right, so for those who have just joined us at say 823, g m t and we're looking at live pictures from ramallah in the occupied westbank are from inside the presidential compound are where we are expecting the or the body or sharing of walkley to arrive, you can see the procession there are with a police escort. are going in there where there will be a state service held. i can see many, many people have turned out to pay their respects our president muffled, our boss will also be doing the same. we saw a,
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a number of people turn out at the hospital in ramallah where her body was initially taken from earlier this morning. ah, many people obviously just just in a state of despair, having lost her somebody who many of them grew up seeing her work on television. she spent several decades documenting life under occupation. i'm in the palestinian territories. the 51 year old palestinian american. it was a really, her family was originally from bethlehem. she was born in jerusalem and she covered everything. and the 2nd intifada, the various wars, and in garza, all of the things that come up with life and occupation as we've been discussing here, ah humiliation that the continuous expansion of jewish settlements palestinians
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are we often held without charges. we've been reporting our in recent weeks, their detention even of, of palestinian children are about to come back are now to so tom bought a cart who's with me in the studio. so come, what do you make of abuse have just joined us. what do you make of the international reaction so far, to sharing sharing this has been a good reaction in terms of contamination and questioning. but what is worrying is more or more statements are coming out saying, well wishes interaction to judging. wait until the investigation explains which if you know, that could be the case if it happened in the dark, if it happened, you know, not recorded without the presence of witness in its own. you could say one way for investigation, but this is such a clear case of targeting a human being
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a civilian, a journalist front of everyone. and that i think, i hope will be, will be avoided just kind of rhetoric that we should wait until the investigation takes place. there should be immediate action now to show the world the civilian casualties in this kind of not generated journalistic particular should feel safe to be able to vary. in such synthesis. what if we had then, from the e u, which is, has generally been reluctant to criticize israel in the, in the past. to be honest, i haven't followed the statements from day you. yes, that's all right. it's all coming. it's all, it's all happening happening at a moment. you're quite right. took us through the prospect of an i c. c and international criminal court proceeding. given that the shooting of
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a journalist, is that correct me? if i'm wrong, what does that constitute? a war crime? killing civilians institute world crime more so if it's a journalist stuck with a documented case, but i she sees unlikely to look into individual cases. i see looks into pattern of behavior and it takes a stage attitude and so on. and what's happened, in fact is i was saying earlier, last month on the 25th of april, the prosecutor and i should see, the prosecutor's office has acknowledged the receipt of a case that was brought forward by the international federation of journalism against israel to do with the killing and harming of journalists over the beard from 2015, 2019. and what is most likely is shipping's killing will
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be added to that case. and the world has got to pressure the i should see to, to act in that context. what do you make? oh, i mean i was, i was shocked to see that police had turned up to, i believe, sharing family home where they were playing patriotic songs in honor of her. and the police told them to turn this music off. and is that surprising? to you that the, that the idea of the police turning up to the victims home and telling, telling those people how to more know how not to yes, especially that she was very far from home. mean, sometimes you say we had to go to the home together evidence to do with the case. in this case, there is no reason to turn in their home and it fits, i think very well within the general pattern of publication that takes place. and i
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think maybe some, some sides within bailey military are looking for to provoke the policy is on to every action which then will justify further action against them. and this is, this has been going on for some time. i don't know if you're aware, but they have a pattern where if a young man is coach and accused of anything and they go and demolish his family's home, no normal people will question what has got to do with his action. and particularly some of these young men have left home some, some time ago. they go and they collectively punish the whole family and some areas of neighborhood. but that is all part of the occupation as which is at the moment and trying to bring into control the population that rejects the presence of the israel.


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