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tv   The Stream  Al Jazeera  May 12, 2022 11:30am-12:01pm AST

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has enough cation the takes place, and i think maybe some, some sides within days, railey military are looking for to provoke the policy or to a reaction which then will justify further action against them. and this is, this has been going on for some time. i don't know if you're aware, but they have a pattern where if a young man is coach and accused of anything, then they go and demolish is harmony home. no normal people will question, what has the 70 got to do with with his action, and particularly some of these young men have left home some time ago. they go and they collectively punished the whole family and some areas of neighborhood. but that is all part of occupation, as it is at the moment, and trying to bring and control the population that rejects the presence of those railways. and just looking at the, at the picture that we're looking at now,
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you know, there are, there are hundreds, at least of people there on the, on the left of the screen, who are the, the presidential compound of come out to, to pay this respects to sharing the fact that there is a state service being how in the presidential compound, what does that say to you? what about a car about i guess, sharing, standing in the arab world. it's a fitting response from president bass to surely. but i don't think it's enough. i think he needs to build on this and go much further and make sure that the address is the root causes that lead to her killing the root cause of the occupation. there is a problem with the also agreement, as it stands as a problem with the coordination, security, coordination between his forces and israelis. that allows these railways to come
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into certain zones within the palestinian by 3 trees. and those issues of trade to be addressed. to make, to make sure even, and her family have suffered where lie to the policy when people are not for nothing, that's nothing. as physics, this will be this kind of 70 the soon we'll get that sunday. okay, so we are expecting the body of sharing a walker to arrive in the next 510 minutes at the presidential compound. let's just, let's just take a look at these at these images as we, as we take you to the presidential compound with people awaiting and also following that. following that.
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so yes, her as i've been saying her, her standing in the arab world. obviously people are turning out to moon her and you believe that this is a, a fitting response from president hold a bus, but that he should go further to people who believe in present my horrible anyway, do they do they really stand behind him and believe that he can deliver on getting to the root cause is what we put it. some people do, but i suspect the majority of i now have a lower for such a long time. i've lost faith in the peace process and are looking for for a fresh reaction. one way or the other, the biggest issue remains the division between fedex and from us. and i, recently,
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algeria made some attempts to try and reconcile the to say, they various attempts over the years. i haven't there, i mean, why is it not sort of why is it not of in choices? it's, it's, it's the most sense is division. the new one really can put a finger and say they're nice people are gave me one to 2. it's very difficult to see what they're gaining beyond pitchy power and for mass at best the what are they doing? there is just a new school for a agency. they are in an area that is surrounded practically is to under occupation every now and then their reaction is causing more and more harm to the, to the population. and for the p a it's, it's the same. so it just time really that they come together and work out an agreement that looks beyond the patchy individual interest of the leaders
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and focus more on the overarching responsibility that they hold for the for the senior people. if you are just joining us, it's just coming up a 35 g m t. so that will be $1135.00, i believe a local time there in the are in the occupied west bank. ah. and these pictures that you looking at are from inside the presidential compound where we are waiting for the body of the sure enough o'clock to arrive. ah, she's been brought to her in a police escorted, convoy while look at that. hundreds of people lining the street. there ah, we have our correspondent needed it for him. who is standing by there for us. let's cross over to her now. nita kim, the journey from the hospital to the presidential headquarters shouldn't take more than 5 minutes. but at stake in now more than 35 minutes,
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people are stopping the convoy throwing the roses at the casket at the car business . some thing as i was talking to produce at ronnie as about a our producer, she was saying, i haven't seen this. i've been covering for 20 years. i haven't seemed at all to poor of love people in palestine. every house feels like they lost a member of their family. friends are here. you're hearing them laughing with the body is arriving to the presidential headquarters. joining us here is a friend of city. he's landing. this is what lead our metty to bad and we did a good for you losing with me below planting.
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it's an emotional scene. you may be you would want to listen in with . okay, nita ah chest while while lee while we wait just talk us through what where what we're seeing there if she can while we wait, let me get you the words of a friend of hers a shot, a shower, who's the joining us here with senior yesterday you were in total shock when you and a sated efficiently. first of all,
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our deepest condolences for the great close to for sure or just eating a tortured cortex. jordan this to us, our headphones, to had family, to put his time to any freedom flyer to because when the israeli occupation military army executed should him not to on the account, a professional journalist, they took a, a piece of all sorts. they killed the, the free. i know it's hard on you it's, it's hard. well, what, what do you remember sitting when do you want the world to day to know about city? everyone standing here, it has its own story. was julian, as friends, we experienced with had this amazing person viewed sort of an innocent little christian and journalist who always waited for should in to tell us his story. we're losing to day a great story teller, a supporter of freedom,
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a supporter of occupied people, suffer from bobbitt standard, suffered from occupation from racism from terrorism. and today i think when should lift us lift or what our shoulders, a huge responsibility to continue the message and to hold the letter that we are, the people of freedom. we do have died. the policy of people have the full right of shall, determination. and to protect our future's, our kids, the future when we live. and we can see our kids do have the same rights because unfortunately every day we're suffering from people give them sort of the right to execute us as the palestinian soul has no value at all. and again, candice is too old one to every one to the award to palestine to a side to you. i use in shock. do you believe what's going on? what's happening with the conversations with other friends? how are you dealing with it? we never thought that would see should in as they're breaking the news,
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whenever it's thought that yesterday we're gonna prepare degree. fortunately, i never imagined that i'll spend a thursday without children by saying good, i love life. she is the law. unfortunately, she is a life lover. she's an amazing person, she always believe in the future, and next they will be better than the previous one. that's why it's a shock. look at our faces, all her friends are in deep shock. it's not about a loss every day in palestine was suffering from loss, but the loss of surely is, is, is unbelievable. i'm. have you expected that people who didn't know her, chris in me are coming out protesting people feel like painless and member of their own family where you like even aware of how much impact she had. this is what we were talking her friends about the last time we saw the president. so please full of this amount due to amount you can see the heads there. it's when we said good
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bye to us at our thought ordered me to say, leader. so it's, i think, but if the people are giving you a good will said that she deserves your rooms tomorrow proceed. and i believe if the boarders will open, unions will came from all around the world from the come to, to sit in from abroad to speak to think would like to share in. thank you so much. the shot. you mentioned the point here that people coming from over i just met someone who was crossing the board there from jordan coming here. i asked him, why are you here? he said, just because i want to attend the funeral. i know city from her coverage, but i've met her before and i'm just coming here because of that. he was scared to talk to us because of retaliation. maybe. let's, let's, let's have allison with the
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law man raheem and what jerome we are here i want to have that for us. they are respect to serene at 10 o'clock, the martyr for the sign. he got on half the marta of jerusalem, maddie mcclure, and the martyr of a free words and the free mother. i didn't produce tv won't react and assemble of the palestinian women assemble of the palestine and journalists, sharyn has sacrificed her life to defend its cause and the cause of the palestinian people. sharina la connie was an honest voice, no color, but she altered voice a ha national voice. her conveyed the message of the families of the prisoners,
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the sufferings of the policy and their people, the sufferings of those living of the camps. the sufferings of those who have been hates and stormed everywhere. not a metal cut it off at prim, a crime to kill sharina block law. and stuff to crime is not the furnace of its kind. dozens of journalists have lost their lives to policy. the journalists have lost the lives male and female trotter, and the authorities of the israeli occupation are to be blamed for killing charee in are to be completely blamed for killing sharina. this, when roy him will never be able to stop the free word and to
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hide the reality. such a crime will definitely be punished and the perpetrators are not will be punished. we refused any giant investigation committee with israeli authorities because they have committed such a cry im, we dont trust them and we will go immediately to the i c. c, the international criminal quarter in order to follow up the perpetrators and the criminals eyes to day. also the keyboard, israel is not, i'm committing other crimes. me not in so many places, and there are this in me will, can the mode i can put the decisions of the central council into effect,
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our condolences to ourselves, our condolences to her family, our condolences to hair colleen exert our condolences to the journalists, our condolences to al jazeera at work, we appreciate the great role of the palestinian media and to the international media and to the public opinion that we are the shade every one who condemns this. insane cry him. that is. and then and zation of the occupation. may her soul love rest m p sir an hour martha. our martha will be given there. when i go while hollow metal object as a limb,
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me glory for our martyrs may a lot. so his mercy on his soul and peace be upon you all. ah with
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so you can see there just the share number of people who have ah turn dance to mourn you serene a walk there are at the state service health in the presidential compound compounds of said, posting president muffled,
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abbas just incredible. incredible seems. there are so many people ah, who loved her and, and who will miss her daily. people have grown up seeing her on television. people have witnessed her reporting for decades of life under occupation. are there to pay their respects, the palestinian president muffled abbas saying that sir, serene sector sacrificed her life for the cause of the palestinian people are that she conveyed the messages of the suffering of the palestinian people. he said, the israeli occupation is to be completely blamed for killing to rain and it will not hide the reality that the perpetrators will be published will be made clear. ah, before giving his his condolences. but as you can see, many, many people who ah, will feel this loss who are feeling this loss greatly are let sac crossover to need
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it for him. who is there for us at the palestinian presidential compound? nita think the picture is worse than a 1000 words, even in tears chanting slogan, calling her mar someone was killed, trying to convey the message of her people and she'll be greatly missed. she was a mentor, she was someone that was known to every palestinian household. she was always always a com 5 during the coverage. you know, sometimes you can get in difficult condition that you always remain composed dedicated focused on the goal, which is telling the story. this is why people,
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even those who've never met her personally, feel like they know her feel like someone. and one of the comments i was reading on social media was from one journalist who's saying she lived through this to air as he called the old, where no one knew what palestinians was going through. and her voe shootings, voice and just sort of voices were becoming heard. now he says, all the world knows everything. the world has seen everything. what more does the world have i'm, i'm happy to look for the palestinians and help them find a solution and to the israeli occupation. this was a very strong kind of an article with a depressed tone,
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a palestinian school. and i'd like to be barely have time to recover from a wound of only to be hit again by you're not the one leading psychiatrist here in palestine says that the palestinians do not have the luxury of p t as d, which is post traumatic stress disorder. that because they're continue it, the trauma, they're living inside the trauma, it's not like when they dream of fear or soldiers of killing that they are it just imagining those. but he says, no, this is the reality that palestinians go through and sydney journalists, palestinian people. this is why they, they are frustrate that. they don't believe that shitty would find just they say she died for her cause. this is precisely why jane and i talked
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with indeed ha, needed just before the top of the hour, just i guess i'm gonna eat there so many. i'm excuse me. there are so many people there. obviously have been touched by sharina in some way. even people who didn't know her personally. why do you think that is, i mean, she's been described as a voice. the freedom it is is her work, you know, been all the see tied up in some way with the, with the palestinians. struggle with the, with, with the need to tell to tell this story to the world. if anything, her voice came at the time when palestinians needed it the most daring of 2nd palestinian to fall. though when israel launched that with massive raids all across the occupied west bank. and if these crowds will tell you anything, it tells you that is mrs. was delivered,
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they felt that she cared for them. she felt like they felt like she cared hood each and every food. remember, you're talking about the journalist who's been covering the same exact pain for 26 years and some people might get her more in some different minds, resorted to police chaise or say this debris opened, and all of that wasn't shitty. she would always, whenever something happens to try and find the human agen, ryan, how the news affect those people this resonate with live in pain today. it's so great. all right, i thank you very much. stand by for us, nita. we appreciate it. i'd. it's just after $900.00 g m t mid day in israel in the occupied territories. i'm kim vanelle. you're watching our continuing coverage of the killing of palestinian.


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