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tv   Fault Lines Shadow System L As Secretive Sheriff Gangs  Al Jazeera  May 12, 2022 12:30pm-1:01pm AST

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ordinary respect for her, so i know that she will be sadly missed by all of us. and we have to ensure that we get to the bottom of her, of her killing, linda thomas greenfield, called on israel and the palestinian authority to conduct a joint investigation. an idea echoed by israel's ambassador, but refused by palestinians will reject the claims of israel that they can do a credible investigation. there are the criminals and the criminals cannot investigate themselves on the mission or the palestinian ambassador called for an independent international investigation and pointing out and a letter to the security council that 40 palestinian journalists have been killed since the year. 2000 with no accountability. the arab league also called for action on the part of the security council and a resumption of the peace process warning that of world powers don't focus on the region. confrontations and misery will continue. kristin salumi al jazeera,
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the united nations. i did a little after 930 g and t 12 30 pm in israel and the occupied territories you are watching out there is continuing coverage of the killing of founders, our journalists, hearing of walker palestinian president muffled. a boss says he'll be seeking justice for her death, the international criminal court. he spoke at a state service for sharing in ramallah. the 51 year old was shot dead by israeli forces on wednesday. as she covered, arrayed near the occupied, westbank city of tinney will ha, middle, the authorities of israel occupation are to be blamed for killing. sure. in this crime will never be able to stop free speech. such a crime will definitely be punished. the perpetrators will be punished. you refused any joint investigation committee with israel, you authorities, because they have committed such a crime. we don't trust them, and we'll go immediately to the international criminal court in order to find the
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perpetrators and criminals. world leaders are demanding those responsible be held accountable, the recalls for an independent and transparent investigation into her death. let's take a look at what we know about sharina killing, jamal a shell with this report. i don't shoot the messenger unless you're in israeli soldier. in that case, you're seemingly ok with shooting a reporter who's clearly identifiable as a journalist and poses no threat. should he and barclays is the latest reporter to be killed by the israeli military, which has a long history of targeting journalists and news outlets. particularly al jazeera sharing, a veteran reporter who spent her life covering events and occupied palestine was among a group of journalist documents and what was happening in janine early on wednesday . according to eye witnesses and video footage, she was wearing a safety vest and helmets, both of which clearly identified her as
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a member of the press. despite or maybe because of it. sure he was shot and killed . and we were going to filmed is really army operation. and suddenly they shot us without asking us to leave or stop filming the 1st bullet hit me and the 2nd bullet hit sharina. they killed her in cold blood because they are killers and specialize and killing only palestinian people. we had no resistance and there was no palestinian resistance at all at the same journalist movie. it was also shot and injured in the attack. there was no exchange of fire, so there is no possibility whatsoever. and they always use the excuses to cover up the crime, committing against palestinians, including the new agenda. according to rights groups. israel has killed 50 journalists since 2000 and injured more than 144 in the past 4 years alone.
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and this is also not the 1st time israel has intentionally targeted al jazeera. last year, the networks office in garza was born to rebel. while journalist travadone b did, he was assaulted by israeli forces, whilst reporting on israel's ethnic cleansing of arab residence in occupied east jerusalem shifter off neighbourhood. israeli authorities say they've launched an investigation of human rights groups said they have little faith in israeli justice, particularly with renowned organizations like human rights watch and amnesty international, accusing israel of implementing a system of apartheid that i, that i am human rights organizations, for example, like bit st. limb and is that a human rights organization? and that decided a long time ago that they are no longer going to even into the act with the
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complaint system within visit 80 army because it is not serious. it doesn't find israeli soldiers guilty. taught us foreign ministry whose country hosts the al jazeera network issue to statements with senior diplomats no one hotter demanding an end to what she called, state sponsored israeli terrorism. the european union and other members of the international community have also condemned the kenning. but all these condemnations have fallen short of including any sanctioning or punishment for a crime that threatens the essence of any free society. a free press should in was kill, trying to inform the world of what was happening in her country. the world now knows that in occupied palestine, no one safe from israel's bullets. not even journalists
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john m i lunch or young. i just 0. right, and these live pictures. now the ramallah checkpoint, i believe its columbia. i may be wrong. it's one of the checkpoints, as you move from ramallah into occupied east jerusalem. we are waiting for a blockhead, 40 that con boy to be moved over into our committee through for them having to be in the presidential compound in ramallah, where a state service was held. let's call to need it for him. who is there at the palestinian presidential headquarters? so i need to just run through what's happened. so i thought today and what the rest of the day has in store. hundreds of people have come to the presidential headquarters when she read and seeing that we have not seen before. we were just talking about our colleagues were saying we had no idea how
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much she was loved. people have been stopping the casket. the convoy that was coming in from the hospital to the presidential, had for the bidding has been growing roses at the cask just from her balcony consensus. every house in palestine has lost members. they feel like she was part of the family of stuck to friends who say that she reminds me of my childhood. i love the part of my childhood. this is a. busy from a student that has been listening to day and day out for 25 years, she had a strong impact. she was able to carry the palestinian narrative to the world. the question is, what is the world's going to do now? and this is exactly why i want to bring in our, i guess, mr. george. know,
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he's the head of the palestinian affairs unit at the u. s. embassy, miss, sir george. she is also an american citizen. we've heard officials from washington saying that they've met her. they know her what's next and how, how can we bring her just well, it's probably the most important today is to express our deepest condolences to her family but also journalistic family. and you know what you're doing today working continually, journalism is attribute to her. it's a tribute to serene attribute to her work or professionalism the legacy leaves behind. she was a close colleague of ours as well. always pushed us, always had the highest interest, been take rudy. i heard from people today that she was an example using journalism school. that's a strong legacy to leave behind. she left us far too early and we're going to mr shortly. but for some one to express my condolences as far as investigations. i
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mean, we want to make sure whoever kilter is held responsible. our understanding is that both israel and the palestinian authority are conducting investigations. we've called them to be as open and transparent as possible. we've also also offered our assistance. nobody has asked us for that yet, and we'd be asked to do that. but we stand ready to assist. we've heard a lot of people demanding accountability. they want you to do more. they want a strong statement. they want you not just to encourage the israeli government to hold those accountable. they want you to demand that can the u. s. government defend a citizen, there is that has been killed while doing her job. well, it hits 2 things that are really important to us. one is the protections us citizens abroad. that's one of our top priorities. you're the one is sternness, stick, freedom, and journalist ec safety. those are things we take very, very seriously around the world. we have numerous instances, unfortunately,
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of journalists being killed by they work. we push all the time for accountability on these cases. we hope that we find it in this case. we hope so too. we hope that you continue pushing for shootings. legacy. we continue pushing for her to get just her legacy secure. she's one of the policy. the american journalist behind was sorely mister and mac. you're right, we need to know we need to work in the following up. thank you so much, mr. george. know, he's the head of the palestinian affairs in the u. s. embassy city in. if one of more than 55, palestinian journalists who were killed over the past few years by israeli fire. so we're not talking about an incident here or to be is really army often targets journalists when we go covered confrontations, clashes. and if you talk to alison in doing this,
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they would tell you that this is intended to stop telling the truth to suffer poor thing on what is going on and they need it for him. thank you. well, the shaw shaw is a friend assuring and he explained what she meant for palestinians. every one standing here has its own story, was shooting as friends we experienced with this amazing person, pure soul, an innocent christian journalist who always waited for serene to tell us the story . we're losing to day a great storyteller, a supporter of freedom, a supporter of of occupied people, suffered from bobbitt standard, suffered from occupation from racism, from terrorism. and today i think when should lift us lift over our shoulders,
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a huge responsibility to continue the message and to hold the letter that we are, the people of freedom we do have derived the policy of people have the full right of self determination and to protect our future's our kids, the future when we live and we can see our kids do have the same rights because unfortunately, every day we're suffering from people give themselves, but i to execute us as the palestinian soul has no value at all. the last time we saw the presidential least full of this amount due to amount, you can see the headsets there. it's when we said goodbye to yes. what are the 4th order? greatest leader. so it's, i think the policy of people are giving a good will fit that she deserves fear in ramallah unto moral proceed. and i believe if the boarders were open for the seniors were, came from all around the world from garza, from jerusalem, from abroad to sit, to say goodbye to sharon. let's get more now on the israeli human rights
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organization. that's disputing the israeli government assessment of the circumstances surrounding sharina blockhead, killing is ready for says issued a video on wednesday saying it showed a palestinian gun and fired at battling has published analysis of the footage. it says the location from where that was filmed, doesn't match where sharon was shot. i'll answer is the executive director of that said am explains why israel's claims don't work. i think it's worth pointing out. the line was propagated by no less than days. ready? prime minister, foreign minister, defense minister, other ministers, and the idea spokesperson in the immediate hours after the killing, also show, you know, what's the inside of the filter is researcher and sound engineer this morning. my colleague saudi was, in fact, it is inconceivable. it's absolutely impossible. dot to footage on which the short
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one which deals propaganda was basing its false claims could in no shape or form depicted gunfire. at the journalists, there is no line of sight between one location and the other. and in fact, our researcher into taking him a few minutes to walk from one location to the other location, you know, spend on the situation is one of the israel is most tried and unfortunately successful tricks and the last impunity that provides itself. israel does not investigate israel washers and the investigation is just the 1st or rather the announcement on the investigation is just the 1st stage in the whitewashed investigations are not meant to establish accountability. they are meant to protect the perpetrators the occupied palestinian territory is one of the most dangerous
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places, journalists covering the conflict than your base committee to protect journalists. estimates 18 have been killed since 992 bought. the palestinian journalist syndicate says the ticket is 3 times higher. naming is ready forces for most casualties. samples probably has more in israel's occupation of palestine, its tactics have become increasingly aggressive over the decade. so to it's crackdown on meet workers covering the people and the killing of bulges. you're a journalist and palestinian american sharina of luckily, the latest example of the in may 2021 in israeli air raid brought down a building in the gaza strip that housed local people and international media offices, including those of all just press freedom advocates said it was an attempt to silence journalist the a month later israeli police destroyed your equipment and arrested jerusalem
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correspondent. you're probably breaking her head to the witnesses said her press sun was clearly visible and the arrest was unprepared. of luckily was also in her press fashion and helmet. at the time of her death time and time again, it has been shown that you know, israeli forces kill palestinians including palestinian journalists without cause in the occupied territory. and it's very ex, extremely rare that israeli soldiers, captains, or military officials are ever held accountable for their actions. israel often uses what he calls secret evidence to detain palestinian journalist for months without due process and restrict their movements. attacks by israeli forces have also left doesn't injure a palestinian center of human rights report in 2020 found journalists face, quote,
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cruel, inhumane, and degrading treatment at the hands of israeli forces in the wake of workers death . israel's army says it does not target journalists and as foreign minister suggested conducting a joint investigation and autopsy, and offer palestinian leaders refused. israeli forces have directly targeted journalists with lethal force in the past. in 2008 israeli soldiers killed reuters camera man. fidel shot he filmed the tank as it fired the shell that killed him. his final images captured on tape before his camera was destroy. shannon too was wearing body armor marked press at the time of his death. shearing of luckily was killed covering in israeli raid on jeanine in the occupied west bank. the cutter based broadcaster said odyssey ra producer, ali also moody was also wounded. the latest casualties of israeli attacks on journalists that seem to go on with impunity in basra. v o 20.
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so the thank you back now to his life pictures. you can see people gathering there at the remote checkpoint. it's called the columbia check point. it's the, it's the main check point to go from to go into jerusalem to jerusalem, but also to occupy these through them, which is where the body is being taken. you can see many people there have turned out. they wait for the, the convoy to pass with sharing of auto body. that checkpoint in itself has been a flash point of the years. policies have to have permits to pass through the checkpoint into, into a, through to them. and israel for any reason for work or medical care or so it has been in itself a checkpoint, sorry, a flash point over the years. you can see there are many people gathering to to pay
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respects again, just people every with pay or 6 again to sharina walker as we wait for her body to pass through. and what he's heading to is he said, okay, 5 east jerusalem to the hospital. there where it would be held over night. we have our cross 170 decker standing by for us there. stephanie, that's right. you're talking about the columbia checkpoint. they're really a symbol abuse, radio occupation. as you say, they can close that and then nobody can leave. and yes you need permit special permits as a palestinian in the west bank to cross that checkpoint, we are waiting for the procession to make its way. here. you are also talking about people coming out to pay their respects. this is the top, this is touched every single palestinian can my can tell you even yesterday, coming back to the hotel here and occupy these jerusalem. some of the stuff i've known for years, tears in their eyes offering to students is saying we've grown up with her. we
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can't believe it. i've had messages throughout the day yesterday and today saying we can't believe she's gone. one friend of mine saying i cried, my mother cried, or if my friends cried, she has touched so many people who even didn't know her, but who's watched her do her job report for over 2 decades on israel's occupation here. so yes, so we expect her to arrive here within the hour. let's say her buddy will be kept here over night, and then tomorrow her funeral will take place in the old city. it will start in a church and then she will be buried and occupied his juice. my think we are expecting to see many, many people show up to pay their final respects because as we've been reporting, you know, she has touched, she really is, you know, the voice of palestine, the visions, she's become a symbol of the occupation. we've just been watching those images of the state service in that i'm ala. really unbearable to watch. what you, my colleagues also before that a standing around the coffin inconsolable. there's $1.00 to $1.00 of the
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correspondents also, tanya, are producer. there. everyone is finding it incredibly difficult to comprehend what has happened to her, but yes, we're expecting her body to arrive here within the hour. it may pause by her family home briefly. and then yes, she will be finally laid to rest here and occupied is true. some tomorrow. hi, stephanie decker up there for us. thank you for that. let's cross back now to need it. abraham, who is standing by for us in ramallah and who i believe has the palestinian prime minister standing by nita the palestinian prime minister is making his way here a for an interview with us. it's a sad day here for many palestinians. they feel like they've lost one of their own. they've lost someone who has been reporting on the story. has been telling
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the stories of many palestinians looked at him. how much they you my condolences 1st you've known as before, you became a prime minister. can you tell me your memories with what should remove the national figure? a startle or butterball lied to ladies. well fortunate, george my list saw emotional when it comes to thanks. so professional. when it comes to journalism. yet, but 3 dick, ballast theme young. even though she has an american passport, but her roots are so deep rooted in jerusalem and her family as well. and i have seen the shooting are broadly nearly everywhere. in condolences houses and celebrations and demonstrations and citizens, she name is not only a correspondence is not only a journalist, but also she lived the cases. and she was really bad of the event. and she was that
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the board thing about every single detail of their by the scene and daily life. and now it is everything that people are reporting about shooting at a time when she was reporting about office. it's set out of words, the term kind of stay. yeah. palestine in prime ministers, as you can see, she touched so many heights. we've never expected that out. poor of love. we know she's known, we know she's a star. we know she's famous. but for people to be stopping the convoy coming from the hospitality throwing roses at her casket. but not seen that before. i have not seen that many people come to the presidential headquarters to wit headphone well, clapping foot head chanting slogans. it's hard to put words
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to what every palestinians feeling today, sir, excuse me, if i know my way i am the founder and a fan. if then an incredible job. i'm covering this so close to hong throughout the morning where as we speak to needed law. so looking at pictures you'll, you're talking about people stopping the convoy on the way to the presidential compound of people are now lining the streets or arms, columbia checkpoint, ah, whiting to, to pay their respects. as we wait for the convoy to to pass the checkpoint, they're in to ease through them. i need a reminder of what the, the palestinian president had to say when he addressed all of the crowd to turned out he called to her the martyr of truth. the martyr of 3 words. he has said that it's clear that the israeli army has killed her. this is why the palestinians have,
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if used to join air as a or to participate in a joint. israeli palestinian investigation saying that those are the ones who killed her. these sentiments are shared by many palestinians. you don't expect justice from year to kill it. so the, the people in the friends, the journalists, the palestinians to day, they demand justice. now the world has seen what happened. they know that every palestinian heart is aching. they want to know what's next. how can we bring that beautiful soul justice? this is the question. is there a sense need here? that there will be justice for sharon because as you've been reporting all morning and you know, palestinians i have been killed with impunity and palestinian journalists have
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been targeted to is there a sense that there will be, is there hope for, for justice? i guess is my question. the short answer is no. this is why there's so much frustration here. and she's the one of more than 55 journalists who it couldn't by israeli forces fired in the past few and, and, and for the past years. and what has happened? did the killing of journalists or journalists stop? so i've read an article this morning by a palestinian journalist who says that should in has lived between 2 areas of journalism. at a time when the palestinian voice was interred was under reported, the palestinian narrative wasn't dead and shitty in was that a voice that one of many voices but was an important voice that carried that
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narrative to the world. and now the world has seen a lot the it, the coverage has been extensive of the killings of the bombings of the shootings of what is happening to a nation that has been under military occupation for decades. and he says, and the world are seen at all. we thought the problem is that the welded and see and now that they did, are they gonna do anything out? seems like there's a real, there's a real sense of despair and neither. thank you so much for that for now again, these are live pictures of the columbia checkpoint which is the, the main checkpoint are crossing over into east jerusalem. ah, as those people are waiting for the convoy, ah, which is said carrying, sharing a block less body to pass through the course sharina and al jazeera journalist was
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shot dead by israeli forces in the occupied westbank in the city of jeanine on wednesday. stay with us. motor car migrant finnegan will be here. ah, for over a century american parents have entrusted their sons to the boy scouts of america, hoping they would gain skills that would improve their lives. instead, countess young lives were ruined by predators within the organization. i knew there was so much, but i could not figure out where it was coming from. in a 3 part series, full plunge investigates, a massive scandal that wrote the united states scoutmaster part one on i was just 0 hatta, airway, official ally of the journey with
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awe whole an issue and line of the journey full of struggles full of pleasure. yes, it will cover both pick out a bit on that, close up with an intimate long life in cuba to
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make a media and meet. i was a yag filled with was a loony going to work a year. my cuba on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm adrian for the po, with continuing coverage, the killing of shipping a player with a daughter of palestine president mark put a boss leads tributes at a straight service for 51 year old al jazeera journalist showing an upgrade. i'm a symbol of the palestinian journey.


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