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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 12, 2022 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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this is an intimate look like life in cuba make what a media and me dialogue was home. it diag filled me was like a, like a year. my cuba on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello. i'm adrian finnegan, in doha, with continuing coverage of the killing of shipping up play with a daughter of palestine president mac put abbas leads tributes at a state service for 51 year old. out here a journalist shall be in la clay. i'm a symbol of the palestinian journalist. shaheen has sacrificed her life to defend
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its course and the cause of the palestinian people. 9 deal. oh mean de la la la. 1 the warning and global condemnation on the screen of la clay was shot dead by as really forces or covering a raid and the occupied west back for the study of american congress woman rashida to lab has told al jazeera, the only a full unfair investigation will determine what really happened? ah, it is just after $1000.00 g m t 1 pm in israel, of the occupied territory on adrian finnegan. this is our continuing coverage of the killing of palestinian al jazeera journalist chevy and i will are clear. let's get you up to date with the latest developments. sharon was shot in the head by israeli forces on wednesday, while covering at is really rated the occupied westbank city of jeanine. her body has been taken to the presidential compound in ramallah,
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where president markwood abbas paid his respects. the algeria media network has described the 51 year old's death as blatant murder, making it clear it holds israel responsible. the israeli military has admitted that soldiers from an elite unit fire during the raid, but has not said that its troops are to blame. lockwood abbas says that he'll seek justice at the international criminal court. here you mother, today we're here to pay respect to serene abil, ucla, the martyr of palestine. the martyr of jerusalem and the martyr of free speech and the free roll a symbol of the palestinian them and the symbol of the palestinian journalist sharina has sacrificed their life to defend its course and the cause of the palestinian pupil. sharina was an honest, weiss, patriarch, was national ways that conveyed the message of the families of the prisoners,
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the sufferings of palestinian people, the sufferings of those living in the camps, the sufferings of those who have been hit everywhere law. it's a crime to kill shoeing ucla, but such crime is not the 1st of its kind. dozens of journalists have lost their lives. palestinian journalists have lost their lives. the authorities of the israeli occupation are to be blamed for killing, showing this crime will never be able to stop free speech. such a crime will definitely be punished. the perpetrators will be punished, refused any joint investigation committee with israeli authorities because they have committed such a crime. we don't trust them and we'll go immediately to the international criminal court in order to find the perpetrators and criminals of her life to romana the occupied westbank houses. the abraham is nita took us through what's been happening that today the body of the shooting has made its wave from the
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hospital to the presidential compound for the ceremony that has been held here. the military procession that accompanied her body, where we've also heard the palestinian presidents, the more that fast call shady and mars are of the word. the mars are off the true people who are clasping things slogan, crying, never seen. people come to the funeral procession here in presidential headquarters. the public showed up like people who knew her or didn't . and those who didn't know her personally would tell you that they felt like they knew her. she was on their day and day out for more than 25 years, covering their stories, talking to them, talking about the human element behind the news. sometimes you here in the news
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that one person was killed here, one person was arrested there. she would go there, she would carry the sentiments of the family and tell that story to the world seen also official. if we just work with the prime minister, passing in prime minister, he was almost brought to tears. thinking about her how much, how brave she was always on the front lines, covering the story in so much knowledge. so many no one says she was why she was a call voice. she was an honest with me who were not just saying that because she is not with us. we loved her people who were around her, say how much she meant to them, leaving those who didn't know her personally were weeping. they were like, we last have you to show so and it's going to be some time
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for us to absorb the law and realize how much of the rave loss we've on do it in a professional level. i don't personally love elizabeth anita what's due to happened later today. the body is expected to make its way to jerusalem, where palestinian are reggie lining up the streets, leading to the columbia refugee camp to the body farewell on its way to choose for them. going to go to the family, the body is going to go to a family home there and the funeral procession. and then going to happen on friday in june. she's going to be buried next to her mother, father who died early in her kitty if she is survived by one brother
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who was working outside the country. when he got the news came back, he says his devastated and he says it's not just my loss. it's the loss of the palestinian people as a whole. are canada for the moment? for many thanks to you, just want to show you some live pictures. so here from the calendar checkpoint or the body of serene ah, is 3rd of all he hasn't yet been handled over to the international red crescent society. ah, we'll keep an eye on that for you and to bring you the latest a little later. in the meantime, romano's governor was among those morning at the hospital before the state service on 1st i layla gunam says that shall be in abu our clear will be remembered for the story. she covered the occupied palestinian territories and had to highlight, couldn't bid philistine, you owe palestine. urines were the family of sheranda. she was everywhere in palestine. gold. unfortunately, she has left this life, but she showed what
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a great role model she was for new journalists. she is an i colon representing alger 0, and all journalists who lost their lives wearing depressed jacket, homer, that we must protect every just now and we wish her all the blessings of god will be i'll just shatter, had our shire as sir the journalist who was beside sharina barclay, when she was shot dead, she says the shooting was intended to kill. yanine mother would either knock will on the left the lull. the occupation forces have led us to reach that point where they fired on us. i want to tell her that, i'm sorry, i couldn't protect you when we were under fire. i failed to save you. why bad to walk about east jerusalem al jazeera stephanie decker? is there a sharon's body expected to arrive there shortly? or what's the mood that stuff the journalist is starting to gather hair, and of course everyone here knows her. this is extremely personal for everyone. we
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expect her perhaps to arrive her in the next hour, an hour and a half or so. the body will be taken past her family home in bay tanina zillow, an area of occupied. he's jerusalem before being brought here to the hospital where the body will stay overnight and then tomorrow the funeral will take place. she, she is a loss for all palestinians and not even all palestinians. she's lost the messages i've been getting from friends and colleagues and even people that i don't know of my social media or from people across the world to watch al jazeera arabic who are very fit. it's an intimate relationship by that she has really created with the audience to have people say that they cried when they heard the news. that's how devastated, not just palestinians are, but you know, people across the world to watch al jazeera and their shot at simply incomprehensible. so a lot of anger that this is allowed to happen. and as we've been reporting before,
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you know, she is an incredibly high profile journalist, but this is something that happens. it's not the 1st time, and it's not the last time that a palestinian journalist will be killed. that at the end of a gotten or whatever else a v a v is railey army, it's often been accused by i n g o of using excessive force. i've seen it myself. we've all experienced it ourselves. and we've been questioning with our colleagues whether this potentially could it be a turning point because of the international spotlight on it because of the reaction because of the condemnation. you know, and, and we can, we kind of con, we can't tell because there's never been any accountability here when it comes to things like this. but certainly, you know, the, the, the high profile, this of shitty and the shock, the tragic as the senseless death. if you will really causing anger amongst people and sadness, i mostly at the moment it sadness because people inconsolable. those very close to her as just really very,
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very difficult to understand. still people coming to terms with what's an incomprehensible loss and what to do to happen once sharon's casket arrives in east . well, she is expected to pass by her family home in bay tanina. her brother arrived you heard from me dad. there he lives abroad. he arrived last night, we were outside the home when he arrived, his wife, her sister in law, was there, her niece was there. another nice is expected to arrive. our. our parents passed away quite some time ago. and she, she wasn't married, she didn't have children. so you have the surrounding that actually was interesting, you know, one policy in photography for a documenting on social media. one lady commenting saying where's her family? because of course, you know, it's usually to be married to have children. and one woman said, she's a load and then there was a 70 year old policy. woman said, she's not alone a, we are her family and we are all here with her and for her. so to take you back to
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what is expected to happen, she will stay at the family home outside for we understand maybe 15 minutes half an hour. so people paying their condolences, paying their respects. and then she's expected to come here to the hospital where the body will stay overnight and then tomorrow the funeral procession here in occupied is true. some around 3 o'clock in the afternoon, going to a church inside the old city and then she will be buried next to her parents just outside the walls of the old city. and we do expect a lot of people to turn up to, to pay their final respects to shitty. and because as we've been reporting, as we've been witnessing as we've all been experiencing, you know, on our, on our phone messages of condolences from across the board, not only the viewers of algae as your arabic, you know, is raylien people in the u. s. at globally, i think there's a global outcry about this. so i think, yes, we are expecting huge numbers to show up tomorrow. certainly on the ground. i'll
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just hear us stephanie decker reporting live there from occupied east jerusalem buddy. thanks dude. steph. palestinian prime minister was also among those paying tribute to should him should him is a national figure, a startling, a variable light lady? well, for tional journalists. so emotional when it comes to thanks. so professional when it comes to journalism. there but 3 addict palestinian, even though she has an american passport, but her roots are so deep rooted in jerusalem and her family as well. and i have seen sharina bartley nearly everywhere in condolences houses and celebrations, and demonstrations and citizens. she name is not only a correspondent is not only a journalist, but also she lived the cases. and she was really part of the event. and she was reporting about every single detail of their by the scene and daily life. and now
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it is everything that people are reporting about children at a time when she was reporting about arthur's. it's sad. basha shower was a friend of sharing. he explains what she meant to palestinians. every one standing here has its own story. was shilling as friends we experienced with had this amazing person, pure soul, and innocent professional journalist who always waited for serene to tell us the story. we're losing to day. a great story teller, a supporter of freedom, a supporter of of occupied people, suffered from lubbock standard, suffered from occupation from racism from terrorism. and today i think when should in lift us lift over our shoulders, a huge responsibility to continue the message and to hold the letter that we are
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the people of freedom. we do have the right to police team. people have the full right of self determination and to protect our future's, our kids, the future when we live. and we can see our kids do have the same rights because unfortunately, every day we're suffering from people give themselves the right to execute us. as the palestinian soul has no value at all. the less time we sold it as denson lease full of this amount due to amount, you can see the hudson's deb, it's when we said good bye to us at our fault, audibly displayed it. so it's, i think the policy of people are giving a good will fit that she deserves in ramallah, unto mortal proceed. and i believe the borders were open for the seniors were, came from all around the wood from garza, from jerusalem from abroad to say good bye to shooting video analysis of where sharon was killed appears to contradict israel's original account of the shooting. al jazeera calculus hot, i own reports,
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are not out of the hot book. shortly after serene up, lockley was killed. the israeli government began circulating this video. it shows an arm palestinian firing his weapon. israel says it shows how the veteran al jazeera correspondent was likely shot by palestinian gunfire and not by its forces . but that's disputed by rights groups. witnesses and journalists who've analyzed the video. israel says this is where the palestinian gunmen opened fire. from this point, jerusalem based human rights organization selim says there are too many walls, alleys and buildings, blocking the site where sharin was shot. and gps verification and dozens of video clips shows. this is where is really soldiers were located as a rated a home. and janine, it shows a direct line of fire to where sharon was shot and killed. the site is also far from the palestinian resistance fighter who was about 260 meters away. i
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sell them says israel's version of events is based on a false narrative designed to protect the perpetrators there is no line of sight between one location and the other. and in fact, our researcher it into staking him a few minutes to walk from one location to the other location. you know linden investigation is, was israel's most a tried and unfortunately successful? it tricks in their blanket. impunity didn't resume provides itself a witnesses is really forces were not under attack, was laud. when the journalist arrived, they were surprised because the occupation forces were closing the street with their military vehicles and then they started shooting at them. a man tried once again to retrieve sharon's body for we were not aware at that point that she had been killed. he tried to provide 1st aid to her, so they started shooting at him and the bullets hit a tree over his head. the guys who were not throwing stones, nor shooting,
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there was no form of resistance. for me, the european union has caused for an independent investigation into her death. and the u. s. envoy to the un has call for sharina killing to be transparently investigated. but israel has a track record of not punishing its soldiers who committed crimes against palestinians. and it's never jailed one of its soldiers for the killing of a journalist katya. look, this is leanne l. g 0. a spring al jazeera senior political analyst, my one bichon who's that lives up from london. no one picking up on what katia lopez had i and was, was saying that what are the chances you think of israel even agreeing to an independent investigation into shirlen's mother i don't think there's a chance at all. i think the whole idea of this investigation thing is to betty it not to expose it. i mean, if it wants to be involved with the palestinians of any sort of investigation is just in order to deduce the whole point of it. and that's why i think the entire
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point about the investigation that a lot of us and them been focused on is actually are more of a charade than anything else. in the sense that a real independent investigation is almost impossible. because his or when i agreed to it, and if does happen it not, it will not lead to any actionable measures against the perpetrators. and if it's not independent, then it's more of the same is i will just do that tricks and, and play the game. and keep up appearances in order then to bury it. i think we need to stop talking less about the investigation and start talking more about their occupation. because if you really talk about the occupation this open crime scene of the past more than half a century, didn't you realize that every day requires an investigation, an independent investigation really is or the end of the day. we know where the responsibility for the murder of our colleague lies. it doesn't lie simply by the
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who, who the trigger. it lies my who have the orders, who devised the policy and that we knew exactly what it is. it's at the prime minister's office and the defense minister's office in ocoee by johnson. no one. well, that's okay. i just want to show our view is this like pictures from a calendar check point where the body of for sharing is right now. it makes its way to look occupied, east jerusalem people as you can see coming out through were to pay their respects . no one is difficult to describe the sense of not only grief anger here in this news or not just this news room, but in newsrooms. all over the world, but one of our own could be murdered in a part of the world where people have been and continue to be brutally oppressed. what do we, as journalists do without anger? now?
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i think we should do what sharyn spend the life than doing our not our viewers honor athenians. as victims, an honor is radius who are in the midst of this sad turmoil called the apostate. i think, you know, she spent the whole life just reporting the facts. i'm trying to get to the truth of the matter because she thought like the rest of our thing that this does serve peace and justice. in the end of the day, once people know the truth about what is going on, whether they are in the outer world. busy or in terms of rogers or english, whether they are part of international public opinion that this would lead to better decisions on part of their decision makers. so really we all her to treat her memory with the same way that she treated us with honor, with respect, with the kind of, you know,
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measured for all be passionate attachment to the truth and to the profession. and it is not just any profession, because i'm sure all of us will be making more money being called a salesman, or, or walk in finance or something. a lot of us chose this, this profession as she did. because it's more than just a job is a mission there. and that mission is not really to change the world per se, and it's not really to think positions and sides. and that was one of the most amazing things about sharyn, that capacity to cover, to expose the crimes committed against her own beloved homeland. and that the same time maintains that kind of objectivity. when she walks the thrift, the palestine or the alley of the camp, but i think you can, you're almost since that she was like walking on water in the sense that she was
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confident. she was measured and she knew she was telling the truth. she was running the facts about what was going on without once, and i've been watching for the past 20 some years without once losing her nerves without once losing her mind. always focus, always trying to share and express what is going on there. she was indeed as that cliche goes, she was the voice of the voiceless victims and she was silenced, given sharon's high profile. do you think that her mother could indeed be a turning point? well, you know, i think we've learned throughout the experience that there are wishes and there are wishful thinking right now. we wish she does. now we always that what we call
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an optimism of the hearts and our last pessimism of the mind. knowing what is there and it has been capable of as an apartment state as a colonial settler, say, as a state that occupies than other people for over a century. and not even flinching after killing of a journalist. but something is engaging in really a few stations against the network. i'm against the palestinians and so forth. i'm afraid we have a long way to go, but i think this is an important cycle. the death of our colleague will probably who would not grow and be forgotten in history. and that's why as i've been saying, i was, i've been saying since yesterday, i'm not ready to talk about her in the past. not yet. probably not forever. i think she is his present, but i think her voice is present the longer and i think it will make a difference. but it makes a huge difference or not. i think every day. and we're seeing that again without
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a 0 percent with either sister organizations. i'm with you that happen, other parts of the world. you know, we do what we must. we fight the fights that we must fight, not in the study, the fights that we can win. 0 city a political analyst, my one shot life from london on may. thanks to date, these pictures live from the columbia checkpoint in ramallah should be in the body on its way to occupied east jerusalem. it's even the same feelings running high as people pay their respects to a
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a with a, a, a lot of pictures from becoming the a check point, loma just one of my want to still with us. i just want to bring him back in again. extraordinary pictures here,
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this public outpouring of grief. we can see that for people who look for a new home from tv, what do you make of this? no one can you hear me a moment? can you hear me? and i thought you saw him with us, but we don't, can you, can you hear me? yes. i'm just saying about this, this hearing public outpouring of grief actually from people who only knew her from tv. i don't. i don't think no one can actually hear me at the moment, so we'll, we'll come back to my one. a little later. more reaction now from the regional i'll
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just here is the outside is in gaza where the has been a solidarity rally here in the university. this time were dozens of palestinians have gathered, doesn't the officials have gathered to express their condolences and their deepest solidarity. the city and a ball club where they would always remember, they've seen her for many years. they've brought up watching her on their screens. they know shooting for the person. 7 never meeting her, her name has always been in every palestinian home, her memory day in their minds and in their homes and in the back of their minds for, for as long as they live. i rather has a senior symbol for the whole policy in or around the world, and in garza, i was raised on her voice in every single corner in our house. my father on my mother knew her since, but they told me i learned about her
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a girl. she was she has she lived in bethlehem. she lived in our lives in jerusalem. she has always been a good defender about the bullet damian coast. as many palestinians here have expressed love a tribute to read bite lines, songs in words they had made to express this love. all right, but can't bring back her. i'll just hear a senior political analyst, my own bushera in lot of my what do you make of these pictures that we're seeing from columbia? right? i mean, you're not just the idea that an order for one to get from work to home. one has to deal with this major checkpoint. looks like dangerous border shop. right. but that's what the simians have to go through today. that's what train went through. good and good lifestyle is even after her death,
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she has to go through the truck and probably the check warned symbolizes the utmost misery of for the city and livelihoods. and just because it's not just like this one fixed point, there's also these for what flyer checkpoints all over the west bank over the occupied territories where these railways basically make the life of for the sinews, miserable. and i think there's more of that. and yet, despite that, we see the palestinians gathering being part of this procession because they feel and if you know, if you spoke arabic, if you watched a and where it was interested in what's going on, but a sign you must have heard shauryn every other day if not every day of your lifetime over the past quarter of a century, she is, you know, the austro generation that covered a party dies as it, as it unravel that, covered the negotiations as they started and covered the occupations the massacres
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. as they went on, and if you are a part of sidney, if you are not up, you've heard her voice. she was part of your family. she was at breakfast and she was at the dinner table. so you know, they probably honor her just as they would on their any one of their siblings or, or, or parents or daughters. because she was that she was that palestinian daughter who was able to convey the reality on the ground, the suffering as well as the celebrations of a people called the palestinians. and it's across the board here. we've got young people, old people, men, women, people from all walks of life. the other people say that they've, they've seen nothing like this before. that's through actually and, and, and the fact that it's, it's going on and it will continue to go on. that's even more important and that testifies to the importance of once again or what is it that we do and why it's
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important. you know, people who feel neglected. people like the palestinians who feel who feel like the world has turned its back on them, including, you know, much of the out up capitals, but they've turned their backs on them. and yet, you know, there are those sorts of media outlets that the artists are loyal and dedicated to a reporting the fact, even from those gray areas of the war from those hot spots of the world, we are not the type of organization. and i'm talking about osha 0 that but a shoots into conflicts when they happen, like most other networks within, but i shoot ourselves into syria and iraq and yemen, just as in palestine. we've been there, we continue to be there. so unlike a lot of those reporters who simply pressured themselves into jerusalem or into gaza, you know, every once in a blue moon, sharina has been there day in day out one year after another since basically had
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entire career since 1997 and hence her voice her debility had consistency, her persistence is one that is shared by most palestinians. so the young ones have howard there and the old ones, i have heard her thoughts and reports and so on, so forth. as i said, you know, she is part and parcel of the fabric of palestinian life. and she has been part and parcel of their suffering as well as their celebration machine in london i went for the moment, took many thanks. indeed 0. excuse me, the you and human rights office says it's a pool or the killing of sharon and that impunity must end on his heels. kristen salumi has more on the reaction from the un headquarters in new york. he mac than use right? condemnations and calls for an investigation or to the death of al jazeera, serene abu. our clay came quickly at the united nations from top you and officials,
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as well as member nations and the lead of arab states that we look at this as a one further step of this collision of situation. that is happening by the israeli authorities. and that started during the month of ramadan. so this is not only and at tech when a person, oh, we're the but a senior or not, but it is not dec under freedom of the press and the freedom of opinion. the u. s. ambassador to the united nation is called her death, horrifying. she was very well respected. i actually had the opportunity to meet with her when i was in ah, the westbank our last november and, ah, she did an extraordinary interview and i laugh there filling extraordinary respect for her. so i know that she will be sadly, mis, by all of us and out, we have to ensure that we get to the bottom of her, of her killing,
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linda thomas greenfield, called on israel and the palestinian authority to conduct a joint investigation. an idea echoed by israel's ambassador, but refused by palestinians will reject the claims of israel that they can do a credible investigation. there are the criminals and the criminals cannot investigate themselves on the mission or the palestinian ambassador called for an independent international investigation and pointing out in a letter to the security council that 40 palestinian journalists have been killed since the year 2000 with no accountability. the arab league also called for action on the part of the security council and a resumption of the peace process warning that of world powers don't focus on the region. confrontations and misery will continue. kristin salumi al jazeera, the united nations of the ambulance, carrying the body of our colleague or serene, has now crossed that checkpoint, sir, at cullen deer,
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are with me in the studio. sultan barker, who is the founding director of the center of conflict and humanitarian studies at the doha institute. you've been watching these pictures of this huge outpouring of grief for our, our colleague from, as i said earlier, people who only have a really new sharon from, from their tv screens. what, what do you make? well, i think the intensity in which people go to know her is the reflection of the, the problem of the policy in an occupation because it has been in the news daily. and as my ones were saying, area maybe 2 or 3 times a day. the report be filed from what's going on in palestine and shaheen has been the face of many of those reports over the years. so people naturally would feel an affinity with her as a person. and i think she will be sadly and badly missed over the coming. what do you think of the impact her murder has, has made internationally here we've,
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we've been hearing criticism and cause for an independent investigation from, from all over the world. what would you make of that? it's the cause for investigation are usually the case when these kind of incidents happen. i think the issue here is whether it's going to be international or not. and clearly given the nature of the occupation, given that the killing took place outside israel, it's in the elk by to retrieve it didn't work by land. it has to have an internet damage. and maybe one of the weakness of the situation in palestine over the last few decades has been that it wasn't internationalized sufficiently. israel has been able to spin the situation year on year into a context of almost as if there's a minority there that they don't like our rule. and we are negotiating and we're able to work it out. when in reality, this is
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a very clear crossing the line occupation one nation over over another and does called for international intervention. had this been happening anywhere in the world, i think long the goal that would have been serious calls for intervention and protection of civilian. but is where there's not gonna allow and it's rational and not going to allow it, but the world is changing and it's moving on. and i think what's going on in ukraine today. it makes it much more difficult to, for israel allies to deny what they called for, for the claims to the night for the palestinians. and that applies particularly to be your opinions and more so to more increasingly to the americans as well. do you think this could be a turning point? them something might change. it has to be. i think it's, i mean, the record is that they've been a lot of civilians killing and a lot of getting away with it over the years. but one should not stop and wish not just give, give up,
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think the pressure has got to be maintained and hopefully shooting will be, are killing, will be the last and it will be attending. how can, how can, but pressure be maintained? what to start with? i think it's very important to keep it in the media and there are lots of priorities at the moment in africa and your crane elsewhere. just going to be a struggle, i think, to keep, keep it as a headline. but if that is possible, then the longer stays, the more a capital political capital it generates around around the world. and, and that would help maintain the focus on not just the actual killing, but the whole reasoning of why these railey forces, the special forces were in jeanine, the nature of the occupation, the impunity that israel enjoys. and the, the way the reckless really attitude, the soldiers undertaker year,
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year or near in the occupied territories. but how do you think that israel's p r machine, if you like, we'll, we'll deal with this. this change of focused out this, the fact that the, the can't simply say what they believed to have happened and expect the world to, to believe it also. i think they've already started by the, suggesting that there is a confusion or maybe there are some mix mix missing or fax going on. they will try and blame al jazeera for trying to spin the line of what's going on. they will try and suggest that investigation is the way forward and it has to be an israeli, or either shared or lead investigation. and all of that is designed to really see it off the news as good as it's about delaying the issue. it's about trying to get people to forget and move on to all was, and this is a pattern that happened in the past. i mean, this time, last year they bondage is your office in a garza and
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a few weeks later it was forgotten and things people moved on. the international community looked into it and nothing came out. or we remember 1990 in 1994 sr for in 2014 the gallstone report on garza. it was very critical report of those radio conduct during the war in 2014. but that again got filed do nothing came out of it. do you think any anything will, will come out of shootings, but at this time? well, will anyone be held accountable? it depends on all of us. it depends on all the people who believed ensuring people believe in journalism and its independence and its necessity for transmitting truth . in amongst, you know, in most difficult times of war and conflict, this people genuinely believe in those causes. then i think there's still hope to push for the merger of sharina to be attending point. and i was saying to my one earlier on, it's difficult to describe the sense of anger, not only grief,
1:42 pm
but anger in this newsroom. many newsrooms are all journalists continue to be targeted for doing their job for, for telling the truth all over the world and ukraine. as you mentioned in places like mexico and what, what do we do with, with that anger now when, when one of our own is, is killed in cold blood like this, what, what, what are we supposed to do with that anger? well, i think the 1st, the most important thing is really to try and prevent these kind of things from happening again. and obviously there is something about preserving the memory of shooting. and i'm sure there will be some initiatives to try and protect her legacy and keep her legacy alive amongst the palestinians, but also internationally but her back in 1997, which is the year when sharon started in this business. the un through the through unesco, have passed a very important resolution for the protection of journalism. and in fact,
1:43 pm
they started the database. when observatory that list journalists that have been killed throughout the world. and today, it counts almost 1600 journalists who have been killed since 97. and of course, this is unsustainable, that cannot continue like this. and it has been used by states and by armed groups as a way to terrorize journalism from transmitting the truth. and we saw this not only in israel, but also with isis and dash, trying to kill journalist publicly. they all objective is to make it very, very difficult for news agencies to send in correspondence and also for individual correspondence to take or make the choice of being on the front line. in the case of shaheen, of course, she was more than just a correspondent working for international agency. she was from the society he lived in jerusalem and belong to the people over to the palestinians. and i think
1:44 pm
she and like what she faced hundreds of thousands of generous and on the world on the same situation. many thanks, disagreeing with us. so really appreciate your thoughts. no sir. sultan back up the occupied palestinian territories. one of the most dangerous places for journalists covering conflict. the new york based committee to protect journalist estimates that 18 have been killed since 1992. but the palestinian journalist syndicate says that that figure is 3 times higher and it blames is ready forces for most casualties out a 0 same bus raphi reports. oh, in israel's occupation of palestine, it's tactics have become increasingly aggressive over the decades. so to it's cracked out on media workers cover and oh, on the killing of al jazeera journalist and palestinian american sharina ugly and left the latest example on you can call them up. i yeah. in may 2021 in his railey
1:45 pm
air. raid brought down a building in the gaza strip that housed local people and international media offices, including those of al jazeera press. freedom advocates said it was an attempt to silence journalist a month later israeli police destroyed out of your equipment and arrested jerusalem correspondent as your holiday. oh, no, do that. oh, breaking her head in the process with witnesses said her press sign was clearly visible and the arrest was unprovoked. of luckily was also in her press, vest and helmet at the time of her death. time and time again, it has been shown that you know, israeli forces kill palestinian, including palestinian journalists without cause in the occupied territory. and its berry ex, extremely rare that israeli soldiers, captains,
1:46 pm
or military officials are ever held accountable for their actions. israel often uses what he calls secret evidence to detain palestinian journalist for months without due process and restrict their movement. attacks by israeli forces have also left dozens injured, a palestinian centre of human rights report in 2020 found journalists face, quote, cruel, inhumane, and degrading treatment at the hands of israeli forces in the wake of workers death . israel's army says it does not target journalists and his foreign minister suggested conducting a joint investigation and autopsy, and offer palestinian leaders refused. israeli forces have directly targeted journalists with lethal force in the past. in 2008 israeli soldiers killed reuters camera man. fidel shot he filmed the tank as it fired the shell that killed him. his final images captured on tape before his camera was destroy. shanar 2 was
1:47 pm
wearing body armor marked press at the time of his death. sharina of luckily was killed covering in israeli raid on jeanine in the occupied west bank. the cutter based broadcaster said oj 0 producer ali elsa moody was also wounded. the latest casualties of israeli attacks on journalists that seemed to go on with impunity in basra. v altura, marco and jones as an assistant professor of middle east studies, had been calling for university. he explains how israel is likely to use public relations tactics to shift responsibility for shirlen's mother. the israeli state is very used to managing these crisis situations in which the kil palestinians citizens or journalists. so what they've done is they've already had a narrative. and that narrative is that there was an ambiguity about the killing of sri. and in this case, there was a possibility that it could've been palestinians. we know this is very implausible
1:48 pm
. however, this narrative was put up very early. the video in question was published by the ministry of foreign affairs, which as a track record and using social media to disseminate falsehood. if you remember recently when amnesty international released and applaud accusing israeli state apartheid minister of foreign affairs, took out an ad on google accusing amnesty of anti semitism. so we know that they have the strategies in the pipeline with regards to sherry, and they obviously want to use at this time because this time is crucial. and i can't emphasize this enough. this is the moment where there's going to be the most outpouring of outrage and grief about the killing of charade. so if they can cast doubt, if they can muddy waters around the death terrain, by possibly getting newspapers in the international fair to suggest that she was killed by a palestinian, they have been successful. and in reality, this is what happened. the garden newspaper, you can be p. c. i've already been very clear about putting is ready version of events very high up on never posting it. and so this is a huge,
1:49 pm
huge problem. and it's a deliberate strategy i would say from the israeli p. r team to actually to try and muddy the waters around the killing. let's go back to occupied east jerusalem, where ashley and body is expected to arrive shortly. i'll just serious stephanie deka. is this, what's the mood there right now? we have a gathering mostly journalist at the moment here we understand that the profession is around 10 minutes away having arrived and occupied insurance policy through the call and the checkpoint. so people are just where you can see over here are one lady kicking out roses to give to everyone we did see also roses being thrown. 2 on her coffin, as the procession made their way out of them and caught the presidential compound. and you saw those extraordinary scenes, adrian, of the amount of people coming out on to the streets to pay their respects and
1:50 pm
attempted to watch her body make its way too occupied east jerusalem, where she will be late to rest tomorrow. and you know, as we've been saying, there's a lot of sadness here. there is anger, but today's the day of sadness of incredulity of watching, you know, the military parade around her as her body was. and she was, was, was honored by the palestinian president, mahmoud abbas. so we're expecting people also here to arrive with the procession. it is not stopped in her family home and maintaining an error and area occupied is true in which we had been told before. so yes, so from what we understand you are in about 10 minutes, 11. the body will be arriving here. will be heading to the morgue, where it's going to stay overnight. and then tomorrow, of course, the final day, the funeral procession. she will be at a church inside the old city and then buried next to her parents in the cemetery, just outside the walls here occupied his true slim. we've seen this public
1:51 pm
outpouring of grief today as her body was taken from the occupied territory. true, occupied the east jerusalem. i mean, what, what can we expect of tomorrow? steph? i honestly, i think we're going to expect seeing a lot of people, a lot of people coming out to say goodbye. because just as we've been reporting and seeing and witnessing and experiencing 1st had the out poor, not just from those of us who knew her not just from her colleagues, not just from journalists, have worked with her for over 20 years. but the people who been watching her, who feel they know her personally for over 25 years when she brought the stories here of the occupation into their living rooms. not just in occupied palestine, but across the. a arab and muslim world, i've been having text messages from people who live all over the place. they don't policy and saying they cry saying their friends cried saying this is incredibly
1:52 pm
shocking. so i think we are going to expect a massive out turn. she's become a symbol, she's become a symbol, i think of the occupation she has become a symbol of the injustice that is experienced, that has become normalized if you will. and i think also we were discussing the colleagues, not every journalist has the capacity to mobilize and to cool it to, to unite and to have the kind of grief that she has cause you can see here we are, of course in the hospital you can see doctors and nurses coming out waiting for her to arrive shaheen and none they're shooting as unified people. they all feel that this is an incredible personal loss. getting reports, staff from they'd have enough an hour of palestinian neighborhood in east jerusalem . that is where the police have allowed the ambulance to pass, but of close time it off to every one else,
1:53 pm
including those who accompanied charlene's body from ramallah. our correspondent, son, is currently negotiating with the israeli police to let them continue with the ambulance as it makes its, its journey to where you are there in an occupied east jerusalem unless i think what can credit with but i beat and nina basically is the neighborhood where her family home is, so i would imagine i'm just getting the information from you that they're probably going to allow the ambulance to follow by her family own. but these really police from what i understand from your, your, you're telling me stopping everyone else from doing that. they're clearly trying to control the around here, not having too many people or something that i would say is, um, is expected. yeah. so yes i initially we were told that she would be passing by the family home then we were told no, it sounds now that potentially she will be and then she'll be coming here. so we do expect her in the next 10. 15 minutes, but sorry, hold on somebody's ankle. oh,
1:54 pm
i'm being told that, but potentially soon she will be arriving here. so i think she is. she is close. now we are close to base. hi nina. so that as we're being told that she's pretty close to arriving here now. okay, stephanie, and then just just run through will. we'll try and keep talking until assurance audio arrives with you, but just just short run us through. once again. i know you, i know you've told us already but but just to, to full time on while we wait. tell us what to do that happened there. when the ambulance carrying sharon's body arrives and, and, and the, the mood among people that have all those people. it's not just journalists there with you at the moment. i think you have, you got journals here. you've got people from, from the area, you've got doctors and nurses. you've got some nuns, not everyone can reach this area as well. and i think they're now saying to people
1:55 pm
that she is going to arrive quite soon, but the basically serena's united as were saying earlier, everyone know, last night we are right back to our hotel. the staff who know very well came to offer us condolences and were in tears. and they said, we cannot believe that jo. she's someone we know extremely well. it's a personal tragedy for everyone, not just the journalistic community. it's a personal tragedy for palestinian. it's a personal tragedy from what we've been witnessing myself and my colleagues messages we've been getting from across the world, from people who watch al jazeera arabic, who cried. this is how personal they take it. this is what a tragedy. and this has been, she's been a voice of the people and as you're saying, other than occupation that has been normalized if you will somewhat. and she was, the kind of journalist would continue covering the stories when the international media has long moved on adrian, new, small issues like at home demolition,
1:56 pm
they happen all the time. well, the international media might get tired of those stories, but this is the reality for the people on the ground here. so she really knew someone who was constantly there reminding people of the dania kerns. and this is why in janine again what happened in jeanine on 3rd on wednesday morning, was arranged. that wasn't unusual. it wasn't that big ray that were expecting to happen potentially at these res, have been talking about. it was just another raid. as business is huge, i think this is key also, she died documenting what is the daily reality for palestinians that the world has got tired of. and you can see them now preparing, taking out of the morgue some seats. so i think they're preparing their, preparing now for her to arrive very soon. but again, adrian, you know, it's, she's really become, and even these really pra, mentioning this as symbols of israel's occupation, the voice that kept reminding people of what it was like to live on the occupation when the international community and even
1:57 pm
a lot of governments of our countries have normalize relations, all right? with israel will tell you stories for drugs. we'll be back with you shortly. but for the moment i just wanna play some video of shipping recorded not long before she died. oh and then we'll take a 1030 about them. the condo with
1:58 pm
mm ah and with hebron boys breathe that fly pigeons. but in this occupied palestinian city boys are also close to watched vice really forces at times shaw thought and often arrested. a delicately told tale filmed over 5 years of a coming of age in a place where even a child's imagination is heavily restricted for the skies above hebron. a witness
1:59 pm
documentary on on jesse utah from the ruins of mosul, music as re emerged. these are some of 40 musicians who make up the water orchestra in iraq, 2nd largest city, despite being bound, been mostly, was occupied by isolate. the meditates, arrived, 3rd and christian curd arab. so neither she has these young men and women represent the diversity of iraq to be able to hear music, i mean, the ruins of mussels also the feel strange. but it brings home the resilience of residents who say that despite the destruction and lack of help, they remain committed to bringing the city back to life. we always messing around the word this whole re money, which is only looking at how to make the next profit, devastating economies, devastating ecosystems. putting a price on the protection of nature. green economy as sounds good,
2:00 pm
but it was all about privatization of nature. should our environment be for sale? what we're trying to do is persuade people to stabilize the client much. i've given them a financial incentive to do the pricing the planet on al jazeera. ah, with a daughter of palestine, president mahmoud abbas leads tributes at a state service for serene. i will. okay. the edges are journalist killed by is ready for ah. are developed in doha with continuing coverage of sharina walk has shooting des moines is feel the streets is a remains a taken to occupied east jerusalem.


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