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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  May 12, 2022 2:30pm-3:01pm AST

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week and has really high court ruled for the eviction of a palestinian villages. right. so these are the kinds of things that happened to home demolition. things that oftentimes don't get covered in the same way that, that the military deal with all that military assaults do get covered, i think much more directly. but even on the media question, i mean think going back to this question of investigations, we know that last summer, the israeli air force bond military building, or sorry, rather a media building in gaza that have that house associated press in elgin 0. and to this day, we still don't have any kind of accountability for that. so i, i don't think that we can necessarily expect the same for this incident. hey, it's quite a big question, but what i think is important for our international viewers who may not know, be intimately familiar with what we mean when we say life under occupation. what we mean when we say covering covering the impacts of an occupation. so it just for, for our international audience, can you explain to us what, what we mean by that?
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what we being is, is a system in which the, the structures of power don't represent you as a person, right? so the palestinians don't have any kind of rights or claims under military occupation. there is simply at the mercy of an occupying force that has been there, at least in the case of the west bank and gaza since $967.00. that controls every element of their daily life from movement, from what i can amik opportunities. they might have from access to medical care, we've seen, for instance, and people die at border crossings because they're unable to access medical care while they're going to try at the checkpoints rather. and so these are the kinds of things that exist. the daily humiliation of solvers that are able to rate homes that are able to also to, to seize homes, to demolish them. and there's no recourse, right? there's no court system from which people can actually claim any sort of relief. because ultimately, this is a discriminatory system that exists to privilege one population at the extent at the expense of another men. again, this is why why the international human rights community has reached this consensus
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in the last few years to basically say this is very much akin to what we saw in apartheid in south africa. there are some of this important differences, but the idea of keeping people separate and discriminating between them on the basis of their ethnicity or their religious background or ethnic background is very much present. i mean, we've seen it even just over the last month with the assaults on the holy sites in jerusalem. right? that those daily provocations were very much kind of, again intended to remove palestinian wilson and christian rights in jerusalem. which i guess is also one of the reasons why reporting from the ground is, is so important shining a light on, on all of these daily publications is daily humiliations. i thank you very much for your time. we appreciate it's up to the audio and they're an associate professor of history at georgetown university or basha. shower is a friend of she mean, she explained what she meant for palestinians. every one standing here has his own
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story, was trillion as friends we experienced with this amazing person, pure soul, an innocent christian journalist who always waited for serene to tell us the story . we're losing to day. a great story teller, a supporter of freedom, a supporter of health of occupied people, suffered from bobbin standard, suffered from occupation from racism from terrorism. and today i think when should lift us lift over our shoulders, a huge responsibility to continue the message and to hold the letter that we are, the people of freedom we do have derived the policy of people have the full right of self determination and to protect our future's our kids, the future when we live and we can see our kids do have the same rights because unfortunately, every day we're suffering from people give themselves the right to execute us. as
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the palestinian soul has no value at all. the last time we saw the presidential police full of this amount due to amount, you can see the headsets there. it's when we said goodbye to yes or the 4th or the greatest leader. so it's, i think the philistine people are giving a good will fit that she deserves fear in ramallah unto moral proceed. and i believe if the boarders were open for the seniors were, came from all around the world from garza, from jerusalem, from abroad to sit, to say good bye to sharing my reporter. you know, our science is in garza where there's been a solidarity valley. we're here in upstate university. this time we're does as a palestinian said godaddy doesn't that the officials have godaddy expressed their condolences and they deepest silly dairy, keep the city in a box where they would always remember they've seen her for many years. they've brought up watching her on their screens. they know she read. 2 the person,
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despite never missing her, her name has always been in every palestinian home. her memory shall stay in their mind and in their homes and in the back of their minds for as long as they live. i remember as opposed to a symbol for the whole policy in or around the world. and in garza, i was raised on her voice and every single corner in our house. my father on my mother knew her since birth, but they told me a lot about her grow, grow. she was, she has. so she lived in bethlehem. she lived in our lives in jerusalem. she has always been a good defender about the policy and toes. as many pal, this thing is here, how to express love a tribute to read by pines, songs in words they have made to express this love. the palestinian prime minister
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is among those paying tribute to re shoot him is a national figure, a starter, a very polite lady, professional journalist. so emotional when it comes to things, so professional, when it comes to journalism, it but 3 a take about a steamy and even though she has an american passport, but her roots out of so it be brought it in general. is that m and had family as well, and i have seen shooting out water nearly everywhere in condolences houses and celebrations and demonstrations in citizens. she is not only a correspond, that is not only journalists, but also she lived the cases. and she was really part of the event, and she was reporting about every single detail over there, but it's been a daily life. and now it is everything that people are reporting about shooting at that time when she was reporting about the doctors. it's wild very
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senior political analyst mall on the shower, joins us now from london. my one just wanna start with getting your reaction to, to the huge turn out that we've seen today. if you just allow me to comment quickly about the prime minister statement, this is especially important in terms of what exactly we do and the importance so far, you know, credit will journalism a j 0 has been almost merciless in discovering not only of the israeli occupation but also of the performance of the palestinian authority, whether it's the president or the prime minister or the various ministries and so on, so forth as it was quite critical when it needed to be of the policy or fergus performance . and yet we see that both about a senior president and the panacea prime minister, praising a palestinian journalist who was there questioning our and,
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and basically reporting that to the rest of the world. so i think it's important in that sense both to understand jenny, it understand sharin as a loving but 3 artic palestinian but also as a credible journalist who despite a reporting the facts was so respected among those in power and occupied vendors. even the ones who she was, as you say at the right time able to, to be critical of. she was also one of the, the earliest days ariens as, as you have turned it sort of helping to shape the, the color of this whole network, right? establishing the reputation that it has to day. absolutely, and you know, there are season, oh journalists, reporters, and there are season do journalist center ports us and i think she was the 2nd
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category. seasons meaning she was there, she knew the her subject all to well. the field of her reporting as she mastered, she was, sees in the sense that she knew the ins and outs. she knew the various factors involved. she knew the history, the present. and she knew about both of the israeli and palestinian sides in this very particular equation. she did the humanitarian and the political, the civil and the religious, and so on and so forth. so you had the seasoned a journalist out there for a quarter of a century doing her professions as she must. and then we have of course, sometimes by necessity sometimes by habit. when a, you know, a number of a news organization send their journalists only when there's trouble in a certain hotspot or new when they're, you know,
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countries called for it. just as we've seen, a number of european american journalists, another journalist being parachuted into that assign iraq law. you know, yet men on so on, so forth when it is needed. so i think in that sense, her voice was credible. her voice was soothing. her voice was cool and collected because she was that, that overseas, in germany's and that's why back to your 1st question. she is so loved and admired and respected by her people. she would, you know, criticize what it needs to be and she would praise why it needs to be all through reporting the facts on the ground. and i think an entire generation or generations in the pool or off, better seniors and out up go up with her and her voice. and by the way of her colleagues who are also in giants in the profession. you know, when you, when we walked into the offices of drama, low jerusalem, and you would see some of those a journalist worth i just had english, but i'll just get out of it. in particular,
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you would so those who i called just syrians, because they won't just dip in and dip out whenever the next chance comes along. they have been from the beginning, the likes of all, all murray, the bureau chief, there yet has been there from day one and no one thinks that he is going to be living. so they have that kind of camaraderie. they, they, they, they, you know, they had each other's back and they had a division of labor. and when they joined, they became dedicated. been loyal to a message to the admission of sort. and that is journalism. i was really struck by a phrase that you penned in are sort of tribute analysis piece that you wrote on our website. you said 1st we mourn her, and then we scorn her kelly's. do you really think that there will be justice here? i tell you why i why i had that in mind because i was watching the coverage from
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the, from the very, from early on. and i, i saw a lot of, you know, quite a excited language about international law and the national legitimacy and accountability and, and so on, so forth. and my mind that my heart was with sharina and her family and her colleagues and her friends and her fans. and so it was basically a personal attribute to say that, let's think about sharina. and let's think about the tragedy that we're living in. and let's just take over time to think about later on her killers because of course, she deserves of us. the kind of a solemn respects to honor her. and i know her life to celebrate her life. and then to turn on into what exactly has been going on, what does it mean? and thus, when i say as, as you and i had spoken that the entire issue of the investigation is becoming a,
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you know, more of a ploy in my mind, right? i and electrically speaking, we know now that an independent investigation is almost impossible because it will not be accepted by israel and they not says clearly it's not going to pressure it. in fact, what we heard yesterday from the state department on our channel is that they are supporting is, are to be involved in that kind of thing. and we know that music would lead to nowhere because israel has every intention to bury it, not to expose it as a crime, as just because there's a long record of that sort of a behavior on the part the visit is there and is interested in keeping up appearances because as an apostate state, it cannot belong to the west as it wishes to. so to belong to the west, to continue to have that sort of trade preference that protection protection at the u on by a western democracies. those who are complicit with the radical right wing israeli government with a point paid regime, it needs to keep up the appearances and say,
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yes, we are ready to involve in a commission. we are ready to open this and that investigation, so so forth. while we all know, and we've all reported in the past that it leads to nowhere. and that's why the palestinians, you know, have been been bits once and again, this time decided look, you know what, we are not going to engage you. we're not going to give you any credibility by having you join us because we know and we've heard from roger 0 reporters and we've heard from human rights organization, israel, that it is clear to all of us that you are responsible. and yet again, if you allow me, i would say the following. a does not matter in this sort of situation, hopefully the trigger because those who gave the orders to invade and re invade, janine and it's sort of a g camp. those all gave the orders for our yet another rate against innocent palestinians, villages, and towns and refugee camps are responsible. those who devised
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a policy in the israeli government are responsible. it doesn't take an investigation to take a look at twin at 50 plus years of occupation to know who is responsible for the state of violence. and i, i just, i want to add that i heard your question earlier about how do we capture that reality to audi financial viewers. and i will tell you, it is an impossible mission or just here as we're doing a great job, but it's an impossible mission because how do you film systematic and structural discrimination on oppression when it's systematic and structural meaning, how do you really felt day to day basis, that frustration, the hunger, that is a cause it's policies go through to live their life from waking up in the morning to coach, leave the children not getting access to health, to education, to clean water in their various refugee camps and occupied by how do you capture that and transmitter to the rest of the world. it's very difficult, but you're in that her job there. i'm on the shower there for samantha,
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thank you. speaking of, of giants of the of the journalism world. stephanie decker is standby for us with the bureau chief there, i believe. fast death. yes, mister willie del emory. actually my one just referred to mister alan murray. he is the chief here. thank you for an incredibly difficult today because this very difficult days. not only told me personally, also for my colleagues and for my stuff and 400 people. as you see that in the universe. chris started in june in the future, come 130 kilometers from here and it continues to jerusalem. but i want to say really about all the talks that we hear from all and the, even from the israelis and others. we know the truth and we know the facts. we don't need any results of fake investigations. at least everybody in all we have
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the witnesses who was with the shaheen in the field, and i was there in the field and i knew the situation there. it's all been area, wasn't there and clashes, wasn't there any comfort, collections or shooting? who was controlling the whole area was the israeli soldiers and was his neighbors. and the in the house is there. and they shot who killed a sharina, barclay, and the injured dad is somebody our other colleague, a really he a, it was targeted this people in your maybe who's working on who's this is jonas is sharina. it is very famous and very known everywhere. not on endless time. she's not new in the sphere. she was there many times and at least a day for the freedom of speech in the whole world. and it said day for us and our colleagues said,
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therefore they will athenians and the see all the sans were condemned. what's happening with the city in a barclay and thousands of thousands of people that were participated in this new era everywhere. and what we see here, it says on, so it was amazing how the israeli policeman here in the around of the hospital. they make it happens. they met others. i don't know why. and what's the problem for them that this, if you are, was they trying even they stopped us. they refused, giving us to continue and follow the ambulances until early we come here to the hospital and the amazing thing, the 2nd thing that i didn't understand why the policeman came here to inside the headquarter of the hour. and they saw that the whole people here were a very nervous is and it was even i was scared
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that they would have inside the hospital. there is no an invitation for that. that's all. and i, you said you worked with her for over 25 years as a colleague, as pictures of you both that long time ago. describe a little bit about what she was like. as a person, as a journalist, what your relationship was like. she in wasn't only a journalist if she was in the top of the journalism here we started this, she started in 01 year after i started with them. and we work together and very difficult and sensitive days during before the luxor and to father and within the last of other she was a very, a human being a person. she was very active. she was even and never i don't remember one day on well time that she came to me and distorted. even it said that these are glory,
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color are galks. he covered very important events in the area to started with the luxor. and did she came all the time she was cooperated and everything. and she was doing this in the coverage in the best way that even i was sometimes surprised. thank you very much. know wiley de la marie i j 002 for our basic are now with have them relax. loan jermaine. here people are going to be moving to the home of our family in bate. i need to offer condolences and that will go on throughout the afternoon into the night and then tomorrow of course, the funeral, which will be taking place here in jerusalem. all right, thank you very much for stephanie decker either with what it i'll owe money. i'll just bureau chief the un human rights office says it is appalled by sherman's
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killing. kristen salome has more on reaction from un headquarters in new york. he mark that he is right condemnations and calls for an investigation or to the death of al jazeera, serene abdulla clay, came quickly at the united nations from top you and officials, as well as member nations, and the lead of arab states that we look at this as a one further step of the escalation of situation, that is happening by the israeli authorities and that started during the month of ramadan. so this is not only an attack on a person out whether it's tina or not, but it is an attack on the freedom of the press and the freedom of opinion. the u. s. m. back her to the united nation is called her death, horrifying. and she was very well respected. i actually had the opportunity to meet with her when i was in ah, the westbank out west november. and she did an extraordinary interview and i laugh there filling extraordinary respect for her. so i know that she will be sadly miss
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by all of us, and we have to ensure that we get to the bottom of her, of her killing, linda thomas greenfield, called on israel and the palestinian authority to conduct a joint investigation. an idea echoed by israel's ambassador, but refused by palestinians will reject the claims of israel that they can do a credible investigation. there are the criminals under criminals, cannot investigate themselves on the mission or the palestinian ambassador called for an independent international investigation and pointing out in a letter to the security council that 40 palestinian journalists have been killed since the year. 2000 with no accountability. the arab league also called for action on the part of the security council and a resumption of the peace process warning that of world powers don't focus on the region. confrontations and misery will continue. kristin salumi al jazeera,
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the united nations, palestinian american congresswoman machine to lab said the biden administration needs to use the funding. it gives to israel as leverage to hold it. accountable. shaheen was not only a palestinian and very very well respected journalist, but she was also an american. we also had americans in the past, including omar, aside recently, who is also killed by israeli forces. or we truly going to sit back and allow united states taxpayer dollars and funds to be used to killing american citizens. this to me is very much a, a threshold that we need to understand in the, by the michigan understand they can't look away and continue to say and allow the same people are pressing the same people committing those or to do the investigation is just wrong. and unjust, if anything,
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let's treat her what she is. she is a citizen of citizen of our country, even before he's a journalist, right? she's going to remember country and she was literally targeted in murder by really force it. now, folks want to say that they that didn't happen, then prove it. sure with the evidence because witnesses on the ground, me to be interviewed by our government. by those it again can be least, somewhat impartial to making sure that the truth comes out. you know, president biden was very clear in the correspondents dinner, and he said that their guardian journalists are guardians of the truth. well, this is our chance to give justice to shaheen. who fought to tell that truth. we need to tell her tooth, we need to investigate ourselves, the killing of an american citizen, somebody that was out there being a guardian of truth and doing her job was again murdered by an apartheid government that we continue to fund with unconditional aid. oh sums on last is the palestinian ambassador to the united kingdom and a personal friend of sherry. he said
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a murder shows that israel is trying to stifle the truth. she is not the 1st and the good simply might not be the last palestinian jordan is to be murdered, assassinated by the israeli occupation. it's not only killing the body of it, it's filling the spirit of in the message of should in the idea of surely it is telling the truth, this occupation is after the truth. they want to us this innate the truth. they want to us as an a journalism. they want to make sure that they commit the crimes, but without being reported, it's a cover. so the bullet that head her head, a brilliant stubborn head was a bullet targeted at the truth targeted at the international community college targeted at the profession of press and journalism targeted. and everybody wants to
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reveal the truth. and also this is linked to the lack of accountability is what has been doing this for a long, long time. 74 years. jordan, us medics, teachers bypasses what have you children. and there is no accountability. all what we hear from the international community. i mean here, government, including the u. k. government are statements of concern with no action when in fact, such at the level it targeted killing over journalist minutes. an immediate international criminal investigation by the i. c. c and immediate or imposition of sanctions on the occupying state. that is as well. and when we follow what the west, the western countries are doing. visa view claims the immediate employment of sanctions and we follow the lack of such actions, not one of them, not one of the structures are applied to israel. we throw our arms in there and wondering about the double standards,
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the diversity of international community. so part of the blame, big part of the blame is on the n action of the international community. and if the killing of children are bartlett today that was recorded live on camera does not merit international sanctions. what does launching al jazeera was continuing coverage of the killing of algebra? journalist sharing up claire as we've seen today, a huge turnout for a state service for her, held that the presidential compounds in ramallah. and not long before serene died, she recorded a little bit about the same. what it meant to her, to be a journalist. here it is. oh and then moved again and i met with
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mm. pushing long house and shorter deadlines. shelf hearing and delivery drivers are literally being worked to death. one 0 one, east explorer, the dock side of consumer convenience. in south korea on al jazeera
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we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call hand out is era will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. al jazeera, how do states control information in china local go? if you try to search the war tenement, we find it is trying to make the whole country forget how did the narrative improve public opinion. they have live died and that allowed the children to continue to die to how is this is in journalism, we framing the story. i am here to document the war crimes committed by what did and his resume. the listening post dissects the media on al jazeera with a guest
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with . mm mm. i question attributes for the report who described as the voice of the palestinian nation, vice president ah, hello, i made room for the goodness with continuing coverage of sharon about are claire's murder, a daughter of palestine.


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