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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 12, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm AST

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of the hundreds of thousands deported yet preparing to try again. special coverage on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm adrian finnegan, welcome to that he's out which will be dominated by analysis and reaction to the mode of al jazeera journalists, shipping uh, blacklist. oh that one emotional tributes for the reports are described as the voice of the palestinian people. she need is not only a correspond, that is not only your malice, but also she lives the cases. israel's
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version of events is being contradicted by video and data analysis. as calls grew around the world for a full, an open investigation into who killed shooty ah, voice and daughter of palestine. the words that show how much sharon i will actually meant to the palestinian people. there are among the tributes expressed in the past few hours after the al jazeera journalist was shot and killed by his really forces in the occupied west bank on wednesday. or to seriously a harding begins our coverage. the daughter of palestine sharina, i will accolades body was taken through my luck were thousands gathered to pay their respects. her remains been taken to a state service where the palestinian president honored her. he vowed to seek justice at the international criminal court. here in mother to day,
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we are here to pay our respect to sharing of will aqua the martyr of palestine, the martyr of jerusalem and a martyr of free speech and a free roll dog. a symbol of palestinian them and on the symbol of the palestinian journalists select sharina has sacrificed her life to defend its course. and the cause of the palestinian people. serene. worked for al jazeera and was widely known for reporting on the israel palestine conflict for more than 2 decades. every one standing here has his own story. was julian, as friends, we experienced with had this amazing person, pure soul, an innocent christian journalist who always waited for serene to tell us the story . we're losing to day. a great story teller. while covering, arrayed by israeli forces and occupied westbank on wednesday, she was shot in the head and killed instantly. her colleague seen on the right is
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chava moneisha. she says the attack on her team was intended to kill jani with an aqua molecular. the occupation forces had led us to reach that point where they fired on us. i want to tell her that i'm sorry, i couldn't protect you when we were under fire. i failed to save you alayna. israel's government initially said palestinian fighters were to blame, but that was disputed by witnesses, journalists, and rights groups. this is the moment where there's going to be the most outpouring of outrage and grief about the killing of serene. so if they can cast doubt, if they can muddy waters around the death sharina by possibly getting newspapers in the international sphere to suggest that she was killed by a palestinian, they have been successful that i got caught up. israel says it will investigate sharon's killing and offered to do it in conjunction with palestinian officials. the palestinian president said he would not cooperate with israel. only
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a backup duty refused any joint investigation committee. it is really authorities because they have committed such a crime. we don't trust them and we'll go immediately to the international criminal court in order to find the perpetrators and the criminals arrive. al jazeera media network has described the 51 year olds, death as blatant murder, sharina i will, ugly was born in jerusalem. and her body has now been taken to a hospital there. on friday, there will be a funeral service and bait hannah the same neighbourhood. she grew up in lea, a harding al jazeera and pull brendan is in the heck for us. he'll tell us more about the potential involvement of the instructional criminal court and true assurance deaf. but 1st to stephanie decker was outside sharina, family, home and occupied east jerusalem stuff. what's been happening that today? well, we just left the hospital where her body was brought off for having a state service hosted by the palestinian president,
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my food abbas in my law. i'd had a military escort and then a make that made their way the body in ambulance midway through the streets of what am i la through the columbia checkpoint, greeted by thousands of people paying their loss was backs and then crossing into occupied east jerusalem and making its way past the family home here and then on to the hospital where she is now, her body has been laid in the morgue, waiting to be buried tomorrow are here in jerusalem were outside the family home. the family is right behind us. actually, they are leaving now to another area where they will be receiving condolences, but certainly, you know, her colleagues are colleagues inconsolable when they arrived at the hospital. we spoke to a couple of our colleagues, um, maybe wanting to say a word sometime, but some of them telling us i simply cannot speak. we did hear from the bureau chief, mr. wiley alimony, who described her as not any incredible journalist,
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but an incredible person never complaining. this is a tough job agent. when it is busy here it is relentless, early mornings, late nights, and a very difficult conditions is something that she had covered for over 20 years. and she covered the day to day grind and realities of the occupation when the international cameras in the international community got tired of it, if you will, and got used to it, if you will, as many policy as will tell you the normalization. so to speak of the occupation and you know, al jazeera, certainly a channel that remains on the ground that is here when no one she and she didn't particularly coming to people's homes reporting for what also is her own story, which is why she feels so familiar not just to palestinians, but to many, many people who watch algae 0 who feel her death very personally. who said it shall be in what he is now in east jerusalem ahead of her funeral to morrow steph. remarkable scenes earlier today when her body was,
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was transferred from ramallah to occupied east jerusalem. earlier. we saw this, this huge outpouring of public grief. ah, yes, you went to sit there, you saw it on pictures, and we're also witnessing it everywhere, like all of my colleagues, myself getting messages from all kinds of people, all works of life. people who've been watching, i'll just hear who grew up with al jazeera, saying that they cried when they heard the news last night. when i returned to the hotel where i stay, i've stayed in for years in east jerusalem and the people who work they are coming with tears in their eyes to offer condolences to us to sit in to, to al jazeera thing that they simply cannot believe. that they, people feel that they know her, even though they've never met her. because alger is watched so extensively because she is that you know, the channel. the teams here on the ground cover this story, which is so intimate, obviously, even to that mass palestinian journalist,
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it is their lives. so not only do you have, you know, the intimacy that palestinians feel and now she's being now off to her death, nor did as the voice of the palestinians of the an icon of the occupation. but even further fields, you know, people from other nationalities or so a lot of israeli colleagues are offering condolences to what is seen as an absolute tragic and senseless, senseless death. i'll just say stephanie decker reporting live there from occupied east jerusalem stuff for the moment. many thanks indeed, we'll palestinians are planning to refer a case to the international criminal court. for more on that, that's true. and i was there was paul brennan, who's in the hague. so what is the central allegation here? the central allegation that the palestinian presidents and generally stick organizations such as the i f, j, and others are making in regard to israel's actions in the occupied territories. all that there is a systematic targeting of journalists and
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a failure by israel to properly investigate when journalists are targeted on the i have jay and others have put a submission to the i. c. c. naming for journalists, 2 of whom were killed, 2 of whom were maimed, blinded in one eye as a result of israeli shootings. on 2 of them were shot in the stomach. they were wearing press flak jackets and helmets. clothing that was clearly marked with the word press on the allegation is that the israeli actions seems to amount to a targeting of journalists. and furthermore, those actions amount to what would either be a crime against humanity or a war crime. and what the organization's want to do is add to those named individuals that have already been brought to the attention of the i, c, c. they want, assuming a blue atlas name added to that list. it will take some time. but the evidence
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that we've seen from our video footage and the evidence of testimony from the ground from yesterday shooting show that sharina was clearly marked as a member of the media. she had her flat jacket marked press. she was wearing her how much she was quite clearly not an ordinary civilian. she was there with a group of other media and the witnesses say that there were no palestinian fighters around that would lead the israelis to accidentally shoots sharina in some kind of crossfire. so what the organizations are saying is that it very clearly indicates to them that sharina names should be added to that list. and that the i c c. now really should investigate whether sharon's death amounts to a war crime by israel. so what's the process for getting the obsessional criminal court to investigate? and israel does not recognize the icy seize jurisdiction. does that matter? it does. i mean the process is going to be long. i'm afraid. i've spoken with the
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one of the legal firms involved or this morning. i'm what they're telling me is that in the 1st instance they have to, they can't just tell the i c c, hey look, there was a shooting yesterday, you've seen it on the television. when you start investigating it festival that the legal teams and the journalistic organizations had to actually do some evidence gathering and testimony gathering themselves until that we could take several days, a fully legal team to actually present with to build a dossier, a file that is worthy of putting before the i, c c. at that point then the i c, c will take it in and, and in confidence will start to investigate it. it will be behind closed doors. you mentioned the fact that israel doesn't recognize the jurisdiction of the i c. c. that is potentially a problem in the sense that israel will not willingly cooperate with any investigation that the i c c wants to undertake. that said, if it's ready, officials that the i c, c, believe may be culpable or may be worthy of an arrest warrant being issued. if they
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start to travel to i, c. c member nations than they become subject to the, to the risk of being arrested when they travel. so that's a very real concern for israel. and the other thing is that it the length of time that it's likely to take the i c t doesn't move quickly, i'm afraid it will be a long process. but the, that the main point is to make israel realize that the conscious continue to operate with what they might believe is impunity in the occupied territories. or is there a full run of reporting live for from the instructional criminal course and the hague? any thanks, pull. israel says it will investigate sharina killing and has also to do it in conjunction with palestinian officials in a trip o p l o. executive committee member who st. i'll shave, explain why they've declined. israel requested a joint investigation and asked for the bullets that assassinated charee and we refused that the tweet said, we affirm that our investigation would be completed independently. and we will
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inform her family, the u. s. cutter and all official and popular authorities of the results of the investigation. all indications, evidence and witnesses confirmed. she was assassinated by israeli special units. he said, a video analysis is contradicting. israel's original account of the shooting was on the zeros cartier. lopez, hot. i am, reports are not out of log book. shortly after sharina lockley was killed, the israeli government began circulating this video. it shows an armed palestinian firing his weapon. israel says it shows how the veteran al jazeera correspondent was likely shot by palestinian gunfire and not by its forces. but that's disputed by rights groups. witnesses and journalists who've analyzed the video. israel says this is where the palestinian fighter opened fire. from this point, jerusalem base human rights organization selim says there are too many walls,
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alleys and buildings, blocking the site where sharin was shot. and gps verification and dozens of video clips shows. this is where is really soldiers were located as a rated a home. and janine, it shows a direct line of fire to where sharon was shot and killed. the site is also far from the palestinian resistance fighter who was about 260 meters away. there is no line of sight between one location and the other. and in fact, our researcher it into staking him a few minutes to walk from one location to the other location. so is absolutely clear, there is no question about it. the footage on wednesday is only gonna its base, its false claim is does not show gunfire. a bout has killed during the walk law and injurers recall it. a witness says is really, forces were not under attack, was laud. when the journalists arrived, they were surprised because the occupation forces were closing the street with their military vehicles. and then they started shooting at them. a man tried once
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again to retrieve sharon's body for we were not aware at that point that she had been killed. he tried to provide 1st aid to her, so they started shooting at him and the bullets hit a tree over his head, the guys who were not throwing stones, nor shooting. there was no form of resistance. for me, the european union has called for an independent investigation into her death. and the u. s. envoy to the un has call for sharina killing to be transparently investigated. the announcement on investigation is one, was israel's most a tried and unfortunately successful. it tricks and blanket impunity didn't resume provides itself is role does not investigate israel whitewash. yes. and the investigation is just the 1st or rather the announcement on the investigation is just the 1st stage in sweetwater. i got mental analysts say they're skeptical. justice will follow. israel has
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a track record of not punishing its soldiers who have committed crimes against palestinians. huh. and it's never child. one of its soldiers for the killing of a journalist, katya low pistol, the young. i was in julia stiles, marco, and he's an assistant professor of middle east studies at home. i've been calling for university. his recent work is focused on the way that social media has been used to spread this information. i welcome once again mark, i know that you've been tweeting about that video and the debunking of it. what do you make of it? well, i think what's very interesting about this video is that it's not only false, but what happened is the ministry is really ministry of foreign of us has knowingly presented a video that has no relation to the shooting of sharing. and they presented it as a reason to justify that this information which is that palestinians may have co chairing. so it's not just the case of misinformation which is the accidental spread of holes. information is this information someone would have had to make
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a calculated decision to post this video, knowing that it was actually from a different time and a different place. and this is interesting because as i mentioned before, the ministry of foreign affairs has a track record of all using social media to spread falsehoods. when i'm at the international declared that israel was. ready apartheid they did the same thing that you got google ads condemning amnesty, but being anti semitic even created a website to suggest that to the state brother that amnesty was a lying. and that again. ready is an empty symmetric organization, so it's not just the case of misinformation here accidental. this is a deliberate case of a state lying about is complicity in the killing of a journalist. a lot of media organizations will report what israel says in the interests of balance. what would your message to b, b to those media organizations? in this particular case, i think in this particular case, any particular case happening under an occupation, we have
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a different set of circumstances that renders traditional homes reporting invalid. let's take an obvious example. you flip a coin is a 5050 chance it's heads or tails, right? in the case of an occupation, if a journalist is killed, their eye witnesses, the stated that there was no fire coming from the college thing inside. and it was likely, it is really like if there's a track record that israel has killed up to 80 jim since 1972. then the more reasonable assumption is that it isn't israeli sniper or a member, the idea that shot that bullet. so to claim that the palestinians might have been responsible is to give and you credence to the israeli side of affairs. and we know that the minister of foreign affairs, under the id as power lied and misled before i'm issue propaganda. so at what point do journalists covering an occupation again and occupation stock giving credence to a government ministry,
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and government officials who have to spend this propaganda in order to justify the continuation of an illegal occupation. does it work when, when the, the minister of foreign affairs and the, the audio spreads. this, as you say, propaganda, misinformation on social media to people believe it and the social media companies have a, a responsibility to, to prevent these kind of post. i think some people do believe that and this is what's worrying and even if they're not show, that's the whole point. that the whole all to science elements. ology, which is about inducing doubt and to people. and this is exactly what this kind of thing does for those who are more likely to be sympathetic. israel, what this does is give them a narrative that allows them to exalt themselves with guilt when thinking about the occupation. and this is important because this helps keep public opinion on the side of israel. the fact that there is this ready made narrative that they can use saying, oh, but it's not that straightforward. that was reports that the palestinians might have killed jerry. so i think this is really detrimental to the truth and object to
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reporting about an illegal occupation. and i think social media companies do have a duty to do more in the way all getting rid of government propaganda. it's one thing to you for social media company to focus on an account with 50 follows who might spread something falls unknowingly. but if you have a state agency for the verified account spreading this information in a conflict situation in a country. well, that's been accused of breaking international then. yes, they should absolutely take action because people's lives are at stake here. and what this is doing is allowing these social media companies to be another extension of a is there any propaganda is, is unacceptable. good store to again, not many thanks. indeed for being with a small co in the in doha. the amir of council says that those responsible for the death of shay annabelle aqua must be held accountable. he's expressed his condolences to her family and says that her murder by occupation forces was a crime shake to mean ben. huh. al fanny is into ron for talks with the wrongs
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president about the stalled nuclear deal. the you and human rights office says that it's a poor by sharon's killing kristen salumi report south of the reaction from un headquarters in new york. you must have you said i condemnations and calls for an investigation or to the death of al jazeera, serene abu la clay, came quickly at the united nations from top you and officials, as well as member nations. and the lead of arab states that we look at this as a one further step of this collision of situation that is happening by the israeli authorities and that started during the month of ramadan. so this is not only an attack on a person. oh, what were the, what a senior or not, but that is not dead on the freedom of the press and the freedom of opinion. the us ambassador to the united nation is called her death, horrifying. and she was very well respected. i actually had the opportunity to meet
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with her when i was in ah, the westbank out west november and ah, she did an extraordinary interview and i laugh there filling extraordinary respect for her. so i know that she will be sadly miss by all of us, and we have to ensure that we get to the bottom of her with her killing linda thomas greenfield, called on israel and the palestinian authority to conduct a joint investigation. an idea echoed by israel's ambassador, but refused by palestinians will reject the claims of israel that they can do a credible investigation. there are the criminals and the criminals cannot investigate themselves on the mission or the palestinian ambassador called for an independent international investigation and pointing out in a letter to the security council that 40 palestinian journalists have been killed since the year 2000 with no accountability. the arab league also called for action
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on the part of the security council and a resumption of the peace process. warning that if world powers don't focus on the region, confrontations and misery will continue. kristin salumi al jazeera, the united nations sharon todd ross is the deputy regional director of advocacy at amnesty international. she's also our friend, a former colleague here of al jazeera at a friend of shahim's for many years. she's with us now live from new york. sure. in what's amnesty is reaction to sharon's murder? to like everyone else we are completely uphold. shocked, saddened she wasn't just an incredible journalist that did incredible work. she was very much loved and respected in the occupied palestinian territories and beyond. it's hard to put into words what it means to have lost her both in terms of her as a person, the hers as a journalist and the works that she, that she did. but now i think that we have to focus on some sort of accountability
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and justice. shane herself believed very much in exposing the injustice. in fact, that is what should i doing in janine? and we believe that we have to look at the circumstances that led to her killing. we need an independent impartial investigation that cannot be done by the israeli military. we've seen that in the past. your guests in the last 30 minutes and said it repeatedly. now we need a credible investigation. we need the international criminal court prosecutor to look into this as a possible war crime. and we need some justice. that is what she deserves. that is what her family and friends should be demanding and what it is, what thousands of people across the world that love supported her and trusted her should be demanding. and you have well, she was you, your friend, was it you think that but drove her. why was she so good doing what she
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didn't so passionate about telling the stories of palestinian people quite simply because she believed in the truth. she wanted the truth to um, you know, be transparent to every one. she wanted to show every day what was going on in the palestinian territories. and you know what i remember most about her is just how incredibly generous she was in the field. how you would turn up and she would be sharing information that she received from people from officials, widely with anyone who asked who anyone who needed. and that is because that was her mission and to expose the injustice that she was seeing. and that's what she was doing when she was killed in janine. and, you know, at the end of the day, i think that what we live through every day in the palestinian territories and beyond in israel too, is what we have documented of amnesty. what has been documented by human rights
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watch and many other international, regional and domestic, and joe's as a system of apartheid and until we dismantle the system of apartheid. jernace will continue to go and cover clashes and falls, demolitions and wars, and garza, and they will continue to be killed because the root cause continues to exist. more pressure can amnesty bring to bear to ensure that but but, but justice is done here. but, but someone is held to account for showrooms model. i think the 1st thing is now we, val, notice to get this, we bound not to put it to the side we bout to continue to try and push international investigators the united nations, the international criminal court. all of these mechanisms that exist for exactly this, protecting the innocent, protecting the vulnerable, protecting civilians. in situations of arm conflict, we have not got a lack of options here. what we have
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a lack of is political will. so what we need to do is turn all of this condemnation, all of this a pulled, you know, sentences that are coming out of the mouth of politicians and new and officials and, you know, kings and queens around the world. we need to turn that into action. we need to turn that into an actual investigation that produces a report that produces some justice and that we see finally, someone being held to account for this heinous crime. it's good for you again. sure . and i wish you were under better circumstances. really appreciate your thoughts. my function through sharon tuttle stuff from armstrong slash a shower was a friend of sharon's. he explained what she meant to palestinians. every one standing here has his own story. was stream. as friends we experienced with had this amazing person, pure soul, and innocent professional journalist who always waited for serene to tell us the
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story. we're losing to day. a great story teller, a supporter of freedom, a supporter of of occupied people, suffered from double standard, suffered from occupation from racism, from terrorism. and today i think when she left us lift over our shoulders, a huge responsibility to continue the message and to hold the letter that we are the people of freedom. we do have the right to policy of people have the full right of self determination. and to protect our future, our kids, the future when we live. and we can see our kids do have the same rights because unfortunately, every day we're suffering from people give themselves the right to execute us as the palestinian soul has no value at all. the last time we saw the presidential place full of this amount due to amount, you can see the heads there. it's when we said goodbye to yasser arafat,
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our greatest leader. so it's, i think the philistine people are giving a good will fit that she deserves. here in ramallah, intermodal proceed, and i believe if the boarders were open for the seniors will came from all around the world from garza, from jerusalem, from abroad to say good bye to sharon johnny. esther from ramallah as journalist fountain al, one who was also a close friend of sasha marines. i could tell you with a certain sharon was one of the reasons why you in fact became a journalist, wasn't she? yes she was. ah, when i start being a journalist, sharon and her best friend than your law, her love. ah, she was my teacher at school and are in university of course, and i, it was the 1st time that i hear my voice on radio and, and i felt like i don't pronounce the s word are perfectly so i ran away from the studio and then the near la hello came after me was best friend with the sharing of
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our class. and i decided at that day that i'm not going to be a journalist until both of them gathered me together. and i spoke to me about how i should not give up or my dream, and there is training that i can do to fix the pronounciation of the as and probably this is how the whole story started with sheri. and i knew sherry in in 2000, this is when we started to get closer during the invasion of from allah. and it was everyone's life was on the line. but sharon was also the one who was taking care of every one. she always hated the fact that i run into the story without thinking about the consequences and how i put myself in danger places just to get closer to the story because i'm just like that. and i was shot 3 times and every time she will insult me badly about how i don't think before i go to the field. so this is
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the 1st lesson that she taught me that you need to think before you go, you need to calculate your steps before you go. when. so i will say that, look gone, sorry. yeah. now what was she was? she was my idol, like whenever she is in the field, i was just looking up for her was following every single story that she does. because i was so into her style in which you just gave me the information with the little bit of space of emotion, but you don't turn it into a poet story. so she was my idol. when did you lost each other? what? what did she say to you? one day before she went to janine. ah, sharon doesn't know how to pack her bag because if she go and pack her back, she will put everything in the closet in her bag. and she also needs to take her pillow with her, so it's always a big suit case in which i have to help her figure how to limit the amount of
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things that she needs to take. so i was there with hers at her house and she was complaining about how she is exhausted. are from being engineer. she was on a mission for 3 days to janine. and she said like nothing is going on its quiet for the last month. we were spending like every 3 or 4 days. and janine and it was exhausting. her brother is a like her brother and her families. they came to jerusalem. she didn't have time to go and see them. so she was mad a little bit that she didn't have time to spend with the family. ah, so she was, she didn't want to go. she just didn't want to go. she just had a bad feeling. and sharon is not a hugger type like this is how the relation goes like whatever it is she comes and do this like this is how she hugs. at that day when i left. ah, she hugged me in a weird way in which i was like, i pushed her away thinking like listen,
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we don't have this touched that she emotional relationships or why their lawyer hugging me that way. and she said, i just miss you. and she looked at me in a way that i'm not making up that story. i know every time that someone passed away would come up with, with stories. but bad last night i maybe thought about it for an hour or 2. why did she hug me that way? but then i don't know if she knew she knew or what exactly. that's yet she helped me before i left. am i right in saying that you're, you're unable to go to the funeral, although you, you desperately want to be there? yeah, yeah, yeah, that's the pit. this is the true that how cruel the situation and occupation is i. i was with sheree in from the 1st step of the longest funeral in the history of palestine. like i covered up my story. yes or out of what story. and i didn't see the number of the people in the street just being in the street all the way from
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jenny and from janine to tamela, it takes like 2 hours. it took a 7 hours, i was sitting next door in the ambulance. every conjunction, there was a group of people throwing flowers, blocking the ambulance. every one was in the street. and until she got to them allah and she was going to the final destination in which i'm not going to fear any more. i'm not going to be able to say the good by any word to her and i could, it will be there and i don't want to jeopardize the idea of going illegally to jerusalem because i still have time for tomorrow. that may be, i can get a permit to be there in her final plates, but they are watching on tv with the rest of our friends that couldn't get a permit. and this is hard. this is, this is how ugly the occupation is. this is how ugly the story that she did devoted her life to cover because she is suffered. she is,
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she is. she was born and raised enough in jerusalem on their occupation. she was telling the story that she was living every day. she was not just telling the story of the people, she was telling the story this story off her life as well. and this is what made her magically. and i couldn't like shit in people like i birth. we heard the news. i'll for assassination. people were lake 181617. that has my number there. started call it me and crying though the maybe they met her once or twice in their life. but the magical word is that we grow up. we shoot in. we know her personally through social media through edges. eda through everything so she is close to every one. i never, i never saw the amount of love in the streets from janine until
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now. and she is the only person that you can see in a funeral. people reading, getting fat, ha. and then praying are in a church right after in every single step at the time. and it's this been good to to too many thanks. indeed sir, for being here with us that i really appreciated a southern l one. now, in ramallah, this is al jazeera, with continuing coverage of the murder of al jazeera journalist, should be in abil, aclu of body as now arrived at a hospital and occupied east jerusalem after a state service in ramallah. the outer sera journalist was shot dead by israeli forces. on wednesday, she covered a raid near the city of jeanine. earlier postilion president, mackwood abbas said that he'll seek justice for her death at the international criminal court. he paid tribute to sharon that est service held in her honor. this reading human rights group is disputing what the government has said about the
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shooting of shaheen. abu, our clay is really forces issued video saying that it showed a palestinian opening fire. bash that slammed says it doesn't match with where sharon was shot. bullied al amari is al zeros palestine bureau chief. he says of israel's attempt to manipulate the narrative on. syringe, killing is futile. we knew the truth and we know the facts. we don't need any results of fake investigations, at least everybody in all we have the witnesses who was with the shaheen in the field. and i was there in the field and i knew the situation there. it's open area, wasn't there any classes? was there any comfort places or suiting who was controlling the whole area? was the israeli soldiers and was it's neighbors in there in the house is there. and they shot who killed a sharina, barclay and the injured that is a movie. our other colleague, a really he, it, it was targeted this people,
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he knew maybe who's working and who's this is jonas's. serena bartley is very famous and very non everywhere, not on in the last time. she's not the new in this field. she was there many times and it, at least it's a really sad day for the freedom of speech in the whole world. and it's, it said day for us and our colleagues. it said the affordable athenians and the a see all the boxes were condemned. what's happening with the city in a barclay and thousands of thousands of people. there were participated in that and were everywhere. a palestinian artist is preparing a tribute to shipping a barclay on a beach in garza, now to cyril's humid. outside is there you tell us more? ah, yes, adrian. this time i'm here on the gods the shore. where he is the,
4:39 pm
the palestinian artists, the long with his friends, have come here to pay tribute to serene in their own way there sculpting and writing her name on the, on the sand, on the shore of the gods the sea. i spoke to you as the just before this fly, but i asked him, why are you doing this? since you have never met? she read these young generations here. living in the gaza strip have never met serene in person, but they know sherry and since they were born, sharon has always been on the screen as he told me that to read for him is someone that he has always been watching, growing up watching her. ah, his parents talking about her all the time, his relative to the person who has always been delivering and talking about the suffering of the palestinians. he told me he wished very much that to read and would have come to gaza that he would have control a much bigger and better ah,
4:40 pm
painting on the gods ashore here. this is that feeling by many of the palestinian civilians. but unfortunately, they will not be able to see her, they will not be able to meet her like they've always wished. this comes as a series of many of the activities in, in, in solidarity and condolences to should read. a box click should in who the policy and in gods are everywhere in the occupied territory. are doing their best to show how much she meant to them. and how much her name will be commemorated, how much you will be remembered, how much you will stay in their memories, even though she has gone in this awful way. yes, adrian. you'll never leave it. this is just one of the ways from work. that's fine
4:41 pm
. you're not from any function to joomla, i'll just have a few miles i have a reporting live for from. gotcha. ah, let's take a look at what else is happening in the world right now. finland looks at to formerly apply for nato membership after the prime minister and president said that it must happen without delayed finland shares a 1300 kilometer border with russia. the government has been considering its options since russia's invasion of ukraine, the kremlin as calling finland's, made her aspirations a threat, support in finland for joining the alliance as more than doubled since the start of the war. during the past months, the public support for nato membership has short in finland being now somewhere around 70 percent strong football of support has been expressed in extensive pulling through finland decide to apply to access and finland wouldn't strengthen
4:42 pm
the security instability. what about dixie reach and not than europe out there? a step person is live in finance, capital helsinki step. does this announcement today mean that nato will let finland in quite quickly? ah, well, they will apply in the next few days. that's what we're hearing here in the house inky, and it's a announcement by the president and the prime minister. it's the 1st formal announcement that did they really want to join nato very quickly. it's a huge turn around for a country that's been neutral for many decades. it was invaded by the soviet union, 1917. it also had this war with russia with the soviet union in 1939. and it made this agreement with the soviets at the time to remain neutral. and it had this delicate balance all those years. even through the cold war,
4:43 pm
but everything has changed since the russian invasion in ukraine. it has shown to defense that russia is prepared to invade a neighbor. and that really has change his public opinion. as you said, it was only around 25 percent before the war. started off the fence that wanted to join nato. now it's around 76 percent. so if this application is going to be sent to nato, the expectation is that it will take several months. but that of the fins will be accepted because they have a very large and very well trained army. so they say we are an asset to nato. it will change the security layout in europe significantly. and this is not exactly what president putin wanted, when he said that he wanted to invade ukraine, because nate to was creeping too much close to the russian border when finland joins. then the border with nato, between russia and nato,
4:44 pm
will actually double. so it's basically quite ironic that because of the war and russia wanting to be further away from nato, nato is actually coming closer as if the fence will be accept. and that's what we just back just briefly step. how much concern is there in finland about russia's possible reaction, truant, joining nato but gramlin has reacted immediately saying it's a threat and a will be some kind of reaction. or the fans are mostly worried about this transition period. the so called grace period because it will take several month and though yesterday we saw a visit here behind me by prime minister both johnson of the u. k, saying that the u. k. wants to guarantee security. the u. s. has said a similar thing defense i spoken to some parliament members, they say they are not too concerned a hope, as they say that the kremlin will still have the rationality and the brains not to
4:45 pm
disturb this very long border or with their neighbor. but of course, there is some tension about what will happen as soon as they apply for this membership. i'll just hear a steadfast and reporting line from helsinki said many thanks. indeed. north korea has fired 3 short range ballistic missiles towards the sea of japan. japan state broadcast. so the projectiles fell just outside the country's exclusive economic zone. south korea's new president. you and circle has denounced the latest torches as a provocation. or missile launches, commerce north korea imposes its 1st nationwide lockdown because of an outbreak of coven. 19 authorities detected a sub variance of the on the con variant. north korea is one of the few countries that hasn't vaccinated its population that despite offers of vaccine deliveries from the world health organization and its neighbors, russia and china. the u. s. is past 1000000 deaths,
4:46 pm
choose the curve at 19 pandemic. the highest of any country health experts are working to find out why so many people died. rob reynolds has been speaking to one american who lost her entire family and says, the countries handling of the virus was inept. in march 2020 lucy esparza casarez got sick. she quickly recovered from the headache and chills, but soon her husband david was feeling very ill. coughing and unable to stand. he was rushed to hospital. lucy was not allowed to see her husband, and soon a nurse called to say, david was being put on a ventilator. she said, okay, so are we what we're ready to do the procedure. so i'll let you talk to him one more time. so you know, it was like, ok, i love you, everything's going to be riding, said ok. i love each hill and that was the last conversation i had with him. david died from cove at 19 in early april in quick succession. lucy lost more members of her family, her sister in law, a nephew,
4:47 pm
and davids elderly mother whom she cared for. all of a sudden i was along. i'd never been alone in that house ever by myself. with my daughter had me and my god in this house, where everybody that lived here except me, died of coven, by then the pandemic was completely out of control in a new york hospital. 13 patients died in a single day, but the worst was yet to come. hospitals were overwhelmed, morgues ran out of space for the dead. the country shut down. why did the wealthiest most technologically advanced country on earth suffer such a staggering death toll? i think the jury is still out on exactly what caused so much that there is a recent study that came out that showed that about 40 percent of the deaths, half of the patients who died with coven, had diabetes. by the time safe and effective vaccines became widely available,
4:48 pm
misinformation and conspiracy theories were circulating the parallel to their make of this information. this information has complicated matters tremendously, really, unnecessarily. former president trump downplayed the severity of the outbreak from the beginning. the federal government left it up to each state to figure out for themselves how to find medical equipment and protective gear. the ineptness of it was, it was boggling, mind boggling. now i did this happen in the united states of america. the virus took advantage of poverty, racial and economic inequities in american society. the coven death rates for blacks, and latinos have been twice that of whites. how will the pandemic evolve in the coming years? predicting the viruses behavior is notoriously difficult, but doctors are sure one thing cove it isn't finished with us yet, it's penetration has been such that it will be around us for forever. it's not
4:49 pm
going to go away. a 1000000 dead and counting rob reynolds al jazeera los angeles. lebanon's political parties are preparing for what's shaping up to be crucial. elections on sunday has bhalla and its allies of trying to retain their majority in parliament, but their rival see an opportunity. now to see rosanna, hud reports from beirut. more than 1000 candidates are competing for 128 seats in parliament. but there are only 2 main contenders in lebanon's elections. iran wants its local ally has belonged to keep its political power. while saudi arabia, once this country's main partner, is hoping to shift the balance back in its favor. its allies are calling this election and existential battle to regain lebanon's identity and end what they describe as iran's occupation. but they faced a strong enemy. what you are going to see as an outcome of this election
4:50 pm
probably is that you're going to see his bela an ally and a poor me a very big parliamentary alliance. while the opposition to has been very fragmented forces opposing has below are many, but they are not united divisions among muslim. suddenly politicians hasn't helped their leaders side of how do you the decision to suspend his involvement in politics and that of his party left a vacuum that could be filled by some news i like to has below 27 parliamentary seats are reserved for the community under 11 on sectarian power sharing system. the cynical america has thus far remained very lukewarm visa visa elections. and particularly this is not only because of sudden its actions, but rather because there is no real alternative and the elephant in the room. his book is not being confronted by anyone, has been law and armed, muslim she a party that stronger than the state says the elections are its most important
4:51 pm
political battle. saudi arabia withdrew from lebanese politics and recent years because of hezbollah dominance, and has shifted its approach. its re engagement seems to be worrying its opponents party leader has on the rela, accuses the country of using money to secure a victory. similar to that, the chief by the sunday muslim the blog in 2009 j o political fault lines have long run through this country. and sunday selection is set against the backdrop of a wide regional struggle. a win by has viola and its allies would cement lebanon in iran's sphere of influence. the opposition knows it may not when a majority, but it doesn't want the hezbollah alliance to take 2 thirds of the seats in parliament. that would give it the power to institutionalize a new sectarian balance of power. then there else is eda beirut, coming up in the sport. jemma will tell us how the rugby world cup is heading to
4:52 pm
the united states. ah ah
4:53 pm
cool. ah ah, i can talk to sport his gemma. thank you. adrian. ukraine began preparations for next month. crucial woke up play off against scotland with victory over birthday much and got back in a friendly. it was ukraine's 1st fixture since the russian invasion, more than $20000.00 fans, attended the match in germany. with all profits donated to charity supporting note affected by the complex and ukraine nationals were given a free entry. the visitors failed to play as only from the domestic clubs,
4:54 pm
with big names such as manchester cities, alexander than expected to join up with the score. once the premier season finishes that ukraine did just fine without them winning this magic c one, as they build up that well cut off with fallen 2 championship titles in europe confirmed on wednesday south. the 10th scottish premiership crowned in 11. yes. secured it with a one, draw out gundy and i said, and i acts of the dutch champions for the 36 fine. and it was clear in front of their own from the 5 know something of having vain coach eric had hog was given a great ation as he proposed to leave for manchester, united next season. manchester city, there's another big step towards their full premier type in 5 years with a $51.00 thrashing of kevin to going to school cities 1st 4 goals. they move 3 points. claire political with 2 games today in july 1, the 1st covers talia for 11 years as they chase the double 2 goals and extra time
4:55 pm
from even paris, which gave them a 40 victory a be of interest in the final australia have been confirmed as hosts of the men's roughly what cup in 2027 on the women's tournament, 2 years later, perhaps the biggest gamble by the well grubby council, if a warning of the men's and women's tournament. so united states in 2031 and 33, it will be the 1st time that the competition has been staged on american soil. the men seem have played it every well cut, the since $999.00 that have never made it out of the pool stage defending and be champions. the milwaukee bucks lead that playoff series that with the boston, the southwick's off to winning a tight game 5 on his end to, to compo led the way for the bucks with 40 points in the 110 to 17 victory. the wind was clinched when this tom, i faltered at a free throw in the 4th quarter, early for bobby, ported to make the crucial rebound school. the message chris lisa stating contention and that's aries with the golden state warriors
4:56 pm
a big 134 to 95. when was achieved without stallman, john around, he's injured, the grizzlies is still trial 3 to get the work started. they were in the and charlotte stanley cup play off the new york rangers got the when they needed to keep the season going. they went into game 5 with the pittsburgh penguins trailing 31 in the series. the ranges scored early in the 3rd period to take the lead and went on to clear a $53.00 victory. also in east florida. pounces came back from 3. nothing down in the 2nd period to feed the washington cap, 253. to take a 3 to lead in that series and in the western conference, the calgary flames a little so i think it's 3 to advantage in game 6. offer 31 victory over the dallas . and that is always sports. now we'll have more later. adrian gemini, thank some days we've got to end. this is our web video, the recorded not belong, not long before our friend and colleague selina are actually was killed,
4:57 pm
chose for speaking about what it meant to be a journalist and then moved to canyon. and i'm with them, wilson with
4:58 pm
mm. story, from african perspective, short documentaries, from african filmmakers from zimbabwe. we were pioneers of how the coolness can change the way we distribute good job. i'd be happy to go into a physical store. so don ivory copes and he'd gone with fresh farm fishing woods and the shot is africa direct on al jazeera, freefall, precision. these athletes are experts in the art of jumping out of planes. more than 40 military, parachuting teams have descended here to the desert of guitar. to compete for the world championship title, the competitors are all active military members and have been training for years to get here. most have tens of thousands of jumps to their names. each country
4:59 pm
will compete in 3 disciplines. freefall skydive, accuracy, landing and 4 way formation. men and women compete separately, but under the same flag. you know, i can't do a story about parachuting and not jump out of a plane as we climb up. the teams mentally prepare for their job. i try to do the same then minutes later, once the earth is just a blurb below it's time to freefall. how do you states control information in china local go. if you tried to search the war tenement, we find it is trying to make the whole country forget how did the narrative improve public opinion. the headline died and that allowed the children to continue to die . to how assist us in journalism. we framing the story. i'm here to document the
5:00 pm
war crimes committed by with his resume. the listening post dissects the media on al jazeera. ah i described was the voice of protestant emotional tributes for the al jazeera reporter, killed by israeli forces. she need is not only their correspondence is not only a journalist, but also she lives the cases. ah, the one bedroom sort of got in doha with continuing coverage of the mother.


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