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tv   Witness Shelter  Al Jazeera  May 12, 2022 7:30pm-8:01pm AST

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lading the parallel to their make of this information. this information has complicated matters tremendously, really unnecessarily. former president trump downplayed the severity of the outbreak from the beginning. the federal government left it up to each state to figure out for themselves how to find medical equipment and protective gear. the ineptness of it was, it, it was boggling, mind boggling. now, how did this happen in the united states of america? the virus took advantage of poverty, racial and economic inequities in american society. the coven death rates for blacks, and latinos have been twice that of whites. how will the pandemic evolve in the coming years? predicting the viruses behavior is notoriously difficult, but doctors are sure one thing cove it isn't finished with us yet, it's penetration has been such that it will be around us for forever. it's not going to go away. a 1000000 dead and counting. rob reynolds al jazeera los angeles
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. ah. this is al jazeera, these you top stories, the body earth out is there a janice sharina black lay is now at a hospital, morgue, and occupied east jerusalem. a funeral for the 51 year old shot dead by israeli forces will take place on friday. at a palestinian president, mahmoud abbas that he would seek justice for her death at the international criminal court. paid tribute to sharina blackwell, a state service held in her honor. well, how middle the authorities of the ease, really occupation are to be blamed for killing sure in this crime will never be able to stop free speech. such a crime will definitely be punished. the perpetrators will be punished. you refused any joint investigation committee. with israel, you authorities, cause they have committed such
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a crime. you don't trust them. and we'll go immediately to the international criminal court in order to find the perpetrators and criminals venue look set to apply for nato membership. after the prime minister, president said it must happen without delay. phelan shares 1300 kilometer border with russia. the government says the cremeans unpredictable behavior is a pressing issue, rushes, calling finance nato aspirations, a threat. renelle wickland, a thinker has been sworn in, asked her lancoste prime minister job. he's already held 5 times in the roger pack . so resigned on monday i'll to weeks of protest calling for him and his brother that president to go because of their handling of an economic crisis. please say 8 people have been killed in the violence and hundreds of it. if as your headlines coming up next is witness ah
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you know, what was an argument gender the run by the sure, sure. i son how to for you my, you was gone there, figuring my is gone, the name you shed. motzkin. dodie, jean joe would have had alicia when we got on germany. you're the one is claude. i your dad hard. anybody on my let me get garcia. i get called tom would i guess sure . would aggie hours. would i get it all high school beginning yoga monitor, wanna charge you a funny way than i did it? ah, i was gonna go out of the limo to show this one over the lot of media that i didn't want to get this over the initial level. the other one is, you know, hot via journal called baron doll hunter, come on a, a wanted to
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now with a new you have already been that i'm on new matter. want to show up a name is going to be a teacher called my daughter almost in somewhat of a me them this on how we should draft a pastor that can conjure you got to be a, a price for the one that had to have with i do have a, you'll be an issue. i mean,
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i mean, i mean just take them back and it's not to call it a little bit of a, a, a i'm going to just in the beginning one in the corner while i have one more showing it might relate and then we'll do it on the non payment, but each year we can get with ah,
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ah, ah, shadows shaft my own as the back the manager on my card has named voice which a judge said american jazz, beam or service or for them as s h. is your membership thinking? give me more furniture itself. the mission medical. give him out of the corner. normal to the ha. ha ha, ha, ha, submission, follow, has gone between him. maturing many mission and i haven't been mission one national be martin son didn't michel auditions anytime. give me a police of a mission shot raj, reminding me of the me
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both more than just you who shows you just the oil almost worms in the shot record on us me i follow my name is when i was get back the other will now i see that
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a monday now, my son and sort of a took him as a quote unquote enough orders. i may be my son, no push flow for them and give them my phone. i'm on live if you me a i see you. my granddaughter savings by switching to johnston. j. barry, i'm on know, was the knowledge already been chair? joe that's for this. i'm with side even executors. a as i saw see with my dad a miss amy was roy on the board. not a big, full reading. i'm sim or have is a similar about 10 or more of an awful nameesha exam on you know them that are i mean for see with kathy
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i seem to be on but attack with our dad month or so. my, who did the database can you don't have anybody. how do the they need to tell you how they don't do. however, what you're given that is my mom and the daughters mobile. i'm the year in germany, which is most, you know, to preserve your mobile and more jazz streaming, which is often all you'd be modest on nasty, chicago. i don't ever thought about a job with for when i'd be more than door im gonna let you know the more that we show in boys should it to the quote again. oh it's harrison but the name of your call ah
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with. 7 who
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ship that? i'm not. i had some ship to to new york city in san as best meeting for nevada. yes. thank you. good on us. i'm full. you bush batch your yes, thank you. got on yet you mission here for g. if 80 brosuti level had been to me the club and i'm all was one is i'd have done is i've got another problem with me. what should i send him?
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i got the metal filling out the vehicle for the man, me get on top of that and that's about it. but you go, this is just charge me want to get it immediately but not one of them. sure. awesome. and you know, how do you, how you doing that? how did you get to me? it was what i meant to call. i get paid. okay. now you're talking about, i don't want to put it to me. i don't what i get too much. you know, i can let them know that this will be a little bit on how to need that
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sound. good. well, i'm going to call it again. i wanted to ask you what i need to be more so hard for me to finish out it and then i would really need to have it done by then somebody would approach that as a really bad. you have to have more me what i'm on the budget a board. i'm calling about a vision mission that i'm going to that, that isn't that way. and she really with them deaf that ask them, do them much better than that. now, what about any of on over to just sit here soon?
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teach them what campus he told me, i want you to do me on the send him your me when you get the order to get the ball yet. so they need to call the cmc onto the more. yeah. gotta go to the site. you know what i've done. i mean, who made julie lose really sharpening judgment after that, that would show awesome for you to touch me all about that. it was a long. busy
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story when i didn't know what you had asked me or charlie that a medium high i did this. i worship balloon. i guess it was a bit more challenging amount of watts or more the guy that
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met a man on our mission to get this your this your they will chime in and show them that on, on you make it charge. which last plan the mine because i did, i have a single and i cannot a mom was fine because me yet you they the guy mediation, moving to door to share will need to need all the vision. yes. that was off novices labor because my mom had some when they came with the room, i mean hard for me to go in house for family that well that's that angle more that could for me going through the closer here
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calling the going. it was funny when i then when the law yesterday i closed that invoice from mclean importers in charlotte is the decide i don't that of the water bill for a quarter?
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no, i'm actually going to be so kind to my schedule on miss. what would be tactics for that in mind, and also all my mind doing more for the next one dash minutes, i made mine more more he able to come on the call to get on a quarter man to stick with me. ziggy paid that the tis stolen on the status of a battery and german or doors limit is tom phoebe's asked you to me for a funeral with my son 0 sees then i will tuition
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payment for him to bloss nazi. they end up with a real issue with the extra film was it goes to show us hundreds of those honda off one point on on display they don't want us us any leo coleman at home. is it or was, i mean i, i like it is the most with him on the school to get boys. is it all with has to pearson and shoot bassio's hassan cork or basket issue as you on the house on cardboard with had corner no hammer fish or the shade is yodeep man over the juno,
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silent eula, knowing almost a whole bunch, all in the ground under shari, the 4th fear seemed show on board meeting. nadia was showing the 2nd one is jordan again. mr. shay to call or know. had somebody be inside oh, on it or been think the card was you moving to porter? you're watching the video man got a month and i'm a musician mom. connie saw massive at the online magazine. i'm together mazano. i learned that he citing quitting shadow, beautified or i'm gonna give you time. he would, he might, he's as the one i know you asked a percentage amendment would embassy stem, st. fisher invoice each other. com talks to michelle cor. fire monkey quoted land hamish in nor do i see it tomorrow to come by, char, noisy me, sharon, to school now has its own or had time yesterday give well line chairman at our
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lot i got a you in they were torn big china. i was to just that name with you the all my buddy, it all was sorting is widening credible from that ain finds out
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a little heavier with the idea of adding, adding more that was made. but i thought i would like to go to another body, georgia in giovanni. yes. anything you know that a lot of the jobs in doc that on the map journey. yeah. not being here was this roy not that it wasn't but about
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what a job out ago. how long should general jones not been move quite a yeah. was a big issue with a ship. that's how may i have a record or you know that on the tellers has, haven't been in the you to be more responsible albany. is the photo put anybody on april? ah,
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the la moda that i'll go more the i need to go more. yeah. or she like, get your good of you. i'm curious. i love looking. it also saw zam on me about i said with attorney, john penner as it is on all my dad farm on dorm. what you'd on a shaft, the mode you'd already be more to saw. i mean, just is, you're a boy, i'm name is jane jonas to them, or batavia, but a whole
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all militia, then a job or no. i said as i want to shop on z a bachelor martinez the eucharist and more out of that as a beast was and joined. ah ah the lou in hebron boys breathe and fly pigeons but in this occupied palestinian city boys are also close to watched vice railey forces at times. shots and often arrested. a delicately told tale filmed over 5 years of
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a coming of age and a place where even a child's imagination is heavily restricted, for the skies above had brought in a witness documentary on, on jesse era. ah, and with revealing eco friendly solutions to combat threats to our planet on al jazeera, we are witnessing around the word, this hungry money, which is only looking at how to make the next profit, devastating economies, devastating ecosystems, putting a price on the protection of nature, green economy of sound good, but it was all about privatization of nature. should our environment be for sale?
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what we're trying to do is persuade people to stabilize the climate. i've given them a financial incentive to do that. pricing the planet on al jazeera. ah oh, that blue cross grind as the voice of palestine emotional tributes for the out. is there a reporter killed by israeli forces? ah, hello, i money inside. this is al jazeera ally from doha. also coming up. she needs is not only a correspondent that is not only a journalist but also.


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